Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on August 29, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1889
Page 4
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: TIIUIttJXAY, AUG The Government hruj totally suppressed the LiiUieran church in Kussiit. j CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh'a (."ure. For sain by Perry, the druprgist, and .1. M. Bickford, Hock Falls Illbbard's Hhcumallo anil l/lver mis These Pills nre scientifically compounded, uniform in action. No grip- inf? pain eo commonly following the use of Pills. They are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as au appetizer, they excel any other preparation. In Germany the public schools nre all taught by men. A Womnn'K Dlncovery. G"Another wonderful discovery hiis been made and that too by a lady in this country. Disease fastened Us clutches upon her and for seven years she withstood its severest tests, but her vital organs were undermined and death seeded imminent. For three months she coughed incessantly and could not sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption Him was so much relieved on taking llrst dose that she slept all night and with 6ne bottle has been miraculously cured. Her name is Mrs Luther Lutz." Thus write W. C. Hamrick & Co., of Shelby, N. C.—Get a free trial bottle at D. IJ. Strickler's Drug Store. In. rtrown, of Sterling, is in our town looking up the enlargment of picture business. Mr. Tuthill has placed the library in K. E. Bills' hardware store. Mr. T. goes from liere to Penrose. Mr. Keecher la scraping out his iargi fish pond, getting ready for it to fill up and then let all fish in the large pond. Mrs. Ulmer and family will leave Coleta for Marshalltown, Iowa, about next Friday. Charley Ulmer will go a few days later with a carload of goods. Humor tins it that there is a possibility of another store being opened in Coleta in the same store in which II. C. Ulmer carried.'a general merchandise business. H. B. Colcord is in town, looking up tb.9 marble tomb atone business. Jessie Hill has lots of nice honey for sale. The Morrison fair will draw a large crowd of men, women and children. Many are going the day the ox is to be roasted and eaten and get a clean bite. - NEXT. 111! A Gn;at Meeting of the Country's Legal Lights. TOPIC;'] DISCUSSED BY JOURNALISTS Some handsome statuettes In pure Car.ira trmrble are being shown this sensun. G. & N. W. Tlfelfc TABLf. oonra »ABT. Atlantic Ex 2 :tZ ». m Sterling Fas».-6:SS a. m Limited Pass. 8:52 a.m. 1 :OB p. m 8:40n.m. OOINOWKST. Pacific Ex 2:2-2 a. m. Sterling Pass. 8 rtX) p. m Limited Pass. 4 KM p. m. Clinton " 1 :OB p. m CllntonPass Denver " 3:40 n.m.' Denver FMtOHTTBAlNS^HAT CABBY OOnro ZAflT. _ OOINQWEBT. :l!i p. m. 8:53 " No. 18 8.18 p. m. No.«._——8:50 a. m. NO. 86..... No. 17— .-7:40 a. m .10:52*. m mm Young Kaiser Wilhelm is described by Mr. Depew as "every inch an emperor. A regular Frederick the Great, as far aa the nineteenth century conditions will permit." THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it,-^ For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Falls A Female Paradox. A lady, old and growing older still, (As ladies will grow old, you know), be came . In spite of age, as young as youth— but ill, And old, and wretched, feeble, lame, and sore, A lady young became in spite of youth, As ladies will, ana why '( Because the truth, . And keeps a lady young, they fail to grasp, And yielding to disease, die in its fatal clasp. That truth is that woman's weaknesses may be . Subdued by Dr. Pierce'a Favorite Prescription. -The Eiffel Towerthermometer seems to be quite popular among the novelty loving classes. OOIKQ EAST. I OOISa WKBT. 8— Passenger «&> a.ra. 36— Passenger 4:20 p.m 78— Freight.. ;..»:45 p.m. 41— Freight ...... 6:00a.ra ABUIVK JTIOM BABT. AHUIVB FHO1H -. 19— Pa8seng8r...»;<Wp.m,!W— 1'asnonper I0:3tuu>i. •7— Freight... Kinj? Humbert is about to start on a tour of the Italian coast for the purpose of inspecting the military defenses. He will first visit Spezzia, going thence to Taranto. . . r...»;<Wp.m,!W— 1'asnonper I0:3tuu>i. .... 8 :*0a.m. 42^¥reighl.._..0::tQp.m, f Passenger No. 38 cbnnects with trains enat and west on Clinton Branch; with 0. R. 1 S P. K. K. at Bock Island east and vest; with main line or points west. Council Blufls, Omaha and be yom* and for Kansas Git; and points beyond. THECH5CAGQAND NORTHWESTERN • V RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural. Mining and Commercial Centres of tho WEST AND NORTHWESTr Tho Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pulliran Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. < ONLY LINE TO THE BLACK HILLS For Tickets, Ratal, Mnpi, Time Tallies and foil laform&tloo, apply to any Ticket Agent or air dress tbis Gen'l ransengcr AK' lit. Chicago, III. i. H. WHITMAN, H. 0. WICSEB, E. P. TO.SOJ7, Qeaertl Xiugir. Trafls bugcr. Gts'lPm. Ajt. "W. A. FOAVLEJK, Acent OTKKLINtt W. D. Suit. DrugRist, Kippus, lud,- testilies "I can recommend Electric hitters aa the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles and was cured of Ilheumatism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare, druggist, liellvillc, Ohio, alllrms: "The best selling medicine I have ever handled in my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands ' f others have added their testimony," s ; that the verdict is unamous that El jtric Bitters do cure all diseases of t ,e Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a ialf dollar a bottle at D. B. Strieker's Drug Store. Emperor Francis Joseph baa conferred the honorary colonelcy of the Seventy-first Austrian Infantry regiment upon Gen. Count Von iloltke. SHILOIl'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. U cures consumption. • For sale by I'erry, the druggist, and J.M. Bickford Rock Falls The American No people in the world are so subject to nervous diseases, such as nervous exhaustion, ^physical or mental overwork, headache, backuche, _nenral- gia, alL-eplesaiKWff, di/'/.iiie«¥, nervous dyspepsia, palpitation, monthly pains, and insanity, as the Americana. Every part of the body is controlled by its nerves and when they are weakened by overwork or disenso the part ia also affected. Now it ia everywhere conceded that Dr. Miles' Hestorative Ner- vine, a concentrated nerve food and medicine, is the beat remedy in the world for these diseases. Ask for a trial bottle at A. K. Hendricka or J. M. Blckfords Drug Store. The shawl mantle is again to the front in now and coquettish shape, and either of light silk or of the same material aa the dresa with which it la worn. The czarina of modern Greek. Russia is studying THE BEV. GEO. H. THAYER, of Bourbon, Ind., aaya: "Bothmyaelfand wife ewe our lives to SHILOII'S CONSUMPTION CUBE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J.'M. Bickford, Rock Falls. inch FIFTH MINT You should read THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS because it's a family nfu's^ti^fr. This Is an age when everybody reads, ana the paper you bring into your family should h.ivc somethiric of value for all. The special interests of women nre not overlooked in Tim DAILY Naws. And then you don't want to bring questionable reading mutter into your family. Youdon'l want to put indecent or immoral reading into the hands of your children. You will never make a mistake on this score if you take home TIIK DAILY NEWS. The newspaper* are the great educators of this nation. The strength of the nation lies In the purity of its firesides. _ts circulation is 320,000 a day—over a million a week—and it costs by mail 25 eta. The queen of Slam wears boots. - ' ' a month, four months ** oy. dtiy. D Q NOT DLLAY iOUB BUiJSCIlIPTIGN FO« LIPPINCOTT'S MAGAZINE, •Undi ia th« front r&nk. of inui' ' a of A LEADER AMONG LEADERS. Each ounib.r eonUlm A COMPLETE NOVEL,allot riband quantity ot mUoa llaneous matter of an Intartftlng and lutructtn utun. UM yur'l •ubKrir-tion glrtla LIBRARY OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS M AnWTlnaa authOT. to««th»r wllh AN ABCNDANCK OS-SHOHT STORIES, TSlEllS, EB8AYB, and matt«n irf tmosnal latarait U gaoeral re*a«n, making a volume of NEARLY TWO •THOUSAND PAGES. TIM raoMU of I.IITIBCOTT'I Itudl mmetdtiitlil li - --- ud to-day 1U familial illago, town, and city tb» uuuli of MuulM puUlihlng, am Utl« U welwRMdla vnrr hKOl*t, Till ttroughout tia United SUUn. TU but writer, of U* t« bar« teen urared and Bnr fkitur»4 will, from UmjtoUme, b« addad yliich will girt u LiFruioorr'B A DISTINCTIVE PLACC OF ITS OWN. Amilla BlTita, F.ljir S«Hni, John Ilabbarton, Edrai FawoU. Captain Charlii Kion, U.S.A., Grace Kin*, U. £lliotiS4«w«ll, 8«lliia Dotaro, Manrloft Ilarrrmon, Odlda. and roanr oibtn will contribute to lu pw«a for lrt$. Kor full |rm<p«i!tiu, addnu Llpplncott'i Ha{ailn>, rhlla- dclpbla. 2So*BUaUiclonaiub«r. $3.0U per jew. pcnd fwr *ampt* aopr- SLEEI'LESS NIGHTS, made miaer- ablo by that terrible cough, Shiloh'a Cure ia the remedy for you. For sale by I'erry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, liock Falla. Tasteful little mantles in mouse brown velvet with fronts and aleevea of black lace are partially covered with a network of jet. , CATAItilU CUKED, health and aweet breath secured, by Shiloh'a Catarrh Remedy. Price 60 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by I'erry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Koch Falla. . Four in-hand or 'coaching capes of white, scarlet, fawn or other colored cloths of cheviot are extremely natty and popular. SHILOH'S CURE will immediately relieve Croup, Whoopintf Cough and Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the druggiat, and J. M. Bickford, Itock Falls Startling Facto. Physiologists state that with each contraction the hearts exerts lifty Ibs. of force. This amounts to 3,000 a minute, 216,000 an hour and the enormous number of 5,184,000 pounds in a day. No wonder there are so many weak hearts and that people drop dead. If exercise makes you short or breath; if you have fluttering, pain in aide, faint or hungry spells, swollen ankles, etc., look to your heart and don't fail to take Dr. Miles' New Cure. Sold at A. B. Hendricks or J. M. Bickfords Drug Store. Some navy blue serge gowns for autumn are made with full vests and panels of white delaine flanked by wide crimson bands and cuffs to match. Baeklcu'*) Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sorea, Ulcers, Salt liheum, From Tamploo. J. C. Reeves, J. II. Maier.G. T. Heed- ham, H, M. Giles and Fred Smith arid ladies started for Milwaukee Monday to take in the encampment. Collins' horae won the race at Pioph- etstown last Saturday. Perhaps W. Cushinan'a horse can run a sharp race in Sterling, but he is not good here only to lose money on. Our stock buyers shipped two car- loada of hogs last evening. Mr. J. B. McBrlde went to market with them. Laat evening was what we call butter night and there were 127 tubs of the article shipped from here, making about 7,075 Ibs., which uakes a pretty good showing for our creamery. Mr. Arnold and 'ady, of Nebraaka, are visiting with their brother's, Mr. A. W. Arnold's, people here. We notice that Mr. M. L. Washburn has been installed as clerk in our vil- lege meat shop. One would judge he was an old hand at the busineas by the way he handles the saw and knife, Mr. Bonjarnin and wiftfc uncle and aunt of Dewitt West, are visiting with them at present. The lion. J. W. White and family bave returned from their trip to Colorado. They report having had a Hplen- did time, while Mrs. White's health is very much_lmproved._ ....... . .. .. The horse fair at Ohio Station commences Wednesday, Aug. 28, and continues two days. Collins' horse enters the races. The last thing on tde road ia a Bowery dance, which hails from Springhill. They will set up at Yorktowu for a few days only. They use a large tent Next. Dr. A. C. Smith haa returned home from hla trip up the lakes, where he has been for about a month, taking a rest from his labors. He says he has been very much benefited by the trip. We are glad to see him back again and so much Improved in health that he Is nble to resume his practice, for the people have been very much at loss without him. Mr.Geo. Amerman, of Piano, is in town, looking after some livery horses. We can hear the threshing machines and hay presses in every direction. We have at present three tresses running in this neighborhood. Dan Slank ia quite ill. Ho looks as if he had been sick a month. Mr. C. Smith, of Kankakee, father of Messrs. Alf. and Fred Smith, is visiting at present with them. Mrs, Macomber and Mrs. Alf. Smith ivivi.i ixiiiicr ri-i.i - Tlilnsr or T\vi> — Onr Tu •IllDtli-r. unit J.I1II-- Trial n Itptri-ily 1'i-opinnil— U In Tu*k by nil Killtor rrlntlni;. CHICAGO, AIIR. 29.— A diitinun'sliul Rntli- ering of mrmilwrs ot the In :nl fnitcrnity took ploco ypst^rdny in tho First M.}!h<«list church nuilioiu-o rixmi, tx'hi'< tl)« twelfth annual mooting of the Bir nssinelatiion. Aining llu- iliMiMmib.hi.vl K>n- tlouion pros.jnt \voi-u D.ivi.l Pu'lloy Fii-H, presiileut, who occupied n scat in tlio roiitT of tho iilntform. On his riclit worn I'rosi- dent Lnchni>r, of tho sinlo rtssocintlon, Presklunt Cnll.thnn, of tho Illi- Bar nssocintinn, nml on his left ex-Rcrmtor Tnnnlnill, --nil '13 1 ward Ilinekli'}-, of 1'nltiinore, who i« Il.'hin-l tho Iriwton, ot Tirit nnd nois worn Otis Becretnry president, of Ihp nwormtiim. WITD Alexu.iiliT H. Georpjia, nx-minister to Austria and mi ox- Confeik'rnto gi-UTiil; Tli<nnns J. Sommons, tho lending lawyer ot Louisiana; ox-Senator J. R. Di>olit:le, nt Wisconsin; J. Djan Caton, ux-clilof justice of Illinois; ex-Senator George J. Wright, of low.i; United Suites Clmiit Judge Henry A. H-.T.WII, of D"truit; Jndfje. Mt'yrick, of LonHi.-mn, nn I O. C. Bouniiy, of Cliirajra Amonj; the.nudinrica wns ex-Mayor Vmix, .of riiilmlelphin, who enjoys tlio distinction of Ivin,: tho only Amerlrnn «bo ever danei-d with Qui'on Victoria: Henry \Vis-G uT.-tt, of Washington City, nnd n.nny other*. Prrslilent I'li'M't* Addrom. After uddress-s of w,-lciunu liy Mr. I.nrh- ner nnd Mr. C>ll:ihnn, whn-li fallowed Jitdgo Trinnbiill's sliort nddn-ss, President David Dudley Field delivered his niinii-il nd Irem, which was n nmsti-rly effort on th • magnitude and importnncM of 1 R:il seieneo. Ho favored s'-Fsjniis of tlm loxtslntuitn of tho stntpn,»ntid n limit ition of iho scopes of legislation. Tlio lrtn> JI!.-UTJ of tlio lawyer in nn American rninnriiiiveiiHh was, ha said, that of n mlnUtcr o.' ja dir -, and ho must lie first in n Ire;* natio.i. A-t tn lo^.il ethics Mr. Fiold thought a lawyer bound to servo all coiners, Imt if lie tlu,u{ht that in any cnso presented his Hervictrwould be abused for unlawful or unjust purposes ho should witliholl it. Wo Imve too many lawyers, ho thought, nnd our criminals uro not |iuiiiH!i>>rl wltli sullk-iont promptness. In tlitc-CTmnnntion.jhi? referred to tho fact thai'li'iurij nien rim IHIMK by molra in'thta country due process! of law. Our lawsuits Insl loo.long, und ho did not Vondi!r-thftni~T i yinu~BrioUld~Bn7~tlmt the American lawyers talk HIOIM and B|icod loss tban any other equal nuinher of mon known to history. Tim mum Iv for this, ho thought, would bo found in codification and bringing the knowlu.lgt* ot .tlio law to tho |»>opU\ 'Ho closed by saying tlmt lawyers "niust, of course, b't tru-.i to your clients and to tho courts, l.ntyou must nisu givo spo-.'dy justice to ycur follow citizens, moro speody than- you huvo yet given, and you must giro thorn a chance to know their 1-iwx," In the County Down, In Ireland, there are the ruins of what have been once manufacturing towns. Strikes killed the industries and the towns were then deserted. A GLANCE JJJTbrorgh our stock of cloths will be a 'revelation to yon. Enough of the extremely fashionable in fency plaida to meet the taate 01 thoae who care to wear them. Plenty of the plain solid colored for dresfl and old age, with a great variety of the neat, quiet,-.things that most men choose. The attractiveness of oar goodlJ is mirrored in the radient smiles o! our patrona, and shown in thoir taateful npparel. He Mercifal to Yoarseir, And heed the appeals for assistance put forth by your liver, when the organ is out of order. Among these are distress through the right side and through the right shoulder blade, yellowness of the skin and eyeballs, furred tongue, sour breath, sick headache, and, above all, irregularity of the bowels. The mercy you extend to the aflllcted organ ia wisely shown by a prompt course of medication with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, most genial of alteratives, and the hepatic gland early reciprocates the deserved attention by resuming its secretive functions actively and regularly. Among the accompanying good results are renewed digestion, freedom from headaches, and a resumption of activity of the bowels. All bilious symptoms disappear, and appetite and sleep improve. Beneficent are the effects of the Bitters in malarial disease. Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postively cures Piles, or no pay required. -It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents-per box. For sale bv D. B. Striolder. The old fashion of buttoning or lacing dresses in back is returning to vex women's-souls after its long confinement in the limbo of the past. From a Lady at Clarence, Iowa. EiiEUMATicSynup Co., Jackson, Mich. Gents: For ten years I have been greatly atllicted with inflammatory rheumatism and; indigestion. My hands, arms and limbs were badly swollen, and, at times, I could not wear my shoes Upon advice 1 began using Uibbard's Rheumatic Syrup. Two bottles cured me. It is a wonderful medicine, acting upon the stomach and digestive organs as it does, eradicates tho poison from the blood and purities the whole system. It affords me pleasure to recommend this remedy. Mits. M. K. II. REID. Mrs. Reid is well known and her statement can be relied upon. Ilib- bard's Rheumatic Syrup Is a medicine of great merit. C. E. SMITH, ttbs Druggist, Clarence, Iowa. The bronze prow of an Indian dhow, with a yard trimmed mast, having a glass thermometer inserted, makes a handsome wall ornament. kidney disorder, rheumatic and nervousness. ailments tths The new French army law extends the age of liability to service forty-five to fifty years. WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiu, s Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 eta,, 50 cte., and 81. For sale by Parry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. JACOB EISELE According to the most reliable estimates the population of London is now 3,260,000. Forced to L«eave Home. 00 people were forced to leave their homes yesterday to call for nfree trial package of Lane's Family Medicine. If your bloed is bad, your liver and kidneys out of order, if you are constipated and have headache and an unsightly complexion, don't fall to call on any druggist to-day for a free sample of this grana remedy. The ladies praise it. Everyone likes it. Large size package 50 centa. 2 The figure of a Celestial criminal writing in the colls of a grotesque looking dolphin forma a new window ornament $tf ACOBS Q\I FOR WATERMEN. A Hew Weakened and deranged liven, atom- Hcha and bowels should imver be acted ou by Irrttauta like common pills, beau, etc. Mile's ttiia cures liver by A U. Vai Seamen, Yachtmon, Renowned Swimntr, writes: "/ itm't tte Junr aionf Si. **"fS) J a * * * * OH." attended church in Sterling last Sunday with the expectation of hearing Rer. Mr. Stote deliver an address. ~Mrs. Dr. Smith and daughter Eva drove over to Sterling this morning to do a little trading. Miss Susie Hare returned from her visit at Clinton, Ia. The young people had a party at A. W. Arnold's Tuesday evening, arid we venture to say they had a good time. WE'UNS. Interested 1'eople.' Advertising a patent medicine in the peculiar way in which the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam for Coughs and Colds does is indeed wonderful. lie authorizes all druggists to give those who call for it a sample bottle free 1 that they may try It before purchasing. The large bottles are 50c and $1.00. We certainly would advise a trial. ' It may save you from consumption. 2a (JIIII.'AUO. AUH. 28. Board of trailo quotations In-lay were as follows: Wbrat—No.:.' Sei'U-mbiir, opened and closed i7>S(r: iJrc.'umhisr, opmisil JBo, closed 7i%-',flc: .May, niione 1 ami tdu-to t txic. Corn —No. - Septum Jur.. oi>oiuvl 83-51 -, olqeed Si^ff; October, opomul Mo. claiml :'Jfy\c; May, opeue<l y. r )>ii(!, closed WJ4'- Oula-No. 'i Bep- touibor, oponod lUj^i;, t-iosod lH^ia. Otttobor, opened ^U-V6c, c-losud ^tio: May, opened Jwo, olosed ™%o. l j ork — Sejitoiuljor, opened gD.SJl^, c.o-iijj $VM October, (ipttrrjd 89.Sk closed fc'J.UJ!^: January, opune I $*.l.^j, oloBfill $9.10. Liiru—tk-ptviulwr, optuod {u.O^i, closed $«.UI. Live stock-I'nlon stoc 1 ; yar.U pr'.co^ wer* a« follows: Iloi;s — .Mfirk»t opened fairly aktlve, but. prices we-e irregular, with light grades 5c hi^hi-r and utliur lo.rt 5j lower; light grades, $).U5 11.75: rtnu-h pnckintf E'.:.8 ®3.7l); mixed lutx, t;i.t)JTjii.:i). he.iv/ pnukln* and shlpiilni; lots, i:!.',") 4 !;i.l r i. Cattle—Market bad; good to primo, v 4.'Joi]>l.iM; iuf.r.or to fair, Ji-'.8.V(i,'l.lM; cow'H, Ollii feitdent, SS.UOi'ii'i.'J' (t^.HO. Sheep — Wt-ak; Texans and we terus, ^ Cw.70. Produce: Itutter: E!KH pcrlb.; fiiuuy niiiry, lu.^l.'o; piet.-i: i Eggs—Fresh laid. 10>i<Ml-i pord-is. I'otacoai —IXJ@$I.W per bbl. i'lmltr/—Livj chickotii. lOc pur lb.; roostei-s, 5c; turii;yi, ti^Vc':_dtiQlsi, ftiillo; . Beoae, $V.Ut>t$I.OJ pjr doz. Apples— Choice. $:;.00ifr-;.ffi> per bbl: cooking, Wo/llM. Berries—-Itaspborriea, tiJ^Wo per 10-iit uuto; blackberries, 6ck^75c per ^1-qt case. New York. NKW YOKK, Ann. 28. Wheat—No. -' red winter co-th, eStaSiUo; do August, &tif4c; do fck-pUmiber, tW^o; do September, 84)^c: do ()ctol»r, Bu-^o; do D«- oeuiber, WiV^c; *io May, U3c. Con\—No. 2 mixed coah, ^4i^ii!-4c; do August, 43^o; do September, t&te: do October. *aHo- Outs- Dull; No. - mi led cash, -lie; do Aujunt, a%o; do September. sS'^c; do October, 2&J4o; do Nuvtiiulwr, a)!.4c. Kyo-flull. Bar- l«y—Noiulual. J'ork—Dull; IUOAI, »llj»d 11,75 for lusi^H^.twl. Lwird-Htoady; Sept*m- ber. J0.4D; Octotmr. $a.:»l. Live 8tix;k-. Cattle - .Market actlvo Mid firmer; uatl vt» nUx-n*. ^iuU^^.lA)^ t'M 2);*; Tezo9 i; Texm i..^->-r-i, Si.UO native, ;.I..V//Oi.8. f ); lbfjjtl.M; luuibi, $1.63 croaiiu:-/. 16^11100 do, ta, ;ii bulls and dry tov.s, iLHui iij)** - Btiltar dnuxaud und The nomination and cli'i-tion of cnndidutos followed tho prosliluni.'ii iid.ircs* All tho judpes of (*i>ok county and prominent members of Iho bur of (.'lili-ngn and tho Btato to the number of fifty-six wore electod members of tho nsHocinlii.ii. In the- afternoon Henry 13. Drown, of Michigan, read n paper on "Judicial Imlqi>nd;:icj," and Walter B. Hill, of Uonr^ia, read a paper on the "Federal Judicial Kys'ain " In tho evenins; the momlrirs W.TO Ki ven II ru.-eiiti'm by tho Illinois Btato Bar association at "tho Union League club. ' JOURNALISTS IN CONFERENCE.; J)!ftCn><*lng Llbul anil (j(>Vi)rnmniit Competition n-ltll Joli rrlnterfi—Itucrt-ittlou. DKTIIOIT, M ch., AUK. 2il. — I-i l:ir«ely increased inmilicrH tl'.o N.iiiopnl Editorial association assembled yes'.crlny morning, and tho first business of interest wns the reading of R pap»r on libel law reform by E II. But^ ler, of The, Buffalo News, who declared that a newspaper publisher «as safer in a southern yellow fever district dnring an epidemic than in Pennsylvaniu tinder the pros-lit unjust laws. Ho presented statisl:ci proving thnt IU per cent of nil litiel suiiuuro begun nt the instance of shyster lawyers. ^ A paper by K. A. S.-iivu'y, of Illinois, on public ^Tinting provoked o ithusiastic response. Mr. Snively locik tho jjround that the nntionargovernn cut had no moral right to entorliito coiupetitibirvvitbTjob priuters in Belling stamped envelopes with return cards printed thereon, and a resolution was unanimously adopted condemning tha govern- mont'B course, nnd suggesting stops that will lead to a prompt remedy. Recreation After Labor, After tho business mooting the delegates were taken down tho river to tbo exposition buildings, whero they pnrtook of n lunch, which wns followed up by u run and down the river, continuing until II o'clock, Tho duy was completed liy a reception last evening tendered the editors by ex-Postmaster General Dickinson at his residence. It was a brilliant nffttlr. Fully 5'W of tho delegates were/ present and tho reception was arranged with much completeness. ' — Several of the state delegations have held caucuses and tho numu of W. C. McClintock, of Ohio, is prominently mentioned as the next president of tho association. Kdftor Slicpnrd Outs Into t* Row. Col. Eliot.t K. Bbcpard, of The Now York Mail and Express, has created much comment among tho members of the association by an interview given by him to one of the Detroit evening papers, in which be took a very decided attitude regarding politics, and particularly as to ueclionul difllcultleg. The Interview has Ixwn strongly condemned by some of those who agree with Mr. Bhepard's sentiments, for tho reason that they were uttered during the progress of the convention. Southern representatives are preparing a reply to him. Gould Ko»ture« Employes' Salarie*. ST. Louis, Mo., Aug. 29 —Mr. a H, H. Clark, flr»t vica president uud general manager of the Gould fouthwestoni system, yesterday issued a circular notifying em- ployes that all monthly salaries in tbo trafflo department will, upon Sept 1, b3 restored to tho figures paid previous to the totnporary reduction made .lost winter. This order advances th'j present wagos 10 per cent. MaMu1inH>m Threaten an Attack. ATHENS, Auj. S'J. —The Mussulmans In Creto nre tbreotoning to attack tbo consu- latea and i-athwlnils where Christians huvo takaa refuse a.^ai-isl their ag^ruA.-»ioni. Outrages c< nil tn 11-cur. Tlte Weathftr M'c M:iy Kxpact. WASHINGTON CITY. Aujt. -•».— Folluwlng are Uia weather lndli-ntion< for thirty-six hour* from 8 oV-loek p. in. yesterday: ror Indiana— Fulr wi-uther; ctatiidiary trm orutore; Bouttiarly winds. For Ijftwer MU'.hltfan—Fulr weather; statiunury teniporatiire In noutn- tj*w.t, cooler in nortlnveit porlion: soulhesly vrlndB. For Upper Mli-hlsan t'ttir weuther, preceded by nhuwers In western jjortiosi, CJwlor In eastern, siatloont-y teiuiH-rrtturo lu werttorn tH>rtton; wr^tcrly wiiuU. for \VU- nxinlu -Fair wetithor. t^ti'cpt luoul Mlutwern In Uiirthr*t»t ^>rlii.'ii; tfeUtfraity eiAiier; winds »!i!filiiK to mxtlorly. for IllluoU -Pair A'JBREVIATED TELEGHAM?. Gipd=t"!!i> nrvi his wlfo nr? (toing to F.!!;ht.y thoimnnd Annriran^ have frnin N.-.W York tbi?. s*. 'i^nn. Tho American Association for the Advancement of Rcinni"! is holding its annual mrctim; nt. Toronto, Out At Newport, K I., AVedno-day morning, Ft. W. Rlociirn won tho amateur t«nnl.« chain- pion^hip of Am^ric.i for 18S\l Tho net eTrninjr'i of the Erie railroid for Jniy *.vrri> ?n''i l,(!."i'l, an Increr^o of S-'i^-l.'fl ovi'r tho Karno p'-riod In«t year. Hnrglnrs robl>.-d tin poitofHo.5 nt Dnlano Station, J':\., Tu,«>dny nij;lit nnil carried away f. v >'K) in money nnd stamps Tho steaniubip City of Paris haa re<lncod the time Irotn Qncvnytown, Ireland, to New York to T) day:i, 1!) hours, nnd IS niip.uf.os, Wednesday was tlio thirtieth anniversary of tho discovery of jH'trolrnm .on Col. Drake's farm no.'ir Titusvillc, Pa., Au;i. 28, 1S.V.I. Tim Merchant and Viticultnrist, of San Frnncitni. ivlimalos that the wino product of Calilornia will not exceeil l'J,00,),UOO gallons thin year. Gen. Robert C. Sehpnck, who nmdo a reputation as a soldier, diplomatist and pokor artist, will tw SO years old should ho live to Oct. 4. Jefferson Davis:, linger Q Mills, Addison Cnmnmck, nnd tho Into Judgo Terry were all born in Todd county, Kentucky, within a space of five miles. Jnko Kilrain hns arrived at Bubimore from his trip south at tbo call of Governor Lowry, of Mississippi. Jake gavo bail down there for bis appearance at tho propor timo. A meeting of tho frioii'ds oE universal peace is in session nt Mystic, Conn. Wednesday they adop'ed resolutions cnlling upon congress to rcpjnl thj Cuine^ restriction law. S'lctory Woran Tlll»n Defeat. DAYTON, 0., Aug. L'fl.—A, desperate nnd bloody pn'7.'3 fight wifh two-ounco bard gloves, between Louis Bezonnh, of Covington; Ky.-, and Tom Conirr, of Cincinnati, was fought from 2 o'clock nntil, yesterday morning, nbont five miles Irom this placo. Seventeen rounds werj foiuht, nnd finally BeKonnh was ileclni'e.l the winner, although he is injured internnll}', ami is in a very serious condition. Comer was knocked' down eight times, and shows horriblo punishment, but bo was full of grit throughout tho mill. Two Lutllrn Klllrd nt Milwaukee. MILWAUKKE, Wis., Aug. 2*.!.—Two ladies in a buggy collided with the outgoing passenger train of tho Cliiongo and Northern railroad nt tbo Vliet si reel crossing at 0:55 last evening through carelessness, and wero killed.-They wero inter, i'lentidydns Mrs. E. P. Bennett and her sister, Mr. D.idion. Both nro residents of Wanwnlusn, a village west of tho city. . They were sisters of Hlr«m Bond, a well-know.n MitwnuU-'o merchant, Jn<;k Demiisity's Ui-oUi-n llcurt. SAN FHANUISCO, Aug. ~H—Tlie-Nonpnroil's henrt Is broken by his defeat Tuesday night, which came within nn nco of breaking his nose. He wept biltirly after lie was taken to^^ his dressing-room, nnd though Ia Blnncho promised to give him another tight, Dempsey doesn't seem to have nny conll'lence In him. The verdict of tho sp <rling ineil hero is that a gamer fight, wns never spoil on Iho loost, nor one with a moro unexpected result, The Dnruiijo to tho Itnstim. WASHINOTON CITY, Aug. 2'.).—Cnpt Benrdslee, president of tho board of survey of the United States sU-amor Boston, in an official report to tho nnvy departmcnt sttito« that the injuries to tbo Boston by the recent accident are slight. In all eight frnmos nre injured nnd four plates will hnvo to bora- placed.. Tho estimated cost of repairs is $0,000. . no !i |>i:n iri;; l.ilii:iriU in UK i-.'.' 'i'jirM'tor.--. .iiii'i IIM II A - vicos to i-lii'!(> jiur-ticr-; nro .-il'.v.iys pnc- cc.^ful. Ni'tliiirj; H knnwn of his pr"S- rnrc till tlio <lny nft'-r li' 1 1m : ' l''ft n jilaro, a:nl tliPi-i- i-i no ili.n'it tlmt these who know when- In- is kofii i-till nhont it for four of ik-iilli lit his hatuli. Ilisronipnn- ion 19 n renix'nile Jfi'xir.'iti nnincil Frnl- erioo. It has IM-OU ;-ni.l tb:it (loroniino is n Mi'xicnn, 1ml (his i.! n tni^t^k -. 1!<^ is white, or very tu-nrly FO, "GiM-nniino is a iloii.l !;!iot, an<l ofTn'crg or nnyhoily cl<o are not in n hurry to try their skill npiinst him. .Sonip ^li'T reward?, huvo hern olTorcil by the !-,'iilro,'iil anil expn*s companion fm- him, nnd private parties have also c.lT.-red ImiuiHcaf for hint. "Tlio governors of Arizona nnil Ponora bavoolTereil nomethin(?' liko S:i,()0(i c-ach. There is mom 1 ;,'in his Real|) if it can Uo pot, hut to iji-l it is the troiihU-,"—San Frarc.iseo Examiner. Ulinticcriiirnl Attempt ut SuleMo. In 1S.VJ a (tdicrnl in thi> French army nt- tomptcd to couiinit su.ii-ido hy plunging heail first from a tall .building in I'm'K lie only nuccoedi^l, however, in crushing tho third vertebrae of tho neck, ur, ns it is known to the surgeon, tho third n-rvionl vurtebrao. When picked up his lirad fell on hi* )>rrast, or rolled from side to siilf* in H maniHM- grote-'Uiuo ami horriblo. To a cnsuni siKTliitor tho general hod succeeded In ridding himself of tho incubus of life. Uo was cnn-ii-tl Lo a hospital nnd placed on n cooling board, an act somo- , what premature, n_s stibsi'<nuuil ovonts attest. During the first day (mil night tho breathing of tho patient was almost wholly abdominal, a sign recognized by experts ns one pnrU'nd- Ing approaching dissolution. Within three days, to tho surprise of all attendants, Iho breathing had become regular Mini natural, but consciousness did not wholly.return nntil after the end of tho twelfth day. Tho body wns moro or IcsS parnly/cil for six or sevun months, nnd somo of the limb*, uspiiciiilly the tips'of the lingers, did not regain their natural feeling for over n ycnr. The goitornl fully rex-.pve.reil in coiirsn of time, and was <jfwn twitted by tho other ofllct;ii< of iho army, who told him that u iimn thnt^could live with a broken nci'k was not born to bo hung.—John W. Wright in Bt Louis llepub lie. _^ They woro Bitting tit the supper tnhle last-night when tho husband said: "The census clerk was in today, dear. Ho demanded the ajro of each of the family, nnd I was obliged to give him yours; . It wap tho law, ho said." "You did, you brutel'..La\vZ....\yiiat.(lo I care for la,vv? John Henry, did you presume to tell that man ipy age?" she demanded, indignantly. "Yi-H," John Henry replied diplomatically, "I told him you were 24." "Oh," John Ilenry'n wifo said beamingly, as the rustling of tho winprs of tho dove of peace were heard in the room, ."I suppose tho law haa to he respected." —Cincinnati Commercial Gazettu. X'hltndi'lplilii mill Knndtnfr llo»d. PniLADKl.PitrA, Aug. Sit.—The statomont of t.ho openiliims of ,t|)o Philndelphla nnd Rflading-'Tailrond- foi—tha month" of July show tb'B net earning to bo (001.320, an Increase of flW.Ti!'! over July, 1858. Thfl nfit earnings fn-in D-ccnib.T 1, 1S.S8, to July 81, 18SO, wore J4,. l i(>'l,i'l'iS. a deoreaso of (r/J.^iflW from the corresponding pi-rioil last year. GERONIMO. THE TRAIN ROBBEft. And \Voll It^nilslit. Tho quaint sayings of children are always more or less rcfrcshij*<?. Tho young uiinjs, unliainperu'.! bj*ronveii- tionality, take a short and explicit cut in tho expression of a thought. A littlo girl who accompanied her mother into towu tho other day was very much interested in tlio speed with \yliioh sho was traveling toward tho city, nnil on leaving tho train at tho Fiielilmrg depot mid passing l>y the great pulling locomotive that had borne thu child KO rapidly over tho rails, the littlo one' turned to her mother, and culling the latter'H attention to the engine. t<:ii<l: "800, mamma, it's all out of brouth."—[iOKloiuIltulKet — i I- t A I«!U-Icss Unndlt Wbn (Ins iMiiilo a I'ort- lliio t)y 11 IH LuwU-S't ActH. "Of nil tho sinooth and slippery out- Jaws uow looso und enjoying perfect freo- dom, the Kiuonthcst and ulipiiorieKt is Geronimo, Hie ti-ain rubber of Arizona and Mexico," Kaid A. A. Mtirring, the mining man, of Castle. Dome, A. T. "1 do not refer to the wily Apaeho chief/ who a short time n;;o led in BO many doprcdiitions <»n tho frontier, Imt-U) lilt white namesakej who, if anything, possesses more dinning. "Not imu:h seetnu txi hu known of Qeronimo ia imiuy Tuciilc coast states and territories onl.iide of Arizona and the mountainous regions to the south. Hq flies from one hide of the Mexican lino to tho other in a few hours, nnd ia us hard to get Ri;;lit of ns a will-o'-the-wisp, lie goes into the most civilized towns of the frontier vviii;never ho wnnts to, and nobody seems (o have, the nerve, to tackle him. - "(jeroniino wus connected with twoor three of (he -heaviest robberies on ll/e Atchison, TopeUa and Himla Fo road a year or HO IILJO. lie lent a hand in. the last hold-tip on the Southern Pacific. No detect!vea are sifter him, or if they are they make no headway in capturing him. Ho seems to have the right to go any whero unmolested. "His finances are considerably im< proved by his robberies of Wells, Forgo & Co. Mine owners, too, caught out with well filled pockets, as well as numerous travelers, havo paid tribute to him. and American cuttle and horwe owners have also buffered. Tlieso depredations have been carried on foi three and possibly for liveyeur.H. A very round sum must have gone into Geron- imo'e exchequer in consequence. Teo- plo most intimate with tho circumstances of his plundering figure his gains at from $100,000 to $200,000. Perhaps not lesa than twenty men have been killed also, yet ho has been regarded as a myth .by many who have only heard about him in a curious way. "I assure you ho is about the liveliest blood, inusclu and bono myth, however, that thero is a-going. There are no flies on him, and evidently it. is a good man who will get him—a second Bob Garland, or somebody of. that sort. He knows tho mountains as well as. Billy the Kid ever didi and better than any outlaw now living. lie came to Tombstone first three years ago, uud went under the name of While. "He stayed for a short timo around the gambling houses. He never was known to engage in honest lubor. Ho was a fair gambler, though he never played for big hiat;cs. He seemed to piny for pastime muiv than any thing else. In a abort timo lie disappeared and went to Clifton. Then he ln-gun his open career of crime. Ilia last hsul.-i wero on tho AU'histm and Southern 1'acitic roads, whero, it U Ix-l'ieved, lu> got $'-!0,OoO each time. T/uni be Hvnt, tu Mrxi'.'o and wad cajdurw. by iho n-^ troops whilo iltf. li i i« i- .u li •< 11 l.ut tlm 8.*- IV'fA j-*A^ ^ ' u 'I M, u %' i ^H to biJ J S>,,.>, ,u j ; iti , iim »»u Aii;.**. Mn. KUBSELL MTJUCK, of the nrm of Myr/cU Henderson, Fort Sa\lth, Ark., snys ho wishes to add tils testimony to the thousands -which have already been given us to Swlft'a Specific. IIu says ho derived the moat signal benefit from Its use to euro palnfnl boUe and sores resulting fromlmpnro blood. " SWIFT'S SPECIFIC la a great blessing to humanity," rays Mr. P iJ. Gordon, of 7S6 Broad Btreet,- Kashvlllo, Term., "for it cared no of rheumatism of a very bad typo, wltli which I had been troubled for thrco or four years. B. 8. S. cured mo after I bad exhausted everything else. , Trcatleo on lllood and Skin Diseases mailed fr:". Tun SWIFT FPKCIFIC Co.. >lln-.—T .1, Atlanta, <'.•• Thoroughly clnnnsn the blood, which ia tho fountain of hi'alth, liy'UHinir Dr. Pieroe's Golden Medical Di.icovery. and (rood dlcestlon, i, fair .Bkin, buoyunt snlritK, iiuU bodily healtl and vljfor will be established. Golden Jlcdicul IHseovcry cures all humors, from the common pimple, blotch, or eruption, to tho worst Scrofula, or blood-poison. Es- iwcinlly haH it proven Itn etlicncy In curing: Salt-rheum or Tetter, Ecv.enin, Krysipelas, Kever-sorea, Hip-joint Disease, Scrofulous Sores and Swellings, Enlarged (Jtandfl, Goi- tro or Thick Neck, and Eutlnir Soi-ea or Ulcers. Golden Medical Discovery cures Consump- tJon (which le Scrofula of the Limits), by its wonderful blood - imrlfyinir, lnvl(roratln|r, and nutritlvo propertii'8, if taken in time. For Weak Luiifrfl, Spittinif 'of Jllood, Shortness of IJreath, Catarrh in tlio Head, Rron- ctittls, Severe Coughs, Asthma, and kindred affections, It Is a sovereign remedy. It " Coughs. ess, or " Liver _ r iridtsrcBtlon, it IB an unequnled remedy. Sold by drugglatij. Price 81.00, or six bottles lor $5.00. ttliections, n is a sovereigT promptly cures tho severest For Torpid Liver, lijitousii Complttinv' Dyspepsia, and li I to Hauae Uct-ptrn. l>o you want IwarUersV If you do you cap easily ae«urw ihotn by putting ' *tll co«st yua but Sy c«*»v« fas t luses.

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