Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1938
Page 6
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STAR, mm, • SlftlAL STORY LOVERS AWEIGH BY BETTY WALLACE tHO. OAST Of CHARACTERS -omi. lieutenant. He l»e«a a choice ween hl« wife and duty. /^ CI L «•}»"»£— "*"* *•"«'. ^"•S^U? *?!* at «» Pntlent lore. MARVEL HA 9 11 N o «— nnry »e«terd«yi At Marvel', J«dy and Jack overhear Cary Tennant predict thnt Marvel win an<1 CHAPTER XVII **ITER housewarming was even * worse than it would havo been if no one had come," said Diane. "I, for one, am through. It was bad snough to be laughed at by those phony celebrities. But to keep trying to make Marvel • see the light just because Dwight'E unhappy—that's too much!" Judy was forced to admit that Diane was right. She said, "Forget it, Diane. I'll never mention it again. I know you tried, and that was sweet of you. I promise to torture my friends no more." But .iow about yourself? Satisfied to keep torturing Judy?" , Judy dropped her eyes swiftly and Diane said, "Sorry." For week- afterward, the wives on the station talked about the party. But then it died dow«, and Judy was glad. As Jack Hanley -said sensibly, "There's nothing you can do for her. You tried, and she queered it herself. Let her alone!" Dwight did not telephone or come to see her. He had finally realized, Judy felt, that merely telling Marvel wasn't enough Anyway.- she didn't want anyone to iell aer. She was running her own show. > The 5rst sharp pain had settled mlc a constant feeling of emptiness. Judy tried by seeing Jac_: avery night his ship was in, to fill that void. And then, just before the Texarkana was due to shove off fo. Bremerton tr be laid up- in drydock for overhaul, Chris Whiting, Jack's classmate, asked her and Jack to have dinner with him aboard the ship. Judy hadn't been aboard the Texarkana since the night Dwight told her he was going to marry Marvel. She shrank from going, put she couldn't bear to let Jack know, and. so she went. * * * CHE had, hoped that Dwight would not have the duty tonight. She die. not want to see nun, but if :<.~ was aboard, she knew she would. However, she had not expected to find Marvel Yet when she entereu the ward room, Marvel was the first person she saw. Marvel in a stunning peer dinner dress that matched her eyes. Marvel Bitting in a deep leather chair, smoking, and look- ing as though she were very mucl accustomed to the hospitality o the mess. "How nice to see you!" Marve said. But her eyes were hosti: at once. "Judy!" Dwight held her han tightly. "Marvel and I have bee meaning to get over for a visi but—" "You must be very busy," sal Judy, smiling. It v -. comfortin to know that Jack was close. Sh turned . nd greeted Chris, and th moment pr.ssed. At the dinner table, Judy sa between %,'ack and Chris. Marve and Dwight were opposite. Bu Marvel paid little attention to th< other girl. She saved her smile, and her conversation for the men Judy was relieved rather than offended. She listened to Marve telling Chris how difficult it was Co make up her mind. "One minute I want to go to Bremerton to be with Dwight when he gets there. The next minute, I think l a have more fun if I went to Los Angeles. Some friends are taking a cruise in their yacht. That would be nice, too." After dinner, Chris said that he had some new pictures he wanted Jack and Judy to see. "Spanish stuff. ; found them in a little shop on the waterfront." Mdrvel said quickly, "Oh, mayn't we come too, Lieutenant Whiting?" "Delighted to have you, Mrs. Campbell," Chris said politely. But he wasn't delighted, and neither was Judy. The whole eve- ing would be spoiled if she ha to remain under the unfriendl glance of Marvel's green eyes. Another man's voice replied "Oh, Campbell hasn't been married long. He'll put her wise as soon as—" They were gone. • J)WIGHT'S wife exclaimed ove the pictures. She said, "Som day I m going to have a great bi redroofed house like this one here." She described the picture her interior decorator had pur chased for her. But when Chri handed one of the pictures to Judy, Marvel lost interest, and drifted toward the curtained doorway, as if impatient to leave. "Doesn't this one remind you n Balboa and the Conquistadores and all the old romantic history of California?" Judy asked, bought it," Chris paints himself, you know," Jack explained. "At the Academy he—" Suddenly they were aware of voices from outside. Someone ivas passing along the narrow corridor and saying clearly, "I'd tell any wife of mine where she got off! Dinner., aboard is all right once in a while, but every night for two weeks is too much. Talk about messroom bills—" THE picture in Judy's hands fell * to the desk. She looked at Jack, whose face was a study Chris made for the doorway suddenly, as if he wanted to over take the speakers. , Judy iouched his sleeve "Don't," she said. "It would only make a scene." But Marvel, standing as if rooted to the spot, was livid with fury. "How dare they!" she cried passionately. "Dwight! You know who they were!" Dwight was pale. He said slowly, "Just a couple of snsigns. They —it was unpardonable, but they're young—" "There's too much hot air about :hese young squirts fresh out of the Academy!" said Chris. "That vas raw!" Judy remembered that in the Junior Officers' Mess, as well as n the Wardroom, everyone paid his share of the expenses. Mess- oom bills took a large slice out )f an ensign's'small pay. Enter- aming guests would make the ngure jump. If a man had his vife constantly to dinner, that was Imost like asking his shipmates o pay for her meals. She turned to the pictures again, nd. said something about them, s if nothing had happened, warvel was still biting her lip vhen they left the room, but by tacit consent, everyone else had dropped the matter. Later, getting up to go into Dwight's room to comb her hair, Marvel said evenly, "Won't you come, too, Miss Alcott?" Judy understood that Marvel wanted to question her. She was right. "Do you know who those men were?" Marvel askeci. as soon as they were alone. t il N °' \,^ m y Judy said ^tti- fully. She looked at the othe- girls snapping green eyes, a the way her exquisitely shod foot tapped the deck. She said, After all, although they were very ill- bred, it is true that constant company at dinner makes messroom ''Listen!" Marvel said tightly. You know just who they were and that's the sort of thing you've been sayinc about me yourself You and your friends! Well, let me tell you this: I never liked you, I don't like you now. I hate hp Navy. You're, in love with my husband—you're just waiting round to pick the bones of my marriage." The little comb she n a LS k ffu fr ^ m her handbag tXo B« : Chamberlain does not mind a few Spanish vessels fighting off the coast of England but here and now is warning they had better stay out of his trout stream. Not now/ ... thanks to Black- Draught. Often that droopy, tired feeling is caused -by constipation, an everyday thief of energy. Don't put up with it. Try the fine old vegetable medicine that sun- ply makes the lazy colon go back to work and brings prompt relief. Just ask BLACK-DRAUGHT.: "An old friend of the family. 3immiiiiimmiiiiii!immiiiiiiimiiu |(Jse Mont's-Sugar-Cure| 5 When Butcheing Pork and Beef 5 = Electrically Mixed = S Printed Instructions Furnished 5 = With Each Purchase = 3 3 S For Sale by = 3 MONTS SEED STORE, Hope. § = EDWARDS & CO., Bradley a = L. R. CAUDLE, Bodcaw = 2 G. R. WOLFF STORE, Bingen = HllllllHllllllimilllllllllllllimiiiillll^ Third State Title Won by Teachers Arkansas Bears Hang Up 21 to 7 Win Over Tech CONWAY, Ark.-(/P)-The Arkansas State Teachers College annexed its third straight state football championship Thursday by handing Arkansas Tech a 21 to 7 defeat before 5000 fans. The victory closed the Bears' third season without a defeat of an Arkansas foe. Tech outgained the champions on the ground and through the air but th Wonder Boys were able to take ad vantage of but one of six scoring op portunftes. The Teachers, on the other hand, were able to crash in on three of their four scoring chances. The Teachers started off in the firs period when Heath spun over from the five yard ine after he had passec 16 yards to Turner. The Heath to Turner pass followed a 28-yard aerial from Heath to Badridge. Martindale drove over from the thre- yard line on the first pay of the last quarter after Turner, left end, recov ered a Tech fumbje on the 12. Baldridge scored the third marke Appliance Sale SI OFF Waffle Irons Percolators Hand Irons R.a d i o s Washing Machines e Our Bleached Butt|j [Walnut Rep. Bedroom Suites. Hope Hardware COMPANY FHA 5% Loans New and existing property. Real Estate Mort. Loan Service ||Pink Taylor, Agent; 309 First National Bank Building. Phone 686. >v«w.vv.v.v.vv.v.v.v.v ; £ Try Us For Your Meat Curing / and Smoking. We Do It Right. Home Ice Company 916 East Thud Street J> Hope, Ark. City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY. PHONE r«7 Master Shoe Rebiiilders With 22 years of experience in fine Shoe repairing enables us (o give you the very best. We guarantee our work to please. 100 Block on Walnut St for the Bears. Heath intercepted a pass and ran it back 20 yards to Tech's 36. Baldiclge went around end for nine yards and Tech drew, a 15 yard penalty for roughing the little Bear back. Baldridge and Martindale lugged the' ball to the one from where Baldridge went over. Turner kicked all three of the Bear extra points. The Wonder Boys scored their lone 'm'arker in the last two minutes, resorting to the ancient Statue of Liberty play to turn the trick. Hickey took the ball and rambled 35 yards for the score and then booted the extra point. Hickey and Garvin Salmon electr- fied the crowd with their brilliant runs. Salmon returned a fourth quarter kickoff for 58 yWds and he and Hickey each turned in runs up to 38 yards. Jones, center, played brilliant defensive football in the Teachers' rugged line and Heath's punting, passing, ball carrying and defensive work made him the Teachers hero number one. FOOTBALL SCORES' College. University of Arkansas 6, Tulsa University 6 (tie). State Teachers 21, Arkansas Tech 7. Ouachita 20, Hendrix 12. High School Pine Bluff 21, Hope 13. Fort Smith 68, Hot Springs 6. El Dorado 31, Camden 6. McGehee 24, Dumas 14. Stuttgart 20, Brinkley 6. Russellville 39, Clarksville 0. Carlisle 35, Cabot 6. Rison 7, Sheridan 7 (tie). Helena 21, West Helena 0. Cassville, Mo, 19, Berryville 6. Walnut Ridge 64, Memphis Catholic High 0. Augusta 46, 'Searcy 14. Lake Village 27, Eudora 0. Crossett 6, Hambuhg 0. Jonesboro 30, Paragould 6. Batesvi lie 53, Newport 0. Nashville 18, DcQueen 0 Texarkana, Ark., 0, Texarkana, Tex., 0 (tie). Marianna 40, Osceloa 0. Texarkana Catholic High 6, Blevins 6 (tie). Booneville 14, Paris 12. Rogers 33, Springdale 0. Clarendon 7, Holly Grove 0. Beebe 40, England 0. Siloam Springs 51, Bentonville 0. Gentry 34, ColcoriJ (Okla.) 0. Subiaco 26, Waldron 14. Lonoke 34, Norphlet 12. Blytheville 27; Forrest City 7. Little Rock 13, North Little Rock 7. Arkansas School for Deaf 19, Lousiana School for Deaf 7. 11 » There arc approximately 8.2 auto- lobiles to every mile of highway in tie United States. The .2 is the one rial went 75 miles an hour. Smart Tulsa Team Holds Razorbacks Game Ends in 6 to 6 Deadlock After Hard Battle TULSA, Okla.-(/P)-A plucky band of University of Tulsa football players .outweighed and unfavored, held the University of Arkansas' big red Razorbacks to a 6-6 tie Thurday in the fifteenth test of their inter-conference Thanksgiving Day rivalry. Both teams obviously were hampered by the cold that stiffened the fingers of pass receivers, slowed down the running of ball carriers used to warmer weather and kept 15,000 spectators, a capacity crowd, shivering in their seats at Skelly Stadium. The Razorbacks had the advantage o nthe ground throughout the game. Ihey found thir passed smothered by the air defense the Golden Hurricane had prepared for them. On the other hand, Tossing Tommy Thompson's touchdown pass saved the day for Badly battered, the Tulsans were ucky to hold off the desperate at- Wmtps of the .Porkers to score by ground or air during the last period. Early m the first period the Hurri- can found itself backed up before its own goal but the fresh line held ight on the 11.and big Guard Siming- on dropped back and tried a field goal He was rushed too hard and the try was low. In the same period Tulsa blew up a scoring chance after one of Thompson's passes gave it the ball on the J orker two. There George Farmer umbled a pass from center and the 5 orkers took the ball on their own ive. In the second the Hurricane warmed up and Thompsons passes started Working until one of them, a great heave, plopped squarely into the arms af Left End Reagon Gregory and ho whirled over the touchdown with not a tackier near him. Johnson's place- kick attempt went wide. The Razorbacks fought off a Tulsa drive early in the third and then staged a better one of their own that was successful. Halfback Ralph Atwood made the tally on as pretty a sweep to his right end as you'd want to see. He ran straight toward the sidelines, pulled everybody out of position, suddenly turned at a fight angle and shoe over like an arrow frrtn 1 the Seven yard line. Quarterback Mosely tried for the extra point that Would have put Arkansas ahead but he found himself rush-. eel too hard and the conversion attempt was wide. Throughout the final period both teams showed the effects of the milling but Arkansas was the stronger on the ground. The game's end found Guy Grey heaving pass after pass in a wild effort to put the Porkers in the win column. Somehow, the tiring Hurricane defense men batted them nil down. The Tulsans, beset by injuries all season, were a badly battered ball club when they wound up their final game, George Farmer, a fine back, injured again his nrm which was hurt several days ago and Tommy Thompson, playing with a bad knee, was limping badly. Ttilsa's best ground gainer, Morris White played only a few minutes of the game. Arkansas gained 162 yards on the ground to 54 for Tulsa and returned kicks 140 yards to Tulsa's 26 The Porkers tried 20 passes and completed only four which netted them 47 yards. The Hurricane tried nine, completed six and gained 101 yards thereby. Tulsa was playing without the leadership of Head Coach Vic Hurt, laid up with a severe cold and Assistant Coaches Chet Bcncfield and George Velk directed the team. Friday, November 25,193% It is estimated that rodents, insects, and other wild life leave only 25 per cent of the range grass for livestock, • i • If the sun were a hollow sphere, there would be roo'm,' to spare for the moon to make its monthly trip around the earth, inside of it. Texas Longhprns UpsetAggies, 7-6 Bible's Team Outplays A. &'M. Before 36,000 Stunned Fans AUSTIN, Texas.-m-Out o f the ashes of eight straight defeats rose the University of Texas in full gallantry Thursday — gallantry that submerged the Texas Aggies, 7-6, and stunned 36,000 who came to sec them trampled into a victorless season, It wasn't an accident—it was Texas' game all the-Vfay. Bandaged 1 'eripples and : able-bodied ball carriers who had missed fire all season banded together for an incredible afternoon that kept alive the jinx that has prevented the Aggies from winning n game in Memorial stadium' m the past 16 yars. Three times the Texans salmmcc down to the Aggies' three before they were finally led over in the fading minutes by slender Nelson Puett, Jr Viciously they fought off the stun ned Cadets until the last 20 seconds And then they practically presentee the Cadets with their touchdown by fumbling back of their own goal line Albrich recovered for the score. The fight that had carried them up to the game's end lasted for the crucial try-for-point. Over the center of the mountains Aggie lino waded Roy Balnea, Texas center, to block Dick Todd's conversion. By a quirk of fate, Texas scored its upset on the first try for point it had negotiated all season—n failing that had cost them a possible victory or two and a tie. Wallace Lawson, halfback ace, sent he ball spinning through the uprights for the point which told the tale. So stout was the Texas defense the Aggies could try only three running plays for the first 22 minutes of the game, the Longhorns keeping them deep in the danger zone that forced kicks on first downs. Not until late in the third quarter did the Aggie penetrate as far ns the Texas 17—their best march. 666 Liquid, Tablets Salve, Nose Drops relieves COLDS first day, HEADACHES and FEVER clue to Colds, In 30 minutes Try "Rub-My-Tlsni"—n Wonderful Liniment TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE PRE-HOL1DAY SPECIALS AT STUART'S BEAUTY SALON Oil Shampoo set " _ Manicure Shampoo, Set and Dry Cocktail Facial Eyebrow and Lash Dye Arch 50c ______„_ Phone 752 OUR INTRODUCTORY - S-A-L-E - SILK CHIFFON DRESSES Black—Brown Blue & Rose Men's Beaver HATS Newest Styles $2-98 HEAVY Part Wool BLANKETS $1.65 MEN'S KHAKI PANTS 88c SHIRTS to Match 88c SHOES We Can Fit the Eye and Pocket Book. 36-inch Broadcloth je. tER'S IF YOU MISS THIS SALE YOU MISS A LOT OF BARGAINS MEN'S HEAVY RIBBED UNIONS 59c LADIES HATS 98e ,.H $1.98 WAT n o u it c i n g Closed n (I AUCTION Wednesday, December 7, IO A. M. AT CITY HALL, HOPE Farms, Homes, Business Properties, Tracts! Get a Descriptive List and Look Over the Properties to be Sold, G. S. Jernigan, State Bank Commissioner In Charge, Arkansas Bank and Trust Co., Insolvent. Hope, Ark. For Information Come to Office or Write murrey Young Co., Selling Agent. Office: Arkansas Bank & Trust Co. Bldg. TERMS; V 4 Cash, Balance I, 2 and 3 Years at 6% C'

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