Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1912
Page 7
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"THAT CROOK WAS VERY APPRECi^TIVE OP OUR TALENT,*' SAYS FELIX TO FINKl WANTS-AIX Igfl^^ WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT tbe finest truit and farming secUon In Florida. Address H O. Gatps. Arcadia. Florida. P. O Box 20. WANTS-ALL KIND& WAXTEn— DINING ROOM OIRl at once; osperiooced preferred. Poi;t "and Hotel. \v.\.-."rei) TO ::rv ,W .\NTr:.!>-li<>::'- ri;out" iO 'i 'l. F1)R^!jB--F0R SA^ FOR SALE—A GOOD ORGAN. IN; lire 312 S. Third. Phone 84. '.-n S\I.E--P»NOI.E rOMB RROWN ' >i;-^i;;ui. Icl :i. 1-'. ivC No "J. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. I STRAYED OR STOLEN. FOR SALE—HOUSE FURNISH-J STRAYED OR STOLEN—SCOTCH '.n £s, Ra «s and Linoleums, Trunks and: collie, tax tag no ITS. Return to r. Suit Ca8«8. Bonnell Fumitnre Oo.. 9 Mlmerick. 222 S. First St., and receive N Jt-fferaon. Phone 1290 reward. TAKEN UP—BLACK MARE WITH. :. r. ; in face, three white feet '.Ml. • !i !uiVe same by paying for .• iud damages she has done ! Ki '. Vine street. Henry Dressier I -.••,!'• ••••»!,•". l '?7'?'CH0LD' LE0AL8. \\'.\N T; :.. r:-:An .H rou .- VM -: FOi? SALi'^-FOi? SALE. .i :r .-'f \ •! ?• Oft UENT—FOR RENT v.w.y. i 0 \\.. • ; |>i'|- • ! \ of M:- Vf ' ••• .•• • . pek;t. '-.•.y.t T •• . are unetin r...! • •• will pay yci - > • • CoMpany. ri'i! •:u-, \ : ... i 11.' •\,.- ., \l POR KENT OR SALE— : " , th and west of city limits. 44 acret lis. O. L. Sleinman. Lock Box 162. .'•no ; • I.CSE; FOR RENT—NICELY FURNISHED • •. • > -o K»od room for gentleman. 402 K. Madison (^•> ;. ,.)ne limx. i WANTED—AN EXi'K.M- • Card of Thanks. 1,1,1 i„...K,.f^,. Wn wish to express our sincere 1.10 egg inoubato.. ' ^^^^ o„r neighbors and friends f.M LON COP-I i" ; •oru*J the deld. Harry I nd Hand Store. woriau for houseworU on farm A i drejs Mrs. P. T. Hall. R. No. 1. Carlyle. Kas. Phone JiSO-21. I for their kindness and sympathy, dur- , ing tlje Illness and death of our be- WANTED—MIDDLE AGED WHITE ; lady to work in country. Wages ;! dollars per week. A. L. Townsend. Phone 992-42. WANTED-SEWING BY DAY 0)1, at home. Miss l^ottir LaRue. 419 So.. 3rd St.; Phone 1082. -llcFC. Blgus Pa«n Shop FOR SALE—REGISTERED. BIG lii;ned. Poland China boar jiigs from tl!G prize winning stock at the Kan-. City Royal in 1911. There isno • 1. •. V '.Itell furniture and I. i;i .'ji'llding reufonble. G. C. Par- lasca, I.AHarpe. Kas. URGENT SALE—SECOND HAND Square piano. Arlington Co. Price $25. ,No. 1 Smith Premier typewriter, invalid o.ncr. Come and I will show you. J., ^halr. all in good condition and very R. Cllne. ; cheap. "Quick" care Register. F0R~SALE-GQ01) DRIVING AND '^i, V^"^ a -^w's :iKht work horse in good condition. Ight C. F. Burth, Phone 9S8-21. FOR SALE—REBUILT TYPEWRI- ter. like new; cheap. New adding machlng. $1S.00. Call at once. H. V. Plant. Keilcy Hotel. Raymond Baker. Card of Thanks. We wish to thank our triend.s an** neighbors for tboir kindness shown tr our mother during her Illness and. death. Also the members of the G I A. R. for their services.—Lawrence S CASH PAID FOR ALL KINDS OF i Klmlln. James W. Klmlin and wife, hides. C. E. Meaden LaHarpe. Kas. | Leona M. Kimlln. UIURPE NEWS FOn TODItY HASKELL TE.IM CANXOT COME FOR TURKEY DAY GAME Conncil Decides on Extenstonfi of Water MaInK—Finger Cnf In .S^nifle is Explained. * •••>>•<>•>•>•*'>•«*•:• * * <• •> If if't an Ea.'slnian it isn't • ffi a Kodak. We carry a complote <• * line of Eastman'-'i Kodaks and •> <> suppliijis. A recent addition to <• our Kodak Department is tue ^ * Kodak] Portrait atUchment. Come •> * In an^ let us show you how they * * work on your kodak. * * WLVTEBS & D-iXFORTH « <• Drags jind Jewrlrjr. • * <f TNE'lUrS DOINGS AT l»S Gin I LaHarpe. Oct. 3.—A. N. Ransom, manager of the foot ball team talked over the long distance l<>lephoii<« y«^- terd^r to the professor at the Haekel) Institute, and was InformPd that .TII the Haskell foam.s were engaged for a Thanksgiving gani»?. One team goes to St. Iwouis und the other to Olathe. Manager Ran.<ou) immediatoly tried to get Fori Hiley ov^r the long distance but t)elng unable, he sent a letter asking them -for a game, so the veridct from this letter w ill probably be received tomorrow. .Mr. Ransom says he is determined to have a team of good reputation here for ThankS' giving Day. M. L. Drake of F<irt Scott was in town yasterdJay. Mr. and Mrs. W A Hicks and Mr. and Mrs. C. M.,Tom;>Klns'wi»re In Port Scott yesterllay. Me*;iTs HU-ks and Tompkins wiert* at Fort St ;<>it in the army In 1SA4. The city Council met Tucbday «»ven- ing at tbf> city hall In regular session. The iiRual bills were allowed after which the water main exteniUon was' discussed. It was decided to continue the main to the city park in the! southwest part of town and also a few blocks on North Washlugton .«t. Th* city »-ater to the park means moro than the supply for bordering resi- dentsc'it me«uis that the city intend; .to beautify our play ground and to be in readiness for anevent that should occur there. - _1„ei .-v^s i- • . ' •..-..r:'- ••' an enjoyable visit here, returned yes- iTduy to Ros.'ivillc. Kansas. J. W. .MrCall. of lola w.t.-- n pleasant vi.<ltor In I-aHarpe yesterday. —A few high-lift sniky plows at a bargain. Hlnes' Hardwar*-. The High School laciiUy wi.shes this department to announce that the game played Friday with lola was not a high school team.- The game was to be played nnd<'r a hiph school name but the manager was compelled to call the.ganie olT some of the play er.< falling behind In grades. Th«! Itoys remutched th*> game and playr.d oil the lola ground but It cannot b»» considered a high school team. Miss Mabel Hnrtxog hai» returned to her home in Plato, Mo. "Ros.s" Ford would like for All>>rt Mcadcr to know that his finger wa.« not a steak or anything to be carved, in a .trulTle yesterday Mr. Mender accl- dently cut .Mr, Ford's forefinger quite severely. It was necessary for a physician to take two stitches before dressing the wound. i^teve Quimby of Paola was in town 1 <»8terday. .Miss Ifazol Edwards of east of town ••ntortslncd ;« number of friends with •I piirty l:l^•t evening. .\ tow from here attended FOR SALE—BUFF ORPHINGTON -ooji'ers T.".c esch. Mrs H Myer. " ", n-"'-,- •r..•^'^ c «n-» .» roTC • •;• • •> •:• •:• •:• •:• • • <• * * SATURDAY OCTOBER 5. Arbnckle'.o •'Arlosa Coffee served free, to Blend" every, pound one. We will giie }i free nitb everj ponnd par. rlm .«Fd, on tbU dale only. S |>e4 >Inl bargains In grori>rles. CARL & HUXTEK <<'as Kan.<ia!i. DEAD EXGIXE SEEYES TO COS- TIXCE IXJUXCTIOX. Ten F)r»men WOI Attend FMUvItles ta K. C^PenonslH of Gas CItr People Mrs. Payton GAS CITY, Oct. 3.—the Injunction suit by the county commissioners to prohibit Mr. Runyan from moving bis building, formerly occupied hy the Herald, to his farm near LaHarpe on account of back taxes was settled In M I ^ Zo «!ltSr '«l»»Jl *';r. "v*^?„"!^o«;«^^^^^^^^ this week, sary amount being raised. Workmen f ._,iiiPQ wpr« npi?hhnr> in began moving the house yesterday I i !L ".,A"'?,V.'!!_ ^^1^'*'^^ and only proceeded a short way when the safety valve melted out and cans ed the engine to go dead. It w^lll probably be two or three days bfore necessary repairs can be obtained. ; —Tomorrow only one lot of ladies' Oxfords at 50c; worth |1 and IS.— Model. , Mrs. T. .M. Roberts and her gi/ests, Mr. and Mrs. W^-sley Foy. of lUinola. spent yesterday at the .M. M. Roberts homA in Cbanute. Th« following were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton .Marion during the past weok: John, of Bayard: J. W. Harvey, Edwards county. Kansas: Mrs. Cora I'otta and two sons her home in Emporia, is steadily improving. Teh Golden Rule f»:ed store is unloading a car of coal and feed today Emery Merle, the nine months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred McKean. is some better today. William Davis, who has been in Colorado for the past ten days is expected home today. W. O. Leniiart, of lola, was a sml'- Ing visitor in our rity yesterday. Mr p.nd Mrs F. X. Hunter and so went to Garnett this momihg for : short visit with Mr. Hunter's paren*. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hunter. Mrs. Hnn ter Is In very poor health. Will Drake, of Fort Scott, was business visitor In town yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. William Parish, o Savonburg. are guests of Mrs. Wllilan- • - •. - Th«. Ne braska fifteen years ago. "Why is it." the Blue .Mound Sun wants to know, "that a man who doesn't believe In advertising alway sticks signs over his business?" and are more than glad to get bark. Mr. Morrison said Hlmo^t half the roun try wm: under water and the people con^fantly dnrloring to guard away lypholil and malaria fever. No word has yot been received from the Haysn".o. SM.... ....... - - — and Stoddard families who loft for'of Fort Sooft: Mr. and Mrs. .M. W. Hal' in redlness for 'an event that should! l^r. of Joplin. .Mo.: Mrs. Hailie Hurt Foot ball practice wa» held yester-! and Mrs. Llla Taylor, of Brouson: day on the .VacDonaId grounds. Mrs. Robert Harris, .Mrs. .Mary Ep> •• 1 Hug and Fl«>tcher Hlssitf, of lola. DOXT KXOW VHEY ' The clir will put a number of men HAVE APPEXTIICITIS lo work this week taking up unused Many lola people have chronic ap- gas mains and improving the mains on pendicitis (which Is not very painful) «he principal streets. Numerous oth- • • cr inirrovpments will make prvpara- torv for the frigid weather. Good phonoerai^h for sale righ* •Id th'ng it Is Just bowel or stomach f P^-'-e 'sve I 'octored for years • ! i. ,. •• .... • v • <. V -> •:• V •:• •:• •:• v •> •> •> •> • • • • Peroxide -just rt ««-d. Our •; price lOe a bottle, r -.1 M. \ vv • 'fi liii- . .11 I 'i. ..I Vi<'.v;>.i. .ir .» 11' > 'it .'Ml ! r." -.11.. ' • .'.if.. II. 3t l 'rei.cri]iiiu.'i Hruaui'L • ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ * <f/t '><f <^ <• <f <f ^ }. v.: i: ; . • • : K.;.- <'K'" : . A. v.- H>. • • .•- . • . ;: • . • hi ..1 ;I ,'.t\:- •• : •. .• ; (.,•'.•'..:.,• . 1 • •.• '.'jr. 1 ' .'.'ll:! .li .-^ . Mr. und rMs. Arcr.le M'r- <'•! • "lO left last week for Aleadia. Florida! v.lfh the Intentions of making their j future home, returned' be^e yesterday M -^vi...! • •*.; 1 > -f.i .l: "< iV.y n ,1!.- ' '.t t C M.: ••'...I •< members j ! of Pallas eel- I • "V «hov.' in Kan-1 ^: Those to attendJ . hp next meeting. [ t Tola, was over y»»steri • ••u-.'.'^g hands-with old fnemls. Taylor, of Kansas City, Is a' :• '"^e City Hotel this wetk. Eh^. •111.-' ••..>!'>I1. 1 •.\ • re in . . -• He -what? j'n- u-iv. '..I {):;rRtiK'-< F. T. Wilson, formerly of Gas City, ; .'f'.i ',!• ;...n's and his but now of lola. was over yesterday (r,*,:;- wliivh :::-5r-«ale many r>n b'isiness connectdS with his prop- I.PI. .Hui. rt Russell, .erty. who v ^aa killed, has a wife and two Mrs. C. S. Cook, after an extended children residing at Kingman. They; taty with her mother, Mrs. G. W.'Pay were sent out of Mexico by Mr. Rus- ' " "* sell when the revolution broke out ton, who baa been dangerously ill for some time, returned yesterday to To the Pacific Coast Shortest inti most scenic route Time. hfiurs. :'i>t equaled by any other line. Can »'ve yon choice of route.s. Only one o: cars. Colonist, one-way tickets on sal.> Sept. :3ih to Oct. 10th, In- Hisixe. "• ••>» to— I.OS Angeles. Calif. ^.-icraniecto.' Calif. -an Diego. Calif. • in .'ose. Caiif. •J-i, »-"niif?sfn Calif. Hakersfield. Calif. Vancouver. B. C. Victoria. B. C. N^hland Oregon. Portland. Oregon Umatilla, Oregon. Seattle. Wash. Spokane. Wash. Tacoma. Wash. And to many other points on Pacific Coast. Only $31 .04 Please call, phone or write, advising your address and full information will be furnished. Passenger Offire, Phanf) 160. Frelgh^ Office, Phone I 'd. E. E. WNGER, Asent SUEBIFPS 8.4LE First published In the lola Dall> Re.Hster September 26th, 1912. The SUte of Kansas. Allen County S3. In the District Court, Thirty-Se\ mth Judicial Circuit. Sitting in an., .or Allen County, State of Kansas. Alien County State Bank.. Plaintiff •s. Rachel C. Hutchinson, Marvin E. lutchlnson and J. E. Powell, Defendants. By virtue of an Ordar of Sale Is- lued by the Clerk of the Thlrty-Sev- nth Judicial District Court, in and or Allen County, State of Kansas, in he above entitled couse. and to me llrected and delivered, I will on the :sth day of October,'-^A. D. 1912 at 10 I'clock, A. M.. of said day. at the south ,loor of the court house in the City ^>r tola, Allen County, State of Kaa- as. offer for sal« and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in bandi the fol- owing described real estate towlt: '.ot Eleven (11) in Block Two (3) N'orthrup's re-survey of Jones Additon to the City of lola. Allen County Kansas. Said lands and tenements will be old without appraisement to satiafy aid Order of Sale. HOOVER KERR, Sheriff 1 of Allen County, Kansas ly ED J. DCNFEET Under Sheriff. SherilTs Office, lola, Kansas, Sept- .mber 2Sth> 1912. 9)-26-(10)-S-10-lT-24. (First Published Sept. 12. 1912.) SHEBIFPS 8ALE. >'he State of Kansas, Allen County, as In the District Court, Thlrty-Sev •nth Judicial District, SltUng In ant or Allen County, State of Kansas. Maggie McGuire. Plaintiff, vs. Rach 1 A. Davis and Mary J. Culbertson )efendant8. By virtue of an Order of Sale Issued •y the Clerk of the TWrty-seveptl. udicial District Court, in and ! for 'Men County. State of Kansas. In tb( hove entitled cause, and to me dir^ect i and delivered, I will on Octobe,- -th, A. D. 1912. at 10 o'clock A M. of id day. at the south door of tb- . _-t house In the City of lola. Alle-: n*y. state of Kansas, offer for saie •' sell for not less than two-thlrlr . t^.e appraised value, for cash !:. .iiid. the following described re'i fate, to-wit: , Nineteen and a fraction acres, dt- -^rihed as follows: Beginning at th> 'ortheast corner of the Soutbe&s; uarter (U) of Section Six (6). TOWT;- '>lp Twenty-five (25). Range Twenty :•«> <21). running thence west 75 rods "ce south 42;^ rods; thence east 7. l • thence north to beginning, a?. ' e soiithwe'st quarter of Section Flv 5i. less 7-10 of an sere In NW cnr- •cr thereof; Township Twenty-flve •-•:.». Range Twenty-one (21). Allen 'ntiiity. Kansas. Said lands and tenements will hf old. not subject to redemption. HOOVER KERll, Sheriff of Allen Countv. Kansas •r ED. J. DUXPEE. Under Sheriff 9)-12-13-2fi-(10)-n-10 • • « • J B- •ii?^* • • J <> DB .C .X..BU8S <* • DctttM • * •> Extraction .iiir»hl|Bt palq by tbe •> use of Nttxwia. OxM* Qas «> BaanSf*. 1 Fartluap BUg. <^ > Phones—Office 6S3: Bea. 8SX ^ i • - • • '4 •:• • • • •* 4 • " • - -J" XUHEY TO LOAN! V . Will lend on household goods ^ plands, organa, aewtas uia ^ :• chines, diamonds and Jawalry o T Office, KA. no H «rtk 8tt«et <' :• V v-f • * • • > SAB !nE88 AXb SIDDUEBT • > OcBeral BCpiUiiilff • > UOVi Soutli Street—I(da, • > • F. L. B. LEA YELL, K. Ill • Spedalttes: • Otaeaoea of the Cheai 4 > DIaeaaes of (%lldi«n • <• > Phenes-Otlee Wt Be*. 14: . « '> lola State Bank Bide <' • • T.O.CANATSE\ Expert Piano Tnniiik and Rqpdrink. WItk Roberto Uaate Co ramm IRAB.FRA^ THK erroMBTRiisr ORFIKM torn My tenaa are as good aa ea.« be ba>i anywhere, and my rates are the lowest to be had In lola. Try me and be convinced. B. L. Thorn peon. BviO' Building. 17 THK PAFBR BOT FAJL^ TO lellrsr yoar paper. eaU ISaAl #• will -andyooapaperbraapMtatdutler. he fame eteidiis. CHEER i;r .VEX FOiKS. Xew St}le Clothes Mnst Give Idea of -Poverty." Lao'y Duff-Ooj'don arriving from ""rore said: • "You must now dress as though vor were a jwor woman. You mustn't show that you're rich. The 'tomboy' s'yle is nil in vogue. Vou can say that simplicity l.-t the note In present fesh'ons The hair is worn just as light to the head aS It is possible to dress it. False hair is quite gone out The object la to make the head look as small as possible." Ui Sat: >«pu !• OeM<lih« laelashe. LiUral Ste».Over ptfrlleges. To Saix Francisco, v^allf. 'x>6. Angeles, Sai Diego and ist«r- mediate stations > U\JA To 'Sali t«ka City. UUh; Ogden. UUh a«.l« To Preacott and Phoenix. ~ ' Aria. ^ SLK To Portland. Ore To Spokane. Wash. Tacoma, Wash. Everett. Wash. Seattle. Wash. To Vancouver, B. C. •J, ttlt lUt I W. E. Ralston, l(eaL ' —Yonr Kodak Fllma are always { right if Gibson finishes them. I THE NORTBRUP NATIONAL IIWiK TOLA, KJtiiSJA OTEB FOBTT TEABS OF COXSEBTATITB BA5EIXQ IS lOLA DepMltery for mitH .Staff's. State of Kaosas, and Allra. CMuHr E. J. MILLER, I resident MELVIX FRONK. Cashier R. J. COFTEY. Asst. Cashier CAPITAL $ko ,000.00 OFFICEBSz ! U L. NORTHBUP. VIco-Preet F. A. NOBTQRUP. Vf M-Pmt a K NOBTHBUP. Vioe-Pi^ YOUB BCSCnSS SOUCITEB lat^rest PaM on Time Defeaftg ! 8^ Depadt Jto^M .f «e.lMl

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