Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 20, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1903
Page 3
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PJant; homes in Within a few minutes' ride of Idli^, LaHair^e HOME Gtas City, aM[t*oiit n^w sh air^he^dthral surroundings^ rapid tr£^ gas entounty. TERMS:—Prices are'from $70 to $100 per lot. iots are 50x100. $s.9«> down and $5.00 a month. Location:—felectric line on the souths tola public road on the horth and just half wayi between Gas City and LaHarpe. Write or call on ^ (kfice at Terminus Eledtric Une R. it the inost desirable Idoation lola 3, Leavenlwqrlh 0. Leavenworth, June * 19.—^Leaven' worth coatlnued its_losing streak today lola taking th,e game by a score of 3 to 0. ; Four amateur players of this city, filled lip gaps in the local team. Captain Cppe will arrive from Ne- lomorrow with a shortetop and l)asemaii. Killilay, lola's pitcher, was pijt -out of service thid aft«rnoon,j ]}y being hit with a pitched ball. The scorie: » j Leavenworth .000000000—0 3 5 lola 1 0 000 1001—3 ^ 2 Jcplin 7, Sedalia 4. Joplin. June 19.—Joplin took the game from Sedalia tq4».jr»^yr»hC9^.% of 7;'to 4; The runs j were''made In the first three innings^ after which- both tcslms settled down to business. Shortstop. Fillman. of Joplin,,was disabled ^nd carried from the flfeld in the third inning. Upon refusing to abide by the umpire's decision Pitcher Caios was ordered to, the bench. Score: Joplin .. ....33 1 OOOOO*—7 G Sedalia .. ... 3 1 0 0 OOO 0 0--4 7 6 Batteries—Mwton . and Stoner; Cates, Lawtner and Schrant. Fort Scott 13, Pittsburg 6. Fort Scott. June 19.—Both pitchers worked well today in, the pitchers battle 'until the sixth inning, when each was batted ,^ee!y, a home run being made off ^ach in that inning. Bevis settled down aflervrards and allowed only two scattered hits, while Thurman continued wild. Score: Fort Scott ..0 0 1 0064 2 *—13 15 3 Pittsburg ...OOOOOGOOO— 6 S 3 Batteries—Kid Bevis_ and_^ Cheek: Thurman and McQtinald'- Rain Stops Game. Springfield, June 19—Umpire Shank called the game this afternoon at the end of the second inning on account of 'rain. Neither side had scored. Kane Was in the box for the locals and Tay lor for Nevada. ' Missouri Valley League Standing. |Joplifa ... Springfield 2S 2G Fort Scott 21 lola 20 Nevada ; IG Sedatia !•'> Pittsburg 11 Leavenworth 9 ilO 1G| 211 5GS 541 432 405 305 265 _ i Some Base Ball Gossip. ' An! Oklahoma paper has been: print ing i lot of great stuff about Mr. Aiken, the. thiird baseman signed by lola., In a game the other day lAiken and the short-stoprjp^ ^ thcof- went after a ball. Aiken got it but fell down, the othei- on top of him. He, White Goods Colored Goods Woolen QooSs" It makes little difference to us what kind of material. We have t special soaps ahd special methods for washing everything that will wash. We handle everything with great care and .precision. If we are^noit get^ ting your work send us a trial package this wee^ {Wajjons caH everyvirhere. , | . • . i ..Largest Line.. Ice Cf^ Freez^ at jumped up, and still had time to whip the ball' to first and catch the runner, lola needs a "phenom" or two to get hold of this said pennant. Killilay and Henley had a row on the trip that, brought them to blows. Manager Pinkerton gave them a talking to, refused to fine them and iu- 'stead made them bunk together on the trip. The two are now Inseparable chums. If Aiken.and the St. Louis man both prove fast infielders it is expected that Mn Riseley will begin going through this league as a pitiher, a feat which both Mr. Nichols, and Mr. Shiveley said they believed, he could accom- plkh. The ball team and manager insist that Umpire Shanks handed them two awful decisions at' Springfield, angering Killilay so he left the box and sending the whole team up. One of them was a thifd out which he called safe, and after it the hit thst put lola behind was made. Speaking of the second jail game at Fort Scott, which lola won, tl Republican says: In the fou-th inning of this- game Scroggins malle one of the most sensational catches that has been made here in the history ol base ball. Shipke hit the ball' to right center garden and would have been good for a home run. Scroggins surprised everybody by taking it in on a long run with the ball following him. Sustained Severe Injuries. Humboldt Herald: Mrs. E. J. Dunsan and daughter, who live about four south of town, started (o lola this morning in a buggy. When they were within aliout three miles of their destination they stopped to eat a little lunch. While thus ! engaged the hose began backing and Mrs. Duncan took hold of the lines and tried to urge it forward. Being unsuccessful she jumped from the buggy and fell. The horse backed upon her and stepped upon her breast and abdomen infiict- ing severe internal injuries. Her daughtor assisted her into the buggj' and'brought her to this city. She was taken to the ofiicd of Dr. John Wilson and afterwards to his home where sho riow is. His Lasf Hope Realixed. (From the Sentinel, Gebo, Montana.) In the first opening of Oklahoma to settlers in 18899, the editor of this paper was among the many seekers after fortune who made the big racs one fine day in April. During his traveling about, and afterwards his camping upon his claim, he encountered much bad water, which, together with^j the severe heat, gave him a veify se- ver4 diarrhoea, which it seeme'd almost impossible to check, and along is June th^ case became so bad be expected tio die. One dajr one of his neighbors brought hJm one small bottle, of * Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy as a last hope. A big dose was given him while he was rolling abont on the ground in great agony, and in a few minates the dose was repeated. The good effect of the medicine was soon noticed and within an hoar the patient was takins his first soond sleep for a fortnight. The one little bottle worked a complete cnre, and fie can- n»t help but feel grateful. The season for bowel disorders being at- hand suggests this ilem. For sale by 311 dmgs^sts. A Lovers' Quarrel. She (tumuig to the door)—I Chink you are Just hateful, and -I'm never going to speak to you again; so there's no use coming Into the music room after me—because ni be on the rustic bench, at the far end of the; conservatory. .! Cuts, Bruises and Bums Quickly Healed. Chamberlain's Fain Balm is an anti- Septic liniment, and when applied to cats, bruises and bums causes them to heal without maturation and, maich the osual' treat- more quickly than by n^ent For sale by ail drogiK&ts. each year. Vor sale 6y all 'druggists. . BETHEL. ^ June IG L —Mrs, G. V. Seymour is the'':owner'of a new binder. Mr. Lavers keeps Ice to sell, which is quite an accommodation to the people of this neighborhood. Mr. Fursman's attended church down in the Swede settlement Sunday. : Mrs. Ed. Long has treated herself to a new buggy. The Misses Haultz visited Miss Ethel Lindsey Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Se>'mour visited Mr. Ed. Boyer's near LaHarpe. There will be a pie social at Fair View on' Saturday evening, Juno 27thT Everybody is cordially invited to attend. Mrs. Mary Bolin of Ivansas City, is here visiting her Mrs. Maugan. Jim Holt and sister. Addle, returned last week from a visit in Emporia. Quite a number from hero attended the party at Mr. Weedin's near Fair View, Saturday night There was a party at Mr. Dugan's Friday night, also one at Mr. Haultz's. Miss Anna Long left last week for an' extended visit with relatives at Bdaulah, Kan. Mr. and Mrs. William Cunningham, of>. Humboldt, were in this vicinity Siipday. -•JThere will bo a Sunday school rally gijen at JMaple Grove on June 28th, be- gihning at 10 a. m. and lasting all day. .4.ri interesting program, has been prepared and everj-one is cordially in- vided to come, bring their lunch baskets and stay all da.v. There was a party at Mr. Long's Monday night.' Grandma Wood and daughter, Lida, of Golden Valley, Sirs. J. T. Wood of lola, Mrs. Bluhm aiid daughter, Lena, of Maple Grove, and Mesdames White and Rhodes, of Jeddo, visited Mrs. A. Cunningham Monday. GEI^TING mS SEA LEGS. Ufe on the Ocean 'WaiTe Haa Its Dniw- baelu for the Yoans TfnTT Reernlt. The phrase "acquiring' the sea habit," 'which is frequently used in cdn- nection with the training of rectuits in the navy, carried to the lay mind something of an impression of a rolling gait, a chr<^hic hitching at the waistband of the trousers, a saline vocabulary and a canny knowledge of the brands of eating tobacco.- The. navj' department knows the epoch as one in which the recruit is learnings to make hiinself comfortable aboard ship, and during Avhich he is liable to fits of depression, in which more things than sea -water look blue. It is the period in which the romance of a life un the rolling deep becomes parents, Mr. and [ lempomrily obscured and life seems bard. During such a period the recruit is likely to write to his/family or his congressman in s^uch terms as seem to warrant an abolition of the service, and a considerable part' of the 'work of tlie navy department lies in assuring inquiring friends that the recruit will feel better when he gets over it. If the investigation 'which is made in each case of complaint happens to cover some weeks, it is Jikely to get to the recruit about the time he is bcginnin.g' to take notice and enjoy, himself, and he is quite willing to admit that:**things look different." The present conditions of the sei^- ice which seem likely to be permanent, says the Washington Times, make it absolutely essential that tie enlistment contract shall be enforced as strictly as it has been enforced since the date of the executive Order ivhieh abolished the former jixivilege iof discharge by purchase. WAIL OF A DEPOSED KING. Faria Chef Who JIaa Cooked (or |<or- Alty Telia- of the Good Old Daj-a. We Can't Tell Your Fortune. But we have publications that will en^ lighten you aboiit Texas and its great possibilities, bther "Katy" publications, "The Golden Square." "The Coming Coiintry," "Old Mexico." etc., will be mailed on application. Address, "KATY" 510 Wainwrlght Bldg., SL Louis, Mo. For Salel , A fresh cow and calfa also a Deering grain binder. Address C. F. BARTH, lola, Kansas. HARD TO COMBAT. The Evidence of Our Sensos—What lola People Say is Pretty Good Proof For lola People. When we see it ourselves. When our own ears hear It, When our neighbors tell it. Our friends endorse it. No better evidence can be had. It's not what people say in Maine. Or distant] mutterlngs In California. No deceiving echos here, lola people talk about lola people. Public opinions' pnblished for the public good.. There is no proof like homo proof. Read this statement made by a citizen. ' Mr. Jos. Croker, lionlractor, livins at 209 South Chestnut street, says: "For five or six years symptoms of either weakened or I pver-eicited v kidneys existed despite the fact that I was continually i using medicine to dwell on the annoying ^kidney complaint causes, for I will be only too pleased to-give minute particulars to anyone in lola who; calls upon l^e personally, not out of idle curiosity bu if he really [suffers from kidney complaint! and Irishes! to know what coursei trj ,pursue to get relief. In the meantime my advice is, call at C. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store for Doan'a Kidnejr, Pills anjl the results they may obtain will positively snrpiise them. I have advised the use of ^^'s Kidney Pills to more than one "indent of lola.'!': 1 For sale by all dealersl '^lPhiro 50 cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., SiiflEalp. N. Y .^sole agenls fori the XTnttad States. Remembo- the'f Daine----I)pAN*S— and take no, other. ^ I Casimir, the chef of the Maison Doree, in Paris, which closed its doors some months ago, now describes himself as a king without a kingdom, says the Detroit-Free Press. He has been lamenting to a correspondent that the beau.x jJurs have gone forever. He says: "In the olden days—in the days of Bosini and the duke of Hamilton and others, or during the empire—the people knew how to dine. M. Lc Bardon would come and consult me five hours in advance and Mmc. La Marquise two, days ahead. The}' came down to the kitchens, and we consulted, anda'din- ner in those days was a poem, not a meal. The king^s, alas, have changed all this; ah, they have much responsibility, the kings. "Your King Edward was a customer of mine; but what do you think he preferred? The simplest dishes. And Leopold of Belgiumj"—Casimir's dark e3"es blazed with scorn—^"soup, and a elice of ^eef. Alas, is that a dinner for a king? The king of Portugal is the only ond who knows in these degenerate da.\}s how to eat. The last time he dined with me he sent for me and pressed both my hands. Tears were in his eyes. He kis.sed me on both cheeks and assured me that it was not • dinner,'but a creation." WHERE ASPHALT IS CHEAP. Indian Terrltorj- Coatalna an Exten- alTe Sllne That la Belnv CtWiaed. Ozfdfds foir Men Ojiotdslot Ladies Oxiotds lot m - Ozfotds f Of Bojys 1 ' i La lola rgest Stock [ S hoes in • J^LA Not far from the town of Ardmore, in Indian territory, and partly within the corporation limits is an asphalt mine which is thought to be extensive enough to pave all the streets in Indian and Oklahoma territories. Ardmore proposes to build her streets of native asphalt, says a report i from that place. She will be prodigal in tht use of ai^phaltuii), for the reason 'that it IS more econ6mical than crushed rock and cfment. The plan "is \o take the asphaltum Js it comes from the mine and makea foundation six inches thick. This will bie i>o^nd- ed and rolled until compact. Upon this will be spread a coating of the- same material crushed into coarse gravel size, mixed with the powdered'material that results from the crushlng.- 'This also is thoroughly tatnped and roUed. The'last coat Is made of the same material ground i to si powder and the^ heated. No wagon ways have | xbeen made, 'but many sidewalks have been bnilt in this manner and they are ' giving most satisfactory results. The cnide asphaltamcah be Ijsjl^iipoii the streets at about half the cost of crushed stpne. — : • . I Delight of SvLmmpr U Are the. beautiful Wagh Goods we ar0 selling. ^ 50|pieces just received, Btylea ^not equaUedr^an^- whjere and prices the lowest—Fans, TrimB |ing8. Laces, JEmbroideries and Ilibbons. ' ()ur Grocery Department 2nd to lione :iri th6 city, everything aj; lowest prices. When baying yohr goods come and see us.. ^] THE ;; HcCali's Patlenis,Dr7 Goods, Sboes, Groceries. Gross tEyler WM. LAN YON, sr.. Pres. J. B. CASE, VIce-Pres. A. B. ROB:eRTSj Cask. lolla State Wm. Lanyon, sr.. Capital Stock, $50,000. DIRECTORS: - C.Uood, Geo. E. NlcholsoB,! M. A. Low, J. A. Eoblnfl>n, H. L. Headerson, Frank niddle. A. B. Roberts. J. a Case STOCKHOLDERS: ! - • J. B. Case. Wm. Lanyon, sr., Geo. E.NiclioIson. J. A. Robinson, Frank KWdle, A. t. Tayloi! ; W.S.Hendricks. H. L. Henderson, L. IL. Ponsler. »n. Klanman, J. Coutant, • Dayld Ewart. E. P. ScheU, A. Bevlngton. J. S. Walker, CalvlnHood, M.A.Lo^ a. A.EwIng, A. W. Howland, J. W. Edward^ B. H. Bennett. . Eivans Bros.. A B, Roberta. IWiley Potter The [Has movecl! from the stone barn on Ea^ Madi4 J Ison avenne to Star Barn '* ion West street. Where he will continue to your horses and mules paying at all tiiKiies the '\ W,^, highest market price. ; / ! I —: . , — 'MM Mi Hi Bollerib EnglnM, BraM dastlngi. r > Drlllinfl| To«!% Gray Iran Caatinga^ Battlnoi Packing, .Idia, Kansas. BrickntBti. WeOil^.. ' aoa4 WorkoMoalip/ Proinpt Dclivariaa^ : toWPricaa. ftr Ciithigi a Spediity .i Ertimtel fimM Oil y lAuto'mati^ ind. jQaa Sepr^enb IShaat lnn¥f9ft Struetiir I Rotafy .^f^; Smoika Staei piHgC ««i

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