Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1912
Page 6
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i ^W^^J-^k^-r^' -V/^.., ; "-L ' ., * »TmB I0IiCTmY:ltE<aS1iER: -iratJ^ EYENIN6. OCTOBER 3,1912. -1 -*''*£fttateYKtoSMh.^^^^^^^^ °' Produced.Show Increase of Ten Dollars or More an. " — i Acre Annually When Tile (is Properly. Placed—Some - That awfttl sourness, belching cf acid and>3tt<ili£awa;t that pain ,iii> tlie pit)i>t the*.4t^i]>9(;ta. the hcar^urn. ntnvpusnewi i- QAHfiea. bloating" after eat^. fMlibgrbf-fullness, dtzzhiesB . Aii^sickfeliQJMiacbC) mcAns a dieor-, icnfa BUmasb* .which oaiinot be regvi' latw) uutii jronre ^LOTe the-cad^e. It lunt^/our fitoinacb'«:fau)l. Your stom ..achj^is as good an any. S F Cascai^ls: -li>ey immodlaloly Be mi ,v <l);^gviatc the Etomach. re- R; mem th9i ^arc: dndigeptpd and.fer- g:^ nteatlngiBdd'Uid fo «l gapes; take lUe excma biift.trom the liver and -carry off,'tiie w ^Bttpatei, waste maUer.and ^voifion frpDi ^fhe intestines and bow- els.^t Thtt.your .<^omach trouble is ended. Cascaret. tonight will ^tr|d|^teXyon out by niorning— a 10- cent. boX: 'from any drug store will kc &ix your .stomach swee);; lirer and han «l8 r*gnla[Tnt<^ months. Don't for get lithe'ohUdrfn--th«it. little insiiles need a goodrge&tle cleansing, too. HaiigiB^ OTW Ofls Towns to Pick Tp : s> ItfeiFactsrles. Pertinent Suggestions Regarding Drainage for Owners of Wet Land. HERE arc about four million acres oC 'and in'jrn Kan- n-JLB th.<tt should lie ' (In-vinitJ, Bays H. B..WaIl:er. Urain.-iso easiut-i.' nt the ICausas stale .\griiu! >'.l- lege. The value ol the pros-^nt cnj|i, from thiB land will .Tvorage about J', an acre. Land which has been ,dralu. : • shows iiuick i»fsi)onse aii>1 prodii'^ some of the best crops; aud la; - ; can be cM^a vheie the <lrain has p:<i'l for itpplf the fliBt year. A saio ecu , mate: of increased crop value is Jl't ana<;rp, or ."0 to 10 miilioii d '^llais tor the Stato vpariv. Wiit lan.^£ ..:.)..•: : • ; .-•I.- a liill, lisuuji:; < 'ii ;>> vh .i ,i;i-ii proflraljly at, mJiiimaui t\i,..-i.-o lilivt. :.;('. !ii;,ht to a in'asii'ini: ^i!;;iv orj I'^vi iiPK r><d a'. t .u!(''t. 'i'iiis uivi.-: ycu | iti.' iliMauio of :..).!!• aiiovt? th<.-j «.uil<'i. Hy as^igucd ' e!e- 1 •. atiim •):" t'.w ,,!i!<( 111 tliiH-rtadirs :<'ii .."1.1.1 ,11 i::" i. li'.iil HI .Miur iiistiu- lii-iit. .. .. a'-.iiiu .11 til!' 10(1 root 111.' I. ^iiiinu.'.iui^ froiu t!>«j ia-:;r !ii oi VOM'- I.'A.-I jTvfS the eleva-!. ii-ii or [I 'll loi 'i n .-iriv. H <iiMKiii:; (•iiloiilaiiijii.-; and] •J Tin-: K^;(;.-T?-;j:. tti thr- \i|»i.n- r t main\ Mi^e.of tile wiieu you can de- iii olevation be- j mine t!K> nillerou : •> .-v'li (PC o 'iiiot and t.'.i.' r '!"Co. The II ...i'i ! i.ll.l li;;.-' llUii'.T- v"- ,i;itu;, .<• ; il.f :. 'mai ihis ilifinionoi? s| ;ind liivido by t!i.> jniinbc -r of huudrod "If Pittsburg expects to get factories, right now is the time lor action."- This was said this afternoon by a J_ town booster who has returned from i'tJoffcyrllle, Independence and Altoo: ha. 'irhere he Investigated the gas: proposlUon AOd -learhed that the field Is- (KttlBg «o that industrief^are mov- - Ing Iritd OklahOnte where they can se-; cure gaB .x>r seeking a more stable fuel . .\Moona Ig soon -to be without gas and • many ot the greatest industries in the j.f ield are face to face with the fact tiiat 17 OkHthpUa gas c^not be brought into .•'iKansafi at a price low enough to com- uotcwlth coal for fuel. "Mttaburg can send a committee :i! gas field to make an Investi- :--BHtlon and then get busy and show •niie owners of the factories what we ;liare here, or,It can let the factories into i Oklahoma." the booster con- ;Unu9d.— -Pittsburg Headlight ECHOES FBOX lOLA. '.lota HappenlBSit Always Interest Onr, Beaden. .\fter readily of so many people In [ who. have been cured by, Jloitn's Kidney Pills, the question nat- I '. iirnilr arises: "Is this medicine equal ; iy .^ncceBsful in our neighboring • iwnsr* The generous statement of ;.|hla lola resident-leaves no° room for ;i)oiAt<oti this point Mrs. M. L. Harrell. 407 S. Washlne- (. ton! St, LaHarpe. Kans,. says: "T have found Dean's Kidney Pill? r> I Splendid kidney medicine. As the re- t;ul( of weak kidneys, my back ached cpmitantly and lifting or stooping .i^^dsed sharp palna through my loins [• Jn the moniing,-4wben I arose. 1 wa« :<«o ittffaad I%9ie.thal I could hardly , : ^alk;.'IJpaa'tlKIdney Pills, gave me; 'prompt reliief and itroved of benefit in l-^ipvety: Hiay.. Another member of my i family who was' annoyed by a kidney |i weakness, used Donn's Kidney Pill° i jtnd <was 'soon toured." • ^ Tot sale Jiy all-jdealers. Price .'f!c , ?F<V««t-MUbum C.n.: Buffalo. N. Y ] frote agents for the United States. Retaember the name^Doan's—an?^ I' ia&t no other. Oraiaing Low Land at State Agricultural College. V , gumbo are o.ssily drained and , itrs. Caroline Wieland. of ( ..i,.-> :wl(o.-i5 here viFiting her grand-dau;;i; lei, Mrs.- Chester. Skinner, has^-a fa> - s^unlle copy of the^Maryland Journal &~iBaltimore Advertiser of, August 20 ' ' iC four-page paper was the,;:'!"-''* 'at »<?r is -.iPeJ on priotioally l-y Belds whcri^ all parts are eniiuliy :: If a convenient outlet ran be oblainr 1 it Will alwavK ;iay to '.iU> drain, llarii pan is dillicnlt to drain and is iMid to be impractical unless there r.t least twelve inches of fertile soil on top of the hard pan layer. Occasionally it is possible to draiii a seepy hillside with one lino of til'»; undcr-drain. This drain sliould ' laid near tlic iinior odgo of tlic soci) outcrop and d.''op enoujrh to lio ofl tl:' ' Ini'iorviona nndor-strat .T. This i'. known as a cut-off sy.;toni. .\ dvaii^as'"' -.vsteni sV.or.Ul !;c rjlnnnf .t in such .1 r-ay r.? t.> ha\e .is ^ov, ji-no- tions as pos.«lble. VYhercrer there I is r .function there is a small aracni:: CI • ir'd douhl {>-cir3infd. !'•> '-ain an old cond the herrlr.j- .-"-'••n should he ,1 I 'cr I '•vi.ii a siopf^ oxtrTiiIins iii o:' ri.'ci.iin the "gridiron syrtfir. is hc'..: feet In the main, which gives you tno fail or grade I 'or each hundred teet. •'•^ginning at iho outlet wliere the cl.nation is 10 add this grade to each ' too feet ronsecutlvclr. This gives ' :-<',\i the elevation of the grade lone; or line of tile. If your grade Is 2 j ii'chcs. the elevation of the prade line .' ai tlio 1<:0 foot marli will be 10 feet j J inches, at the I'mi foot point lo j ^ feet I inches, .-md so on. To tind how ' " • leep lo cm the .lilcli at these points laibiract the elevation of t'r.o pra!.; !.;•<• from lije c vurf:!!-'--. r<e no til (i .'<i ;.:''-t. '.•'le ''.Tl r. k_v.nii-:ii ot the juciird ies.<- th.nn 4 inrheg in inar. iiicheg V '!C 0: -t I.Oi'i fee- ~ >i*U> 1718. th 'foferunner of the Baltimore American. <^l%a quaint, old-fashioned type Is ino sirang^r than the lahgufige. and - ttir «4 .Tectifiements are as stilletl as , the reading matter. Several of the fadvsttisments are ftor "runaway nig­ gers." far whose .return a reward is ffaffered-v IJ. K. fiass. son of Dr. and Mrs. Bass, rafter spending the summer here with Hhcm. left^yTuesday for JCashville. J ITetin., to coqiplete. his four-year j tile 1 .11:, need of draii'a.:>o. Never att.^nipt to drain hlU- Bid" by <>xteudin? aiioit "au'ial:; fiom a main up the liill. Tliia meilioj ir. expensive aii'd incffei live. It is sORiet nicj, to ,!r-:> ertrn-ive ?evel bottom lands and olu p-n 'f h' sii'-fa-jc .drains Tiief- d:-..'''- "i:- .vpvc". arc bo:ns repMred I 'iuU: lira::;.; c'" burned c '.ay or cc:;ieKr •c^itrse In a medical college. Enroutc fhvj -^m .visit his sister In Kansas City. iMlas,Fannio; Cordon, granddaughter iof 'l?ir! Bass, left Tuesday for her homo "Hn "Kansas City. ; WoiMr yrVit ^k(»r cMlitKi mad ro- L^m IMHAT W» tlibse .Wbo prepare r -:B]iktJtma in adTanca of bi^'s ai.yy -Jjiy .-i "Gnlsss tbe . Mother aids. .^intaraln lU.pre-natal work the crlila j o^er the main lino l.iO_feet from out pnii kwjwatem unequal to the de-' jWiimh^wartp upon it, and aha Is often In most cr .?es the fanner ';ro^. the charjioter of Jhv' soil, but the depth for the and Jisia ;:i. between them must bo determined I- experience. In heavy polls ih.\v ai. placed as close as fifty feet and thr feet deep while In a more porous sou wo or even 130 feet is close enong)! at that depth. It is best for the Ine.xperlenced no. to trust bis unaided eye in laying on: the lines for tiles. Farm levels cot taining full Instructions for operatii'iT may be obtained for fl.i. With the outlet located assign it an elevation of 10 feet Set level iilr .\ 1,0'.. i a.-; the a v.' nettntA -weakened iealth or chronic \.J [.Wim «tB. -.1^6 remedy Is so truly » hog st:'?'^" la=t' fa' lioiir MU\ help '-iii 17 tvnt.-.. ' d. ri'.tli, rU.v iriws 1:2 cent- i -.iiSe ivisl of Inyin;.; i. .'. and Sln>ii tile feet deep and coverluj: ti.em. The cost of layinir S- ii;en ti'.e is sivl-n as 10 to 12 cents hifiher. Estimates were figured upon tiie l.^st class of labor and at $2.i>0 a day. Tile I'er l.OOO'feef will r.i.<t alout is f.illo.vs; 4 inch. $20: .'> inch. $26: in. li. $;t2..".0: S Inch, $>;i"t. Heavy Loss by Hog Cholera. i nriefly. tlii.< is the story of a bndiled ' Tbo loss from choloi.i In all <hi'' peach fee; A peach pit i.-; planted; and winter wa.- and alKiue-l to grow one season. Near j the dose of the prowing season, URual- | ly the laner jiart-of Aupiist. a bu.l from the desired variety i.-s insertetl in the seedling, near the surface of t!ie groun.!. Diirihi; the. followini? ten days or t«o weeks the little bud ha.< : .lielp"to nature as Mother 's Friena.| "^'^^J^".'V'^"- , . iM:-«> wectant mother should fall ; ^V^*--^- I";"f;<lf-"i of the Kansas Apo- .toustlt .It rellevM the pain and ,f^oHese. recent^-. ••.\nd the 'tlMcnntOrt caused by the strain on spread .ns of t!ie disease caused thou- '«l^1|^«Btf,/nakes pliant and etea- iii;thiwe librw and muscles which ; n^"-*^" . w » , i«tBi»-to-expanding, preventa numb-" ^h*'-''"-^^^'"'^ """^ *'oss tha' JQmlM,< and .soothes the Inflam- *^ould not have been marketed until o^^bnast glands. The system •^•''S^'^'' pounds or more thus' pre'pared by Mother's i marl^eted when they weighed said M. o be fbrcod-ofi tin unfinished cowlition. . , dispels the fear that the crisis |itf9 >Hl »t^l >e palely met Mother'a ^Msorea m speedy and complete -fjbr^tbe'.'mother. and she Is iSe^tSjr wpmaa to enjoy the rfree 1.'.0 pounds or less." This country 1.-; experiencinp a shoriaRe of hogs such as it has no' had [for y.^ar.";. Tlie thortage wa.; caused.' in p.irt. by rhe bigh price of the result of the ^rown fast. The string should now j be removed. Nothing further is done i antil the following sprinp, when the top ot the seedling is removed and j (he inserted bud hepins to grow to ^ form a new top. This is grown one j -.ear longer where It stnn.Is and then i is transplanted to the orchard. w Iiifh ;i ii'-'ti'.isi- po's, ill (. s ;tlr :;{ Jh* OF JUIS $^HOO VOLUME -viiri ^n-^ li-'Mls l?r;v.- f.een phirrfi on the mjirkot, hut no-^ <s-;i(l ; i ..' iJ.blivl-iji- ho 'i ^:i-<>(" \i -\v Voilv City {iK'^u ^hi ••^'i'ler \' ith .. (ill :<»r . )>. !.;i ^ ;:?•;,!? A N- JO;' :t ?3< inmu '"i;:;i«'> -s-ti-t- i l(,y flic Jimpcs. r .A 'i?;ST })?; i K .s.VUi' <>i \'w it ;:.avk ..!Mf terms ouilinod hi rt /in, l .t ItMc it is {.laced on at ihv rv.iTul::r lohiil prices. I ntQW ihe Keg §sier Headers Caa Ob Fractica'lv FREE TMs Wonderful Book FFLL LIMP liEATIIKR IIOIXJJ You Need To Do Is To ^UT OUT THE SIX COUPON> And present with the bonu.s amount set opposite the .style of book selected. ftepUC^p U.LUStRATiON bp THJE $4 .00 VOLUME This Dictiooarr H jot rnblifiicd by Ihr orijinil pabl.iLtra cl Webster'^ Dictioairv of hj their mcccs «cr». • J • li h3i hren rfvi>:ril and broiinlil up I" thf PRrTNT riATI". i-i .--..-r -.f.inrc ih 'r liest aiiiJ.riiic* frmn ih' eiralca utiivci r>-•! in i.iil,li»linl \,r thr- y ^cll tiionti fiYNDlC .Vrii rUUMSlIING to. of N»:\V VUKK Lirv. Table of Contents. Tii.-i...ri.-iry iif fiii» rTriTJ. li i.-intTi;:."*' ;.vrr,int-.,m.'ni ..I" \\'..r.I -i in S.-rit.-n. .M-i ..f • •.>! r.. I tliT 's .\i.l rviiiiii .ii : iiii.l i"..iilriir|li.n«. .A KI i.-iiiiiinil t'l•i.lii.-is .tf Ui. T' \m!ir:..ili- Ir. i| i.-ii.iii. ..f th - U' .\.|I1V N 1-. ,. St :ili<ti. It'lit. l-.l' Hiriii SI-iii. s »'...,! 111. U .tTi ..r ill.- I*. S ••• .iI* IT. .ill- ,., III. Wf.rl 't i'..ti... I:M. .ri..i;..ji ft i !i-. \\..ii.t. i*..innt.»'> f!iii;Ii -:li I 'titi ti:in N .itr •'. i !i \V. >lth Hi" II;.. t . S ••..iii;...!;.llv W-alili .,f i|,. \\--U\. iV.»:i I*f.•..lii'-t ..i Ih., W '-.Tl.l. ***»n I*r »Ml \i.-i or i>i.. 1 . '•.•ti..!i i'i...rii.-i '.f iiu- I i-ri*. aieiii ; 1 1. v.-l.'iuii. i.i -.f tli'. Kii;rli.:fi -I..tiij:ij.iw.'. Ij.rr iiU..ri, SrynilliMi Nii-^.i:ji.'-i "f .M» n I i .'riv-ilio.j, ;,itirriill.'.iT..''- :in<t Ni' kitTt:!'..*'- i.f \Vi>in.-?i r ^irU*.irirv ..f «*omTii..-r''i,)( .ii,.I 'r .riii . ri.-.-t-.rnl \'nti> of n.fli h"-t.i'. Kiiil'n"r.TIi.'in V\nil.|i •;i.:.l Ri-uv.-.r. :,t rr.-.,i.-.'l!nTi M..p. i:NI«^>H ,i .-.f III.. V\'«.rl<t. K:im.>n-» • ;i!.ir;ir-t.^r>j-iii r '...-tr-.- arifJ f'ros*-. rei '-'pii U'or.Jo. Phra «03 an.)". 01.i~..i,Tr>- .^f .\iitomr-.bil(< I'Trr.-. ";|i'<!..-.Trv of .Xvintion Trrm:. i;oIil M..t!,-.. ".f tlio W.irM. CIr.Iil. irt ,if the World. ';;.-,.t H: 'II.-- ..f Ih" World. f-,.j.rv|-tv nf ;li.' Wolld. S-v if> i're-..uririi*liti!i. • .liu-ii.iK- r.f tbi- Flowrir- -..1 .1.. I . .UT.- . f ti,.- rr.iti-fi y\ .< .M.!,v '.f itK- U"..iM M'-.ini'i^ ..f liis. .\|.tri.' .-^v.-l.til ..1 \V. • .M-.i.-;i;ri- M, ' i.l 1 "j.-. ili;tli.>'l it. %\-'i..-^< ••••i. l.ilji.,ii. .N..M . ' • i^'iii .111 .1 .M-.i St . i. - 111'! T.-f III-.: i.,> \",. i . ••. i! I I. 1.1 ~ ..I' If.- V\ 1 •. 111., .-. 1. , ,, I. .if K..iii.:<; r • . • .\:. 1. •;.II1. "if - .I-,.I • •: j • 1 u- I ..1 ..( 11,. V. .. !•! < ' : •! Ili-I<t'. '.I' 1 •! Ii..l).il i-s. •Si-.-i-fh ':i.I 1 ;;;inini :t .li<-'il S. <f It ili ',;i f '^ • .11 I -...i.: • ( :.•I:. 11.. I . i'.l-, li|. ; ii •f 111.. T\-..:Id. •• : llul <"..l.,i;. \V..rId. I iti', .i u-,-!. • ( i;.., I- miL.r M , , I. il I ..r ih. ; ;-|t. .. 1-....I, . I ,.t 111. U ..1I .I •! llii.i; I'.iilv.. . .iii(-ii.-...l .".'.•w WiirUs ..idfipt.rd :",t-• 1 I'i,.iiiirt of the V\'firiil. :-i:>..\r F1 -.i.luf-t "f rhe tVorlil. svi...nviii: nn.t .\nionjins. T.,.. ll\|i..rtrition of the World. TiiiK' I lifffl. n'-e.':. T..t;.ir..f, TTtMluct Of the I'. S. T .iK.ii ~:> Product nf the World. , t'nir-'J S:.ii..=! .-Vrm.r .Stati3tir.s. V.tli.^ nf Foroi^n Coin?. -' V<r iifir: ti.i::. KoTm-? ar.d Tlwlc?.' V.-nlth f.f the World. t \x'',:.|li.;.r l-'.irer.iqrnp. Wheat f'riHhi.-t of the V. S. \'!i.-..| Pr..-hi. t of th- World. V..1..! I'l >.ii;'.t if Ih.- r. S. V....! J',.,.liir-t of til- W.-.rld. IHh !jiK COUPONS TMi ;Sh TtiK5± i>'>;.K Xbl2 W^tuQuary^ Silisstrated r..\|ii n-i Ituuiis (if :38c •1. xirii. i >i Use Th< For Bmy Ft^^pie, Sclrod leacMrs, it . Ml Be o- nd Indfsriensabie io'im 'eye Any Ovb- • Students, Hoine and Offiee uawyer. Stenographer or Clerk Lists of Words compiled thirty or more years ago and "revised" now and then DO NOT make a Dictionary. The la'.^'uago ciian.^es — pronunciations cbauge—cv n ihc dcrinitions chanpe. for words fake on N1:;\V meaning.-—.\LL of which is IMlOViiW by ilii-: Ni:\V WKUSTiCUi.XN. which is revised only by (J().MI >1L1 .\G ASIZW tiinmph- out its entirity. li 1.-: just off the press—the dictionary of TOUAY—the ONLY comiiiiation of the kind tlia: can truthfully te called SEW. Beautifu. iHustrations in Colors, Charts and Monotones .M:it;niliron( full pa::o colored plates reprc' ^i-ntin:.'. iiniouic many other tuluuble and In- >(rutll»e >uhject>: .\. rop.-uili..- Vi--."s ( Vrr.-.j.!;inrs r >iri::iMo.», .I.-.I .\mrli,:)n rur.^-P.rf.I F.iul--. IVinc."^ .111.1 lVv..i:iii.-..-iN- .if Il-inor. Itii.i-i ef Ito.Tutiful Plunin::.^. l-"iii ii.i •. • f.f Sni-iliiit: .ir'-i. (•••r.iini.- .\rt ..f .^'i,,' fViunn.--. li'-r.-S. n .-Jr-''!iu-;;,» of .\I..rii.<- Lif.-. I'iff.r.iu ..f it;uiklml in Naliv^ l.r. P.irii'iu-^ f;-in.J < .'-T.-'i-i-noor. Gr.-at Mopid; Kl i;i- of 111.- N .ti Frmts .-md '" 1 ;li ..-.«eriiM. \.'i'k ari.l O-.iial i.^ault St.\ Mark-). l.uinUruiir lr..l'i..^tr.' Scr.ii.-.«. .Mi!itar>'.\.-.iiJ^m.v ut West Point. M 'Hlvrti Liaiiy S.-.-i,...s. N'.^w.vy.i|..-r iT.-ss i!atei=t model). X.illtinal »;eHt« of .vrma. Of'i^vra' Ji .iv.-H. Black-and-lVhlle Text lllnstrations .Suitable to 1 Pari.s, f :<m the Y-ar laOO. IV;i'-.' Tr- ..• rf. .-i,. s. IT>-.-ioi:t^ i.tonf-3 »I>i.-(:r.<--n<ls. Emeralds). Pri:i,itv.l Hr-..ts of l/ors.-.--. Rare Sp <-.-inKa .s of Poitiig.; Stamps. S.-al> of.ih.- Sl.-l.,?. Sinsln;,- nnd Work in Kindergarten. S.K-i. I.l- j:mM.-:.^-. Siwline.n.-- of Ki-h. St.inii.-»r.t rirer,<l= .>f Cittle. Siil.marines ami Torpi' p.oat .9. Tn.' Ur-'ntn.-n n.-iy.s. X-Raya. etc. Tli.-vrouchbi.-il D".?.^. • Tvp.~.-: of KIrrtrii- I,ocomotrve!t. V.nri.>iis Kinds of Kittens. Vi.-ws ot Irrication. Vi.'ws <.f M.irine Enpine*. Vnd and Pumestic Food .\nimal.«. Commercial Charts representing products of the United States and the World—.ItniruItuRil, Coal, fettos^ 'Gold, Silver, Iron, Steel, :^oney, Oats, t'eff«er Sugar, Xeti, >Yheat, Wool and many others.. a Work of Its Characten Ever) Man, Woman and Child Should Have This Book. IPs the Latest nnd Best JHctfoBaty. WHV IS WILLI\.II W.UTINfJ.' 'veil electors, whose name.^ are to ap -'cAnsider keepinp the Roo-^evelt dec- com. which was aroulh lapt year, aii*! 'by the grea scourge of hop cholera. The relativ.- price of corn and hogs has been suci; -.irhlch oont^ much jreqSenUy the farmer was tempted aaajuanj mfi^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^-M"""-- ,Tw» Si-ls oi r. K. Klector> I . Held l>y White. j Topeka. 0 .-I. 1—Thc-r. .=pecuia!inn iii p..)!;: .•'.I ,:rr:. pek .T e? to f'f vi-a-,,a^ i-.r • on il:e part of Wiiliam .\U.-n filinp (!:e foriiiHi witlidraui' Ronif -velt e^••c :ors from tre • .Vlthough meals may be wisely an<i a.'efully planneil." sa.vs Mr.>. Mary VanZile. dean of wonu-n at the K. S. .\. C. •'and the fiHid the best the market affords, the dietary is neither a goo.I nor a wholesome on. iuless the food IS also well" prepared 1 can ticket. .\i .-o:r!!n« 10 'li- nl\us-":i\(> jpoar in tiic Are .Slill ,1... fleifinn niti.-!i •;. :i! To•i.- d-^ih .v \Vi;ite iu •! <i.^ the Republi- ihe actual cooking of food may make .tr mar its usefulness lo the hody." meat. Mr. Wliite iias had liiese with- drawaLs for at least a weel.. The nominating pcutiocs of thi new Rooie independent column on liallf't. were fik.I las? V\'vdn..>0.ay. No object in n.^ in these iierliionj vv.;-re filn) before Saturday, a!:.' iir.i:*-.- :;:e ' tht-y can not now .••nit • re.l ?-•> as t ;:e iii.ure;- no v i-tar.('> ;!:«re are Tuo .= e;s o Iton-.-ve;! electors iil- d. i'liih of rtf.ji-': will 50 on tlie bal!•'•'. UTil -s.- <ine or the other set witii- draw-!. .-V. story is here, uncon- finncd that the Prosressive leaders tors on in the Kepnblican column until it '-U finii! not they xvil ".ell's name column —Mrs. Paul Wehling. S16 Smith St. y determined whether or! - ''^"^ and bladder iie able to have Roose- j trouble, with terrible hackach" and h-.-d the independent pain acro.^.s the hips. .Fust imagine i her condition. She further says: "I " was also very nervous, had headaches W. A. Loni.-. Frank Forrest. John Tyler and .lotm Foster drove to the sale north of City this tifternooii in the Auto. n. 1'. Ruckle, of Kansas City was ^a business visitor here today. and dizzy spelbi. and was fast getting worse when 1 took Foley Kidney Pill-s and aow all my troubles are curec. Foley Kidney Pills have done so'much for me I shall alwaysi recomniend them." For sale at Burrell'a Drug Store. y.

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