Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1938
Page 4
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<;• ^ t <AGE f tffo - ' HOPE STAR, flOPfi. ARKANSAS v Star of Hope. 1899; Press. 1927. Consolidnted January 18, 1929 If <l 0 Jmtice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! T I L* t *£ d(l 3r afternoon by Star Publishing Co., inc. ' WaShbUrn ' Rt Th ° Staf buildine ' »*•«" South Political Announcements .. «~ C< R *ALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass'n. .. Tt l c ,, sta f Is authorized to make the following candidate announcements subject to the action of the ttr y j Demo «*«c primary election Wednesday, November 30: For Mayor J. A. EMBREE For Aldermnn, Ward One A. G. ERW1N J. R, WILLIAMS CARTER JOHNSON For Alderman, Ward Font SVD MCMATH T. M. Res. U. S. Pat Off, measure.. Tuberculosis Continues a Scrios Problem Among Young Women. tainly the clothing worn by women in 1820 would not be considered scanty in these modern times. i^ l -' s * hc Bearding of "adequate 1 clothing for flimsy underwear nnd silk stockings has really not been proved to be responsible in any way for thc mortality from tuberculosis a young women. finally, one authority has Msisted that women during the period from 15 to 25 undergo physiologic changes as^ sedated with sexual development. This is the one uniform factor that ig present and many authorities are inclined to accept this as the real explanation as to why tuberculosis has not decreased among young girls i n this period of life although it has decreased in every other age group. In order to learn more about this subject the investigators studied the mortality from tuberculosis among girls and young women between the ages of 15 to 25 in Detroit and in New York City over a one-year period. They found that there was no evidence of greater mortality ttotpng uneducated than among educated girls nnd that education and school life did not have n direct bearing on thts problem. These studies also proved the failure of the factors that have already been mentioned (o influence the death? from tuberculosis except the one factor of the psychic and physical changes of youth and early adult life. In order to control this problem it is necessary to make greater efforts to discover the existence of tuberculosis at the earliest possible moment and to place it under competent treatment at once The discovery of tuberculosis in school children at regular examina- lons would probably be of the greatest help in this connection Prflfn, T , By P B - MORRIS FISHBEIN" Editor. Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygeia, the Health Magazine Government Inspection Prevents Infestation From Unfit Beef Ihe life of the beef parasite resembles that of a fish parasite execept that in- this case the intermediary animal Js-tof the bovine species. In a recent review of this subject the chief of the Zoological Divisions of the United States Bureau of Animal Industry pomts out that two recent outberaks of this condition have occured in cattle. In each instance the animals developed the infection form contact with a single human being who was a carrier of this disease. These tapeworms will grow quite long inside the human being Every segment of this thousand, eggs and over a period of several Mars a human being may expel a few of these segments every day. Hundreds of cattle can become: infested from a single human carrier if he happens to live m an area where cattle are plentiful. In one outbreak it was discovered - taht the water suply for cattle was taken from a river 75 yards below a sewer outlet. The- banks of the river were, used as a public park. Tramps commonly slept in a stable in which cotton seed hulls used for feeding [the cattle were stored. Tims the cattle were exposed to infestation form many different places, and 20 per cent of all the cattle in that nrea were found to be infested with the beef tapeworm. Human beings can become infested from eating raw beef or beef that is rare. Rare roast beef is a common American dish. The fact that more people do not become nifested form tapeworms from this source is due entirely to the protection that meat inspection gives to the public. Cook- mg at a high tempature" wil also destroy the parasites. It should be remembered, however that only about two-thirds of the beef slatured in the United States is subjected to federal insepction and that slaughtering of beef away form federal inspection does hot do away with the possibility of eating beef infestec with tapeworms. The symptoms of beef tapeworm' infestation are just about the same as those of infestation with the fish tapeworm. It is quite possible to he freed of such tapeworms by suitable treatment. Cooking the beef until it is weU done is a safe preventative For Sale You Tell the Quicker You Sett" FOR SALE—Home in Hope. Rea bargain. Liberal terms. Write Owner 510 Exchange Suilding, Little Rock, Arkansas. 15-12tp . FOR SALE—Beauty work, the best ill permanent*, Herloise, Kathleen Carmen, Vonceii. Kate's Beauty and Gift Shop. "For Something New Call 252 " IM-Nov 31c FOR SALE—White Cotton Mattresses Investigate our work and materia first. Hempstead Mattress Shop Cal Paul Cobb 658J. l. 2 6t c FOP. SALE—Minnows and fish bar Phone 658-J. 25-2tc FOR SALE—Grocery and Servic Station near High School. Equippe for serving lunches. Doing good bu«' ness. J. A. Davis. Phone 523. 25-3 Notice NOTICE—Local money to loan t improved farm lands and city proper*low interest rates; quick action. Harr J. Lemley, Hope, Arkansas. IM-Nov 24-c Wanted WANTED TO BUY-Several ^or loads of green oak poles. Jas H Bennett. 110 N. Washington St. 25-3tt • WANTED—Native and paper she) pecans. Highest prices paid. P A Lewis Motor Co. 304 East 2nd St Ph""-* 40. _^^ 3-26tc ' FOR SALE—If interested in buy in e a nice brick home worth the money I have several for sale. Also severs 1 nice farms that can be handled with small cash payment. Floyd Porterfield 19-6tc LOST—One liver and wnite spotted female bird dog, about 2 years old Reward. Call Phil Dulta, Phone 651. 18-6tp LOST—Big Blcck Mare Mule, wt 1100 Ibs. Brown nose, crippled in right hind foot. Reward. Notify White & Co., at Hope or Fulton. 22-3tp. LOST Female Pointer Bird Dog, 9 mo. old—white ana v.ver tick spots (Call 840). 22-3tp FOR RENT •FOR RENT—Close in, modern 2 •oom furnished apartment, continuous lot water, utilites paid. Tourist Rooms Vlrs. Tom Carrel. 22-3tp For some years it has been apparent that tubrculosis still continues to be a serious problem among young women; their death rates frdrty this disease are considerably higher tha nthose for young men of the same ages. Many views have been expressed as to the causes of this apparent increase in tuberculois among young women. It has been presumed, for .example that it was associated with the strin- •dulged in recent years. It has been dulged in rcent years. It has been credited to the changes in habits of young women, such as new interests in physical exercise, and taking up of industrial occupations, and similar changes. However, the latest figures assembled by the National Tuberculosis Association mdicate that tuberculosis among young women did not increase at the same time as the coming of the so-called "flapper era" but that what has actually happened is that tuberculosis has been stearily decreasing in all other age groups but not decreasing alrtong young women. The authorities of the National Tuberculosis Association are inclined to credit some of the difficulty to the entrance of women into industry. They ire not inclined to believe that the diet- ng fad has much to do with the development of tuberculosis in this group because they feel that the number of girls who have cut down their food intake seriously is negligible The wearing of low shoes, silk stockings, light weight underclothing and short skirts is believed by many to be responsible, yet the figures show that in 1820 a prominent physician blamed tuberculosis on these causes and cer- Giant clams close their shells on the eet of divers, and nothing less than a crowbar can release the victim Ouachita Extended to DefeatHendrix Tigers Come From Behind to Annex 20 to 12 Victory ARKADELPHIA, Ark.- (fi>) _ Thc , 0l J B . ch1it " Colle * p Tigers ca'me from •j! ""r ,? Ur l ny t0 tlercnt thc H «" clrix College Wnrrloi-s 20-12 in n hartl fought Turkey Day battle featured bv many passes nnd marred by numerous tumbles. The Wan-iora claimed first blood In the warning moments of the first period when Scott, Hendrix right half, intercepted a Tiger pass in midfield and galloped <to ynrds down the sidelines to a touchdown. The Tigers returned the compliment Friday, November 25,1938 in thc second period when Nelson, left half, intercepted a Warrior pass, Int- eraled to Westbrook who romped 35 yards to score. Mann, right end, converted from placement, In the third, the Tigers put on n sustained drive that carried to thc Warrior five yard line from where Til- Icy pushed through fo score. Mnnn booted the extra point. Again the Tigers drove deep into warrior territory on a mixed attack. A long pnss from Smith to Mann, good for 28 yards, put the ball on the four yard stripe from whore Westbrook dived over for the final marker. Hendrix rallied in the closing minutes of the game, using the Gregson to Kennedy passing combination to curry Ihem to the 36. At that point Ort-gson let fly n long pass to Norman for Ilio second Warrior tally. The gome was the feature of the Duachita homecoming and concluded the Tiger and Hendrix season. YAS, HINKY, AAV LfeAp OP IMS' METERS AT SAN MORIT2. IM IS^fi MAS KJEVER BEEM THOSE DAYS WHEW'THE MEWS WEMT ABROAD THAT i WAS OM THE SKI RUM, IT WOULD BS LIMED W,TH PEOPLE WHOSE MAMES MADE i WEVER: BEFORE THATYtnJ WEMT IU FOR THEM ^ SNOW-SCOOTERS-". THAT ACCOUMTS • "FOR THOSE'' RECORD-BREAKIM6 SUPES YOU USED TO /MAKE DOWW 1 RAIMSPOUT UP THE; SOOAT £££*. ( V^BM TH/Y RA/D^s; ?RO ySTV t^Cl'sp^T^ PIDME -~ ' ™- ^ ' s t=AK - ife ¥^;1 THAT'S OUST A. \<& Bl<3 POSE/ HE'S SO BRITTLE, IP HE EVER STRAPPED THOSE RUMMERS OM HIS D06S HED %?f FALL. SO HARD HE'D ]%( CRACK UP LIKS l^^~ • AM ICICLE A _ MATTER _ WHERE HE STARTS r T=ROM / OM SKIS OR r A BAR RAIL, HE ' AJ-WAYs EM PS UP •OM HIS BACK' OUT OUR WAY ir I JT^ . iguj Today's Answers to CRACKERS Questions on Page One True. English sparrows \yere imported to the U. S. to destroy a plague of tree worms in 1852. 2. True. Gob is a Chinese word meaning sailor. 3. False. Canada is larger in area than the U. S. * F??£e. Khaki is a Hindu word meaning dusty. 5. False. Potter's Field is a burial ground for poor and strangers.- -. . . I BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES o -btt TODAY -V HE'S AW EXPERT SKIER' Thc McNnb Home Demonstration club met Monday, November 21. 19.18 B( the home of Mrs. T. C. Lee. With Miss McCalvie home demonstration agent. The President Mrs. T. C. Lee was in charge. Roll cul, Mrs. Velma Jones. Song "Onwnrd Christian Soldiers." Minutes wore rend by Mrs. T. C. Lee. Officers for 19:i!) were elected as follows: President, Mrs. Vclma Jones; vice president, Mrs. Huby Spates; secretary treasure!-, Mrs. T. C. Lee; re- porit-r Mrs. Ilellcn Knighlon; recreation lender. Mrs. Ilcllen Jones, garden lender. Mrs. G. Revels, food preparation. Mrs. L. Jones; clothing and household, Mrs. W. .Spates; poultry leader, Mrs. Ed Stone; taxation louder, Velma Jones; InndwiipJMg agcnl. Mrs. G. Revels; handcrnfl, Glottii Stone: home manngcment, Gletta Stone. Tin- next meeting will be held at the homo of Mrs-. Ruby Spntcs. •- ' . . By j. R. WILLIAMS" NOW, LiSTBKJ -- I DOM'T HUMTj SO I DON'T WEED A 5HOT- <JUW.' IF i DID HUMT I WOULDN'T TAKE A CHANCE OM OME, BECAU3& YOU GUYS MEVER. RAFFLE 'EM OFF TILL TH' HUMTlW 1 SEASON IS OVEC-- SO BEXT IT.' ( SHOTOUN? OH, 1 SEE.... WELL,FLAMMEL MOUTH.-THIS HAPPEN STBE RHEUMATISM I'VE GOT IN LEO.' I THIS ISA BAD TIME V OF VEAR.7O HAVE A CAMELEO-- THEY ALL THINK VOLI'RE HiPiM A SHOTC'UN, VCLI 70 7AW; \ LOT OP INSULT; OFF TH'GOLF t>\e>s IM TH' FALL IS TH' OWES VOL) C-\M'T MIS- TO COMCEA.L owe OF THOS «. \AKES VOLI LOOK LIKE A 15 Ffi'EAk. -^ • ALLEY OOP Or Something FOR RENT-Bedroom, 'hone 937. Ivis Brum'm'et. close in. 25-3tc Services Offered SPECIALS-Permanents 51.50 up Shampqp set, Manicure 85c; Shampoo et, Eyebrow-lash dye 51.00. Vanity Beauty Shop. Phone 39, 117 Front Street - 21-26-c «k i CANAL BUILDER Answer to Previous Puzzle I. STRAYED OR STOLEN - Dart- brown horse mule, weight about 1 000 pounds. Sore on left front foot anc white nose. Notify Hope Star 25-3t r CLASSIFIED RATES One time—2c word, minimum 30c Three times—3%c word, min. 50c Six times—6c word, minimum 90c One month (26 times)—18c word, minimum |2.7fl Rates are for continuous insertions only. In making word count, disregard classification name sucn as "For Rent," "For Sale," etc.—this is free But each initial or nama, or complete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example- FOB RENT-Three-rooro modern furnished apartment, with garage close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank phone 9999. Total. 15 words, at 2c word, 30c tor one time; at 3Vic word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: AJJ or ders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill, PHONE 768 HORIZONTAL I Builder of the Suez Canal. 9 His >vas Viscount. 14 Teeth. 15 Dropping of a vowel. 17 Common laborer. 18 Imbecile. 20 Nothing more than, 21 Race track circuit. 22 Sniffed. 24 Battering machine. 25 It is. 26 To shine. 27 To imitate, 30 Unopened flower. 32 Tiny particle. 33 Sorceress. 34 To marry. 36 Metal. 38 Subsists. 40 Drunkard. 42 Therefore. 43 Courtesy title. 45 Ebbed. 48 Genuine. 50 Head wind. 51 Essential being. 55 To enroll. 57 Cleverer. 59 He won world lame as an 60 His native land. VERTICAL 1 He was-also a 2 Source of ipecac. 3 Metal staple. 4 Eagle. 5 Tone B. 6 Sutures. 7 Domestic slave. 8 To barter. 9 Musical note. 10 Distinctive theory. 11 Row of a series. 12 Part of a bird's bill. 13 Adversary. 16 To ogle. 19 Lights up. 22 Thus, 23 To call. 25 Durations. 28 Pronoun. 29 To cut hay. 30 Baseball stick. 31 Clamor. 35 Drone bee, 37 Mortar tray, 39 Vampire. 41 Rigid. 42 Type term. 44 Part of a ladder. 46 Doves' home. 47 Form of moisture. 49 Biblical ' prophet. 51 Greek letter. 52 Iniquity. 53 Dry. 54 Before. 56 Into, 58 Transposed. iV, MV, FOOZ / WHAT CUTE PLACE SOU HAVE HERE---50 WICE'M CO UP WITH ALLF.V OOP "OUT OP TOWM; COUSIW ZEL. DROPS 1)0 0)0 BOY FRlEMD roozy, VISIT AT HIS NEW HOME A3 LOM& AS I DID ' " • inmi««-i",uKk<V^m^ X^ That's Telling Her, Foozy By EDGAR MARTIN WASH TUBBS too, wo! \ A THOUSAND ) x • • ,, ftr . TIVAES. HO! )/^\ ® 3fe WI3L.L., IA\ C.L^D -;CU LEFT HIV,' i OVJ'T I>JDE:?.- STAW^ 1 WiiAT,^ V-VVI I.IKS. VC>U CCL'.iJ- M/.VF. 'M CCMV-'.Aj \v;T"IA\i !JI '•-'.= HIM. 1 AU IJNCO'.TM BttLjililit.'-': A'-KECn f-'.E'M |-,IM HAIV /,' LI: n.E T!'-H, IH.IT :".L I-AV ••••jij ','-'~'?\*j TVAr A: .t;y OOP .3 A MiOHT 7 :-INE ..S* ^OH,I)AI>DV, BUT VOU DOM'T UWDER- 1 STAMP. WASH HAS EXPLAINED EVEKVTHIN6, rf WASW'T HVa FAULT THAT HE WAS LATE TO THE WrPCING. *^ -^^^^M^^^KL^J^^^^^S^^^^g^^^^^^^_''_^»i | ^•^^^»-V?jgEV- > FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS JUST ONE MORE CHANCE, <,>.^f?« 8 «, r :-,/':,/.,7^r / _- ..jWg. ..1j» DY ••C^SrE^ir/liflg- /^ \ J Just One More Chance f'r'ER:r- AIM"! MOftODV "'HAT CAW TALK A M. :.|UE THAT.' By V. T. HAMLIN By ROY CRANE DUD WAN6L0 THREW IT/ UOOKIT HIM RUN / HE NEVER. WENT THAT FAST CARRYING A FOOTBALL' The Hero Gets His Reward "" ii™iw"r ^*&-& , ^ss»- // . Ir wmfflf////// MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE SI^APLY FOOTE HARD I CAN HARDLY SPEAK ABC WHISPER. HOW CAM YOU BE SO CRUEL? HE WILL.' A VICTIAA OF CLAUSTEOPHOBIA; THIS SHOCK MIGHT WE JUST PULLED THE CHIEF FROM UMDER. THAT SCEWECV . BUT HE'S OUT ' T . •,-"* ^. First Aid — . . . - . . By MERRILL BLOSSER 91' G GREAT QOODWESS. 1 -. WHAT'S I THIS ? HIS OFFICE, MVI2A.. HE AW'T STAWD SMALL 1 EOOMS Ji

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