The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 13, 1998 · Page 30
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 30

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1998
Page 30
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1998 \ THE SALINA JOURNAL Women Seeking Men UNSELFISH SW mom, 28,5'6", 120lbs., brown eyes, likes camping, rollerskating and spending time with kids, seeks a SWM, 35-60. Ad#.7500 GOOD VALUES Patient and humorous SWF, 31, 5'2", 11 Bibs., brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys animals, movies, the outdoors and more, seeks SWM, 29-42, N/S, who is honest, respectful and sincere. Ad#.8793 COUNTRY GIRL SW mom of one, 34, 57", 125lbs., blonde hair, enjoys spending time with her son, computers, sports, traveling, motorcycling, camping, fishing, taking drives and more, seeks a SWM, 30-45. Ad#.7784 GREAT QUALITIES Dependable SWF, 35, 57", full-figured, auburn hair, blue eyes, likes cooking, hunting, fishing, camping, traveling, country music, sewing ana more, looking for a SWM, 38-48. Ad#.9876 RELATIONSHIP? SWF, 18, 57", red hair, brown eyes, smoker, likes sunbathing, driving, traveling, seeks SWM, 18-28, who shares similar interests. Ad#.8133 JUST DANDY SW mom of three, 37, 57", medium build, red hair, blue eyes, looking to spend time and share interests with a sincere, friendly SWM, 35-43, who enjoys country music, sledding, all types of movies, fishing, camping and outdoor activities, Ad#.7116 NO HEAD GAMES Open-minded SWF, 40, 5'5", 130lbs., long dark hair, hazel eyes, a mother of three, enjoys animals, motorcycling, water skiing, dining out and movies, seeks nice SWM, 35-45. Ad#.9988 FORWARD Intelligent SWF, 42, medium build, blondish-brown hair, hazel eyes, professional, enjoys bowling, playing pool, spring time, rodeos, old rock music and candlelit dinners, in search of compatible SWM, 32-50, who likes children. Ad#.7778 KEEP IT REAL Personable WWW mom, 44, 5'8", auburn hair, enjoys spectator sports, cozy winters, snow skiing and meeting new people, in search of a SWM, 35-54. Ad#.9933 FRIENDSHIP Energetic SWCF, 47, 5'5", slender, blue-eyed blonde, enjoys the lake, walking, quiet times and the outdoors, looking to meet a charismatic, fun-loving, sincere SWM, 45-55, with a passion for life. Ad#.7971 PRETTY WOMAN Lovely, spiritual SWF, 50, blonde hair, blue eyes, into dancing, camping, fishing, water skiing and going to the lake, seeking an honest, sincere SWM, 4557. Ad#.8243 KEEP IT REAL SWF, 18,5'9", brown hair, likes mystery and romance movies, most sports, playing pool, clubs, NASCAR, rodeos and more, interested in meeting an outgoing, honest SWM, 18-35. Ad#.8155 HAPPINESS SW mom of two, 36, 5'9", 175lbs., brown hair, hazel-green eyes, enjoys activities with her sons, traveling, socializing with family and friends and more, seeks SWM, 36-41. Ad#.8754 READ THIS Energetic, attractive SWF, 51, 5'4", dark brown hair, brown eyes, self-employed, enjoys reading, the outdoors, family, friends, picnics and more, seeking an adorable SWM, 45-59. Ad#.9782 COUNTRY LIFE SWF, 56, 5'5", 160lbs., blonde hair, green eyes, enjoys traveling, dancing, horseback riding, camping, dining out, movies and country music, seeks a I SWM, 55-65. Ad#.9845 EQUAL TIME Independent SWF, 41, long brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys listening to oldies rock music, action movies, football and computers, seeking a SWM, 39-45. Ad#.9126 ENDEARING SWF, 60, 106lbs., brown hair, bluish- green eyes, a smoker, enjoys movies and music, trivia, fishing, taking walks and more, seeks a SWM, 58-68, for friendship and companionship. Ad#.7890 ADVENTUROUS Family-oriented SW mom, 38, 57", medium build, blonde hair, hazel eyes, a smoker, likes a variety of movies, bowling, camping and gardening, is looking for a hardworking SWM, 30-50, for fun. Ad#.7282 STOP HERE! Attractive SW mom, 44, 5'5", 140lbs., blonde hair, hazel eyes, N/S, employed, enjoys gardening, fishing, moonlit walks, seeks humorous, kind, honest SWM, 39-45, who is into farming pr ranching. Ad#.2536 DISCOVER ME Professional SW mother of three, 36, 5'5", average build, graying hair, dark brown eyes, animal lover, sports fan, seeks SWM, 30-45, to share quiet evenings with. Ad#.8425 COMPATIBLE? Professional SNAP, 50, 5'4", 130lbs., blonde hair, green eyes, enjoys country music, dining out, dancing and a variety of outdoor activities, seeks a SM, 4570, race unimportant. Ad#.7385 NOT TOO LATE SW mom of one, 52,5'9", slender build, brown hair/eyes, a sports fan, enjoys dining out, movies, a wide variety of outdoor activities and more, seeks a SWM, 45-64, to develop a lasting relationship. Ad#.8336 IS IT FATE? SWF, 42, brown hair, green eyes, likes the summertime, enjoys dancing, barbecues, sports, seeks SBM, 42-50, to spend time with. Ad#.7924 LOVES TO LAUGH Loyal, honest, passionate SW mom, 44, 5'10" dark hair, bluish-green eyes, likes romantic movies, interested in meeting a SM, 35-54. Ad#.9259 TELL NO TALE DW mom, 22, blonde hair, blue eyes, likes spending time with kids, crafts and swimming, would like to meet an open- minded, responsible SWM, 25-35. Ad#.7656 STOP HERE! Independent DWF, 50,5'2", short brown hair, hazel eyes, honest, enjoys dancing, movies, country-western music, seeks honest, caring, thoughtful SWM, 45-52, with a good sense of humor. Ad#.5117 JOYS OF LIFE Honest, humorous WWF, 54, 5'2", a sports fan, enjoys movies, country music, walking, traveling, camping and fishing, seeks a handsome SWM, 5863, for companionship. Ad#.7532 A LOT OF FUN Flexible SWF, 25, 5'6", 125lbs., blonde hair, green eyes, sports fan, likes a wide variety of interests, looking forward to hearing from a physically fit SWM, 2030, with great personality. Ad#.9228 AVID READER Family-oriented SWF, 29, 5'8", 160lbs., bluish-gray eyes, loves pizza, enjoys watching the snow fall, sitting in front of . the fireplace, dancing, seeks SBM, 2635, for friendship first, maybe more. Ad#.8654 MIGHT IT BE? Cheerful SWF, 24, 5'4", brown hair, blue eyes, likes country music, long walks, animals and children, looking for a compatible SWM, 28-40. Ad#.7333 DYNAMIC Friendly SW mom, 26, blue-eyed blonde, enjoys Ice skating, country music, baseball, singing, bike rides and the outdoors, seeking trustworthy, honest SWM, 27- 33.Adt.8197 ENTERPRISING Educated SWF, 55, 5'2", 110lbs., blue eyes, N/S, enjoys politics, skiing, hiking, watching the stock market, playing with her computer and more, seeks SWM, 50-58. Ad#.7696 ENERGIZED Upbeat DWF, 48, 5', 140lbs., brown hair/eyes, enjoys- Bingo, flea markets, movies and dining out, seeks a sweet, honest SWM, 47-65, to spend time with. Ad#.8255 HEAVENLY Family-oriented SWC mom, 32, 5'6", 130lbs., blonde hair, greenish-blue eyes, enjoy watching movies, dining out, read- Ing, exercising, walking, biking and football, seeking a SWM, 27-41. Ad#.7082 HERE SHE IS Educated SB mom of one, 45, 5'6", 135lbs., long black hair, dark brown eyes, enjoys music, sports, sewing, knitting, playing cards and more, seeks' a SM, 42-49. Ad#.8154 OPEN & LOVING SW mom, 29, 5'10", 200lbs., enjoys camping, fishing, movies, reading, history, family activities, music and more, looking for a SWM, 25-40, for companionship. Ad#.9672 GENTLE WAYS SW mom, 27, 5'11", brown hair, blue eyes, employed, enjoys horror and action movies, Kansas City Chiefs football, dining out and more, desires an open, honest, hardworking SHM, 21-35, who loves children. Ad#.9110 I DON'T BITE Friendly SWF, 30, 5'4", dark brown hair/eyes, smoker, social drinker, animal lover, an avid reader, enjoys fishing, action movies, variety of music, roller coasters, seeks honest SWM, 28-35. Ad#.8987 HONEST!! SW mom, 34, 5'2", blonde hair, blue eyes, enjoys country music, reading, movies and animals, seeks a sincere, caring SWM, 30-47. Ad#.8955 YOUR THOUGHTS SWCF, 27, 5'2", 170lbs., blue-eyed blonde, enjoys romantic movies, swimming, golfing and shooting pool, seeks SW/BM, 21-35. Ad#.8380 WHY NOT? Easygoing, open-minded SWF, 39, 5'8", brown hair/eyes, enjoys the fall and spring, outdoor activities, her faith and more, seeking a happy, healthy, intelligent SWM, 34-58, for an honest relationship. Ad#.7597 AND YOU? Affectionate DWF, 47, 5', full-figured, red hair, N/S, employed, likes fishing, country-western and rock and roll music, moonlit walks, football, dining out and more, seeking fun-loving, DWM, 44-57. Ad#.8215 SUNNY DAYS SWF, 51, 5'2", 145lbs., brown hair/eyes, reading, volunteer work, sports, movies, walking, dancing and country music, looking for a SWM, 45-55. Ad#.9881 WHAT AN AD Outgoing SW mom, 23, 57", blonde hair, blue eyes, a great sense of humor, college educated, enjoys the outdoors, travel, dancing, country music, dining out and skiing, seeking a SWM, 20-30. Ad#.8886 FRESH START Upbeat SW mom, 35, 5'3", 125lbs., brown hair, hazel eyes, college student, enjoys the outdoors, traveling, camping, fishing, hiking, looking for mature, fun- loving SWM, 29-40. Ad#.9384 YOU NEVER KNOW SH mom, 24, 5', 110lbs., brown hair/eyes, great personality, enjoys spending time with her daughter, music, animals and more, seeking an honest SWM, 18-27. Ad#.9936 WORK OF ART SWF, 33, 5'8", 185lbs., brunette, brown eyes, enjoys the outdoors, music, art, reading, people and having a good time, seeking SWM, 35-45, for good times, conversations and a relationship. Ad#.9935 LUCKY CHARM Intriguing SB mom, 34, 57", 150lbs., dark hair/eyes, employed, enjoys beach walks, travel and time with her kids, seeks honest, sincere SM, 35-45, who knows what he wants in life. Ad#.8578 INTERESTED? Open-minded SWF, 51, 5'5", brown hair, green eyes, enjoys rodeos, dining out, action movies, country music, in search of SM, 40-55, with similar interests. Ad#.5996 ROMANTIC MOM SW mom, 43, 5', light brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys weekend trips, sports, television, movies, reading romance novels, country music, seeks a loving, sincere, reliable SWM, 40-50 Ad#.7147 INNER PEACE Sincere SWF, 54,5'4", blonde hair, green eyes, enjoys cooking, dancing ana fishing, seeks honest SWM, who likes quiet evenings home or going out two-stepping once in awhile. Ad#.9172 BUBBLY LADY SW mom, 39, 57", 180lbs., brown hair, green eyes, animal lover, witty, charming, personable, likes walking, country music, car races, reading, seeks SWM, 36-45. Ad#.3030 ARTICULATE Successful DWC mom, 47, 5'6", blonde hair, blue eyes, likes reading, dancing, movies, plays the piano, seeKs SWCM, 45-61, who is fun to be with. Ad#.9028 IDEAL MATE? Medium-built SWF, 24, 57", mother of one, brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys country dancing, reading, watching movies and more, seeks a trustworthy, romantic SWM, 21-38, with similar interests. Ad#.9812 HORSE LOVER Educated SWF, 53, 5'6", full-figured, auburn hair, blue eyes, enjoys dancing, movies, reading, country living, music, fishing, seeks SWM, 45-67, N/S, nondrinker. Ad#.7438 FOND MEMORY Beautiful SWF, 43, 5T, medium length brown hair and eyes, likes craft work, gardening, the outdoors, animals and quiet times at home, desiring to find a forward, serious-minded SWM, 38-50. Ad#.7096 LIVELY LADY Energetic, young-at-heart SWF, 69, 5'6", medium build, enjoys dining out, cooking, walking, travel and more, searching for healthy, active SWM, 63-72, for friendship first. Ad#.7452 The Salina Journal brings you: N£IECTIC?N \ LINE ft . V »« a dating column for today's successful singles, every Tlmnday, Friday, and Saturday Visit Connection Line on the internet. New ads added weekly to the listing in the Salina area. saljournaLcotn/salina/class/ To listen to area singles describe themselves or to respond to ads, call 1-900-526-1666 ONLY $2.19 per minute will be charged to your monthly telephone bill. You must be 18 years of age or older and have a touchtone phone. HIGH ON LIFE SW mom of two, 21, 5'6", black hair, brown eyes, enjoys going to the movies, spending time at the lake, swimming, boating and camping, seeks a humorous SM, 21-29, who knows how to dance. Ad#.7432 WISHING SW mom of two, 24, 5'4", long brown hair, blue-green eyes, enjoys music, quality time at home and more, seeks honest and sincere SWM, 21-40, who likes children. Ad#.8629 HIGH PRIORITY SWF, 35, 5'6", blonde hair, brown eyes, enjoys country music, football, .swimming, camping, crafts and movies, seeks faithful, secure, mature SWM, 35-45. Ad#.7038 INTEGRITY Big-hearted SWF, 61, 5'6", brown hair, green eyes, enjoys singing, the outdoors, dancing, country music and playing the piano, looking for an old-fashioned, even-tempered SWM, 57-65. Ad#.7705 BE WITH ME Outgoing SWF, 40, 5'6", 139lbs., brown hair, hazel eyes, employed, likes cuddling, bowling and swimming, dancing and more, seeks a loyal, loving, trustworthy SWM, 38-44. Ad#.7803 RADIANT GLOW SWC mom, 45, 57", medium build, brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys car races, air shows and traveling with her family, seeks a trustworthy, affectionate SWM, 40-55, for a long-term relationship. Ad#.8105 MEANT TO BE? Sociable SW mom, 41, 5'6", 125lbs., long brown hair, green eyes, enjoys country dancing, going to the lake, concerts, shopping and quiet time at home, seeks a SWM, 35-48. Ad#.9663 WIN ME OVER SWF, 59, blonde hair, blue eyes, going for walks, dining out, sports and animals, seeking humorous, kind, honest, humorous SWM, 55-65. Ad#.9983 CALL ME DW mom of one, 41, 5'3", employed, enjoys basketball, rodeos, sledding, meeting new people, reading, exercising and photography, looking for a S/DWM, 40-49, for friendship, laughter, maybe more. Ad#.7786 MAYBE? Never-married SWF, 38, 5'5", 145lbs., green-eyed blonde, employed, likes movies, motorcycles, dancing, pool, seeks accepting SWM, 38-46, who will treat her well. Ad#.8729 g M Men Seeking Women DEDICATED Educated, hardworking DW dad of one, 48, 6'4", 250lbs., grey hair, blue eyes, enjoys spending time with his son, the outdoors and more, seeks a SWF, 36-48, who knows what it takes to make life work. Ad#.7370 IN GENERAL SWM, 29, 5'9", 190lbs., brown hair, green eyes, likes watching baseball, looking forward to meeting a SAF, 18-22. Ad#.8§48 JUST MAYBE Carefree SWM, 19, 5'9", 140lbs., brownish-blond hair, blue eyes, loves the outdoors and spending quality time with someone special, searching for an energetic SWF, 19-25. Ad#.9954 SIMPLE TERMS Sincere SWM, 27, 5'11", 170lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, likes reading, playing pool and spending time at home, seeking a honest SF, 21-30. Ad#.7221 NEW CHAPTER DWM, 28,57", 160lbs., btond hair, green eyes, hobbies include racing and roping horses, would love to meet a sincere, understanding SWF, 25-35, for possible relationship. Ad#.9130 SHY AT TIMES Religious SWM, 45, 5'11", 185lbs., sandy blond hair, green eyes, employed, enjoys art and music, seeks sincere, energetic, compassionate SF, 24-50, who appreciates her family and friends. Ad#.7893 KEEP IT REAL SWM, 39, 6', 220lbs., brown hair, green eyes, childless, enjoys music, chocolate, animals and more, seeks a SWF, 26-39. Ad#.9373 CONTACT ME Upbeat, happy, humorous SWM, 22, 6'2", 205lbs. brown hair, green eyes, enjoys romance and action movies, socializing and dining out, looking to share activities and friendship with a pleasant, outgoing SF, 21-28. Ad#.7781 TRUST ME SWM, 57, 5'11", 170lbs., black hair, hazel eyes, beard, enjoys music, dancing, rodeos, auto racing, animals and the outdoors, hoping to find even-tempered, positive, attractive SF, 40-65. Ad#.9168 STARGAZING SWM, 24, 5'10", 165lbs., blond hair, blue eyes, enjoys music, the beach, movies, sports, amusement parks, weekend getaways, traveling and more, seeks SWF, 21-25.Ad#.9317 STEP BY STEP Upbeat SWM, 44, 5'8", 195lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, an educated man with goals in mind, enjoys sports, antique hunting and travel, seeking compatible SF, 35-48. Ad#.7164 COMMUNICATION SWM, 40, 6'2", 200lbs., dark hair, hazel eyes, enjoys life, country music, the outdoors, reading some magazine, seeks easygoing, fun-loving SWR 25-45, to talk to. Ad#.8310 A RARE FIND SWM, 29,5'9", 199lbs., blond hair, green eyes, enjoys collecting baseball cards, singing Gospel music, watching wrestling and hockey, going to the mall and reading the Bible, seeks SAF, 18-22. Ad#.8353 HEAVEN SENT Born-Again SWCM, 31, 5'10", sandy blond hair, blue eyes, likes chocolate, seeks Protestant SWCF, 25-35, who loves the Lord with all of her heart. Ad#.9271 MANY OPTIONS Easygoing SWM, 29, 5'11", 145lbs., brown hair/eyes, enjoys reading, rock and roll music, seeks SWF, 25-34, for friendship first, maybe more. Ad#.9575 POSITIVE Successful, polite SWM, 45, 6', 220lbs., brown hair/eyes, likes dining out, tennis, movies, writing and more, in search of an attractive SWF, 25-40, to enjoy his life with. Ad#.9457 ROMANTIC AND AFFECTIONATE Affectionate SWM, 45, 6', financially secure, romantic, affectionate, N/S, drinker, self-employed, seeks sincere SF, 35-50, spontaneous, who enjoys candlelit dinners. Loves pampering. Ad#.3555 HOPELESS ROMANTIC Outgoing, versatile SWM, 45, 6', 185lbs., dark blond hair, mustache, N/S, loves to talk, likes sending cards and flowers, seeks SWF, 25-42, who would enjoy being spoiled and pampered. Ad#.97l6 GOOD VALUES SWM, 45, 5'11", medium build, brown hair, blue eyes, good sense of humor, likes dancing and dining out, seeking an honest, easygoing, attractive SWF, 2450. Ad#.8431 BE WITH ME SWCM, 51, 5'8", 150lbs., brown hair, green eyes, enjoys swimming, tennis, baseball, rodeos and dining out, looking for a trustworthy SWCF, 40-52, to live a happy life together. Ad#.8784 LOVE AND CARE SWM, 48,6'2", salt and pepper hair, blue eyes, likes hunting, fishing, movies, cookouts, sports, seeks a SWF, 40-50. Ad#.8861 FUN TIMES SWM, 27,5'8", 160lbs., blond hair, green eyes, employed student, likes hanging out, computers, the outdoors and working out, seeks a SF, 23-35, race unimportant, with similar interests. Ad#.7812 NEW IN TOWN SWM, 31, 57", 175lbs., blond hair, blue eyes, enjoys reading the Bible, action movies, animals, visiting family and friends, seeking a sociable SF, 24-35, for friendship first. Ad#.9578 CHOOSE ME SWM, 22, 5'9", 180lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, non-drinker, enjoys dancing, having a good time with friends, playing sports and the outdoors, seeks a SWF, 20-26. Ad#.8898 CAREFREE Good-natured SWM, 20, enjoys the outdoors, movies, watching television, rollerblading and dining out, in search of a compatible SF, 18-30. Ad#.8386 ADVENTURE SW dad of two, 42, 5'11", brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys music, computers, aquariums, playing instruments, snowmobiling, swimming and more, seeks a SWF, 21-45, to spend time with. Ad#.9546 STRAIGHT UP Open-minded, shy SWM, 30, 6'1", 185lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys sports, outdoors activities, picnics, camping, children and fun times, looking for honest, understanding SWF, 24-35. Ad#.7138 THOUGHTFUL SWM, 69, 5'6", 185lbs., white hair, retired, likes watching sports and being a homebody would like to meet SWF, 6570 for companionship. Ad#.7561 HEAR ME OUT Quiet and shy SWM, 36, 57", 168lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys quiet times at home, classic cars, motorcycle riding, movies and reading the Bible, seeking a SWF, 25-35. Ad#.8976 DISCOVER ME SWM, 22, 275lbs., blue-eyed blond, employed, has a great personality, enjoys traveling, meeting new people, bowling, fishing, dancing and more, seeks a SWF, 18-28, with similar interests. Ad#.8442 IN GENERAL Laid-back, easygoing SWM, 24, 5'10", 155lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys any kind of movies and restoring cars, seeks a SWF, 21-25. Ad#.8874 DYNAMITE SWM, 62, 5'8", 165lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, employed, enjoys picnics in the park, dining out, music and quiet evenings at home, looking forward to meeting a SAF, 30-65. Ad#.9806 TRUE LOVE? Kind-hearted SWM, 36, 6T, 198lbs., brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys cooking, country dancing, Softball, travel, seeks easygoing, attractive SWF, 25-36, with similar interests. Adtf.9839 MANY OPTIONS Open-minded SW dad, 22, 6', 170lbs., blond hair, blue eyes, enjoys sports, clubbing, going to the lake, swimming and hanging out with friends, looking for a SWF, 20-24. Ad#.9442 TRY HIM OUT Fun-loving SW dad, 22, 6', 177lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, a sports fan, enjoys biking, swimming and taking walks, seeks a SWF, 21-24, for friendship first. Ad#.7373 MEANT TO BE DWM, 45, 6', 200lbs., brown eyes, likes auto racing, air shows, movies, walks and reading non-fiction, looking for a sweet, lovable SF, 25-55, to spend quality time with. Ad#.9262 SIMPLE TERMS SWM, 32, 6', blond hair, brown eyes, employed, loves to ski, fish and being outdoors, would like to meet a SWF, 27- 40.Ad#.8106 GOOD TIMES Educated SW dad of two, 42, 5'11", brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys music, sports, playing guitar, camping, swimming, fishing, reading and more, seeks SF, 21-45. Ad#.9658 FULL OF LIFE Self-employed, fun-loving SWM, 42, 5'11", 210lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys adventure, fast cars, Harley Davidsons, cooking, traveling, camping and more, seeks SWF, 18-38. Adtf.8871 THIS IS IT Friendly SW dad, 25,155lbs., blond hair, green eyes, enjoys bowling, water skiing, fishing, dancing, country music and football, in search of a fun-loving SWF, 2129, for a possible relationship. Ad#.8632 TAKE CARE Funny SWM, 22, 5'9", 155lbs., smoker, enjoys long walks, dance clubs, camping, shooting pool, fishing and watching sports, in search of a delightful SF, 1836, with similar interests. Ad#.8449 JOIN ME! Friendly, enthusiastic SWM, 31, 57", 165lbs., brown curly hair/eyes, employed, loves watching and playing most sports and all types of music, hopes to meet sincere, personable SF, 21-45.Ad#.8043 FOR KEEPS Even-tempered, loving SW dad, 38,6'4", 260lbs., brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys gardening, playing in the snow with his kids and snuggling by the fire, seeks slender, sincere, open-minded SF, 1845. Ad#.9097 GALLANT SW dad, 41, 5'9", 160lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, enjoys hiking, photography, reading and writing, seeking an honest SWF, 39-45, for friendship, possible relationship. Ad#.7226 CARING Energetic, good-hearted SWM, 33, 5'9", brown hair, blue eyes, employed, enjoys listening to music, movies and sports, seeking a SWF, 22-39, with a sense of humor. Ad#.8599 PUPPY LOVE Hardworking, easygoing SW dad, 38, 6'4", 200lbs., brown hair, green eyes, entrepreneur, enjoys reading, spending time with his children and meeting new people, in search of honest SWF, 35-42. Ad#.7460 FALL IN LOVE SWM, 33, 5'10", 205lbs., brown hair, hazel eyes, N/S, enjoys outdoor sports, country music and spending time with his son, NASCAR and long walks, seeks an attractive, honest SWF, 26-38, for a relationship. Ad#.8103 MATURITY Secure SW dad, 27, 5'11", 195lbs., sandy-brown hair, brown eyes, enjoys movies, participating in sports, dining out and much more, seeks romantic, physically fit SWF, 23-32, who likes kids. Ad#.7475 ; WWM, e&, b» , oiue eyes, Irinker, enjoys watching west- s, fishing, camping ana dining like to meet a SWF, 60-66, to PURE MOTIVES SW dad of two, 37, 5'9", 195lbs. ; blond hair, blue eyes, enjoys country music, good conversation, movies, camping, hiking, fishing, socializing and more, seeks a SWF, 35-41. Ad#.B761 SPEND TIME WITH ME SWM, 19, 57", 210lbs., sandy blond hair, hazel eyes, enjoys reading, movies, music, candlelight dinners and more, is looking for a SWF, 18-20. Ad#.7413 LIVE LIFE SWM, 33, 6', 260lbs., dark hair, brown eyes, enjoys rodeos, auto racing, his iob, country and classic rock music, seeks a SWF, 25-35. Ad#.9841 PHONEME Protestant WWM, 65, 5'9", blue eyes, N/S, non-drinker, ern movies, fishii „. out, would like to meet a S' . share time and companionship. Ad#.9593 COUNTRY LIFE SW dad, 43, 6'3", 220lbs., blondish- brown hair, greenish-blue eyes, enjoys sports, horses, fishing, hunting, rodeos, socializing, good conversation and meeting new people, seeks SWF, 2348. Ad#.9539 WHAT INTERESTS YOU? SWM, 51, 5'9", brown hair/eyes, N/S, enjoys his personal accomplishments, his grown children, the outdoors, hunting and life, seeking SWF, 47-53, with similar interests, for a possible relationship. Ad#.8917 WHAT A GUY Sincere, church-going SWM, 69, 5'6", 185lbs., enjoys music, relaxing, reading, meeting new people and more, seeking an interesting SWF, 60-70, for a possible relationship. Ad#.8202 FOR THE LADIES Outgoing SW dad, 31, 6', 175lbs., brown hair, green eyes, romantic, a professional, enjoys children, music, creativity and enjoys life to the fullest, seeking an honest, funny and exciting SWF, 21-38. Ad#.9267 SHY GUY Loving SWM, 63, 5'8", 200lbs., green eyes, enjoys western movies, boating, fishing and dining out, seeking a sweet SWF, 45-65, to share time with. Ad#.7940 A REAL ZING SW dad, 26, 6', 195lbs., strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, likes music, comedy, camping, fishing, horseback riding and gardening, in search of a SWF, 26- 35.Ad#.9166 ATHLETIC Devoted SW dad, 40, 6'1", 200lbs., greying hair, brown eyes, mustache, likes spending time with his kids, dining out, the lake, campfires and sports, in search of a SWF, 35-45. Ad#.9714 PRIORITY AD SWM, 37, 5'8", 185lbs., hazel eyes, enjoys golfing, going to amusement parks and reading mystery rlovels, looking to meet a SWF, 21-45. Ad#.8776 FOCUS HERE SW dad, 40, 6'2", SOOIbs., enjoys hiking, swimming and spending time with his daughter, looking for a SWF, 25-45. Ad#.8254 GENUINE SWM, 29, 6', 250lbs., black hair, hazel eyes, animal lover, enjoys slow dancing and walks in the park, seeks a caring, fun-loving SWF, 25-35. Ad#.8299 THE SAME SWM, "37, 5'10", 175lbs., brown hair/eyes, enjoys a variety of interests, seeks an honest, truthful SWF, 35-40. Ad#.9967 JUST SAY YES SW dad, 37, 57", 160lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, N/S, enjoys classic cars, dining out, quiet times, the outdoors and the beach, seeks moral SWF, 25-40, who has similar interests. Ad#.7979 WORTH A TRY Outgoing SWM, 26, 6'3, 210lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, a sports fan, enjoys movies, dancing, the outdoors, white water rafting, long walks and much more, seeks an honest SF, 21-35 tot possible relationship. Ad#.8297 SIMPLE TERMS Romantic, honest SWM, 49, 6', brown hair, hazel eyes, enjoys spectator sports and watching TV, seeks kind-, hearted, truthful SF, 25-51, to share life with. Ad#.9799 GUESS WHAT? SWM, 49, 6'1", 145lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, non-drinker, likes movies, country music, horses, skiing and fun times, seeking a truthful SF, 42-51, for possible relationship, race unimportant. Ad#.8088 TRY HIM Outgoing, adventurous SWM, 18, 5'8", 135lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, N/S, employed, likes music, skiing, comedies, hoping to meet humorous SWF, 18-21.Ad#.9580 I Women Seeking Women CONTACT ME Fun-loving, dependable SWF, 18, 5'11", 130lbs., enjoys mystery novels, the spring time, cats and more, seeks a SWF, 18-30, to share fun times with. Ad#.7405 INSPIRED? Outgoing SWF, 29, 5'5", 175lbs., hazel eyes, likes reading mysteries, sledding and more, seeks a friendly, open-minded SWF, 23-35. Ad#.7136 INTERESTED? Bi-SWF, 23, professional model, enjoys reading, rugby and hockey, blues music, going to the lake and water sports, seeks a SWF, 21-35. Ad#.7117 E Men Seeking Men FINE DINING? SWM, 30, 57", 130lbs., blond hair, blue eyes, likes banana splits, enjoys a variety of movies, some types of movies, reading and dancing, seeks honest, caring SM, 18-45. Ad#.7789 HANDSOME SWM, 29, 6', 155lbs., blue-eyed blond, enjoys movies, gardening, bike riding, relaxing and having a good time, seeks clean SM, 18-35, race unimportant, to build a solid relationship with. Ad#.8453 GOOD FRIEND SWM, 26, 5'9", 145lbs., brown hair/eyes, enjoys sitting in front of fireplace, country music, camping, jet skiing and shooting pool, seeks a sincere, honest SWM, 21-35, for friendship. Ad#.9624 I Questions? [Call Customer Service! 1-800-273-5877 Service provided by Direct Response Marketing (U.S.), Inc. 2451 Wehrle Drive, Williamsville, N.Y. 14221 I.SS.TB. sgi am UaUUUM OIIUUIU uo icmon uy uum pa. .100. iw onouio oaioijr, poieui» eiiuuiu xa,t>m,,jr o»i<»" ••" .=OH«"===- .10 -.uyyoai ,,,a, mm muom lyo UIA.UI III a yuuili; (JIBUB. IIIU oalina Journal SSSUmBS HO 3D ly TOf \f\B COment, TSSpOnSeS, 03111308 0 UrV Or reStiOnshiD resilltinn frnm on ari In Iho Connection Line. Those who Bdvertlse or respond to Connection Une a ds sssume no llsbHity and responsibility for such participation and any damages or consequences that arise there from, snd agree to hold the Salina Journa Sess from costs expenses (fflino attomv's teesf Liabilities and damages resulting from or caused by any publlcstion or recording placed by the sdvertiser or any reply to such advertisements in the Connection Line. ii="inoaa nun. buais., expenses (including attornys tees).

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