Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 20, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1903
Page 2
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Midsummer Bargains For Prudent Buyers ^ The merchandise liquidation ot the t>elween-seasoa perlea gives vs ^reat chancer for bargain making. These ch^ces are promptly^ used. The' result appears in facta so-.,forcible and real as to exclude exaggeration' The plain truth that follows makes a direct appfial lb jQur inwDipont self- interest. Its perusal .should bring you directly to this store. Department I. 1 package hair pins 1c 3 hat p |n3 1c 1 thimble.. 1c 1 topj 1c 200 parlor matches 1c 2 read pencils.. 1c 1 pen holder. ; .1c 1 box of chklk. J 1c 8 marbles 1c 1 set jack stones. 1c 1 rubber ball...... 1c 1 tcy watch {. .1c box of tacks. .1c 1 pair shoestrings 1c Department 2. Tpliet paper 10 c grade 5c Ladies vests, all sizes 5c 3 papers of good pins 5c 2 egg beaters 5c 1 tin pint measure .,..5c 25 envelopes \ V.... 5c 18 sheets of writing paper. ....5c 3 dozen pearl buttons.... ,...5c 1 stran of childs bfeads.... '.. .5c 1,000 matches • 5c 1,000 tooth picks 5c 48 clothes pins 5c 16 tea spoons %. .5c 2 ladies handkerchiefs 5c 1 pair ladies black hose 5c 1 ink tablet 5c 4 Iron bolts 5c 1 clothes line... .5c 2 spools sewing thread.... 5c Sterescope views 5o 1 bottle machine oil.. 5c 2 bottles black ink... 5c 2 pint cups. .L , 5c 2 barrjels carpet/|acks 5c Department 3. Gas mantles, 15c grade 10c Gas globes, 15c gijad^ ......10c 1 pair ladies lace liose 15c grade..10c 1 buggy whip 10c 1 whisk broom:...... 10c 1 cotton bat, 15c gra«Je ...10c'. 1 fry pan ,10c 1 wall mirror .JOc 1 white metal spoon 10c 1 box fancy writing paper..; .10c 10 yards baby ribbon, all colors 10c fS quart pudding pan 10c 1 half-^gallon cup 10c : 1 cooking fork, 1 cake turner, 1 cooking spoon all for.... ...10c Department 4. 1 meat saw ..15c 1 key hole saw ; ..15c 10^quart milk^ bucket ..15c 12-quart dish pan ...15c 1 gal. covered bucket 19b 1 house broom .15c Boys shirts...; 15c 1 lb. hand-made chocolate candy...15c 2-pt. granite puding pans 15c Crockery cuspidores 15c Floor matting per yard.... 15c Brass curtain extension rods 20c grade 15c Family ice tongs 15c 47-piece dinner set ^3 75 *'* Clothes wringers 5 years warrant Lawn .mowers $4.00 slaughter sale.... j> ^ Tliousands of other :|: 5: articles all go. Don't :C '?! forget the place.south X jl side, large Bargain x f Counter sign in front. ^ Department s- Ladies 35c corsets Men's 35c suspenders Ladies 50c fancy hose Boys; 35c overalls..... ^ 1 gas burner. \.. 1 gas globe White table linen, 35c grade... 4 quart dinner bucket i. 12 pint cups 1. Fringed oil window shades...;. 1 wash board I. 1 peck measure.. ...I. Shirt waist sets,'35c grade. 1 steel'four wheel wagon L. Grass Ihooks •• 100.feet galvanizediclothes line. 14 Inch granite wash basins.... 1 lamp complete.... ,.24c ,.25c ..25c ..25c ..25c ...7c ..25c ..25c ..25c ..25c .;25c ..25c ..25c ..25c ..25c ..25c ..25c ..25c Department 6. Trunks Vhlises 25c!to. .$2.00 .$2.00 3-gallon milkians 1 ...50c Iron dinner pots —...50c 1 stran coral beads ...i..;50c 2 gallon granite coffee boilers 75c 2 gallon tin coffee boilers .40c No. 8 wash boilers 70c 10 oz. duck tents 10x!l2 slaughter . .sale,' ...-.$6.00 Nature Arrayed in Her Brightest Garb Finds o parallel in every section- of; the store. There's a bright, crjsp, newness ^Vhdut the stuck very pleas-ant to prospective buyers. Couple this with the'; extreme' moderation of pur prices aod you have a fcwo-fold incen- tivo. Gur Increasing patronage is proof conclusive that you are quick to see these things. Here are some seas- otiablB selections which have;received marching orders. They '11 move downward during the next few days to :the music of double-quick time. Kindly note them. Department 7^ 1 pair laco curtains '500 1 stand cover. -. -SOc 1 fancy lap' robe ;•. J.50 C Pictures framed 75c grade.. .< SOc Chain pictures, 5Cc grade -..SOc ^ Chain pJcturcc 25c grade . 17c Floor oil cloth IJ/o yards wide . .per yard ^ 50c 1 set white metal forks and knives.75c Bowl and pitcher this sale .85c No; 9 granite tea kettle this sale.. .75c 21 qt. graftitc dish pans this sale...75c $2 .50 fine fancy rugs ;. ...$2.00 $2.25 fins fancy rugs $1^75 All copper boilers $2^00 Gas ovens $2.50 grade this sale..$1;75 9an ovens for '. L..90c\ lOLA DAILY ^REGISTER TBI^HONBI ;NO. 18. CHA8. F. SCOTT. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One week - - - - Ten Cents One Month - - ; Forty-fciur Cents One year - Five ttoUars and Twenty Cts jmtered at loia, Kan.«u!. Fostofflce as Secotid Class Matter. ; Advertlslns raAcs made known on »ppu- i cation. A SATURDAY SERMON. (Contributed by L. C. H.) •Many men who live fast lives excuse themselves on th^ grduiid* that Bin Is natural; They say tliat they ^ro' llvinR. aca)nllng to the Irapulsos with which they were created, and If God made them as ihcy arc why Ho is rpsiranslblc, It Is true that the ai)i>otllcH of men are Ood-givcn. and If a man - wore nothing i)Ut a l)uuaie of appclitca the only thing to do w-ould he to gratify thorn. Eating and drinking and exercising ali the functions of the body to l^cir fullest extent would only bo fulfilling th9 law of his being. But if a man wants to regard ftimsclf as mapi in whom the soul stands above flesh and blood, and as ^ member of "thcihuman family, then he must take into consideration the laws of bu-. manity;- To cat and drink all one feels like doing might not be wrong if a man had not a human mind; but since mpn have God-given intelligence lo jg;uidc thcni, and; souls (b look after as well as bodies, they niust as men- put t^eir appetites under control for the jsake of , their manhood. God gives men power to do^ this. ." ; Men who do things out of mere im- 'pulse, bringing shame and suffering upon others, and who excuse themselves on the ground that it is natural,' must remember another thing. Every man is, part of the human family. ! A man without fellow' feeling does,not deserve to ihe called human. Finding pleasure in a thing is not sufficient reasdn for, doing it. That is all a tniere {animal, thinks of, hut it must be different 1 with men. The "Gpldert Rule" is 'as necessary; to hu- maiity as .the law of gravitation- Is to the physical universe.. How would a VgraiEtier" like to live In a community whcDJ-e all men were "grafters?" npv would a liborUne like to baVe a mother, wife, 6r daughter with a character «uch as^^ he is encouraging, jor how Would he like to live in a world where everybody was as unclean as he is? The Creator gives men power to control their natural desires for their own good and^or the sake of others. E.v- ercising that power is v/hat makes sa man a man and lifts him above the brute. The following, from a book entitled, "God's Education^of Man," is worth quoting: ; "If a man could go off by himself and be a brute among briites, indulge his beastliness among beasts, ,th»<I his |dcgredation would be his own iaf- fair; society would let him alone; and, as nothing better woulp be given him or expected of him, conscience would lei him off without a twinge. But lo act like . brute.^ and still live among men; to wallow with the beasts, and still claim a home made sweet and pure by women; to conduct his biisl ness and his pulilict like a savage, and still walk the streets and patronize the hrstliutions which Christian people have made Kcctirc and sound; tills receiving jj(!od and rendering evil In return; this living like a parasite on a social system out of which one is sucking the life-blood,—this la plain terms lis what the immoral man amounts to; this is precisely what It means to be a sinner." The thing for men to do is to acknowledge- their wrong, rather' than to offer excuse. There Is great danger of smothering the soul in liesh and blood. "If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in lis." Let every man cry out, "We confess that vt-e have sinned against Thee, in thought, in word, and in deed. In,us there is no soundness nor health." The mission of Jesus of Nazareth was to save men. No man need sink. Big Gusher at Humboldt. Special to the Rcglsier: A gas well that tests fourteen million feet of gas per day was found on the McKinloy section yesterday hy the Prairie Oil & Gas Co. This is as big as any well in the country and means plenty of gas for Humboldt. R. H. Bennett, who llvp^ out In Salem, received a letter the other!day froni his brother, T. B. Bennetl', of York, Neb. Among;other things the letter-noted the remarkable precocity of two Dennett children, Elbert and lyan, ased 15 and is respJHJtfvsly. Last year they flnikhed the lOlh and 8tb grades In the city schools, Ivan winning a three mentis' scholarship In the business college for being the best elgbthi grade scholar In the district, he halving an average of 97 In all hl3 ^tudles. He was also |est In the busf^ ness co]lIege graduating class and Elbert second. Ivan wrote 175 words a mihute on & typewriter and tooli 119 wordes in short-hand; Elbert wrote 1C9 words and took 136. the Kansas City object lesson in "Kansas," says •Journal "has an bridge building in the big Melan structure at Topeka, made of Portland cement and pounded rock, which stood like the everlasting hills against the fierce assaults of ;the flood. Oliver bridges piled against it, logs and xkil road wreckage smashed into its piers and rose high in the air, and the swirling waters did their best to eat cjut its foundations, but it was not jured in the least, except that a dirt approach at one end was washed awf ^y. The secret of this Melan bridge is ils enormous dead wei '^ht and deeply laid foundations. Its graceful arches involve neither dlfllcult archl- tocturo nor great expense. To bo HJiro, it is rather more costly than the spider web steel atrijcturc.4 so common in Kansas, but It" stands the floodi) and therefore la the most economical type in the long run. Where? other towns and cities *avc great problems on hand In the form of needed new bridges, Topeka had only to build a new approach on one side, which was done at very litHe cost." Are yoii between thj? age of 18 and 25, not less than five feet three inches in height, of good moral character, and uhmarried? And such being the casfe would you like to enter the Gov- iijtter service? If Salina, Topeka or Wichita July 29, 39 and 31, and take the examination fcr appointment. ernment revenue BO you can go to Grove/ Cleveland'; in his most recent interview anent the Presidency, says that office is far from his thoughts. On this proposition he is in thorough accord. with the American people. Nothing Is further from their thoughts than Grover Cleveland In connectId| with a| third term. Several Eastern newspapers are telling us how to cope with the problems growing out of the flpod situation. Being onj the gfound and familiar with all th <i circumstances, the Eastern newspapers feel;competent to. give Us advice In t!ho matter. cians is the politician who is^lean and decent aiid upright. Word comes from Washington that Postmaster General Payne may resign on account of ill health. Stranger things have happened than, that Joseph L. Bristow, of Kansas, should succeed him. The most disagreeable feature of Joe Bristow's fine work ii the postof- fice department is that he is sure to be wrltl:en up in the magazines. r "Miss Mae Appleton," according lo the Atchison Globe, "will leave Frldae to spend two daes with friends in Hol- lldae." The Jury In the Jott-Whlto case In Kentucky took the precaution not to reach a verdict. It's a wise-Jury ttiat fails to reach a verdict in Kontticky. KANSAS CLIP^ AND COMMENTS. Tlio Chanutc (ialll(^ still run ads on their front pagcs^ which lndic«ites that they do not profit by what^ they see. An Ottawa man who was abusing his wife was caught in the act by her father. Tiie doctors are still picking out bird shot. Kansas ?ind Kentucky are just now getting a very undesirable lot of advertising. Kansas ought to get out ot Kentucky's class. Befween the Egg-O-See people and the Unccda Biscuit people Kansas is getting a lot of clever reading in the shape of advertisements. Harold Bell Wright, a preacher of Pittsburg, has written a book entitled "that Printer of Udell's," which is having a remarkable sale. ^ The Hutchinson News says that the only thing which prevented a successful operation on a pug dog there, by two doctors was that the dog died. A great many people are anxlouslj^ 'v;atching the papers to find out the amount of Carrie Nation's contribution to the fund for the relief of the flood sufferers. The Erie Record says that Clyde Loufborrow, an orator who •on factors at Baker last year, has^ bought tl e Neodesha Register and is now .1 charge. An JBldorado bride wore nine gartei s at her wedding and distribtited then iTheodoro tioosevelt: Practical poll-[among the gIrl .<J afterwards. This s tica Is not dirty politics. In the l^ag.Intended to make business for the prp- ruii the pblltica of fraud and treachery I bate judge. and .foulness are unpractical politics, t A WollsVllle woman gave blrlh to and the most practical of all politi- her seventeenth child this week. Thlp At the ffl. K.& Tj. Depot Idk^ Kans., Jtme J 0, J903. Xo the people of lola and Allen County: The ifindersigned Lfimhet Compsuiy has opened 0p a yard on north Jefferson aventie, adjoining the M. K. & T. depot, where yotf will find' a complete stock oh hand at all times. Wsask for a share of yo0r tra^e'and hope to merit tfie, same by fair prices and good material. Come and see 0S and get prices before yotf huy, Yoists Respectftflly, S. C. VARNER Lumber Co. 1*1 on thie S^ntd i Fe Kansas City to Pueb|o,-Colo|rado Springs and Denver, daily, beglnnlni; June 4. Pullman observation aii^ drawfng-focm sleepers- chair cart-^Ubniry-smokln^ car. Leavei Ida 2:10 p. rt.i Arrive Colorado next iforenoon. : Quick—luxurious—cosnvenieit-r-pppulir.: Aaotber fast Colors^'tr»i& aWh «4i*^ Kansas City on the Saata l<'e every mo'rnl ig, lOSK-^ATE "EX' CURSIONS ALL SU^MER'^^ p " : Ask for freeoopyot "A. Colorado Snnuner:"^ I It tells all itt>pnt'yacat(oaoutlo«s'laCoIocado • W. E. BAISTOW. Ajtt. A. T. & 8. F. Icila, Kansas. By., it6m Is written for tbie benefit of the President, who is one of The Register's oldest sjibscrlbers. ,. Ewing Herbert Is^ making a fight on dancing In his paper, atid wants to cut the ,hugging put. Surprising how a man will change'pis Qpinlons when be begins to get k litUe Icine ada ) The patent med pret'tx strong. Tije latest m »4 tp Increase flesh money back if ;it| jc^mi^^- running such chances In the^^fflniO' ••I and/ydtt doesn't - 1

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