Covina Argus from Covina, California on November 30, 1907 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 30, 1907
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Postoffice Covina, Gal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Co- Tina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Single Copies $1.50 .75 .50 .0.', AMVKKTTBKMKNTS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. L/lners 5c per line each insertion. LrCtfal notices SI.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA. Nov. 30, 1007. A Prosperous Section. Koport.H from tho nrnng nectioMH of Los AngcluR Bounty im that the crop now just. HtnrtiriK for market IB the equul of Unit, of hint season, when it in estimated, the re- tnrriH to aroworH nlono were Howe 1100,000,00. A «rent share of tlmt amount, in going into improvement.'!, especially in the eiiHtern part of the county, where every community ho.iirH tho ourrnnrkN of prosperity. Settlo- rnonl.H aro growing into towriH, towriH into citieH, ami the f.itieH are reaching, out arid taking in new territory. Tho building of fine horncH in in- oroaHing as « roHiilt of the (toriHtnntly multiplying recoiptH from the pro- duotH of the Innrl, pricen of realty aro rising even in them tirnew of com- parativo quiet, and no where in them a sign of diHCouragemerit or diHCon- tont. Within tho laHt few weekH there has been a tremenclonH flow of homii- Heokcrs into tlio fruit belt of tho county—pooplo in search of ranches big and little whore they may reap Homo of the benefltH so plainly to be soon on all sides. Those people in most part aro from the East and have oomo to stay, There is Ho section of the county that lacks its iittraotivnnoHH. Knch vies with the other to win tho now- comor. Pomona has her three traim- ooutinontal railroads, abundance of wutwr, beautiful stronts and rich Hoil, with an electric railroad under construction, eventually to connect with Los Angeles, and with many advantages and none of the drawbacks of a largo city. Coviua, the oontor of one of tho • most wonderful orange-growing sections in Southern California, has its unlimited supply of water, its direct connection with LOH Angeles by trolley and with the world by railroad, and has oomo Into greater prominence recently through the fact that tho record returns from oranges — moro than 8(5000 for the crop of two und one-half acres —was made by a rancher in that section. Glondora, also abundantly supplied with water, with a transcontinental railroad, and with a trolley line to Los Angeles just about to open, has u wide reputation for the quality of its foothill fruits and for the heiuil.ieH of its streets. A/.UHa ia to become hotter known In a few days, when I be LOB Angeles trolley curs will pass through its center and all'ord an in sight into the possibilities of the nee tion, widely famed for HH nnmgcs. Han DimiiH, Lnrdsburg mid (Mure- niont, all lying along Ihe foothills, and oaoh producing some of the best citrus fruits grown in (he slate, are growing rapidly IKICIIIINO of the attractions they possess. In all of tin-so communities the story of prosperity an I bright promise if) tho same. New orchards are com ing into hearing, old MUCH are in creasing in their fniitfiilncMH, additional acreage is set to trees, Indus tries are multiplying, stroots and roads are improving, new homes are building, more lui.siiirm holiness are \ established, and there in a lain of weallli and liappinens and progress heretofore uneqiiiiled and yet only begun. IJOH Angolcs Times. WHO DECEIVED THE PEOPLE? ( Our "aunties." realizing that they are in a beautiful minority, are hugging the deliiHlon that the petitioner worn utioonseloiiH of what they wore doing when they signed — and no they will plead with them, long and oarn- ertly, to convince them that there wart some little "concealment" In the which they did not fully memorize, arid that therefore, they wore "misled" and "Imposed upon," when they gave expression to their w»,neH. They a.»sumo that the 2.T5 to 240 signers are all from Missouri, and that they, the "aunties," are the fellows to properly show them. Perhaps the "aunties" will rff.-all a certain document which they circulated ]nn( AuguHt, against county division driving like mad, getting men out of bed at midnight, to prevent the county going to the demnltlon bowwows. Now, what w.'is the occasion for Ilils frantic know that there rush? Did they not was no authority, or precedent, In law or ethics, for such ;i. misleading move:? Did they not well know that such a move was premature? Was not their purpose to "tie up" thfs signer—to commit him to their tactics---to "throttle" freedom of action Had the question been discussed, or agitated, or argued? Had thf: average signer "-had the opportunity of studying the question, and Informing himself as to his choice? Had our "aunties" given the citizens a chance to hear both sides of the prop-fMlllon when they hastily signed their petition? What became of that document? Where Is It now? What did It, contain? Who signed it? And why the haste? Will our "aunties" now honestly admit, that they wore carrying a dark lantern-—that, they were "concealing" the lines that, their ways were "devious"--that they were then zlg/agglng—- that, they were deceiving "seven out of ten?" Thai paper was pigeon-holed -permitted to pass into "Innocuous desuetude," and will never be seen or heard of more. More than 100 men who were Induced lo sign (hat: "protest" have manfully admitted that, they signed It. under a misapprehension, and they now want the new county. Large Delegation Visits Ontario Tuesday. ".Strike up the band, the Pomona County fight in on in top-speed, fiuto- moliilc cjinif-Kt. "While a large party of 'nnt.m' were out on a Hi'ouling expedition throughout the .affected territory Tuesday the 'pijos' put tlii) finishing touches on their petition for tiio caljing of an election. The petition if) to bo filed next Monday. "Thn Hcnutcrs wont, on their scout in ten niitomohilcH, leaving Covina at 10 Ylnrk ia the morning, visiting (lien- iloni, Ontario, Upland, Ciicamonga aad Cliiaii, ami paHsing through Poniona, rdsburg and Han DiniiiH on the way llOIIIC. "They reported at night that they had overtaken several suspicious-looking bogii-s. I'lil, hail not cni-ountered the enemy in any H! rcngth. "The nieiuliers of Uie parly were aH follows: Col. I 1 '. ,M. Cliapman, John Iliiiiser, llarvev llonner, (!. !•:. Heinis, Dr. .1. I). Ker,|, !•;. II. l.ahee, T. K. I'Mncli, l{. K. l-'inch, K. P. Warner, .1. Al. Htanton, Hen I 1 '. Thorpe, T. r'. (Iris wold, (). W. Vim-eat and A. P. Ken-It- lioll', Covina; .!. .1. West, .1. M. Maker, N. .1. Ashby, li'ev. liobert lirieve,, V. llai-Hliburger, C, !•'. (iordon, (!. M. Needham, II. H. lingers and Julian Wright, Clendorn; A. P. (irillith, Dana C. Kinj,', W. C. Kendricks, ,1. II. Anderson and I;. P. Mitchell, A/IIHH; H. P. Uowlnnd, Kowland; H. T. Kellogg, W. .1. Tebo, Mark Hone, Samuel Pine, II. i •',. (iritlith and K. \V. Bradley, Chino; Charles Kucdy, .1. H. (iondrirh. Kirk Vernoii, II. Klindt and II. I), lilakeslcv, Upland, aad M. W. IIei<l and W. C. Hehlen, ('ui'amiina. Brethren Church services: Snn- day-school 10 a.m. Preaching 11 a. m. Christian Workers (3:15 p. m. Preaching 7:30 p.m. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity, first Sunday in Advent: Holy Communion 11 a. m. ; subject, "Kecond Coming of Christ." Even- SOIIK, i ' :'IO p.m.; nubject, "Wbere Nature Fails C-od is Faithful." Offertory solo by Mrs. John Brunjes. Sunday-school ():45j a.m. Christian Church: Kev. W. G. Conley, pastor. Huridny-school !):•!&. At 11 o'clock special services will be held in the observance of C. W.U. M. day. The pastor will deliver the nrincipal address. A union Junior Endeavor service will bo held at 3, which will bo addressed by Miss Austerwell, county superintendent of the Juniors. Senior Endeavor 6:30. Preaching nt 7:UO; text< "I pray thee have me excused." A cordial invitation is extended to nil. Presbyterian services: Sunday- school 0:-j!j a.m. Morning service 11 a.m. ; subject, "Thy Will Be Done." V.P.H.C.E. 0:30. Sermon at 7:30. The Kev. W. Ilotch will sneak at this service on Christian education. He is the field secretary of Occidental college. All are most cordially invited to attend any of these services. Paul G. Stevens, pastor. Worship at the Baptist Church: Bible-school 9:45 a.m. liogular services 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Morning subject, ".Sight-Seeing"; evening subject, "Subsoiling." Junior at :i p.m. B. V.P.U. CMfj p.m. All are alike welcomed to these services. The convention mission offering will bo sent oil' Monday. All who have not made their contribution to this sum will please do so Sunday. Tho services ( of tho Methodist Church will be held in flood's flail at tho usual hour tomorrow, the pastor, tho Kev. H. W. White, M. A., preaching both morning and evening. Tho topic at 11 will be "America Today," and at 7:30 tho fourth in the series on "Tho Great Facts of Religion in tho Light of Present Dav Science and Philosophy," the special topic being "The Fact of. Life." Sunday-school at 9:45i Junior League at 3 and Souior Epworth League at 6:30. Everyone welcome. We aim homelike church. to make this u An exchange says that the biggest trust on earth is the country nesvs juipcr. It trusts everybody, gets cussed for trusting, miulniHt tor cussing, and if it busts fur trusting, ^eih cussed for busting. There is but .me way to bust this trust pay your sub script ion. Ponies, Morses and As 1 am now a resident of this county, I woiilil like to supply tho good people with anything in my line. I shall keep on hand Shetland ponies, mules and' Mingle drivers, 1 have four head ot standard bred trot ting youngsters, one i>reat Stephens. Call and see and give me your orders. Matt Chilton, Covina. Locution, K. A. Meredith ranch, Cypress avenue. Next Thursday evening iu connection with tho prayermeetiiig of the Methodist Church, a Bible marking class iu preparation for personal work will bo organized. Mr. Thirkiol of Los Angeles will be the leader of tho class and from tho presont enrollment a largo attendance is anticipated. Those desiring to outer should give their names to tho committee before Sunday night. The local auxiliary of the Christian Woman's Hoard of Missions, of which Mrs. K M. Chapman is president, extends an invitation to their friends to attend their anniversary services in the Christian Church Sunday at 11 o'clock. This orguni/atuni raised last yeur in the United States, 8281,000, which WIIH expended in missionary work at home and in live foreign countries. Tim year showed a gain of $7fi,tliH) in receipts over the preceding year, IIH well as a large increase iu miunbiu'ship. The Covinn au.\ili>i f .y JM planning for a large work the coming year. Celebrated Kentucky Jack ?f Jonas Baiighman ot lr\\ indale is the only man who bus rei|tie.sted that bib name be stricken from tho peti tion, ciiciilated by the divisionit Is. Does this look a.s though the majority j of thoKU who higbed Uiche pet it joji did «o tinder niit-rcprcM'ntat iuiiV Date of payment of county ia\e.s lias been extended to Jan. liOth. Assessment Notice. Covina Irrigating Company, principal place of business, Covina, K nvland Township, County of l.os Atijjele.-., State of California. Notice is hereby given that at a special meeting of the directors, hclii j on the fifteenth day of November, i l'«C, an assessment, (No. 441 of ril i cents per share was levied upmi the ' capital stuck las increased October 22nd, ISSiii of the above named corporation, -it. the secretary's ollice at Coviiia, County of I,us Angeles, State of California. Any slock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the IKtli da\ of December, 1"07, will be delinquent and advertised t auction, and unless pa ••; iiic-nt is mac! belore, will be »D|(| on the Stb d.iy of January. I'HI.S, at - o'clock in the a ttrrnoon, at the otlice of the cc-inpan\ in I'ovina, County of !.•>-, Angele>, State of California, to pay the ;lelin- quent u&M'Ssinciit. together wiih co.-t ol uilvertising and expense ot sale. H. F. ED\VAKDS, Sccietary. CoviiKi, C'al. Notice to Tax Payers of Covina. All taxes are now due and payable. All ta.M'K will becomo delinquent on Ihe law! Monday in December at 5 o'clock p. in. and if not paid prior thereto a penalty of 10 per cent, will be added thereto. Taxes may bo paid at the otllc-o of the City Tax Collector in tho Homo Telephone building on and after Oct. fith, 1!)07. 1. C. KA1KLV, Tax Collector. at the Chapman Heights Ranch A limited number of horses and stock rpreived for oasture. James Corbett General ElloolcsmltHIng All kindft of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgera, Orange Racks and Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty. Home Phone 65 Shop Wesi Badiflo &t, Csvina H IS AMATTER OF HEALTH Absolutely Pure THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE J. C. NALE, Prop. GENERAL MILL WORK All kinds of jobbing- carpentering and cabinet work. Store and Office Fixtures. REO PRICES Runabout $675.00 Touring Car $1400.00 M. D. Blanchard, Agent Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Morse and Stable The right good* at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 COM TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling and Furniture Moving-. Specially prepared to move pianos PSOMPT SERVICE. PRICKS RIGHT. Office OB Citrus Ave. (ovina, Ol. Home Phone 108 he Pure Mixed v am ishes will to the most I'heir mixeil e»;isi climate I act that tht) (il'eell Marsha'.l purr paints are composed of pure while leiel, pur; oxiilo r sale at public of /.ine, groun ! in ] 'i'll« l .-l' p.'lilll-- ::ii 1 i obtained Iu i r ai ' i r store ol .'.i r. I'. li. i\ Ken; Set- Ml !| IV I). ! r liiiM-ril nil. i 1 1 i-tu - fall In 1 ' i i 'H iiii'l papor Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FKESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's t* Cake and Confectionery ®T Wagon through valley daily. ^' & Watch For Our Big HOUSE-CLEANING •• OimLLi •• There will be money in it for you Brown & Bohri COVINA, CAL. Different Kinds of Stores There are just as many different kinds of stores as there ar« individuals, for a store only reflects the man who directs it. Some stores are actuated by a desire to deal fairly and some by a determination to get money by fair means or foul. A man's position in life or his financial standing is no guarantee aa to his methods. Every city has stores of all kinds and Los Angeles, owing to its large transient and tourist trade has perhaps more than its share of the poorer kind. This is demonstrated by the fact that the Times carries more advertising than any paper in the United States. Its columns being open at all times to mining ventures, Fake medicos, Belgian hare bubbles, real estate and department' store advertising, the like of which is not known elsewhere under the sun. The good stoics who try to do the square thing so far as their large expense and red tape system permit, are represented by The Blackstonc Co., J. W. Robinson Co., Ville de Paris and Coulters. These stores try to do a legitimate business and their advertising usually does not carry any more misrepresentation than department managers feel is absolutely necessary to hold their own. The Suburban store, whose proprietor knows personally nearly all his customers, must be possessed of more than ordinary nerve to be able to look his friends in the eye and hold thm up or make even statements that savor of untruths, even though the most skilful shopper can have only a passing knowledge of goods. A pair of shoes sewed with cotton thread cost 15 cents less than sewed with silk. Yet the appearance is the same, A large firm who annually spend hundreds of thousands in advertising, sell a 26-inch outing at lOc, while a reliable firm sell a 29-inch at the same price. Yet hundreds of people never see the inside of a good store. We have sold for the past year a Feltone 11-4 Cotton Blanket at $2.00, which was featured in a big Broadway store last week, special $2.98. A big Broadway store pays $2 for its men's shoes to sell at $3.50. They pay $14.00 for their men's $30.00 suits, and $1.25 for a wool union suit they sell at $3.50. We sell the very same goods 35 per cent less. The best hosiery in Los Angeles is sold in a dry goods store, Blackstone's, and the poorest in a store that sells pies, and cakes, drugs, overcoats and nails. The latter firm depend on their big advertising and the known fact that they can fool the people. We haven't the nerve to pick the pockets of people we meet every day. We have tried to give every customer every p-eny coming to them. We have tried to cut out the goods that we knew to be unworthy, even though the prices were low. We know the cost of every article in the dry goods trade, and where it can be had best.. We know the selling price in every city in the country from Adams & Co., in Boston, to the cheapest joint on Main street, in Los Angeles, and quality for quality, we do not ask a cent more, and in many cases less than any firm anywhere. UNDERWEAR. Ladies' Munsing Union Suits, cotton fleece; heavy. .$1.25 Ladies' Wool and Silk Union Suits; very fine; sold in many stores at $4.00 2.00 Children's Jersey Rib Shirt and Pants, cotton fleece, also Union Suits .25 Men's Heavy Wool Rib Undershirts and Drawers, silk faced; a very fine garment. . 1.00 Men's Natural Wool Hose. . .25 Ladies' Merode Winter weight Shirts and Pants; Lord & Taylor's famous goods, at New York prices. . .50 Munsing Plated Wool Union Suits, drop seats for children; perfect fitting; see them, .75 & .85 We knit to fit any weight of Union Suits. Men's Pure Linon Handkerchiefs, narrow hem, fine goods; dozen 1.50 Northwestern Blankets, very fine, all wool, white and gray Blankets, full 4 pounds; better than many stores sell at $7.00, here 5.00 SHOES. We have several ne wlines and now claim the largest Shoe stock in Southern California outside of Los Angeles, and The Famous, San Bernardino. Not a mere collection of Shoes, but lines purchased with judgment, and sold by the foremost retailers in this country. CHILDREN'S SHOE DEPT. TOYS. The Broadwell Store

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