Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1912
Page 5
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I«qatiT iBto Itcco^i of rofffjrrnie Ex. Factor In Started >»j Xw«ho PresbftMT. The trliil ot the Der. Dr. Perclval H. Bjartter. unt4rrec <;B,0y pastor of the Frot 'Presbyterian chnrch at Cott«j»- •vllle. win te' lield at Chanula tonior- row tt a special sesBlon of the Neo«ho Proabytery;- i .The charms against Rev. Barker wie being withheld In detail from ^the nuhtio, but It is riimored that the. min- [jMr 'B conduct in'Chicago where he ; ifta pastor of the Haywood cohgre- i^ional churcb;-from the basis of the accusations against the minister' here. ]^ Is s &id that Barker was sumniarlly . ieIi «Ted from his pastorate In Chicago report Is that the credentials, n which Rev, Barker secured a ^^tolttte 4n Kansas were "Irregular." , ^'ot until after the trial tomorrow •will the facts be known. The case Is aitracting considerable attention. i CARDS A>'D D.IXCES SCORED. I^ttffllst. 'COBBIKDR All 'Who Favor ji • them to the Hot Flore. iDo&Iaring that anybody who dances ria7j^^eards or attends the theatre can i«>t: be a Christian and is therefore headed, directly for that lilace in a &tare world provided for the non- Qmrlstlan population, the Rev. E. A. ThotoaB. the Muncie, Ind., evangelist CIMed- the .three week's of successful .revival at the College Hill Methodist church last night, soys the Wlchitn Bagle. t Mr. Thomas told his hearers that tall *tbe stage people he knew porsou- iilly were a lot of Immoral rakes, .tqale and female, and not lit for de- o *«t persons to associate with. Ht> declared that anybody who went to « theater by that act were assoclutlug with the aforesaid unsavory theatrical characters. Hence, he argued, the pl.i 'y «oer was no better jthan the irlay actor. The speaker announced to tlie so- ,'ciety women that tri his mind playing; icrads for prizes wej-e as bad as shoot log craps. He bunched the pprsoiis who did the one with those who did th eother without apology. Dancing of course was bad. Tho private dance merely led to the public dance and the public dance to all know where, ihe shouted. In fact he didn't know of much worse things than the'aier-going, card • playing or dancing unless it was the way women dressed or rather the way they didn't His sermon was brilliantly preached . -and, his comparison so true to life that those in the audience were held ipellbound. HE.ARST COPIED THK LETTERS. A SUIT OR OVERCOAT^THAT WILL FIT YOU PERFECTLY. ' - . ' : A SUITOR OVERCOAT THAT.WILL GIVE YOU THAT DRESSED LOOK. ^ A SUIT OR OVERCOAT THAT WILL ALWAYS HOLD ITS SHAPE. A SUIT OR OVERCOAT THAT IS GUARANl^ED - TO PLEASE. The Place Is The Place Is The House that made the $15 Suit famous! The House that has Seventy-eight Stores in America! The House that saves you two profits! The House that sells you exclusive patterns! The House that has the New Things in Woolens! The House that has the New Norfolk Novelties! WE INVITE YOU TO OUR FALL AND WINTER SHOWING!, WM. A. EAST SIDE SQUARE DANIELS GEO. W. JONES, Manager WOVT VOTE FOR STl'nilS. Senator Porter Derlar<><i He Will <l|».. pose IJoverniir. Pittsburg. Kas.. Oct. 2—Slate S.'ii-j ator E. P. Porter. Ilepublicnn oanJI-! date for ro-electlon from this sena-,' (oriul district, has given out iln> word I that If bf wins lu NovemUor ln> will ; not vote "for (lovornor Stubbs for V ! S. Senator. i "The nominee of llie Ui'publicnn | party Is said to bi> Govi-rnor Stubb.s." j S<':iator I'ortvr siiys. "Imt 8inc<! (lut i prlinr.ry ho has gon«' ov.-r to the Bii!l i .Moose crowd and that frm-s nu- to • vof.! for whonu'ver I pU-ase. I liilfuil 'o veto i>itliiT for ('urtis or Thompson. If Idlscover that it will be tlK-Ral to vote for Curtis, then I will cast my '< vote for .ludge Thompson." I i ^CffMOUmiNGTME OTHER 'AS DEAD. MOTHER AND DAUGHTER PARTED 16 YEARS The Standard OrlglnalsL ^onldn't be Reproduced,Say8 Maftaslne Man. N«w York. Oct. 2.—Hearst's Maga• alne. In reply, to «he charges made In Collier's Weekly that sonje of \hf Standard Oil letters printed in the •. xoagazlne were forgeries, gave out a statement explaining the allegations} made in Collier's. Collier's charged that the facsimile of the' letters print- ejl in Hearst's Magaiine showed that Ihey had been written on a typewriter which was not made until five years after the date of the letter. Hearst's Magazine says that is true. The reason Is that the magazine did not have duplicates of all the letters, but only copies or photographic reproductions. Some of the photographic copies could not be reproduced, so they were re-wrltten on a typewriter and then reproduced with the Standard Oil lettarhead and Joh^ D. Arch- bdld's signature superimposed, to give tbem the appearance of the original! letter. (First Published October .1, 1»12 ) OCTOBER S.\LE. NOTICE Is hereby givon that so' much of each tract of land and town 1 lots described in the annexed list as 1 may be necessary for the ^j^rpose. 1 will on the FOURTH MCVDAY of OC- I TOBER; A. D. 1912. and next succeeding days, be sold-by me at my office.' at public auction for the taxes and . charges remaining unpaid thert-to for ' the year 1911: lOLA TOWySHIP. Lincoln Park Addilluu. Y. F. hoe. lot 7 block :J. , UHS City. J. O Frazol. lot 13 block 111. LaOrangre. J. McFsiil. lot 7 block -.{2. OrerstreetV 2nd Addition, A. R. & S. R Adams, lot Ifi block 23. lOLA CITY. Edward*!* Eatit .Iddltinn. S. F. Dehlef, lot 11 block Iltf^Iand Place. .T. F. Bissett. lot 13 block 21. J. P. Bissett. lot 14 block 21. i .T. F. Bissott. lot 15 block 21. J. F. Bis.sett. lot 1« block 21. W. L,. Haines, lot 10 block IC. Jone>>* Addition. Unknown, lot 6 block 1. 3rrI?onnl«S .l-l'ltion. H. B A.l:uns, lot 6 b!ock 1. Given nnder my hand this Srd day ! of October, 1912. C. C. ArSHF :U.MAX. Treasurer of Allen County, Kansas UGH! NOT CALOMEL, OIL OR SALTS, BUT DELICIOUS "SYRUP OF FIGS* Give Your Stomach, Liver and 30 Feet of Bowels a Thorough Cleansing Without Gripe or Nausea. Ends Headache, Biliousness, Indigestion and Constipation. This wonderful fruit laxative acts as a Ih-er'and bowel cleanser—tonic— not as an Irritant. Its action is natural and gentle—no griping. It Is delicious—no dreading. It is positive and prompt—no waiting. If your stomach Is sour and filled with vile gases, your head aches, or you are bilious, nervous, dizzy, half sick. your( tongue coated, your thirty feet of bowels clogged with waste not properly carried off—don't wait. Surely take a teaspoonful of delicious Syrup of Figs tonight, and in the morning all constipated waste, sour bile, gases and poisons will move on and out of the system, gently but thorough ly—griping—ad nausea-^no weak Ben.' In the old days people let these matters r'ln until they neeiied a large dose of physic, then tliey ti>"k ?""IP- thlng severe, like castor oil. salts or cathartic.*;, that uiean abuse to the bowels. These are the day.s of the gentle and natural—the d.iy.s of S >yrup King your.-:c-!f. S\r'.:;i of Fii;s being composed entirely of liiscious figs, senna and aroniatics can not cause injury. Ask your druggist for 'Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Sonna." and look for the name. Oalifornia Fig Syrup Company on the label. This is the genuine—ol dreliable. Any other so-, called Fig Syrup is an imitation often meant to deceive you. Refuse such with contemn^. containing a picture of her baby and a lock of Its hair, and the Jealously with which she guarded this souvenir tesUfied to the abiding' affection she bad for tb« chUd. . MIBS Watts, believing herself an orphan decided to go on the stage five years ago and make a name for herself. Bidding goodbye to tb« people who had befriended her In CIncInnaU the girl started out on her career. She has traveled extensively since and visited most of the large cities In the United States. It was not until she came to San Francisco recently, where she has been residing and earning her living, that she received any Inkling that her mother was alive. One day a letter was received by an old friedn of her wak received by an old friend of her mother had married the second time and was the wife of a well-to-do Ken- tucklan. The Information contained In the letter was so unexpected that the girl at first refused to believe It. Agitated by doubt she sat down and communicated with the woman mentioned by her informant', telling her everything about herself that she could remember since she was a little girl. Her delight was almost delirious when" a letter came back from the mother claiming her as her daughter. "It was almost too wonderful to believe." said Miss Watts, her eyes dilating with happiness. "I actually had to cry with delight when I learn- ipd my mother was alive. HOW BLOOD IS MAIOE. The liquids aad (be digested foods in the alimentary c«nnl pti«.s through tfea. wall of the canal into the blood. This process is called uh'.nrpiioK and takes pkctf' chiefly from the small iotestine. After absorption (he Mood carrier the food thron|h the body, and.each cell takes from tlie blood the fuod it oee<i«. .A' pur* ||lyoerio extract made from bloodroot, mandrake, stone, queen 'it root ud ioldaa «MI root, aiid sold by druggists for the pajt forty year» under lb:; oome oi ]>octor Plerce *8 GoldctA Medical IHscoyeryt dives naiforfflly excellent results as a tonic to help^inthc !isaiiniI«^on of tite- food and in the •bsorption by'the blood (i( the food tt rettiiircs. Bc«di^« tha poisons from the blood with this qite.ntive extract wUdi does aaf shrink the white blood corptiscics, because coataui* in^ no alcohol or other injurious ingredients. Tfiu'i the body can be built i^p—strong to resist disease, thii is m tonic taken from Nature's garden that builds up those weakened by disease. Sold by druggists ever>-.There.. Address World's Dispensary Medical A&sociation, BuAkj, NV V. MR. CHAS. FAEHEEB. JR .. of 832 Woodio «n Avr.. piiitod ^hiMa. Fa, writes: I wu troubled with my (tomacb for allndst thmi ireon. Tried seventl doctors and icost everytliinc anybody racommended td m«, bat kept grettin? wone and honestly dVl not core to Ifva as I ma never welt even tlioaich. at times, I had no pain. Ify *mi !}taolKt>«i «aa foOowa: Always tired, iny whole body In a throb, UUcMAvof gsa. pain and sorenew in the atomsch, vomiting, cnnstipatlmi, cqold not tetl what to est or what would a^ree with me. ft nd was melonchohr. But after taWiw I>r. Pierce 's Golden Kedlcal Oij-xivrr with the' Plagasnt CaSB. FAsaasa, Ja. Pclieu' tt has mada rae a well manjwhich Is tcmctMag to tfyafoe.** «arrl« watta. San Francisco. Gal.. Oct. 3.—(Spec- by Ward Smith.'her guardian, follow- iaU-After having lived Iti years un-! der the impression I iHK the quarrel and separation of her that her mother p.-xr?i,ts wasdead, Carrie Watt^ has been trans^ mother later married and Is formal into the raof 8 now the wife of Zol Amster, a store- San Francisco by learning that her 1 ^ \YlncheBter. Shortly after mother is allvc and yearning for the, ^j^^. ^.^^ deprived of the baby the time whe.i her long-lost daughter can . „^„^l^^J. received word that It had died, and she gave way. to an agony join her on a homestead at Winchester. Ky. . LelUTS vibrant of the lovtj that was so long famished have just been exchange«l between the mother and her of Figs. This »a.v you are not drug-4 19-jear-old daughter, who were put iu of grief, giving no reason for believing that she would be deceived. For years she kept a tiny locket communication with each other by an old friend of the fataily, familiar with the strange history of their separation. Miss Watts was taken from the arms of her mother when a child of three years and was subsequently reported dead. Like information about the deat hof her mother was conveyed to the girl and- for sixteen years i each had been mourning for the other. ' The girl was taken from her mother m FEVEB LS . LIEVE CHILDREN'S TS /We have a very large line of Children's Coats. Our assortment is the best we have ever shown and the prices the lowest quality considered. We have them in Bear Skin. Velvets. Corduroy. Novelty Mixture apd Plain Cloths in all the wanted styles. Specially priced from $1,50. $2.00. $2.50. $3,00. $3.50 to $7.50. WfPay ^iMsrMaeaje tOI L Madison Ave. With a Cleansing, Healing Antiseptic Cream, Stops Sneezing Instantly Many peoi ^e suppose there ia no core for Hay Fever, antl think, oncei one'Iias had an attack, they must suffer ttvtri summer from haying time until - frost comes. Sdme of the more fortanate seek relief in cooler climate, batthoo- wids suffer at home, and of tea make their condittoa worse by osini^^troog snuffs, powderi and sprays. Thete ia ho need of your beinff °« vie- tim of this disease any tonser,^ and you don't have to run away to eaeapa it either. Juat set a fifty cent imtUe «f Ely's Creant Bidm. place a UttW in the aostrila, draw the pleanat,-aromatic fumvs back into the head, and •«« how quickly yoi: vvU) get i«Q»f. . It opem up the «]r patuiM atth*noMaiww««ptnff. FttHhtfiAore, UoQMA't «impty ffive you tempwaiy relWf. but it hSUi Md •tr«nftti«M tM MIM)UV«. membtraiM linins of tbo AOM and throat, and n»ttor«« it U nomal, healthy coMtU<>n, ti\ua pn>t*eUBg yov •gainat ;j ratum of th« trouble. • •.\U dninista IMU and recomiMnd tt Get a bot&f toHlay. It you an notaatt^ 6cd afUNT hit trial, your dr^Mtci«t.wil Kiva you bflcli every eentyou paia for It. 8|w ;lalNMff&fcr-& R. BurrolL like having a mother resurrected from tlie grave. I kept repeating 'Mother, Mother, Mother!' over and over again, and all the letters I wrote her were wet with tears of joy. I just couldn't help crying when I wrpte to her. it Is my intention to rejoin mother In Kentucky as soon as possible. She has written me that she wants me back home but she doesn't want me any more than I want her." The mother's letter ^to the girl showed her tenderness and affection. AUTUMX TIME. The autumn dayrare comin* on; so 1 Just potter 'round At pickin' for the cider-press the wln'- falls from the ground, hnd boss them Jonses boys I got a- getherin' the pears; ffhey need some watchln.' even when they're pickin' on the shares ' TUe air Is sweet and fragrant .with thu scent of Northern Spy, It was just Ama the Greeningses and Wilier twigs TIUKEY I.WITES A WAR Serrla Given Curt Answer and Greek Sblpjt are Seised. New York, Oct. 2. —A cable message calling upon Bulgarians and Macedon^ ians in this country to return home was posted today at the headquarters of the Macedonian-Bulgarian organization on Morris Street The message was signed by the president of the central committee at Sofia and read as follows: Send all ..Bulgarians and Macedonians to Bulgaria. Oonsuntinople. Oct^ 2.— After an all night sesstdu of the Turkish cabinet Is the shipment of Servian was monitions the sipmeat of-Servian .was munitions seised by .the authorities on Its way through Turkey. - Servla demanded that the intmlttonst be sent ahead and returned to the consignors In France, withia fortyrclght hours, saying otherwise If would'"declare war. The cabinet appointed Ab- hidullah Hassah. an able and efficient soldier, comniander-In-cblef of the for^ ces In the Balkans. The Dardanelles wer closed against Greek shipping asdf fifty-two Greek vessels at Constantinople and In the Black Sea were commandeered by the Turkish navy on the gronnd that they may be needed ais transports. OFFEBS'S FEB €SXT. TTblte irm Let Selieltecs Hold Oat Ceudsslea. Topeka. Oct 2.—Another letter writ ten by WUUam. Allen White. Ball Voose national, oonunltteeman for Kan sas, has come. Into tbe posBcsaion of the Republican Party League. In this letter White appmla for fundi for the Progressive campaiga. and. oBera a oommlulon of S per cent to the ao- llcltor on all the money collected. Law'reaee Gasette: . Secretary Tama Jin Vllaoa aaya the^people can relieve the^enee altnatlon In the matter of thehlgh coat of llvlof by aub- atltutlns nuttoa for beet. We oaa imacise how a nan oould aubatttute mutton for hlokory ohlpa, pine apllntera. If he had b«en lirlat on them, but mutton can no mor« be made a aubatttute (or beef than the edible mud of Carettna «an b« made a aubatituto (or obtoken plOs T. A. Joyee, writlns from Qrarottt, Ark., aaya h« U planaantly located on hta (arm and la eontemplatinf-buytnf aomo hoit. for which he IntradM butldln»'m fence "girafltn hlth and bog Ught." aa th« atock-tn that country wudera tar when at liberty. Headd^ «d that eoaatderable atock ta tiitpptd out of there. a-bangin' low and high. L'm in the autumn of my life. Soon from the Life-tree bough The Lord'll pluck me—but I hope I won't be gathered now. Istut out on the old rail fence of hazy afternoons And hear the things I like to hea : the crickets see-saw tunes. The bull frogs chunkin' long the creek* the bee-hiv's drowsy hum •Tii ma is at the pasfer bars and call the cows to come; And then I lean ag'in the fence and \ . hear the klang-ko-ling Of ol' Star's bell as the comes In. It makes me feel 'y Jing. Like I was jest a boy ag'in with night a-comin" down, hnd pap a-callln* at the gate as he got home from town. My hair is white, my.step is slow. most of my teeth are-gone, I've rheumatfz aiid pleurisy but still keep llvln' on. Alt work no more I make a band— tho* still at eatln* can— So I've quit work and passed it up and got a hlrM man. But when I see the full moon rise above the timbered hills. Anct hear the cow-bell go>"ko-lajig." the call of whipperwills. And smell the apples gettln' ripe. J want to drop a tear And kneel right down insiile my heart and thank the Lord I'ta here. —E. E. Kelley, In Toronto Repujilican. —Get your candy at Mundi* Drug Store. Ladjes' Hi^h Top ' Vdvet Batton Boot Silk Trifiimed. Priced at $3.00^ rbB 'siOEs: Guns and Amnnittition A iilp ^tnck »f AhsolQtely ])epi-ii<tnble Firearms, ShcUs, Etc . Mrs. Minnie Frayne Is here from Leavenworth, Kansas .on the annual tour to collect funds for the support of the "Home for the Friendless" ia that city: SUte aid in the sum of $300 a year' Is given the home, which Is occupied hy a pathetic little group of old ladles who' have no money and no relatives to care for them. It Itf necessary, therefore, that private cMtrl- butlons be solicited to meet the bare uecesslties of the Hom^ and the Register Is proud to say that a list of tola people has regularly contrlhut<id, to its support $500 TO BfiOT FOB WIFE. I>istriet rourt Inrtairin? into Ttade^: f 1 TwW.Jien Xade of WolneK Platt-sburg. M'. Oct. 2 .-4 conrt In- qufry Into tlie •Jiiiie oi ^dves made * by .\dam 0 .vion'i'omery, a barbw.--; and ("hn F. Hea:^. railroad agent, at/ Cow« • Mo., wa.s ordered, today bjr t Judge A. V. Bu -^ii ot the circuit court ' here, -vt." rr !i --i1 .the two men divorces a •'wcSjUij'•' , • An Inve-U>: ^'.oa mto..-the "trade" r.pd into t) :&port that Montgomery ..aid Heath to "booi'* will be made. Judge Bums is determined to leam the detail's of th'e alleged barter. Service ws.-. obtained, by the sberlff this morning -.nd both men and'their wives ordered to appear in cbart tomorrow. Jjdge Bnms has the power.'^ to revoke the de<'rees because the dl- ,"i vorces t^-ere granted during the tenn,''- of court which iasAofryet expired.*; f*. $2.50 PER DAY..TO dke LADt W.tJ each town to dlstrlbute^ree clrcalei *-'jt for- concentrated .^fiawdng in. tabagr^f-l Peiianait. position. -SJP 'S.Barr Cay^; Chicago. , 3| FOR DANDRUFF, FAHUNG HAIR OR ^^^^ ' ITCHY SCA1.P—25 CENT «DANDERINE<! Save Your Hair! Danderiiie Destroys Dandruff and Stopt^ Falling Hair at 0hcer ^,<irow8 Hair, We Prwe It j. U you care for heavy hair, tliat Sliattfna with beauty and U radiant life; has an locotuparable »on^ ne«a aad la fluffy aad luatroua ypu mtt«t !>»« Itandwlne. b-tvauve nothlac «lt« ac«omull«hea *a wuvh fur the hair. Juat on« anpUcatlon «'<( Knowltota'a Danderln* wilt ao«ib|« ih» hMuiy vt your hair. bMUItra tt Imnu-^tntely d W- »olv*a •v«ry partlole of dandruf> Mi cannot have nice, heavy.' healthy Mivlr It you have dandruff. This desttutw ttve aeurf roba. the h^lr of- lt« lu»tt(v Ita «lr«nsth and Its rery and n not overcome U pr«»duc»'* »'>verl^"j« aeaa and tlchtnsof the ccatpMhc half roota famish, looesn and die: tttivk*: the hair falls out faai, - If your hair haa brt«n ae.'lacted «M> 1* thtiv. faded., dm J^crjissy w ' ouy, dont hetttate ihut tfet a U i bottw t»f. Kn <»v uou"* ^^ai^*eriu^ «l \ _ tlrujt «t«r<' or tcllet t^onntor; tiwlcv little aa '.f«e««Kl ««d tes mtuuttifc'f' t«.r you w .) »«iy '..t* A «» th<i bM*,' v «>«lm «itt yoM «>\if»r wftii'^ ; WV altt ^<»r .>ly l>*HtVPt r«^rdl««l evervthia* adv «iw«**jhat tt jwff ri»*in^ 3f»ft '.i."to«*. hoautiTul hntrani'f lota of it ^0 dandrutt—tiu ttohlltf ^calv t^ttd no .iuor^ dUtat halt n(as\ x\t^ Kn «^lt «it^0and«rtM. *v»itttttaii)!;— why not At&danti Jioiile win tnttj^Apiit jFou. -

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