Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 20, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1903
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m TIK9 215. f POLE MUIBER eS5. lOLA, KANSAS JUNE io, J903-SAtURDAY, TENPAGES PRICE FIVE idENT^ Tf S SON OF ; HIS FATHER TALKSf ABOUT VICE PRESIDENCY. THE WEATHER mm i^mmm SURPRISED THAT REPORTER SOULD HAVE PRINTED WHAT HE TOLD HIM. Published Interview, "in j Some Respects Grossly Inaccurate," But He Didn't Say How. - Associated Press Dispatch. San Diego, Cal., June '20.—TJ. S. Orjrant, when asked if he was a candidate, for the vice presidency on the ticket with Roosevelt,!said: "I have -not announced myself as a candidate ; but I ;have known that some of my friends, have entertained a feeling that the position ought'to come tq Ihls coast and that I.probably was as available a candidkte for. t as any • other citizen of this sectioi. Roose- yeltican carry the great %eit without the assistance of a western name and I think he will favor som j eastern U.. S. Grant, jr.,.isji son cf the late General Grant, and is a jpractlcing js a grad- SdD ho wjis 4- Ja|vyer at Sa|i Diego. He | ilato of Harvard, '74. lu 18S a candidate for United States Senator before the California legislature. Re- .ceatly he has boon mentioned in connection with thcf vice presidential i nomination on Ihc Republican llckst next year. Associated Press dspateb. Chicago, June 20.—Missouri—Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday with possible showers in north; cooler in the northwest tonight; variable winds. Kansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday w^th probable showers; variable winds. HFRII ^- ; \ T5 !— a year undertaken to perform tlie labor which usually falls to the private in the ranks, bat there .has not lurked within me the hope of any reward save the consciousness of having made an effort to assist in bringing about salfi- tary conditions in the party." HOOK CONFIRMS IT. Approves Absorption of the Kyns^s Mutual by Illinois Life fnsurance Company. Leavenworth, June 20. —^Judge Hoqk of the United States court, today confirmed and approved the report of tlie trustees at a meeting of the poliqr holders of the Kansas Mutual Life Ih surance company, held June 17th, which .unanimously accepted the proposition of the Illinois Life Insuracce Company to reinsure tho' policy holders of the Kansas Mutual Life. Insurance company. GOVERNOR OF IOWA MOBILIZES TROOPE AT DUBUQUE. HUE SIBtET^Me STfiIKE ACTION BASED ON MESSAGES FROM MAYOR AND LEADING CITIZENS. Feared on Outbreak of Strikers Which Might Culminat* in Setting Fire to Town. STREET CARS COLLIDED. •"1 11 Princeton, N. J., June 20. —Grover Cleveland on being shown the alleged interview reported by Mr. Bailey, of the Galveston News, made the follow- Jjig^ statement to the Associated Press •/correspondent today. "I am very much astonished to see such an'ontcomc from a visit made to me., by one who only gained friendly access to me by reason.i>LJil&.ltaH»iB. representative of a piif)cr "Tdi^Hfe: conducted and owned by my deceased friend, Colonel Bclo, and now conducted, by his son. "I,don't know whether Bailey tended ^Itj or not," but he has given very erroneous impression of what occurred ibctwcen us. "Ifl had dreamed that he-would attempt to construct an important interview, dealing with important sub- .jpcts, out of what was said on the occasion of his visit, I would certainly have insisted, according to my habit, upon its being then and there rcducad to writing and submitted to me. Instead of gaining the least iuUmatioa of such an intention on his part ,his ' first words were that he knew an cx- prcsidelnt was not a person to be . terviewed, and he left me wilhoul the least hint that I had been interviewed for publication. "All I care to add is that i the substance of the interview as published i is income respects grossly inaccurate. : There arc. statements ib it attributed to -me I that;- I certainly \'ou\d not have I made to a person no nearer to me and 'no inore in my confidence than Mr. Bailey." Ifa the Interview to which ft'Ir. C'leve- lan|d so strenuously objects, and which he sayk "is in some respects grossly Inaccurate," he 'was quofed as follows: i I New i York, June 20. —The New York •\Vbrld prints a dispatch from Princeton, N. J., today, quoting e^-Presidcnt Cleveland as saying: • • "It Ik perfectly absurd to suppose >[or an instant that i.have any desire to reenter public lif^. Nor; have I .-c- motely entertained the, thought since: I . left Washington,"morcj than.six years agoi. The matter is as far from my > thoughts as it was in 180C, when, a?l most admit, it was not- withini my hearing or my sight. I havb no higher aspiration than to pass my days In j>eace with my family around me, anil take'iod part in politics whidi any .-private citizen cannot: t^i^.with th^ ' utmost propriety, \ "I^have nevjer spoken to anyone on the subject of.a fourt|i candidacy. I /.have ;itcver written to a singlie poii- ;,tic8l friend one way of the other, nor ,ihave i 'been written to or spoken to by ftiem! There is not a political leader Any: prominence ehdei^vpred to ad- vimcelany mbyenjent to;nominate me ;lLpyH8tate,^ far as rihave been ad;Ti:6 !pd/nor do I anticJiJate that any aij ^'atCort will be mad^ by any leader, ti or obscure, in any locality ^PTWINCROWDEDBIILGONY :iCountry. •' • /; "^j ' Dozen Passengers Were Injured, Two Seriously, in St. Louis Accident. AsPocLntrd Press Dispatch. St. l>oui.s, Juno 20. —In a collision today between two street cars at Fourteenth and Carr sirccts, a dozen passengers wero injured, two of them seriously. The most severely hurt: Motormau J. IL Moberly, internally; Miss Kate llAlIield, serious bruisedi Mrs. Annallartuett, scalp woun(|; Geo. A. Mcinburgh and H. H. Miller. A number of others suffered minor hurts. SINGER FATALLY WOUNDED THEATRE BOX BY JILTED LOVER. IN He Approached the Girl Proffering a Box of Candy, and When She Reached For It He Shot. As.'sncl.itcd Press Di.spntch. New York, June 20.—Made desperate by the. refusals of Olive Faster, a concert hall singer, to marry him, Edward Tcets, 21 years old, shot and probably fatally wounded the girl as Kho sat in a crowded balcony of the music hall in Coney Island. "Ireets fired two shots at the girl and then tunied the weapon upon himself, but it mi.ssod Arc and he was disai-med. ThNe panic stricken crowd was slam poded, making a rush for (he doors and fighting madly, to get out of range of the bullets. When Teets approached the girl he drew, with his left hand, a box of candy. When the girl reached toward it he shot her. KILLED OVEft A GAME OF DICE. Fatal Issue of a Quarrel in an Atchison Saloon Last Night—Murderer Mortally Wounded A5!«ociated Press Dispatch, j Atchison, June 19.—Nick Beirch, proprietor of a saloon in Eighth street as shot And killed at his saloon at idnight by Theodore McKim, of Kanas City. McKim was mortally wounded later in an exchange of shots with ^wo officers attracted to the scene. At the hospital McKim admitted the Killing and said they fought over a game of dice. . TEXTILE STRIKE MAY END. It Began Three Months Ago at Lowell, Mass., and is Believed to Be About Over. Associated I>ress Dispatch. -Des Moines, June 20.— Governor Cummins, upon receipt of advices that a crisis was approaciiing in the street railway strike at Dubuque, issued orders today mobilizing three additional • companies of militia at that point. Governor Cummins' action was based upon numerous messages from the mayor, sheriff and leading citizens of i' Dubuque, expressing grave fear that tonight Would witness an outbreak on the part of the street railway strikers and their sympathizers that might culminate in setting fire to some iof the leading place.s of business. Tho situation was reported as extremely critical. Today alarming advices concerning a secretly planned outbreak tonight Impelled tlie governor to act. lie telegraphed;:Dubuque authorities that trobps are not there for tlie purposp of assisting tho fight against the strikers in any way other than to preserve peace at ail hazards. FARMERS ARE UNDAUNTED. in Vicinity of Abilene Much Corn is Being Replanted—Wheat Seems to Have Suffered Little. Associated Press Dispatch. Abilene, Kan., June 20:—Farmers are working night and day replanting com. All the bottom land corn must be put in again and much ujiland cum is washed out. Charles Kubach. whose 400-acre bottom farm was all under water, says that of 200 acres of wheat pot more than twenty-five acres is ruined. Tlic remainder will average crop. Ho is replanting MO acres of corn. Clarence Tajylor, one of the most extensive farmers in the county, says that his upland corn and alfalfa arc badly hurt. It is thought that lite second growt^i of alfalfa will I;c .ill AEtimiGE wonoomcs RICE CHALLENGER BEAT C0N8TITU TION BY MORE THAN FOUR MINUTES. Made Seven Minutes Better Time .Than Columbia on Triangular Course Seven Miles Long. Associated Press Dispatch. ( New York, .lune 20. —The Reliance won today's race,. beating the Consti tution four minutesi and twenty-three seconds, and the Columbia seven minutes and thirty-nine seconds. The course was triangular and seven and one-half miles long, and the yachts -went o|-er it twice. THE AMERICAN DERBY. Salvable and High Chancellor Are the Favorites in the Betting This Morning. . ~' Associated Press Dispatch. Chicago. June 20.—The American derby is, as much "of a problem three hours before the race as It was when the entries .were announced. Tlie owners who are after the $25,000 prize are concGaling their plans and Intohtions to the last possil)Ie moment. Twenty- throe horses arc named in the entry list. Scjinc of them will bo scratchGd but whieli ones will not be luiown un III forty-live minutes before the pace Tho track la fast.. Salvabic and High Cliancollor owned liy John AL Drake, of Chica.go, were the favoritea in.the morning betting at 5 lo 2, GOVERNMENT WORK STOPPED. Strike o;f Building Laborers Suspends Operations on the Chicago Postoffice. right. While come in from Associated Press Dispatch. Chicago, Juno 20.—All work on the new jiostofllce and the First National bank building was stopped^yesterday by a strike of the building laborers. The entire working j force on b"T)th buildiiigs, numbering nearly 700 men, quit in sjnnpathy with the building laborer.';. Only the carpenters remain at work. The hodcarriers and building laborers' union called the strike because tlie carpenters insisted on sot­ ting and lowering centers and building and removing false work built for the use of the bricklayers and other skilled crafts. This class of work the builtiiiig trades organl/.alions have given tu the building laborers. some reports of rust the uplands the wheat report is gen(Jrally. good. Harvest wiil not begin for two weeks yet, a much later date than usual. Farmers are bujring more twine than last year atid expect a much larger wheat crop provided harvest weather is favorable. RECEIVER FOR A TRUST. Application Made in Case of the United States Cast Iron & Foundry C6mpany. Associated Press inspatch. Trenton; N. J.. June 20.— Application was made today for the appointment of a receiver for the U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry company, which has fourteen plants at different poinis throughout thj United States. The Company incorporated about three years ago with an authorized capii^al of thirty millibn dollars. A. H. Me- Neal, in the hi I of complaint, charge-s extravagance abd mis-management. TELEEIimREyiTIES London, June 20.— The Very Rev. Herbert Vajighan, cardinal nnd archbishop of Westminster, is dead. 1 Associated Press Dispatch. Lowell. Mass., June 20.— The great textile strike which bcgap three monfliis ago is thought to hc\ nearing an enii. FREY IS DYING. Ail Hope.jof Recovery of Former General Manager of Santa Fe Has Been Abandoned. Sejclalia, Mo., Juno 20.— J. J. Frey, formerly general manager of '• the Santa Fe railroad Is no bettei?_^today and' all hope of his recovery hi^ been g,foaiidoned.' His phy^iclaa says the patient may- Uve two or tliree days. I ' i r- i' ,"/>IM( iVssciclatea Ptess Dispatch. Washington, Jiine 20.— The State department has received no confirmation of a reported revolt at Constanti- noplg. Associated Press Dispatch. | New Yofk.'june 20.— John B. Walsfi. the actor who played with Thomas Hambiin, Charlotte Cushman, John McCuIlough,* Edwin Booth and Lawrence Barrett, is dead. | ABsocIated Press Dispatch. • Guthrie, O. T., June. 19.-—The Texas & Oklahoma railroad company filed a mortgage here today with the Missouri, Kansas & Texas company as guarantee ^nd for the' construction of the M. K.^& T. extensions in Oklahoma recently chartered with three million Btdck and estimated length, 369. miles. ; KILLED A SHERIFF. Two Men Paid Penalty For Their Crime at Clarkesville, Ark., This Morning. . Assnciatcil Press Dl.-^patcn. Clarkesville, Ark., June 19.—Geo. Burham and Fred "Underwood were hanged hero today for the murder of Sheriff John H. Powers in February, 1902. Powers was avrakcned by hearing a noise In tho bank building. When he went to investigate he was sliot and kdled by Durham and Underwood. FORMALLY ABOLISHED. New Servian Constitution Gazetted Today and Document of 196l Declared Null and Vojd. K ES RAILROADS iiCr KANSAS CITY HAVE IMPORTED 200 AND WILL IMPORT MORE. GUliM TIHf IS HTUN EN| SAY FREIGHT HANDLERS' STRIKE IS OVER SO FAR AS THEY ARE CONCERNED. I , • The Sant^ Fe, Rick Island, Frisco and Katy Brought in the Outside Associated Press ^Jispatciu Kansas Cfly, Jjune 20.—Railroad of-i ficials declare that the freight hand-; lers' strike is at an'end. asifar as they are concerned. In the freight houses of the Santa FeL Rock Island, the Frisco and Missouri, Kansas & Texas 200 negroes -whoi have been brought here from the oi^tside are working in the places of thci strikers today, and 100 more negroe^ are expected by tomorrow. C^IAMPiON Union of Printing O FMASSES. Pressmen Will Appoint Committlee to See About Next President. . Aissoclated Press D spnteh. Cincinnati, Juncf 20. —Tho convention of tho Interalational Central Un- i(m of priutlng pressmen today adjourned to meet ncjxt year in St. Louis. Among the rc30lu|:ion3 almost unanimously a(lopled wils one providing for u coniniitleo of twenty-five to communicate with all other labor unions, "that the masses shall have a proper! championj in the | next presidential campaign." j The vote on this resolution was! claimed as a vieto^-y for Socialists. - CHILb q NTRIA^ FOR MURDER. It Is Alleged That an. Eight Year Old Jop/in Lad Deliberately Killed Playmate. Associated Press Dispatch. Jpplih. June 20.- -The case of Chester Maddox. an eignt-year-old Boy, being tried on a chance of murder, is attracting ihuch attention. M&ddox shot and killed a boy named AHca at Neck City-recently. Alica's relatives assert that the shooting was deliberate. CRUSADE AGAINST MASHERS. Chicago Justices o^ the Peace Agree That He is a Nuisance and Must Be Suppressed. Associated Press Dispatch. Chicago, June 20|— Chicago justices have started a crusade against the masher. Justices ijjf the . peace that hold court within the city limits agree that the masher is ^ public nuisance and must be suppressed. Here are a few persons upon w fallen: The man who statjes you out of countenance. I The fellow that 'makes "goo goo* cyes.^ I • • I The individdal wljo pretend;^ to read but instead watches you ovcij his pa- icr. '^llG. person THE MIRKEIS BY Associated Press-Disptitcii. Kansas City, Jime 20—Cattle—fio. ceipts, 100, unchanged. ' ^ Hogs—-4,000, steady to strong. Hca*y, ?5.80@6.02%; packers |5i65 @S0: medium, ?5.70@85; light,'$5 ^60 @75; yorkers, $5.72 %@t5; pigs, $5.25 %@ 50, Sheep—None," unchanged. • -1,260, Associated Press Dispatch.; St. Louis, June 20.— Cat |le- steady. ,j ; • K Ho^s—5,000. Pigs, lisht.. $5.60® $5.90; packers, $5.70@6.0^; butchers, $6@12»/6. • Wheat-^No., 2, red,' cash track, 79.® 80%; June, 79@80V^; ; July, 79?i;; Sept., 74%; No. 2. hard,i78@80: . Com—No. 2, cash; track, 55®%!;; July, 49%; Sept.. 48%@.%. Oats—No. 2, cash ^ track, 41; 39; Sept., 33%; No. 2, white. 49. Pprk—$17:27%; iard, •|8.40;: - July, Lead—Dull. $4@4.02%. Nominal, $5.50. Spelter^ Asi^ociated Press Dispatch. i; Chicago, June 20—Ca^tle-^Receip^s, 300', steady. ^ Hogs—17,000. Top. $6.20; bulk, $G.05@65. ; ' , Wheat—July, 68%; Sept.^ 65^. i Corn-^Juiy, 4G%®%; Sept.. 44%^; Wheat— July. 76%®%; old, 7.7; Sept., 74T^®75; old, 75%®%; D<8:., 74%; old. 75%. Corn—June, 49%; July, 49%; Sc^t., 49%; Dec. 49%; May,, 47%. f Oats—Juno. 39%; July, 40; Sejst, 33%; Dec, 33%®%; May, 35%. Pork—July, $16.87%; Sept., $16.^0. Lard—July. $8.77%; Sept.," $8.90® 8.92%; Oct., $S.77%@$8.80. . Butter—Creameries, 16@21; dairfes 15%@1S8%; eggs, 12%@13%. , -i SCARED RELIANCE ADMIRERS. Constitution Did Not Defeat N^W Challenger But it Was a MIghty:| Close Shave.. . S . Wm theirfban has who winks ahd.theur Ap.'^oslatcd Press Dispatch. Belgrade, June 20.—The now Servian constitution v^as gazetted .today toRc'lher with a decree'abolishing 1 the constitution of April 6, 1901. and all ordinances contravening the new constitution. ATTACKED BY LEOPARD. Woman Trainer of Wild Animals Coney Island Probably' Fatally; Hurt by Beasts. ; - at Associated Press Dispatch. New York, June 20.—Madam Mo- rcllo, a. trainer of wild animals, has been nearly killed by a leopard which she was training in a show ,at Coney Island. The animal leaped on her back from above and before it could be driven olf had torn and scratched the woman fatally. Men finally fought the beast oft with pitch worlis. GRASSHOPPERS IN MONTANA. Consternation Prevails Among the Ranchmen Because of a Plague Which Prevails. Associated Press Dispatch, Livingston, Mont., Jiino 20.-^on-' sternatjon preyails among the. ranchmen' of; Bridger creek country-over a threatened grass It- hopper plague. ^2 * rubs his eye as if it were a .bistake. The .iman who, because he occupies part of' the same s(. at In a street car, thinks he has a r ght to ep gage in conversation with y )U. The fellow who stands in the aisle that he may offer excuses when you pass" by. The man who tells a stale joke and then laughs to attract your attention. These are a' few bf the people who develop into mashers and who should be squelched on the least provbcatiop. Justice John J. Hehncssy, who holds court 'in Englcwood, had a misher up before him a ftiwj days ago, and.^lie promptly gave him -the law's limit— ?S5. Opinions of justices on the inasher.evil are as follrfws: Justice Hennessy—He is a mean, contemptible creature, not fit to bo called a man. I say down with -the masher. : Justice J. -R. CiJLverly-When the evi-, dencej Is conclusive I will kive them the limit, and wiph I could (to more. Justice Thomds Edgar of Logan Square—Tho miasher is the most abominable creature on earth. I am sorry the statutes do not malje ,this mashing business a jail offense. Justice. John K. PrindlviUe—Maah- <;r3 ought, to be exiled and fed.oiji bread and water. if .. Justice George W. tJnderwood— Mashers tiiat are-brought before xqe will. get the law's limit every time. Pablidty will do m8re tostop this evil " '^^ ^ssoclatcd Press Dispatch. ? New York, June 20.—The Constijiu- t.ion did not defeat the Reliance on i;imc allowance In a tweniy -flve m ^le , race over the course of the Indi^li' Harbor Yacht Club in Dong Islaiid sound yesterday, but she gave the aj*- rtiirers of-the new boat a bad scare, ^tn more than four hours of sailing, the \ Reliance outsailed the Gonutitutlon hy only one • minute and =fifty seconjds elapsed time. It is estimated that the iiew boat will have to allow the C(^- siilution two to three , miputes in ,1 a thirty-mile race, which, if Irue, wqiild give yesterday's race to the otl^r boat, and might give her one of tlie, ejirlied races as well, when the \^ liance beat her by^ two min!utes andl ^a fraction. JThc Columbia was again; outclassfd * from the start. Her gain of aboUt twelve minutes on the second leg of the race was time wasted by the other boats in a luffing match. PSTOW MS iJINe^ RURAL FREE DELIVERY SERVICE GETS A LITTLE SHAK- k:» ING VP. t \ . Headquarters of Middle Division Transferred From Indianapolis to Chicago. Associated Press Dispatch- Washington,. June 20.—"The. postot- fice investigation has resulted in some important changes in the orsanlzatioti of the rural free^ delive'ry servicJi. Fourth Assistant Postmaster Generifel l^ristow has iordered the .transfer dl; the headquarters of the middle dtyis^ • ion from Jhdianapolis to Chicago, where J. P^ Walker, now in charge ^t Omaha, will be in charge. S. B. Ratfi- bone, now in charge at Indianapofii. has been appointed in charge at Om«- \ Ha. , "• . ^ ; I _ RAILROAD OUT OF JOPLIN. Contract Let to Build First 25 Mll^ of Arkansas, Missouri «. Kansas. Associated Press Dt;q»atch. _ : Joplln.F June 20.—"riip contract \o bnild thte first twenty-flvo inlles ofj railroad pf the ArkasLsas.; Mlssonri kansas railway has bd^a let and wofW on the road wiUj^be^iii ftt JOpIin oQce.- A townelte company baa be|n ; organized (by mempera of the compattr with a-lmHllon clollars' capital a^d, ^ y/iorVi will begin H^t bnce| laylor ^ \ i fifty new' townk: along the Uae, 'l< - / t - - r '•• V •, vn>^'^

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