Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on August 28, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1889
Page 4
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, irr'? sh'.>]>. Mie is !i ?!; •infl liiula linnitiosri good. cuoyr, w noon Mi covon and Bronchitis immediately relieved by •Shiloh'a Curn. Foraalfiby I't'.rrj, tha tlmesial, and J. Al. JiicKford. "Hock Falls Au enP(i\mlecl number of vfoiarn are expected to take part in the coining erous?; si'fison The feminine- shots have inqrfcsisfld enormously. IIIIihnnl'N Ithcumutlr n»<t lilvrr I'llls Thcpo I'llls nro scientifically compounded, uniform in uctinw. No griping pnin so commonly following the use of 1'ills. They are adapted to both Hdulta and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. hfuty Forester Bends to the factory pirls of London every week upward of 2.CHW bunches of liowera gathered by the servants on the estate. . Chicago G. & N. W. TIMfc TABLE, EOAPHADt W-AMEROt OOINO BAST. Atlantic Ex 2:42 a. m Htertine P»SB...B:36 a. m. Limited Pass. 8:53 a.m. 1:65 p. m 3:40 ». m.' Clinton Denver Paclflo Ex -2:U2«Lrn. Sterling Pass. 8 :00 p. m Limited Pass. 4:<H p.m Z CltnUvnPRss ' Denver " 1:1.1 p.m. 8:53 " FKIIIOHTTRAINS THAT CABBY PABBKNQKBS. OOIKO RABT. OOINO WEST. No. 18... ..... 8.15p.m. No. 48. 6:50 a. m. No. 35. _.._7:40».m No. 17....™.. 10:6'.! |WL ^ dAS-S-KlRK mam i,pcr a, OOINQ BAST. 1 OOINO WEST. 8—Passenger 6:30 a.m.38—Pas»enger 4:20 p.m Vii—l'relgtit,....«:45 p.rn.|41—Freight 6«0a.m AH1UVK FROM KABT. i (»—PasseDRer...9 ;00 p. m. •7—FrelKht.-... »:40a.m. AIUltVB FROM WKBT •16—i'asaon ser M) :M ». m. 42 -Krelgbt—8:30 p.m. ! Passf nger No. S6 connects with trttlna east »m west on Clinton Hranch: with 0. R. I & P. K. R at Kocklsland east and west; wltu main llni or points west, Council ISlufla, Omaba and no jronr and lor Kiinsajt City and oolnts beyond. CHICAGO NORTHWESTERN - W" RAILWAY. OVEE 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural. Mining and Commercial Centres of the • WEST AND NORTHWEST. Tha Unrivaled Equipment of the- Line • -embraces:: Sui7ip!uou4__Pijl]ng Cm, _N?w__ Wagner and Pullvcnn filc-rpnrr, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicapro, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BLACK HILLS For Tickets, RatOR, Maps, Time Tftblen an-1 fu.l Information, apply to «ny Ticket Agenl nr s* dre»B the Gen'l PasH^nnur Ak p cnt, CIliciiK^. HI}. H. WEITMi:?, H. C. W1CXEB. E. ?. W1LD01T, gtr. Traffic Hinigat. Oen'l Pun. Agt. .A. A ITomantV I>lf4ro\'pry. O"Another wonderful discovery hns been made and that too by a lady in this country. Disease fastened HH clutches upon her and for seven years she withstood its severest tests, but her vital organs were undermined and death seemed imminent. For three months she coughed incessantly and could not sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption and was so much relieved on taking first dose that she slept all night and with one,bottle haa been miraculously cured. Her name is Mrs Luther Lutz." Thus write W. O. Hamrick & Co., of Shelby, N. C.—Get a free trial bottle at D. B. Strickler's Drug Store. Miss Stella Cox, a well known young lady of Washington, was married to a Senaca Indian at the Cattaraugua In- diau reservation. Conftininq «l _ AciQRs-and-AciR[ssfs Tosca tulle, passnmenterie, aigrettes and wings and rich ribbons trim the pretty hats BO diverailied in shape and so becoming. THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly -cured hy Shlloh'a Cure. -We uuarantee it; For sale by Perry, the druggist, and .1. ftl. Bickford, Hock Falls Under petticoats of colored alpaca and cotton rep trimmed with coarse washing lace, are worn under light gowns. FOURTH POINT You should read THE CHICAGO DAILY News because you want the Ifst your money vinif l>uy. TUB DAILY NEWS is a member of the Associated Press. Thii means that iis news service is unBurjmsscd. Two of it.s staff live in Washington the year round, nnd are exclusively occupied in its service. It has special corrcspondentsthrough- out the United States, and in the trailing capilals of Europe. It has 331 people regularly on its payroll. It takes between $5,500 and ?6,ooo per week to pay them—nearly $300,000 a year., It» expenditures aggregate very nearly $1,000,000 annually. All this means quality. ,.„„.. -Us circulation is 020,000 a day--over a million a week—and it costs by mail 25 cts. a month, four months £1.00,— one cent a day. D O NOT DKLAY VOUU BL'USCKIPTICN >'O» LIPPINCOTT'S MAGAZINE, Vhlohiiovr itaoila la th* front rwik wf r UoU uwl occu['iut tlio poiltioD of A LEADER AMONQ LEADERS. Ewh naraher conUlng A COMPLETE NOVEL,«!ift» fib«r«l auaatltj uf mit«« Hanooua m&tter uf *Q Interesting ______„ KodinitrucliM nutiire-. On* y«*r'» robacrfption gt<M» dBRARY OF 13 COMPLETE NOVELS " — Or Am«rlc»a aathort, lofrthtr ultU AN ABUNDANCE UPHUOKr STORIES, 1'OEMS, BBS AT 8, md mitten ironuiti»llatoi«rtU>seuer»l nulm, miilng t nolumi of NEARLY TWO »THOUSAND PAGES. Tho tneew* of Ltrnircorr'a iUnO* nDpr««deat«a In fthaaatuUf of MAffulo* pablUhlng, u»d to-dAj lUfimlllu titUii weloooad U %nry hasUet, TlllAge, town, and dfej ibnagtumt th« tfnlted 8tat«. Th« b«wt writer* of tbt Rg« h»ro bwn ^*mred and BBW fauurei will, from tlm* to time, b« added M bleb will git A DISTINCTIVE PLACE OF ITS OWN AratMU IttTM. F.l^r Bfiltaa. John IULr*rtnn. F.tlni F*wo*tt. C»rtt*Jn Ch*rl«§ Kln^f, U.S.A., Gnuw King, 61 , . i. » Dul&ro, fcUariM D*rrymt.r«, 1 And m*ny otberi wilt eoutribaU) to !(• p«p>» for 1HSD. Koi fttlt projp-kctaj, «dt)rau Llppincott'i M*g»Bin*, rhiU- dilpUft. 25o«nUfiD(;le»niuU5r. $0.00 i;-r far. Ft-od for ••mnln <w»r>v. . A GLANCE JJ^Throrgh our stock of cloths will be a revelation to yon. Enough of the extremely fashionable in fancy plaids to meet the taste oi those who care to wear them. Plenty of the plain solid colored for dress and old age, with a great variety of the neat, qniet things that most men choose. The attractiveness of onr goods ia mirrored iu the radient smiles ot our patronH, and shown in their tasteful apparel. JACOB EISELE Merchant Tailor. iinnl»tiouH.T""7~:T --\VYD.-SuIl, Druggist, JSippns, Incl, tuatilies "1 can recommend Eloctric Hitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare, druggist, JJellvillc, Ohio, allirms: ''The best sell- ipg medicine Fhaye ever handled in my 20 years' experience, is Electric Bitters." Thousands' f others have added their testimony, s that the verdict ia unamoua that El jtric Bitters do cure all diseases of t .e Liver, Kidneys or Blood. Only a ialf dollar a bottle at D. B. Strickler's Drugstore. Short jackets of black 'cloth are brightened by variously colored waistcoats, braided with gold and closed with gilt buttons. SHILOII'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. Ic cures consumption. For sale by Perry, I he druggist, and J. M. Bickford Kock Falls _ Some very fashionable dresses are of shot grenadine mounted on shot silk foundations and trimmed with velvet. THE BEV.GEO. 11. THAYER, ol Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife ewe our lives to SliLLOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by Terry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls J _ _ ___ The Koman peasant stay bodice is prettily worn over a full one of muslin or other light material. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough, Shilob's Cure is the remedy for you. —For- sale by Perry, the druggist, and J, M. Bickford. Kock Falls. _ _ A small boy killed a blue racer at Benton Harbor, Mich., the other day by cutting off his head with a hatchet The snake was fully six feet in length. ;.fCATAURII CUBED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Ilemedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. _ _ _ Henry Wilson, of Jefferson county, O., has a cow that ia 7 years old and weighs leas than 300 pounds. The animal is about a)a feet high. 100 Ladlea Wanted. And 100 men to call on any diuggist for A free trial package of Lane's Family Medicine, the great root and .herb remedy, discovered by Dr. Silas Lane while in the Rocky Mountains. For diseases ot the blood, liver and kidneys it is a positive. cure. For constipation and clearing up the complexion it does wonders, Children like it. Everyone praises it. Large size package, 50 cents. At al! druggists'. 1 A Middletown, Del., duck mingles with chickens and endeavors to con- ce;il its identity by making attempts at crowing. FITS. — AU fits stopped free by Dr. Kline's Great Nerva Restorer. No (Its alter Urat day's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and g2.00 trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr^ Kline, 031 Arch A Jb'emale Parndox. A lady, old and growing older still, (As ladies will grow old, you know), became . In Bpite of age, as young as youth—but ill, And old, and wretched, feeble, lame, and sore, A lady young became In spite of youth, AB ladies will, and why 't. Because the . truth, And keeps a lady young, they fail to grasp, And yielding to disease, die in its fatal clasp. That truth is that, woman's weaknesses may be : Subdued by Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. Mrs. John A. Logan has returned to Washington, and will devote heratflf entirely to the management of The Home Magazine. The American IMseage. •No people in the world are so subject to nervous diseases, fiUcli as' ner- vous'exhaustion, physical or montni overwork, headache, backache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, dizziness, nervous dyspepsia, palpitation, monthly pains, and insanity, as the Americans. Every piirt of the body is controlled by its nerves and when they are weakened by overwork 'or disease the part is also affected. Now it is everywhere conceded that Dr. Miles* Restorative M er- vine, a concentrated nerve food and medicine, is the best remedy in the world for these diseases. Ask for a trial bottle at A. R. Hendricks or J. M. Bickfords Drug Store.. Thomas A. Edison contemplates a long trip to the countries of the East. He has worked very hard for a good many years and he feels entitled to a vacation. r'-!i!-v, ?,!! O'.V.tic So *';« ci'-fhrnHon of ; pv.>!n th" ne>v :1inr"h. In tl'-:> Of"* JI!.VT'. ?!H> I <if th Banes'Sunday school hrki its f-"^?nuyi | r;!;i!k tlicrc Rto a. rjn.,ffillow(".!by prcanhit.g by i three Hev. Lewis Cur's, I). I), Mia prc^irtirnf elder. Thfro WM an indebtedness on the church of about live hundred dollars, and by a systematic method it was a!i raised, BO the church Btarts out as au institution free from any incum brtince. Seven conches p.issed through our town Sunday morning on the C. B. & Q. R. K. einroule for the grand picnic at Rock Island. Why can't some other day do just as well aa not for such excursions V It then will certainly do away with the breaking of the law of Sabbath desecration, as well as God's Jaw. Mr. Meredith Shirley is changing his cottage to a two-story house. The workmen are rapidly drawing the building of i'n to a doss. It will be a very desirable house when completed. Mrs. Harriet Babcoek, of Dakota, intends soon to ship her cattle and horses to this place to be sold, as the prices ar,e very poor where she resides. Her two oldest unmarried children will follow and will spend the winter with their sister, Mrs. .Carles Palmer, and attend school. It will be remembered that Mrs. Babcock's husband met with the awfu) calamity of being burned up in that big prairie fire of laat spring. This terrible hot and dry period is just what we need for corn, but it is awful on pastures; many are eo dry that the caitle in them are getting poor. A couple of Rock Falls crack shots went out last Thursday to shoot chickens, they had splendid luck, such good luck; the luck of losing their dog and bagging not a single chicken. Try it again, boys. This is an awful poor year for melons; our ibiggest raisers are not having enough for their own family use. Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Emmans went Friday to Ihe western part of the county to spend a few days visiting relatives. Mrs. Dick Arey arrived home from Chicago Saturday night, leaving her aick daughter there much improved.- Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Cook, of Council Bluffs, a happy newly married pair, are spending a few days of their honey moon in this town and Rock Falls with the lelatives of the bride. Miss Mabel Arey has gone to Chicago for a visit of several days. Mr. Eugene Spear, son of Mr. Joseph Spear, has gone to Dixon 10 attend college. A very woithy resolution for miy young iiiaYi to couclutleT 7 : We wiflli Mm success. . Miss Frankie Price of south Rock Falls arrived home Friday from a visit of several weeks in Nebraska at her aunts, Mrs. John Waite and family.' The Excelsior school has again taken up the usual routine of work for another year with the pedagogue of last year, Mr. Frank Ely. ' • There was a very enjoyable dancing party at Mr. Charles Rosegrens last Saturday night. Most of those attending came from Sterling and Rock Kails. MACK QUEKHCIHAIN. V •! of harinjr. ptai'Mi at the meeting while conaiiloralily iln^rmi.i wl'K'h wit- mln»(l. Several parties eompiain parts of their harnfvi FI-CI Buffalo Grove camp ot.hers had their beads bruised. Messrs. MicKiels & Coyne am busily fltiKaged (itting np their incut, market in the rooms of C. E. Ulmuted. Tlu-y expect to open tho last of tho week. Bsrt I'literbiiugh, our gr.iin and stock dealer, IB buildlug :i line icsidcnru nt the north end of Main street on I'm ;'. ncres of land he recently bought of S. Hendricks. Miss l!elle Manahnn of Sterling is visiting with Anna Reed. Mia. Jonas Reed who has been visiting friends at Hock Island for some timo returned home on Saturday. Kev. ,lames II. Davis and family spent Sunday in I'olo. Quito a number from this place at>. tended camp meeting at Itrookville on Sunday. Pearson Ruth returned from Nevada, Iowa, on Sunday and will begin at once on Normon Oompton's house. But few of the Gr. A. H. boya went from here to Milwaukee to attend the reunion, " Justice Lawtnn is having a vacation and made a trip to Ml. Carroll on 1'ut'S- day to celebrate it. Harry Ambrose, who has just returned from Chicago where he has been buying a large stock of goods for the flrm of Ambrose & Greenawalt of Nevada, lown, left for home on Wednesday morning. Fred North, manager of Urown Bros, store at this place, was in Morrison on business Tuesday. Mrs. Fred Stallsmith, who has been visiting with her mother-in law, in Dixon, returned home Monday. l)r. IJ. It. Freas made a trip, to Sterling on Tuesday, Gness he went down to see the street cars. La Blanche, the Marine, Get? Away with Dempsey. JACK HAS A NOVEL EXPERIENCE. J'lrit Tinin— Tlilrt.v-T R<>mnl« l""MKlil, l-lmll Out— Tim M:irlni« Mii nnri<—JMimo Mriri? Nn\r "\VrM. Clu'itrr i'.lir-il for the fllvo-nml-T.iko n. : Killi :» Kiiork- >v, i f.rrnt Knilnr- •ijvlil Tlmn in) the CniiiNR —!l:l*f< I'nH Startling Knots. Physiologists state that with each contraction the hearts exerts lifty Ibs. of force. This amounts to 3,000 a minute, 213,000 an hour and the enormous number of 5,184,000 pounds In a day. No wonder there are so many weak hearts and tbiit people drop dead. If exercise makes you short or breath; if you have fluttering, pain in side, faint or hungry spells, swollen ankles, etc., look to your heart and don't fail to take Dr. Miles' New Cure. Sold at A. R. Hendricks or J. M. Bickfords .Drug .Store. t Sir CharleB DHke baa entirely rewritten his work on "Great Britain," and the new edition will shortly be published by the Messrs Macmillan. Hnpklen's Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for (Juts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. For sale by D. B. Striokler. John K. Davis, of Cleveland, ()., has the smallest band of any man in the country. He wears gloves which would be too small for a girl of 10. WILL YOU cough when- Sinn, B Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 eta., 60 cts., and 81. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J . M. Bickford, Hock Falls. Joaquin Miller baa become a rich man. Some years ago he bought 200 acres aear Oakland, Gal. They are to M taken now for town lota. From Gait, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Summers-are off visiting. The pearl, divers of Como have stopped work for a short time, owi«g to an over-production of pearls. Mattie Olds, who attended the Lee Co. Normal at Amboy, is now at Stewart, 111, where she will teach school the coming term. Julia Kilroy, who has been spending her vacation visiting in Chicago, is home again. The scrapers at the gravel pit have been paid off and discharged. The farmers are quite well pleased with the yield of small grain. W. If. H. Stewart has on his hugging suit now_andjs_Bqueezlng_the__apples for all the juice there is in them. Mr. L. Wetzel ia graveling the roads. Something which we like to Bee. Please NERVE RESTORER . OS kail* a HMtr« Uuuuu. (MJfiOT A* aervi Agtetxat, f\a, KpOrlfi, tls. Ukcu #» cUKetdtl. g,3 fti* eAa' betlia frw, I* ' St., Phila., Pa. d&w <%tu IK- A society lady of East Liverpool, O., puts her pet poodle dog's hair up In curl papers every night. Tonight end Tomorrow Night, And each day and night during this week you can get at all druggists' Kemp's Balaam for the Throat and Lungs, acknowledged to be the most successful remedy ever sold tor the cure of Coughs, Croup, Bronchitis Whooping Cough, Asthma amd Consumption. Get a bottle today and keep it always in the house, so you can check your cold at once. Price 50c and $1,00. Sampla bottles free. lit A New IMneovery. Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method.. Samples free at A. R, Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's. Richard Henry Stoddard has-abandoned literary labors. In this he now resembles Shakespeare, Milton and Mother Goose. do it more. Jas. and Frank Wilkinson, formerly of Gait, are now- located at Falcon, Colorado. We wish the boys good success in their western venture. Mark Feltus, of Iowa, is visiting in Gait and Como. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Vandenburg, are making a long visit with friends, in the east. Frank Barrett lost a valuable horse last week. Lou Kilroy talks some of making n visit to a friend in Wisconsin soon. All of our school marms attended the normal at Morrison and report a good time while there. Mr. T. 8. Barrett will soon move to Sterling, where he will make his home in the future with his daughter, Mrs. Richards. Quite a number of the old Yets in this vicinity will go to the reunion at Amboy. Miss Mary McCauley is out west, taking ill the sights and visiting friends. Como and Empire have both put in a Circulating Library. Good for them. has From Ilahiimiian. Misses Addio Dawson and Celia Durr spent last week in Amboy. Miss Kate Sheehan returned to Chicago last week. Miss Nellie and .Agnes Schanff are home for a time. The dance nt J . Killday't Wednesday night waa an enjoyable affair. Mlas Julia Drew returned home from Morrison Saturday. Miss Emma "Dawson of Sterling is visiting ^itu her,'mother Uii* wculc. The invitation danca hold at Mr Buck's t'riduy night by Messrs. Potta and Wahl proved a auccess. Miss Kate Killday of. Sterling spent Friday and Saturday with hoi- slater Miss Lloyd. Miss Anna Flock was visited by her friend Miss Mary.Weber of Sterling last week. Tom McCabe was visiting at his uncle's for a few days this week. . Star (now of the Herald) has been heard from again. I would say the article ia one of little hon or to the writer. Such ill-bred remarks are only an exhibition of the low mental level to which the writer has descended. Concerning my literature, if Star will call on me I will be pleased to show hor what I have read. If space were allowed I would give the authors. As to the question you so humbly asked I would think you would have studied out all the methods of base ball before you brought all the power, force and eloquence of which you can boast of to bear on that subject and join the game. Altogether I think you are cat able of tilling the position which you have chosen. Remember Star you are to correct and define my items, and another thing, it will keep you out of mischief. We are willing to allow that Star did not fully comprehend the meaning of clod-hopper when she applied that term to our boys, or she would never have gone outside of her home circle. And as to being capable of tilling the positioa of hash-slinger did not insult me. For if circumstances should alter I shall be glad to be adapted to that work, as it is as honorable and respectable as any other vocation. Our correspondent in her haste and ex citement picked on the 11 rat word she thought of and, of course, her favorite dish was lirst, (a dish we never indulge in) and- added slinger to it, and threw out an insult too all working girls, and alto to her bash-slinging friends. If Star had written in a lady-like manner we would have kept np a correspondence with her, but her writing was so under-bred and ignorant, with a strain of vulgarity through the whole, showing the nature of the writer so plainly that we think while we are safe we bad better withdraw and leavn the Held to Star, as distance lends enchantment with some people. CAN'T BK CAUOHT. f?A>" FltANrisi'o, An*. 2S.—Tho fUiil t'.vei'n J;iek 1) 'inp-oy nu<l Ooovj;^ T, \ HInnrlio, "llin Mm-inc-," f'ir a |.«™ " r f-'." 1 -' 1 '-', t " oli pluco lost night in thu m>\v room.-: nf tlio California Ar.liH.lo' i-Iub. Nearly :;.OiM p,-rs'ms witnoswil (liu mi'.l, wliirli exrwil.'il in pupil- liir inlt'rtMt nil similar conN'-sts I>V<T liulil liorc. A !«!••;« nninlier or'proniliinnt cir.i2.Mn w«r« presi-nt. Hiram Cook ncftl »» rffi.-riv-. Domjwy's sernncls were Di'nny Costipm nml Dare Campbell, nnil Ln Ulnncbn's swotuls were Jolin UnnaMxon nnrl • Oni-mmi. Tbo betting just boforo tlm li™ht WIVH $l(kj to ?40, bnt with tlio coin very sl'iw in coming from tho Marino's backers, wlio sticmol to Ificlc confl-lcuco in thotr man. Tho Men Too Jlio Murk. Thorn worn n few preliminary set-tos bo- twopn loss notablo sluggers. n nil then tho event of the evening w ns i'olli. l !l. Dompiey weighed 151 pounds <ini! La Blanche 181. Both men appeared in gooil condition, though Jack's fuco, ns usual, looked thin nnil drawn. When wnic;hts won) glv.-n it wns announce T that th»'nmtcli was not for the middle-weight championship, but only for the pursi". Tinia was called r.t !h4 ! ) o'clock. In the llrst round both inu'ii CuiiituJ tor Konio time, tho Marine finally leading with his loft., but fnllini; short. Ho niaJe n • ho ivy rush, but failnd to pl-int a blow. After a clinch Dempsoy cot in hi« left on tin Marine's chin. Tho latter rushoil nnd in :i clinch brought Dompwy tn his knoes, bnt the latti-r was up like n cut and tho round closed wilh no advantage to either. Demp'ti'y led tho second round with with his r!p;ht'hnd landed on the Marine's ribs. A rush followed, nnd while clinchud the Marino got in a baavy right-hander OQ Dompsey's wind. The latter retaliated with a left-luinder on tho chin. Tlio Blnrlne Trlon ItnnlilnR Tootlos. Tho Marino made a ccritM of rushes, nil of which Dempsoj' evadod with cli'Vorness. In ono of thusu rushes the Marino wnslhrovrn heavily on tho ropon, and it was. evident that his tactics woro to rush Deiupscy to the ropes and K*»t In a knock-out, but h« exhamt- od his wind without result. In thu fourth tho Marino had two good opening in clinches, but missed them because ho Incknd quicknuss. ' I>a Ulanche got in hard blows on Jack's wind with his lolt and rushed him to the ropes, repratint; tho same blow an instant litter. Tho call of time pi'ovontod another rush by tin Marine,' who had a decided advantage in this round. Tho Marine led in the fifth with his li-ft on Jark'-i stomach. Him ix'miuml liiiii i.i 11: c!i;;oh, !-:: ll'k'il ,ti> throw Jiitrlr, nifrnwly tni'-'li!!? » f<i»l. In tho rush which followed tho Marino planted another blow in' tho rilia, for wliic'n l)ein|v soy rcturni'd on tho Murino'j uncle. 8omumry of tho Other ll'Miml*. Tho fl^htin^ in tin npxt flftoun routitU was give and take, La lllanche getting 111 ft limn- bor of heavy blow/t mil recjivin^ returns with interest. La Blanche gHnerally fell on top ill tho clinches. In tlieuinoteonth round Dempsey got. in seven bloivs on tho Mariue'd neck, tho liust of which sent him to tho floor. First knock .down for Dompsoy. The next five rounds wore ail in Dein|usey'a favor, and It looked 03 though tho fl^ht was won for,the "Nonpareil," but In the thirty-socond round La lilnncho caught D.'inpsoy a tremendous blow, knocking him down. It was n settler. Tho heretofore invincible Dempsey could no*, come »o time, nnd for tho first time in his lifJ ho left the ring vanquished. 401.YRN j I..-, ami I «')I-|'--I at!-: Ill' Is lli:W liV'.' yi'l!!-! ilthlT l':i"i' "•:!« .1l!i:--' i-tiri'i! hy \vaHbir;; v.'l nililiins: In tho fi/rn U A KFS.)I.\"!-;VT tH i!! si'i'-c.-i-iuillu t'vrry i-;i^i- \viic,- tin-- iisi- of ili.'iii. II I-, s -rjirii-. chllit will H^proviMiii'liTllii'li iri-;iti rninnn-MiHii'-iii for aliv 'Ir-^tM 1 - 1 n!" In-ill'! tin' hi'st in Ilii 1 v:« Id 'lhl« i- 1 •" 1 "'- aml ' lim r "'" ly "":{?,H 1 N > i" 1 l'5Hll!i?""" American Ho IM'. Ho;:a'Hl'nr/li, N. ^ An Iinlii-arnhlc Hkin JHHPIW l^in-rt. I have liiiost anili'tPd slmv'l:i't Man'h wll'i a sklU(llsi'iise'thiMli)ct.nrsi':i'.lod K.-Keniit- M> tai'e was covcreil wiih RCitlm and snrcs, and tin' llcli- ing mitt burning wen 1 Hlmnst inihearah i 1 . Nci 1 - in'uViinr(;uT!C»!i'.A UF.MBIHI-S so hiirhly OM-HMI- mi'Miloil. cc'iicluili'il t • Hive tlK'in a trial, iBins! Ihct-iJTiiruHA nnd CuncintA SOAV csli-rnaily. nnd KKXUI.VI'.NT inti-rimliy tor four iiionths. I call myself cured, in gratitude for which 1 nii.kii lironil Broiilt. Conn. Cnttcurn RomriUcFi Turn every species ot u>rlurlng, huinlllatlnor. ' Itching, burning, scaly, mid p-iuply rtlseiisi's of. the Rkiii, scalp, and blood, with loss ol hair, and all humors, blolcbcs. eruptions, sores, scales, nmlnrusts.wuolliur simple, scrofulous, or <ym- tivnlons.when physicians and all oilier remedies Bold everywhere. Price, CirricunA. 5oc.; SOAP, 25c.; UBBOLVBNT, SI. 1'n'pared by tlio 1'OTTKH DIIUO AND ClIKMICAI. COHI'OUATIOK, Boston. . , EST'Hcnrt for "How to Cure Skin I>lso:u=es,"(U B'J Illustrai Ions, anil 100 testtmonhils. Skin and Sc.iip preserved and beau- tilled hy CUTICUIIA.SOAI'. Abso- ' lutely pure. _ PAINS AND WEAKNESS Of females lii'tautly r llevpd by that new. elegant, niiil infallible /Muldote to J'aln, InilnmmaUon.nml Weakness, tho (tallrnrn Awll-1'nlu !•«««- t«r. The first and only Instantaneous pain-kill- Ing plaster. Ask Your liotailer for tho Accordinfj to Your Seeds. .1A!ME8 ME/INS 81 RTTOTi t nnti Btvllslj. It ins Illica lllJT. nml IMCOIIIICK.S " * lug prrfccllyeiisy thi.' llrHl tinu; it Is wurn. Jl will minify tlm lun^t ^nwlldlon*. ilAMKS'Mli.ANS K1JO1J Is BbunliiU'l}- HID onlv r.lioo of HP price \vliii-li n rvfr lidfn nhn'pil i-x- IIBivrly oil tfiB rnnrkit. - Ja wlili h Jliiruijiiiiy won! J. MEANS <b CO., Boston, full linos of tho above vliooH for unto by J. R. BELL & SON MlrrlliiK. 111". At HuDtaTille, Ala.,. a piufe aijii white chiL'k^u wag hatched a short Unit) ago. From Hloutmorency. Aug. 27.— L. L. Emmons, Jr., commenced painting his barn. butau amateur at that business you may expect to see all shades of red on the building, but wa don't allow any one to poke fan at it. Miss lieaaie Canning ' spent a few days with her cousin, Miss .Edith You- ard this week. Kev. O A. Hunker, who preached he dedicatory aerraoii at the new church Sunday night, drove down from Ilia charge in Dixou and was thd gueat of Irwin Green, ilis family accompanied Uira. Mr. Chalkly John, the proprietor of the GAZETTE, was out tht-JuaU our town lact week aud his subscription list was lengclieued a good d*w»! in (Kaiaequauce. IVopls wij Vrom JUlIeageville. Howard Hendricks left lor Kearney, Nebraska on Wednesday of last week. Mra. S. II. Harrington. Mrs. A. Llv- ingood and her son Will left for Falls City, Neb., last week to visit friends. George Hubbard's dwelling was aura- aged to the extent of about 850 by fire on Tuesday last. Hard work and willing bauds saved the house from a total loss as be hud no insurance. The second game of base ball be* tween the fats and leans on Saturday resulted in a victory for tho latter. W. H. LawsoQ, our genial station agent, baa an aaslstaut now to asstet him in his express matter. As ha only arrived last'Friday he $8 very green; but W. H. tuiuka he can te&oh him iu time. Mra. 0r, BurweU from Kansas Is via- Do you want bourdon? It you do Itog ftttjBiis in thi* city for & few days, I jrou oftn easily ««euw Hwtw by ru«ia»>» ti> »*tw«S4 »tj MB. nt'BSKLt, MnacK, of the firm of Myrlck & Hendcnwn, Fort Smith, Ark., Sny» he wishes to ndd oil tcstunony to Uio tuoasacdB which huvc already been given as to Switl'u Specific. He eaj n bo lie- rlvcd the moat signal bencat from Its use to .care painful bolls and Bores resulting from Impure blood. '• Bwirr'i Si'Bcirio la a great blcjialug to hiimai> lty,"Baja tie. P. K. Cordon, of 'W Uroad street, NMhvUia, Tenu., >4 for kt cared Etc of rhfiamatl£m of a TO?y bud typa, with which t hjul UK& doahled for Uirco or rcnr juirs. 8. a. K. cured mo utter I had cJ^yBt^tt oveO'luiM else. Treat!*! on UlouJ wil SUu Dtecatoa mailed f n Tu» SWIFT Bi-Rrirto Co.. lirnv.r.l, ^UiuU, (' GREAT TIME AT MORRIS PARK. Two Morn Rccnnlft IJrokeu — <Tho 3-4 Mile Mono In 1:12— Ilnse Hull. WEST CHESTKU, N. Y., Aug. ii8. — Morris park eonr.-o i< a great rocorrt brenker. Yes- tordfty the % inilo and 1% niilos records wero knocked out. Tunny beating Hanover anil Climax lit tbu fornlor- in -1:113, and Hincloo- crattdoini; tbo Inltdr iu 2:4S. Tlio flrdt is a Bt'coiul lower than tU'a record, and the last % socond. Tlio other races wen) won as follows: Kingston, \% milos, 1:58; Frontenac, Jfniile, l:i:l%; Si-iiorita, 1^ milos, 1:5SX; Tattler, ] mill-, 1:42. CUIOAUO, Au|j. 23.— Tho races at tho West Bide course y pstorday n*ero - won by the following horses; Kancli "tte, Jf mile, 1:18; Pullm-in, yi mil •, t:ir)Ji; Kayultu, \% miles, 1:54%; lyjiiybroul;, % mllo, 1:04; Arundol, 1 mjle 70 yards, K:4BJii Etl Dougherty, % mile, 1:1)!% -•;.'."-" • ' ' Piny on the Dluliliillil Field. ^ CiUCAQO, Aug. 28.— Following are tbo League base ball scores yesterdays' At Cleveland — Cleveland 11, ChiraRO 1SJ; at Ne» York— Now York !i, Wusbinston 13; nl PUiladolpliin— Fiiilailolphin 0. Boston W; nl Pitteburp; — (first ganir) P-tUbur^-l, Indian- upolis5; (lecond garni 1 ) Pittsbur"; K, Indtnn- apolis 3. Atneriran imsucl»lio.'i: 'At Ht. Louis— SL LouiH 19, Kansas Citv 1; at Columbus— Columbus 6^ Athletic 10; at Cincinnati— Cincinnati 10, lymtsvilb 4; at Baltimore—Baltimore 8, Br-ioldyu 7. Weaterit league: At Milwaukee — Milwaukee 14, Bt. PanKJ; at Denvur— Denver 3, Sioux City 10. Xlm Atliliitto CUT Truueiir. ATLANTIC Csiv, Aug." 'J8 — Thure are no new developments in ttio c.-xsa ot Mrs. Hamilton, who stabbud hor nurse maid Ainu '.lay. A coherent statement has not yet )K>eti obtainml from tho nurse, who isstiil nliVA Tho otllcara regard her as the must horribly profane woman thoy have ever com» into contact wjtli, and so far bave had littlo success m getting a connecto 1 statement from hor. Daylfrttt W. liiiuuH at Home. CliAWKOEi)3VHAB, Iinl., A>i^. !«.— Bayless W. Htinna, who has been representing tho United States aa minister to tbo Argentine Republic for the past four yeara, arrived iiomd Monday inoraing- unanuuuncdd. His son Head, who bad been acting as his private secretary, accompanied iiim. The Ociieroua JCiu^ of Slum. WASHINGTON CITY, Aug. '!S. — The tlopart- meut of btato has been inforiaod of tho re» cent very generous gift by his nmjosty, the Icing of Slnrn, for the use of the Americao Presbyterian mission, of one of the royal palaces, together with cxtj.isivo grounds and buildiiiga l*re() I il (i n 1 f ill Pwflt in :i» 1 1> ri). AV'ASHINOTOV CrfTY, An j. '-!*. — Tliu pres- idout lias »|i;)oinlu>l Jiiajpli II Hirst post- inaHtur nt Angola, Iit-l. . :i:id J. U Bouuoll IKMtuinsler al i.'|-uwforiUvllii>, Ind. For "run-down," ili'lillitnti-il anil overworked women, Dr.'TliTiifi's Kavnvll' 1 I'rrscrlptlim 18 the best of nil n-storatlvn lnnk-< It Is n potent Snocillo for all thnso Chronic Wnikni'Mi'Bium Diseases pounllar fa)'Women; n powerful, general as well as titorlni', tonli 1 nml nervine, It imparts vlL'or and streniTlli to 1 in 1 wholonvBtem. It promptly curoswMiUni.'S.'uii'Htoniach.imusea, InulKCBtion, liloatlnir, weak lnuili. nervous proa-' tration, debility and slwiiliwniw. In cither rose. It la carefully coinpouiiih'il by tin experienced physician, nnd mlnpfed to wonihn'B dilieato orKanlzittion. Pntelv vcjjeinl'lo anil perlectly harmlcsB in any condition of the nvetem. ____a_n»l "Fnvorleo £>rUMcrll>» IttfinDlurrnl tloti" 1» the only racdleino InAnKAHltU.lforwiiinon. wild by ili-uffUflstB, j i" * uiiiicr a pasitlvo gnnr- Biiteo of Bntlsfartlon In fiveiy cnsc v or price (gl.OO) refunded. This guarantee hits Iwen printed on the bottle-wrapper, and tmthfuhy carried out for mnny years. . For larsto, lllustrntvfl Ti-eittlso on TUsi-nses of Womon (IfiO paws, wlt|i full dirc-i'tlons for koine-treatment). Bond tun cents in stamps. Address, Woman's DiBrKNSAiiv MKHICAI, ASBOOFATION.«fl Mnln StnH-r, Iluffnlo, N. Y. htrucu Agiiliint thu I'u&tofltce. , LONDOMT, Au^. 2S.— Tbo drivoi-s of th- 1 X^ondon mail t!:it-U yu.stor.l:iy made u do- nmntl up<> i th« |KMtoltli» iktitborititM for tin increase of tliuir pay, wiiiua wr;i" promptly graiitsd. The Wimllivr "Wo May Kxpont. \VASutMj-mN (.'rrv, A us. SH.— Kollowlii^ nru tho weather SniUeaMufi-i for tliirtv^i\ hours H oVlixik p. iu. yi-estorilay: tor hiill- Is a monthly magazine devoted to the hygiene and care of Infanta and young children, and all that pertains to tho routine of the nursery. It ia now in Its fifth, year. Tie Congregation- aliit recently said ot It : "BIBTROOD Beema almost ludlspeuiabto to tbo bouaoholil In which thitro [ire younff cblldrou. K Is for tlio parunu and Uia • nurae. nnd la packed full of Important sug- ' gufltloaa uf. a practical charucu<r. From per- •onat caiwrlenco of .ft« ust^uinosji. wo cuin- mend H warmly." Ajid the Chicago Advance : *• No mother but must appreciate Ita wise, and helpful BUKKCstloim, anu bo grateFtil fur tbeaolvtugof periilexltleu (uid the helping ovoruard placoa which every ona ooinoi to , -who has the care of young ohlldreu. . W« commend U to overy muther iu the luad." Also the New York .Graphie : "To. Bticces« of this periodical has been enormous. It make* young luolhttnt fetil that the only subject worthy of att«nt£oik U ftt last Uetu£ recognized." Every' Intelligent father and raotheir should read It regularly. Their children will bo healthier and happier. It will reduce the work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amusing them. Letters from subscribers frequently contain such testimonies as these, lately received : " 1 am gratof nl to IUBYIIOOD ; 1 have seen but two numbers, but havo learned so much fromthosuihut I feel I Bhuula bo doing my children a wrong If I flhould f all of tlio opportunity to leuru more." "The help It hus boeu to u* would have astonished mo hail it boon predicted bofcirehund," "I'hyslolrm as I sin. your mognilno Is the most welcome periodical tliBt oomoa tomy table, auU Iu tho one 1 road rirst." "I cannot «iK'ulctooni«!ily of DAbvitoou. During tbo threy voarjt that I have subscribed to H. I havo felt repaid A liuntlriid times for the outlay by the relief and counuouco U has glveu uie ill tuo tufut- agomeut of luy chlldrea." Vou want a sample copy — Frlco lo ocnta. ^ Or to subscribe for a year — 11.50. On our part we wish to know that you have eeea this advertisement j and la order to induce you to mention, this paper when writing us, Wo have arranged to bare muiuf « turwl for us a large quantity of ITudnut's celebrated Sachet Powder, and will give a packet, free (either "Violet" 01 "White Lilac," as preferred), (uuanlliir tufficlf-nt to eli«nnt;y i>crrnms Bab) •» oloUilmt for inouthn), to every i,,«i W m wl«>»«ijiiu» t4(bfr tl.liu fur avi'ir'Mitilj - " tfiia Illinois, fc»lr wmih'f, (il.-i,»t,nUli<iri> J>iiu ww.ulur ^ irui T SA ^»*"it MU marl} imU tu fuUuwtii i<ttu 'ii\,,i«| BCrlutlun or 15 mentujt\t this r U . a f i.r a nlii«-lii "coi.y. ,u-a - {.Vofo the. tli« i-oantrv. couu.) Add . wniiia B " pniuiliim," !,ni nl Kli.uily I. mill un In trucln, tin 1 ro- ourailveritaiui; luvurhnn |>jft, ,.r BABYHOOD PUBLISHING CO,, 6 Beekrnan Bt,, N^wYoik, PO not -TOfiJOtiluI fiA&Yit with 11 -i. U u

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