Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 19, 1903 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1903
Page 8
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ mmoolbressmoom f ^ 4t.l^s than fliet wholesale i^groliar, final sale price, L ......,.. 10c *jregtil»f,fi^i^Jlal« price ......... .26c »^:regiilar, final 'sile price ......38c t^'wgiolar, final sale price .......... 65c ^^regniar, final sale price... . .62ic ffiiW) regular, final ealejprice .... .76 2-3c L;Sll2!5 regalar, final sale price... ^.. L .^6c ^1^50 regular, final-sale price!.... .1^1.12 f;i:76 regular, final ealepricie 1.26 regular, final'sale price..... .|1.52i Id In all the latest foreign ahd :^Qme|tl|w^ ii^-final sale^rice.i..:. .\ .. JSJc, ouu reiolai^ final sale priori, j 266^ 50c regular^ final sale price J ... 37ic 76c regular, final sale price .50c 85c reinlar, final saie^rice 65c |1,00 regular, final igalie price. 76c 1.26 reguiair, final sale price : .86c 1.50 regular, fiual sale pijice $1.12 1.76 regular, final sale price 1,26 2,00 regular, final sale price ..... .$1.52^ Black ahd G>Ibts y^Hl be Qift on our cofiiitefs and sold of Cost f7Ji»n^ft: Fflinnnel WaistUigs NoW For Choice Bargains { 5pc reguljjry final sale price.. .1,.. .33 l-3c 76c regular,ffin^l sale prfoe.. . .1 .p2ic 85c regular," final sale price 62 Jc These beautiful waistlngs are the choice^ bargains in the house W5 1: • / \ - 1- 1 »^ -4 Fancy French fiinghatns 15cforV.'i\)ic 20cfor.. .16c 25ofor. ..17c Ttin dfr Nortfs i2icfor..8ic iB08kea|[ Giiig- haiDs 8 l-3c for 6io Percales 7ic for.. .5 ^0 10c for.. .7 ||C 12 ^0 for 9 34c 15c forl01-2c White goods all that's left regardless of cost. Cheviots Bleached l^astlake and -ISC . Unbleached per yard all go at net for whole falctory IOC t 1 prices while they last. 30 pieces fancy silkoline regular price 15c Q Vln ' all go for !.....; .... y ^'^^ Crettpnnes and Denums at net cost Ladies Onderwear lo iBslii aod Koit The stock 'is such that it might be disappointing to quote prices as the sales in this department are immense closing ot quotatio ns every day. . Si- i I 'lladies Wrapjpers. What there's left at prices what- i (erer you think is right. If your size •i» here the price will bo low enough. ^We must sell 'Em, and will sell 'em r^fl^ardlesa. ojt what they cost.: i Ail sizes, but only a few of a size. The -ficBt jComewlU d^t the bargains Aoj^best choice. ' i Notions. Suninier Wash Goods at Sing Song Prices. All New Goods 5c regular, final sale price 3 ^0 7ic regular, final sale price 5c 8ic regular, final sale price Go 10c regular, final saleiprice .......7i 12 ^0 regular, final sale price....... 8c 15c regular, final sale price lOJc 16§c regular, final sale price 12 ^0 20c regular, final sale price .15c 25c regular, final sale price... 19c 30c regular, final sale price .21c 35c regular, final sale price .. 25c 40c regular, final sale price 29c 50a regular, final sale price 35c 60c regular, final sale pricb....... 42c 75c regular, final sale erice... 50c 85c regular, final sale price ...... .56c $1.00 regular, final saleprice ..... 75c In quoting these prices that the goods will be here more thana few days dissapointments are always the results of delaying. No store in extstence anywhere today will sell you wash goods at such prices. CliRTAINS-Carrying a Very Large Stpck In an endless variety of new designs and weaves. We, axe compelled to slaughter prices without considering cost. 7oo.»-pair for Socapair for I.OOapair for 1.25' a pair for.: 1.50! a pair fot 1.75 a pair for...— 2.00 a pair for 2.25 alpalr for .......571c G8 79c ........99c $1.15 .......1.37i : 1.53 2.50 a pair for., .3.00 a pair for., 3.25 a pair for., 3.50 a pair for.. 4.00 a pair for.. 5.00 a pair tor., 6.00 a pair for . .1.821 .2.184 .2 481 .2.621 . 2 821 .3.871 ..4.23 6..';0 a pair for... 7. GO a pair for 7.50 a pair for 8.00 a pair for 8.50 a pair for 10.00 a pair for 15.00 a pair for.. I It Is simply impossible to quote prices here the immense variety makes it so, but it will pay every lady in Allen County to visit tfais department and get some of the choice things at the lowest prices ever oflerexl for new Cleonltotions worth 100 cents on the dollar anywhere. is Fu(gr Colored Diess Shirts , lliat soli at f1.00, 1.25^ i7r . .1.50.,....:. ..43C ';Tha/Fountain fancy shirts aU,' sizes, regular Jgg $100 shirt. Tbe Celebrated laohattan Shirts fl.50 quality for...... $1.14 2.00 quality for 1.50 2.50 quality for 1.83 This is a snap never to be repeated. ' Unnecessaty^ to qoote prices tfiey are selling fast. The greatest of Shoe Departments in lola. The well known makes in this department need no recommendation from os; the people know them. Hosiery«-An Every Day Necessity Hisses Black and Colors sizes 4 to 9i lOcfor 7 l-2o 15cfor ..........9 l-2c 25c for 19c 35c lor.... 25c Ladies Blacks 10c for :. 7 l-2c 15c for ...9 l-2c 25 G for 19c Colors and 50c for Fancjs ..38c r>5c for..... .1 .57ic $1.00 for 75c 1.50 for .$1.05: 2.00for.... ]..... 1.33 35c for J 25c Bitty \2%nb&lle Yoti Oan at 'jThese ij^irloes I..- WeWfeh to/SeeiUOorOld Patrons ^ fe ^ i Every t>ay Slaugnteirs Bieacked Damask Table Coyeriog At fabulously low prices. 50c for ...38c 7i5cfor J...650 $t.OO, for ! 75c 81-25 for : .Sfjc Sl.iJO for ..;.$1.0o $1.75 for ..81.2.5 $2.00 for 81.48 Bleached Table Napkins^ $100 per set, for ..; 75c $1.25 per set, for 1 85c 81,50 per set, for 81.05 $1.75 per set, for $1.25 82 00 per set, for ....$1.53 $2.50 per set, for ..81-80 83.00 per set, for 82.27^ «3.50 per set, for S2:43 84.00 per set for f3.12i Mens Neckwear. 25c kind for 50? kind for 75$ kind for... $1,00 kind for - All up-to-date. ;.. .19c ............|8c .'iSc 72i Mens Sox. lOc kind for 7ic 14^ kind for .....lOic ;254Lkind for l!»c- Ind for.. 2.5c kind for .38c mm Mens Collars. New Styles, 15c quality go 9I=2c Mpns Cuffs. •fhe late shapes, best makes. 25(iklndfoi;...;. ...10c atfd Jap Listen i5p regular for Jlc 20c regular for i5c 25c regular for 18c 35c regular for. .25c 59c regular for.... .. 32c 50|?rtigtillar for .39c 60 (5 regular for ........ .47ic 756.regular for.. ^...... .55c X ± Not Many Mote ices 111.

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