Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1912
Page 4
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/ me Iolil)%ily Re^^ :T»»1l«i«t>«Uy:iUcoria «Bd tiM Itta Dally .issnre co. Prea. and-KdlUict • Ctaaa Hatter. ' AArtMalaiC Ratca Mada Known on AppU* > . - . - cation. . i #a9w County. :«UMCmPtlON HATBC, 85 ?SJ S!SL,««;;::::::::::U:» .Dapt.. Ml FI«Wii» - "SoppoUn* flab don't 4>tte at firat. • What.are yon gotn' to do? • Thbw down your pole, chuck out your ; bait. . -aay'your. fiabin's through ? Ti)u* ain't, you're goto to bait. And fiah, and fish, and wait. Until you're catched a baaketful. Or uaed up all your baft t'SuppoaIn' aucceu don't come at. firat, , tnuU-are'you goin' to do? Throw np the aponge and kick yotir- aelf, ' And growl, and fret, and stew? .Ton bet you ain't, you're goin' to fiah, . And bait and bait ag'in. • Vatil Bucoeas holda on your hook, Etor irit ia aure to win." -irCharlea: H. Meiera In Farm and RtAne. A statement byi linon'church tha bred-the eI«fctIoi^ the h<>ad of the Mor. he personally tav- , of Mr. Taft is proof poBitlve' to - the "Square Deal'i press tUtt Taft Carors bigamy and its hor. rara. But Roosevelt can urge Perkins, to battle for him and I any than who finds fault, with Perklna because of hfs affinity - for trusts, is too pin- beaded to be considered. It must be anuudngly comfortable to believe that :fbU /Can .do no wrong and that everybody else is chock full of original Bto. • The Hepnblicans of Manhattan, as- aerting that many preaefnt-day leaders of the.Hepnblican party tn this stat<> gnlhird ti leir -places by deceit, hare re- •oIt«d. that they will work for the elebtkm of Mr. Taft, and that no Republican is under any obligation t6. TPte 'fbt apy "political hypocrite'^ run. nlpg. on-tHftRppubllc»n. ticket who is. (^posiog.tho olectlon of Tsft- .>.n..: -• . ^ ,.t,C.^iLitUe Is.candldAte Tor eount)r> atibmy: in: Jo)>nsbB -cpivLty; and - is aU- isafBt ^ei ^f. a very, ybting aon. He re^ c^AtlTrdiA^Tered that the two oecu- li^iUim^ ,are not incompatible, aa the> son is IttllM to ajeep fiiCgiisally when th«. 'father f .practices a 1 campaign ajiiecbh btt .bim.- • iPwaident Taft ln ~a~8p ««ch'the oth-\ er' sight urged Republicans not to" V(D !teihe.'t>^ocratic ticket in order t&j d«CeMXfiierthird party. He expressed? copfljInBce that there la not the'alight.i est.'eh 'linpe of the third party ^a success .«t-lh«-i>pHs. A'.neiiinatJohal'holiday to be called? A^orfeaa-Iiidi^-ttarihaa beea.sug-:': •aa ^ad, fi/iA the- entertainment feature w^wi^M .assured if lie day -wwe made oi4B:frhen-aIl Indians would do a day's •w4Hii'':-M 9»tt£rs stand Poor Lo has iio>.;Wprk-.t<) taka- a holiday from. - - - ^OoTernqr; Stubba fixes-October 9 asVOeoitra! Cl«aB-up ' Day." saya; a beiifd]}]ii^;bnt the goremor shonld not betsniptijMd if he finds on November ^ thai "ii "large number .of people did tii^oleai({ng.up the'^ day before.' CJilcagD Record-Herald: Hair began to spront on the head of an Arkansas jnan after he had been badly frightened^ This is not the first case, however, in which a bad acare bias raised the hair on a man's head. • . TAF^ GOOD RECORD. . New .York Sun: Frop the heighu bf--his'majeatic intellect, the Hon. HtraBi Johnson, Riensi of the Golden Gitif. looks down on Mr. Taft. ."noliU- eaily thenost pitiful figure in bur pp- lltlba} history." ' i i^lQiat mak^B Mr. Ijatt the rn'ost pit- l/ol political figure? V ^B'It to have passed the Jetterson- Iqii. examination? Is it to have been honest.' able, and faithful to the Con- -M ^l&nmt. It doM _ dnr- vQi: c «a bo.. J;, « 'lo theImst drop: Uonid aed pMla^ '—f absolmeiy •» wiute; ao dast ar 'oo cerroer suMMr 'a worth. - -MMtaMtoaaraaMuiMCM M -*a M >.«>4 iu« tlac,»«rtc " " " i-w«iea. Stove Polish stitutloii? Is it to have continued and carried out within the forma of the law whatever was aane and deairable in tfae poiicle8 ,-ot.Theodore Rooaevelt? Is it to nave reduced so far as the recommendations of tfae ' execi tlVe could reduce the spendthrift, reel less extravagance of Congress? Is it to have given the United S ates an adminiatration competent. Intelligent, thoroughly progressive? Is it to have achieved ihrough the courts those prosecutions of violators of the Sherman act that Mr. Tatt's predecessor effected mainly with his everlasting lungs, a ikindly hand ai- i^ays reaching behind hia back for friendly contributions' and supporters? Is it td have made, the White House, a placeof dignity and diatiTJctioir, and not an. exhibit of the Midway Plals- ance a^d''-annez of Bedlam.? Is it to have .bei?n-8 cbnatitutional and limited ruler, not a Bysantine autocrat? ' la it to have been faithful, loyal, modest; an intellect and not a voice, luielly pursuing amid.the meaneat treachery of old friends and as^ocl- atee the path of honor? Is it to have been straightforward ainong ^the crooked ? Ia it to have been patient under auch absolutely causelcaa calumn/ as haa not been uttf-rcd against a presidont iince the days of Aurora? ' OPEX LETTER TO MR. C.IFPER. J. 3L wnUaseB, of Wdda Is Warm Dadnr the Collar. / Welda, Kans.. Sept. 28. 1912. Editor ,Regi8ter: Will you please' puUIsh the- foIlcPwing«£ommunication whl^ I have Ubeledf^An I Open U>t- t^Ho Arthur Capper.f. and obVge the writer? ,i "Mr. Arthur Capper. Topeka, Kans. "Dear Sir; I am in receipt of yours of the'-24th inst., asking me to support you on the Republican ticket for Governor in November. Tour request, it seems .to me is absurd. I have alwaya voted the straight party tlcket until two yeara ago when I began .to aee where this Insurgency and Socialism that is rampant in the Republican party, would lead us to if we did not dp something -to overthrow such Traitors as. we have in the party today. You have aeen fit to line up with. the enemiea of the Republican party«. You have openly favored the electoral ateal and have done more than any other man in Kansas to destroy the party. I expect to go to the polls on November Sth and vote for Gjeo. H. Hodgea. for Governor; as many thousands: of other loyal Republicans will do. . ,"In 1898 the Demperatlc party had the aame kind of Calamity Howlers that we have today in the Republican _ _ P|rty, and tbey are still doing buai- irstrl 'ke 's 'wme of ur, ILmay strike'aWs. *9d the p. O p. will be doing mahy:°bf us; that the s«ise of Justice' btieiMM "«fa8i> the Bull Moose party ir and fair play is not yet desd among forgotten: \merican8. The Hiraim Johnsona and tha other shrieking derviahes of the Mshdi of Oyster Bay posses the hir. But there is such a thing as overdb- ing It It ip not Mr. Taft that has '-hanged sln^e Mr. Roosevelt so justly t'ralsed. Mr.- Roosevelt wants the Job. That i» all-there is to it. He win not get it.-- He may present Mr. Taft from setting it again. But Mr. Rooaevelt. with all the inexhaustible dischsrgp cf-his-; gall ;.snd all the patter of his ;uirasites^J<»niiot pre.vent the ,bober part of the^'Amirican people. Republicans or Oemncrats. from acknowledging that ^William Howard Taft is lit *o,be preddrnti apd if Mr. Taft. loses the prteideney-he.cuinot lose the re- si.-ect pf'liiii.-countrymen. He Is s man of -trtifli, Qt .TectUude,.<rf honor. "Now Mr. Capper..I cannot support any roan sailing under false colors MHiy don't you go oyer-on the Bui! MoQse ticket where you belong, anp take Stubbs, Jackson, Brady, Murdoch Ingialls, Akers and ail the enemiea of l^fl, and the Republican Proaperity with you? I am sure you would do the Republican party a great favor, I am yours respectfully,. "J. M. WILKINSON, Welda, Kas.' PERkl>8 HIS ntDLDREX. "George W. Ferklns, -representative of ° the" trusts that are financing'the Roosevelt cam'paign, says .he is Sui>- liortlng the third term candidate "bc- c&uae .he ..h£S ehUdres." Senator DixpiB testified - under oath yesteidar that* George W. Feriiias contributed .''aeven of eight times? to the JRoosevtlt.cannMfign for 'noBuna- tioh; .in fart;: said Dixon, "wb^^ier, I got desperately hard up I went back to Perkins?' '.And Perkins always responded. Having Children, how r6uld he do otherwise? Here are some of the trusts an'd corporations (children?) ,with which Mr. Perkins is officially-connected: • .' • i''- Director of the United SUtes Bteel Corpbroflon. i " f \ ' Chairman of finance committee and Clrectbr of '^International Harvester Company:,'* ' Director of Astpr Trust Co.,: Director of .bankers* Thist.Cb. Dhrector '(tf- Cincinnati, Hamilton .& Dayton BaljOroad Company. Director'Krii» Railroad Co. Direi;tor German-American . Insurance Co. •.." •-, , Director German Alliance I'nsurance Company. • • \ Director International Mercantile Marine Ca ' ' . Director Marifuette * Beasemer Dock and 'Kavigatibn Co. ' Director of National City Banl of New York. ' Trustee of, New York Trust Co. Director of Northern Pacific Railroad Co. Chiirmaa^of Board, Pere Marquette iUUrpad €te.—K.- C. Journal. TALK V ERSUS''FB .icticE. SiM* Prbaldeht -Taf t took ofllce a cbminission- has conddered and repotied'ai: blirTor-wbrkingi ^en's' Insurance which has- ^cceBsfuUy pasMd one -hbiia^)iJa|;.'Congress. There -^tii been iilidHA'««ltatto^ of the tuifl;| - "''^li; a view to aibbIition--of' 'worst abuses.' The .civil servfiie' j &P«i »^mttch sbengtbei^ and fsjr ^KdSer bbserjed than und^r ^ ^ ^ ^ r .r^.. '-itetratlon. A dtUdr &«ai' jereated.'^.aiui 'ea^^lboUas t^ a^: Bete seC. oif.'fbbt.' irisit'^beeit.iii ; SOMEBODY ELSE THERE. .One night a man heard a racket ou' about his chicken coop bnd, going tr the'coop called out: i-^Who's in there?" A .wee, small voice answered: "Tbaint'nobbdy haar. boss, but Jest lis chickens." . Mr.^Roosevelt is trying to per8uad< the people that nobody but genuln< refbrmers are in the Bull Moose movement but there are voices comiuf from the coop that sound mighty much Uke'the voices of the Harvester Trust and Steel Trust-^Leavenworth il^mes.. . . TO SICK WOMEN ThouMiMbHaTeBeaaHdiiied By Gominoir Sense Suggesfiont. - .Women tsuerinc IMn any form of fe- aialff 'Ula are invited, to nommmiicaU promptly with the woman'sittivateeoBe- spondedce department of the Lydia EL Finkha&M 'edicJne Co., il^nn. Msss. Your letter will be opened, te ^d.and aiswartd by a WDDD ^ and held in MHct cbBfldsBce.- A womnn can freely talk irf her^pritall Olness to a woman; thus has been estibHshed ia confidential corre- ssondeitM .w hi ch.h as extended over inuqr yeara' and wbUih hu nerer been bfoken./N «ver hive: they pabUshed * teatimaaUl or uaed • fetter withovt the written eoesent of the writer, and never has the CoraiMBy 4^^"^ l ^'M 'b conSdeo^ tial lettxn to getbnt of ttdi'posiSBsion, M tiie handzeds of tbousiads of tiwm in thtirfitawm^ttest •O&x/i tiie Taai;TOhmM ,of ssperienee wfaldi thv .bava tbdr»W fedn, it iB mors tBaa tKNMfiile that they poaseBa tfaeivwy kaowkdlsFitaedeaiii yoor ease. . Nbth^ int ii iak«din rstnm' exeeitt your good trill. Mia: their Udvieji has he^tina- idndB. .:.-8drsty any .wfanaib ildk or pooci. siMiildlte ^cUd «>-• tftk • adnataBSi.'oC^ SWEDEN SETS V: S.>Pjgatift^iB)p AliPLE, SATS FB0V^9K. liJM U BMCCWMIT D «iittB D^lynid Lewctvd BIrtti Bate Spell Tm. \ ble Fejr Us. Indianapolia. Ind., Oct . 3.— Jrirtng Fiaher, profesaor of political economy at Yale UniTersity, today told deie>{ gatesyto the National ConBervation Congrass that the newspapers, the 1n- suranep companiee and'the Federal govemtaient were the three great ag- escies to iwhieh the people of the <^ttn try-must look for the aarinr of human life. '• • I Aa a firat step in the great- work <rf human . conservation. Prof.' Fisher urged the establishment of-an «de- qufcte system of eollectlng and distrib. iiUng vital statistics similar to the system in use in Sweden. Prof. Fisher said in part:> "Probably the greatest hygienic achievement of any country thus far iB that of Sweden, where the duration of life is the longest, the mortality thp least and the Improvemeats the most general. There alone can'It be aaid that the chances of life have .been improved for air ag«s of life.-" v "Infancy, middle age and old. «ge today show a lower mortality in Swed en thaii in times past, while in other codntries, including the United SUtes, although ^e can bo&st of some reduction in infant mortality, the mortality after middle a'ge is growjng worse'bpd the innate vitality of the people is, in all probabUKy deterioraUng. "Jn the United States public health has been regarded almost exclaslvely as . a matter of protection against germs; but protectioa jigainst germs while effective in defeadUig us from plague and other epidemics of acute diseases, is almost-poVerlesB to pre;vent the chrb'nlc diseases of middle and late life. . "These maladies—Bright's 'disease, heart diseaae. nervous breakdowns.— are due primarily to unhygien^ic personal habiu. ... ^ • "Medical inspection and inatruction in schools, as well as Swedish gymnastics have alded^gFeatiy In'thetnua- cnlar developniiut^of the .ci^i^ena of Sweden. Swedl^nard braird kks*pre served their teeO, The Gbthehbbrg system Is graduglly .weanlpg thfm from alcohol. Tlere has eVer beeii a strong movement agaiiskt the use of tobacco. "There are three great agencies to which We must look for the saving of human life <in the future and-it has been the object;lof the Commltt^ee of 8ne Hundred o« NaUonal Health, of which I am pr «Bidfbt to help stir these th^ agMicies into activity in thlB country. They are the public press, the^ Insurance companiea and the government^ "A few years ago popular articles on public health were seldom seen because the public and the press thought the subject of disease uninteresting and repulsive. Today, on the other hand one can scaroely^pick up a popular magasine without find* Ing. not only one but sever*! ariieles dealing with questions of public health. "Life insurance companies can save money by preventing .death' Just IS fire , insurance companies • have saved money by preventing -fires' and steam boiler insurance 'companies have saved money by preventing exr :)iosions. '"We need national depaitinent of health or a department of la)K>r 'which ahall Include in its cqieraubhA the conservation of human life. V. "We need first of 4II, to do what Sweden has done ftor a hundred and fifty years—namely, to eatabUsh pro^ pe rvitsi statistics. "Vital statistics are the book-keeping of health. At present only a-little over half the popniatipp pf t|ie United States has statistics, on its deaths. -"Four years s;go as a men^ber. of. Prestdent/Itobsevelt's Qenservatlon Commission. 1 endeavored'to report 3n the condition of our national vi- alily. ' "I found that out of som^ 1,£0»,000 leathd annually in the United States^ at least 630,000 are preventable. Of heseipreventable deaths, the greater number are from seven causes. These )cyen causes include three great d!s- ;a8ee of infsncy. typhoid fever, which isulaly makes ita attack in the twenties, and tuberculosis, accidenta in in- Instry and iteieumouia which, come lathe thirtiea. "Now 630,0^3 unneces'ary deaths per year n^eans over 1.700. unnecessary deaths per day or more than the lives loat in the Titanic disaster. ^The popular imaglnaUon -was Jeeplyatirred by the image of 1,600= helpleas human lives suddenly en- jttlfed in mid-qpean: It'lead jnediato action on both aidea of'the A^lantio to sateguald^linman life at isa. Yet on- land We lost thr^ hun-' dred and sixty-five times aa vmaay Uvea as this evwy year. ^ ."One of the-moat encQuragiac'.symp^ .toms' of progress lithe great'.^atten- Uon being paid to pubic health'in'the preaent political, campaign, .Alt three of the party platforms' included planfca in behalf of public health." BIG EWROLLMEXT AT EMFOBIA. Xekrly S^aiHitB Bewiy for Ike ' Hpraai Tera.' Emporia. Kaa., Oct S.—The enroll'i fflent at the Kaasas State Kormal haa 'practic«Uyr been iepoipt^ed'. aild' the: flgureg.given out; byr1te )^i&«r'.Wf. S 6H aixler, show an;lacre«»"vbvflr:.l«rt;' year atrtlih-corrup ^au ^'tlme;': ^The iotal eataloaae:^nirolIment to •'date: which began' with the Bu«iiiier term 'a Juae fii ^m or200'laexe«Bg bC lait! year. - Tbbsb - figurea 'are ^aeltlBlve -of f apileatibil^-TNe 1«i«e Jaei««i«Fls'dife —- eniollment "*• •*—«»*^>^*' ^terte to New~;Tbrk and there is ttne miillppiaes: aid' oae "from 1^. Increase ia atadenta from ... tieb and coUcami i« a aotable fiiet ^rJadleaitlBs the ctaMbfif atadeuta whiok the 'labnasl H " fhi|^ -prefereaee' w1 adt^ to state lb aa turaf. The Methodists lead, thb: Baptists aecood, tUe Presbyteriaas; third bad Cbrlstiaas fourth.-' .ln.-^irvthwe ar» tt denomlaatioas .iiid MSJ ^f leeeand. Stndeata are -beiag e led ^ery day aad they are upected; eoatlane to come ia all year: "rtie .largest earoUmeat is expected for the sprtoic term. BI GENOIKES FOB THE KATT. Fifty XevBia ef Xedera Tyae te jilaecf Sulier Leeefeieilves. ' In order to take care - of the increased bbsineas in their territory, the U. IC * T. railway has plap^ aa order for 50 of the Mogul type eaglae. The Mgines are the. most modem pf their style, are auper ^heated and of. large tonnage carrying capaoitr.. ' The Katy haa also piaieed an order for five chair can, three eombinatiba coach aad mail cars, three dining cars three (combination baggage and mail cara, ten baggage cars and three pos-. tal cars. The chair cara are of an entirely new pattern, with seating capic ity of 72 persons, equipped with el^- tric llghta and ftos. The dining cara are also of <- new type aad wUUaccomodate 36 persons. A feature! of these cars is that there is no platfohn,the body^of the cars lending even with the sills. ' The smoking compartments: will be eliminated in the new chair cars making these essentially "ladies' cars," aad providing exceptionally pleasant Bccbmodations for ladies traveling alone and ail other first class passen- geii. -f-Mra. T. A. Town. 107 «th St. Water- toWn. S. D.. writes: "My four children are subject to hard rolds and I always use Foley's Honey and Tar Con?- pbund with splendid resulta. Some time ago I had a severe' attaclc of la grippe ai^ the doctor prescril>ed l<o- ley's .Hpaey and Tar Com^und and lit boon .overcame the la grippe. I. can always depend upon Foley's Honev and Tar Compound and am sure of good results." For sale at Burrell's Drug Store. Henry Slater, 'a fanner from Kins- ley/Kanaaa,. and Miss-Ida Lemmohs went to Hutchinson to' get married, and when they arrived they confessed to the hotel clerk that they didn't know a soul in town. Seven traveling men, learning of the need of a "^best man" threw dice for the honor and J. O. Foushell, of Kansas City, won and acted. Revolver Ti»k«*i«*au.M.ct«te MUCK and Ptstiol Cartridges -rrhovod ball bra «j1k eboaea by the nUjortiy' Al fevolver. *od «a«i|.. pUtol experts becaaae *S»y know thot— I . Ibe i«nliioi> is prompt, uoilprm and me, the aceuifabV ia guaranteed by reoorda lu ISO WgrM'aUiaor TtnMy-FMShot H M*! hMord I M M Cy C ^orSa Ajnuuwi. KO,.:. \ Laac MoraainBa. .«ass^^ World** Ctaad AurcOM ladiridiul Record h;M hy A. P. taM. MOT* 12X. Warld'kMaiunr iUoard KcU by Ssnael Pcteraoo. >oarc | 2IS aa 2SB. all made with /?emuig(an-t/ilfCainiDunilioa' leadnitoa Anu-DaJoo Uelallic Ctt<ri<ije Ca. *fc'- <^Mr. Jas. V. Churchill, 90 Wail St., Auburn, N. Y.. has been bothered wit!) serious kidney and bladder trouble ever alnce he left the army, and sav!>: "I decided to try Foley Kidney iillu as they had cured so many people,nn'l Ij soon found they were Just the^inR. My kidneys and bladder, are again in a-healthy condition. I gladly reco i- mead theal" For sale at Burrell's Drug Store. " 'Harry J. Bone, U. S; District Attorney., who has just returned to Topeka from a trip through the east. tP.uching Chicago. Cincinnti. New York and Washington, declares that be found Roosevelt aentibient on the w^ne and TUt sentiment gaining. He says he made diligent inquiry. In l«sw<:York he fonnd that the Bull Moose party had been dubbed the •?Bttm Bteer" party. Almost coincident with the seemingly Inspired transfer of Editor Borin, of MooSer pfoclivities, to a new field of labor in the Fourth Congressional district, comes the announcement that a 'Wichita newspaper man has bought the Standpat Anthony Republican' and will change it to a Mooser paper. The people are going to be allowed to rule if it takes sev-' eral Imrrels of money. —J. G. Criswell, a painter llvin.;.:.! 540 North Mulberry St.. Hagerstown Md. states: "I had kidney trouble with a severe pain across my twck, and could hardly get up after sitting down. I took Foley Kidney Pills and soon found the pain left my bacx. I could get up and down with ease, d the bladder action was more regular and normal." Try the. '^or sale at Burrell's Drug Store. A Canadian dope letter asserts that arrangementa are being made to colo­ nise a considerable number of Oer- mani Swedish and Norwegian settlers from Kansas and adjacent states on "free lands," each settler being required to have at least 92,000. That ia pretty stiff competition for the un- lllled lands of the Western United. States. • which he asks the old geq^leb^ :tp send him some' ''tiie coatithere Is high." > This should interest ail-tof us who are talking so much about the^ H. C. of U .to ieom that the peopib tamed in the JBible foij their: garrut- ousness suffered from the same eyil. —When you have a bad ^cold you want' the best medicine obtainable so aa to cure it with as little delay as possible. Here is a druggist's opinion: "I have sold Chamberlain's'- Cough Remedy for fifteen year^," says fhtoa Lollar of Saratoga, Ind., "abd coastder it the best on the market." For sale by ail dealers..: —Mrs. Peter Holan. 11501 Buckeye! Rd. Cleveland, O., says: "Yea. mde^ I' caa recommendi Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. My little boy had a bad case of whooping cough some '(men be was blue in the face. I K)>.ve him Foley's Honey and'Tar Compound and it had a remarkable effect aud cured him in a short time." Contutos no harmful drugs. Burrell's Drug Store. A letter written on a brick 900 to 1,000 years before Christ has been deciphered by a Chicago professor, who says it is a note from a youth attending school in Babylon to his father in A rope tied between the ^ifjpa np- righu of the superstruc^ne:':'df r a bridge near Coiumhps .ne^irl'y'Wre ^ed. a motor: party, thougit t&ey ,,Shw.'it and stopped|c£]y.-The rope had apparently b«en tied with ^'e object of injuring tbe^ mbtc^Jsta,', "'. " ." • —If yon have younK "chttdrenV {ou have perhaps noticed that ^fsoid^ts of the stomach are their inost coh ^mon ailment To correct.Wsj^^wiO tbd Chamberlain 's S«iiiv%feh ~.vr -i^id Li^er Tableta excellent nThenslre'^asy'iuid pleasant to take, kbd^ld^ gentle in effect. For sate ;^6j^£;d^I^r8. ^ . V l ^wrenceOazb ^^lBfiWtJ. dry- an declares th'at^WI^^ 'is iH>iil|t to carry every itate Jiir.i&e PBipn.^at one. he says, wMl goto eithbr .Tiift or Roosevelt Funny-'bbbut4i'?p^edlctibn of that kind, coibiit^-^ itdbeit^ijbm a man who is a tbttbt^ley.--- "• X Mr. Hedges, who was nopiinated 4^or. governor by New .York'^ Repi(b|{y|ras. stated an obvious/act. isehlLly.'wh'eg'be declared that the.rb . wi^ .rebaqi}: .to, suspect the motives.'o^ any mani^ ba the plea of a "square-^dbaT' ini^tf on. doing all the dea^ling.. ' Get the Regl8teiv/«!l^£:'Ali.'ha^t In Our Towii AND HE WAS WONDROUS WISE— YOU COULDN'T FOOL HIM, OH NO! He had drank coffee for years. Coffee didi't hurt him. But The Bump Came Many a man is pretty sure that while coffee may hurt othefs it don't Kuirt him—till the bump comes. But when headache, frazzled nerves, an irritable heart, indigestbn and sleeplessness begin to "get him," he's apt to look around for a reasoiC. ' • - -Tt> i:.r i. ' • COMES A -mtB ,V., ,i : When CoiTee SkbwB'WiMit.KrBM.]I^B|, pThe reason is plain when a change is made from coffee ta ' . This'pleasanj^ table drink much resembles real Java coffee in flavour, but is free from **caffeine** (the drug in coffee) or any . other barmfuliabstance.- '1 Postum, made from choice Northern X . wheat iaild the juice of Southern ^gkr cane, ^' has put many foi:mer cof f ee drmkei^ on the KoadtoWellviUe. 1 •^Of tate ytata >eoiree^«aa.4||ip«r(>ed with me,",writes a friend^ironLRome..-. N.Y. .:'...^ .r \ . • \. • , "Ita Ughtest punlshmeML ^lBg^ to make me 'loKy* and'4izxy..M |H :BMPl- ed to thlckefa my blood. 'T, |r "The heaviest .wM.#lieiiittLttPsetJny . stomfcch'tbompletely. i estaN >y |I^: mCap petite and naklnf me nerrbaa and R H- table, and sent me to'bedl' Aftei^'pae of^ these attacks, in whTcli.-InMrly lost myjife. I concluded%t'Q>.;qulvt!'b coffee and try Postum. v-.i. . "It went right to the spof. I. tAdd' • not only a moblt palatable and retnsh: ing beverage, but a fobd^bb welf "A 11 my; ailnienta. thb-^ _ dizztnes^- the nasatisCactmy < , _ of lny^bl9od..niir ^^BervonBneB8 .au|.'^- ritabllltyidissapbned luvslrarf^&fitt-.. and, nur..sorely afflicted;4itbpoa^^Ji>e- - gan quickly to recover. WMJgtit^^t-.. build aad.have steadily c(Uitiaa«$^-' v m n^w:f^JHavje.a:gboC^PI^it4ifc«^ >: am. rejoiciac^ia: aosmd Xb «ltik ^«UBb. ' owe to^the Use of Ptwtaiua:'' l«b*iM»'rfv-» i ea- tnTp'as^iila.Co^ :SpliLbrC Mill.

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