Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on August 28, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1889
Page 3
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i : Mpp/>flp»c; 9 i v ci. \*» 11 w o y Etc ., Don't Look at!-Me. but Evening Gazette. TH« Bvnrara OAzvm o&n be bad stall the newiitandi. Prioerwo OMHTS. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Tonight. Abraham Encampment, No. 49, I. O. 0,F. "Sterling Camp.No. 12,M. W. A. —More dust than tliere is at present, we seldom have. —Mr. John G. Manahan Is at DeKalb on business today. —The camping parties on Rock river have about all broken up. —Samuel McAdams, of the Chicago News, is spending a weekjiere. , —City Attorney L. T. Stocking, of Morrison, was in this cloy today, —Mr. and Mrs. T. Y. Shannon have gone to Albany to attend the fair. —Mrs. Gristle has returned here from Fremont, Neb., nnd will reside here. —Misses Edith Tracy and EdllU Gait have returned home from a visit to Sisters' Lakes, Mich. —Mrs. Taylor, residing on 5th avenue, has been quite 111 since last Friday, when ahe had a stroke of paralysis. —The cut stone for the new Wallace school building is here, and the construction work will progress rapidly now. . • —It was Mr. M. Kanally instead of Mr. M. Seanlan.wno is one of the bondsmen of Klfe & O'Uoarfe, the sewer contractors. —Mrs. Josephine Shively and children, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. W. H, Howard, left today for her home at Teoriu, —Fulton Journal: Sterling has not built the new dam, but it has a dam site and more push, and is constructing —Mrs, Ge i. \Voods haa returned to her home in Mendotn. —The Jenny & Graham ball club of Chicago, is making things lively for the S'erling clnb toihiy. —An enst bound freight train at Fulton last evening, scared i\ horae. which crossed the trnck in front of the engine, find it threw ita rider and fell on him, breaking his leg. —Lewis Johnson, of the tile works, has gone on a week's tour of recreation arid pleasure to his home in Racine, Wi8., and will possibly spenta few days at Milwaukee encampment before his return. —Prof. J. E. Harlan and wife have been visiting Mr. J. V. McKtnny and family for several days. They have been spending the summer at. Ocean Grove, New Jersey, and are on their way to their home at Mt. Vernon, Iowa. —Quite a number of parties have already taken advantage of the offer of the electric light company to have wires for .electric lights placed in their places of business and residences, without cost. The electric lights will no .doubt be quite generally used, as they give-so much better light and make the stores and streets look so much better. About the 20th of September it is expected to have the plant in full operation, and tke whole city lighted by electricity. —The Academy of Mualc opened for the season last night with a fair audience. Thearle & Cooper's "Michael Strogoff" gave good satisfaction. The scenery was the best ever seen here in connection with this interesting play. Some of the features of the entertaln- ment,including the music and the dancing, were excellent, while others were just a little old. The drill by Kate Baker's band many liked better than a ballet. . " —Miss Mary Nixon the accomplished daughter of Wm. Penn Nixon.of the Inter-Ocean, who is enjoying her vacation from Smith College, together with Miss Kisser with whom Miss Emily Gait made the tour of the continent and who has been spending a year or more -in Germany—prosecuting-her studied, nro tho, gucsto of Miss Emily Gait together with Mr. George Gait, son of Hev. ThomasGaltof Aurora.lll^ who is enjoying his vacation from 1'rinceton College. They are haying a good time, enjoying a feast of reason and How of soul. —The fire alarms called the lire department to the round house of the C. A N. W. railroad this morning about 7 o'clock. Some of the railroad em- ployes discovered lire in one of the sections of a long shed at the rear of the round house and began pouring pails "of water on it without doing much good. This shed is divided into rooms and one of these was filled with waste, rags and oil for burnishing engines. The fire originated by spontaneous combustion in this room, and the llamas soon reached the roof of the electric lights and electric street railway. —Mr. J. J. Miller is about to erect another brick dwelling on the lot adjoining the place where he is now having a brick house built. This is on 3rd avenue. —The funeral of the infant child, Nellie, of John Cunnlff, of Hume, was held yesterday, and-the remains were laid away in the Catholic cemetery iu this city. —It may not be noticed by the_casual observer, but it is a fact that there are few residences In this city that have not bad. some improvement made upon them this year. , The same In Rock Falls. —The funeral of brakemau John Lee was held this afternoon from St. Patrick's church. Lee's usual run was with Conductor Carey, but on Monday ho was on a special freight train in charge of Conductor Lane. —"Wanted: More lounging places, as the door ways and railings on the business streets are insufficient to accommodate all who wish to engage in the business." Tne above was sent in by a rady who has been annoyed by loafers. —There is a perfect warfare against oottonwood trees la this city, especially in the eastern part. Every one should be cut down, and all other shade trees on the streets should be trimmed high enough BO that the electric lights may cast their rays over greater space. —Charley Bissey, of Jordan, writes from Seward, Neb., where he thas a farm, that corn looks fine there, but is green and not yet out of danger of troat. A few more weeks of warm weather will causa a large yield there, as It also will here. —Blfe & O'Roark began today with men, teams, plows, scrapers, etc., upon the sewer work. They began at the point where work ceased on the brick sewer OB Av.euue B, between the "Q" tracks, on' Depot street, as It is called- They have a large force, and Intend to prosecute the work as rapidly as possible, consistent with good work. —The Sterling Hods goose-egged the Rock Falls Bluea yesterday. Eddie Haberle pitched for the KecU while the Bluea had three different twirlers. Ona of the Bluss' pSayew, a Wallace school graduate, favorably known in t**e b*U circles, was quit* desirous of getting at leaat ouu BUM* aerosa th* (time ptete. imti tb* «*? be Ik Witti C8«* RWA «* *>***» »*»* shed. The firemen soon had streams of water playing on the dames and upon the waste; and In a short time extinguished the blaze. —The following programme will be carried out at the Sunday school convention to be held at Lyndon next Sunday, Sept. 1st: 10:30 a. m.—"The Ideal Sunday School," paper by Miss Elsie Gould, of Chicago. "How Improve the 8. S. for (*) Education (by) Convertion," open cd by N. G. VanSant, O. A. Oliver, T. J. Burchjjnd others at 12 m, _ A children's meeting'conducted by H.K. Hos 7 tetter. EVENING SESSION. „ 7:30—"How to teach the S. S. Lesson," Prof. Miller, of Morrison, and G. W. Olmstead. "Measure of Teachers Responsibility," Dr. Donaldson, J. P. Overholaer and others. The S. 8. Male Quartette of Sterling will be present at both sessions and help in song. —Dlxon Telegraph:JSunday night W. Wlllnetz, a laborer on the C. & N. W., who boards at the Butt house, south of the depot, was robbed of -about thirty three dollars that he received on Saturday night. Officers Ball and Stainbrook" searched long and diligently about the house for the money without success; but they found a laprobe, which Charlie Ball remembered as bearing the description of one that was stolen last winter from H. Street. It was taken from a buggy at the depot one day last winter, while Mr. Street was waiting for tho passenger train. Mrs.' Butt first claimed that it was purchased in Sterling, .but afterwards stated that her boy Henry found it under Duffy's barn. The affair will probably be explained at the next session of court. —The Dlxon Telegraph says: "Now Sterling Doctors, so we learn from the Gazette, have commenced monkeying with the lamb gland Elixer. 'They injected it into a tobacco sign and it gave a war whoop. Next week the doctors intend to give the old city of Sterling a dose and if it wakes un and shows life we may look upon the Elixir as a miracle inded." Sterling has been wide awake for years and has continued its march of progress steadily and surely. Thousands of dollars go into new lm> provemeata and enterprises yearly, so that the paople here are used to such thiugtt, and the spending of three or foar huadmi thousand dollars in en» ypar in uew Improvements oau««s no particular sensation. At Dlxon, on ac- aaunt of the piac« bating b««u dead for »o SBAOJ deeddws, Uws buiMiag of a 4 a tea tiOstw m tfw !»$<e *** Is —A letter from Milwaukee .says the Sterling people are enjoying themselves hugely. —Mrs. Mott. Knight, of Kansas City, a famous slate writing spiritualist medium, is the guests of friends in this city. . —At the meeting of ths board of trustees of the Northern Illinois College of Fulton, Judge J. i>. Cvabtree, of Dlxon, and Oliver McMahon, of Lyons, were appointed trustees to fill vacancies caused by the death of A. M. Abbott and Leander Smith. W. P. Culbertson was appointed treasurer. —The U. P. road has been experiencing a great deal of trouble of late by reason of the numerous land slides that have been occurring along the line. Their trains have been delayed and in consequence the fast passenger trains on the C. &N. W. have also been delayed. —Consolidation of the C. M. & St. P. and the C. & N. W. is again talked of. It is said that the two roads will pro bably be put under the management of Marvin Hughllt, who is now president of the C. & N. W. One prominent railroad official went so far as to state that the consolidation would be effected within thirty days. —The Boston gentlemen who are building* the electric street railroad in our city are doing so in the faith that Sterling has a prosperous future before her. Let our citizens show them that Sterling will grow in size and wealth. Let everything be done to build up industries that will support hundreds. In live years Rock river should have a hundred more manufactories along its banks, and the city should have 20 000 people. We havs now most of the conveniences of a city. What we need now is more people to complete the city. Instead of looking westward for places to invest capital, let our people Hnd places here. Sterling can be made a profitable place to invest money, if our people would make it so. —The.trial of Frank Maynard for bastardy, which has continued in Justice Goltman's court for nearly three dayn ; jn<l«d o'clock this afternoon. Tho examination of witnesses, of whom there were two dozen, including Maggie Nellen, the girl who swore out the warrant, occupied t^wo whole days. Today, the attorneys made their pleas, State's Attorney Stager for the prosecution and Col. C. L Sheldon and Judge Wolfersperger for the defense. The details of the testimony, as was said before, are unfit for publication. One or parties testified to seeing Mayuard criminally intimate with Maggie Nellen and she claims he is the father of trie child of which she Is destined to become the mother. Mayuard claims that the whole thing is a scheme to extract money from him; that the girl has been Intimate with other men and that he is not guilty of the charge preferred against him. Justice Goltmsn, in view of the testimony given, bound Maynard over in the sum of 8500, to appear before the grand jury at the next term of circuit court. Illnois Htate Fntr, iv ori ., in.. Hep* From .September L'Jiui toaVth, inclusive, the C. !'.. & <}. K. It., will pell rouiid trip tickets from Sterling to 1'enrin for 91'JO; tickets to lie limited for going passage to date i,f sfi!n and limited for return Sept. 2^th, (!2tf Ilock falls, Kept. 10th. (52 tf The bnst carpenters u«e the Kscelsior ! Siding Gnafre nnd Holder. TSipy do better work ami more of it. No null holes made to li* puttli'd up. Sold by .). K. Phillips, Sterling, and MeNitl it Co, Uock Falls. III. Cu t?wed Miss Hose dishing, Hock Fulls, Sept. 10th. C.2 tf l». U . HopUliiHon Will close out his summer foot-wear at cost. Gents'low shoes at 50 cents on the dollar. 15 tf See the new Co. ad of N. Carpenter Miss Hose Gushing, Kocfr Falls, Sept. 10th. «2 tf Momcthlne New In the line of children's and misses' school shoes. Call and see them at 0310 -i'.J. UNKEL'S. Go to the new meat market on West Main street, Rock Falls, for all kinds of meats. Walter Murray. 04-13' Don't forget Sept. 10th. the date, Rock Falls, 02 tf The Conoordln JIuHlc Clnb Will give a dance this evening in the Mannerchor Hall. They will have bquare dances and some round dances. Grand music will be furnished. Everybody is invited. 04-13* For bargains in fine pianos and organs, go to Werntz & Co., Gait House Block. .•-._.._ 03-tf EverjWy Knows That Aiden Benedict is a great actor and carries one of the most elegant Co.'s in America. Notice, The Sterling Gas & Electric Lt. Co. respectfully inform tho public that it is now prepared to wira houses and stores for the incandescent light; and make the offer to all persons subscribing before the completion of the line and plant, that the outfit according to our rules and regulations will be furnished free. For further information call nt our office. • 02 :;."> tf JOHN CIIAHTKR, Sect'y. Omaha Fair Sept. te to O. On Sept. 3d, the C. B. & Q. H. II. will sell round trip excursion tickets to Omaha for one lowest fair for the round trip, plus 25 cents. Tickets will be good going Sept. 3d, returning, ten days from date of sale. dOO w,')5 tf PEOPLE'S COLUMN CP"We will Insert three linea In this col--«d umn one time lor 10 eents, or lor *0 cents a wsok. Knell additional line will be B cents a nlnjle Insertion, or 16 cents a week. The best school shoes Tor children are to be found at 1'. J. Unkel's. 63 tO Bananas 20c per doz,, at Mann'a. 0016 Marks, the Clothes Cleaner And dyer will return about September 15th. 64 tf <:nll Knrly. . Now is the time to get bargains in boots and shoes 1 am selling them cheaper than ever. A full line of all styles. Call and see for yourselves. 03-1(1 • J. 1'. OVEKHOLSBK. You Can't To miss "Fabio Komanio" next Friday evening. Nothing better has ever boen offered the patrons, of the Academy. Notice! On and after September 1st the price of cabinet photographs will be "83.00 per dozen at our gallerys. J.HAYNES, w 04 G ED. C. BIIOWN. WANTKU. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. /in FOR DUE W ANTED--Good girl to work Uoi OUED, Koek Falls. at Brewer 04-18* FOR HALF,. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. I OK HALE-Uood fresli cow. John S. Brown, KnstHoek Fulls.---==•=.-•- Uft-15 F TjlOK BALK—87C acre farm, on bunk of Crystal -C l.akH, Hancock (Jo., Iowa; 25U acres in cultl- vatlim; '.micros of niUIVH llniurr. . Would take Hmall farm In Illinois part paunent. Price, $20 per acre. J. IVScott, Koufc Falls, 111. OM2w35i2' F OB SALK—Two Chicago lots; two lots on Summit Pluce, Sterling, and a barber shop, doing good business. Apply to W. H. Sconold, No. 109 K. 3rd street. Sterling, III. W-lfl F OK BALE—At a bargain—A neat, cottage, new. Also.nfcwlotfl, all nicely loeateit at (ihlriiijo I.UWIU..J J.'..H<!Olt._ltuck l''alls, Ilj. ((i> lilOIt RALE—Nice wardrobe, cheap. Also -C small base burner wood stove. Kuqulre l»I Kast 8th street. U3-U1* GOODS F OK 8ALK-KdlBon'< ejectrlcal 1 do not need It. pen at cost. J. 11. Ilobluson. C3-M« F OB SALE—My house and lot on West Oth Street, between C & L> Avenues; ftjieap If taken soon. K. M.Wright. . («tl« F OH 8AI.E-A bargain donees In 4th waru. In three line resl- Inquire of 1.1. l!u»h. (il-ti FOK HUNT. AND •KOVK FA L, Lit*. -*-Miss Grace llawson is visiting with triends at Lyndon. •i-Mlss Mabel Arey has gone to Chicago to visit her parents. "-f-Mrs. James l-icovllle, of Cbleta, is visiting Mrs. E. C. Winters. -i-Mr. Truman Culver has been quite sick for a week or more, but is able to be out again. -t-The I. O. O. F. and Itebekah sociable at H. P. Price's last night was quite well attended and was quite a success In every way. -t-Ralph P. Coburn.of Oorpus-Christi, Texas, Is visiting his former friend and schoolmate, Principal Maxwell. Mr. Coburn was formerly a Whlteslde county boy, and after graduating at Cbampal«n went into the employ of the Mexican Nat. K. R. Co. lie now has charge of the Co.'s rolling stock supply house at Corpus-Christo. Mr. Coburn has hundreds of friends In thlg county who will be fjlad to meet him again after twelve years' absence. Auction 50 Western mares will be sold at auction . Saturday and Monday, Sept. 7th and Oth, at. one p. m, at the Sterling stock yards. 05 tlO* W. S. STOCKING, Auutr. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. TJ10K KKNT-9 roinn house; Rood cellar. Well Jj and cistern water. Imiuire K. C!. Underwood, llooiu 'i, Acii-leiny of Music. 64 tt rpo LI5A8K—POW>T and room for manufactur- J- Ing purposes. In the building formerly OL'CU- plfd by Church & Patterson. Address If. O. Church, Duluth, Minn. Sl-ta) Refrigerators, ice boxes and gasoline stoves at cost, to make room for fall stock. Crawford Bros. ' Cfi-tO FOK KF.NT Oil HAI/K Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. TO-MORROW-:- Notice tor lllrtw. Bids will be received for the finishing of the third floor of city hall. All work to be done according to plans and specifications now in the hands of city clerk. All bids must be in by 12 H. Monday, September 2nd. The committee reserve the right to reject any or all bids. 055 D.L. MILLEU, Chairman Committee. The Preacher Had illH Way. Yesterday, as tho evening train over tho Norfolk and Western railroad was coming down, a minister on board, who was booked to preach in the coimty a short distance from tho city, approached Capt. Lassitor, the conductor, and asked to be put off at ti crossing where the train does not make u stop, uluting that a carriage was waiting tlu-ro for him. The aunister was pi'i-sistent, but Capt. Lassiter refused, stating that his train was already behind time and another stoppage was Impossible. Tho train had not proceeded a great way wlii-n it was discovered that a passongi'i' coach hau become detached, nnd it wa'H ncccHuai-y for Ilia train to bo backed to' pick it up. It.seenis a little singular that when the car waa reached one of iW platforms wag exactly opposife tho spot wluire tho reverend gentleman wished to got oft — Norfolk (Va.) Lea«er. The reserved seats for diet on Aug. 30. Aiden Bene- P>Olf KENT OK 8ALK.-Type Writers.^ Scales. MUST. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. L OST—Gents' heavy gold plated vest chain with gold ring at end of chain. Kinder leave at Gazette plllce and receive reward. us-tf BOABUlNtt. B OARDING.— Nicely furnished ro'.m, with board for two gentlemen, ut Mrs. M. H. ' Krelder's, Second Ave. M-tf FINANCIAL. The Lutherans will give an icecream lawn sociable at the rttsldonee of Benj. Reed, corner 7th street and -ml avenue, on Friday the uOlh. Coma one aud all. STERLING, vs. Five Harvest KxourHlon*. The Burlington Route, G. B. & Q. R. R. will sell from principal stations on, its lines, on Tuesdays, August (JCh and 20th, September 10th and 24th and October 8tb, Harvest Excursion Tickets at Half Rates to points in, the Farming Regions of the West, Southwest and Northwept. For tickets and further information concerning these excursions call on-your nearest C. B. & Q. ticket agent or address P. S. EUSTIS. Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Chicago 111. "" w30t7d-ws Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. . T7IINANCIAL-Money to loan-*l,500 at 8 per -P oeut.,onlann security. I. I. BualJ. Hook Kttlls. 32-tf Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. M ISC'KI.LANEOU8—Heal Khtate aud Insurance. Western land for sale and exchange. V. W. Walzer, Itomu 4, AcadtMiiy ot tluslit. «2-U A very superior line of these goods; useful and ornamental. Some designs that »rs probaMy new to you and that you woulld b« pieaawi to possess, liloa- aoiu, U>6 Jeweler. &*!!, WulUow JENNEY-G-RAHAM. Well done with Rood materials for Harper's, Century und all other magazines and periodicals. Flue binding for works issued in parts. All Kinds of blank books made to order and satisfaction guaranteed. Fine lea'her work a specially. WM. BOKHNUH, UAXKTTE Otlico. Mept. Ht. JoBeph Fair nnd H to Oct. S, 'H«. On Sept 13th and 30th th» C, B. & Q. U. H. will sell excursion tickets for oue lowest fare for tha round trip; tickets limited jjoing Sept. 13th and soth, autl returuiug, ttfn days from date of sale, TI « VV, (' T. V ii «f U.n TRADE MARK O. and O. TEA Tha Choicest Tea Ever Offered, ABSOLUTELY PORE. A MOHT IHIIJCIOCS BEVERAGE. TBY IT. Ton will t,ev« «j is; etlar. tsii'.ty wot lulu. It I* tin. HICIIOT <ii:Artft'I.tir. I>U*«l from »l |:l. . ksrini bi:tmi:tl.-»!!y Hmtea oiuttch, Sti th« pur, ujr .".<. *t tha l .. pun* Mid n<-u from Ml a.lulu r.illuiK or Cvksrin nutter. Tln>i>ji:lr» nuij wamuitJ lull vii:li:lit. H i» Oiulrul la UM U.AII tbo Ii'vvi Orient&l Utaii n,}ic«, »& T«s Co., I't'4(, slip, Kma Ferih II. W, ilttjf, *«g "Or !uC^(jo3J2'ieL? ^i. J.i rtfSfeis.>J f b\9T%iv\i

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