Covina Argus from Covina, California on November 23, 1907 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1907
Page 8
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: Social Klcws j * i *##*#*###**##*#### There will bo no meeting of the Monday Afternoon Club on Monday afternoon. Instead the ladles will give a reception in 'the evening at 8 p.m. to the gentlemen. Dr. and Mrs. Jennings entertained at dinner on Wednesday night Mr. and Mrs. Knnie and Miss Pomeroy and Professor and Mrs. Col HUH, Htnilax and roses graced the table and a pleasant evening was passed in social converse!. Tho Five Hundred Club and a few guests held one of their delight'ul moot ings at the home of Mrs. 10. G. Prather last Friday evening. The THE FREEZING PROCESS. Why It It Th«t lea at Tim«t Will Crack or Bunt. lee never bursts from freezing. A* nor»n na Hie liquid of whleli it la composed Is fro/en solid expansion oe,i*os. The crnr-klnK or duratlng of lee Is hrotiKht ahoiit In this wny: When water js nulijeetr-d fo extreme eold lee cryntnls will gradually form on its s'lr- fae« ntilil the some nre covered wifli a thin eoal of what appears to be wet snow. From this outer routing of lee crystal* nil sultHeipjent free/hit? goes downward, (he let- thickening ner-ord- Ing to the degree of cold. The water which Is being converted Into lee now begins to expand, creating .1 pressure upon the unfrozen water below. This prcs-mre is both downward and outward, and in ease the water under ol>- servntlnn Is In n vessel the sides and bottom of the receptacle .supply the re- Histimee. AH the freezing process continues the lively game was enjoyed and | pressure upon the confined water and light, refreshments were served. Th one present included Messrs, nnd Mmes. Atwood, Prather, Crook, Griw- wold, Klllott.Olizbe, DoiiKlofl, Mene- feo, Mmes. Chipp and (jiven, nnd MJSN Lillian ThiirHflny was "Indies' riiyht," nt the Covirin ' Country Club and the thirty-two wh<» wero pronont voted it one of the. most enjoyable affairs of tho kind thoy hud ever attended. Hpceial features are proniiwed for next time, which will bo tho nlr In the Interior of the bulk Increases until something yields. If the vessel be stronger thoii (ho Ice stratum that has formed over the surface the layer of Ice will be bent upward at tho center, that heliiK the weakest point, on ace-omit of the fact that the outer edges of the congealed mass ore frozen fnst to the sides of the vessel In which the experiment Is being made. In this condition the center of the Ice continues to rise or bulge until It burstH from tho resistance of the water below. Could (he vessel be tapped from below nnd the water drawn off no amount of freezing would be sufficient to crack mas celebration. The rooms wero lavishly-decorated with palm branches j or mil « c " 10 1( ' c 1(| y or °" thc surface. nnd flowers and lanterns hung on the porch. Cards and dancing filled the evening and a five course banquet was Horved. THE "GWEED NEEBORS." Worship nt tho Baptist Church: JJiblo school at 9:45. Preaching «t 11 a.m. and 7 :'ll) p.m. by the pastor. Junior at 3 p.m. B.Y.P.U. at 0:45. Christian Church: Hov. W. (1. Conley v pastor. Sunday-school 9:15. Preaching 11; subject, "Exceeding Groat and Precious Promises." Junior Endeavor 3. Senior Endeavor fi:30. Preaching 7:30; subject, "Parable of the Sower." Good music. Anthem by the choir. A cordial welcome to all. The Methodists will hold their services on Sunday in Reed's hull, tho pastor, Hov. II. W. Whito, M. A., will preach at 11 on "Tho Spirit of Thanksgiving," and at 7 :')0 on "Tho Fact of a Savior In tho Light, of ProHont Day Science and Philosophy. " Suuday-Hchool at !):<15. Junior League 3 p.m. Senior League at (i :!JO. Hrothron Church: Subject for tills evening, "lOxcusoH. " Our protracted mooting will close tomorrow evening. A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend. Services for Sunday: Sunday- school at 10 a. in. Preaching at 11 by Hov. J. A. Miller; mihjoct. "Christ tho World's (Jroatost Hero." C.W. 6:15. Preaching at 7; subject, "Fatal KITOL-H. " A union Thanksgiving service will no hold next Thursday morning at ] (I ::iO a. m. in tho h'aptbit Church. Rev. Paul (). Ktnvonu will pioacli tho sermon, tho ol.hnr pastors of tho city itKNiHting in the preliminary Horvion. Special miiHJo has been prepared. A general invitation IH to all who can attend. Bo promptly at U):.'IOaiid let lliis Norvice worthy of tho extended on hand UN mako occasion. Presbyterian services: Sunday- Hohoul 9 •.<![) a. m. Preaching 11 by pastor; subject, "This Do in Homom- brance of Me." At the cloKO of this aorinon tho Lord's Supper will bo dispensed. Anyone wishing to unite •with tho church may do NO at thin time. Y.I'. S. O.K. 0::i(). Gospel Horvhio 7 :.'H); subject, "God's (Jon- corn for Man's Welfare." All Htriin gorH are cordially invited to attend any of m>rvicoH. Paul (i. i'ileveiiH, pastiir. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity: Sunday next before Advent: Week of Intercession for the Spread uf Christ's Kiiigdiini Aiming Men. Holy Commmiini, 7:110 a.m. Sunday Koliool !): I f) a. m. Morning Prayer, 1 1 a. m. ; upecial sermon in num. Kvoiisong 7:1)1) p.m., "Kospmibiliili ties of Kxumple. " Offertory solo by Mr. Marshall, "(' the Liiien. " Hpuuiul burvkiuH during tho week: Kurvico for men only. Tuesday, 7:1)0 p.m. Litany service, Wednesday, 4 (i in. Thanksgiving day stTV ive. Id u. hi. Satiiirday, St. Andruw's da v ; ii'.lV ('oiiiiiiuniuii 1 0 a. m. Haiu-r kraul al the ke.l, IDe. a ij.iart. A Belief In Fairies Still Exiota In Parti of Scotland. Tliero still liugers a widespread be Ilef In the north of Scotland that the "fair folk," or "gweed noobors," as the fairies are called, still live In the hills, and during the first days of con valescoi|co a mother must be zealously guarded lest one of the "wee people" come and rob the child of Its nourish men).. Sometimes they succeed In carrying off the mother. Here Is one of the superstitious legends: A north country fisher had a .1ne child. One evening a beggar wnrnuu entered the hut and went up to the cradle to gaze Into the eyes of thu babe. From that time good health left It, and n strange look came Into ItH face, and the mother wns troubled. AD old man begging for food passed that way. When he caught sight of the child he cried: "That's nae a bairn. It's an Image, and the gweed folk has stoun bis speorit." Thereupon he set to work to recall the fisher's bairn. A. peat fire was lieu poo high on the hearth and a black hen held over It at such a distance that It was singed and not killed. After some struggling tho hen escaped up the lum. A few moments elapsed, and then the parents were gladdened by tho sight of a happy expression once more on the child's face, ft throve from that day forward.—Spectator. It Might Have Been Worse. Mark Twain, during one of his lecture tours, was walling at a station for a delayed train. The lecture committee and several townsmen wore with him and talking their best to pass tho time away. Ono man told about a frightfully unhealthy town he hud read about, and It was a grow-some talc of dying and burials and that sort. "It might have boon worse," Twain followed, In his slow and direct manner. "I lived In that same town for two years, and I never died once-not a single time." The way lie said It Hccmoil to daze tho crowd, and not a man said a word In response. "Of course you may think I'm lying," the humorist continued, "and I'm sorry, for I can't get any witnesses to testify that I didn't, because everybody else that lived there Is dead." Germany's Strict Laws. In no country Is the government more strict than In Cerinany. If a foreigner wishes to remain In a town for some days he must take his passport to the police and receive In vxchauge for It, together with a sixpenny pleco, a penult card, which entitles him to remain there for six mouths. The passport Is pigeonholed. If, however, you desire to change your lodging both you and your landlord must give notice to the police. This system recommends. Itself not a little, for It prevents pauper Immigration. No German Is allowed to leave the country unless ho can show ho has done the military service required of him. If a man Is on <hc point of starting ho must delay his departure until lit* gets a passport showing that ho Is a free man. Missionary /VteefJflff. The Women's Foreign 8oolety of the Methodist Church met withr Mrs. II. W. White on Wednes- j day last. The meeting was presided j over by the new president, Mrs. G. W. Lee, and after a few appropriate remarks Mrs. Warner read a paper on the history of the missionary society of the Pacific coast. Mrs, Ir« LaFetra of Glondora, who with her husband was for a number of years identified with educational work iu Chili. South America, ad- drecsed the Indies on their work among the natives. As she closed her interesting and instructive address she made an appeal to the missionary societies of the state of Cfali- fornia to lend a helping hand to the work in that foreign field,'saying that she would have them lose China, •Japan and Korea rather than Month America. Tno speaker exhibited a large number of curios and photographs which she had brought, with her from foreign fields of labor. Refreshments consisting of sandwiches, (takes and chocolate were served the large company of ladies at the close of tho meeting. Oranjca Grove and Home Site Bargains Tho Covina Company has decided to mnko some prices on property in its Covina Villa Tract that will give persons who wish home sites with all city conveniences at country property prices an opportunity they will probably never got again. Acre lots with the finest view in tho yalley 1750 up. About three acres, corner of Badillo and Grand View., with 450 feet, frontage on Ha- Jlllo and 470 on Grand View, for only 81000. This piece will pay big interest on this price nnd double in value in a short time. There is a fine cistern on one of the lots of this I.raof,, and it is all Hot: to full bearing navels and young Valencias. Nine acres bounded by Badillo, Monte Vista and Dexter streets, about half in full bearing navels, balance iu young Valencia.s and a few walnuts, for 87500. There is a fine coop on thin that will pay 15 per cent on tho purchase price. Another L-hance to double your money. About ton acres, corner Badillo and Barranca, in full bearingThotnp- aon improved navels, just outside oity on oar line, and ovor 2500 feet of street frontage as now laid out. There is a flue crop and a profit of at least f 10,000 in this for tb« man who buys-it for 913,500. \ • .i Five acres on Puente and Grand View, mostly in full bearing navels, balance iu Valenciaa and walnuts, good crop ou this also, and 14250 buys it. 70x150 feot lota to 18 feet alley on Badillo street, in50. One-third cash and bulanoe to suit purchaser at 7 per cent, and if you haven't gold coin we are glad to take cashiers' checks, certified checks, drafts on any part of the country or clearinghouse scrip for the cash pay-j intuit. Any Covina agent, will show you tills property, New Schedule For Electric. Thfi following schedule goes effect Sunday, November 17: j Leave Los Angeles Leave Covina .5:30 a. m. 6:3.5 7:05 7..-0 9:20 30:0.5 11:20 12:30 p m. 1:30 2.4.5 3:35 4:1.5 .5:00 .5:4? (>:.V) 8:30 11:30 .5:50 a. m 6: : 0 7:32 8:1.5 9:00 9:45 10:20 11:30 12:35 p. m 1:4.5 2:35 3:4.5 4:40 5.25 6:10 6:.55 7:50 10.00 Notice to Tax Payers of Covina. All taxes are now due and payable. All taxes will become delinquent on the last Monday in December at 5 o'clock p.m. and if not paid prior thereto a penalty of 10 per cent, will be added thereto. Taxes may be paid at the office of the City Tax Collector in the Home Telephone building ou and after Oct. 5th, 1907. J. C. PAIKLY, Tax Collector. Cowpna Hay Per Cow*. Tho N°w Jersey experiment station recently experimented feeding rnllk cows and cowpea hay and found that with the cowpea ration milk was made at a cost of 39.8 cents per 100 pounds, while the cost on a grain ration was 00.5 cents. On the grain ration the cows produced 8.3 per cent more milk and 15.2 per cent more butter, but comparison of the price of feeds showed a large balance In fuvor of the cow- poa ration. Why not plan to sow a few acres of cowpea next season? Take Care of the Tools. Before hitching to the plow or harrow or any other farm tool see to It that all the nuts are turned up tightly, says Farm Journal. This may save not only a breakdown, but a runaway or something even more serious. Lots of wrenches are lost out In the field by laying them down and forgetting to pick them up. It Is a good plan to fasten them with a wire to the p'.jvr or whatever Implement Is being used,. Then we will always bave them ready^ for use. Fertilizer Agent Wanted. — Local agont, to sell Swift's Pure Animal Fertilizers; nlao Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of Potash, Phosphate, iinmu, etc. Inquire of Carroll B. Smith of Redlaudu, for partic- jlarn. Assessment Notice. Covina Irrigating Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township. County of Los Angeles, State of California. Notice is hereby given that at a special meeting 1 of the directors, held on the fifteenth day of November, 1907, an assessment, (No. 44) of 50 cents per share was levied upon the capital stock (as increased October 22nd, 1886) of the above named corporation, a! the secretary's office at Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 18th claj of December, 1907, will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before, will he sold on the 8th day of January, 1908, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the company in Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of advertising and expense of sale. B. F. EDWARDS, Secretary. Covina, Cal. ' T T ^ -»•.-»• -w -w-v^- ^ -^ -^ -^ -^- -^^ -^^ Electric Motors Among the things Covina is fortunate in is a cheap electrical current. Cheap in price—not quality. The new niue cent, rate makes it possible _for the housewife tb cut the labor bill in half. Covina Electric Company Office hours, 8-9 a. m. Telephones 121 and 3121 A. G. Gant CEMENT CONTRACTOR We do everything in first-class cement work and it will pay. you to get our figures on your job, large or small. Home Phone 59 Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. COVINA. Building Contractor CAL. Moisten tho Buttonhole. Kvory m:m knows tin 1 illlliculty nnrt Htfony of a refractory collar sttul. NYith u breakfast to cut, a iniln to catch and un appointment to keep, few things are more maddening than the collar which simply will hot ally itself to the stud. Hut few thinirs ur«» so easy to remedy. All that Is necessary Is to dip the thumb and foreiiiix'i'r lu water and slightly moisten the obstinate buttonhole. Then the stud slips In without u murmur. He feel:. Ht.vle malr. sent il. A St\le ("'all a pleased (iiin Hut call him Fact. man a brii-k and he ii.Ma lledo;>s. !><} a hard. ivd. inanl- lijc.-t ami he'll rtf- DERBY RIBBED UNDERWEAR _ Is the first choice of the man of fine habits in dress. It is the exponent of absolute fit aiul comfort,—first in the race lor genuine permanent satisfaction. "The Stretch That Goes Back." COOPER'S is the most elegant and easy- *~ fitting underwear made. The wonderful Spring Needle fabric, exclusively knitted on machines of our own invention and manufacture, prevents the usual .'',igging and disagreeable non-elastic stretch. The garment stretches — but d-ju not st.iy itretcbed. You should wear Cooper's. It is the underwear of character and quality. Mile in union anJ two-piece suit] m all the varioui I'tcj, weight* anj color*—iilliatecn, cotton an>i wool. MANurACTUKEO •» COOPER MA.NUFACTUEI.NG CO. BENSINQTON. VT. PON SAI.K BY W. B. BROADW-U. Stowell Fumigating Co. EXPERIENCED. PRACTICAL FUMIGATORS Work Guaranteed. Prices Reasonable. Phone 177, Charter Oak Phone 199, Covina Northsidc Meat Market CHAS. A. SIMMONS, Prop. We carry nothing- but the best. Prices Reasonable. All Meats'Government Inspected. ORDERS SOLICITED AND DELIVERED. Shop just south of S. P. Depot. Home Phone 1144 Covina Pharmacy E. U. SMITH, Prop. PRESCRIPTIONS Receive our personal attention PURE, FRESH DRUGS Toilet Articles, Face Creams THE BEST Since we purchased this pharmacy its business has doubled. We appreciate your patronage and will always try to please. Visit Covina Pharmacy Adjoining- A. O. U. W. Hall, Citrus Avenue MEARS&CO Successors to D. B. Wilson New and Second-Hand Goods | vVe will continue the business in | cue satue old stand. We can fur i lisa your house from garrett to ellar cheaper than anyone See ! is before buying v-lsewhere. VETERINARY SURGEON DR. R. J. RAMAQE Honor Graduate, Toronto College TREATS ALL, ANIMALS Alexandria Stables, 827 S. L. A. St. LOS ANGELES Home E 3351, Main 20. Calls by telephone or letter day or night carefully attended to. Charges moderate.

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