Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 3, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1912
Page 3
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THETOL^iOLY REGIST^R..tHUR^DAY EVENING, OCTOBER 8.1912. Every woman likes to plan her winter clothes a little ahond of tinio. This advance showing, pej*mits you to seJB what the new joroods will bo. Buy some now if you lilfo jmd llieii when the rush con}/pcncrc'S you are prepared and no need to worry. An parly inspection of these l)eantiful fabrics will prove interestinj'" and be well worth 3'our while. The Prettiest Line We Have Ever Shown, priced at 25c> SOc, 7Sc $1.00, iuid ap to $1.75 \ You Should Sec the! Pretty Things in^ Silks-Tliey Ar? Beauties. This store is Dress Goods Headquarters. We always show the new things and we are famous for the quality we give for ordinaiy prices. * ' • Select Your NeW FALL CLOTHES Now! The styles this season ai"e ]>artieularly inviting. The one, t\yo nd throe button effects on the cutaway Jackets With the strai(]:ht line designed models are very pleasing. Priced from $10 lo .$35. Tiio slunniiia- creations of the master tailors in coals are especially worth while .seeing this fall. Priced from )i?7..')0 to S50. Come in and try on .some of the new garment,s. Even if yon don't want to buy you'll enjoy seeing the now things. ' . Exquisite Npw Fall MILLINERY! ••I wili ! -v. I !• I H 'W .fiiv IKTC. P.L'-W - i'l! V. J j. ! Ik Great. Sy«iem. Perfoolo'd' by M. Soyor, Famous London Chef. : BAO DINNERft ron THE WORK- iNQMAN. I! By M. Uiw, Chaf of •rookt' aub, London. Tbo ora of paper bag oookint. vUch I hare had tb« lu>aor"of/i«c«atlr P«r- tecUns. opens up a happier p'roapect to the trlfe oC the worklngman, the clerk or other- employe oa a small salary, not only. In, the quantity ot the <Uthes she may prepare^ but In, more leisure for'herself. I«it any frugal house mother may be appalled at the prospect of bavinc to use some two or three baes before she can produce a dinner, let me sute that all the followiss recipes, each of which I have tested personally, can be cooked In one bag. leaying; only the pudding, pie or tart to be considered. In drawing up these dinners for a week I have-had In mind a hpuaehold cpuutatlng of mother, father and three or four children, ranging from twelve to five years of age. It must be borne In mind that meat wastes practically not at all during the cooking process in the bag; therefore. If you put four pounds into the bag, four pounds will come out. ° Sunday. Allow a quarter ot a pound of meat per bead for each child, and.a half a liuund per head for tbe two adults, and you win have two pounds left over, either for Sunday n^ht'a supper or for u«xt day^ dinner. As to Tegefables, eel some carrots, onions and turnips, mixed, and ^wo pounds of potatoes. P§el the poUtoes, slice them vBry thinly, and leave in water till needed. Peel and slice the onions and turnips und scrape the carrots. Cut all into litnall squares. Wash well; leave on a >1.!:o till needed. Take a litllo suet <.r two good taWespoonfiils of drl;>- •••iiii,:. Rtiii tl;i -5 into Ualt a ticmiid <.-.' ai!(i to umte, I XM DS oir'-fn! lie'. 10 ov.'ulo tliis iind a liHIo pvpi'cv. .T 'N t'i r. •• ,iri :in;ir> «lii!r>:>!infr Cfu.-.i ii< y \v;;;i (i'j .i .i.'ifi-r, uiid .sh;i. •• i'.itr t\\\m\ lir",r. ;:bout liio inze of a Wj; '! n'.r. mm^mk msk. FREE! SATURDAY China Oatmeals In addition to the usual profit-sharing checks. Granulated 25ib.Elag$i.43 .CANE SUGAR St. ^he Union Pacific Tea Go. I- n. RLABFELTER. .H^'r. Phone 336 No. 7 North Jefferson lola, Kas. HEW mamiK NOVELTIES Designed exclu^ely for DANIELS. Each garment a di.stinct novelty* " EVERYBODY'S DOINCI IT! WHAT? Buying the Norfolk from us. .^s usual, Daniels? produce.s the goodsr—they alway.s lead. The Norfolk is a swell garment for fall. Order yfkirs NOW! Made to j'our own .in<Uvitluai niea.sure. Wra. A. Daniels East Sitle $iS TailorinVStore. ' Geo. W, Jones, Mir.. m (; .ifiltx i .iull- lliiiJilii'hlt. .-.<iii:>i V.fsi ill m L Madison 113 L Mafefl 1. V -h i.(r; o.i:. iif Ui.'ii.. ln;l V. ,i| i 'T. (io not t]ry iar^i. till •: T;i.." ti.i; f>i'!;i j^oiioiisly ill. • >)i. lint- •Ml - I'-.I 111.;.I .-ivil •. "itV , I' i I'.-UU .••I .11. ri'M- i l;:iaiit iii.' 11 — i cvM-y's Ciuiiiy. .Vl i.i. hr{. Chris fviilor ;.ifl cliiMui; •. ill 'U'avf next n<-ek fiti- .\!«sa. foi- a i.ric-f visit wilU roUuivos. —Hr. 0. L. Cor, OcnUsL . Phone 5S7. **ln;.. Ella tMnOic jj.i.s f;on. i,-, rnion-. tow« for a brief vjsii uith fi-'i^nds —\1T. JkcMIllPn, Phones t£ snd 'aJS. Tlie Masonlf t'oiumaiidcry will IIUHI tonight--and ronffr tho Qrdor <if the Temple ou George Stadlor. —Dr. H. L. Hendricks, Olil Conrt Houb Calls answered iay or night , R. P. Foss, of tho KiUi'Uly and Cou\ linoiitul Insurance couipanit^s. of Kaii"^sap City was a business vlslior here this iifternoon. ' _bnu Bnll A Hall, Ost^opatlu. TeU teyliones ISO, Ml. ,. U: V'' all' I'lK!'.)!!. I- !ij'ms!)iition or ivfoi'i'Hfii I'offi-c :it I 'lVi r Hrii :liiT< Krid .-iv .•iiid Satur-\\. A. llOTvden, paper hanger. ' ^J"''"" ""''"^ " T F. li:v.niis. of IMuiliuH', wa.s iion on l>!i.-:jiiiss' I his afitnioon. r. Carlton li^it yon'-.'nlay on a busi- I lU 'ss trip to .Musl ;oi;i.-. Years of Suffering —Matjaziaf s at MunUis liruK Store. ^ — t Miss N'ova Ultter who is now at- c. J Pel.-r.-oM was a bnsinrs.-. visitor i K. U... will l.p in ih<- rity Sun- in Iluinl-oMi ihis artornoon. ,•„,. (, ^.j^ii „.ith h-T paifucfi. r^.:!-^:i 'l ;:^r [:nsl ^.:i "S ""i, - N.lson. of n .y. lown. who j lia^ hcpii horc on lMi.<ini >s .v. went to .1. C. Talhot. of Bal.lwin was a has-; •^"-""S this Htternoou. i !i"ss visitor here this afti-rmion. I j —Silk hoadarhe is tausi'd hy a dis- \V. S. Hurdick and Mr. Thblon. of;'"•<'<T<.-<i stoui.ich. Take Clianibprlaln's W.-Kt Madison, uvo .'xchanniiig resi- j Tah'ots and correct that and the Head drnies, • will disappear. I"or sale by all ', dr-aler.'J. P. U. Fowler, of Kau.'s'is City, was a j — j , husiness visitor hero today. j .\Irs. J. F. Sanson ofthli^ city is vis- 1 it ill?: iK^r parents in Kansas City this T. If. Kvann. of Ch.'inuie Is in city on husiness. i _ — — ' .1, Howard, of da met I, who has been Mr and Mrs. F. V:. Stuith. of Savon-; l""")- oti business, returned bonie this l.iirt:. are visiilnn friends here. • ;aTp-rnoon. Mr. and Mrs. U M. Hall went lo Catarrti and Blood Disease Doctors Failed to Cure. NO ?.IORR hANDRI'FF 1 \LL!>:^: HAIK (iitAV ilXlR :.n.: . V. I 'lri' t. •'.<• ^^,.r.. - liMil iif lii\ari:it!iiii ;i;iir lri> .-I iic'i li .T .'.riiii'.' I>() you v.j'ut liiir s<' I'l'vyitil.inKlv ruiiiant ih .Tt it cnnipels itc admiruixr. of a!i V ho .=eo it? Do you want a sc\ili( -i^ iiiiinaciilat.'- !j cl.'an and brii;h; a--> a rniot- e<i toin? If voti do. set a ."irt cent bolt!" of I'AUISI.W rtase today, at dealers e\orwherc. The girl with tlie .-Vuburn iLilr is on every carton and bottle— a;k for 1».\11ISI.\>" S.ige and see that you Kef it. C. it. Siien^er i^o., ptiar- anteo it. I). C. nankii, of n<'ar Carlyle, was a busiueiis visitor i <eri' this afternoon. M. J. Bulger, of Carlyle, was a visitor here this afternoon. A. F. Grant went to Ottawa this afternoon on business. J. HHper. of Olafhe, who has been here on business, ret timed home this afiornoon. W. A. Stanton, of Collinsville, Okla.. wht? has been here visitinj; friends, went Id Carlyle this afternoon. , it with friends. ' I K F Shotise of Indeiiendt-ne.- is ai Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Hall went lot i. l^np, of Hartlosville, Pkla., who I liiisiness visitor here today. ' Carlyle this afternoon for a brief vis- has ii'<'n here ou business, went to — •• " =- City thl.') afteriuion C U. .Merriaiiy. president of the Merriany MoriKaKe K I'oinpany, nFo ^fh-ree '^^rarsVr ^trouU ^l'^^^^^ "f T.-ivUa. is .n the city today on i-atarrb and blood distrase. 1 tried sev- hutiiuess. t-rnl doctors and a dozen .liflfereiit ri>i|i- | — edies, but .none of ihem did ir.e nnr t eood. A friend loJd Jne of Hoods i?.ir- i .Mis.^ Gertrude Bell, nl Ottawa, who! u pogpeit went to Carlyle this af- lias been here visIiIiiR .Miss .MatROre" ; temoon uii busine.Hs." McCoy. reiu.'ne{J hoiU" this .ifiernonn. i — It. V.»Stnitli, of I.:iwrence. wl^o lias Mrs. Rufus Weaver, of Carlylefi was here and in l.aHarpe on busl- ; good. A friend lojd nje or iiooas.«<.iir- 1 _ a here this afternoon. i ness.retnrned hoin.' this afleruooti. W ,L 'w^4 ruen a,?d"sirane 1 ^^>'- 1- P- I''"'''''- "f <'t>auute was i Mrs; W H.T.indsey, of Carl.vle. was! _ as X r«l mte a diftvrem person In the city between trains today ^ii-ja shopper here thl^ afternoon. • \Ue- Chas. Snyder, formerly Miss .'.n.i recommend Hoods to any one suf- • route home frotu Wichita, where ihe ^-Mnndis' tlie idace for PruRS. and recommend ftrlng from catarrh." I has been TisitiuR lier brother-ln-liiw. j "oet it today" in liEuaJ Ikjuid form or I Luther Burrls, who was seriously In- tbocolated tablets called Sarsatabs. jufg^j |n |i,e railroad yards there a I>:ll:i Fetter?, of this eity, went to Mrs. Joljn Howard, of Winfleld, ar- Lchoiitan Kev., this afternoon to rived here this afternoon to make her make her home with her husband, borne. ' r — •' • Miss Belle McClenathnn left this af- _—, "tem .Ton for I .os Angeles, Calif., for a Tisif with friends. Red Goose*' Friday, After School ;ijui liie only niL-. KK ! (jot'.-^e evci' ^^iiov.n in i-.»ia. • iifriiembcr, Fri'iay aiier .«chool. - Pi penny Scramble for the Boys Mrs. R. I>. Williams, who has been here- risitiiiF her liarents. Mr. and MK< S. T . Enflr-M, n'nimed to her home in l.inip.iutii. Okla., this after-! noon. Mrs. J. P. CU<'<<..u !ef- "i.r :!rtfr-t n;)oii Tor Oi •.nl. in i!i:iV' 5<r honv.: Mer :iij.'.>: int,. kn^-i: a- ;'• ! Cii •;-<=iv ' 'in? .'i,; !;> M'.'-^;;.;,:- ui rh,. I {-p- ' ii-l- 1'. bui S r./)W \v;;i rit. .Ajipcal !•> Tit 3soil , ' Mrr R<;o- Ad., •hv r:.-' : f>-i: 'tvd in NT ,'r:iTi vi.-jtit-;: fr:e;i<'iy rel;iri( • »• i 'o her htjin it; jl^vai-.i, Kan.. th> ' aiicrnoon. ' ' ~ ' i 1 • Mr!t 04it H.ii^rit ii.un. of Garnert, .-r-, rived here,thin ;iii<inoon I'or l.rir-j | vHsj with frIeiJdP. , Harry ^fortin went to Pittsbnrg this ' ^ftfrcQon - on buslncsB ' ;:.M -Uc f tiu-ii- iiC .-..-l. i>i> not, stii -.n';!'' tii .„-iii h.;iit :y v.iih Mi'A : C;IS;II''M ! !!(;.ir. TLeii tl^Ko th" I)<i;, ••.vrtdis. t:rni;.s anil <iu(>u^, an.; riii\ ijl ~, ail wc!" T.I-.;.';!I- r, .'•riufc- lii::; Ih.'-.r, ^v'tl: vety fsiiii. T:i!;o ;'- !.;nii !:'i!' this ni .M :ir<- . T-.I - rv.v.' of Ui- T ';.'i; tiktL 'r <.hr; l\::vii< • C I 'i. !1 i 'l •i.-:r -;.N u'fi -i.. I'l.-i'.y fii i^!<j. V:-'>te':'l-^"'J ii. ! ij;Jt! ti-" nv.n >;d> i;.'fo.'^li.ii!rt it -t Hi h-.' ii* ii tan ff:' t(.-t.! • i^' 'i-u.'- ; '.u -i ;•>;:.(•.> ii-.i^ai- baK OC the • :• ii. • •, t:!'-? biuilcr on tho shelf t i;> (A- en. a.nd closo the door. Tur:. ':<c Kns down half w;«y,. and t'lo has ill from an hour and a liali to two hours. Monday. What is left over from Sunday will make dinner for Monday. Urease a bag well aa before. Ctit up tho remains of tho stoir ^d beef Into saiall squaro pieces. Dust theso witli frusU seasoned flour. Put two pounds of potatoes, cut small and dustad with salt. Into a greased bae aa before. Pprlnkle tho meat with a Uttle powdered Bweet herba put In the bag, and add to It a handful of either rice, barley or oatmeal, which has be%n soaking all night in cold vateh It the v.iiter has not been quite all absorbed, add this also. Now add the remains ot any gravy whieh may be over from the previous day. Close the bag, pUce It on broiler as before, and cook for 60 minutes. A -Jam turnover will be Just the right sort of substantial dish to follow the beef. For this you must have a bag. Rob four ounees of lard or good dripping Into half pound pt flour aaltet! to uste till It icrumbles well.. Add sufficient cold water to.make to a stlfl paste; roll out twice. Mark out a siuare and spread this thickly «tth any kind of Jam liked. Fold over the two sides flrst and pinch well together. Xow fold over the two aides in the same way. Brush over with water ot milk, and sprinkle well with browi: sagar. Put Into the greased bag anc bake for fcrty -flve minutes. Tuesday. Take two pounds of cold bpiled potatoes, pour on to thett two wlneglass- f ala of hot milk pr water, add a good big Inmp of dripping or cold bacon fat. and mash to pulp, then beat up. with a fork tlU quite light. Take One and s half ppimds of either sausages or sau s.iga meat (if the former squeeze the meat out ot the skins) and make Intc sxhll cakes each sausage making tt; r iXikcs. Sprliilile a little finily cV.oppc ' jaioq'on top of each cakcl ^ake C .i... pitjiio pulii thick rdtind calie.-. acd pSt ;t SiiUKuSo cake oa top of each r ;ace V.I :i v.ell ;,'rc:ise4l bag. CiCi^ie it. h : (cul; in a hot ovv-nifcr liiice:; OiJ-fasliit aed Irish iluai iiarridfie SvcJ: Uiif a pound of patnieal . ov^;r n'-;r.t In '.olG water. At iJie sai ^e time'ir ounves weJl wasbeft cur- rai;fs Ir/ rt -uoihgr di«h. Greai!o''a UntJ v.tii. drit!w the currants, add t»je,ni to •tU'i; ottttaeiil tog .'ihipr with a ^ItjOf btii- • t*4e size of a wiilcut. Mix, place in the bag, dose, and cook ^ taiy mtn-J otes In 'a moderaljdy i'ot pVepv * ' (Coin^rigbt. I911,".by atursi >^ft^:jll7 ^toa Tuesday, October 5, 1912 r .t uitiiiiii!.' al l!l t'Vie'k ii. iln tei'imii.-. C .•'>:• v ( V i! 1,1.. HOKSKS. lit. •^h-'.:,- .. 1 1.|; M . i !••/,-,. t:. •'• I 'l. : ' > si <it: ' >: I'-- % .. . i.i: i . • lb.: . u... ... . .... •.•.•rrV'^ IMS'l IMU.M-^ 1Ti:>!- Ot ••• - ' ;.ii .i '^:i<i. ;. • .Ml -.i :.:.s I , I iii 1 -1 '.' aioi;;;. • ii; .i -i .in, j .i. gvjiig r.O'e witn ;!.>ivov<.-.l .-^'I 'tiity. I.eiiinir 0'. i!;t-itst f roi!), date if paid when due. If not ;Mi(: wl:<t' 'iiie to drawlo'. from date «t .=a'.«-. 4 . (iircoiint for cash on credit .-ales. .\o iiioperty to be r<-niovt(l itjilii sefii-u for. cm,. ( H.\S. lU.SilOF. .\uclloncer. K. V. .««<;i..VI>, f Urk. F. W. RANGER UOCK CKEEK (George Marks.) Oct. 2.—We are very sorry to learn of the- death of .crrandma Fethernglll. They have our sympathy. Mr. 'Weedekin is cutting corn for Frejl Ree.ii, Ijiuvy Frischmeyer and dauKliter. Rosa, called on Mrs. Marks Friday. .Mr. Pavis l.f hauling rock for the foundation of his bam. The farmers who did not have so much cor cut up as .^omc did are in a hurry now, ds the frost Is making the corn dry fast. Mrs, Ray's sister. Miss West. Is visiting a» P.aync, ill. , Mr. Marple is biisy cutting his cow- Mrs. Marke and daughter Lena; -visited with her parents at PIqua Sonday. Glen Cease vl.Mteil with Edward Elmer Sunday. We were 'orry to learn of the death )f Mrs.' Sutherland Of nortliwe.^t of Carlyle. Mrs. H«!:lies called 011 Mrs. Marks Wednes<I:ty. .Mr.«. Uees mother. Mrs. Greenup is vlsitluK with her daughter. Mrs. J. R. Kline. Mr. Jefferies is marketing his-peans. Mr Bloon. Mr. Smith and Austin's enk their stock out of Mr. Mark'.< pasture. Mr. Wright filled his slln Wednesday. Chirks picked apples at WUner's Monday. Mr. Ray if; preparing to finish filling 'lis sUo. Mr. Hughes cut -'lis meadow Tues- -l.ay Mrs. Cash Smith and our teacher. Mits Anna Delay called on Mrs. Marks >iini'ar morning. .Mr. :.Ta'-i:? Is still hauling water for 'tOfk, Clvite Colby rerited the woods farm .v^••rf• K;-'-d Rcrs IJies. l.'-'i.i M.-iit:- is Koin.? to school once ^nort. .".H F>.e wa,=, absent last week on Thorough^ U NTII. you have tiieja our Portrait service you can never realize how thoroughly satisfying it is. ronrteons Treatmeat and l>r<impl .Itteallan le .Vil S r«al, Uufi and vfoed JBntrist romblnatioB Cval aaii Ons, ~ Hot Blast and .VIr Tights ECONOMY R.VNOES . RornV CeHblBatJeB Coal »ni Gas Ranee—the best mndr. niM><< RMt! TbelXFishardHdw. Fortune"; In Fa^•<•^•. - T!i-:-.''s ...fteti tir.;rk truth in !r,i- -rtving: -t;.-; face is fortun'-" l.'s- .IS ?iever nt.:'j where. jilan.iU-'-. ^kni •roj.'.ior.a bldites. or other blewiish'^s •tf8f >g,ure !t. Ijnjjiire Ulood- is h^i U oi '.hem and shows th*- ur—I of Pr. ^njT'B Xe,v l.ife Pills Tb y Promote he»l-rh and beauty. Try then:. -Jii reat;- a'^ t»I| driisRlstti.' ' . , :>fr8 .A. B. Sj^prfe/of Ciirlyl.\ w-.s a Klectric Wiringt^ Done by experienced men. Prices reasonable. . Canfield & Thompson With the U H. VVishard ildw riioac 39; :—il'-.e is .1 woituyi ".viib^sV-akb frotp. ,y.r.soDai kn.''.-..'edcs and lean e'i|>ej- iJnc.-. N -i.-. .Mr--, p'. H. Rrosan."'of Wi'l- SO:J . P .i . who s:iy^, I know fr<n»i CA- PvrlciiVi- tdat Chaiii'jerJ-din'i Cci^ti Kcuieiiy i.^ far suiitrijjr to aci otbei-. K<rr iioin. Ti .cr',' i? mirhing !hi:t fiiceU if Fii ..ile t^- ali dcaiers. —Graduate Nur*e: lerme reaaona- • ble4 I'hone 1363. ^ ?

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