The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 1, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1892
Page 6
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•SIP HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1802. Facilities, Long Experience, Abundant Experience, Honest Convictions, And the grit to stand by them, can be of real service to ANY insurer. There- are some insurers, and not a few of them, either, who thlnls wc possess the above qualifications. There are others who, neycr having investigated the matter, have no opinion on the subject. We will 1« pleased to have them investigate. Winne & Winne, 1EUPUQHE HQ. ZO. CORNER MENUE A AND MAIN, Hutchinson, Kan. What I» It? Two small boyB, while playing near the waters edge, on the banks of Cow Creek, at a point about three miles west of here, one day recently, observed a commotion in the water, and after careful investigation found that musk rat and an animal tlic like of v>: wwfaich they had never seen before, ' t Wer<hln di.idly combat. The animal .'^ MeWed to lw about 18 inches in length ; ' irfiih. a contiguous protrusion from the ,(,'^lfifc, resembling suw teoth. The head |*feM»»«whnl the WvStti the resemblance exception fi^^T»f(yi",re»eipbling: those of a shark are ^'pfafe 1 * visi )>nt. It has six legs, three jW^jjjKJifeHvt' side, and is vicious and quur I'ft^^totoo; The shupe of the head very '>*^JB (bch icsembles that of a sturgeon, al ''* ^hough the eye is not so snakey in its expression. Natural history does not describe any • animal of the description of this one .,• and the question worrying the mind of • those vrlio have seen it is, "What is It? It mis'brongbt to the city this morn .lug, and kept in a vessel of water all day u.t the waterworks building, but will be on exhibition at the Simla Fe hotel to-night. IUt!rcl In Toxim, Tlie body of Emmet A. Weighty will arrlvclhis morning over the Jackson villo Southeastern from Texas. lie was a railroad engineer and was killed in an accident on the Texas l'aeitic road. The funeral will take place from his home at U14 Center street ut 3:30 o'clock this afternoon, Mr. Weighty was a former employe of the I'eoria unci Pckin Union, and was one of those who helped to take earo of Charlie Slade after his fatal fall.—Peoria (111.) Transcript The gentlemen referred to in the above article was a brother -in -law of Judge Fontrou of this, city, and iB quite well known to many of our clti zcus. lie was running his engine along near an embankment, when, by the carelessness of some one, a switch had been loft open. The engine jump cd the track , rolled over the embank merit, turning throe times over. He was caught under the engine and kllloil. • Oar dear little daughter wan terribly sick, Hor bowels were bloated as Jiard as a brick We feared she would die, Till we happened to try Pierce's Pellets—they cured her remarkably quick. Nevor be without Pierce's Pellets in the house. They are gentle and of fectlve in action and give immcdiuto n llof in cases of indigestion, bullous noss and constipation. They do their work thoroughly and leavo no bud el fects. Smallest, cheapest, easiest to take. One a dose. Itest Liver Pill made. Hull Off. A farmer's team, when near the Roc Island depot, to-day took fright and ran off. It suems that the horses sniffed a little of the air which was breathed by various runaways yesterday Hy the way these runaways (when r : t erring' to horses) are rather danger v>•••/•, ous things, and in the majority of v CDSCB they are occasioned by cureless news, Vow ciin't be too careful with frisky horses. rrevelitloll In H *HU >r Than cure, and these who uro subject to rheumatism can prevent uttacks by keeping the blood pure, and free from the acid which causes the disease. Kor this purpose Hood's Hui-sapari Hit is used by thousands with great success. It 'the beat blood puritter. Constipation caused by the loss of the .peristolic action of the bowels, Hood's 1111 B restore this action and In vigorato the liver. « '• The N KWH ofllco has the. only thor > oughly equipped job printing ofllco In the county, Mnnt ho I'ntd For, Hereafter all advertisements inserted in the "Want" column of the NEWS must be inserted for a definite number of times and paid for at the time of I first insertion. This is a rule adopted by all dally papers of any consequence, and has been made necessary by experience. For some months the NKWH has not nsisted on the rule being complied 1th, and April 1st finds us with about live hundred ledger accounts, originating from that department, and rang- ng from nine cents to five dollars, only about 15 per cent, of which has been collected. The accounts are scattered over the entire city, and the task f collecting is too expensive to continue. Therefore, as a matter of self- protection, wo will bo obliged In the future to insist on the above rule being strictly complied with, and think our reasons are sufficient to satisfy any reasonable person. To Fiirmorrt and Hardeners. Although we are not authorized to use names and title, we are safe in saying that the Hutchinson Canning actory is virtually assured, and it is only a question of a short time until the building known as the Tobcy & liooth packing house will be converted ntoone of the best canning institutions in the state. Plant and sow plentifully. Enlarge your orchards and berry patches, for the entire amount of your productions will find sale at home, and the cunning of it for commerce will furnish labor for men, women and children. Not only is this true, but what few vacim*, buildings there are to bo found in the city will be occupied. Plant and sow bountifully. Cnn't Hear From All. Wo are in receipt of about a dozen applications for space in the NEWS, to give expression to feelings on the dog question, as stirred up in yesterday's NEWS. We can't give space to all of them, but can voice the sentiment of all, by saying that the worthless our should go. If he is worth a tux, put a of a I tag on him, and either keep him tied that I or muzzled at certain periods of the year. If he is not worth this much, kill him. The life of one- person, grown person or child, is worth more than all the infernal dogs in the world. Let tho proper authorities see to it that the city is rid of about a thousand worth less, mean, contemptible curs, and the public will bless them and say amen. Regulate and eradicate. at which time onions and lettuce, will need another moistoning. Field'* iHlimtrol*. The Savannah (On.) Morning News of Nov. S2. says of Al. O. Field & Co.'s minstrels: "Al. Field's minstrels gave the first performance of their two night's engagementlastnight, it takes a strong attraction to draw more than a small audience In Savannah, but Field s minstrels did it. The audience was larger than has been seen in the theatre Saturday night for a. long time. The performance was first class. It is original and unique, and without exaggeration it can be put down as one of the best ever seen in Savannah. Tho. specialties are excellent. The Phantom Patrol, a drill in which the lights are almost turned out, and the marchers, dressed in pnro white, go through beautiful evolutions before a background of jet setting is a masterpiece of artistic arrangement. The stage setting in the first part of the performance is one of its features. The company will be here to-morrow night and it will hardly fail, after its flattering introduction last night, to play to a full house." At the opera house Monday night. • Seats on sale al the opera house hook store. Cani« In arid Went Out. The old adage with reference to March held pretty nearly good this time. If she did not go out like a lion wo are not anxious to sec a representation of the king of day. If a man dared to say Italian weather to-day to a tenderfoot he was liable to lose all power for the detection of right and wrong for a little while. They do not like it. Hut "it is an ill wind that blows nobody good." Old timers lake all the late demonstrations as being good omens and sure forerunners of a pleasant spring and productive summer. The accompanying rain acted as a proper detention to gardens, etc., last night, and now the whole face of nature is in a proper frame to enjoy the "Italian sunshine" when it finally gets ready for work. If such weather as last night and to-day are specially significant, we can surely profit by it, aB such occasions are not very numerous and are not hard to recollect. DlimuRed lly Wind. Word is coming in from all parts of the eity, like election returns, of the damage done by last night's wind. Chimneys were blown dowu, out houses levelled and in many cases completely demolished, fences razed, and personal property taken from one man and given over to another. Mr. Allen, living at the cornor of Tenth and Adams Btrects, found a stray hen coop, an eavo-spoul and u copy of tho Alliance Gazette, in his door yard this morning. He is very desirous that the various owners of this conglomeration should call and claim property Immediately, as he docs not wish to be found with them in his possession when the assessor calls. In fact the damage done by lost night's wind was heavy, to light property, and will require an outlay of several dollars to replace. Window* llrokcn. The awning in tho Willett's furniture store blew down last night, striking the large plate glass fi'ont of tho building, seriously demolishing it. The loss is quite heavy, as the glass is a largo and expensive one. Ciuuu to Kttiy. Mr. and Mrs. Durth of Southeastern Ohio, parents of lrvin Durth, who lives a milo and a half north of the eity, arrived in the city lust night, for the purpose of making their future home. They were here for a short time, about three years ago, and have had a desire to return ever since, although the Italian weather upon their arrival lust night, was not the most encouraging but wo have them only occasionally, and will not have any more, after tomorrow, until April 10, U, 12, and 13, A Well Known Actor. The following article, from Hunt's News Letter, referring to one of the finest Irish actors in the land, will be read with interest by his many friends and admirers in this city, some of whom knew him in his boyhood days, and have many pleasant recollections of his early recitals, etc., which gave promise of the great actor which he afterward became. As a Shakesperian reader he has but few equals: Hart Wallace, the wcll-kuown Irish American actor, was given a seat of honor with ex-Governor Tom Crittenden, Hon. John C. Tarsney, member of congress from Missouri, ,1. A. Graham, editor of the Kansas City Times, and others at the banquet given at the Mid land hotel in Kansas City on St. Patrick's Day. Mr. Wallace delivered his original poem "Hunted Down," and in response to vociferous applause gave "Shamus O'Brien" to the great delight of all present. Later in the evening Mr. Wallace recited "The Seven Ages of Man." This gentleman is a capable reader of Shakesperian roles. Unequal llonorx. To-day is the anniversary of the birth of two distinguished gentlemen one a German and the other an American, viz: Prince llismarck and Dr. J. S May. Bismarck was 7!> years old to-day while Dr. May was 48. Bismorck received congratulations by wire, while Dr, May received his on a silver platter. The whole worldknowsof the occasion so far as Bismarck is concerned, while on the contrary not more than a dozen citizens of this city knew at daylight this morning that it was the. annivcr ary of Dr. May's birth. The honors seem to be unequal, and the Dr. is accordingly vexed. The liittiiH lilee Club. The Lotus Glee Club of Boston held the boards at the opera house last night, and gave one of the best entertainments of the season. The house was very light, occasioned partly by the threatening weather, and partly because the public did not comprehend the character of the performers. The music was first class, both vocal and instrumental, while the readings, etc. of Miss Marshall were loudly encored, The performance was a loud advertisement for the club should they ever visit this eity again. Cornlee (ione, A portion of the cornice blew off the Fourth avenue school house last night. The chimney blew off Chas. Menke houBe. A number of small outbuildings blew over and were totally demolished. Signs, boxes, awnings and everything movable was displaced, and yet our damage is light as compared with some cities and towns in the storm's track. Try a Sack of KING KANSAS lour, The Best Flour n the Market, and only $1.25 per sack, at Notice The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Hutchinson Water Light and Power company will be held at the office of tho company in Hutchinson; Kan., ut 10 o'clock a. m., Apri 2, 1892, for the 'election of director and any other business that may le gaily come before it. It. A, HEKIIK, President. March 22. 1893. ' lot I)emorest Content. As will be seen by reference to an article in another column in this iSBi '.e the Demorest contest did not come off at the Christian church last night, Owing to the threatening weather, which deterred many from coming out, the contest was postponed until tonight, at which time a largo crowd expoatcd. Worlc In Hutchinson Lodge. Thero will be degree work in Hutchinson lodge, K of P to-night. A full attendance is requested. Ilutohlunon Lodge No. 17. Hutchinson lodge No. 77, A. 0, D, W. had work in both degrees at their regular meeting last night. Administrator's Sale. Notice Is hereby given that on Friday 15th day of April, 1BUS, at 2 o'clock p. -ml will offer for sale and sell for cash at putt auction all the household and kitchen furniture and other personal belongings of the late J, it. Swljiart. deceased, at Ills late riit- deuea, No. 417 Sherman street east. > It. A. BIQOIUI, Administrator. I THE 21 South Main. .SAVE YOUR. ) DOLLARS< " BY TRADING ^ WITH US And allow anyone to bulldoze you into buying clothing, but come and get our prices and compare, our prices, make and Ut. with competitors' and wc are sure you will deal with us. \ DON'T BE A CHUMP And alloi and get o petitors' i WHY? Simply because wc don't misrepresent, .i ^j wu „,;[[ SAVE YOU 10 PER CENT Is not that worth saving? That means fifty cents on five dollars one dollar on ten and so on. Come to us. \y K h aTe tj 10 i arB .est stock of clothing in Hutchinson, without dispute. 1000 dozen men's and boys' LINEN collars 5c each. Linen cuffs, 10c pr 800 dozen men's Demost flannel shirts, 15c each. Boys' knee pants in endless variety, from 15 cents up- ware. Boys' sateen shirt waists, 2. r >e. Mothers' Triend waist at low price. Men's suits from' S!!.r.O to S3.-,. Agency for the "Christy" hats. Seeour light col ored Prince A1-, bert suits, S15 to S2!>. .See our spring line of men's suits. Wo will open your eyes on prices. 00 dozen men's jean pants for Sue a pair. ^-'o dozen men's satt"n nuirts, 4K „ all new colors Boys' suits,Slup to the very finest made. See our fine tailor made pants, 82 to ST.flO. They are j swell. Boys' hats and caps, 30c up to 50c See our novelties. Wo iuirc what you want and warrant 4 saving of 10 per ce\it. v^. .— See c ),i r underwear; ttam 20c up to tlfe iinest bon tonB. \ SIOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AwXy\ To the party or parlies guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. The candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33J^ inches in circumference and 8 feet 5 Inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July 4, 1802. UTCHINSOrf r PRICES IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS No. 10 North Main Street. f k SAVE YOUR, Uh DOLLARS i W BY TRADING 1 k~ WITH US SAVEYOUR. I DOLLARS i r BY TRADING WITH US 1 H UTCHINSON OPERA HOUSE. W. A. LOE, Manager. Street cara at the door after entertainment. I0NDAY. APKIL AL G. FIELD &C0'S. A Itefined and elegant presentation of legitimate Minstrelsy by a Model Company. The 3 Kings of Musicl First American appearance. Kibble! Gun and Sword Manipulator. The Mignani family of 5 people, Medieval Musicians. A Matchless Military Band of 18, and a Classic Orchestra of 18 Eminent Soloists. The biggest and best traveling on their own train of palace cars. GTKAND CONCERT AND STEEET PARADE At 11:30 A. M. each day. JOHN W, VDGLE,, Business Manager, Prices 50 and 75 cents. D.I. Galliher, LIVERYMAN. Fine rigs, styliBh teams md the finest funeral •arand white hearse in oho state. ROCKAWAY AND LANQEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND CALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. J. IF 1 . :PT _u &.TE3, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of Teas, and a full line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. JUST RECEIVED AT A large line of Ladies' - -&^Byf^i '*D .d Lace. ' In four, grades, $3 .(^.$is ||^00and $5.00. ! in? Co. F. 8. MITOHEL.IL.. Funeral Director and Embalmer. 10 Sooth Main. Open Uajr and Nlght.j ' Telegraph Orders Given Prompt Attention. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. 1 LEADING OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Oo.'s celebrated bulk . seeds. ... THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

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