Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 19, 1903 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1903
Page 6
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a¥l L ; JTransactJo^of Mucli ^ f^! QeneWlnterett io RMUltea In 4. at ALL 4.. ^- UCED The Cilt^coBnoIl m^t lasi nigbt ^ r^galarjn^ia^. ,r-7:/\\ ^ Ij^aidewiik .petition for walk on e4>^ side oC Ohio street referred to com< W. P. Parsons' application to rah H pop) and bijlii^d hall at No. 15 Noi^ Jefferson frpm Jolyy-1903 U> 3vlTi gratCted. • The Home Brick Company was granted permit to tap Union Brick (Company's water mliln for water for drinking purposes only. B. S. Davis was gAnted a building permit to improve building in .Sleepei^ block. The light superintendent reported an arrangement with lola township that the. latter pay for instalUng,.a light on the Elm creek, b^idg^ tb^ clly buying it baick in service. "City clerk reppked collect ons froim March i5th to June 15, as follow's Cemetery lots, $^6; plumbers' licenses, 150; dog tax, $34.95; minor 11 censes and building permits, $243. City treasurer's report read and re-' fecred to auditing committee. Also' water and light superintendent's, report The bonds of T. B. Shannon, W. H Root, A. E. Balllet and Fred Reinish as master plupibers for $2,000, were received; and approved. A resolution fixing the curb line about the square at eight feet from' the property line was adopted. The bond of I. E. Patterson as city inspector o^ plumbing, of Samuel Fu-, son as city .marshal, for $1^000 each, were received and approved. It was decided that all bills except salary bills be referred to the auditing committee before being allowed. The water superintendent's report on cost of extending water mains was referred to water and light committee. The city, engineer reported, on change of grades for Cottonwood and Madison streets and on plan for Im proving East street. The report was approved.' The. bill of L. A. Foster, $20.77, services as-^treet commissioner for 12 days -was allowed. . "The water and light committee recommended that water power at the river be granted on the west bank of the river, but that on the present site of the mill it is a bad thing for the city water: plant. j -EL It.. Hendersoni was granted_.permit to conaect with sewer lateral .on North street to drain cellar of building at corner of Jackson and North.} Councilman Palmer recommended that the city sexton be paid a salary and that all monies received for digging graves and other work be collected by city clerk and placed in the cemetery fund. The matter was referred to a committee. An, electric light was ordered placed in the city electrician's office. The special committee on street sprinkling reported. The minority report favored paying for sprinkling from city funds, a contract being made for the work. The nJajority re; port opposed this and the matter was put off till the next meeting. The matter of unnecessary teler phone poles in streets and alleys was referred to street and alley commit tee. Poles on ,Madison between First and Second were ordered removed. W. H. Norris* resignation as street commissioner was received and accepted. The council then proceeded to open bids for city printing. On roll call the contract was let to the lola Record that paper receiving the votesof .Cbun- cllmen Ray, PaJmer, Coutant, Thompt. son ajid Hurlock, The contract is-for 30 per cent .of legal rates. The lola. Register received .two. votes, .its, bid. being 35 per cent of legal rates, and the Farmer's Friend, whose bid iwaskj 20 per., cept, received no votes. In this qoimection it may be of interest to know that .the entire sum paid the Register for city printing during the year ending April 1, 1903, was $141.95, On that basis,, therefore, the amount saved the city this y ear by letting: the contract jat 30 per cent instead of iat 35 per .cent, will reach the imposing sum of $7.09. The council then went into execur tive isesslon, after which the follow: ing appointments were announced: ' Cemetery Sexton, A. F, Irwin; T.S. Pali sanitary policeman. The conh- cil. approved these APPpiotments.. . . Don (Buchanan was employed as night engineer ^t the. water and Ughllj plant. .. I Council adjourned to meet Wednesi d^y, June 24th, at 3 P'clocfc iv . :.:r -T- . .-. !f.. . To I improve East! QtfMt. The report-ofCUy^ginser-Stover on the wq;; to improye.JBISBtj ^.t^t laias follows: ' j ; ,f Curbing is to be put In so | as to ^tt <»BWO ^'?tbi^&^ 16.6 from south Sy^Mi^^to .,J[effarKm, On * an. 8-foot BUk^tXS^ street, ' 1 1 Rhodes, .idd^; O^jwest to S^K^fg^ 'sIdeJ i*]^!)!!^!!! give a^y|jLri^ght| edged jtlllrty'^oot street led that gnide jbf Gottonweei^-street -sonth-^ low^Jie^ | L tc|a^ ;tO;.pennit enU^Ian <^ graOtis ashow^tabUsh^^ City' Trvasurer** R«|>grt. A rec5plt9*!iacpt,6|f^lMi^^ of thei city treaadr^f irabinittea to th' council last night is as follows:, Genovl.^fund $19,633.93 Pemete^ fund .4 ^ilffi9Qi8 Street and, alley « 2,695.46 Water and light 3,989.00 Park fund 61.43 mter ...Worka .,.,$11,942.11 ^EHectric light ..... 8,870:63 Railway bonds' .... 64.02 Balance on hand .. 7,103.90 ' have flioice SO. I ats of . $27,970.66 $27,970.66 The last column shows where money Is on hand in the various funds and the first column' indicates where the fufads u-e overdrawn.. Extend Waterworks $41,120. : At the request of, ;the council Mr.. Allison, superintendent of the water' works and electric light plants, submitted a report on the estimated cost ,of exten^ding and improving the water works plant to its originally planned size and so as to accommodate the presei}t needs of the larger city and its I proposed sewer system. The cost .figured is $41,120. Here is the itemized statement: 31,000 feet of 4-inch pipe laid $23,100 ll,8O0i feet 6-inch pipe laid .... 10,620 20-foot extension power house. 700 New 1.600,900 basin ..... 4,750 Pipe for washing basin ' 400 100 horse power boiler ,. *. 1,300 Connecting i pipes 300 Total ..$41,120 Funeral of Mrs. SehtiHaerts. The funerarbr-Mrs. Schonaerts mas held from I the family Jipme today and the remains were, talilen on the itfter- noon train to Pittsburg for Interment. The services were laiigely attended by friends and by the members of the Eastern Star Jodge, of which, deceased was an honored member. Many beau tiful floral offerings were brought and the short but touching services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Hodgins and Rev: Mr. Phllllpps. The funeral party accompanying .the remains were: Mr and Mrs. Elliott, parents of Mrs Schonaerts, Mr. Peter Schonaerts, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Schonaerts and Mrs Liawrence Lovell. His Wife Left Him. C. A. Hayman, who came here from Ehireka some months ago^ has had bad luck. There was. sickness in the fam ily, then the high water got up to his house land he had to move hurriedly and now his wife has left him unceremoniously. He has three children, the oldest a boy of about nine years He took the two younger to relatives in Eureka to care for and will keep the boy with him. Mr. Hayman is at a loss to know the reason of his wife*s actions, but is not inclined to do aiiy "bended knee" business and says that he wants notice given that he will not be responsible for any bills con- l>tracted by her. ' It has been hinted on the street that the proposed 4th of July'cele-, bration meant a lot of drunkenness and gambling', and a big "carousal oh the grounds. The Committee asks the Register to state that it will make a. special point to see that there, is no jiauor bought or sold on or near the JTOunds .that day and that i^o.gamb­ ling, games be allowed. The lola- jLeavenworth ball game will be heavily 'advertised and an attempt made to secure the running <f al big ex- icursion from Leavenwortb ^ere. street to west Uak of lot T^-Booigllitbn straighten the sides of the street which .a^e Jioyr irregular, Fropd jFfarati^^Pl^ esxtitied ?I>eborah,'41m ^ew ^pecIalArmy Serrlce. Tuesday^ lite. 23rd or Joi e, and Wednesday, the, 24th, will be great times in Salvatlion Army circles. Ldeut Icplonel Margetts from New York City; Xieat Colonel Addle and istafl Capt. Harris, from Kansas City, iassis.ted by officers from Wichita, Emporia, Topdui and Pittsburg, will con- jluc^ a union, demonstration In the opera house on.the evening of the 23cd at 8 o'jClock. . • . AIso^anx)fflcer8' council is to bjs held In the Sali^tipa Army hall Wediiesday morning at .la.o'ciodt Cplonel Mar* getta .has been a Salvation Army officer apite a nimiber. of years, has tisi«6led ..exisiislT «Iy, lias a wide experience) In Salyatton Army' work 'and ie .irfil bci worth hearing. He is on a ioqr tjirongh the states and Is tevbiing fola with a two days' visit Come anS lie^r him. /^^ere ifill be recitations, duets and soipf l>y the JunlQra .alljiu ,aB «4Tit7: for^ of LaHarpe, iHU recite a beauU ishr Maiden's .Wrong." ..uaj;..ALa.w.. Witt sell yo0 a good one for less money than yotf canbdy one as good as a good one. Sincerely Yoarsi, East Side Kaiiffinan Biiildiflg. aifflinniinnHunHiHHiiiiBfniuuinii On the 30th of This Month Will be one sficcessftfl yeat of QUt business in thJs cit^, aiuil we talce f^easnte in tbaiikmg^ all of 001* p<a^fOfl^ f<tt tii^ all wbQ waot tbeirmoia^s p IwortJi to attend tfais gteat Anniyefsa^nr For This Sale •J ; Men's Suits worth $17.75 to $^0.75, now go at....... Men's Suits worth $14.75 to 16.75, now,go'at........ $14.75 $12150 Men's Suits worth $12.50 to 13.50, now go at ..... iJ.:. Men's Suits wo^ $10.50 to $11.50, noy go a .Wa We have o(Ms a^d edds stiits thajt JKTIU be sold ^at $3.5ia Qi|t Ybtffig Mea^s, Boys andlCf )Soj^^^\^ c^i 2Q ^portioa as tbe Mc^^f Qotb<» , on ITiuferwear aiid Neckweat. Come and see. ill tio^ a^ cboice goods and s^.ye moi^ tola, Kansas WHlltlltHIHHHHtHliipiliiWi

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