Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1938
Page 5
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I') By Olive Rctoefts BaHoti Serious Illness in Man Caused by Infestation o:TParasites The human being is not only animal has worms. All of the animals occasio* nally are infested nnd quite,frequently the Worms that are in the animals are 'transferee! to human beings. When those parnsittos get into the body, they nre r-npable b? Setting up n good deal of hurm. Sometimes they get into huhinn beings directly form the soil Which is polluted, sometimes form the flesh of the animal that is eaten as food by the human being, nnd sometimes through contamination of fingers or awtrc. Among the worms that are thus Iran sfcrred arc the hookwarm, the whipworm, the organisms that cause dysentery. t))e pimvorm, and the pork and beef tapeworms, and the trichinae of infested pork. People who live in the country ore more likely to become infested form the soil than arc those who live in the cities. Fortunately hookworm infestation, which was the chief disturber in the southern portion of the Nnited States, has been brought largely Under control. It has steadily diminished, since scientific studies were first undertaken many years ago. On the other hand, fhcre seems to be evidence that infestation of the hum an being with the tapeworm 'that is Acquired form the fresh water .fish basing in the United States. Ccr-! talnly trniehinols, which comes form eating Infected pdrk, is inee'reaslng and infestation . -with the tapeworm of beef is not dlmihshlrtg although apnrcntily not making much •headway. The tapeworm that comes 'from fish is known by a highly technical name. This tapeworm produces eggs which are lo small to be aeon except with the microscope, 'this worm can Infect dogs, cats, and Wild animals such as bears and foxes as well as human beings. Fishes from the Great -Lakes region of the United Sfatos have been found to be infested -with the larvae of thi tapeworm. It is said that In parts of Scandinavia, Finland, Russia and Gettnany people tire Infested with these tapeworm may discharge a million eggs In a single day the-possibility of spjread of this infestation is easily aparenl. •People who have tapeworms occasionally show a veracious -appetite but sometimes tire really too sick to cut much.' They suffer with disturbances of the bowels, loss of sleep, nervousness and similar symptoms. 'This condition cmv be eliminated if people will avoid the eating 'of fresh writer fish either raw, cmi-raw smoked, salted or slightly clued. Through cooking wil eliminate tho pos.sibl(ty of such infection among human beings, I'ul Harrison in Hollywood] Actors Have Intense Personal Peeling in "A 'Christmas Carol" • HOLLWOOD.-Out at Metro, I've been watching tht'nv shoot the last scenes for Dickens' "Christmas Carol.' Not the final scenes in the book, of course, because they never do things in order in the movies. This was a sequence from quite early in the story, the visitation of the first spirit—the Ghasl of Christmas Past. And old Scrooge was having atougli time of it. Usually there is u carnival spirit on a set during the last day because everybody is glnd to be finishing up and consigning another hunk of celluloid to quick obscurity. Tlie "Christmas Carol" company hasn't felt that way about it. There is a good chance that no story in movie history has been made with more intense personal feeling on the parts of its cast and crew, or with a greater sense of responsibility. Measured by monoy standards, this is an economical little picture without a big-name cast nnd running only about K> minutes. In other ways it is tremendously J'nVportnnl. Although it will be shown in more theaters ovor the world, simultaneously, than any other film ever made. Metro will make and ship out n thousand prints. Director Even Likes the Film There is no guessing how mnny millions of people will see it eventually, because it certainly will be revived and played again and 'again during the Christmas weeks of future yejirs. So you can imagine how the actors have felt about their job. I doubt, too, that ever before in movie history has a director retained so much enthusiasm while winding up •un assignment. Edwin Marin is a tough director and usually noncommittal. As soon as I sat clown beside him he began talking—about the "beautiful legend," its "beautiful message," and' how it all has been "the most beautiful experience in all my years in thi business." Then he snatched up script nnd read page after page, aloii o { Fczziwig Party Left Out oec ] To the customers wlio do not actun cn . know "A Christmas Carol" by hear doubt that a single change or dele a ni- Carol' will be apparent. Every thought of the author is followed faithfully, but a good many obsolete words and the frequently stilled phrasings of a book of 1843 have been simplified. For nil that, the picture bids for another "first" because it still •'probably has the greatest fidelity to the original of anything ever filmed. There are two differences whi'-h may be noticed: The party at (he Fezziwigs has been left out entirely. "Wo did that," said Murin, "because it would have preceded too closely the big party with all the kids, and of course wo had to show the kid party." The second change is that the Ghost of Christmas Past, in the picture, is a girl. Specifically, 'Ann Rutherford, complete with blond wig and angel costume. Dickens was pretty hazy about tho appearance of his first ghost a'ny- way, so the actress makes a fair compromise. A Goose Winks at 'Crotchet "We put one real comedy gag in the pictue," said Marin. "That's when Bob Cratchit is walking home, feeling kind of low in his mind. Ahead of him is a man carrying a live goose and the bird's head is hanging over his shoulder The music picks up this rhythm r.ncl Crotchet steps along with his spirits mounting. And pretty soon 'the goose looks up and winks at Crat- chet, tond Bob yells, "Merry Christmas!' '" The cast, headed by Reginald Owen as 'Scrooge, and Gene and Kathleen Lc4ckart as the Cratchits, and Leo Cnr- r-ftl as Marleys Ghost, are axactly what IVnarian wanted "This is one story," -hall Marin, "that really is bigger than ihe great boXoffice names in Holly- id. What it needed was technically deii actors." :iot(is is a picture that you'dt think in jid be free from censorship. It may •jhough, that England will object Legal Notice ague, I Prc- Wur- Notice is hereby given that the " an S CI showing the assessments of Strc provement District number Th Hope Arkansas as fixed by th p . , sors of said District, are now,". * otana < hands, subject to inspection person owning property wit r" 7 , District. a V c , , o£ This 21st day of November l i cti P 1d icr ~ , T. R. Billings nlcall y was Ci _^_ is into these WARNING ORDE've fulfilled ion to take 'No'. 4235 In the Chance<faction" and ceded by Hempstead County, Ark. R. L. Gamble ........................... vs. Julia Mae Gamble . possession ol ,ue agreed to Tlie Defendant, Julia j£lcr the is warned to appear i within thirty days ant complain of the Plainti* courts granted ble. because her WiUiess my hand and-»t he had fallen court this 1st day of N< (Seal) - ' - No, General Strike in Prance Is Called * Daladier Government to Use Force Against Sit- Downers PARIS, "France.-(/P)-^The executive committee of '(He General Conference of Labor mot Premier Daladier's stern measures tb hnl> spi-eatfihg labar\ troiibtes with an annbuncement Tuesday hight that it had decided to carry out instructions for n nation-wide sti'lke involving 5,000,000 French workers. • . The confederation's national congress at Nantes lust Thursdayadopted a mo,ion authorizing collective Cessation of work to protect the decree laws, particularly those abandoning the 40-hbur work -week. The executive cbtttm'ittco >lanned a meeting Friday t oarrange he actual date for the strike nnd other details. The General Confederation of Gov- jrnment Employes sent instructions to ill its affiliates to join in a nationwide protest Stiturday. Representatives of 17,000 metal workers in factories near Lille and Valen- •lennos voted Tuesday night to call a tay-in strike Wednesday despite Dala- dier's Instructions to prefects of all de- sartments to '-put an end immediately o occupations of factories which have taken place." A Book » Day By Bruo* Cfttton British Empire In Dissolution If the actions of Mr. Chamberlain at Munich and Codesberg struck you sis somewhat illogical, y<v: might enjoy reading Robert Briffault's 'The Decline and Fall of the British Empire" (Simon and Schuster: $2). For by Mr. Briffaull's theory, the Munic settlement was simply the logical outcome of Britinn's most firmly held policy. Mr. Briffault bluntly states that Great Britian is the modern world's rilling class, he assrets, has but one policy: to preserve a reicuor;f:>y cap- •ituHsrn at all cost. H will disregard any treaty -and 'endanger ovon the mo;4 vital of British empire interests to attain that end. Hence, he says, it will prttr.rvp and support both Mussolini and Hitler— for Scar Ilia to defeat them would mean leftist revolution. Hence the con- ivance in the Italian conquest of Ethiopia; hence the "non-intervention" policy toward Spain, and hence the Tnemberment, The British empire, continues Mr. Briffault ,is a mushroom growth. It actually 'began only with the collapse of Napoleon. It came into being because the profits from the loot of India enabled England to get in on the groud floor of the .industrial revolution; now that the 'econimic pic- lure has change!, the empire wil dissolve as fast as it developed. All of this, as yau can see, is outspoken and 'passionate. Its passion, indeed, is its chief defect. Mr. Briffault is so angry that many readers Vlll find .his book unconvincing. But within limits it is a useful discussion of an extremely confused and ominous international situation. to the singing of "Come, All Ye Faithful" be cause there is a stern rule about screen performances of sacred nusic. And speaking of censorship, this picture will not be shown in Gei'm'any or its newly-matched environs. It seems that Dickens didn't mention Hitler, and Tiny Tims benediction is unchanged: "God bless us, every one!" agc?| culoS Denn; FOR THANKSGIVING PIE ed b hU RIZONTAt> • Sca nrge autumn house* 1 '* Pictured firms ^e, Seal tomakes a Answer to Previous Puzzle out j phln-like "Hopoture. campaiAarttment. tect thejpows on a piles. ! r ds. hearted l "To tering is the paign. "It, ure to eriujs method of re O f against tul one to co-( hope veryOf,j an as possible* card and gilj t will carry i Christmas doing its pa\jjt 0i NOTICE OP SOHf Vcak anchor - a"* WUllLb U* bU«p 0rt a man . M& ; s ..... . , , that virtue only Not.ce is hereby Jlol be shaken b County Examiner of a g oras- ty, has called an elei Guernsey School 1 • '• ->*•"••>••«-••»«Hempstead County, November, 1938, at \ electors in said S^ vote on the qiiestx'l the Revolving Lo w levying of a , nually on the assc following statements taxable propertaome are false. Which, as is necessary ( the interest ther'ecparrows were brought be held at Guernse}ates to catch tree (whitef on the 26th o 1938, between the hou^cse word mean- p. Tn. and 6:30 o'clock wise in tlie same iri allcr in arca than vided by law for holdr elections. adu word mean- Witness my hand t. ,. ,, , November, 1938. « » fic W w ' icrc j. v tlie church. Coum^' Two 9-1C-23 Hemps). Expert T. to! TUSKEGE: Boomer, New] rant cxecutiv kegce InstUuttj dietetics not or Italian cook "Be Amcric vised the class' famous Alabi "Tliere is a can cooking," !• icanize tlie men terms if you car, dishes American 38 Appropriate for a song. 39 Mourning Virgin. 40 Ever. 41 Clump. 42 'Grief. 44 God of sun. 45 Sprite. 46 Sound of surprise. 47 Musical note, 49 Behold. 50 Point, 51 Brooch. 52 To devour. 55 Goddess of agriculture. 56 River, 58 It is a fruit. 59 It is widely grown as — food. VERTICAL. IHog. 2 To consolidate. 50 Professional sheath. 9 Bugle plant 10 Plunge into water. 11 To anoint. 12 Aye. 15 Fastened with glue. 21 Profaned. 22 Punctilious. S4 It is deep in color. 25 More industrious. 27 Import duty. 2UIn England is called 30 To perforate. 33 To encounter. 35 Grandchild. 37 Preposition. 41 Tissue. 43 Hodgpodge. 46 Auditory. 48 God of sky. 3 Timber tree. 4 Butter lump. 5 To urge. 6 Spike. 7 Hurried. 8 Tubular golfer. 51 Portugal. 53 Dye. 54 Note in scale. 55 To subsist. 57 All right. Easter Gree Six ROCHESTER, "Happy Easter" seven months too erine Wcisenborn. recently from a fr It was postmarked was received in the fice only a few da; NfiW YORK - Elections, Martian hightmnre and-gangsler-v/ar may comb find go, but Mayor Piordllo LaGufiraia* the gentlemen with the ton gnllbrt'hat nnd the five-boroug boots seems to be becoming a Gotham perhh'ial). Certainly no other chief exectltvfc of the nation's largest metropolis has - dbnfe his job with as rnuhc peppery Vigor and such complete disdain for diplomatic decorum. LaGuardia lives in u modest domicilb at 10th Street, netar Madisdh Avenue. The neighborhood -bdrders oh 'the fringe of sepia Harlem, 'far removed from the t&wn's more pflrtican residential sectors. The Mayor's family life Is the exact oppisite of his '"Wild, breathless workaday existence. His two children attend public school, and onl yoccasionally are treated 'to an excursion with papa among the! mtm,- icipal gblfigs-on Of the city. Mrs. LaGuafdja maintains the family homestead with the aid of one s^rvent and does all the shopping. The Mayor himself packs more activity into a day's toil than most other human beings in the city. -He rises at 6 in the morning, and generally s off to the office by 6:30—but not without first of all paying a few surprise visits to unsupecting and out- oMhe way :police precincts and the fire-station. And woe unto the hapless genrame caught without a shave, or fire-battalion chief with an unpolished hose-nozzle at that hthjr of Ihe morning. \ East Side, West Slat— An average day's calendar would include a swift dash to the public place in the Bronx plus a persona inscppct- Ibn ,of the scales by LaGuardia to see that Mrs. New Yorker is getting the proper ratio per pound of caulilower, downtown it's a cinch that two or three schools, plus a ew hospitals, would experience a hasty but through going- over by" a'n "alPeaay paittlrig mayoral entourage. If there js an important ciay hall Appointment on the day's calehdehr nVflih the morifig attacks in'-'the city's municipal stronghold Will tell you the Mayor's entrance wil' be timed for iO.59 a.m.—bill not a Split second later. 'LaGua'raia is : no James J. Walker. Sartorially, he's a shambles. The •town has rarely seen him in any- thi«g btit a 'pre'tty well-worn, un- &t $ssed 'Bltle serge Suit, a pair of brown bbrgans tihd 'that Gargantuam|- jet-' black furteral 'bdrinet. If it's evening attife, His Hbnb'r's tie assumes an acute angle through sheer force of habit and thfe -cbhtinous anmatibn of shin and neck above. The Mayor's desk is a crazy con- glomratibn 'of wild disbrder—offjcial papers being -thrust upon it with a sundry collection of pipe tobacco, municipal scrolls, dozens of complimentary tickets to various pubic afajrs blueprints 'for a half dozen new playgrounds and 'a sample wastebasket to be prchaSed in quantities for the Clerical department of the town's santat- ion department. An even half-dizen secretaries and ofice assisWrits whirl in and out of the offical sanctum constantly. Anti-Noise Crusader The Maybr, -in transit, whips up dhd down the city streets in a bright f^ed de luxe gasoline chariot thaat has every conceivable motor accessory htifi form its sides but— a siren. He doesn't think the nerve-shattering screech of a siren on hs own car worth the jn- convienence that it might cause some :<if the citixenry. And it was upon the, Mayor's orders recently that a city- wia& edict was issued prohibiting fire-erigjnes, police cars and ambulances^ to tutfi on the ear-splitting din except when answering an emergtm- cy call. He has a police short-wave reciever in his auto—and also in the "executive fiffices down at City Hall. A mayor fire, calamity or public 'excitement of any type finds LaGpardia's bustl-. Pope End* Break With British; Sends an Envoy CITY, Pius Wednesday appointed Monsighot' William Godfrey the apostolic gate 'to Uonflon. Vatican sources said this was the 1 first time since the 16th century're- formation that such an appointment had been made. ing figure surging through the c no matter 'what hour wheatHer^or location. On a single day he has lieen; " reported overseeing "the rescue tbil following a Manh'atteh elevated dis* aster; checking up on a new'Sewer pipe Ine jn the Bronx; addressing a Legion barbeUce in Queens; cliftib-^ ing upon a fire-truck bound 'for a Brpoklyn blaze; and driving {he first passenger bus of a new Staten IslShd transit line. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE ...with... MAJOR HOOPLE, GOOD fJOSH/WE CANJ'T HAVE NOTHIM'.' ALL 7H' SkXTlW POMDS ARE IKJ COW PASTURES AM' TH' COWS KEEP TH 1 ICE BUSTED UP/ .PICTURE OF ALL THE HOOPLES, EVER WAS OWE/ WELL, THIS 15 ONE TIME A HOOPLE £B\LLY MAKES GOOD/ LET rtiM PARK HIS VEST up TO A &\<s TROUSH "PULL OF -FOOD AMD HE'LL. MAKE HIS IF IT IS ONLY WITH HIS TEETH THEM WITH THIS SHfMWV STICK AM" TEACH A (. AFTER A : V HA,RD 'PAY'S.ii WORK~>- &&Z%,ti',,*! •••,//;«///^r/?• i*., .^., .. '-i^^^^^^~~ <>«-CTS^itA»t.-, •! «.ii **• • ,"'».• t- r- ~~ •— I "--: BOEM THIgTy,.YEARS.TOO 3COM _ By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Tr\K>5 TWt l VOt SiOJ <sO e>ocy4o ,MV VOOM6 'WOT TWt VOOWQ.ftK.-2 HE AKiD TretKV Mt A^> Oh4t SO MOCtt.! COT OOO6V\ 69 ViQT tvit^i XOO<a ALLEY OOP Breakers Ahead By V. T. HAMLIN BUT-*YOU'RE UOT/A BIG TIGEE-SLAVEE. A MOOVIAM .'.' i LIKE ME FRET ABOUT A you CAM'T COME > FE\W MOOVIAKJ THUGS ? HOME WITH ME.' ( HOOEY/ BUT REAU.V- SAV/ SOU CAXJT HANDLE KJOW I MUSryAU-T.HAV HERE,LEMME GET BACK f HAVE HOME TO MOO/ VOU EKJOUGH FOB.THAT WAEiki'T'MUTHIU '/ BIG TI&EBIWIDe AJOD THE ~ LI2AEO 5KIM"THEY'BE BEAAJTIPUL/ nc. r?U. BCC.U. 6. PAT, ofj He Has a Weak Heart, Too urw: By ROY CRANE TWtW CAVAt THOSE X\MFUL BIOWOUTS, CAROL, AW' WHEN I SOT TO TH' WJEDOIW' EVERVBODV GOMES OH, OACUW, YOU SOT* 8'LIEVE ME. €OfTA». WASHIE, UNPER- 5TAWP. AVID WHA.TS (AOPE.I IUS\ST THAT WASH TUBB5 BE GNEW AMOTHER. DOME VOA A GRAVE IWJUSTICE. OH, MV STARS} WHAT HAVE I DONE TO OESERMg 5UCHA BLCMMt MOT TO MARRV POWPV <^ CKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Dud Finally Scores By MERRILL BLOSSER COME ON LEMME DOWN.' X FEEL. SAP, SITTING UP HERE/ OLD BREEZE (S ONE JUMP OF AU. THE WHEN TO SPOT ' THAT SURE is Sf*OT NEWS, ALL RISHT/ WHO THREW IT- DUO WANGLE Nice <3O(N6i KID/ I KNEW YOU'D COME THROUGH AND LIVE up Tp AU- THOSE CLAIMS MAOB ABOUf You "IN My COLUMN / SAME (S OVER SHADYSIDE 35 By Ray Thompson and Charles Coll MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE S THE SET COMES CGASHIW& DOWN OM GILDEE AMD HIS CAME2A CREW, A KUftEVIMG FIGURE BBUSHES PAST QUICK, THE CHIEF OUT BU2Z- WHY IS THE MAJOR VELLWJO BJ.OODV MUG- DEE..' THAT LIGHT- vWEl&HT SCEkJERV COULDKJ'T IMJURE AUYBODy.' THATS WHAT Ypy THIKJK] BUT GILOEC'S GOT A PHOBIA- THERE'S A LOMG WOKD RDB IT- BUT HE'S DEATHLY -—.. 1 MUST REMEMBER THKT FACE.' HCLPJ C5ET ME C3UTOF

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