The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1934
Page 6
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PAOE SIX FifiEST Clll BIE JEST FOR Team Coming Friday I la One of Best Records ii Stale. 'BY J. P. FKIKN'I) Forrest City high school, whiel meets the chtckosaws at Hate;, Field Friday night, has established one of the most outstanding grkllion recoids In this state. During the last four years (he Thoroughbreds have been defeated but four times. During this sensational' streak they amassed l\ streak of 30 consecu(lH> victories. The" Golden Hurricane ol Joncsboro tripped thcra for Ihe first lime las,! tcason when they sneaked over a touchdown in the closing . minutes of the contest to win, 13-T However, they went back to tlulr vUnntng way immediately nnd (hushed the schedule h\ a blaze of glory.. Off, Jo an easy win "in tholr fiist cncountei, dcfeatim- Helena 26 0, they nn Into superior weight , and e\]»rlencc at Little Rock, towing lo the Tigers. 42-7, after n brilliant last quarter sland. Newspaper accounts of the Tiger fray weie !oud in their praises of the Thoioughbied eleven. They _ rolled uj) eleven 'fhxl dawns against the slate capita) entry. Little Rock made 20.. The Forrest City touchdown cime tn the fourth quarle. Inking the ball on their ovn thirl>-me \.ud line tliey st.irted a Heady march down' the field, alternating an neriul oft tackle attack. With n fili-siml line and When Tigers Took Series Lead TlPffjC CUIIT niiT BTDEHNJIILE f AUK..) COURIER NEWS (Continued from P,l»c One) cd oiit, Duroeher to Collins ^ rims, two hits, 'no errors ' Sixth Inning BV 1.RW1S ilAUDAGIS lleai) Cinch, University of Oklahoma ' NORMAN, Okln.—Spectators'who and pack.the stands to cheer for deal- old SHvnsh or Purdue little roiil ,„. ,, ;„,, •*• """ " '"• J"si last Imeineld, (he Thcioiighbreds once they have plenty of power. They specially on olf tackle sprints, sweeping end runs m, well as a deadly fora aid pass E Wrlslit. (|tinrler- oack, and w rrje. fiitltacl;, du the major bit of pawing, nrldgc- lorlh, n inngy, hirtl driving liiilf, and Paiker, MocHng bnck, cnn <<o plncra with the oval. Realizing the game Friday L-. to be the bluett lest .so fiir to the Chicks, who hnvc rolled up 124 points ajjainst OEceoln and Earle, Head Conch . Carney Uislie turned on the steam early, sending his chaiges through plenty ot hard uoik jcstertlay afternoon After pointing out the many faults of the game Friday n|>;ht, (he men- toi sent (hem through n signal drill and followed with n lengthy scrlminngc The 'miniature" eamu provided plentj of action as 'thi- varsity ilinrpt'/ied up -{heir'• offensive weapons al - the" • cxpiauo of the second suing; Oneil Craljj, who bids fair to develop Inio one of. (lie best backs evci tinned , out by the Maioon nnd White, turned nn ankle during the battle. He probably will Lc out of ,abtion for 'n day so The injury Is i)ot , |. C •'"- mjuiy la i^ui believed to be eciIons'nnd he will Se okay foi the game Friday night. Coach Laslie Is well pleased with the work in general of "the for- ,\vard wall in th D lirst two [james every man has fnnclioncd well. Esrwelnlly have J W. Purtle, Linil- fcy, Lunsford, Ra'yder, Walker Tipton and Blnckwcll, first'string- ers, ll\ed up to expectations. Although he carried the ball nut few limes, Hershel Mosley swnel hip]ied qnnitcrbnck, was the leal offensive star of the Earle \lctory The wnj youngster gained > 175 \nrils, on, rettn-n of:jiunts On two occasions hC;- reeled 'off « and 65 sards, respectively, .for touchdowns His interference was superb as Earle men were blocked oiit of (he way D' lck . Til)lon Murray Harris, Cr»(g"and Locke Jcpentedly cut do«n enemy players' allowing the ball carriers lo innke additional yardage. The blockln» ^as a distinct feature of the gamo While not figured on to help much, John mjcttc "Wimpy" Burns, a mite with plenty of : drlve and spirit, has indicated he will- be of trtuch assistance. He led in the percentage of yardage entiie'd lugging Ihe pigskin at better than loose Oosllh of the Detroit Tigers snfe at second'on u Texas' League loiiblc lo left neld In the-fourth Inning of (lie flViVil 'si louls'i:n°n' f (lie world series. Ills team's 3-1 victory over the St. Louis Cimllnjds gave lliem .the series leatl, : Bridges as the Detroit htirlcr. Pul- lls singled. Collins lofted out lo White. Dciaucsy grounded out, Qelutngcr to Orcenberg. Orsuttl walked, Dinochcr grpinide dto Ro- Bcll, forcing Orsattl at second. No runs,' one hit, no errors. Tigers—Pox doubled Into Gerald Walker was sent In io lint lor Marberry. Walker went out on a lly to Pullls in left. White struck out.' Coehrnne lofted lout to Ilothrock. No runs, one hit, i , left, sliding safely Into second when Goslln juggled the ball riolhrock filed out to Goslln Ma-tin holding second. Priscli' skl.'cl out to White In center. Medwlc'- tripled against the right neld barrier, scoring Martin. Medwick and Owen, .Detroit third baseman ap- jjcnred to be ready to- swap Wow for : a/. 'moment Hardage Shows Reason for 13.30 Per Ticket to Big Game ize just, what their dollars do - jed nl the ticket olficc for bll.s of Haste- board entitling them to witness n luoibull tjiune. Modern f(X)tl)nll rciinlrc.s n great :denl more monetary outlay tlinii the game in the old duys, and tlie reason chielly -is because present day utiifoims, scleiHiHcnlly designed to 'dccVease uccideiiLs as mud) as possible, eomo plenty li'eli. Pollowlng .Is n siiort table giving you Romewhnt of nn idea w-lrat it cosls a university to outfit its team: Trousers—SH.SO Jersey—SC.50 IMmel—$7.50 Sliouldcr Pads—?10 Shovn—JlS.fiO Stockings—J1.75. . ! .--.!* * * i •These ilcms, tosether with one 6! "those new-fniigJed .slciu-' line coals that fits like n pju-kn over a jilayer's 'hend, run the cost, of ntttng out a player close to $70, And when a school sup ports 30 husky 'youngster^ on Its team, it. | s 'coiifronlcd; witli an annual .outlay of $2100 be , ""J u < f£,iUV Ut— lore the boys even gather .around the training tsWc to consume vnst quantities of various foods The modern foblbnll". troilsei!, are made ivith built-in tliigl,; lilp and knee pads and, us designed offer the maximum protection -on the field. That Is why tlicy cast so imich. Time IVM vvlieii a pair of skin-tight canvas pants would do, but (hose days bnve piissed Oilier new' developments In equipment which hnvc added to their expense are the, new tlitgh- Piul reinforced by gray liber, new- shoulder pads, nnd the "hammock " designed (o lake^ nil; shock oft tlie 10 yards per try. Basil Locke; pile driver back n Ued c n oS l« 1r EaC " look ollc f «» yards, for an ave Le of m """ C!t " IE " 1C S * conci ' ""-'" 1 - OI "- yards, for nn mutely 9 yards. of OI "PproM- country colhir-bonc. Mriiiy schools In the maliilain , trainhifc' tables ., .„ "" expensive Item wlien yon get ous iipnetltes for. the best toed around the festive board. To feed 30 footunll players, It, costs ap'prox- imatcly $100 a week, according -o what section.the school is situated in. over n period ol 1C weeks which Includes the (raining period this would rim into $1600. If a squad lias nny inlersec- - - - _.,„ ^.«*f, *'t;fc(f fLCJ struck out. .Two runs, thre": hits .wo errors.., .. •. . ' Tiiierswrn'o,- Detroit:: fans'show- !rcd Mcdwlck with bottles; papers and fruit as )\R went out to lell field booing him loudly • Iwciuiss of the- run-in; with Owen at third Umpires and police rushed out lo left wlilto other Cardi'al • nlaver; urged Medwick to leave trie 1 neld for the lime being..A photographer ventured out, on me field to Kike a picture of Medwick who nicked up nn orange and hurled ft. (it the , cameraman.. Ground- keepers tried to clean up the field but blcaciierltes 'continued to send iv Hood of paper nnd debris into Hie neld. Medwick tried to go " •"•"j fiijr 111 | jn Six Conference. Add to these outstanding the little Incidentals u kc - —"-*.,.., «,, n.-, ^.-iieuine, railroad fare is „ b ]g. Item. This year, for. Instance, Oklahoma plays Qeorsc Washington nt Washington, , • ,v- Tral" fare from Kansas to the capital and return w ftl be nboul half the amount spent lo ship pur. boys around'to the var- bllls f . . , ,,.-- ^^...",0 u^^ $400 for. medical supplies, shoe ' siring cna k for blackboard talks, water liuckcls, tickels and other items nnd you h ftve an Impressive total oven before yon bcgj,, ', 0 „„., „ conch, nsslstnnts and!, trainer ' 'Copyright, mi, NBA Service', Inc.) Burns Wins Ovoi- Perkins; Moore And Buffalo Draw C>clone Burns defeated Ait Per- 'i)s two out. of three falls (n u,c finlure match on last night's Am- cricnn . Legioi) wresOlng' card 'fit Ihe.armory. ' ... : '•, Uurns won' the sccimil and falls. Inking the final one with S i'P- ft lc «.lo*: usually while coming: out of a the liold° ClC - iSPl "' ° r vnrtatlonj °' The match was fast and somewhat rougher than tlie Byrd- Burns match- of the previous In the opening match Buffalo Joe nud Tiger Moore wrestled to a draw. Each took one fall win, A dies. crowd mat- w I^ated at S ..U,e«l Corner Walnut ^^s^ ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU , " ON *:i>WAHDS, Proprietor , c Reputing— Parts— Ribbons ' Thon: 71 ...-v.,* uitu lu gu mmmy -o "Is iwsltion ngain but n volley This is of. bottles ana fruit. SC i,t him back -— -' In. Hi;, tried it again-with the some result. Manager PrlEch of tie Cardhmls nskcrt " Mnhnsjcr Cocirane of the Tigers'to appeal o ho Wcnclierites to quit' their tactics. The crowd is still dangerous. Judge Lniulls, high commissioner of baseball, dallcd Medwick nix! Pl-lMh-to"lils box. Medwick then walked to the Cardinal dugout on orders of Lnndls nnd Chid; Fiillls replaced- him n, left field. With play, resumed Coehrnne 'filed out .to Rbthrock.' GehrlnBcr aronnded out, Duroeher to Collins. Goslln fouled out to Collins No. runs, no hits, no errors. . . Seventh Inning ' Cnrdlnals-Mcdwlck rcth-cd from the Cardinal bench, under -police escort. The • crowd booed loudly prsattl.-nied out to White in center.- Duroeher tripled, hilo center Dean; grounded out, Rogell to Grceiibcrg, Martin's, grounder .trickled through . Gclu-lngcr's • legs nnd: Durrthc rscored, Martin safe at llrst. Martin stole second -Rothrock doubled into left. MnrUn scored. Priso, fllcc , ollt (o . Two runs two hil-s, one error " Tigers-Rogell popped out 'to nurochcr GieAberg struck out Owen moumtcd out, Piiscli to col- « No urns no hits, no eirois Ughtli Inning Cardinals - Marberry , cp | BC c ,, no .errors. , Ninth Inning Cardinals—Alvln Crowder wus sent to the mound for Detroit, the sixth Tiger pitcher of the las additional ""security" Township it North, Range 0 Said sale will be made to satisfy said execution in. the sum of $877.03, with Interest thereon at ten per cent per annum from March 13th, 1934,' and the sum of $110.90, with interest thereo at ten per cent per annum from January 2nd, 1933, and. the, cos s of said nctlon' and sale and the Purchaser of said property at:said sale will ke given a credit of three months upon his giving bond with good security for (lie payment of the purchase money and a lien will be retained upon said Jane! game. Hayworth replaced Coeh- rane behind the'plate. Dean filed out to Ooslin. Martin fouled out t oOrcenbcrg. Rothrock filed-out. No inns, no hits, no errors. Tigers—Ochrlngcr singled into left. Goalin grounded to Collins who threw to- Duroeher, covering for said (Ian icy Las lie Sets Record For Sited Shooters- Carney Laslic turned In the best card since the opening of the niyiheville Skect chili Sunday when he carded 24 out (of 25 on one rouiKl and 22 out of 25 for 4B out of 50 on two rounds. Laslie's 24 out of 25 was the best record made at the cltilj and not only led amateur but also pro shooters. NOTICE OK SAW: UNUEII KXECUTION' Nollce is hereby given that by virtue of the authority vested in me by n certain execution issued by the Clerk of the Common Pleas Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas,. CliickasawDii District, un- on a judgment rendered in said Common Pleas Court on March 13th. 19-^4, in the cause wherein . , Walter E. Taylor, Slate Bank Commissioner was Plaintiff and Eugf-np c. Flectnan, and 11. M. Flecmnn, et nl, were defendants] I will, between the hours of nine o'clock in the forenoon and thre« o'clock in the afternoon, at tin: south or front door of the Com! House In the City of Blylheville, Arkansas, on Monday. October 29th, 103-1, offer for sale at public outcry. to the highest bidder, on a credit of three months, the following described real estate sltunt- «d In Mississippi county, Arkansas to-wit: , • I -' The South '.i of the Noi'th- ii'csl '1 mid the Norihwosl '/, of the Southwest y, of Sec- lion 5; Tlie f::ist Vi of the Northeast '.! of Section' 0; "lie Niirth ',[. of th? Southwest >/, and the Soiitli <:, of tlie Southwest ", of Section 1, r^nv • - ' ' • —~ —. L — —Things y«m may not know abdiit you COAL 1 — • niivcnttoiis of the research •ii -scientists at BellUiboratories liavc been devoted, not to swelling, prof its, but to Improvements anil economics that have aided this company in giving good service at a fair cost to the'telephone user. This policy has been adopted in the belief that, as much from your standpoint as from our own, it is sound and workable. It is based upon the feeling that straw .^ — . ,._,,,._ v „ »*,i^ okimv jiiutiicQ ica to transconti to the eardrum from z human skull trace pairs of wires'i \viycringlmtspn smoked glass. Smcff then 4 simultaneous r ' ' the History of the telephone has been told distance line co3!SrT''' ^ & ^^ """* aids for '^ > -. w the counties* scientific problems solved, help keep costs 1 OW to the ''"" ""*'° "! e> a " d JcVclo l )ed C 1"i|>"'"" — • • '' • pictures over wires. of h«r pull, What is best for the telephone user is in the end the course that will bring us the surer, more enduring success. purchase money. Witness my hand on thu . gii, day of October, 1931 C. H. WILSON, Sheriff By Jess Homer, D, s. NOTICE OF SALE UN'DFK EXECUTION Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of the?authority veslccr'In me by a certain execution issued Dy the Clerk of the Common pleas Comi of Mississippi County Arkansas. CJiJckfuatvbti District upon a judgment, rendered in' sakl Common Pleas court on March Uth, 1934, In- the cause where' Walter E. Taylor, State Bank Com- m.-sfoner ivos plainiin 1 and H. M. Desman was defendant. I w.ll, between tlie hours of nine o'clock In the forenoon and three o'clock In the afternoon, at the south or front door of the Court House In tlie City of ISIythevllle, Arkansas, on Monday. October 29lh, 193$, of- I«r for sale at public outcry, to the highest bidder on a. credit ol three months, the following described real eslate situated In Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-u-it: The South (i of the Northwest >,', of the Southwest 'A of Section; Tho East <:. of the Northeast '\ of Section 0; Tlie North ',-; of the Southwest ", ot Section 7; And the East ',<. of the Northwest ',; of Section 20, Toini- sliip 14 North, Range 9 East. Said sale will be made to salisf £ald execution in the sum __ TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9. 1034 {.uiclios; money. upon said i' said Wldress my hand on this tj, e aih (Iny of deleter. 1034. C. H. WILSON, Sl:»rm> By Jess Horner, D. g S218.2G, with Interest Ihcrcoji ten per cent |> ? r annum fr 0n March 13th. 1934, and Hie cosl of. said action and sate and til purchaser of said properly at sni sale will lie given- a credit c three months upon his giving noil with. good i-ecurity Rl VTUClf II11 SATURDAY 10 wki iilLULLL OCTOBER JLv SOUTH 2nd STY - OPPOSITE LAUNDRY 2 Performances THE ORIGINAL GENTRY BROS; Trained Animal Show and Circus Combined 100 HIGHLY 'EDUCATED ANIMALS Fe;i(urinj.j sfispeciiilly KAPITAN Wonder DOJ of IVio.vies SEVERAL ADDED EUROPEAN NOVELTIES Stener Trio the And The, •NE.VKR 'BEFORE AT SUCH I'RICES CHII.DRKN ADULTS'- 25c 1934 All-Wave PHILCO The world is at your fingertips with (his sensational new PHfLCO! Seek and find , thrilling programs all over 1, the globe—listen to England, Germany, France, : Russia, South America, etc. PHILCO has revolutionized , tuning of foreign stations with many exclusive im : provemcnls, enabling you (o enjoy the finest worldwide reception. b •" • / • "''." Bring in tore 13n stations regularly, clearly and at full room volume! Y«ni «mu>t imagine (he thrill of guaraaleed foreign reception until ,ou h«r'« new 1931 AH-Wayc UHII.CO. ComeV-asi for « d«moiwtr»t:on. Sec and hear these anting radios! PHILCO 16X In iddltion lo Ih, ,„,„, nCTr ji||. Wire feilort, «hi €h mlVc lt , n*7 lo tun^ln nations «tto!i Ihe «»>. tMi PIUJ.CO I., tvwy olhfr Important devtlop- »•"<• »»<!> " Iht P.ltnlrd In- elintJ S.ui,din e ll», r d. s op , r tl«»i A ' Audio SrJltm.SKudow Tunlni, A.dil^ion, Spi..ker. rilll.CO Ill c h.Kffl c |, ncI Tt , b[Ji tic. Kiouljlle c.Mn.l o t h.ixl- Mbkrf H".lr,ul ,im ,„,,„ „, BUti and s»Un wl>ol al - _ 1'' i .MB A rt.w tin All-H',,, JR1I.CC.I, . h,", 1 !," K>n<)-rgbl>nl Grind C.Mn.l «< l»». lon . We carry- a cam'plett telcclioH of new PHILCO All-Wave m<xiet,f OTHER i9>4 PHILCO; EASY TERMS Extra-Liberal Trade-In Allowance HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE ROXY Tues.-Wedi-Thurs. MAT. and Nile— 10c - 25c ELISSA •PAUL ,** IUKAS In a sparkling '' comedy of mixed love i affairsi MCHh NILS ASTHER, Either R.l- •ion, Dorothy Rtvicij Ltniencc 8«nt.ProduccdbyC«rlL««mral«, Jr., From i it4ae'>l«y by Slighted Gtftr. Preitnlid by C«rl La«m- mlt. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE., Directed by |/ | - • • • T"^i»mm GNDLELIGHT Comedy - - Fo\ JRIT Z Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nife fl :,:^^^^ "Goofy Movies" Novelty Cometly and News NOTICE All Home Owners n Blylheville or community get a free booklet on how can get aid for improv- ng your home through the- Federal Housing Act. Book- ets available in tho lobbies f the Ritz and Roxy.

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