Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 15, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1896
Page 6
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"The Last Piece hung,—and the day but just begun !" >• - *•«<£• All women who have no time and strength to waste,. who want snowy clothes __ and soft hands should use the famous SANTA CLAUS The best and purest soap. Made for laundry, and general house use. Sold everywhere. Made only by THEN. K. FAIRBANKCOMPANY, Chicago. Scorcher. PLUG Tobacco Dealers say/that "BATTLE AX" is a "scorcher" because it sells so fast. Tobacco Chewers say, it is a "scorcher" because 5 cents' worth goes so far,- It's as good as can be made regardless of 1 cost The 5 cent piece is almost as large as the other fellows' JO cent piece* MAMMOTH _CAVE'S RIVAL. f .Th» Oiienlon Under Wisconsin Bine AIonuilH Will IJo liiplored. It ia believed that a cave which, will rival if not surpass the famous Mam- irnotb. cave of Kentucky has been discov- 'ered under -the western rnr.go of the iBlue Mounds, a jiilniaturc mountain range about 20 miles .ivest of Madison, |-Wis., near the plnce where Editor Hor- 'ace- Eublec, Chnrle* P. Illsley, and John !E. Brigham,.of Milwaukee, are about to 'establish summer homes. The ir.dica' '-tlons which strengthen this belief are openings found n t different places. One of these opening's is found to extend from an open well about 20 feet below th'e surface in a straight, line, with the trend of this aperture Is found another cave, and it is thought that these two openings arc .connected, although : ,tbey ore about three miles npnrt. Preparations are being madfl for a thorough Investigation, and a prospftctinff party •will soon start out with the expectation •finding a series of underground chambers and aven'ies, subterranean river? and lakes, nnd other features ol She great caves. . Silver Service for the Inillonn. ' Fhdi;iiiapolisi,,lrid.. Sept. 14.—The executive' committee of the Indiana,battle ship fund gave notice that the/invitations wbuld be confined to members cf t.fic- general state committee-nnd the governor's staff. The presentation cpnir mittee -will leave,this-city Friday next •for Toiiipkinsville, S;'T., where the sil- ' ver service will be formfllly presented to the battle ship : September 21. " POWER OF SYMPATHY. When Needed I«""l» Generally to B» Found. • ' He was only an Italian fruit vender, There was nothing about him at all likely to inspire the beholder with feeling, one way or another. He was not ragged •enough to call for especial sym- 'pathy, nor unkempt enough to provoke disgust. Yet to the policeman on. his beat ho was undoubtedly the object ot 'considerable animadversion. This was evidenced.by the unrelenting vigor with 'which he was pursued from corner to corner by the over-zealous guardinn of the law. The other day, says.the .New York •Mail and Express, in a too hurried re- 'sponse to the everlasting order to "move 'on," the fruit peddler's cart was upset, .'and his peaches and peers were scattered ofer the ground nnd across the street car track. The enraged policeman could hardly restrain the impulse ; to use his olub. . , "The dirty loafer," exclaimed he. "He did it on purpose—-just trying to excite ' sympathy." . : ... "He has succeeded, than," said n soft voice at the officer's elbow, ond a neat little woman stooped and began to gather up the scattered fruit. , . The officer's lace reddened. He. hesitated a moment, and then,he, too, joined in the work of restoration; " , '" After that the Italian was seen peace- l fully plying his trade on his 'accust"med beat, unmolested by his old enemy, the policeman. ' - • xxmaon is oerter off for trees/than. any other citj' in'Europe. BOLD PLOTTERS. Arrests of Dynamiters in Boulogne, Rotterdam and Glasgow, Sensational Report That They Intended to Blow Up Balmoral Castle When Crtr Visited the Queen. Boulogne, Sept. 14,—P. J. Tynan, the Irish "invincible" who \vah urrestcd here Sunday morning,'was arraigned before the public procurer Monday morning. He admitted that ho was the man described in the warrar.t of arrest, and was remanded pendiug the arrival. of the papers required to effect his extradition to England. Are High Livers, Antwerp, Sept. 14.—P. J. Tynan, the Irish conspirator who was arrested at. Boulogne Sunday morning, was regis- terd at the Hotel Angluia Lere under the name of Garth. Bell, the rriun who came here with him and was luter arrested in Glasgow, was r-jgisti'red ut the sninc hotel under his own name. The men took no meals at tlieliotel, but they paid for their rooms 1'or the two days they were there. Their bill for champagne and whisky and soda averaged $10 per day. \ Ouoxtloii of Extradition, London, Sept. 14, — Th* question whether Tynan can be oxtiadited or not is being exhaustively aiscussed in the newspapers. The'St. .fames Gazette says that in"- ISSa the government of France refused to e.xtr;.ditc Tynan and \Valsh on the ground that their offense was a political one and consequently not covered by the extradition treaty then in existence between Greai Britain und France. The Ireuty has since been extended to cover such offenses, aud'within the last three years ;i number of French anarchists have been extradited under the amended treaty. The British authorities, the Gazette says, are, therefore, confident that they will be able to.secure the extradition of Tynan. In legal circles, however, there is considerable doubt about his extradition, as the question miist arise as to whether or not the treaty is retroactive. Other Jj.vimmltcru Arruiled. London, Sept. 14.'— Dispatches received here from Rotterdam sny that two more presumed dynamiters have been arrested in that city. The police of Antwerp, upon advices from London, searched a house at Berchem, a suburb of Antwerp, and found a number' of bombs and a quantity of explosives. The tenants of the house are said to have been two Irishmen, who suddenly disappeared a few day ago, and it is supposed that they are the two men who were arrested in Eot- terdam. A dispatch to the Globe from liot- terdam says that; one of the alleged dynamiters arrested' .there has been identified as J. F. Kearney, of N-;MJ York, who was concerned in the blowing up of the Glasgow glass works. It is learned that during Tynan's tour of the country and up to the time of his arrest in Boulogne Sunday morning he posed as a courier of Queen "Victoria, charged with the duty of conveying an autograph of the queen to the czar at Copenhagen. Bell, the man arrested in Glasgow, was Tynan's secretary. The Globe asserts that the Clan-na- gael has been supplying Tynan and the other dynamiters with ample funds. Tynan 'had a large sum of money about him when he was arrested. His principal drink, while in Boulogne was champagne. Their Headquarter* lu London. London, Sept! 14.—It is learned that the name of the second man arrested in Rotterdam Monday is Haines, The formal charge made against Bell, the, alleged dynamiter, arrested in Glasgow, is that he contravened section CO of the explosive substances net of 1683, which declares that any person while ,a subject of her majesty, the qxieen, who shall supply material or aid or abet crime under the act is thereby guilty of felony. The.Scotland Yard officials say that the headquarters of the dynamite conspiracy are in London, but that the London police have been kept informed of the movements of the conspirators by informers in Chicago, and New York. A Sensational Rumor. London, Sept. 14.—A report is in circulation here that it was the intention of Tynan, to perpetrate an outrage at Balmoral castle during the visit 9f the czar to Queen Victoria at that place. The rumor is probably due to the story told by Tynan during his tour, of the continent that he was a courier of the queen intrusted with an autograph letter from her majesty to be delivered to the czar at Copenhagen. Among the papers found in possession of Bell when he was arrested at Glasgow are several telegrams from Tynan/in one of which Bell is instructed to "come to Boulogne and leave the rotten stuff (meaning the explosives) behind," • • .. After being remanded in th<J police court at Glasgow Monday Bell was removed to jail and locked in.a cell; He immediately became greatly excited and a physician was summoned-to attend to him. ... : • The Scotland Yard officials have directed the Glasgow authorities to send Bell to London. .The Succetuful Bidder*.. ;. .'• '. '. Washington, Sept. 14.—The Cramps, of Philadelphia; Scotts, of San Francisco, and the Newport News company were the lowest bidders for the three new battleships, all the bids closely approximating each .-other. 'No gol.1 . clause was stipulated by any of the bid• ders. • . •.....•. : _v ;' ' Fnllnre at Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minn.,. Sept.; l4.r-A<F. and L. 'Ei Kelly, real estate and mprt- iraire'loan brokers', made an : assignment Monday. Their liabilities are estimated at from $100,000 to $150,000. A» sets unknown. Gladness Comes \«/ith a better understanding of the y» transient nature of the many phys«1 Ills, which vanish before proper ef' 'iJrta—•gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— li'htly'directed. There is comfort in : j"ii! knowledge, that so many, forms cf -inkness are not due to any actual dis- .rtjae, but simply to a constipated cond'- ioa'of the system, which'the-pleasant swnily laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt•' removes. That is why it is the only Tt;oiedy with millions of families, and is .i*orywhere esteemed so highly by all V'QO value good health. Its beneficial i-Sects are due to the fact, tlvit it is the •••a remedy which promotes internal Manliness without. debilitat : 7ig the wans on which it acts. It is therefore •4.1 important, in order to get its bcne- ttial effects, to note when you pur- vhsse, that you have the genuine arti- -Jis, which is manufactured by the Cah- •'-ttrnia Fig Syrup Co- only and sold by •;j r-jputable druggists. It in the enjoyment of good health, "••ad the system is regular, laxatives or mher. remedies arc then not needed. If -.'Meted with any actual disease, one ;r,*y be commended tothe most skillful sfeysicians, but if in lined of a laxative, '•*•,« should have the best, and with the •-•^Unformed everywhere, Syrup of H^s'stands highest nnd is most largely -;.piil and gi vcs mf >st general satisfaction. OVEE THE STATE. Events in Various Portion? Of Itt« dlaria Told by Wire. Married on Top of u Mouaincnt, Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 14.—Two hundred feet above ground, at the foot of the srutue surmounting the top of thK soldiers' monument, the adjutant general of Indiana giving the bricie n\vny and the custodian of Ihc monument acting as the master of ceie- inonies, William W. Uyerf, of Chicago, and -Miss Ida May Smith, of this city, were united in marriage. The ceremony was performed by a magistrate. They gr.ve no explanation for choosing such a strange place, save n desire for a wedding out of the ordinary, and they had j*. A half-tlo/en witnesses were present by invitation of the'adjutant general, nnd a medal commemorating the un- vsual event was presented to the bridal pair. . . ' Will ImproTB Kaulcako* River. Laiwte, Ind., Sept. 14.—A meeting of the Kanfcakee River Improvement association was held at Hanna to perfect a permanent organization, and a board of directors was elected. The association discussed plans for making the improvement, -which, it is said, will reclaim 50,000 acres of land in .the Kanlva- ]<ee river valley now covered by water, representatives were present from all counties traversed by the Kankakee river, and the prospects are regarded r,s fnvorable for the straightening of the stream to the Illinois state line. It is proposed to begin work next spring-. Thlcvct Flro a Village. Frankfort, Ind., Sept. 14.—Between one and two o'clock the village of Kirk- Jen, in this county, was aroused by the alarm, of fire ,and the presence cf thieves. .Two business rooms, a barber shop, millinery store nnd three dwellings were.burned, with their contents, taiiing a loss of $3,000, with small insurance. While the fire was attracting the attention of the people burglars went through the houses in the other end of the town, securing .some money ond. jewelry, the amount of which is not known. The fire was started by thieves, . Eloponi Caught. Seda.Ha, Mo., Sept. 14.—Edward O'Brien, aged 25 years, and Fannie Mayfield, aged 20 years,, an eloping couple from Washington, Ind:; arrived here, being closely followed by John O'Brien, father of the young man; The elopers were located and the father persuaded his son to return home with him on the first enst-bound train, the girl being left behind. The deserted woman-left for St. Louis, where" young O'Brien promised to rejoin her, providing he couid give his father the slip. ' rootlmll Caused Death. Marion, Ind., Sept. 14.—Paul Wigger, aged 20, son of J. H.'Wigger, the big harness and buggy man,, died from injuries received while playing football. Young Wigger was quite an athlete. He .was a member of the P. A. C. football 11 of Marion and a member of the Oxford, 0.,' university 11,' where he attended school. The injury was received on the Marion.field nearly a year ago and he has boen in the eastern hospitals for treatment.. •Cycle Company Asilgnt.i Marion, Ind., ; Sept. 14.—The Marion Cycle .company, manufacturers of thr Halliday bicycle, has.assigned. Liabilities', $40,000; assets, $150,000. J. C. Tib- Hits was appointed receiver. The Ma- 'rlon bank is the principal creditor, the amount being $10,000. The cause of the assignment is the failure of .Torter & Gilmore, of. Xew York, who owed the company .$10,000. Three hundred and flftjj men are'thrown out of employment. ' '. . Biff G Jn«» Trn»t» to Cotnblni'. ... Anderson, Ind., Sept. 14.—The Indiana window glass manufacturers have called a meeting of the Indiana trust .for 'to-morrow,, the purpose being to perfect the amalgamation of the'eastern trusts. .All of.-.tlie.31. plants are. in the Indiana trust. Consolidation will .be effected October 1. THE JOURNAL'S LEAFLET NO. 1, (Cut this out aud put In your pocket for reference.) The free and unlimited coinage of silver at 1C to 1, means that the government shall manufacture into coins "all silver brought to our mints, putting into a dollar sixteen times as much silver by weight us there is of gold In a gold dollar, by wi Iff lit aud shall return the silver coins so manufactured, to the person presenting the silver for coinage. Sixteen grains of silver are today worth, In the market but little more than one-half of what one grain of gold Is worth, or, to be exact, sixteen grains of silver arc worth 53-100 of a grain of gold. A silver dollar weighing only sixteen times as much ns a gold dollar would thus be worth in commercial value only 53-100 as much as u gold dollar, or 53 cents. The silver dollars In circulation today, Although containing only sixteen times as much silver iu weight as the amount of gold in a gold dollar, are accepted in business transaction, as a dollar, because the government -lias itself paid them out for one dollar, and is therefore morally aud legally bound to maintain, them as such. If, however the'government should memcly manufacture the dollars, and return them to the men whose bullion it has thus coined, tho dollars vrould be paid out Liy these men, ond nobody would have any way of finding the persons who originally paid them out, a.ml compelling Ihem to maintain their coins as en iw 1 to the gold dollar. Tho government would not bo responsible for them. There would be, therefore, only one way of-getting people to accept such silver dollars in business transactions, and that would be to make them by law a legal tender for one dollar, whether they were worth it or not. That is a. part of the plan of the Populist-Democrats. They propose that the government shall not only manu- al'cture the silver dollars freely for everybody presenting silver, but shall make, them a full legal tender for one dollar whether they are worth a dollar or not, and thus compel people to take them. Every effort to maintain the circulation- of silver and gold coins of the same name but of unequal value, in the manner proposed by the advocates of unlimited coinage, has for centuries resulted in the disappearance of the coins, containing the greater value in metal. 1C we are to Judge by our own experience and that of other nations, an attempt to.coin silver dollars having less value in-moral than the gold dollar has, would cause the goid to disappear, and would leave the United States a currency composed exclusively of silver or its representative. In the next bulletin wo will examine the condition of the countries having such au exclusive silver currency as compared with those having a gold standard currency. PINNED TO THE EARTH SIX HOL'RS. Wabnsh piairideialcr: Thursday night Adam Rocber, a. farmer living near the Miami'county line, was found beneath a large tree which ho had felled lu his woods. Roebor -went out alone to cut the timber and'when he had. chopped'a 1:lr S° oaJc ' st to PP lcd over and struck some other treos in its descent and this'caused the butt to slip backward over tho stump. This was something that he had not reckoned on and being oft" his guard he was caught and pinned to the ground. Luckily 110. bones 'were broken, but he was not able to .walk until tho next morning. He was not seriously hurt and it Is thought will be nil right In a few days. For over six hours ho was firmly held between the tree and the ground, hIs~caWs for help betas unheard. At length his relatives,, alarmed at Mr. Roeber's 'non.-appearnin.ee. went in search of him; 'and .found him In the .position indicated, suffering the most excruciating pain. His escape from death wns'little short of miraculous. FA1CHH IN THE COMMON PEOPLE, "My faKh iu the common people is unbounded,. because it is based upon 100 ycnrs of .unswerving devotion to the highest principles that have emanated from the bosoms of men, as I judge by the results of their control over the destiny of tMs country. I believe in the common people, because I .peals to them upon an argument ad- peals ito them upon an argument ad. dressed to their • cupidity. I believe 'that the American farmer, whom no .force could conquer, would, never submit to-the-passage, of corrupt legislation. I believe that he who would scorn to pay one cent of tribute would scorn Or sell his honor for a bribe, however, it may be. conveyed."-From Bourke Cockran's Chicago Speech. A TRAP.FOR. BED BUGS. , An ingenious'-plan is employed with .great success in hospitals, iJi India. It Is to place'a piece o£:wood freely perforated with gimlet holes, upder the •mattress.. The - insects find their • way : into'-theee- holes, .where they may afterwards -be- destroyed' by dapping the piece of wood into hot water. ..«.*.: How Are Your Kidneys? fiver have your b»ck mcbe? Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills Hwlttv kidney" i parity tin blood t>7 uric ftcul imd all ^ othw eoUoni or ' J?ur» blood m«ant perfect hen 1th. By , x ^. . Dr. Hobbi , JULIUS IOIM, >. D. Spurmgu* Kidney.,- , AQCI 1 i*»«»,MM*--. - Fb»lcUn« and <lrtigimt« . BO.Centa o box. T IMM«ur<N ijW' . . For Sale in LOGANSPORT, IND., by { ' Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. and John F. Coulson, 304 Market Si. - < ONE-HAW 31ZE OF OQX. POZZONI'S 'COMPLEXION POWDER! | halt been tho standard for forty years and" IB more popular to-day than ever before. POZZONI'S I Isihetflnalcompleiton powder—t>o«atllslzi|r, | refrcrtiUur, cleanly, baaltlifiil and harmlcii. . | A delicate. Invisible protection to tfco loco. | With cv«T boxofJPOZZOWS » mug- i I nlllrent Sc?i1ir» GOLD PCFF I , BOX 1* siven Irce of charge. 1 AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STOEES. For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all of Its delight. I f y ou take one o. the ,'fIE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S EEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Rulings between Chicngo •"<" Mocklnu island four time* every week. -.•I-.o new steel steamship "Bttnltou" Js a ',.-,; SDK palace- Travels 'r-wlxt Chicago, huvlevolx, Harbor Springs, Pe-oskey, ' -.kinac Island, etc. - • • Write for our readable reading matter, free, or ask your nearest aftent Address Jos. Bcrolzbelm, ,,K MICH. AND I<AKF SUPEBIOR TBANS. CO. Ruih*ndJI.W(terS:.. ChiciJ* LDDD POISON A CDOTMAI TY pr ' m!UTl8 * a ' A QrtWMW A oooarjorlfcn tlaiyBLUOD FOISON perm«nentJt jcurcdlnlitoSi dftys. Youcantwtn'itodrt Ihomo for sane price nndcr g Itv. if yonprefrtooomoticre wewillooD- 'tftct, to payiallroadlBrenn<Jhoteli)lll»,iixI Dochnnre. If we fall tocuro. Hjou h».ve take a mercury, iodide potanh, and (till have ftchei ud mlni'MaeongX-atcheiln month. SoreThroBt, Pimple*, Copper Colored Spot*, decry on iTny part oi tho'body. linlr or Eyebrow* teUlM ant; .It U this Secondary BLOOD POISO* 7Bin»rmnte«tocore. Wo irallcit the roost ob»tfc ante caret Knd.cuaUenee tke> world fora cuop-we.imnotcure. Tula dl»eue noa uwmri ixttHed thB nklll of the molt eminent phyil- •Man*. 85OO.OOO capital behind our ouconflli «,M! trnaraniT- Absolute proofysenti "Jatedoa -. — \i~uhon. Address • COOK RIiJllElPY ' CHICAUO, flaaapo v - • a.well of !«J witi HIMllwQ R««ED¥ inomi EXULTS In 8O p ATB. Cures »U ;>i7Sighti!r •iono, o vnd loading drc^isu ANTAl-WIDY These tiny Capsule* are Bnpenpr , 4 to -Balsam, of; Copaiba, ./TV ICubebs or Injections and (flflJt "CURE IN.48 HOOKS the same diseases inconvenience. Sold l>y all' rfn, ., , KDt on r-»uort T^T^ Kittinger, a leading pbyiicUn . ofWmington, Del., sited tic proprie- ; tor of Bra^lari B«lm to send hhn a dollar bottle. A few weeki afterwards the ? doctor said: "I h«d a couple of cases of . .: old Cough on hand that completely , J baffled me. I bad got to the end of my » •gtring. ButtheBalni mad» a prompt , ' ;cure in both case*. It ie a remarkab* - ;v ; "remedy." . - . ---.'•• . • '' ' j •'-;• : Why Buffer with dyspepsia? .ChM.! •'•,•'$ •Broome r 860South 2nd street,-Philadd-..;.^ phla,«ay»: "It took only two month* .-.y^ for Bnailian Balm to cure' me of dy»-'- ,v,-, pepsia with which I suffered over »»-,:-'»^ •year*.: Now I have no pain or stosnactti <;q; coueh and can eat anything. Brazilian /: Balm beats the world" The secret U g 'Brazilian Balm kills the dy»peptt» mi- < & ' '

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