Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 30, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's . . Celebrated flats, Silk, Stiff and jSoft. •Spring Styles = DEWENTER i ' The Hatter and Furnisher. You Will be Surprised To see the suitings we are offering for $25 and $3°- We have all the latest novelties In shadow-plaids for spring and not an old piece of goods In the house. We guarantee style, fit and workmanship to be unexcelled and we will not be undersold. Take a rook before you place an order. The Tucker & Sharpe Co. Tailors, 315 Pearl Street. i THE FIRS! NATIONAL BANK OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $350,000. A. 3. Murdock, Pros. W. W. Rosa, Cash. J. F. Brookmeyer, Awt. Cash. DIBECTORS: • q Rice Tj a F a v. Banking In aU its Departments prwnptly and Stockholder, Fund m»lntaln«<l. - - Brlnglmrat, Dennis 1*1. • *"• M - Harwood, f CHAS.L-WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER >' No, 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or "central Union and Mutual telephone*. Office. No. 18> Beddencc, No. la. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY, MAY 30, 1SOG. All shoes shined free M Otto'e. Black and red raspberries at Rothermel's. Watch and chain free wl'tb suits and shoes at Otto'B. uantmoclcs In the city. Headquarters for Misses' nnd Children's tan shoes.—Ellas Winter. Old and young ladles'^y shoes and slippers at Murdock's shoe- store, George Harrison handles Landreth'i first class garden, flower and fleW needs. The latest pretty flower Bats and bonnets at Mrs. W. J. Potter's, between Filth -and Sixth streets on Broadway, cheap for cash. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; POWDER MOST. PERFECT MADE. ' t trire Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Frw » , Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant ;. 40 Years fat Standard. IS THE WELL DRESSED GEN- TLEHAN. When he has been fitted out with a handsome new suit by Herz. There isnt a tailor in Logansport who can transform a man so quickly, or raise Him in h.is own estimation In such a short time, as Herz. The clothing fits so perfectly and is made in aU the up- to-date styles in material, cut and fine trimmings that everyone knows who made It before looking at the stamp inside. 409 HARKET STREET. Up-to-date shoes at Stevenson & Kl'm- sick's. rinc apple ice cream at 321 Twirl street todny. If you haven't, call and see our lovely shoes.—Stevenson & Kllnslck. Children's tan shoes- worth ¥1.50 at $1.25 for today only, at Ellas Winters. The watch Otto presents with Is a good watch and keeps accurate time, Rothermel will have fifty bushels of Flory Home Grown strawberries ou sale today. Agents wanted to eell nursery stock. Apply at once.—S. Furry, at .Tackson's livery barn, Logansport. All flib latest out in men's women's and children's shoes -anil slippers at Murdock's, 40S Market street. Otto says competition Is so keen lie has got to be liberal to hold his supremacy. Watches free with suits. Gott. Scliaei'er, agent for the Indianapolis brewing company, received u line gray team yesterday for use lu tli's clty. The East End Pleasure Club will enjoy themselves tonight with a- pleasant dance at Dolan and McHale's hall. A large crowd wUl be In attendance. Otto's free dlj-tributlon of good watches and chains wlth/boys', 'children's ana men's suits and shoes Is'tlie most liberal oR'er ever in Logansport. To loan, a few thousand dollars, special funds, private money, on good Individuals or mortgage security. Will boy good notes.-X3eorge R Forgy. Join la the grand parade Saturday which starts from the home of all lovers o£ good food to Andy Welch's grocery, where the celebrated Quaker Oats will be served free all.day with pure dairy cream ami sugar. Mr. Welch extends a most cordial welcome -to every lady in Logansport, and will present each purchaser of the Quaker Oats a souvenir cook book while this grand exhibit is going on. ,T J, Rothermt'l is always to the front, and Ivts "Palace) Grocery" will be nn attractive place fo visit on Saturday. Quaker Oat.?, the popular-breakfast diet will bo prepared and served free with cream and sugar and the exhibit will be abounding flowers.and palms. Tin.- immense show window will be arranged In an artistic niann.er.-and in fact.tin; whole display will be in harmony with the delicate flavor of ithe -Quaker Oats. For every quarter In a man's pocket there are a dozen uses; and to use each one in such a way as to derive the greatest benefit is a question every one must solve ,for himself. We believe, however, that no better use could be made of one of these quarters than to exchange It for a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic Cholera, and' Diarrhoea Remedy, a medicine that every family should be provided :\vitn. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. Marks of Remembrance Strewn by Children Today. DEFY THE SHOWERS Graves Will be Decorated-The Services at the Rink. • ' • i • The oxi'1-clsi.'s Cor-the observances of. Memorial day will be opt'iit'il :if o'clock this inoniiiiii.at the rink, following is-the projjnmi: 1—Soiw b.v tl:e clioiv. . • ^—ri'siyer by the ctiap;.'iin. 3—Sons' b.v the choir.'.. ... J—Address liy the Rev. F, M. rinckic- bcri'y. ,-i—Sons by ihe choir. (!—Closing the exercises iinimptly ;it. 10:30 o'clock by all jolnlui; i" slnsiiw 'America." The sobool children under the supervision of Capt. Cuslimaii will aid in the decoration of the i,'i;aves. It is the pni-pose to stsivt the pnrade as near ;is possible at 10:35. from Sixth struct find Broadway, rhp,parade form- lag on Sixth, ripht resting'oh'T.road.way. The children will wither uiider coin- mfind of Capt. Ciishmau on Bvoadwa.vv iu front of thcHiph school.bwildinR.Tho lino of march will be along Sixth street to the cemetery at Mt. Hope. The si-aves of dead soldiers in the old cemetery will bo decorated by a detail of comrades before the parade forms.for the march to the Nortlj.side burial Ki-onnd. All arc. urged to j<>in in the procession, witli flowpvs. WORDS OF "AMERICA."' , ^ i Cut This Out for Reference at the Memorial Services Today. The hymn, "America," will be-.smig. at the rink today as a part of the song service.? attendant on ihfc Memorial day services. These attending -the meetjiig should cut This out and take it with them to the services. ••.''••• • "AMERICA." . •'My country! 'tis-.of ihee/sweot land of liberty, of thce I sing: laud where my fathers died! laud of' the Pilgrim's pride! from every -mountain side, let freedom ring. -" •-•--•• "My native country, thea—laud o£ the noble free—thy name 1 love: T love thy rocks'and tills, thy woods and templed hills; my heart with rapture thrill's J}ln> that above. . ' i Let music swi-11 the brec-zo.'.and ri;Ug from all the trees, sweet freedom's song: let mortal tongues awake: let all -Ifiat breathe partake; lot rocks their silence^ break .the sound prolong. ' : ! "Our father" God! to thce. author of liberty, to theo we sing; Ion? may-onr land 'be'bright with freedom's holy light; protect us by Thy miglit. .Great God, our King." ' Il|l;; CLEVELAND NOW LEADS. Eight Poitits to the. Good -Ottos vs South Bend. Cleveland and Bcston ' played -a tie game yesterday. While this- ne^lier, added to nor took away- .a .-single point from the per- cent, column. --of. either club, the defeat of the, Cincinnatis: by the Champions did, and in. consequent.' Cleveland now leads the hunt.- following are the score.* of .yesterdays .games: At Boston— Cleveland. 7. - B;osto.n' ',7: called on account of darkness. ... ; At Baltimore— Cincinnati. .;!, Bhlti- inore 4. . . •.;,.•; •'.; '.•-' ' At Philadelphia— St. Louis G,.rbi'adel- phla 10. " . •-;!>:••••,-•) i ' "' At Washington— Plttsburg,,p.,, -Washington 11. . . ,•::.••-.".' ' ' A't Brooklyn- Chicago .10, Bfco-klvu 9. At Mew York— Louisville -.-,7,,.; New York 0. • .- -••; ,:-• - i ' STANDING OF THE. CLUBS.; •' Clubs Won Cleveland ....... i .10 Cincinnati ......... 22 Baltimore ......... 20 Boston ......... ':.,lf> Philadelphia ' ....... 20 Pittsburg ..... ..... 17 Chicago Washington -Brooklyn ; .-. New York .. St. Louis..Louisville IS .15 .-.-J*. .: 1.3 30 12 13 3.3,... If '13 - • 20 ' 1.600 ;.5SS ' 1.507 .514 j AW) : .438 SOUTH BBXDS TODAY. : Game This Morning-and One"'ThUi A)' tern'oon. fe^ It Is announced that there-wlVl'lie two games today wifh.the/S.puth'Bend oHib. Instead-of only one. as. heretofore .announced, .The first gairie"will be played this morning,.game tojlie' culled, p.rompt- ly at 10 o'clock. The :,a"fteriiojvi game will be called at 2 o'clock,'so.tiint it will bo over before the ; bicycle races are. on, which will be at 4 o'clock. ,r \ : -' : ' • •"" : '^-^g : -' A "coffee" was given Thursday ; night. .at tlie home of; .Mr. ;nnd ( ill's: T ? . ; ..T., Briggs of Pawnee street: P'rof. Clauds Marco assisted by Mrs. neise.:fufalshed the music The affair wi^ enjoyed bv of the Older of rWafe-s f \> The James H. Laws & Co., Celebrated Auction Sale OF SHOES TUESDAY From Paden Bros., Portsmouth, Ohio From the Harrisburg Shoe Co., Harrisburg, Pa., and several qt her Reliable Factories Will Commence Arriving Today. Kaufman & Co. Bargain Slice Store 320 Market St. Jordan Hecht's Old Stand. SPRING NECKWEAR, 5PRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date J 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want SL Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing. ' THE COMMERCIAL CLUB. Of Frankfort is.Actively Interested in the.New Line. Frankfort Times':'.At last matters are assuming .something like tangible ?liap= and FratikflTt-Seans in a fair way to be on the Hue of -the -proposed electric railroad from Logansport''to Indianapolis. C. E. Eyeret£,'b'-f Ft: Wayne and J, T. .McXary of Lpyjajispon, are In the city, .in... the interest, .-of. the road. These gentlemen represent a syndicate of capitalists,. who. propose to build and operate the line. . ; As they represent, the proposed and bestline for the road between the two cities named is by way of Burlington, Middlefork, Frankfort and Lebanon.. ;,-;, ._;...-. • Mr. 1 Everett explains that the road will be built on.--.tlia most substantial plan, of.,stnnd:ir.d.gnagc and steel rail of seventy pounds-weight. The intension is to-, equip' ithe 'road to Iiaudjc freight '-as well as..passenger traffic. VShlle the plans are,, yet of course cm- brj'otic-. rhe Intention 'is to .put on at least..three through passenger trains with regular scheduled..stops and other, trains to pick up-pfl&jengers onywhere ou Iliy line. l''r:inkfo'rt.;s,.ro be'a division pofnt with power houses and .<h«rls. - The Commercial Club:called .1 nice;Ing for yesterday- afternoon at 4:30 at the Council Chamber, whew there was considerable discussion-.of .the matter. Quite a number.of citizens.were present and. all were -favorably yimpre-scd and enthusiastic over .--the prosjrec-t of getting tlie'.rwid. No action was tiiken, the moet!.ng- adjourning io -meet at' the 'Council-Chamber again this evening at ;.7:30. The general public is Invited to 'attend.' It is a public critei-prlse .and should be pnshedv ijong bj tue»publlc THE WARD PRIMARIES. Delegates to County and Joint Representative Conventions to be Chosen. HepuW.lcnns ore reminded of the ward primaries to be held Monday even Ing at the places designated in the official call of the county chairman, published in another column. Delegates are to be c-.hosen for the county convention and for the joint representative convention of Cass and Miami counties. There should be a large turn out at all these primaries. TAKES THE BANNER. Schoolroom No. 7 of the Central buil.l- JDg beats all records for the year in the matter of punctuality and attendance. There was no case of tardiness In the room during tie year. The average attendance for the year was 08,7 and during the last month of school the attendance was 9S.S. The teacher in charge of this model room is Miss Emma Liu- vllle and she Is justly prond of thft achievement. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed proposals will be received at the office of J. E. Crain, architect, 410 'Broadway, until 12 o'clock noon, Saturday, May SO, 1S96, for the remodeling of a dwelling according to plan*- and specifications on file at the Architect's office. ' M, M. GORDON. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the offioe«£ Clerk of Cass county, subject to tte will of the Republican nominating-we- vention. JOS. G. GRACE. ANNOUNCEMENT. I willbe a candidate for the officoioE Clerk of Cass county, subject io.tha.3e- cislon of the Republican noninjatinc convention. G. W. BISHOP, Jc. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the offiw«G Clerk of Cass county, subject to-the decision of the Republican nomluatlBG convention. BEN F. BARNEXI. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the 'office-*! County Commissioner for the First district, subject to the will of the Republican nominating convention. J. W. REDE, The chain Otto Includes with the watch he is giving to his patrons is the latest design. ANNOUNCEMENT. I wish to announce that I am a-cac- didate for the office of County Clerksct: Cass county, Indiana, subject to the decision of the BepiiWican Momhatlnr convention. A. H. SHROYEB. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will lie a candidate for the County Commissioner of First District subject 10-the choice of the RepHbllcar nominating convention. .10HN W. GERRARD, Clay Township. Try Murdock's up-to-date men's and •boy's tan and black shoes, 40S Market street. '•?<& '•& The loveliest children's shoes In the .city at Stevenson & Klinsick's,

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