Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1938
Page 4
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star Star of Hope, 1»99; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18,192S 0 fog&ce, Deliver Thy Herald From False Repar.t! ,every \week.-day afternoon by Star Publishing do., in*;. £ ;^lex. JJ, tyashburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South -Hope, Ark. G. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBURM, -Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass'n. Subsection #gte (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, r^r,week lac: k E«5rjipon,thtS$<j;,one year S6.50. By mall, in Hernpstead, Nevada, How.ted, MBter^t»d -iL<<F6j?ette Bounties. .?3.50 per year; .elsewhere 56.50. JJhe .Associated jpitess: The Associated Press is exclusively .en- Sie,foT^eRMbHcn«qr» of all news dispatches credited to it or not o«h<ajRise l <);eedtted&i,this .paper and also the local news published herein. .«fP SWbutes, JEtc.: Charge will ;be made for .all tributes, cac.ds of tifins.tor memorials, .concerning the .departed. Commercial -news- AO iftiis policy jn -Jhe -news columns to protect their readers from a ,pf ; apace-rtaking memorials. The Star, disclaims .responsibility or the pSng or taturn of any unsolicited manuscripts. Hail the King and Q»een ! But Do We Want to Join? It will be a fine thing to have the king nnd queen of England as guests of the United .States next spring. Genuine 18-karat 'royalty is a rare sight in this land, and all pur citizens will doubtless be the better for having had a look at the real article. /Bi\t it is not too searly for the people of this republic to moke up their minds that while they are going to 'be cordial hosts they are not goim* to be in Hj)e -market for any gold bricks. • 'Great -(Britain doesn't send her king and queen on -transoceanic voyages just to give them a change of scene and a ibreath of fresh air. British royalty does not ordinarily have much to do, but a full dress foreign visit like this one ranks as one of its most important jobs. One need not be unduly suspicious to guess that this particular hand across the sea is coming toward UP palm upward. There are several things that England may have in mind. j For one thing, there are ^those war debts, still unpaid. For another there is the Johnson act, which prohibits loans to defaulting nations. For still another, there is that .vague and ill-defined thing, Anglo-American co-operation. If America's cordiality to King George and Queen Elizabeth brings on a revival of the ,old blood-is-thicker-than-water talk, we may expect to be informed that it. is our duty to humanity to give on these points. 'Which means that we ought to do some straight, unemotional thinking before 'our guests arrive. ' For what we will be asked to do, in substance, will be to support -Britain's foreign policy. It makes little difference what kind of support we are asked to give— whether we are asked to forget about the debts, repeal .the Johnson act, .or align ourselves in the "Anglo-Saxon bloc" in some other way; what Britain -wants, obviously, is some definite sort of American support. 'But ia -British foreign policy today anything -which Amerlba ought to sup- P 0 "" Os rt- wording so strongly for a freer, juster, happier world that we would be.-jus«ied in abandoning our traditional policy of isolation in order to .give it a 'helping 'hand? • . Every ; man -will have .to provide his .own answer to that. In view of all that has. -.happened -m the '.last half dozen years, it is very hard to see how America as a whole can possibly return a"yes" answer. If ever our tradition of isolation looked good, it looks good today Everything that has happened overseas in recent years is designed to reinforce the old feeling that America can best serve the world by staying at home and minding her .own business.. If Mr. Chamberlain is the knight in Shining armor who is to make us change our minds, his record to date hardly indicates it. America will be cordial to her royal guests; no doubt 'about that. But if it is wise it will keep its fountain pen in its pocket when the salesman lays the contract on the table. St|tt js authorized to make the following candidate announcements subject to the action of the city Democratic primary election Wednesday, November 30: For Mayor J. A. EMBREE For Alderman, Ward One A. C. ERWTN J. R. WI1JLIAMS For Alderman, Ward Four SYD MCMATH His C I. O. Union Hits Lewis Stand You TMl the Quicker You For Saie .SA£E-Hoim'e in Hope. Real i. Liberal terms. Write Owner, "W ^change Building, Little Rock, •Arkansas. 15-12tp FOR SALEr-Beauty -work, the best Jn permanent* Herloise, Kathleen, Carrnen, -yonceri. Kate's Beauty and Gift Shop. "For Something Hew Call 252", IM-Nov 31c Beautiful Portraits in high quality metal frames. A priceless gift for Christmas. Special Season Prices. The Shipley Studio. 21-3tc FDR SALE—White .Cotton Mattresses Investigate our .work and material first. Hempstead Mattress Shop. Call Paul Cobb G58J. l-26tc Notice NOTICE— Local money to loan on improved farm lands .and city property; low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lemley, Hope, Arkansas. IM-Nov 24-c Wanted WANTED— Native and paper shell pecans. Highest prices paid. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 304 East 2nd St. Phone 40. 3-26tc FOR SALE— If interested in buying a nice brick home worth the money, I have several for sale. Also several nice farms that can be handled with small cash payment. Floyd Porterfield. FOR SALE— 15 purebred 2 year old Bronze turkey hens $3.00 each. I two year old Tp.m weight 30 Ibs. Perfect and guaranteed fat. R. T. Briant, Phone 511. 21-3tp Lo»t —Pair of dark brown suede gloves uptown Saturday afternoon 21-3tp ' CLASSIFIED RATES Qne Jime—2c wprd, minimum 30e Threer. tiines=-3^c word, min. 50c ?K tunep-Hic word, niiniraum 90c One month (26 times)—18c woi;& wjoizauni --.--._. |2.70 Rates &if for continuous insertions only. In making word count, disregard das4£cation name auco gg "For ftSBt," "For .Sale," etc.-this is free. IJtUt ejjch initial or name, or com- pj#te telephone number, counts *s a fun word. For example: „ FOR RENT—Thrfee-room modarn furnished apartment, with garage close in. Bfrgtffl- J. V. Blank phone 9999. Total. 15 words, at 2c word, 30c tor ofle jjjffle; aj $£c word, 53c for three times, ejc. NOTJJ: .AW *rders placed by telephone are dus and payable upon preeeo,toUo» of bill. PHONE 7iS LOST—-One liver and wnite spotted female bird dog, about 2 years old. Reward. Call Phil Dulln, Phone 651. 18-6tp •LOST-^-Big Black Mare Mule, wt. 1100 Ibs. Brown nose, crippled in right hind foot. Reward. Notify White & Co., at Hope or Fulton. 22-3tp. LOST Female Pointer Bird Dog, 9 mo. old—white ana wver tick spots (Call 840). 2.-t' The water buffalo is the chief source of ,the milk supply in the Philippine Islands, President David Dubinsky of C. I. Q. International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union as he heard special committee at Washington meeting charge John L. Lewis blocks labor peace negotiation^. Salesman Wanted HUSTLER WANTED! to introduce, supply demand for Rawleigh Necessities. Good routes open nearby. Rawleigh Methods .get business. No selling experience needed. We supply Sales, Advertising literature—all you need. Profits should increase every month. Low prices; good values, complete service. Rawleigh's, Dept AKK-118-63, Memphis, Tenn. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Close in, modern 2 room furnished apartment, continuous hot water, utilites pajd. Tourist Rooms Mrs. -Tom Carrel. ?2-3tp Services Offered SPECIALS — Permanents $1.50 up, Shampoo set, Manicure 85c; Shampoo set, Eyebrow-lash dye 51.00. Vanity Beauty 'Shop. Phone 39, 117 Front Street. 21-26-c CARVER OF STONE HORIZONTAL I Man who carving 'statues in mountain. ,12PpIynesian chestnut. 13 Artless. 14 A styptic. 16 One who consumes. 17 Indian civet. 18 To erase. 19 Spain. 20 Friend. 21 Corded cloth. ?3 Type standard. 24 Wine vessel, 26 Drunkard. 27 Data. 30 Ethical. 32 Quintessence. 34 Musical drama. 35 Babbit. 36 Note in scaje. 37 Preposition. 38 Bach. 39 Growing out. Answer to Previous Puzzle 42 Wild sheep. 45 Male bee. 46 Herb. 47 Profit. 49 Good name. 53 About. 56 Region. 57 To tnake amends. 58 Observed. 59 He is 9 painter, writer, and 60 Fits. VERTICAL 1 To pant. 2 Indian. 3 Sailor. 4 Spanish ounce. 5 Spikes. 6 Child's napkin. 4 Manifest. 8 Network. 9 Boy. 10 Rubber tree. 11 Hybrid of a horse. 12 This monument is on Mountain. 15 It is a —— to four American presidents, 20 Flattery. ' 22 Palatine. 24 Form pf "be." 25 Scar. 28 Frost bite. 29 Cutting tool. 31 To expand. 32 Seventh Greek letter. 33 Virginia willow. 40 Goodby. 41 Pertaining to tone. 43 To awake, 44 Twin. 46. God of war. 47 Aeriform fuel. 48 Circle part 49 Derby. 50 Indian. 61 Neither. 52 Upon. 54 Bengal quince. 55 Being. 23, 193$ Editor, lournnl oMhc American Medical Assoclnllon, and of Hygela, the Health Magazine Co.ctcU.ing Improvident-iBoy in Money Matters Fixes That Disastrous Habit "1 Htn so glad that Mr. Eberhnrt Is .going to give you n job for Saturdays. Frank. Now you can get the things you have been wanting. Things we could not give you." /'That's why I got the job, mother. I just had to have a tux. Besides, Hi takes money to go to movies and the girsl nil expect a little sup of something nfterwarcls." "1 know. It won't be such a strain on us to provide you fun money, as I call it. Boys all need it." "You bet. Tm not one to let n girl pny her shore. Some of them always insist, like Mary. She soys she makes enough helping nt the library to go halves when we're out. But I feel liku f n piker when she even mentions it. It's a man's place to pay the bill, I nl- wny think. Don't you?" "Yes," admitted Mrs. Grn'y, "1 think it is a man's place to do all he can to help a woman." Frank ,gqt his suit .on "time." His ..mother jihoygHt,.nJt first S,he ,ipould ; advance the money and let somethlng.clse wait. Then she smiled ruefully and changed her inind. Frank might forget .to pay her back, fife had,a .sort of blind spot about fttnley, like his father. She would be .in.a.hole with her own bills, .so she let him buy the tux as he wanted. The seventeen-year son, however, let the second week .slide, and the third. He had to .buy .tickets for the prom, at two dollars apiece, and he .explained that corsages cost like diamonds. . Now -that-he had the right .clothes •to wear, he went more places. It meant cobs and all sorts of things. , Mrs. Gray paid the Installments and worried over the 'butcher bill which wns mounting. She had been having o woman to iron, but gave her up. Well, it couldn't be helped .that Frank needed more help than ever, more .than before he began earning, because he was older and from now on his expenses would be higher. She wanted him with the beat of the school crowd, as much ,os he wanted it himself. You couldn't do it o,n nothing. But she had thought .it would be a MUlo cosier, Now, Frank was earning more. He went to the store every, dny after school and soVnblimes (it night, helped to put ,the stock in order. He needed little time /or study because .the study periods in school covered most of it. And Frank was smart. At the end of the year, 'Frank had not only spent all his earnings but his mother had pair several bills for him. He gave her nothing. Instead she .was! helping him out constantly. Where was the rest she had hopccl for, the little relief from her prroblems? Then Frank .began to talk college. "It won't cost you'o thing," he assured her. "I'll work my way. I might need a .little money now and theiv-^you know. But,it won't be much." • But she knew, did Mrs. Gray, ,that Frank Would never bo quite'Indenen* dent. He would continue to use his parents until lie was married. And afterward, »too, most likely. Her mistake lay in not insisting that he save, «nd keep out of ,deht. Today'* Antweri to CRANIUM CRACKERS Question!) on Page One 1. True. Fish do not sleep, they have periods of t eposc hot do not .close .their eyes. 2. True. The triple leaf is the emblem of ^Canada. 3. True. The Church of (he Transfiguration in New York is known as The Litllo Church Around the Comer. 4. False. Diamonds mny bo burned with n blow torch. 5. True. The raccoon washes nil its .food. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ...with... MAJOR HOOPLE By J. R. WILLIAMS YAS, ANY MAM, AFTER GRADUATIMG T=RCW\ <%%& .OXFORD I TOOK A SIX-YEAR COURSE 7sj <<%% EMC3IMEERIWC3—MY GREATEST T=EAT WAS THIS IS A . / BULLET AW 1 | A BUSTED-PFF I TOOTH THIS I TIME/ 1 THOUGHT V IT WAS TWO ' I .BULLETS WHV ALL TH' SARCASM VOU OOW't HOLLEC. ABOUT ' 6EEDS IN <3 RAPES'/ „, -. 7HE TURBIMES THAT HARNESS /« > THE POWER OF .BOULDER IT TOOK 5OO DRAFTSA\EM THREE YEARS TO DRAW THE INTRICATE •DETAILS THAT X MAD VISUALIZED iw MYMIMD ;SHOULD THAN KS, BUT IF YOU HAD- UWSCREWED TH' WUT AT TH' .BOTTOM OF TH 1 DRAIN AND PULLED THIS STR-IMG OUT OF TH' TRAP, YOU WOULP HAVE SAVED FOUR. BUCKS FOK MY T/ME AND T WILL /AY TECHMICAL ^mmj -• ». h. «ia i??f«f.OffXI »38 BY ME BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHY MOTHECS QET GCA.V Far From Through By EDGAR MARTIN , iO'btt <b\DE OOTS. . IWc Vtfs'R. 1 . K,OW XOO CAM OP COOKfXRX POT\\^Cs OM DOfo Wt'VX. TOUU XOOR THttu EXTRA WIM? ^SSSi^ ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN BUT THAT FE- AW, THOSE BIG CATS CRITTBC DIDW'T HAC2DLV MACJK TH HIDE OF THAT LIZARD YOU WAWTED, SO -- I BRUKJG IT /-/ WELL, ALOMG.TOO/ / I I ROCIOUS BEAST.. --AWD WHILE L WUZ ABOUT IT, I GOTCHA THEIR TEETH AM 1 CLAWS.' V'KWOW.THEV MAKE AWFULLV PRETTY NECKLACES AM THIWGS-- AIM'T SO TOUGH WHEW SEE? AIM'T THAT A BEAUT? IT WON'T TAKE ME MO TIME T DRILL 'EM AM'STRIMQ EM FOfe YOU I THOUGHT--^/ YOU KkJOW HOW TO HMilDLE 'EM, AW 1 LOOK HECE-- WASH TUBES At Last She Knows By ROY CRANE JUST BE FRIEWDS, / SURE. VJASH. evERVTHlNS »S 11 KNOW HOttl OVER BETWEEN US. rH VOU FEEL, CAROL. , WASH! 600D\HE'S OH, HOW \ I FOUMO WW LIKE ,, c .^ T '• HE ACTED AS THO )FEM:TUBIM' HIS HE'D NEVER SEEM ME BEFORE. / SKULL, CABQL HECEMEMPER'5 OUR WEODIW' DAY. BECAUSE I TRIED TO HELP HIW. I LATE FOR TH 1 WETJDIM', NEVER BUT you 6AWE ME A CHAWCE TO EKPIA1W FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Paternal Pride By MERRILL BLOSSER DOWN o\ DOWN |KJ FRONT/ A BUCK SAYS HE WONT MISSED HIM BY A MILE > HOT SON ABOUT To TAOCLB MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Another "Accident and Charles Coll _ \5upeeuLy VM. LUUGES. FORWARD --"'- : ---- --' '-" ' ' ..... '-•'• r?OB A MOMEWT, THE SPECTATORS I/ ARE TEWSE AS THE TWO ACTOE.S HEB. COUCEALEP posmou BEHIMD A WALL", IMTEMTLV ACTIOKI i WAkJT/ QUIET . STAGE A REALISTIC BIT OF SWORD PJ.AV.... tOOk OUT! THE set's CRASHING! WHAT A SPOT FOR ANOTHER. PAIWTED«CA-?TLe «REAT RpHEARSE £LIFORP ANO GUY VIPEEO UO THEIR BIG DUELINJ& >sceue v

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