Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1938
Page 4
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P -iHTiAS'AA" i HbiPE STAB, fldS% AfttANSAS V Tuesday, NovemHey .22, .16 Good Things Come in Big Quantities at Thanksgiving Day Feast •Ms&sBsssMsr-^«^ ^<-fm3sim.?mE!!^w%®&mp«wim8&asr~wm o T ^T~^ar™ "r t aMrT^J i ain»aaBMMa»»^^^":;"'"'" 1 ''' ~-^*##*--*,m*" "JSTX^-MMMM*^,, Cranberries must brighten fte Thanksgiving banquet. Try them his year in individual fluted tarts garnished with glistening neringue or smooth whipped cream. Of course, there might also be individual pumpkin tarts lor dessert, too. "That GOOD flour* OKLAHOMA -crn ot! IL i5 ELEVATOR CO- L HELIQT!OPE[| Beautiful Rubber Choice of 4 Colors Yours at No Extra Cost (While Supply Lasts) With Each 48 Lb. or 24 Lb. Sack of That Good Flour At all Home Owned- Independent i GROCERS. ^ . Ritchie Grocer Company Distributors. Hope Arkansas ONIOIfS SWEET SPANISH Lbs CELERY EXTRA LARGE Stalks BANANAS Extra Fancy Pound 6c GRAPES RED EMPERORS 2 ^ 15c LETTUCE JUMBO 2 Heads 15C FOR YOUR FRUIT CAKE I Glace Cherries, Ib.... 39c Ullace Pineapple, lb..39c Mixed Fruits, Ib 35c Currants, pkg 15c FLOUR Every Bag Guaranteed 48 Lb, 95c PALMOUVE SOAP 3 «. 21c TOMATO JUICE 3 SUNSHINE ft A if £Q QJ A NOBILITY (j M SI 15 Pound 34C BRICK—AMERICAN- CHEESE Fines* -PIMENTO—SWISS 2 "it 49c GOOD LUCK OLEO f, 39c FANCY FED HENS and FRYERS PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE 3 Pk g s. 25c OYSTERS Extra Selects Pint The All-American tummy must be expansive on .Thanksgiving Dny. That's the custom of our country. The tnblc should groan with marvelous food and Ihe knife and fork 'must work their way through this traditional bounty. .For example, here's one Thanksgiving menu planned by the chef of a noted and typical American restaurant. Read .it, then begin to diet in preparation. You'll need a lot of space. Fresh pineapple and strawberry cocktail, stuffed celery hearts, queen olives, spiced peaches, essence of to- matto soup, Melba toast, lobster Mornay, roast turkey with.chestnut stuffing, glazed cranberries, sweet potato and almond rosettes, baked Hubbard squash, creamed fresh mushrooms and asparagus, lemon sherbet, avocado and endive salad with cheese sticks, orange Parker House rolls, gingerbread muffins, pumpkin pie with whipped cream and pecans, bowl of fruit, black coffee, salted nuts and mints. Chestnut Stuffing ThVee cups boiled chestnuts, \'< cup butter, '/i cup cream. 1 quart cracker crumbs, salt and pepper. Feel boiled chestnuts and put them through ricer. Add half the butter, then the cream. Melt the remaining butter and mix -with the cracker crumbs. Mix all together. Season well with salt and pepper. Creamed Fresh Mushrooms ami Fresh Frozen Asparague One-half cifp butter, Vi cup flour, 2% cups cream, % cup milk, 1 quart broiled mushroom caps, salt and pepper, fresh frozen asparagus tips. Melt butter. Add flour. Stir until blended. Then add cream and milk, stirring and blending constantly. Cook well. Add the broiled mushroom ctps to the sauce. Season with salt and pepper. To serve: arrange on a platter as many triangular pieces of freshly made toast as there will be servings. Place G steamed asparagus tips (cut in 4-inch lengths) on each toast triangle. Pour creamed mushrooms over the center of each serving. Fluted Cranberry Tarts (Makes 10) Two an dtwo-thirds cups (2 cans) sweetened condensed milk, % cup lemon juice, 2 cups cranberry pulp drained, 4 egg yolks, 10 baked tart shells. Blend together sweetened condensed milk, lemon juice, cranberry pulp nad i egg yolks. 'Pour into baked tart-shells. Delicious Fruit Cakes for Thanksgiving . Blue Ribbon Bread mx At Your Grocer and City Bakery ..,. (Arranged by Schrafft's, New York) The "great "American bird -makes his lordly entrance "for Thanksgiving dinner on a silver •n wreathed with sweet potato and almond croquettes. Those rosettes are achieved I by squ»saiSg Ilu m ', lgl -, a1Pa1Str y tl ! bc ^ n !? Spirals> T °P with almonds .and brown in*,- en. boiled chestnuts, butter, cream and cracker crumbs into ncrfc lion T P rkov«f The turkey stuffing Garnish with whipped cream. This pie may also be served with a meringue, made of 4 egg whites boat- en stiff and sweetened with 2 tablespoons of granunlted sugar, browned in a moderate oven (350 degrees F.) for 10 minutes. A Book a Day By Bruc* Cotton Japanese Secrets In the Record. It can hardly be news that Japan has prosecuted her Asiatic conquest with as fine a disregard for the elemental principles of humanity as any con- querer ever displayed anywhere. But when chapter and verse are cited— as they are in Amleto Vespa's "Secret AKOIH of Japan" (Little, Brown S3)— the effect is still profoundly shocking. Mr. Vespa used to be a secret service agent for Chang Tso-lin. When the Japs conquered Manchoukuo they pressed him into service. After that lie was a part of the remorseless machinery by which they undertook to reduce their victims to utter serfdom. Any conquering army may be expected to seize such materials, public buildings and so on as it may need. But it is hard to recall any other which went to the extremes the Japonese seem to have reached. Banditry, kid- SERIAL STORY LOVERS AWEIGH BY BETTY WALLACE COPYRIGHT, 1838 NBA SERVICE. INO. naping, commorciitii/.ed vice of every description, the sti'nVuliiticn of the trade in narcotic drugs—all of these, says Mr. Vespa. were systematically used by the Japanese to extract every possible penny from the Chine.se and to t—L press'/ixpected destroy every vestige of local independence. Yet even that is not the most startling part of the story. Mr. Vespa describes a military machine that was not merely conscienceless, but somewhat insane as well. The conquerors did not trust each other. The involved grafting, double-crossing, feuding and throat-slitting that took place among diferent units and factiions of the conquering army are nightmarish. The authenticity of Mr. Vespa's story is vouched for by a number of disinterested Europeans who are in a position to know the facts. Altogether, it makes a rather terrifying disclosure. FINE CITY MEAT MARKET FOODS For the Perfect Thanksgiving ii||i Make Your Meat Selections From Our Complete Sanitary Market, Dressed Turkeys, Hens, Geese, Ducks and Fryers. m n f OYSTERS Fancy Select Chesapeake Bay 35C Pint HAMS Wilson's Certified Tender 27c Lb MINCE MEAT Brandy Added L 19c FREE DELIVERY PHONE 767 C.VST OP CHAIIACTERS JTJDY Ajlj C O T T — admiral's daughter. She faced n choice between tiro navy miltor.s. D W I G H T CAMPBELL — nmlil- tiuitH lieutenant. He faced n choice between his wife and duty. JACK IIANT/EY — flyim? sailor. He faced n 1«8t of n patient love. MARVEL HASTINGS — navy wife. She faced the text of liclnij a good nailer. * * * Tenterdnyi Somehow, with noli- Ine heart, Judy liven through nwight'H wedding, wlxucx him well, but »he wonderw if he will be happy with Marvel! JUD at a new station. Who took com- "Look here, Judy, I know I've gol nand in a group, who sat nearest the head of the table, even though all were of the same rank. This might seem ridiculous to people on the outside. Probably it seemed ridiculous to Marvel, if she so much as knew of it, which Judy doubted. But there were good and sufficient reasons for the law. As a matter of fact, Jack Hanley, who had graduated second in his class at the Dwight. Academy, outranked 35c CHEESE KRAFT'S Lb 19c PORK SAUSAGE 43c CHAPTER XIV iY saw Jack Hanley almost every night. They played monopoly at the Bells' house, although Bill continually complained that if the stakes were seafights and promotions instead of real estate and railroads, he'd like the game better. They danced at the club, and went to see movies, and dropped in at parties on the station. Judy was scarcely aware, she told herself firmly, that Dwight Campbell was now Marvel's husband, and away on a honeymoon with her. Then the Campbells returned. And to everyone's incvedulous surprise, Marvel leased a house close to the station. "I should have thought she'd take the royal suite at the Coronado," said Diane. "She had that before. M&ybe a house is a change." "But such a house! Actually, it's small!" The Navy was soon to be unde- cieved about Marvel's house. Small it might be, but she was bent on making it perfect. Things arrived from exclusive shops in Los Angeles and San Francisco. There was whispering of antiques, of an interior decorator, of amazingly intricate glass curtains, drapes and overdrapes. Judy tried not to be curious, not to want to see Dwight. And then the invitation came. A housewarming. Judy turned it over in ber fingers. Marvel should have called, as a new bride, on 'the admiral and Captain Lane and then in order on each of the wives of the officers next in rank. But Marvel was doing this her own Judy thought of the meticulous Navy gradings. The numbers that even in officers of the same rank determined once and forever who tailed oa whom nrst on arriving TT was a pity that Marvel should begin at once to flaunt tradition and custom. Dwight had been careful about making his way from the first. He had accepted sage advice, done duty on a battleship as soon as he graduated. He had requested transfer to a destroyer at the end of his three years, and for his first shore duty chosen postgraduate work at the Academy. Now he was on the Texarkana, and his career was set. If he didn't get passed over. But he wouldn't. At least, until he married Marvel, there had been no danger. Jack's career had not been so cut and dried. His choice of fly- ng, his success in it, removed him from the groove. And iow his "aith. in dirigibles, his desire to gel 3ack to them, was setting him still further apart. But he was a good officer, a skillful flyer. Her motjier came in and found her still with the card in her fingers. Mrs. Alcott did not comment about the calls Marvel hadn't made. She only said, "I doubt if I shall attend her housewarming. But go, if you like." "Like!" said Judy. "I expect the new house Is very beautiful." "I am curious," Judy admitted. At that, she might not have gone if Dwight hadn't come to see her one evening. He explained that Marvel was tied up in a beauty salon downtown. "] stopped by on my way home, but she said she'd be hours. I've wanted to talk to you, Judy." The pulse in her wrists was leaping, but she managed to speak to him coolly and matter-of-factly "You're looking well, Dwight. I know you must be very happy.' "Happy!" His eyes shone. Then his brow clouded. "You got a bic to the housewarming, I know That's what I wanted to talk to you about." "Yes?" He floundered. He said at last "Marvel—well—she doesn't like me to tell her what to do. She's proud, and she's had so much social experience. But of course it isn't Navy—she doesn't understand—" His eyes besought her a colossal nerve, but I wish .you'd hint to Marvel that we—well- she—ought to call around—you know what I mean. I'm afraid the brass hats are going to think she's got a healthy courage, asking them to her house first." * * * JUDY said slowly, "I don't sea how I can tell Marvel anything. It's her own business. And she—you'll pardon me, Dwight, jut—I don't think she likes me /cry well." "Nonsense! Of course she likes •ou! She's headstrong, used to her wn way. I guess "'m a blunder- ng ass sometimes and she doesn'l vant anyone laying d"vn the law 0 her. If there were some older .voman—your mother, maybe. Judy looked back at him levelly. "Mother would never dream of it, Dwight. I .ouldn't ask her." He flushed. He looked uncom- 'ortable. •'! guess I'm making a jigger mess of this than it was to segin with. But curse it all, you and I were such good friends, and 1 had more or less depended on you to—" That was the climber n Dwight, her mind told her. She said, "You know I tried.. You know I wasn't successful. Listen, she's not a baby, and she's no fool, either. She'll get on to it. People will forgive her first few mistakes after a while." His brow furrowed. "I hate naving her get off on the wrong fpot and maybe never fitting in." "That's a matter of temperament, isn't it?" And Marvel's nature was to scintillate. To be the Queen Bee. There were no Queen Bees in the Navy. Just admirals wives, and by the time they got to be the wife of an admiral, they had learned much hard common sense. He leaned forward. "Judy, you and I don't have to stand on ceremony. We were such good friends! You know I think the world of you. Don't let me down now! It's a delicate problem, nothing a man can handle. Promise me you'll speak to Marvel. Can't you strike up one of these beautiful friendships women are always getting into? You pop around a lot with Diane Bell. Why can't you let Marvel in on the combination? In between recipes and bridge games, she'd learn a lot." Judy suppressed a smile. "Mai> vel's not quite the type for recipes and bridge games, Dwight." But then, looking at him, feeling agair* the ache of loss, she softened. She VVWtfVWWWVWUVUVVWWUVWVWWWU FRIDAY SPECIALS FLUFFO SHORTENING The Best for Holiday Cooking FLOUR CHERRY BELL OR BIG 4 8 & 83ci4 £ 43d I 48 Pound Sack S1.38 SUGAR Pure Cane Lbs 46c BROWN 4 AC A SUGAR Lbs £ilU FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS FEEDERS SPECIAL COFFEE GUARANTEED 2 L £; 29c CORN MEAL 24 s £ 35c POTATOES 10 ^ 19c ONIONS 3 Pounds lOd JOWL M E A T--Lb. lOc SORGHUM SYRUP » 50c HEALTH & BEAUTY SALE PALMOLIVE SOAP 2 Bars lie CONCENTRATED SUPER SUDS (IN THE BLUE BOX) LARGE SIZE .... 19c MEDIUM SIZE... 9c CRYSTAL WHITE | SOAP ' CRYSTAL WHITE < TOILET SOAP « FOR 19C I5c f I BABY CHICKS $7.75 per 100, and up. Sec our pigs. 120 Lb Pig at 4 months old cost 4 2/3c pur Ib. o£ gain fed Pig ^5» & Hog Chow and com. was a triple-starred, stupid fool, but she couldn't keep herself from saying, "All right, Dwight. I'll do my best. I'll try to talk to her. Keep your cows pepped up and giving lots of milk through the winter with Purina Cow Chows and Bulky- Las. One extra squirt each day will more than pay for the extra feed cost and keep your cows in better condition. Why feed 15 bu. of corn to a hog to get 100 Ib gain when you can feed 6 Bushels Com $3.00 and 50 Ibs Pig & How Chow..$1.38 Cost of 100 Lbs. Gain $4.38 100 W S2.75 BABY CHICKS FOR SALE Feeders Supply Co, THE STORE WITH THE CHECKER BOARD SIGN The Hope Star Is Across the Street I promise." Be Continued)

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