Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1938
Page 2
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. HOPE, ARKANSAS Star of Hope. 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, From False Report -• H w "" C " 1W " »y otar ruousmng Co., Inc. H. Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South r n f ls mi ' h « J «<l to make following cnndldatc nn,,oimce- JCCt <0 thc nc "°" of thc a,. —' - »»•*•«.* vw. r\lt?Jv Wfttaut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President Atn-v %. v*»m>icav, rresiaom ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher XV , j c P*""'^ Wednesday, November 30: —Means Associated Press. For Mnyor J. A. EMBREE rxji*« —""«» .laauv-uueu j-ress. (WEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n, For Aldcrnmn, Wnrtl One A. C. ERWIN J. R. WILLIAMS Fo ' Alderiiinii, Ward Four SYD MCMATH FORREN1 Americas Together May Save a Way of Life FOR RENT-Close in, modern •' room furnished apartment, continuous """ffPai'l. Tourist Rooms Carrel. ?2-3tp Repeatedly it has been stated that chilling of the human body I, b\,d for . hcnllh. Apparently the human being I s comfortable wiUi a constant average temperature of 98.6 degrees F. Any ilwtnuon from this tempaturo for n long period o f time will bring about Sf'-H.us clumges in the body. Some Florida investigntors. includ- "'K Dr. H.M. Taylor, have made some -studies to determine exactly the effects »f long contiuncd swimminR in cold water on th oceurenco of inflations in the ears and in the sinuses. An n" tempt was made to determine the »"»« ago whose tempaiures weru (ken boforc and after a period of 15 minutes devoted to swimmin,; in an i, - «l"«r pool with the tempature of to wa er at 73 degreesF. Only 30 of hese ch.Mren Welx . able to maintain a mal tempature. All of the others developed a decrease in hie body temperature. In some the tcmpature dropped lo .as low as 95 degrees F, Experimental studies were made to determine (he effects of such chilling on the blood and the ability of the person under such circumstances lo re- fist infection. Muscular activity earned on during the chilling process help to prevent infection. When, however the body is chilled without exercise there is a tendancy for the number of whit blood cells to be steadily diminished. The white blood cells are import- nnt m relatioship t o the prevention of nfcction. Eight life guards at Jnck- •onvillc Bench, Fin., swam for 45 min- ites in oceun water at a tempature of tiS.5 degrees F. All of those swimmers became slightly purple in color md their fmgermnils and U |ls were 3U.o after this eriod of swimming. There wns an nverage ruductiou in tern ny, November 22,19.°,$ cniture uf •) cleRrces V. Tlic red blond cell counts incerius- od in nil those swimmers nnd the white blood cell count wns nlso increosed. There wn.s no los of weight. Accord- in;! lo this evidence again, violewt exercise duriiif,' swimiuiiiK und chillini; of the body will prevent (he drop in the white blood cell count. nl gucnrl it is believed tlmt chilliiiR ot Ibe body is much more serious for those with chronic infections of the nose iiiul III rout tluiii for ;i person who is in an excellent state of health, but this will upply to all conditions ;if- I'ccting the luinnin body inlversely . Some people ore much more susceptible to ehillinf! than are others. 1-enple who nre suscepliiible to cbil- liiiK should iixoid the weiuiiiK of low rhoes with thin stockings. These poo- pit will suffer even nfter luivini! n haircut, niter washing the Imir. after; .subject to the coolness of thc or any other .chillin liroces.s. They will h.-iv.- ,, c ,, m ,.. ... in the nose an dthe .smmw .„;,, * nppenrnnce of a conilitii.n like •, u Othsr people are wcasionnlb ,, ' LCflible to hont. ' iSUs ' Today'* Aniwo'rVTT Quest/oils on Pni!f One I. Knlsc. Indians m t|,,, y nl(( , () Slates are inerea.sin« in number 1. Kiil.se. C'ows do .swe.it. 3. False. Panama ),. made in Peru nnd F.cundur. •t. True. Rabbits do ,„„ ct , cud. " arc A M'ionliM has estimated ilmt a ii I the clouds in (.nrth rolled m!u oni. I,' wiuilil wei|!h Gi:i,K(ii),UOU ixiunds , . , ~ V ••• " lvr !•*'='• iiiesc conferences ^Uh-soimchng talk; this year, the logic of W 0 Hd"wav"of"lifns'bein^ a th?p UtUe ^V someU " n B fundamS to the' ht to free themselvesofove?4' tvr T fromf Eu ™P'- The Latin nations - f ft:s did; and although manv ct ih* n , h I" i *?• pe °P le of tn e Unite nu«y-years, there is rwo7'd"of differT, d l s « a to« of their own fo aiuMhe kind now domina^Mn L.rore **" their kind of dk ' tator evsr dreamed of. Thev"repnSnt^Tmu.t| fe - ^ ** "° New Worki tyran - wh,ch would affect all intern^nT^ii" h "^-? cict ? r .? f « P hiloso SPECIALS-Permanent., S1.50 U p | Shampoo se t. Manicure 85c: Shampoo set, Eyebrow-lash dye St.OO. Vanity! Beauy Shop. Phone 39. 117 Front Strect 21-26-c However, imperfect demoeraev m have much it may have been flouted " , b ° Uom ° f their souis '- "' tecl States ' however waj-s to keep the ehannek of^ew Wo some program by which the New World of goods, service^ and ideal, n move forv/ard toward a free^and r reason to be afraid of. developments world. half " iittie can find can formulate e economic levels and b ° much less "** *-wwniJU. World way of life is saved . _ if that is done, This conference is thus men- meet it the steady growth of the a . . jdea will receive a definite anct significant check. Quicker You Sell" Legal Notice NOTICE Notice is hereby.given that the books i showing the assessments of Street Im- ' provement District number Three (3) ' Hope Arkansas as fixed by the ases sors of said District, are now in my hands, subject to inspection by any i person owning property within said Lnstnct. Tliis 21st day of November 1938 , T. R. Billingsley l'^ 3 City Clerk co^nnssioNEU's SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That i pursuance of the authority and di- ections contained in the decretal or- er of the Chancery Court of Hemn- tead County, Arkansas, made and ntered on the 29th clay of October .ma certain cause then pending therein between C. C. Sprogins as guardian for Mrs. Etta Kirk, a person of unsound mind, complainant, and H D. Coffman et al., defendants, the undersigned as Commissioner of said Court, will O f f e r for sale at public vendue to the highest bidd at the front door or entrance to ihe 'Citizens National Bank of Hope, m the City of Hope, in Hempstead County Arkansas, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Tuesday, the 6th day .of December, me following described real estate situated in Hempstead county Arkansas, to-wit: By J. R. WILLIAMS Hope v " Write 0 Exchange Soilding, Little R<y-k ^' ansas - IS-ljtp FOR SALE—Beauty work, the best to permanentc. Herloise, Kathleen Carmen, Vonceii Kate's Beauty and gift Shop. "For Something New Call IM-Nov 31c Beautiful Portraits in high^alFy »etal . frames. A priceless gift for Chnstmas^ Special Season-Prices. The fanipley Studjo. 21-3t c ~ FOR SALE-white Cotton Mattresses Investigate our work and material I tost. Hempstead Mattress Shop. Call Paul Cobb 658J. l-26tc LOST— One liver ana wnite spotted female bird dog, ..apoui 2 yearTold Reward. Call Phil Dulm, Phone 65° __ _ ___ 18-6tp i Mare M " wt Ibs. Brown nose, crippled in right und foot. Reward. Notify White & at Hope or Fulton. 22-3tp LOST Female Pointer Bird Dog 9 ^old-white ana ,ver t.ek The w^er buffalo is the chief source of the milk supply in the Philippine siands. in Block Fourteen (14)'in Brook" wood Addition to the City of Hope Arkansas. ' .TERMS OF SALE: Qn ^credit of three months, the purchaser beinc requu-ed to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, with approved security, bearing interest at the rate of six per cent (6%) per annum from the date of such sale until paid and a lien being retained-on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 14th day of November, 1938. RALPH BAILEY Nov. 15, |° mmissioner in Chancery. . NOTICE ; -Local money, to loan on improved farm lands and city property tow interest rates; quick action, ffi i J- Lemley, Hope, Arkansas. ,' IM-Nov 24-c AMERICAN ACTRESS Answer to Previous Puzzle n . pecans Highest prices paid. P A to ^ otor Ca 3M East ** a: ^_ 3-26 tc - FOR SALE-If interested in buying a-n.ee brick home worth the money I have several for sale. Also several mce/arms that can be handled with small cash r&yment. Floyd Porterfield 19-6tc - DUrebre d 2 year old za turkey hens $3.00 each. I two year old Tom weight 30 Ibs. Perfect V laranteed f at . R. T . CLASSIFIED RATES One time-2c word, mWunum 30c Three times-3Hc word, min. 50c bix times-6c word, minimum 90c One month (26 times)— 18c word, minimum __ __ _ §2 70 Bates are for continuous inser- In making word count disregard classification name such as "For Rent" "For Sale," etc—this is free But each initial or name, or com- olete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example- FOR RENT-Three-room modern furnished apartment with garage . Totai 15 words, at 2c word. 30c • r one time: at 3Vic word, 53c for r<?fr times, etc. NOTE- All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon ' •••'-•sentation of bill 76* HORIZONTAL 1 An actress who had great success. 10 Valuable 1 property. i HAssemblv 13 Writing tool. 14 To hover. 15 Thing. 16 Fodder vat. 17 Papa. 18 Half an em. 19 Divided into 4 perpendicular parts. 20 Ear. 21 To decorate. 22 Predicaments. 27 Perfect type. 29 To close with wax. 30 Female relative. 31 To depend on. 32 She became a in girlhood. 33 Moldy. 34 Greek letter. 35 Wild duck. 36 Retired nook. 37 Doctor. 38 Glass bottle 39 Tiresome perspn. 40 Form of "my." 41 Related by blood. 43 An alpaca. 45 Musical note. 46 Starchy herbs. 47 Apart. 48 Game on horseback. 50 She started acting as an famous role 51 Her most HORIZONTAL 1 Mother. 2 Quaking. •3 Customs. 4 Home .of a beast. 5 And. 6. To trifle. 7 Money changing. 8 Atticism. 9 Senior. 12 Axiom. 14 Photographic celluloid. 15 She has been • for years. 16 To depart by boat. 17 To tug. 19 To beseech. 20 Falsifier. 21 Tissue. 22 Pine board. 23 Lilac color. 24 To ruminate. 25 Insect. 26 Fashion. 28 To quit a train 29 Horses' homes. 32 Ocean. 33 Default. 35 Baking dish. 36 Heavenly body with a tail. 38 Passport , indorsement. 39 Offered. 40 Evils. 42 Emerald mountain. 44 Part of mouth. 45 Dandy. 463.1416. 47 Preposition. 48 Pair. 49 Upon. SMS^5^^ OUT OUR WAY CHILD PRODIGY AT SIX AND PLAYED THEC'S ALL TH 1 I .KIM LET YEW HAVE.' THIS HEAH IS PER. BREAKFUST-- 1,'M A COOK, MOT A LUMBERJACK, 'AM 1 VtAIM'T A-CUTTIM' WOOD PER. MO MIGHT CLUBS PLEASE DOM FORCE THIS i LIFE OSJ US-ALL GlTTIM DISSIPATED LOOKIKJ THIS IS TM' THIRD WIGHT W&VR SET UP TILL. SEVEU ' ' " "^ ' '"^' ^^ ( » t - lv PERPOR,V\AMCES '-INSTEAD OP )m THAT WALTZ: • S|T YOU GAVE E TO PLAY AT SCHOOL, •PROFESSOR; I'VE "FOOLISHNESS A WORLD TOUR t HAD TO GIVE- UP TH' ALVIM J VIOLIM WWEM 1 BROKE WILL EVER r\ AVY WC ., ST IU ,._ SCRAPE If T ENJ PLACES OUT OP r/\ TH'tlME 1 "THAT SW /WADE -TH' M THAT'S - •-•• ,,, LOMOEST \\f A BOX;/ Jj SRI OUM p }\( LOTTA ; PRACTISIM 1 7 UP >' A _ON RECORD/ JT HOOPLE "^ p^p W '^ l\ --^i~_J^': l./.^~- HV DOM'T THEY GIVE up DM ALVIM ? Awwwww!! By EDGAR MARTIN ALLEY OOP ^--S^i^^^^^ The,Big Boy Delivers TD By V. T. HAMLIN M'T SO WEEDLESS TO .SAV, **&'>{••• : >y'r^^'.. '•;' '' ; w r V>^ .iM_>% 7( at WASHTUBBS :&">. y^av ^^ Cn«B_ 15J_n_HV f)EA£Envlcr.^NC T."M jiTV. ,,_s rp, . ' Cni'B. 15J_n_HV l«'A£_EHyii ihmgs Have Got Him Down —____ By ROY CRANE «L«E. HE SAID YOU HATED W\t.... THAT VOU DIDM'T - CARE WOT HAPPENED • .mc' LONELY AW MIZZERBUL THESE WEEK'S.... BEAT YOU? ciif,#fe.r Really Mad WHAT DID MAO / N6XT KIC<OFF ? / RIGHT THROUGH THE WHOLE KINGSTON LINEUP-INCLUDING THAT GUY THAT LAST TOUCHDOWN ' ousr WANTED MAKE- MI r^ \l\\ ^y trfMU W ^ WHY, MG. El ICVOOD- T»,,,- ~ -. J- — —! . , - ••• UIC JOD HELLO, LOVIE! IW BEG.IMMIMQ TO WOMDER.MV.SELF/THe LOT'S FULL OF SPECIAL POLICE, BUT STILL THESE THIMGS HAPPEKl! HEV'VE RDRGOTTEkJ ABOLlTT THE EXCITEMEMT ILL JUST KEEP AM Es'P THIWC:,S FEOM BACK OF" J

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