Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1938
Page 3
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- friday^November 18,1938 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 321 Life, believe, Is not n drenm, So clnrk as sages any; Oft n little morning rnin Forlells a plensant day. Sometimes there ore clouds of gloom, But these ore transient, nil: If the shower will mnke the roses bloom; Oh, why lament its fall? Rtiuidly, merrily, Life's sunny hours flit, by, Gratefully, cheerily, Enjoy them ns they fly. For hope again elastic springs, Unconqucred, though she fell; Still buoyant are her golden wings, Still strong to bear us well. Manfully, fearlessly, The day of trial bear, For gloriously, victoriously, Ctm courage quell despair.—Selected. Itol in Washington. Mrs. J. A, Henry u guest from the Pnt Cleburne chnp- ter U. D. C. tokl of the "Bowie Knife" and other interesting data relating lo the memorial building. Following the program the guests were invited into the dining room where the Thanksgiving motif was beautifully observed in th» decorations, and (he different hoslessen iilterniited at pouring. Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILKOY, D. D. Editor of Advance The Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet nt the. church, Monday afternoon nt I) o'clock, i Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Franklin have as house guests, Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Seidcnstickcr of Chillicothi, Ohio rind Bill Seidcnstickcr of Columbus, Ohio. The Sacrediii'ss of the Home Tcxl: Exodus 20:11: Matthew 5:27-28 10:2-11'. The lessons nf this quarter have : timeliness in relation to the most acute issues and problems of present-day life, that ought to characterize all les_ sons drawn from the Bible but tbu Dr. J. P. Womack, former president | is not always so marked. of Henderson State Ttcochers college, Arkndelphia, now of Jonesboro, was n business visitor in the city Thursday. The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Christian church will hold a Thanksgiving food sale. Cakes, home made broads,- cookies and dressed chickens will bo on sale in the down town district on Wednesday, November 23. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Janes have returned to thoir home in Chicago, after n visit with their sisters, Mrs. Don Smith, Dr. Smith and Miss Euln Janes. The Clura Lowlhorp chapter C. of C. held its November meeting at the home of Miss Evelyn Whitworth, South Main street, with Misses Joy Rnmscy, Frances Thomas, Manila BUicknrd and Frances Harrell ns associate hostesses. The meeting opened with the salute to the flag followed by the regular routine of business at which time, the leader, Mrs. H. C. Whitworth presented the cup won by the chapter for having second to the largest increase in new members. The chapter voted to have a Christmas dance on December 27. "Arkansas" was the program subject and Miss Rosalyn Hall rfave a splendid paper on "David O'Dodd, the Boy Martyr of Arkansas." Miss Mary Sue Kent gave interesting facts pertaining to the war time cap- The Library The library announces tho following list of interesting books: "Magnificent Obsession," by Lloyd C. Douglas. "The White onkey," by John Galsworthy. "The Desire of His Life," by Ethel M. Dell. "Sybil, Trapper of Men," by Mildred Barbour. "And Life Goes On," by Vicki Bauni, SUEKolSI FRI. RITZ BROS. in "Straight Place Show" S A T U H D A Y GEORGE O'BRIEN "Renegade Ranger" —PLUS— "SHARP SHOOTERS" Action Thriller with GLORIA STUART MTCIIAEL WHALEN SUN. Mickey Rooncy Spencer Tracy "BOYS' TOWN" FRIDAY "Illegal Traffic" Buster Crabbe This lt'.s.son on the sacrcdncss of the ome comes at a lime when it i •ciitly needed. The Bible in its high- st teaching lays profound stress upoi le purity and integrity of home anc imily life. One of the Ten Conv iandinenl.s is against adultery, nncl i lere were any doubt of the validity id wisdom of that Commandment irely one could find t in the cvr encc in our newspaper columns nn< Kcwhere of the unhappincss and pro Jiuil and social havoc that aduller; i uses. Perhaps, however, we ought to roc jjni/.e that the sanctity of the home id of martial and family relation lips cannot be safeguarded and main lined only by negative command lent.s. There is a positive program o /isdnm, righteousness, and good sense lut must he followed to insure hap y and true relationships. We for ge ometimcs that such true relationship tinnot be sanctified by words or bj itos and ceremonies, even when thcsi re performed by the church and tlv linisters of religion. The vows and ceremonies can b nly the outward, expression of inne jve and devotion, and where thes re lacking, the vows and ccremonie icinselves lack reality, and they ar ot likely to be either lasting or cf ective. We deplore divorce conditions Uncrica, but we do not always ad ress ourselves properly to the cause nd to preventive measures. No decla ation of sanctity can make a marriag oly that is essentially unholy be ause of the absence of mutual love mtual loyalty, and mutual forbear nee. ^may admire, those earnest an< ourageous souls who, even when the ealize that they have made mistake ccisions, stand firmly by their vow nd seek in every respect to main ain the integrity of standards, eve nough they themselves have failec nd who seek to make the best of un ortunatc situations. But it must al- vays be recognized that such situa- ions cannot bo in any very real sense flcrod, and it is a question we are acing with increasing realism wheth- r for those concerned it is better to naintain a pretentious and unreal :t:nclity of marriage or to find some cu'of in divorce. But these considerations should not blind us in any way to the nobility and acredness of a marriage made in love ind devotion and of the home that is ounded upon it. The marvel, after ill—considering what human nature s and ;;11 the opportunities for dif- ercnccs and difficulties—is not that so many marriages fail, but that so nany marriages succeed. With Chris- inn spirit, common sense, loyalty and !orbcaruncc, why .should not every marriage .succeed and form the basis >f a holy family and a sacred home? In New York By George Ross Blond Beauty From Italy NEW YORK—Because our daily auto oute to the office lakes Us down the ft'esl Side Express Highway, .eleval- d alongside Hie Hudson River piers, wo like to believe that, nautical! peaking, we are one of the best in- ormcd landlubbers in- town. By this time, we can tell a mile away f the Normandie or Queen Mary is n port, and we've learned the indent- ties of boats from the sizes and shacl- ngs of the smokestacks. Nor is this jrngging: we think we can call nil the names of at least a half a lozen ships by the deep notes- of their ivanring whistle blasts. II Is thwarting to drive by these vessels, huge and small, every morn-' ng a dusk, even if the wanderlust is not in your blood. The car wheel s no place for idle reverie. Never- he less, we've often driven over lo he curb and stayed there while we nuscd on the prospects of embarking the Rex and alighting in Genoa or Naples on crossing the Normandie's gnnplnnk and escaping to the suny part of France, or booking passage on one of those tramp stcomcr,s past pulling lu of port and landing in Tahiti, or somewhere equally exotic. Through New York has one of the ?rcat harbors of tho world, His amazing how few New Yorkers have visited the nestling places of the big boats And through the most colossal ships on the high' seas put in here, it is startling to learn how few natives of the big city ever haVc ventured across a gnngblunk to have a look n round. Yet the representative New Yorker would mad-dash to the nearest movie for a ccllulodic picture of some anemic plot that takes plnce aboard a ocen liner. And few ever dream of taking the nickle ferry ride from the Battery across the busy and colorful harbor to Statue Island, a high nautical adventure almost as thrilling as a trnns-Alluntic voyage. Where Seaman Siesta A thoroughfare that never will lose its briny flavor is South Street, which lies at a sharp right angle from the Battery. True, the tattoo artists who plied along that seaman's thoroughfare have vanished, for the most part, and the old nickel saloons have gone into limbo with Vn'any other rugged institutions. But it still is the capital avenue of the men who go down to the sea in ships. They sun along the wharfs on South Street when they arc temporarily out of employment and they still maintain, as they always did, an al fresco forum where the men exchange tips about jobs. Not that South Street's present day barrooms arc chromium-plated_ and embellished with the chichi of fancy pubs uptown. South Street troughs are waterfront wassail halls, buried in sawdust, musty with aromatic smells frcfm! the free lunch and the piece of antiquity that is called a bar. And mostly the talk in these earthy oases is about seafaring men and the ships they've sailed. And all the customers have served before the mast, to judge by their salty tales. No metropolitan contrast is as vivid Rev, Webb Returns From tulsa Revival Will Resume Charge at the . Gospel Tabernacle Sunday Rev*, and Mrs. Bert Webb have re- turrted from a revival campaign in Tulsa, Okla., and will resume their charge of services at the Tabernacle next Sunday. The pastor -will speak at both the morning and evening services, Sunday, for the first time in a month. He reports a successful campaign in Faith Tabernacle of Tulsa. During the absence of the regular pastor here the pulpit was filled on successive Sundays by, Rev. E. J« Bruton, Pine Bluff; Rev. William Plckhorn, • Memphis; Rev, Robert Sellers, district secretary treasurer of Arkansas and Rev. C. H. Asher of Malvern. Advance notice is given of the coming to Hope of the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Rev. E. S. Williams, who will have charge of dedication services at the Taber- .nacle on Sunday, November 27. Further announcement will be made later. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Tlios. Brewstcr, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 a. m, Morning Worship 10:55 a. m. Vesper Service 5 p. m. Monthly Auxiliary meeting Monday at 3 p. m. Union Thanksgiving Service Thursday morning at 10 a. m.. Message by pastor, First Presbyterian church. Uperintendent.' If ydlif ehlldftftt fc&.* ot in Sunday school some wfi&t* - ome and bring, thehi to Ckrrett Mfe*/> iioral Baptist 'church SUndayV* We, >ave A ciass for every one and & heWtyv 1 * velcome for all. */, Preaching 11 a. m. , B, Y. P. t. C. meets 6:45. The Junlot ' lass is to render a special program \ S'unday at 6.45: Preaching 7:45. Come and worship with US. ' '**• HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Bert Webb, Pastor Rare as the old coins of Caesar is blond beauty in Italy. Isa Miranda was a typist in Milan until a beauty contest started her to Hollywood. There for a year she has worked patiently perfecting her English, Now she is ready to star in "Hotel Imperial," in which she plays the part of a slavey. Honey-colored hair tops her luscious pink and white complexion. as the change that comes over Fifth and Madison Avenues on a Sunday. Week-day channel of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, the driveways are deserted on the Sabbath and the usual din and clatter becomes serene quiet on the day of worship and rest. The Sabbath, thought, intensifies the bedlam of Broadway; the places of entertainment do a rush business and the restaurants do not count it as a holiday. For Broadway is an infidel street, with never a reverent moment. A cut'onlon rubbed on the automobile windshield will prevent the glass from frosting. So They Say Hair dressed high makes you look not a day over 90.—Marjorie Hillis, author. Riding the elephant made him nervous.—Mrs. Myrtle M. Hunt, circus bareback rider, explaining in her petition for a divorce why her husbanc deserted her. Wholly impractical and absurd.—Dr Frances E. Townsend, commenting on the 530 every Thursday plan in California. Keep a hook handy.—D. Frederick Burnett, N. J. Beverage Control Commissioner in granting a tavern the privilege to hold singing contests. Behind the J irs Washington By Rodney Dutcher -»• By RODNEY DUTC1IER NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTG-N.-Some of the "economic royalists" have so completely forgotten their traditional role in an election cn'n-.'paign that some people on both sides of the political fence are wondering what the world is coming to. Without denying that most big business men threw their contribution money behind Republican and conservative Democratic candidates, one may be permitted a lifted eyebrow at the fact that this group failed to contribute a united chorus of shrill cries of alarm. Among those who failed to hit the dolorous tune customary on such occasions were: Chairman Alfred P. Sloane of General Motors, who in 1930 gave 550,000 to the Republicans and attacked the New Deal vigorously, and more recently predicted that the wage-hour act would bring disaster. Not long before election this year, Mr. Sloane publicly announced General Motors was putting 35,000 men back to work and that prospects looked rather rosy. Chairman C. E. Groesbeck of the huge Electric Bond & Share Company, chief legal target of the holding ccta!- pany act, who announced a week before election a reapproachment between government and the utility industry whilh indisated an era of peace and co-operation. President William Rnudsemof General Motors, who announced publicly at the same time a "great improvement" in labor relations, and, the expectation that those relations would be increasingly peaceful. In this same period arch-individual- Plan to be present next Sunday at the Tabernacle Sunday school, help swell the attendance and be benefited as well. Both Mr. and Mrs. Webb are back and will teach their respective classes on Sunday. We are expecting you to be present. The pastor will speak at the mom- ing worship service at 11 o'clock anc again at the evening evangelistic service beginning at 7:45. Christ's Ambassadors and Children's Church meet at 6:45. Everyone is reminded that a dedication service will be held at the Tabernacle on Sunday, November 27, with Elder E. S/Williams, General Superin tendent of the Assemblies of God, in charge. There will be hree services morning, afternoon and night. Th District Superintendent of Arkansas Rev. David Burruss will also, be pres ent along with other out of town vis itors. Set aside a week from next Sun day and hear Superintendent Williams Spend a henjoyable hour Sunday night at the Tabernacle, it is Hope' Full-gospel center. CHURCH OF CHRIST Service at Church of Christ Sunday November 20 will begin at 10 a. m Bible lessons 10 to 11, preaching at 1 o'clock with communion services fol lowing. The evening service will be gin with the young peoples Bibl class at 6:30 and the preaching ser vice will be at 7:30. Elder J. A. Copeland, the regula minister will have charge of th preaching services, and his subjec Sunday morning will be, "Growth o the Kingdom," and Sunday evening i will be, "Why I Am a Christian." j cordial invitation is extended to all UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST Main Street in W. O. W. Hall E. S. Ray, Pastor GOSPEL TABERNACLE Evteryone between or at the a& of 5 and 35 are invited to our Missionary program Sunday, November 20th, Services will begin at 6:45 p. m. and Will conducted by Miss Beauford Br4d- shaw, chairman of missionary fiohi- mittee. We have had a number ot visitors lately lack again. and we invite them An oversized coaliac ganglion or abdominal brain is responsible for outstanding football players and indus-, trial exeCUtives.-rDr. George W» Crile < of Cleveland, addressing the Interstate. Post-Graduate Medical Association 1 ' of ' Philadelphia. 666 Liquid, tablets Salve, Nose Drops Try "Rub-My-Tlsm"--£ Liniment relieves COLDS first day,' HEADACHES and FEVER due to Colds, in 30 minutes Wonderful. -SATURDAY'S SPECIALS- CASH PRICES. *; Fat Dressed Hens, Ib —— 15c* Banfields Tenderized HAM ' ' , . Center. Cuts—Ib. ...... L. 30c > Baniflelds Sweetheart * BACON—Ib _. _ 25c; STEAK—Ib. •—..:...:— 15 to 25c; ROASTS-lb.'_ __, 12%c up, Decker's Pork & Beans 5c per can....- 6 for 25c" Morrell's Pure Lard—4 Ibs for...j!0c Many Other Things at a Bargain. -REEQE'S MARKET EAST FRONT STREET- • Mother of "The Typical American Family 1 ' Is Glad She !s Just Average and Married Average Man | T^ 1 !' Despite Whto.er By MARIAN YOUNG NEA Service Staff Correspondent NEW YORK—Nellie Craig, leading lady in "The Typical American Family," of Muncie, Ind., which has come to be considered America's typical town, is glad that she is just average and that she married a just average man. I. £hc hopes that her children, Emma Lou 8, and William, 4, will grow up to be just average citizens, too. That they, like their parents, will be simple and unpretentious, prizing all things that are real and wholesome. That they will, when in doubt, be like other people and believe wholeheartedly that HTTSBURGH-Evcry team in the National Professional Football League with the exception of the Pittsburgh Pirates, is expected to show a profit for the year. Whiwcer White plays with the Bucking Bucannccrs. NE LAST DAY FRIDAY H. G. WELLS "THINGS TO COME" Also—CLIFF EDWARDS—in "PACIFIC PARADISE" OUR GANG—in- "FISHY TALES" SAT. THREE MESQUITEERS "GUN SMOKE RANCH" AND TIM McCOY "R I D I N G~W I L D" Try Us For Your Meat Curing » and Smoking. We Do It Right. J| Home Ice Company ;' 916 East Third Street 4 Hope, Ark. City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY. PHONE 707 Sat, Only—11 a.m.-ll p.m. GENE AUTRY—in "Rhythm of The Saddle" Also—Clinp. 11 "Umlcseu Kingdom" Color Cartoon "Little Buck Cheeser" Admission 10c-20c. Balcony lOc FHA 5% Loans New and existing property. Real Estate Mort. Loan Service Pink Taylor, Agent; 309 First National Bank Building. Phone 68G. o f\ 1_* JM Sample Gloves 49c A collection of gloves from Amcr icas most famous makers in Kit Suede, and imported fabrics. Bu for yourself aud for gifts. LADIES Specialty Shop Sunday school at 10. Preaching at 11 by Eld. A. D. Taulbee. Evening services: Singing begins at 7 and preaching at 8, by Eld. A. D. Taulbee. Prayer meeting at 7, Wednesday. We had a nice crowd last Sunday and enpoyed a soul stirring message from Eld. C. D. Sallee of Pine Bluff. Come and hear Eld. Taulbee Sunday, and remember a welcome awaits you at every, service. , GARRETT MEMORAL BAPTIST Hollis A. Purtle, Pastor The interest in the revival now in progress at the Garrett Memoral Baptist church has been good. The services continue. Song and prayer service 7:20 p. 'm'., preaching 7:45 p. m. Sunday school 9:45, Grady Hairston mother of America's Typical Family, Mrs. Nellie Craig, is pictured above, in her visit to New York. She wanted to sec all the "sights"—except theaters and night clubs, those who follow the middle course are the wisest. Yes, Mrs. Craig's philosophy of lifi is a simple, kindly, just average one There's nothing spectacular about hei views on any subject—political, eco Docs this scene look familiar 1 .' It should, because it's America's Typical Family pictured during a typical evening at home. Mother, Mrs. Nellie Craig takes a minute out from household chores to show 4-yearold William a picture book before his bedtime. Sis, who is Emma Lou, 8, looks on with interest. And Glen Craig, the typical Dad, relaxes in an easy chair with his pipe and his daily newspaper. lomic or social. She's pleased that she and her hus- jand and children were chosen more than a year ago from specifications in Robert S. arid Helen Lynd's book, 'Middletown in Transition," as being typical as to beliefs, circumstances and economic conditions. But pleased chiefly because being chosen gave them a trip to Chicago with expenses paid, and now a trip to New York. While in New Yo'rk, Mrs. Craig wants to visit all of the widely publicized landmarks—Radio City, the Empire State Building, the Aquarium, Grant's Tomb, the Bronx Zoo, the Statue of Liberty. She's not much interested in the theater or night clubs. Mrs. Craig was born in Birmingham, Ala., met Mr. Craig at the water company where her father worked They were married, nine years ago in New Jersey at the home of her sister. Before her marriage, she was a bookkeeper. And she hated bookkeeping. Considers College Necessary "I wanted to be a nurse," the tall brown-haired, dark-eyed typical wif explained. "I still wanted to be one while I was keeping books. "I'm going to let my children decide 'or themselves what they want to do. I'd like to have Emma Lou go to col- ege, but Billie must go. After all, education is nice for girls, but it's absolutely necessary for boys." Among other thoughts that Nellie 'r'aig has on questions of importance lo women are: That careers are all right for the married women who likes to work, providing she lias no children. C'A mother's place is with her children.") That divorce is nothing to be shocked about. ,("But I don't think any couple ought to resort to divorce until they've spent u great deal of time trying to iron out their problems.") That upswept coiffures are for only those who can .go to a beauty shop several times a week. ("A few women in Mauncic are wearing theirs up h,ow.") That smoking is all right for women ("I don't smoke because I don't like to smoke, and I couldn't afford to i I did.") That drinking is all right for those who drink like ladies and gentlemen ("However, neither I nor my husbanc drink at all. We wouldn't enjoy it, I'm sure—although we've never tired." That kindliness should be a kind o: •eligion with all and sundry. ("We go o the Baptist church irregularly.") That it wouldn't be nice of her t discuss politics with interviewers We voted for Roosevelt at the las election, but I'm not sure that we wil again if he decides to run for a thin term.") That budgets look fine on paper bu seldom are as workable and practical f they look. ("We manage the famil finances together. But Mr. Craig al ways pays the bills. I don't like t do it.") That the United States is the mos wonderful country in the world (."Radicals—like Reds, Socialist Atheists, Fascists and Nazis—want t interfere with things and wreck Amei ican civilization.") The Craigs do not dance—never hav They like euchre better than bridg and the radio better than the movies. "1 have leisure time to do very little reading," the Typical Wife concluded. "But I find a few minutes every evening to read the comic sections of the daily paper to the children, then to glance at the front page headlines and look over the woman's page." ist Henry Ford began informally negotiating with the C. I. O. As, a group, the other captains of industry failed to join in any loud clamor against the r ew Deal. As to the significance of all this, the est advice is to wait and see. Certain New Dealers who have been rying to "build a bridge" between in- .ustry and government? with the aid o: few liberal business men will tel 'ou that it presages a period in which jusiness men will be less hostile to the ew Deal than professionally-hostil loliticians. Republican Chairman John Hamilton ays the certainty of Republican vic- ories caused business to i'nYprove anc responsible for business men's losannas. Another idea: big business men are nore conciliatory toward Roosevelt loping that compromise on their par l make him more conciliatory toward them, and Roosevelt feels more conciliatory toward business men for he same reason, and because of his conception of national unity in thi 'ace of a threatening foreign situation And that would be something! Honesty, Plus Throughout the campaign no candi date appears to have equaled the rec ord for sincerity and honesty estab ished by Senator George W. Norri of Nebraska in 1936. Times were tense and a reporter ca'mje along to ask him what he thought Lincoln would do i :ie were alive and still President o the United States. "I think Lincoln would be just lik am," Norris replied. "He wouldn' know what the hell to do!" Hell in New Jersey Somewhat belatedly after the scar caused by the "invasion from Mars, which turned out to be a dramatize radio broadcast, the following storj was reported from a Washington gaso line station operator who was awaken ed at 4 a. in. by a motorist in a ca bearing a New Jersey license. "Give me some gas," the driver de manded. 'Tim! bound for Florida an in a hurry. All hell has broken loost in Jersey!" ITCH Prescription 200,000 CURES ITCH JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG (?O. Master Shoe Rebuilders With 22 years of experience in fine Shoe repairing enables us to give you the very best. We guarantee our work to please. 100 Block on Walnut St. gmiiiiiiimimimiimmiiiiimiiiiiiii: =Use Mont's-Sugar-Cures = When Butcheing Pork and Beef j= = Electrically Mixed 1 2 Printed Instructions Furnished 3 E With Each Purchase 5 ~ B For Sale by = MONTS SEED STORE, Hope. S EDWARDS & CO., Bradley S L. R. CAUDLE, Bodcaw = G. R. WOLFF STORE, Bhigen E nimiiiimiiiimimimmiimiimiiiiii IDO YOU NEE1 A RUG? WOOL RUGS All Sizes Firth and Bigelow RUG PADS Ozite and Bigelow See Our Rug Window. Another Shipment of BEDROOM SUITES Hope Hardware COMPANY This Will Advise That We Will Not Be in the Market Longer for Stand* ing Timber, Logs, Bolts and Blocks, HOPE HEADING COMPANY

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