Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1938 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Want Curls? Pin These On popular column entitled "We, Women." the by ERNtSTA BARLOW (Copyright, 1938, NEA Service, Inc.) To define the qualilits which make a charming hostess is RS difficult as to define charm itself. One can but set down, from a guest's point of view, some of the things which make hospitality far more agreeable in some houses than in others. Originalily arid an easy, unconventional atmosphere have largely taken the place of formality, ton-course dinners and elaborate decorations. I lay stress on the word EASY because an anxious, restless hostess makes me want to get on a bicycle and peddle furiously around the room. If she has planned everything well in advance, if the one or ten servants, as the case may be, have had their in- structions bcforthand, if the table arrangements are chackcd, the flowers arranged, the matches and clgaVettes plentiful, and the fire ready to blaze- in the hearth before she goes Up to dresSf my hostess can come down to her guests and enjoy herself. Otie'Ms so much happier with n mostess who is having a good time. We come in ami sne greets us nt the door of the room. Without gushing, she makes us sense that we are very welcome nnd we feel more cheerful nt once. We look about. Do we know everyone? Personally I hope not. as I like heterogeneous parlies. Strangers.are pastures new and fre- ciucntly delightful. ;• A part/which costs very little cnn bo as great n success ns one cnr- mnrked by expense. Crowded cocktail parties which mop up all one's obligations at once are less attractive than several small, more intimate afternoons. Let the buffet supper replace the former, champagne will be unnecessary, chinnti, punch or beer can adequately fill its plnce. And at n "five to seven" the hostess who serves tea behind her own hot water kettle will find her cocktail bar strangely deserted by young and old alike, nnd delighted guests will draw up their chairs to tell her what n relief real tea is. Good food is all-Important. One new nnd original dish can earn a great reputation for the hostess than four or five stereotyped courses. Small tables lor everyone at n buffet are unnecessary. A card table or two set for the older guests is enough, the others can fend for themselves. Lock of silver or china need not matter nt nil. The nearest tencent store can supply them nnd paper napkins at the back of your head. Handy, too, are small, invisible combs which will stay in from morning until night. Also, braids of hair to match your own Finned around the Here's a crown and bang cluster of curls to pin atop your head when you are upswept cciffure-minded. Simply brush your own short locks or' your long bob smoothly upward all the way around, then pin this elaborately curled hair piece in place. • Perfect solution to the problems of the girl who likes to wear her hair up only occasionally are extra hair pieces —the coiffure news of the moment. If, cut for the hairstyle you think is most flattering day in and day out, your hair is too short or too long for an upswept, you can buy a topknot of little curls and wear it for evening or & special tea date. Simply brush your hair smoothly upward all the way around, making a small, flat bun on top, then pin the cluster of false curls to it By the way fashion experts are betting that you'll hear little, if anything, about "up" coiffures after the first of next year. * .-.' .Handy for Other Coiffures s Upswept or no, many a girl finds a few extra ringlets extremely handy. Two or three of these of real hair which' matches exactly the shade of your own can be pinned across the nape of your neck, among your own curls that are none too close together or wherever you need them most. You can buy hair bieces of large, swooping curls to add height to your figure or of smaller, flat, sculptured cirls for a sleeper, more sophisticated look. Puff curls, each on a separate ' little comb, are simple to fasten in place. The combs are invisible, of course, and so designed that they cannot possibly slip or fall. Those who have lost practically all of their hair through illness, or whose shingled bobs are growing out all too slowly, will consider reasonably priced, meticulously made extra hair pieces a great personal boon rather than just ao much fun. And the girl whose fing- A double row of curls (12 inches long) can be pinned around the sides and back cf the head to acheve this sleek effect. ers turn out to be all thumbs when she tries to rearrange an upswept coiffure ly will find a topknot of curls pretty handy. Among other items that make the life of the upswept enthusiast more bearable is i. combination brush and comb, with smoll bristles at the base of the comb elow the teeth. You can use the brush side to keep stray wisps of I hair from marring the upswept line The round cluster of curls is to be pinned on top of the head and the matching braid is to hold your own hair up and a doll hat on. crown of your head, encircling the curls on top, one of these will keep the curls Up and a small hat on. When you brush your hair (and it should be brushed every night), always use upward and outward strokes. Upward strokes are best for your scalp, of course, and they do a great deal toward helping to train your upped locks to stay up. We, the Women By RUTH MILLETT Heuvy Expenst Unnecessary to the Success of a Hostess So often you hear a woman complain that although she plans to give a party, she just knows it will be a failure I because she hasn't the money to "do ' it right." That their worry is needless and the cost of a party has little to do with its success, is pointed out below by Mrs. Ernesta Barlow, popular New York society matron and one cf the most successful hostesses in the city. Mrs. Barlow is one of several! prominent American women who will contribute during the illness of Ruth Millett, author of this newspaper's IARKANJAS •COACHES TRAVEL THE At Lowest Fares! ' Those wise travelers who want to arrive at their destination most quickly, comfortably, and economically, choose ARKANSAS MOTOR COACHES Discuss your travel plans with your AMC AGENT TODAV: Phone 363 Fcr Schedule Information FROM HOPE To- One Round Way Trip I-ittle Rock Hot Springs Arkadc-lphia Memphis St. I.oui.s Chicago S 2.25 J.70 .95 4.70 7.55 11.55 ? 4.05 3.10 1.75 8.50 13,69 20.80 In Diamond Cafe Th'urs'tky, NovemBcr 17. 1938 kept a glicsl from enjoying himself. While we ent, our hostess moves nbout from group to group, keeping n watchful eye on the shy guest and the stranger seating them near people, with whom they will have something in Common or are likely to find congenial. Everyone does not have to be formally Introduced. It goes without saying that the guest who has particular cntlrtalnmcnt vnl- ue In the Way of musical talent should •not be expected to display it unless he volunteers or agrees willingly at n discreet but eager hint from his hostess. Kvon very good friends should not be urged. If they do piny, the hostess must see to it that there nrc no interruptions from servants, telephones or arriving guests. The hostess who maintains her sense of humor when her party is going bnd- ly is nlso most endearing, No one can always make a success of entertaining. Complete failure.') are In order the world over, nnd the friend who says to you afterward with n laugh, "Wasn't thnt n ghastly dinner nt my house Inst night? 1 ' removes any feel ing of discomfort for her of yourself you Jnay have had. Perhaps that is it, after all. One's guests must feel comfortable in mind ns well as body. 1 wish I might make them so as easily as 1 can set clown rules for doing it. In order to be legal copyright notices must nppenr on the title pnge or the one Immediately following it. If such notices appear on the Inst pogo of n book, they are without effect. Sen lions nro so named because of the lion-like mime possessed by some species. Charcoal and dinmonds nrc rhndc of the very same element, carbon; yet, dinmonds of the poorest quality sell' for more thnn $2000 nn ounce, while chnrconl la worth only nbout $15 n ton. I Does Bladder Irritation Wake You Its not normal Its natures warning' "DANGER AHEAD." Make this 25c test. Use buchu leaves, juniper oil nnd G other drugs made into green tables. Help the kidneys flush out excess acids nnd other wastes which enn cause the irritation resulting in getting Up nights, frequent or scnnly flow, burning or bncknchc. Ask nny druggist for Bukets. Your 25c hack if not. pleased in 4 dnys. Locally nt Brinnt's Drug Store nnd John S. Gibson Drug Company'. $IO,OOO Overstocked LADIES FUR TRIMMED NEW STYLES RICH COLORS $12.95 Values Reduced to $-798 •• 3 Lb. QUILT BUNDLES 19c Men's Blanket Lined JUMPERS BOYS CORDUROY OVERALLS 98c LADIES $19.95 Fur Trim COATS and Three PIECE SUITS GIRLS Fur or Tailored COATS $5.95 and $7.95 Values '13 95 4 98 Ladies New Fall Hats & $1.98 RAYON Bedspreads 79c HEAVY DOUBLE BLANKETS FULL DOUBLE BED SIZE 93c 98c BOYS Sizes 79c A Real Value MEN'S WORK or I Men's Piece Lined DRESS SOX 7c UNIONS 89c STRIPED OUTING OC Yard Wide 8 yd 9 ONLY LADIES FALL COATS Regular $5.95 $3.77 Saturday BOY'S SWEATERS Slip-over—long sleeve 29c MEN'S SLEEVELESS SWEATERS NEW PATTERNS Solids or Stripes 2 to 3 p. m. One Large Group Ladies Childrens Hi-Top SHOES Odds and Ends LADIES FALL Black or Brown All Leather 9/4 SHEETING ISCYard ••i MEN'S 98c OVERSHIRTS or FLANNEL SHIRTS MONDAY 2 to 3 66c Mens' High Quality Suits Good Selection of Styles and Patterns $ 75 O V Boys Khaki PANTS Vat Dyed 79c Shirts to £11* Match 0«IC Men's 98c Dress • Men's Dress SHIRTS I GLOVES New Selection of • Pig Skin or Patterns. 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