El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas on April 12, 1954 · Page 28
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El Paso Herald-Post from El Paso, Texas · Page 28

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1954
Page 28
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Twenty-eight I, EL PASO HERALD-POST ITrack Coach -.* ^jWins Texas IWalkathon Compiled From The Herald-Posl'i •; five Wire Services. *\ J. B. Outlaw, Robstown High Bchool track coach who walked 800 miles training for a 110-mile talkathon, has pocketed ?500 'first prize in Corpus Christi. "; He walked the length ot Padre Island in 23 hours and 45 minutes In the three-day race which end-«d yesterday. Outlaw walked 40 njiles the first day, 40 the second and 30 the thl.-xi. • He also received an automobile tor winning. • - He had been in training all •pring. When his track team had a match somewhere. Outlaw would send them ahead by bus or car, then walk there. One woman walked the full distance. She was Erna Lcizpn- burg, also of Robstown. She received a $200 cash" prize. Second place among the men was won by Jose Galenas. 28, Corpus Christ), and third place by Doyle Berry, 24, a civil service employe with the Navy at Corpus Christi. Outlaw is 35 years old and was • star miler when he was in riish school at Beaumont a number of years ago. 5 It wasn't the ear that hit Fred Mueller, 53, that resulted in the cast he had on his foot. He got the fracture when he dropped his bowling bail on his foot after he was hit as he crossed the street in Cleveland. • Mr«. Betty Hough and Mrs. Clara York, 25-year-old twins, gave birth to babies 11 minutes •part at the same hospital In Memphis. • Erna Selppel, 52, was bring questioned in Dortmund. Germany, about her townhall complex." Police said Erna had broken more then 100 windows in the iownhall since she lost her job T T L E E V E Monday, April 12, 1954 there recently. The place lias a two-bedroom house, a traffic light, a carport and a corner drugstore. You may not find that unusual — but suppose you couldn't walk or wiggle your arms? Such matters became the prime consideration of those who planned a new concept in the rehabilitation of polio patients at the Warm Springs, Ga., foundation established by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Today was the ninth anniversary of the late President's death. "Despite better methods of treatment which have saved many lives, polio seems to have brought more serious crippling year by year," said Dr. Robert L. Bennett, medical director of the Warm Springs Foundation. "Our patients have to be taught the basic activities of living in a normal environment." Basil O'Connor, president ot the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, presided over ceremonies opening Roosevelt Hnll where the big job will ba treatment of these after-effect* of polio. The first floor is unlike any hospital. In addition to the stand- arpl examination and therapy rooms, it h;is a complete house, fully equipped; a small soda fountain and soft drink bar, carport with automobile — and a flashing traffic light. The traffic signal is to prove to the cripple that he can cross a street safely between signals. flying after a brief taste of life while rowing in Dorchester Bay • at sea. and were drifting seaward when Two members of the Navy's air Hichard J. Grcer, 21, and Jo- Quincy, Mass., police cams to the branch have decided to stick to seph E. Forti, 22, lost an oar rescue. GOOD-BYE CORNS Enjoy quick relief and •peedily remove aching •orn* with thin, cuiihion- ing Dr. Scholl'a /ino- pad*. Cost but » trifle D- r Scholls lino-pads RENT A MACHINE Far Only IP nf| P.r Month OlWU Typewriters and Sewing Machines DIAL 5-1447 Ml PU'dru at 1'andetl ASTHMA COUGHS Don't let difficult breathitiE, couKh and whcezlnsr. due to recurrlne spasms o Bronchial Asthma or simple Bronchitis ruin steci> and energy without tryinfi MENDACO. Usually quickly helps loosen and remove thick, strangling mucus. Thu allays coughinu and promoter free breathing and sounder sleep. Ge MENDACO under money hack guarantc at druKRi^U. —Advertiscmen! CLOTHES LONGER - LOOK BITTHt Camera Prices Reduced! Government Excise Tax Cut 50% on Cameras and Films BROWNIE Holiday Camera, now only 53.95 BROWNIE Hawkeyo Camera, now only $6.95 BROWNIE Hawkeyo Flash Outfit $13.65 KODAK DUAFLEX II Camera, now only $12.95 KODAK DUAFLEX Flash Outfit, now only $20.40 KODAK PONY 828 Camera, now only $29.50 KODAK PONY 135 Camera (Model B) now only $34.75 KODAK SIGNET 35 Camera, f. 3. 5 coated lens $87.50 KODAK RETINA MA Camera, now only $127.50 KODAK REFLEX II Camera, now only $11 5.00 ARGUS C3 CAMERA, complete with flash and case. .$66.50 MOVIE CAMERAS CINE-KODAK ROYAL, Magazine, 16 mm. (f 1.9 lens) $169.50 CINE-KODAK RELIANT 8 mm. (f 2.7 lens) $84.50 CINE-KODAK Magaiine, 8 mm. (f 1.9 lens) $149.50 BROWNIE MOVIE CAMERA, (f 2.7 lens) 8 mm $37.50 BELL & HOWELL "Wilshire" 8 mm. Movie Camera (f 2.5 lens) $47.20 BELL & HOWELL "Monterey" 8 mm. Movie Camera (f 2.3 Super Comat Lens) $56.95 MOVIE PROJECTORS BROWNIE Movie Projector, 8 mm $62.00 KODASCOPE EIGHT 71A Projector $110.00 SELL HOWELL "Wiishire" 8 mm. Projector $97.00 BELL& HOWELL "Monterey" 8 mm. Projector $111.80 STILL PROJECTOR ARGUS 300 Waff Projector with Blower & Case. .. .$4^.50 Quality Glasses on Easy Credit $1450 14 will •lamination .... '-I-;. '••','. *'• f'v-f'\ t. Thorough Scie«f///c Eye Fxam/naf/bn; Correctly FfHerf Glasses frecfsfofi-Grotfftd Single Viiioit Lease* tow Pr fces.,- : ttsj£^ "' : -- i:: IWf YOUR CSlDir NO money down.. pay only ? | weekly No Interest or Carrying Charge ot Any Kind for Credit. 112 Mills St. OTHERS GET WELL-SO CAN YOU! Ninety-five percent erf aD ailment* will recpon^ to Chiropractic, if applied IB th*> proper manner. lnve«tlraU the type of chiropractic meet needed for your particular ailment—that will five yra the maximum result* in tb* minimum length of tins*. Four factors are important In regaining health: The decree to which the ailment ha* progressed, the ability of the Chiropractor to handie the ease with hU method of Chiropractic, the patient'i re- verve strength, and the time necessary for treatment. TAKE STOCK OF YOURSELF! Are yon recelvinf your money's worth with the regular methods ot treatment? How much has it cost you in the last six months? If you are a "Doctoritis" case (that is * person who has to nee a doctor month in and month out—year in am! year out) — chances are we can NOT help you either. But, if you have a condition that Is giving you considerable trouble such as nervousness; hypertension, headaches, hackpains, constipation, and various conditions that go with these ailments, chances are we CAN and WILL give you relief. Here Are a Few Testimonials Given Us By Satisfied Patients: Sciatic Rheumatism Prostrate Trouble Gentlemen— 1 Am a man »a*t 64 in4 havi ••ffered vrostriU for kern* time. Tho doctor* told ma 1 would hav* to hav« an operation far this trouble. I dlrl not Itk* thl* lde» in I went to sec Dr. Holder. I am very htppy to say th« mult* )iav« been mo it sathfactory after tw* monthi under his care. Although not eured, It icemi thai I will not havo t« have an o D e r * 11 o n. Stcned T. M. Aklnc. 504 San Franclsc* 51. El Fa&o. Colon Trouble Far two years my husband ha> win led me ta sea Dr. Joe Holder for examination. Finally In desperation I went for an e**iriinitlua. After wv-?»5 a, ihe trouble vroved io r b« rattro-lntettlnal, which I had. tusorcttd for iome time. 1 am T«ry clad t» say thai Dr. Holder has riven me mor« r*llef than I have ever had before from any tyva «f treatment, I have found that he In »ne of tht best !• hi* lino »f drnxle^i work. I havir found that he ia very honest with hit vatlents, and reasonablo In hU eharxei. Sliner, Mn. R. B. Fet*ri»n, ZM6 Satramento St. Hear Sir— A few months aio I fell and received an Injury In lower back and llio. A. few (lays later It develnoed into sciatic rheumatism. Doctor said I woulrl h»ve to have a snlnal operation tn overcome thl< trouble. I went to Mr, Holder. X-rays disclosed a sacrolllae •train caustnr srrssure on the sciatic nerve. Dr. Holder had me hack on tho iob in five weeks anrt dolnr nicely, »nd no »ur(ery. I of course can recommend him a.s helnjc the best In bis field. Signed Clyde Taylor, 3319 Richmond St. Nerve Condition Gentlemen— Two years aro I had major surrpry and have snffcTrn with a severe nerve condition since. 1 could not let relief from anythinc I did nor medicines that wcra riven to me. A few weeks aro I heran takinr cl\lro- nractfc M>u«tmpntft from Mr. Holder. Thr. results from the adjustments have been" wonderful. I feel like a new person and of course I recommend Dr. Holder for what he has done for me. Simed Mrs. W. E. Tucker, M21 Flory Av«. 2855 Montana St. BRING YOUR HEALTH PROBLEMS TO US DR. 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