The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1934
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1934 BLYTHEVII.LE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THRER Increased Use of' Electrical Equipment Calls (or Additional Outlets. Because of the progress made in developing new electric lighting appliances and household conveniences, 'many. wirmg ' systems , tliat passed local -Inspection when they were new, now are inadequate nm should be modernitcS^'to accomo date the modern electrical item: which have been added to th household In recent years. Danger unsiglitliness' tijid Inconvenienc result, making . changes necessnr if the' modern standard of clfi ciency Is to be upheld Insufficient outlets is a commo] fault: Today's house must 1) equipped' for tlie use of a larg number of portable lamps, n re Irigerator. radio, clocks, fans, heating .devices, and table and kitclie: appliances. Many makeshift ex tendons -are being made by s plug ing lamp cords Into sockets sus-jlricH} 1 since (lie liouse «'ns built, ended from the ceiling or from [Too many lamps or appliances nil brackets because there arc In- urTlelont outlets. These cords,, nnd :ie plugs, sockels and adapters s«l with them, arc unsightly, In- onvenicnt and dangerous. Pco- ile trip over them, Short cir- uits occur. Often they prove to :e actual lire hazards. Another frequent shortcoming is inadequate lighting—fixtures that are old, poorly selected, incorrectly placed. Either they obscure the light rather than spread it, they produce excessive glare; JO Is often an entire absence of flx- re connected to one circuit when t would \i ebcltcr to divide this onil among two ov more circuits. The result is low voltage of the nmus, with subsequent iwor light and much «'<iste<! current, over loaded wires cause fuses to blow frequently, with resuHant annoyances and expense. New Roofs and Paint for a Number ol Homes New roofs nucl 'new paint i>r who reside linvlng he tnres or lamps in places 1 where the most po))iilin- plinscs o! tin light is needed. Celling lights arc Inrovements being done this week sometimes inftde(|uatcly. controlled; Mrs. Nors Khmert, -there are not enough, wall swlt- 1 on Highway -IB, Is dies 10 turn the lights on mid off. home imluted . nud'- other repali This is not only a great iricon- Imude. • ' A new roof has been pul on th home of A. A. 'Allen, 305 Dougiti along with repainting Inside' an outside. Mrs. Mary Spaim and Miss Netlie Gray, who recently completed modem five room bungalow nt tlielr farm near Osccoln, are having a servant's house mid garage venience, but is'n considerable waste of current that could be saved if It were easy to "turn the light off behind you." Many of the sockets, switches, plugs, ire- ceptables, lamp cords, etc.i are worn out, loose or broken, ov make poor contact, cause short circuits, blow fuses and give, poor sen'ice generally. > Many wires now hi use nre too small for the load they are compelled to carry as a result, of the great increase in the use of elec- HOME IMPROVEMENT CHECKLIST CHECK OFF the IMPROVED MENTS and REPAIRS YOUR HOME NEEDS , ... . Keeping yonr home in repair is only good business — nolbing Wiir'cut down the 'value of your investment so quickly as a lack of .attention to little tliiugs. GENERAL STRUCTURAL : 1. Alttr root URW for better aichhectural efftct. . ' ' 1, 'CODDOUC root lines to cover ofd porciei. Striping Off "Gingerbread" bnillj ^ A barn and cotlon seed liouse POUKDATIONS AND SIDEWALLS CvVcr waU _sutEacea with mgre attractive material*. . 'Cyver old siding or stucco with 'wood ehin^lcs or new u'd WINDOWS, DOOR FRAME, AND SASH pane* ' windows 1 b; c . iuic sash to icoprove a 7. Repi»ce fuoVcn or cracked eli**, 1 : Kefji ^,* 1 - .. Bujld new "KTcen* and repair, flW< one*. ' ' ^ .. CL.- -PBI'"OO ^butters all way 'around 'to' Improve c»l«iw aspect. 18. Cut additional vKadatn for more light and better appearance. 11. Build aad ia*tAU'flower^boie*'uHder Wicdows. • .' : KOOP, FLASHINGS, GUTTERS, AND DOWNSPOUTS If. KepUce bld.Vool with new decoriti^e 13. Btptice bioVtn, loose, or nussS^K tHi H. Eruarga chirruiey to hdp 'appearance- • 15.' Build splash ' Woe ks at 6uOet er.rj of dowa Bpouts, 16. Aid ntw dormer wid^ov.'fi. V' 1 -,'-;.' : : • PORCHES AND STEPS 17, Replace Vtokec, loose o; roisung balniter. JB. Kc place btoktrA ; or loot* floor boards. 19. Kedtsign: and bUild entirely ocw pocch, 20. EivUtje exiitir.'E poicb.- . 21. Remove porch to make way for modern entrance. 22. Build entirely new steps. 23. ImtaJL talrfC'! u'orlc to tutfe %?acc4 uitdtr p<xcti md Bl 24. Entlose porch with flut maVinp «yn parlor. ' 25. Enclose porch with frames and built! wetm, 26. IcitaJt built in tcati on porch. fiutM Cuwer boxe». • . GARAGE 27. Buil4, entire new jmiatt it^ keeping witH hoc**. 28. Eniarc* capacity of t*"£«- 28. Ceil inside ol cxrage. ;. " ' " 30. lai.tall.tiew *« of eajy-openinc doors, 31, Apply iaiulltin[ matttial to eaac winter Ktartinc. THE BASEMENT JI. Build new partitions for fruit room, laundry, etc- : 3$. Build new shrives, bloi, and storage area in basemietit. M. InsulUft fruit room to keep cool vn iumm«. : 35. l*»y wood, floor over, concrete for winath uid foottasc. 34. Enlarge and cetl coal Vm. '; ,' . 37. Build recrejbon room witb wood panelled walb En l*»eni<nt. 35. Erect btrilt-bi tables for laundry room. 39. Ceil under p«t ol first floor jckts for dost prolecrioa. 4Q~ W4in*cot roaioniy. walls ior warmer And cleaner ctDir, 41. Cut titw windows in bafrcmeat waJU. New outside Jt>or. «. PUc* itrerntttetunt btidpnt betwcea baAuneat joUt. 7 HE FIRST PLOOR 43. Lay new wood Boar over a]t old fioorinf. , 54. Build new rnoJeru firtpUc* in living toom. 45. Add partition to form new reception halt •46. luitaU ntw, up-to-date froiw door, - - • , 47. Cut ntw windows to admit roorc light to lirinj rooco, 48. Bu2d in booltcases m HvJnf rottri; ;. 49. IcttaJl new coving a/ouni all rooms. fO- Ekii!d in corner cupboanfa in dining room. ' * M. Eidarge- dirunf room window. Build teats over raiutoti, il- PAnel liviof room and dining ioom in wood. ' • 43, Bculd new batterjr, of kitchen cupboards. M, Build failf partition su»d irv*iall bitaklast nook. i5, Build in irOTitng boaid and drop table in kitchen. M> Install r.tyf ^nd more sbclvts {n pantry. J7, B-uiM new and conveaUat place tor etectric tcfrlgttltor. 38. Cut down siie ol Vitcheo by jsoving partisan. 3$. B-uJld cupboards and storage space under sink. M. In«talJ cai'ement windows over kitchen sink. *!• H*plac« door between kitchen and pantry with arch. «2. A<!d otw wood ueads 10 stkiTvu»y. «. Build new clothes closet under stjuYway. 64. Btold new broom, mop, and cltaiiei cloaet. *S. Repair and refit clicking: doora and w'ndowj, «. Imtatl new fnodtrn wood trim ind baseboards. *J. Biuld in tdtpSwjt cabinet. THE SECOND FLOOR ; tl. Pat in partition (o provide for an acJdiiional bath town. 6*.' Build additfoual closets, DuilA cedar lined cl&iti ' : JO. Build in linden ctowt In halj or bath. ' ^ jl. Cuk ntw windows In \jfdi<H>m*. 72. Flice aadltionil fihetvei in all clotets. ?3, fcuild in clofbts chute. 74. Cut thvo-ajh cbmmutuc»ltni doois betwetn looma. 75. Install Tnodern woodwork, 76. Panel small room lor den or play room, ?7, lottall toy-Cupboaxdi io play room, THE ATTIC ' ?fc. Install dormtrs tc* prov'idc Jight (or aui£ roonu. 79. Iniiall new pai lit ions for aJJiuonal attic r&omi. X). Finish wall and ceilings TO maVe new rooms. tK Install insulating rojitiul btwttn riluiv 82. Build new attic bathroom. 13. IruuU ntw siaitway. • , ^^, Let us give you, without obligation, an estim^e on any of lite Jriprovemcnts you have rhei-kcJ, ve"ll tell you quietly lltsir exact cott. Just call out number. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. '~i*.. f PHONE IOO tom is being constructed at live Clear Lake farm. The C. W. Afflick home on West Ash street Is being pahitwl on the interior nnd outside. The former Harry Brown home on West Ash street, owned by Uie Missississlnpi Counly Building and Loan association, is being re- roofed. A new driveway, and walk has been built at. the E. R. Jackson home on West Main, street. C. E. Parks is having a two room cottage erected on West Cherry street, A garage is being built by E. M. Holt at Ins home on East Davis. W. D. Tlowhrt) is remodeling Ills home south of Bbovryo. Two rooms and two porches arc being added to the farm cottage. Careful Choice of Furnishings Gives Air of Com- forl iincl Livability. Too often a living room does not look i\s though it Were lived in. «f IH« innst eitetive wi\ys.,to this upiwurucicc Is by the tides, one In (ho center nnd one gtnrlng bricks. If you don't want near each end of the inanl«l, is to have 1111 open lire at least binck- Ihe safest \o follow, Other less en up the, bricks ai wick of Ilio Dreptnt'e with stove polish so Hint tlic room won't have n stiff, unused atmosphere, I'erlmps It'.Is even inore linporl- nnt to tell .wlmt not to put In u room, for the •worst offense of a room Is' to'look over-crowded. Be sure thhl you imv'e enough clear sunce in the room to allow for traffic and to display every piece of furijltnrc to n<' Head Courier News Want Improve Your Home Insure Your Home and Fuvnisliings With UK. ; Phone 134 INSURANCE DEPT. Farmers Bank & Trust Go. —Photo CourU'sy American Here is how n relic of the "gingerbread" mi of nrcliltccturc mis skill- fiilly modernized by stripping' off Hie unnecessary nml mmtlnicliv,! "doo-dads" nnd refacing it. Above is tlie home before tile work lienuu, Below is 'shown the Improvement. r 1 * .. « + » Removing Old "Gingerbread" Gives Modern Appearance Rnrc Indeed Is (he oUl IIOV\KE thnt (Iocs not oiler' some modernizing possibiliticn. RcBnvrtless of Uie nnmerotis towers; ixwches, bay windows, games and gingerbread triimn^ugs on fl. hov\se built nt tUc turn uf tile century, if (.lie framu Is sainiU lliere lies behind tlic .excess ornuniRntftliou and grotcfi- PLAYSAFE! Protect Your Home . ,' from Fire Danf/er with CORRECT WIRING No Substitutions - - Only the licsl Materials and " Safest-Methods Arc Used When You Leave il to Walpole. . • NOT HOW CHEA1' UUT' HOW; GOOD ' Walpole Electric Shop 208 W. Main I'hone 31-1 uin tit the first glance, so ijrpnt he state of {Unrepair, mi exnm- nmy reveal sound basic "{instruction. . „*, Undesirable appurtenances can je removed, ugly linc.s altered, de- ails changed, A now finish and the house made to look like new home ol tmdllAnnnl or modern architecture. Al the same Mattresses-Springs Rest- is essential to one's development, and efficiency. A good .Mattress insures restful rest. See a SLIWBKKON Mattress today N liuinire lor the price. You will save from 20 fr> 25'.' when compared lo other advertised briiuds. Economy 'and comfort combincti. Ask about the Exclusive Feature.' You will be convinced of its unusual value. Now selling below the usual price for a limited time. In addition more than a dozen other mattresses may be seen, among them the celebrated SEALY line. You owe it to yourself to provide a gqcd bed - - the best that money will buy - - Then come in nnd let vis show yo\i how easy it is lo buy and h<nv moderate the cost of ; a Mattress and Spring. CHAS. S. LEMONS Good FUUNITUUK Moderately Priced. Hues a liouse ot rare charm vhlch any (inod nrclillccl will be We to rmd.umi develop. lie house npix'.uys: to be OIK correct use of little tiib>"s. ; ,;jlnve ft"table beside Hie iirm iiiii)lr KO mugnglnc.i niiil clemx'ttes will bc'wllhln rench, llnve n little coll'iio. table near, .the dnvc)inoi'l; people sUtipg them will Iincl U convenient,' A UiliUi. ncny Ilio bookshelves Is n /«)', loo, be- eiiuse it mute's It possible, to cx- ninliic » liHivy b<i<]'i,without Imv- holrt It. A nest of deco- uttvi! (aisles or scvcrnl tilt'tup In- jlcs utd Iho homo inuker wlw en'- terta'in's fretiiicnlly, for tbcsu tables arc so light Iliey can be moved nbonl easily and save iiucsts tlie discomfort of bnliinelug refresli- In one rather small llvlnis room n decorator put seven tnbles—u Riileli'i! tiiblc, n coffci; tnble, n pedKtnl liiblc, inui u nest of four brilliant red Chinese lacquer tu- blcs. All of Iho Inblra were nr- rauiicd so tlua they sewed « Uell- 'j'lilc pnrpoxo. The gutcleg tiiltle heid_n lamp mill several books lie- ."ihta'nn arm chiilr; the collce lu- hle WHS In front of the davcn- pnrl; the imlcstnl tnblc with a ilwwl of ftowevs' on It sliwl licsldi- I a Windsor chair; ami tho nest til jlubles ivji.v pJact'd (t^dcist tlic,wnll tin front of an Oriental hp.'nglii^. Ui'uil'crinnn. A conmion mlslako nmilc In liv- iiiB rooms is to Imvc a grcnt num- Iwr of sinokhiu stands. Seldom are they beautiful, and the atmosphere they pro apt to create Is more in keeping u;ih n hotel wiiit- liig room' than n charming room n u nrlvnte home. A little table an interesting cigarette box •>nd nsh tvay on It Is mucli more [lislinctlvc nnd n welcome ivcn lo those who do not smoke. Today yon can find perfectly cinallng things to use lor usl —little vases of Mexican i>ot- tcty, old or new pewter deep dishes from Itmy, crysial cylinders, nlabnstcr bowls- which arc •• decorative as useful nnd do not cost nny more than ngly asli containers. Fireplace mantels constitute, another living room prolitcin. Tho ion mistake it-lo put so ninny nrtlcles on the miintcl Hint It gives Uie room n ninscum or messy ftppcnninco, because the iireplnce is about the first tiling lliat cnlcli- es the eye. Tho rule of three groupings consist 'of live or soven arllclcs. A rmrtlcoltir av- rntiBemeitt Hint hns,, been greatly; admired consists of . iin old map JiriiiK nbowi (lie inaiKcl, n ship model placed at the center of the ilielf, with a Chinese toa Jar on either sWe. in selccllng ileeom- (lons fov j'oiiv mniilol It is butler lo choose unusual oujec:s, ns commonplace thliiijs ilo not deserve such ribplny. Strango as It may seem, some never have n five In tlielr fireplaces niHt jc Creates A«f( Bcnnty nnd coiiiloii ftrc not the ronm nn<t •;» spolk's-s fircplncc of Even -If u tutnl DidlYouHave Good Radio Reception During the Series NO- then you better phone and have our repair man put your Radio in good condition. MR. FARMER: Come in and see the new Atwater Kent Battery Sets for farm homes. CAVIH RADIO CO. .ime the Ulterior can be chunked, modern nppJiiinccs id provide for prc-sent-dny con-] vcnjeuce. There are ninny old houses in tills country, principally of • the vintage of Colonial rlnys, so Ijeaii- .ifvil of design Vlint.fesv exterior Iterntfons are necessary. But vc- oeatioh of [tie kitchen, the inltli- (Ifiii of a bailnooni v or two, the instnllntlon of modem plumbing nnd hcating, nil might be done to fulvaiHngc. Thorough ropnirinf? and iiuinting inside und owt would ndd the Jinn! touch. Modernizing an old house can lie clone nt a profit If the subject ts'cnr'cfnlly .studied nt the start. A modernized old liouse can often sell 'for much more ihnn its original value phis the' "modem iia- litwi cost. Up Cracks Smnll cracks In brick, stucco, 01 stone IVHHS arc often the tea viflg of detcvioriilioi) of your home lioul moisture, vermin and nlr danmge. Scnl lip nil tliesc oii iugs before It Is too Into, particularly nroiintl windows and door frames and places where pipes 01 wire lead-ins paw through. For REAL Protection '• • Plionc 191 CLARK-WILSON AGENCY General Insiirnnce We'Pay All FXBSCS With n Smile' snncs II. Clnrk - Baiter Wilsor 1 ^ Drive Safely For your own 'prolc.c- • tion and auaitist "Ihe oilier fellow", be com- . plolcly and nrtwiiinle- . ly insured. Thnl is Rftft; driving. Fii-sL National Insurance Agency Nol;irv Public and Zenith Denier.-; Glcncw Hotel Hl%. Cliirurrl Cavitt, Mgr. YEARS Low Interest MAKE YOUR HOME MODERN REBUILD YOUR FURNITURE UpholsUerers, mallrcss rclmililcvs. Call us for estimates. J. W. Jenkins & Son !1(> S. Kuilroad A N EW ROOF lavES FUEL BtlU especially if it's MULE HIDE ROOFING "A f o/ « A-«;A- in « million feel" The Arkmo Lumber Co Photic 40 DEWING MARVEL Shallow ' Well WATER SYSTEM ITS Gal. CipacHy Yei Hour, 1-5 , II r. STcitor, 42 Gal. nnfc Without Tank .. SSI ,"75 Gal. Capiciiy Per Hour, II. I'. Mnlor, J2 Gal. T^nlc Williout Tank 55C Tiinken Roller Hcarifits on crantaliatl lc.;t."icr w'.Ci ball bearings on end of conncrtin, 1 ; rod insure a smnMh lUnnh^, r.rarXically nofs« and long liv«l y.ump. 'Jtctional Construplion Insures low coti cf :fp.ilr5 cr replace- muits tint 1 lo accident, abus^ or wear. / -, j. : • Slcrl I'islcn Itod, Drop Forced .cf.'ntsh.if[, ralenl:rf Sf.l.ish Shield on piston rod, Air Volume" Cciihol, Automatic J>oul)lc 1'ctc Trciture Switch. • Liberal Cash Discounts? . 90 Days Free Service on System / Year Guarantee on Motor Not Offered by Mail Order Houses. • Ftiil Stock of Kcplacemoni Paris ., ; Hubbard Hardware Co.

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