Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 16, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1938
Page 4
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\ itaE FOtJR • -^••^^•MMMWMMMMIWMW^—*W««UMIMMI. foescott to Meet JpeQueen on Friday Game Will Be Played on Prescott Field Friday Night PRESCOTT, Ark.—The Prescoft grit squad, minus the service of Buck Halsell are going through their paces daily preparing for the invasion of the strong DeQueen High School Leopards, who call for their annual grid bottle with the [Wolves Friday night. The Leopards have lost only two games during the season while the Wolves have won five and lost a like number. , This will be the semi-final ^ame for both squads and the first appearance of the Wolves at home in over a month. While playing on foreign fields they have dropped three of five contests and it is hoped that a return to Cummins field will bring back their early season form. •, Concerning Halsell's ineligibllity, it • was based solely upon his transfer of transcript, when the superintendent of the Chidister school sent his trans- script he had enough credits for eligibility, but he failed to enter these upon his permanent record and when the investigation took place it showed only two and one half credits on the permanent record. . The Chiclester superintendent would not "agree to straighten out the transfer- so the local school authorities will . not allow him to play until the affair is straightened out to the satisfaction of: all concerned. Contrary to the general belief he was.removed by the Prescott authorities and not by action of the Arkansas Athletic Association. No action has or will be taken against the local school. .The Hope High Reserves will appear here Wednesday afternoon in a game against the reserve squad of the Wolves. The game will start at 3:45. Admission 5 and 10 cents. stxx, HOWS; WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WUbaut Calomel—And You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Rarin' la Go ., ^Jjf 8 ? Bhould p . our out two Pounds of liquid bUe Into your bowels daily. If this bile i»not flowing freely, your food doesn't digest It last decays in the bowels. Gas bloats up ;your Btomaoh. You get constipated. Your whole syatem is poisoned and you feel sour, rank «nd the world looks puni.. A mere bowel movement doesn't get at the cause. It takes those flfcod, old Carter's Little Liver Pills to get these two pounda of bile flowing freely and make you feel /up and up." Harmless, gentle, yet amazing In making bile flow freely. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pills by name. 25 cents. Etubbornly refuse anything else. Stuttgart Hunter Win* U. S. Duck Calling Test STUTTGART^ Ark.-W-Harry R. Wleman, who speaks the ducks language through a wooden caller, advised the nation's nimrods to sharpen; their musical ear and study wildlife. "It takes a musician and a naturalist to get the bag limit," he confided after winning for a second time the national duck calling title. "This calling busi- ntss is hard. H takes lots of practice." Wieman, a 47-year-old Stuttgart machinery dealer who "cut his teeth on a duck caller" set out today on the opening of the shooting season resolved to bring home "just the fat ones," A better than average shot he's been calling and hunting 'em for 30 years. ^ It was a long string of armorous "quacks" that cinched his victory ! over 30 contestants last night. Judges pronounced his mating cry "well night perfect." He also was required to execute the feed and water calls. Thomas E. Walsh, Greenville, Miss., .he 1036 champion, and J. T. McColum, Stuttgart, tied for second place. *. E. Slifer of Stuttgart, won third lonors. A Main street crowd of 2,500 istened to he quacking. Rebels Favored to Defeat Arkansas t Ole Miss Team to Seek Revenge for Last Year's Loss MEMPHIS, Tenn.-VP)—Seeking revenge for the defeat handed them last season, the University of Mississippi fiebels of the Southeastern conference will battle the University of Arkansas from the Southwest Conference in Crump Stadium here Wednesday. Coach Harry Mehre's Ole Miss team is still in the running for its conference title but Coach Fred C. Thomp- sens Porkers are doing well to stay out of the cellar in the tough Southwest loop. The Rebels are top-heavy favorites to down the Razorbacks The Eyes and the Teeth Ought to Have It, But Verger's Team Went Through These Texarkanians to Stay Unbeaten A Book a Day By Bruc* Cctten Try Us For Your Meat Curing *l and Smoking. We Do It Right m* Home Ice Company j" 916 East Third Street *j Hope, Ark. f_ ITCH Prescription 200,000 •CURES ITCH JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO. Whether you've ever paused in the teeming terminals of some of America's biggest cities and watched the coming and the going of many trains or whether you get no closer to railroads than to read about their financial stress,! you may very well lose yourself for! an evening in the locomotive thunder' of Lucius Beebe's unique book, "High Iron" (Appleton-Century: $5). For Mr. Beebe makes no pretense; he has become a railroad fan. To him the story of the rails is more epic than the Song of Roland and the'sight of a puffing Mikado, breasting the heights of a western mountain pass at daybreak, is as glorious as Masefield's ships. The result is a book combining probably the finest collection of train pictures ever published and an account of the evolution of American railroading from the pioneer days' down to the modern streamliners' which clip off distances at 110 miles an hour. Here is no formal history of railroading. Mr. Beebe ha slong been afraid that the nd is in sight "for much that is picturesque and stirring in the railroad scene." Accordingly, he has set out to capture just these things before too much of the full glory is lost. He hits only the high spots, hewing history where he pleases. But his history is graphic, including rare prints of the early days along the Southern and Union Pacific, splendid accounts of the grades built, tons of steel laid and gallons of 40-rod whisky' consumed to criss-cross the nation.! And for the confirmed railroad fan Mr. Beebe includes the car heralds, devices and insignia of the principal Here's a sample of what Hope will see when Yerger High School's unbeaten football team meets the Pine Bluff negro team at Hammons stadium here 7:30 o'clock Thursday night. This picture was made in the game played here between Yerger and Washington Negro High School of —Star photo l/550th second, six-time enlargement Texarkana Friday afternoon, November 4 which Hone won 20-0. The Hope interference is blocking out one Texarkana player, while two other Texarkanians watch the approach of the ball-carrier with a look of alarm Note the look of anguish on the Texarkana defense man blocked out irom the ball-carrier, extreme right Which car's got most for'39? ALL over the nation, smart car buyers are saying- "It's f*. Studebaker all the way for '39!" Studebaker all the way , ; . for luxury, for exclusive features, for unexpected innovations, for solid structural soundness! Studebaker all the way for gas, oil and maintenance economy, for safety, for handling «ase,forflashingperformance!Studebaker gives you planar suspension and its Miracle Ride—automatic hill holder—non-slam Hancock rotary door latches—the world's strongest, safest steel body—steering wheel gear shift lever—and at slight added cost the new Climatizer—central fresh air heating and ventilating IOWDOWNPAYMENT-C.I.T.TERM5 E ARCHER MOTOR 00, East Third Street Hope, Arkansas By Olive'Roberts Barlon Modesty Is Still the Best Policy in Sweet Sixteen's Evening Gowns 'But mother, I am so tired wearing I informal dresses to our class dances. I always look so sweet, simple and girlish in my round necks and puff sieves. Why. I wish you'd see the dress Alice Stewart wore on Hallowe'en. It had .si'rnply no back at all and hardly anything in front. Naturaly she had to hang on to Bert. He kept talking about all the other girls' clothes and never once said 1 looked nice." 'I know dear. It's hard to take. I haven't forgotten my own high school days. I sufered just as you are suffering.' "Then why can't you sympathize with me? I'm not a kid. I don't real- want a naked dress. But I want something more —more worldly. I'm six- 1 teen, you know.' When they reached the shop, Mrs. Brown was overjoyed to hear the clerk say that the smartest evening dresses had rather high necks anc most of them little puffed sieves. 'You see," she explained,, 'there are several kinds. Only the most elebrate functions demand ful evening dress. Elaborate dinners of importance. Balls. Something out of the ordinary . Then the sky is the Ihr.it is the limit for masniffiHint ; drefcjne The sky is the limit for magnificent dressing. The woman of fashion kno»tj when to t( wear wear the dinned or chjb (Ires, (he semi- decollete or the last vycvd in gold coth or broacadc, Visually.made completely decollete." 'My daughter wants a dress with no straps and cut low all around.' said Mrs. Brown evenly. She knew ishe could trust this wise salesman. 'She, beii)j> so wise, and having had experience with sixteen-year-old daughters before, did not look surpised. "I'm telling you what I would say if you were buying a dress for your daughtei." "There is the correct evening dress for every occasion. If only one dress is owned, the safest way is to buy 21 rnodcit one. and get one of the little jackets tr, wear over it." Helen looked disgusted. "Who wants to wears a jaket? The girls North American railroads, together with a full alossary of terms from" air monkey to /.ulu car. All in all u fascinating book.— P. G. F. don't wear them when they dance. Besides, I'd look ,-is though I had rheumatism and was afraid to catch cold. Daddy promised me a fur chubby for Christmas. Thats jacket enough." Subtle Persuasion Works But the words had had their cfect. After all, Alice Stewart hadn't any sense. She was always dong things for effect. And she was boy-crazy too. Helen had noticed that the other girls had changed to more extreme styles after Alice had come to town. The periwinkle blue tule with its velvet flowers of darker shade, delighted her. The skirt was "miles" around. "I like this," she said. "Mother, is it too expensive. " It was a real bargain. The dress was bought and Helen was happy. When they got home, Mrs. Brown said to Helen, "I want you to know somthing, darling. I don't rcaily object to sophisticated dresses. Heaven knows they are more covering than bathing suits. But you have years and years ahead for worldness. I want to leave somthing for your future. If you have it all now, there wil Ibe nothing left to look forward to. Be a—girl when you're a girl, and a woman. Why rob tomorrow for today?" Helen was saticfied. "I'll be correct, and that is enough," she said. "L,et Alice have the boys. " last week. Dildy Porterfield of Mt. Pleasant, was a Tokio visitor Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Nance of Louisiana are here visiting relatives Mr. and Mrs. Jim Murphy and son, Millard Lee of Bingen were visitin here /Sunday. Miss Ozie Warren of Wymmiewood Okla., is here visiting relatives an< friends. Red Cross Nurse Is Envoy v 'Of Mercy to Aged and Sick Tokio Mrs. Womack Jones of Texas is vis- itiny her j.-arents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Holt. Mrs. Ora Cooley is visiting her brother at Pine Vajley, Okla. W. J. Stewart of Highland was a business visitor to Tokio Saturday. A. O. McHughes was a business visitor to Hope Wednesday. Mayme Hutchinson of Mt. Pleasant was u business visitor here one day&ast week. Misses Virginia and Ruby Holt visited relatives at Camden recently. E. K. Stewart visited his soil at Hot Springs Sunday. C. '!. Spanha«ks visited his mother at Mt. Ida Sunday. Kev. E. T. McAfee of Bingen filled his regular appointment at Sweet forme Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wisdom of Nashville visited relatives here one day The dry'is brightened for this aged invalid through the helpful" call"o»" the Red Cross .Nurse. I N MORE than 390 communities in the United States, tho Red Cross public h.eaitb. nurse is a familiar figure as she goes on her dally rounds of-mercy to the sick. During the last year these nurses paid more than a million visits to or on hehalf of the aged, the Invalid, the new born habe and mother, and children of all ages, la her community the Red Cross Burse works with local medical authorities in examination o£ school children. During the last year Red Cross nurses examined 625,000 .school children for physical defects, jnaoy of which they helped in hay- These public health nursing services are supported by the communities. Many similar services on the remote" islands off the U.S. coast, in mountain sections and rural areas are supported through national funds o£ the American Red Cross. The nurses also' teach Home Hygiene and Care of the Sick courses, reaching 55,000 persons last year with Instruction In sanitation, care of the invalid, the infant, aad disease prevention knowledge. Nurses who meet required standards o£ training are enrolled by the Red Cross Nursing Service for (juick recruiting io disaster or other national emergency. .. Boiling It Down to Facts, It's Lack of Talent at Texas, Says Coach Bible Bible, One of Nation's Great Mentors, Says "We-Have Finally Just Run Out of Talent"—Reviews Eight Straight Losses This Season By PEUX B. MCKNIGHT AUSTIN, Tcx-WV-Scholnrly D nna Xcnophon Bible, a football master who hns tutored some of the notion's great tcnms 'over tho lost 15 years, ponders the situation of his University of Texas club— losers of eight straight gnmes this year—and concludes there arc no alibis. Frankly, tho bald-pate veteran believes "for n losing football coach there nrc no nlibis." To millions of fans who followed Bible through championship ycnrs with Texas A, and M. nnd Nebraska, the record this season is stunning. Behind that record, however, is n factual story Bible has analyzed into several major points—not alibis. Most salient of nil factors listed wns that "we finally just ran out of talent." "It's Bible's story from now on: 'For the last years ,We have lost by graduation, eligibility, etc., each year about twice as many boys as hnvc come up from the frcsh'mnn team. Lnst year, and the year before, we did not receive from the freshman team over nhelf dozen boys—so it means wo just 'innlly ran out. 'Our sqund is so small we do not inve a reserve team, which is a considerable handicap, "We have had, I feel, more than our share of injuries. We have been in ho shape where we just couldn't nf- ord to lose n single boy. To tell you he truth, we haven't been two deep. 11 one game, we used a third-string guard at n tackle position. "We do not have speed in the line or biickficld. "The general we have has been nnnufacturcd. We haven't had a real eadcr. In f,-,ct, we haven't had key men for key positions. The success of Baylor is Bill Patterson. He is a fine luarterback, a fine passer and kicker. Texas Christian's success can be at- nbuted to Davey O'Brien nnd Ki Aldrich-O'Brien conducting the offense; Alclnch the defense. "We have played five games in which the temperature, was 90 degrees or bovc—very hard for a small squad." We haven't had a "setup" on the chedulc. All of our games have been gainst major opponents. "Our system is still somewhat new, Itnough I think wc are hotter coordinated than we were last year. I can ay frankly you will not find a finer, keener spirit on any team than right ere at Texas. "Wo will continue to work, and vnen we can bring the personnel of ur squad up to those of other con- crence schools, both in numbers and b[ ity, then 1 believe our week-ends vill not be so gloomy. "I do not have a magic formula—it s going to take some "time. Fo r the irst time in a good while we will get from the freshman tcnm more hoys Hum we will lose. The outlook is very encouraging." •FHA 5% Loans Now mid existing property, Real Estate Mort. Loan Service Pink Taylor, Agent; 309 First Na- llntml Bimk Building. Phone CM. Take Calotabs to Help Nature Throw off Colds Millions hiwo found In Cnlotabs a most valuable aid tn the treatment of coldn. They tako one or two tablets the nrat night and repeat tho third or fourth night If needed. How do Calotabs help Nature throw off • cold? First, Calotabs arc one of tho most thorough and dependable of all Intestinal ellmlnants, thus cleansing tho Intestinal tract of any virus-laden mucua and toxins. Second, Catotnba arc dluretlo to tho kidneys, promotlnc'tho elimination of cold poisons from the blood. Thus Calotabs serve the double purpose of • purgative and diuretic, both of which may be needed In tho treatment of colds. Calotabs ore qulto economical; only twenty-flvo cents for the family package, ten centa for tho trial package.—(adv.) DO YOU NEED A RUG? WOOL RUGS All Sizes Firth and Bigelow RUG PADS Ozite and Bigelow See Our Rug Window. Another Shipment of BEDROOM SUITES Hope Hardware COMPANY This Will Advise That We Will Not Be in the Market Longer for Standing Timber Bolts and Blocks. HOPE HEADING COMPANY PHILCO MYSTERY CONTROL Ho\Nire8,NoCords,HoPlug-in Connections of Any Kind! — Yet It Tunes the Radio from Any Room in Your Home! Sensational, amazing, reae.tajj Imagine the thrill of changing "ta ions, controlling volume, even turning off ihh new Philco . .'. fram ™ stair., downstairs, on the porch without going llcar , ho member —no wire* <ion, of any k %fi AV some inconvenience! Let Mystery Contol bring you ttnnly complete radio COME IN - TRY IT You'll Be Amazed!

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