Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 14, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1938
Page 3
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. Monday) November 14,1038 iiiii i'ifi-l •"- --•- •_ " ' •-«—- ...*..-.. -. ' .- -. , H6PE, PAOfi tttWBB MRS. sir> HENRY TELEPHONE 32r Hctl Cross Nurse Soft Peace she brings, wherever she arrives: £,hc builds our quiet as she heals our lives: Lays the riHitb paths of peevish Nature even, « And opens in each he,arl n little Heaven.—Selected. Fox Hunters' Association. While in Winchester, Dr. Carrigan will be the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Yntos, former citizens of Hope. _O- MrS. Glen Williams, little Mi.ss Sophia Williams, Mi.ss Nannie Jell of Fulton and Miss Hattic Richardson were week-end guests of relatives and friends in Warren. Her many friends will be glad to know that Mrs. G. II. Maiiindale, who iccently underwent an operation in n Memphis hospital is able to return to her home for convalescence. 'Hie American Legion Auxiliary will meet at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Glen Williams on East Second street. Dread Cast Upon the Waters—Arm- i.stice Uay was a reminder of that hysterical day 20 yoar.s ago when bloodshed in Flanders Field was halted. Peace returned the weary army to its homes but peace did not relieve the burdens of one of the most important organl/ations of the World war days -O—The American Red Cross. Each year bus added to the duties of this noble | —O— organization. With memories of the I Mr. and Mrs. Lyman G. Armstrong battlefields in their minds Red Cross I announce the arrival of a little .son mebibers have gone into the army hos- ' Lyinan G. J., on Armistice Day, No- pitals to aid the veterans, they go in- j vembor 11 at the Julia Hospital. Mrs, to the homes to aid widows and ornh-j Armstrong will be remembered a; ans of war veterans, they protect lives I Miss Eli/ahelh Evans, along the nation's highways by rcn-I —O— dering first aid, and numerous other I Friends of Robert Morgan will bo activities. Arkansas has reason to ap-' ">rry to know that he is ill at his home predate the untiring and necessary services of Ihi.s organization. Durnig the past fiscal year 2H Arkansas counties received Red Cross disaster relief. Twenty-two counties were given flood relief, Hi counties tornado relief, one school bus collision, and one wind storm. The Red Cross roll call is a worthy investment. Blessings return many fold to those who .support the Tent Show Opens on Monday Night Davis-B v u n k Comedians Begin Week's Engagement in Hope Davis-Drunk comedians, after nn nb- cncc of 10 yours, will open a week's un here Monday night in their new nodorn tout theater, located nt Fifth nd Elm streets. The opening piny for Monday night s "When LndiCH Meet," n fast comedy •lot—and on the .same program there vill l>c fivo acts of new vaudeville mil Yv.'usic by the Arkansas Traveler Orchestra. Doors will open at 7 p. m. The ctir- ain rises at 8. The show is being sponsored by the local post of the American legion. I on Smith Elm street. cause. You will be given an opjior- lunity to enroll in our city, beginning 011 Tluir.sdi.y November 17.~Sclectcd. The regular monthly bu.sino.ss and social meeting of the Alathean class of the First Baptist Sunday school has been postponed until Tuesday l-voninR, November 22. -O- Mr.s. Percy x Sharp and little .son, who have been^Kuests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hcarnc fur the past month have returned to their home in Mooringsport, La. Tlie M.'.drigal Music club will meet at 7 o'clock, Thursday evening at the Ogburn Studio on Souih Main .street. -O- Dr. P.B . Carrigan is in Wincho.ster. •3 Ky., this \veek altending the National MfflfflB RONALD COLEMAN 'IF I WERE KING' \v E It Jane Withers O N SON.IA IIENIE Happy Landing TUES-WED GLENDA FARRELL —in— Torchy Gets Her Man" SIGNS Show Cards— Displays All Types nl' Lettering and Art Work for all Advcr- liscrs. SEE JACK WITT Main SI.—Above Cily Cafe TONIGHT MONDAY DAViS-BRUNK COMEDIANS In A Big Heated TENT THEATRE Auspices Anii'ricun Legion OPENING PLAY "When Ladies Meet" A Fast New York Comedy Riot— PLUS 5 ACTS MODERN VAUDEU9LLE ( —Featuring— MUSICAL SLIM ANDREWS The Boy From the Ozurks -ALSO- Singcrs, Dancers mid Comedians Arkansas Trevelers ORCHESTRA 7 Modern Musicians -O— Tin.' I". T. A. Study Course mid ron- liir council meeting will be hold til Ylwlt Tuesday iifternoon ;it the city nil. The study cuiirso will be con- uclftl by Mrs. R. V. Hull of Texar- .iiDfi, vice president nf tho Arknnsiif- iinKre.ss of Parents anil Toncliers, i ery able nnd widely luimvn .spejiker nd all members aro urged to bo pres- nt. Visitors are cordially invited. Mrs. E. A. RnboLson has returnee rom a visit in Hosepine, La. -o— Men of the Presbyterian church wil old their monthly dinner Tuesday .itthl at the church at 7 o'clock. —O- Tlie following from Sunday's Ar <ansas Democrat will be read with in (.•rest by the rniiny Hope friends of tin -onli-acling parties: Mr. and Mrs. Ro.s \mold of Alicia announce' the mar lane of their eldest daughter, Row •na, to William R. Summerville o lope. The weddiiiK was solumni/ed ii -ionoke. July IB, at the home of th lev. D. T. Rovve, officiating mini.slt'i flic bride is a graduate of Swiftoi •lii;h School, attended Jonesboro Bap ist college and Arkansas State col CHC. For the past few years she ha Jeen connocted with the public school if Poinsett and Lawrence counties and it present is bend of the commercial lepartment of Sloaii-Hcnclrix academy mboden, Ark. Mr. Summerville is a graduate of Ben Ion High School and .-lenderson State Teachers' collcye, Arkadelphia. He is tin educational ad- isor with the Civilian Conservation Corps and is located at Hope, Ark., where they will reside after January Mrs. Howard Collier entertained on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. B. Beckworth in honor of Mrs. . H. Beckworth, a recent bride. Games were played and a good time was enjoyed by all. The bonorce received many lovely and useful gifts which were arranged on a table covered with a linen cloth. The hostess, assisted by Patmos Cage Team Defeats Laneburg Patmos Seniors Score 28 to 20 Win in First Game of Season Baby Aslefcp-2QOMT Day Victory crowned the efforts of the Patmos Pirates in their first games ol the season Friday night. Lnncburg (Central) sufered defeat in both Senior and Junior kamcs. The Pirate Senior leoam won by 8 points, the score being 28-20. Simmons of Patmos was high point man, making a .score of 12. Accidental injury to one of the Pirates brought an end 2 minutes before official time the Junior game, leaving the score 20-11 in favor of the Pat'pvos. Camp, the injured player, was high point man scoring 11 points. Venter P. T. A. Meeting Verger High P. T. A. will meet Tuesday at 3:30 in the school auditorium. All parents are asked to be present. Refreshments will be served by the hospitality committee. All members of the executive committee arc urged to meet Monday at (i o'clock at the home of Frank Tcllinglon, North Hazel street. Mrs. George Crews rind Mrs. J. B. Beckworth, served a dainty salad plate with hot chocolate to 25 guests. Mrs. J. C. Carlton announced Monday that choir practice would be held at 7:l. r > p. m. Tuesday at First Methodist church. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gill and two sons f Brownwood. Texas are visiting hci alhcr, W. M. Crews of this city. Mr. and Mrs. To'm' Gill of Brown- vood, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. James 3o\vden and children, Mrs. L. Merri nd son. and Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Beck- vorth were Sunday visitors at th ionic of George Crews on Route 2. LAST TIMES MONDAY JACKIE COOPER 21c 2 ADMITS One Lady and One Gent or 2 Ladies Monday-Tues.-Wed. Doors Open 7:00—Show Starts 8:00. llciucuilwr (he Tent Is Well Heated. SAL 300 Fall and Winter Dresses for Women and Juniors LADIES Specialty Shop City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY. PHONE 7GT Those large blue eyes that look out at you from the above picture are unseeing. They belong, to-3-year-old: Mary Ellen fceardon .6f Chicago, pictured as she passed her 20pth day of sleeping.sickness or encephalitis. Mary Ellen's..preUy. face is unchanging, sh'e recognizes no one. er in "Drefrrtatlc School." Miss Rainer hopped bG\ck and forth, a couple of limes, paused for concentration, and finally moVdd Ih the prdper direction. Here's the way she figures it out: "flack in Vienna when I left our house to go to itiy grandmother's house, 1 had to lufti left. So how, when I want to find thy Ifeft hand, 1 stop and ima- gihe that it is yfeat-s ago and 1 am going to grandmother's house. My right hand, of course, is in the other direction." Ifnles ttfiw Clinir Protects Toes The" fact that people sit in theaters nd watch pictures has been doubly eneficial to Alan Hale. In the first lace, he has hiade a very tidy living y afcting for the screen. Secondly, he as invented a theater chair that slides ack a fe\V inches and spares seated atfbhs the pain bf having their toes rampled on. In the last four months •lald's cotnpany has sold a quarter of a illion of these seats, and orders from ie country and Europe arc pouring in aster than ever. Biggest Cat In Town On 5230 A Month Senor Carlos J. Barbe is the consular epresehtallve here for the Republic of Jruguay, and he helps censor Amerian pictures for South A'mbrica con- umption. But for all his diplomatic nd movie abtivities, his salary is only 230 a month. it • seemed a little ridiculous, then, hat Barbe should go out and buy the orjgest, most expensive and rakish- oqking automobile in town. But that's what he did, and it has put him inane money. He rents it to studios for from Paul rbrrison in HoiSyv/ood ) Mrs. Gleason's First Apple Pie Sends Pa Into His Tenth Dither for the Day HOLLYWOOD.—All over the lot: Wallace Beery and Robert Taylor have some bitter words for a scene in "Stand Up and Fight," and now they're stalking across a dusty street and into n saloon. Beery, looking back and glowering at Taylor, stumbles on a step and is supposed to furiously resent thb younger mans move to help him up. Full into the camera, Beery's lips silently but plainly form a very bad name indeed. Director W. S. Van Dyke whoops at the realism but tells Beery that the censors and the customers could read his lips and would be shocked. "Well," said the actor plaintively, "I'm supposed to be mad at the guy, ain't I?" In the new Jones Family picture, "Everybody's Baby," Shirley Deane said to Russell Gleason, "I have a surprise for you, dear.' And for nine successive takes thereafter, Gleason heard the news and jittered about the stage in the manner of ah expectant father. • "So after doing that for a couple oi hours yesterday," Gleason explains,,','] left the studio and went hom'e to m; bride-of-a-year (the former Cynthia Hobart). And Cynthia met me at the door and said—you guessed it—'I havb a surprise'for you, dear!' "Honest, I almost fainted! How was I to .know that it was just her firs apple pie?" Then A Gale Blew Up the Street Recognition by the fans is very grat ifying to young movie players, so Jun Gale was ticked the other day whe: she heard a jeweler say, "Your watci will be ready tomorrow, Miss Gale." "Ah-ha!" beamed the actress. " guess you must have seen me in 'Sam son and the Ladies.' " "tfo," said the jeweler, "I didn' .Y^our name is engraved on the bac of'the watch." - Luise Rainer doesn't know her rfgV hand from her left. At least, she has to stop and think about it quite a whil before she can tell which is which, Th faA came out when Cameraman Jo Ruttenberg asked her to step a little t the,left for a scene with Melville Coop SERIAL STORY LOVERS AWEIGH BV BETTY WALLACE COPYRIGHT, I»M NKA •ENVICC, INC. CAST OF CIIA.UACTI3US Jl'DV A I< C O T T — mlmlrnl'H dfitifflitrr. _ Sim fared n <'hoU*ft lirtwvdn two nnvy NiiilorN. n W I G II T CAMlMli:i,I,— nmlll- •tflniiN lirufrmint. tin faced n choice bi'lwet'ii lilH wife nnd duly.. JACK HAM.I3Y — llyliip unllor. lie fiit-cil n Ii-Nt of n pntlent loves UTAH VRI, HASTING S — iinvy tvifr. .Slu> fiiccd the 1c»t of being u K<>od snilor. * * * |DO YOU NEED A RUG? WOOL RUGS All Sizes Firth and Bigelow RUG PADS Ozite and Bigelow See Our Rug Window. Another Shipment of BEDROOM SUITES Hope Hardware COMPANY VcNtcrilay: Jack tvnriiH Unit he IHIH cauKCt! Judy too much Brief already ti> Iiother her to explain aliout Marvci'N hiiHty run- out. CHAPTER VII J UDY ALCOTT jumped, between the N two men. "Jack!" she implored. "Dwighl! Please don't. . . ." There had been too much said already. She suggested (luiekly, "If you're going after Marvel, Dwight, you ought to start right away. Before she'd had too much time to stew and make herself more furious." Dwight left at once. Jack, his mouth tight, sat on the sofa *hile Judy went to the door with Dwight. When she returned he sairj, "Why don't you cut out interfering in his business? He's engaged to the girl — let them work their battles out alone." Judy sat down. "I'm going to," she said quietly. "But I had to tell him what she said when I went there. Because I had promised to do that much," "I'm sorry I blew up. But he made me so cussed mad." He kicked at the rug. Then he said, "He's blind . . . not to know what lie's doing to you. . . ." But Judy only said, trying to smile brightly, "No. He's just madly in love with Marvel." Jack grabbed her hands with sudden passion. "And you're madly in love with him. Aren't you?" "No!" lied Judy, while she felt her very ears burning. "No, of course not. What^iakes you talk like that?" She pulled her hands away from him. She said, "You must be hungry. Let's go in the kitchen and see what there is to eat." But though he stayed all evening, Judy couldn't keep her mind on the things they talked about. It kept wandering queerly. Wondering- what Dwight was saying to Marvel. Whether she was coming back. And wishing, fiercely, that she wasn't. * * * "OUT Marvel did come back. Dwight told Judy about it, a few nights later. He had driven to Los Angeles, gone to the house oi the wealthy friends she had fled to, in high anger and jealousy, "She's at the Coronado, again. And. Judy — please — help me. I want her to meet the wives of the men I work with, Mrs. Lane, the j?fqpt,ain'f wife, 404 ypui mother. And the exec's wife . . . all of them." Putting his best foot forward, thought Judy. But she recognized the necessity. If Marvel was to marry into the navy, live on naval stations and among} naval people, there was a certain amount expected of her. She would have to know these people. Judy said quietly, "Mother was perfectly willing to have a little bang to introduce her. There's no reason why 'we can't give it now." But the party was not a success. Judy had worked hard. There were flowers in the vases, delicious hors d'oeuvres, good cocktails. The others were prepared to be friendly. But Marvel arrived in a stunning gown that was cut too low and that was altogether too spectacular for an informal gathering. Her red hair was piled high in the latest manT. ner. Her fingernails were crimson, her silver slippers were merely three-inch heels and a slender strap with a rhinestone buckle. * * * J UDY, who knew she'd been a fool to work so hard on a party for Dwight's girl, tried her best to be nice to Marvel. But the other girl had evidently not forgotten that scene in the hotel, for her eyes danced knowingly, and she almost patronized her hostess. Admiral Hanrahan and Dwight and Captain Lane were standing surrounding Marvel, now. She beard Marvel's light laughter, she heard her saying, "Oh, Washington! When my father -was alive, we used to have the nicest dinners! The president's naval aide was a great friend of father's." There was the deep boom of the admir^'s voice, and then Dwight w«s saying something, which ended in the respectful sir" everybody used to the admiral. Marvel laughed again. "How 11$ I want to go back to Washington! Why, everything's there! And Dwight, you know, I'm determined you shall have a glittering career!" Judy turned her eyes away from them desperately. Diane said, "She'll soon find out it's the men who make careers in the navy, not the women." Her understanding was comforting. Judy said, "I suppose I shouldn't have done this." "But Dwight asked you!" sak Diane. A T last the party broke up. Mrs. •^ Hanrahan gave the signal, by thanking Judy's mother for a delightful evening, and, sending the admiral a significant look. Jack stayed after the others had gone. As if he could read her mind, he said to Judy. "Maybe $t, Mary's Gaels Whip Santa Clara West Coast Powerhouse Goes Gown to Defeat, 7 to 0 SAN f*HAN;ClSCQ.-(/P)-St. Mary's Gaels, playing inspired football, piiJU ed one ,of the major upsets of the season Sunday by defeating the prei viously unbeaten Santa Clara Broncos, 7 to 0, before a capacity crowd! of 60,000. Santa Clara, undefeated since 1936, Sugar Bowl champion the last tw6 years and with 16 successive Victories, ined Up as two-to-one favorite. St. Mary's had lost two games this year, to California and Fordham. The Gaels were slightly outclassed on the statistical chart but on the field they were definitely the superior team. . * The winning touchdown was push- •dte ed over late.in the third quarte^aftetf a 35-yard advance, four passes^ With Left". Halfback Ed Heffernan tossif^ each'lirrte, epiiplfed With a few fcuHclfe a the line sWept the Gaels over, JTufl- back Mike Perrie booted the ball tat the extra tally. ' ,., A' .desperate Santa Clara eleven •fras tUHied back three' times ih ttte Jajst period, once on the St. Mary's three- yard line, then the one-foot marker and finally on the 14-yard,stripe. 'The victory for the Gaels Wipe"d out the last of the major Unbeaten teains oh Ihe west coast. ?35 to ?50 a day, and it's a poor month when he doesn't receive $500. Until recently.the fanciest automobile available for pictures was the black* wicker-covered Rolls owned by Constance Bennett. But to the star's consternation, 20lh-Fox hired Barbe's car for her to drive in her role of a playgirl-aviatrix in "Tailspin." This car is painted a light gray, which is ideal for Technicolor halations. because it gives off no for NASAL IRRITATION T1TTHEN your nostrils be- VV come red, irritated, and stuSy because you h&ve a Head cold, Just insert a little Mefathblatum in them. Note how quickly it soothes .the irritated membranes and. relieves the stuftiness.lt Will also check sneezing, Once you enjoy Mehtholatum's comforting: relief, you'll • always want to keep this .gentle ointment handy. MENTHOLATUM <7/v<.s COMFORT Daily 1938 PfcNN&rs YEAR she's going to be the kind who goes in for outside society, and vho cultivates the wealthiest aiid hardest drinking crowd in each city where they're stationed. She's got money enough for that." Judy was tired. She sank down on the sofa, pushing the coffee :able with its overflowing ash- .rays to one side. Jack said, 'The devil with her. She's Campbell's' problem now." He ;ook her hand. "I want to talk lo you, Judy. About you and me." The touch of his big fingers was soothing. She said, "Go on, talk," and smiled at him, "Judy, I know you're unhappy. know you gave this party for iiim. Listen—try to forget it." She could feel his hands tremble on hers. "I love you, Judy, Won't you marry me?" * * * CHE sat up straight, startled, "^ Love! Why, Jack was a friend. A good friend. Dependable, Ijke a brother. But love-^-:she had never thought of him in'that way. She stared at him, her blue eyes wide. At last she said slowly, "I —I never dreamed—" ' "Why do you think it hurt me when you let him take you out? Why do you think I nearly went crazy when you told me you were His eyes passion. "Judy, I've been crazy about you fqr a long time. Even when you were 16—and you and Ward—" She couldn't speak. His arm was around her now, and his voice, low and husky, was pleading with her. "You can't go on mooning about him when he's engaged to her, Judy. I won't let you. If you'd marry me, we could have such a good life together. Oh, even if you don't love me now—you could learn. I'd be patient. I'd be so good to you. And Judy, Judy, I need you so!" Almost without her own volition, her hands were pushing at his chest, and she was moving away from the circle of his arms. "No, Jack," she said. "I—I think you're a swell guy, you know that. But I don't love you." "You could learn!" She shook her head. "No. Oh, Jack, don't let's spoil our friendship! Can't we go on. the way we've been—just friends?" His face was shadowed. He stood -up. All at once he said violently, "I don't want you to throw me crumbs while you give your heart to him! I've stood by and watched you long enough. I can't stand any more of it!" And then he was striding out of the room, end she was lefi alone on the sofa, her eyes suddenly stinging, her head aching. (To Pe Continued) going to marry him?" burned with sudden Run—Walk—Ride—or Fly. But Be Here for the &[g Day Wednesday. BARGAINS GALORE artd your first chance to get the New Jefferson Nickel in Change at PENNEY'S. SHOP & COMPARE. AGAIN! 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