Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1938
Page 5
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Thursday, November 10, 1938 jfra-'-r-' -"- ---—--" rrt- •*-•*" -^------ -•--•* r ^.-^ ^-a^.-.-. Eii--"- ^ j —'••—- HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS. Wearing Marshmallow Topper, Gingerbread Goes Nigh Mai: By MRS. GAYNOIl MADDOX NKA Servici! Stuff Writer Even n cake can got dizzy. Imagine frosted gingerbread going high hat. Rather delicious fun! Gingerbread High lints One-half cup shortening, 2 tahle- spoons sugar, 1 beaten egg. 1 cup New Orleans molasses, 2',4 cups flour, 1 teaspoon soda, ',£ teaspoon salt, t teaspoon ginger, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, Vi> teaspoon cloves, '/i teaspoon nutmeg, 1 cup boiling water. Crea mshorlening and sugar until fluffy. Add benten egg and molasses and mix smooth. Alternate flour, which has l>cen sifted with soda, suit and spices, with the boiling water. Beat until smooth. Place in grensed and ttuurcd pan about 3 inches deep. Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees K.) for 45 tninutes. Or pour batter 'inU> well greased muffin tins and bake in 350 Kroger Stores to Have Anniversary Will Feature Arkansas Products in Four- ; Week Sale i Wholesome Appetites for Old Favorite Gone Nutty Diamonds of frosted gingerbread go high hat with luscious marshmallows. degrees P. oven about 20 minutes. When cool, remove the cake from the pans and smooth the following .ARKANSAS MOTOR COACHES FASTEST SCHEDULES SAVE YOU HOURS- Lowest Fares Save Dollars! Jf you want lo get to your destination in the shortest possible time, with the least possible expense—there's only one way lo travel-IUDE THE ARKANSAS MOTOR COACHES! Phone 363 For Schedule Information Bus DEPOT In Diamond Cafe FROM HOPE To— Litlle Rock... Hot Springs Arluulclphia Memphis . v St. Louis .... Chicago icing on top: Butter Icing Four tablespoons butler, l'/j cups confectioner's sugar, V/-> teaspoons milk or cream, M> teaspoon lemon extract, '.<i teaspoon vanialla. Cream butter and sugar well. Add liquid and flavoring and stir until .smooth. Spread on cakes. This icing requires no cooking, an clis very easy t<j .make. Cut the cakes from side to side so that pieces in diamond shapes will be the result. Top each piece _with. one marshmallow to represent a high hat. If the cake has been baked in muffin tins, frost each cake with the icing and then place a marshmallow on top. Hero's another pleasant oddity. Dates and fresh limes, nuts and orange go into one jam recipe. Date Lime Jam One package pasteurized dates, ; cups water, : !'i cup sugar, 1 orange, Mj cup chopped nuls, V« cup fresh lime juice. Fit and chop (Tales. Add water and cook until soft. Add lime juice, peel of orange in very thin slices and sugar. Cook slowly until a jam-like consistency and orange is tender, (about 35 minutes). Add nuts just before removing from fire. Pour into sterilized jars and foal. Celebrating ten years In .Arkansas Kroger stores of the Little Rock branch are staging a four-week sale in which products of the state will be featured according to Cecil Dennis, manager of the local Kroger store. During- the "10 Years in Arkansas" sale, Kroger stores will spotlight products for which the state is famous. These will include numerous items Kroger buys in quantities to sell in other states, such as rice, spinach, apples, fresh meats, cottonseed.shorten- ing and canned vegetables, Dennis said. Kroger expenditures in Arkansas last year totaled more than 52,400,000, of which $1,332,000 was spent for commodities manufactured or grown in the state. Rents paid Arkansas- landlords in 191)7 totaled $82,GG9; wages to Kroger employes in the state amounted to 5589,720; and the .stale and local taxes accounted for 5132,564, an average of approximately $1,300 per store. More than $169,358 was spent for store fixtures, remodeling and heating the stores. Advertising expenditures in the state last year reached a total of 595,976, the greater part of whcih was spent .for newspaper space. In the last three years the Kroger company has participated in more than 20 Producer-Consumer sales designed to help sell surplus farm crops.- Arkansas farmers were vitally interested in a number of these drives. During National Rice Week in March 1938, Kroger purchased large quanti ties of fine Arkansas rice. This was displayed prominently in Kroger stores throughout the middlewest and featured in their advertising Kroger is one of the largest distributors of Arkansas rice, selling through its stores more than 6,000,000 pounds, or approximately 200 solid carloads in 1937. This year Arkansas spinach, grown and packed in the Fort Smith area, was awarded the Kroger Food Foundation seal of approval. Since then it has been marketed in increasing quantities under the famous Country Club label in more than 4,000 Kroger stores. Arkansas peaches were given wide distribution and valuable advertising this year when Kroger representatives purchased 40,000 bushels of fancy El- bertas for sale in Arkansas and neighboring-states.. Previously Kroner purchases of Arkansas peaches had averaged about 2,000 bushels a year. ' Other Producer-Consumer sales in which Kroger stores participated were on such items as Arkansas eggs, apples, watermelons and grapes. set aside until needed. Gradually add sugar to eggs, beating until light. Add shortening. Add sifted dry 1 ingredients alternately with milk, stirring,lightly until ingredients are combined. Turn oil lightly floured board and shape. Roll and cut. Fry in hot, deep fat. Note: This is a very soft dough and needs careful handling but the less flour added during rolling and cutting, the better the doughnuts when fried. He's Taking a Cruise in Collapsible Boat REGINA, Sask.—</P)—John Canson of this tity is off on a water trip that will land him at Havana. Starting at Bismarck, N. D., his course follows western waterways into the Mississippi, More than 10,000 people have been killed and more than 15,000 injured during air raids in Loyalist Spain since the Spanish war be.gan. Nut doughnuts, a pitcher of cider, an open fire and friends—what more can the evening give? Doughnuts make the world go 'round. The temperature of the fat you fry them in .should be between 360 and 370 degrees F., and the cooking time no more than 3 minutes. A different recipe helps to keep things rolling along merrily, too. The Women's Assembly of Pilgrim Church in Duluth, Minn., gives this recipe in their church cook book. Dululh Doughnuts .(About 2 dozen) One cup hot mashed potatoes, 1 tablespoon butter, 1 cup sugar, M> cup milk, 2 eggs beaten separately, salt 3 cups flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, nutmeg or grated orange rind. Sift together flour, salt, spice, and baking powder. Beat yolks and whites separately. Beat sugar into beaten yilks. Cream butter. Combine yolks, and sugar, whites and butter, and beat in mashed potatoes. Add dry ingredients alternately with milk, stirring until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Turn out on floured board, shape, roll '/4 inch thick and cut with floured doughnut cutter. Fry in deep fat for about 3 minutes until lightly browned, turning when they rise to top. Drain on absorbent paper. Nut Doughnuts (About 2 dozen) .'.. Three and one-half cups sifted flour, 4 teaspoons baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, ] /4 teaspoon nutmeg, Vi teaspoon cinnamon, 1 cup sugar, 2 eggs well beaten, 2 tablespoons melted shortening, 1 cup milk, % cup sliced Brazil or hazel nuts. Sift together flour, baking powder, salt and spices. Add sliced nuts and thence to New Orleans, then down the Gulf coast to Key West. From there, if he still thinks his collapsible boat seaworthy, he will eros$ the Caribbean to the Cuban capital* Does Bladder Irritation Wake You £ Its not normal Its natures warning "DANGER AHEAD." Make this 2Sc test. Use buchu leaves, juniper oil • and 6 other drugs made into green tables. Help the kidneys flush out 63^ cess acids and other wastes which caBl cause the irritation resulting in getting up nights, frequent or scanty n £law, , burning or backache. Ask any druggist for Bukets. Your 25c back if n« pleased in 4 days. Locally at Briants Drug Store and John S. Gibson Company 1 . City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY. PHONE 767 Blue Ribbon Bread < i ;!isSteBest3B<iCffs*w?Food- ' 8REAB BftCACT At Your Grocer and iy Bakery II'S Y E A R S I N ARKANSAS FOR THESE ITEMS ELSEWHERE! PR/C£ To celebrate our 10th year in Arkansas we °^ er y° u t ' le mos t tremendous values ever known in a Price-Buster Drive. It's a crime to pay more elsewhere. Come . . . Buy . . . Save .' Kroger's Hot-Dated SPOTLIGHT I Grocery Prices Good FRI-SAT-MON November 11-12-14 (Produce & Meat Prices Subject To Change With Market A Pound of Your Favorite "Hot-Dated" Kroger Coffee FREE! If We Forget To "Ask You" 3 Ba g 41c 2 L 29c Port Author and Beaumont, Tex., are reported to htive requested better aerial defense, to protect vast oil fields close to the border. . I FEED THE/fi£W THERM-WCH COW CHOW TO GET MORE MILK/ I FEED LAYENA FOR BETTER SARTENA I wish to thank you for your past patronage, ( your future partcnage, and we were glad to fl have you with us during our Anniversary Sale. SUGAR 10 Pure Cane Ibs MILK, Small Cans—2 for 5c FLOUR BIG FOUR 48 Lb. Sack....$1.38 Money Back Guarantee 24 Lb. Sack 69 FLUFFO SHORTENING Every Carton Guaranteed 8 Lbs 83c A. SIMPLE SUPPER FOR THANKSGIVING DAY SALT 100 Lb. Sack 85c Libby's Peaches No. 2'/ z Can CORN No. 2 Can CORN MEAL 24 Lb. Sack 35c COFFEE Feeders Special 21bs 29c! SOAP—Big 4' 7 Bars for 25c HI , I'UIWS'A Cow Chow 2 Ibs £ — MILK CHOW $ 100 Pounds .90 LAYEMt SHORTS 16% RICE BRAN S. C. CHOPS $|15 95c $1 .45 Don't feed the worms I in pigs, use Purina Pig-Sules, it costs less than 1 Ib. of pork. A Producer—Consumer Benefit! Help Growers! PRUNES 4 Lbs. 1?C Evaporated PEACHES 3 Lbs. RAISINS Lb. Bag JEIL0 All Flavors MBLK PET or CARNATION SMALL—8 for, 25c LARGE—4 for 25c Big 20 oz. Loaves ALL KINDS OF FEED Feeders Supply Co, The Hope Star Is Across the Street The Stoic With the Checker Board Sign ywyvywvv^^ W HY not plan to make your Thanksgiving supper a "kitchen party"? Plan a simple menu, to be served "help-yourgelf-style" in the kitchen. Appetites which have been completely satisfied with a delicious turkey dinner at uoou, for the evening meal demand something refreshing, something tart, and something cold and crisp. Tomato jelly salad on a bud of raw spinach leaves, a basket of hard rolls, a platter of cold turkey, a bowl of crisp relishes on ice, and a fresh fruit dessert, make a happy combination. Big black olives, radish roses, celery curls, and carrot sticks, served in a huge bowl heaped high with crystal-clear cubes of ice, make a fltting start for such a meal. If you've a modern air-conditioned ice refrigerator, you can have all the ice cubes you want, in just a few minutes time. Just put the easy-to-use «uber on the block of ice in your refrigerator and in 5 minutes or less you'll have sparkling, taste-free cubes to keep relishes cold and crisp, or to ch'i 1 iced beverages. The tart tomiito jelly salad, served with cold turkey and crusty buttered rolls, makes a satisfying meal. Salad, vegetables, and fruit for this Kitchen Party can be prepared the day before Thanksgiving, ami stored in a modern air-conditioned ice refrigerator. The properly moist, clean-washed, circulating air in these new refrigerators keeps vegetables fresh and crisp, the foods retain their individual flavor. Kitchen parties are easy and a world of fun for hostess as well as guests, if you'll plan menus that permit beforehand preparations, and foods that are simple to serve. Cream MEAL 24 Lb. Avondale Flour $,£.50 196 Wood Barrel 10RTHERN BEANS iHEY LIMA BEANS HMEYE PEAS EXTRA FANCY 4 4 3 4 4 Lbs. Lbs. Lbs. Lbs. 15c 17c 17c 17c 15c Sunkist 3 Oranges Doz Sunkist LEMONS, Doz. 29c 15c Jonathon ISO's APPLES, Doz. APPLES 72's «C- Delicious, 6 for &VV Large, 48's. 2 Lettuce Heads Russett Potatoes 10 Ibs 19c Green Cabbage, Ib 2c Rutabaga Turnips—4 Ibs Compound 8 Lb. Carton 79c 48 Pounds $4.69 Avondale /{Q Lb. Bag SODA, Arm & Hammer—7 Pkgs 25c SALT, C. C., Plain or Iodized—2-4 Ib pkgs 13c SPICES, Sudan—3 Cans 20c FLOUR 48 i,'. 89c ') O O O O O O O IN OUR MARKET O O O O O O O I HAMS Country Club Whole or Half—Lb. 25c Rhulless BACON, Ib. 25cl| Brookfield Ib Link Sausage 27c BEEF Thick Rib Roast—Lb. ROUND STEAK, Lb. 29c Brisket or Ribs—Lb. I2 l / 2 c FISH OYSTERS SHRIMP PEANUT BUTTER PIG EARS Neck Bones, Ib. PANCAKE FLOUR Country 5 Lb Club Pkg. FRUIT CAKE Ingredients Just Arrived CAMAY SOAP 3 Bars 17C DISH CLOTH Ic OXYDOL 19c Large Package FRUIT BOWL Ic K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. KROGER ACCEPT Cecil W. Dennis, Gro. Mgr< rHIS AMAZING GUARANTEt r Item, LIKE it <ii well oc better, OJR tcturn w wl cootaincr nod we wi« rtpl»oe it FRE6 »CK:UofU.ei»rneitc«.retiirdlc«»of(»ic«.

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