The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 8, 1934
Page 6
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i£;,FAGE r SIX £• Forrest t Cjty, Opponent This Week, Shawnee / Piggot, Paragould Win. By J. J'.' FRIEXn .Paced by the brilliant 22-0 victory of Forrest CHj, Shawnce Piggot t nnd Paragould, future foes ol the Bljthevllle Chlclnsa«s, came through uilh ulns In theh games over the week-end. , The Thoroughbicds who are slated -to provide gridiron entertainment against the Chicks litre Friday night, v,oie Impicsslve In downing a stubborn BilnUcy high school<ele\en,nl BrlhklcyJ It wns Hie second time they lia'\e emerged on (he long end of! a score against one .defeat, Hint lo llic Little^ Roek Tigers Down nt Joiner, Coach, Johnny Burnett's * green clad Shawneo gridders cnjojeii a field day nt tlic expense of Crattfords\il]c,'swm- _)HK over the llshtei tenin, 34-0. The dope bucket uns sent spinning by the Piggott, Molmviks- ns they outfought, and oulgamed the Poplar Bluff (Mo) Mules' In the Missouri city, 13-6 Poplai Bhm won tlie championship of their district last jeai nnd weic doped to HIJI by n comfoi table margin It was (he second lime tills season the Mohan ks lime upset a team fiom the 'Shou-Me" slate having bested Sikeston tlic week f- before. 'Jack Dales rnragoiild Bulldogs did not lunc to get very Melons to herd Wilson, 19-0. Tno blocked pmits tell tlie tale. Hot fapnngs, ah\n}6 n contender Jor state honors and considered n trial horse tor \\ould-bc chnin- J*ms, successfully stemmed the Dad Shows Dizzy and Daffy a Little Pitching Trick (ARK.) COURIER NEWS lo .started his sons ihrovvimj curve bulls, when 'they were 7, so Albert. M D«4 'm si 7,,,,( ,„ ,„ world scries, felt qualified to demonstrate, 't 0 ,n,,,y, ,eft, ,,nd Pn ,i, Dean ho,, to ho Uhe b^n to ^ '", s laming "hook", nursling with pride over IJic'schlertmenls of his fcmied hovsh IM i , 8 °"'' r "- '"-""'" «"' "" «"* series slarU •*„„„,. uean p layc d m nor 1, uVtstalMn' nls'ty . :a)liovntn. In ^addition Ornyson Ihis year" nnd the Courier News picker rode to dcfent with Northwestern, Grny- , ie Golden Hurileanc of Joncsboro iong enough lo .count run up iv 52-7 Walnut Hldgc, 'conquerors of Oonesboro, 7-0. In (he opening game, and 46 0 wlnncis fiom itii- - boden, met n tnilni In Senrcy, unbeaten in two sears, (hopping n ' 20-7 decision lo the White (.oiintv representative Sutherland Off To Lead In Grid Picking Contest Jock Sutheitniul, Unlveiiity of Pittsbingh coach, took- the lead in the football 'winners picking contest with Harry, Grajson, NEA , Eenlce sports 'edilm, and the Courcr News spoils edlloi as n result of week-end games rollow- - Ing the first of n series of weekly picks published In the Courier Kens , Sutherlnnd, on the bisis ol scores predicted, started oil ahead Although he missed the exact scores of « games b> n total. of 303 Points, Sutherland's guesses were Eood enough to nose out the Courier Nev,s sports cditoi by two Points ana Hurry Gmjson by T> points In the mntler of "wins and losses the three pickers bioke even each naming 13 'successful W | n ^"•JW,?. °" ,^» "'"I H'rec In tics 'Winning teams « am f, l^l* " |Kct P'cttlcllons iof the three'pickcis were Michlnnr, ^.i-nvia \>ui<; ftJic Slate over Michigan, TCMS ovei- S?l r , e , ° amc ' . RI « over 1 , Purdue, *h( " alifornia, and St Ma'ip' son's other loss lidng on Vale nnd the ' ' " — »,,.. v.^i mii.'iii]iiiu vi^iury ol the on Ccoi-Bia Chlckasaws --over' Earlc Friday •>"•»''><•"•<•" night,/ presumably inenivi the end "' ' i; "'" '• represent- .• Chrls - cr -._ ....—„ .„„,.., vl ,,,j- WI ^ UM]L .. N uciwen teams renresent- •-i, r™±M :k "'! S f ""?'™'«- "'8 H'c two schools in the future. burgh . Iprobably . being bashful) and WPS I .'Virginia to draw.- .' On Tlie Outside Looking In , '. By "DUKE" comer It Vs like one of the tinniest tasks now fao The" Bibi'ic v coach nnd school superintendent,'' Marvin Ulrd, Is reported ns saying that' the Chicks are too far out of Earlc's class for Ihe future. Which probably is just us ivell since It doesn't look ns though such n ynmc would have inch nttrnctlon In the near fu- nre with that 85 to 0 trouncing still In the memory of fans, who would rntlicr see a good gnmc. "Not Too. Far" "Well," I'm .•mlisfled \vllh the w. i.n, •mn.iu.iij ijlhiv, 1 ) UUw Jilt- n 01 II • ing Conch Carney Lnsllc Is lo keen , ° , „* ca " lio wlle " tllc l r ' 1 '° Ilk Dlylhevllle Chlckn.nw., ?, n , n , llctl<1 ' N ? w '\ w «'"- '« ** «'),al ma uiyuiKYiiie unicKasaws from ,1, s -•-••-•» •" •»•<. ""<"• becoming, oycr coiindenl or their cy c ?", rto whc " lllcy ''' c tel 'lud," libillly. , . suggested someone who ivntclicd believe Ihc.y enn coast the rest or the season, lint Lnslle can very HH.'ly effectively dlspcll any sucli notion when he begins lo pick Ihelr gnine to pieces and shows Inults in such n one-sided victory. •InTa S e n m»"b V noT^umclciit it ?'?, picl "' 11! ' B »I >lcs '» nldil do wMl m >L *,,., . i 1 .Colburnc's .orchard , might do well ror the Chicks to remember ti,c words of JJMmie -BurnoU, coach of the Shawnce Indians. Burnett was silling on Ihe Enrlc bench with his notebook nnd pencil Friday night, carefully checking Chick plays when spotted by the writer.. ~ . Asked It he thought the-Chicks really had something' tills year or if locul fans * were Jetting their en Watch Embedded in Tree For Over 20 Years W E ( S TWOOD, Mass. (UP)— Twenty 'years' ago John Mockler as picking apples In Mrs. Sarah ' when he Ihtislnsm run Johnnie said. the in "Blylhenile. always looks good early in Ihe season." The Slinwnec mentor went on to say that the Chicks would probably drop to their usual level before long. , . Walt ana Sc« It Is indeed proftaWo thai the •hicks will remember those words when they play Slmwnce here on pclobcr 19. i Aral'a should add just enough ?cs tto make It a whiilc of n gnmc As one. fqrmcr : Chick snld Friday; iilght/.!in 'referring to the Siia.wnee' gftme' „„ - ," It wo »'t u c 13 lo 12 (the mar- over gin ol last yenr's Chick .triumph) PHILCO it's AW 7t', Different! . The latent in radio! The powerful PHILCO 118 MX with the Patented Inclined Sounding Board, in n distinctive hand-rubted cnbinct ol the finest woods. 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Recently Roy Fairbanks chopped town the tree, found the wnlcli, •>nd restored It to its owner. .Unfortunately Fnii banks n itriick tlic witch MANHATTAN TK'AM PUT, ON BKKB DIET „ „ BY COACH MDE11AN liy NEA Service • NEW YORK.-Evcry afternoon after practice members of th' Manhattan College football team' are permitted to drink n pint of beer. ..' ;.., ' "I hnvc' -found tlic Inclusion Of beer in the training diet to be nn excellent method of preventing staleness." explains Conch John p. (Chick) Mechan. "In the warm, muggy weather we've been having, some of liio players are losing more weight than they'can afford'nnd get- ling down too fine." x had Notice h hereby gfven that I, J. H. Wilson bheriif of Mississippi county Aikansas \illl on SATURDAY, OCTtiBEFl 27th. 1SB4, wilhlii tan ful hours at the Soulh ioor of the Court House In Bly- Ilicrllle, Aiknnsas by virtue of the power nnd nuthontj nested in me by nn execution'.. Issued to me Septeinbei >0 1932 bj n L. Oaines. Clerk of the Circuit, Com t of Mississippi . County, Arkansas, a Judgment rendered by the Chancery Court of the Chlcka- sawba District o(, said comity November 2, 1932, In favor of Jnnlee V. Driver, and against Walter W. Driver, for the sum of JIOSDUO (less n credit, of $35.00), nnd nil cos Is, sell, on n " credit, of. three months, .the following property towit: ^ • East Half of the Southeast Quarter; Northwest Quarter of';, the Southeast Quarter of Section 23, Township 15 North Range 10 East, and that part of the Southeast, Quarter of Ihe Northeast Quarter of said Section 23 lying; south of Die comity road, f In snld ' Town- ' ship 15 North,'Range 10 East all in 'Mississippi Comity, Arkansas. -.' • ' . .- . Said' sale will be had for the Purpose .of satisfying said' execution, which was by me'levied upon ,sal« property: The purchaser will be required to execute a bond with good security, for tiie payment ,,f tMe purchase niAiicy; provided' however, Hint If S a|,l. property is mirchnsed by the said Janice V Driver for ihe hnioimt of her debt nnd cosls. she will not be required to give said bond. This September 29 1D34 C. II. WILSON, Sheriff, By Hale Jackson D s " J. T. Coston. ' ' Attorney. Being Weil-Dressed Is An Art.... Good, .liisleftil clolhrjs nnd the 'knack of woar- itig them well (lisltii);'- uishcs t h e wcll-drcsscd pei-son. But personal appearance hinjfcs on more than Ibis. Good care, too, is as important as good clothes. For the past 18 years we have Concentrated on high quality cleaning, keeping o n r eqiiipmcnt up-to-date and a competent staff of workers. So when you buy Barnes cleaning: you liny (lie lincst. Use your telephone Phone 180 Barnes' NU-WA CLEANERS 1ST 1UEET Return of Potter to Northwestern Line-up ^Enhances Chances. ny _. _ MiA Service Sports Writer CIlICAGO-Slanford's big Indian had better sharpen lip Ills tomahawk nnd polish up his mos blood-curdling war -whoop?, for i Wildcat for Northwestern is headed west .with claws and leell tared, determined V'to chaw ran lildc from (he. Big; Chief. Tlie two teams tangle nt Palo Alto Oct. 13, and, from what-tins ctserver has been able to learn while browsing about Dyche Stadium In the holty-toltty. suburb of Evnmlon, Ihe erudite Mister 1 Dick llanlcy, head ringmaster Jof ..'Ihe Wildcats, Is pointing for this' gume even more than the., one wll! Miclilgnn, his old Big Ten rival later In tlie year. • Last year Ihe two teams met in bitter encounter on a sloppy field litre, After much'sloshing'aroiui' 1 •llh exhibitions of pure defensive; to.otbal), Northwestern emerged I'ith a o-O tie nnd a moral victory ivcr Tiny ThornhlllX hlghlyitoiit- ed bund of sophomores. In 1933 Northwestern,was known is a great defensive .'team, but'was known to lack a consistent attack. It did not score all season except against Indiana, yet It held Stanford ond Minnesota to scoreless lies, and no opponent scored more DIHII tiro touchdowns. This year Northwestern Is figured to have a lot more altncli ing strength, mid the reason ts a .oiinj! Bcntlemnn from Omahn named George Potter, • who didn't Jlay hi 1933, but who showed great, iromlsc the previous year. George s buck ns quarterback, nnd his ticking and passing nbiljty is just oo good, according to Mnrquette and Iowa, the Wildcat's earlier ipponcnts. .'.... Probably the reason why Potter's lasses click so consistently is that Huiitey lias developed. a Hock of •apablc receivers. Among these are Verne Anderson. Bill Henderson iml Harry Lecper, ends, and Bob Swishcr, sophomore halfback. Ifanley has practically built his 'ntirc attack nround .this fellow 'otter, nnd one of the trick play hat Stnn'ord, must keep an ejt. on nvolvcs George and 1 a "multiple 1 :ick. In this play Potter holds' the Mill for a jiiuite'r—Biiff.Jf the play calls for it the kicker misses the' xlck nnd Potter diops back and passes. .Jf Stanford concentrates too uuch on Potter and his hea\eb h,at will be right down Mr Han ey's nllej HL then will dig into \is grub big pluck therefrom a leet-fooUd kid named Wallj Cruice nd send him running on his merry vay Ihraugh tackles wound ends Vl.d In thL general direction ol Stanford s t o-U line 'Cnilce, a junior list reason proved ,to be Uie best bill cnr- 7ST.~- : • MONDAY, OCTOBER g. Aerial Armada M Here is the pawing combination that Stanford will have lo wale'i rtien Northwestenvs;, Wildcats imade. the Pacific coast squad's tfcn,.0ct. 13. Upper right Ls Geor B e Potter,.quarterback, whose passes mve an uncanny way 'of settling safely.. In. the - arms of Harry eer center, riglif end, or B6b Swisher.. halfback, below. fsplayed considerable Improvement bis season, • -.-..- Hai'ijey is very eimiusiasttc ibout ils.kld Bob Swisiier. The ; lad is lightweight from Peoria; and be- ause fie 'h hampered by only 158 Tounds can run like a hare He is vpected to be Hanleys dark hor e his year Stanford was figured to have one f the strongest teams In the ountrj before the season began— nd dont think ^ that Mr Hantey idnt pull a few hairs from his ome in figuring out ways: and mean' of slaylrfg the Indian Ihe brilliant crop of soph material of 1933 was expected to be even more scmtlllajlng this year But v,e sa« Mr Hanlej shortly after Santa> Clara s surprise Bron chos had tied ThornhUls mighty team of, juniors 1 7, providing one of the greatest upsets of the jBii In auswe'rJiig' to the,question o7 what K£ f thought his ' Wildcats «ould do to Stanford after S-\ma Uara's upset tic-Richard donned a broad 1 sjijile. ^ ^ v ' ' that it good TWO NAMES to remember New Mead Clothing Co. 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Art Perkins, rcputdely a fust middleweight wrestler from Detroit, makes his local debut here tonight when he meets Cyclone Burns, Hit' fast and fancy mat- man, nt the .annoi? in (he f ra . two-match of a Iwo-boul card Burns appeared In the rale or winner here last week in the first show staged by (lie American Lesion in a revival of the grunt and groan racket locally, jjitms Gall ri™ ° Ut "° r • thl ' ec ' fillls OVCI ' Bulfaloi/Joe 4-ill. attempt to 'stage a comebflck .tonight at the'expense of T;iaer v; Mooi'e afwr losing to Johiv Man- In Oast week's opener .Moore, is rt willing .worker with a variety of: grips- a7id' probably will b S .favored- over his opwnent. ^urns/aiid Perklfe .: are slated for ; two, out of .three'fall, j,i two hounrpr less-and Moore and Buffalo Joe for two put of three falls one hour time limit.-: : •' ) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF TUB UNITED'STATES OF THE EASTERN DISTRICT OP-AU- KANSAS, JONESBORO DIVISION. In Hie. Matter of Charles McWIiifter, Bankrupt No. "1783. Notice is hereby given that petition for discharge of the bankrupt, .has :bcen. filed,, and same will be. heard in tlie United states Court Room, at Little,Rock, Arkansas, on (he 12lh day of November, 1334, at 10 A. M. ' " SID-B.--REDDING, Clerk By Boss MiUhes, U. C; , Rend Courier News Want A0». Last 111116 Today Mat. 2:SO,:iO-2Sc Nite (i:45— 10-35c RUBY HEELER DICK POWELL JOAN RLONDELL And llundrtd «f Glorious Baby Berkley HeaMes In 'f 'DAMES' Bernice Claire in "Who's That Girl" Paramount News H Tuesday - Weds. in a sparkling >- ; ^ comedy of -,§"' mixed love affairs! tlbn, DoVotKy Ktiitt, Liwuhc'c (tMt.FVadiicctibyCtrlUtmmk, Jr., from • stasc pliy by Stijlrkd G«r«r Pr«i«n(td by C4rl Ljtm. •I*. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE. Directed by JAMES WHALE IH _BY — ONDIELI6HT "Goofy Movies" Novelty Comedy and News NOTICE AH Home. Owners in Blytheville or community get a free booklet on how you can get aid for improving your home through tho Federal Housing Act.' Booklets available in the lobbies of the Ritz and Roxy. Now Located al Sonthtast Comer W»lnnt »ni Stronrt ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU BON EDWARDS, Proprietor *« nnk« nJrtbu IK Typewrite n, *Whi» Michtiwa »nd Calculaloti n Rrp»lrint— Paito— Rlbbonj Phoni 71

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