Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE HOPE . ARKANSAS November 3,193* Making Sure-fire Dessert By MRS. GAYNOR MADDOX NBA Service Staff Writer Pies for Sunday dinner is a proper thought. From the tested cook book which an electrical - appliance manufacturer sends along, comes this pie lore. The recipes can be used in any good oven. So let's have pie for Sunday. Chocolate Pie (Serves 4 to 6) One baked pie shell, 1 cup sugar, 4 tablespoons corn starch, % teaspoon salt, 2% cups milk, S eggs separated, 1 tablespoon butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla, % cup cocoa or 3 squares unsweetened chocolate. Scald the milk. Combine sugar,, corn starch, milk, salt and cocoa and stir until smooth. (If chocolate is used, Qtuunpy Not now! ... thanks to Black- Draught Often that droopy, tired feeling is caused by constipation, an everyday thief of energy. Don't put up with it. Try the fine old vegetable medicine that simply makes the lazy colon go back to work and b prompt relief. Just ask BIACK-DMD6HT..I "An old friend of the family." brings for Bievins Grid Team Beaten by Horatio Hempstead Team Loses, 19 to 0, Before Home- • coming Crowd HORATIO, Ark.—The Horation Lions scored a touchdown in each of the first three quarters Wednesday afternoon to win,from the Bievins Hornets, 19 to 0, before a large homecoming crowd. Hooper, halfback, scored in the first quarter for the Lions by bucking the bail over from the two yard line. Sergent, fullback, added the second touchdown in the second period from the one yard line and Knox, end, caught a .10 yard r^iss from Sargent on the Bievins goal line and scored the third touchdown in the third period. The visitors never threatened the Lion's goal although their passes kept the Horatio team on its toes. The Hornets completed five out of 14 for a total of 53 yearcls, Each, team registered 10 first downs. For the Lions, Peck, center, Sargent and Hooper, bocks, and Knox, end, showed up best. Foster, quarterback, Taylor, tackle and Bond at end, were outstanding for Bievins. Pitted sour cherries make grand pie for Sunday dinner. Chocolate pie is popular, too, and butterscotch pie is a favorite. This is also the open season-for tart apple pie served with American cheese. add it to the scalded milk to melt.) Cook until thick, stirring constantly ) prevent lumping. Add the beaten egg yolks and cook 5 minutes longer, stirring constantly. Add butter and vanilla. Pour into a baked pie shell, cover with a meringue. if preferred, sweetened whipped cream may be used instead of me- Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and City Bakery ringue, after filling has cooled. Butterscotch Pie One baked pie shell, 3 eggs separated, H4 cups brown sugar, M> teaspoon salt, 5 tablespoons flour, 2 cups milk, £ teaspoons vanilla, 2 tablespoons but- tnr. Beat together the egg yolks, sugar, flour, salt and milk until smooth. Cook until thick, stirring constantly to prevent lumping. Add vanilla and butter. Pour into baked pie shell. Cover with a meringue made as follows: Reringue Three egg whites, Vis teaspoon cream of tartar, 6 tablespoons sugar, V> tea- sixran vanilla, few grains of salt. Beat egg whites, salt, and cream of tarter together until stiff, but not too dry. Gradually add sugar and beat in thoroughly. Fold in % teaspoon vanilla. Spread the meringue to an even thickness so that it touches the edge of the pie shell at all points, but leave the surface uneven to make the ridges and peaks when baked. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Bake about 15 minutes. Can you make good crust? If not, now is the time to learn. Pie Crust (1 medium-sized double-crust pie) Two cups flour, % teaspoon salt, % cup shortening, 5 tablespoons water (about). Sift flour and salt together. Cut the shortening into the flour with a fork or pastry blender. Add 4 tablespoons water all at once and chop in with a knife. If the dough seems too Ury add the extra tablespoon of water. The dough should be just moist enough so that the particles will hold together. For a single shell use V4 the recipe. Fit into medium-sized pie plate. Be sure the crust is not stretched to cover the sides of the plate. Press it firmly into the bottom of the plate and against the sides, allowing a rim about te inch high. Prick the bottom and sides at close intervals. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. and bake 20 to 25 minutes. Basque Dress Silhouetted For Growing Youngsters Seven thousand growers have applied for wheat crop insurance in six eastern states. 8178 By CAROL D/YY While she's still under the five- year size limit, she doesn't need to bother about a waistline. A straight little dress with rounded shoulder tabs, stitched at the top and flaring into pleats below, is the one for her. Make 8308 of dimity, handkerchief lawn or dotted Swiss. - But when she starts to grow and to lose her baby plumpness, then she does want a waistline—as you see in SERIAL STORY CELERY Stalk CARROTS Bunch LETTUCE Head lOc 5c 7c GRAPEFRUIT 3 For ............ . ONIONS Pound — . ......... BANANAS 2 Pounds __________ 13c 4c lie FOLGER'S COFFEE Lb. Can Dripolator Guaranteed FLOUR 48 Lb. Bag 95c BLUE BONNET Pint Jar SALAD DRESSING 19c QlJ "41c RICE—5 Lb. Cloth Bag .. 25c IVORY SOAP 2 Large Bars 15c Pancake FLOUR A| A 4Lb. Bag.. .... L 1C LIBBY'S PEAS -I A. No. 2 Can, Small |«fC CRACKERS SUNSHINE 15c KRAFT'S FINEST P & Swiss CHEESE Piraenl ° Brick-American 2 B L o b x 49c TALL KORN BACON Pound 25c MIXED SAUSAGE Z Pounds Z5C PORK ROAST Pound 190 BEEF ROAST THICK RIB |7 1 A Pound 11 2 C SLICED BOLOGNA Z Pounds Z5C STEW MEAT Pound llC 26? UADDO nUlf Bd Gro Market Free Delivery MURDER TO MUSIC CAST OF CHARACTEHS MY UN A DOMIIKY—heroine. Wife of the NcnKiitiomil mvlng bnud lender. HO BERT TAIT—hero. Xewx- pnper photographer—dftecUve. AXXE TESTER—Myrna'H closest friend. DAA'JVIE FEKtEY—ofllerr n»- xlKiicd to Investigate Luddeii Uoiiiliey's murder. * * * Yestcrdnyi Tnlt rescues Myrnit, Is taking her out of lier linxenient priNnn when Weeks InilkH In the doorwuyf sun lit hand. CHAPTER XXVIII TTAIT'S first lightning thought was that Weeks must not recognize him. He could see the musician's gaunt figure plainly, framed in the doorway—but he knew that Weeks could be certain of nothing except that someone had gained entrance to Myrna's prison room. His fingers biting deep in Myrna's shoulders, Tait pushed her toward the side o£ the room, and at that moment Weeks' voice roared out, "Come on ... out here, or I'll shoot." Almost immediately a shot crashed into the room through the open doorway, and Weeks, bewildered and blind in the darkness, followed the direction of his re- volyer. From the side of the room Tait rushed out. In his hands was the only weapon he had been able to discover—a chair. With all his strength he brought it down across the neck and shoulders of Weeks. Then, grasping in the dark for Myrna and finding her clutching, trembling fingers, he started for the door. The sight of the stairway and the silence behind him were the greatest relief that Bob Tait had ever known in his lifetime. Hall dragging Myrna beside him, he rushed through the dingy lobby and out into the street. The taxi was still there! "The Ciaremont," Tait gasped. * * * TIE had scarcely closed the cab door behind himself and Myrna when the gears meshed and the cab roared away. They had gone the space of six or seven blocks when he realized that he was clutching Myrna tight in his arms. Embarrassed, he relinquished his nervous hold. "Are you—are you all right?" Sue nodded slowly. "Yes." She Continued front Page Three managed a smile. "I'm still scared, though.!' Tait laughed hi sheer relief. "That was a foolhardy thing I did back there. But I didn't want Weeks to recognize me." "Weeks?" Myrna looked at him, puzzled. "How did you know his name?" He told her of the advertisement in the classified column of the newspaper, and., of how he had listened at Harris Rogers' door. "How did he manage to kiciaap you?" "I went for a walk," Myrna said. "There was a car at the curb and this man was in it. He pretended he was ill when I went by. I went to the car and the next thing I knew I was in that horrible room. He—the man is crazy. I was afraid to move." Myrna shuddered. "You're all right now," Bob Tait said. "When you were in that room did you ever hear Rogers?" Myrna shook her head. "Weeks didn't have any visitors, except Leonard Macy." "Macy! Are you sure?" "Yes. I heard him introduce himself." "What did they talk about?" "I don't know. After Macy came in and introduced himself, Weeks lowered his voice and so did Macy. I couldn't hear what they were saying." Tait frowned. "I wonder il that fake criminologist isn't mixed up in this, and trying to palm off the blame on you?" "What do you mean, Bob?" ' Tail's arm went around her shoulders again. "Forget it You've enough to worry about. The thing I want yotfHo.do is get back to the Claremoniand show yourself to Anne.>£neXfrantic." "I can to^gine. She warned me not to leave the place alone, but I insisted and said she was foolish." * * * cab stopped with a sudden jolt. Tait looked out to see the familiar outlines of the Ciaremont. "I won't go up with you, Myrna. I want to talk to Feeley. Listen, can you and Anne come to a little party I'm giving tonight at the Golden Bowl?" "Party?" exclaimed Myrna. "I don't—" "Well, it's a sort of a party. And it's important that you, come. Will you?" "Of course, Bob. Only—" Shfe stopped, put a hand on his arm. "You look so tired and worried, Bob. I'm afraid "ve been a frightful nuisance. After all, there's no reason why you should—'' j BY NARD JONES COPVRiattT, NCA •CHVICK, MfC He stopped her with a look. "We've a date, then. Only I'm asking you and Anne to meet me at the Golden Bowl. I'll have to make some arrangements. Say at 9 o'clock?" "Nine o'clock," Myrna smiled. Not until the doors of the Ciare- mont had closed behind Myrna did Bob Tait give the taxi driver the signal to go on. "I want to go down to police headquarters," Tait said. • • • "TJANNIE FEELEY greeted him ^ angrily. "Look here, Tait! Where in the devil is Myrna Dombey?" "At the Ciaremont—where she lives," Tait said, "Then you've just taken her there." Tait flushed despite himself. "I'll have to admit that, Dannie. But anyhow she's there," "But she wasn't. That's the point. Barkley's been here, Bob, and he's raising the works and putting a prop under them. He found out Myrna had flown the coop—and you left me all unbuttoned by not telling me. I didn't know it. Barkley said he'd been made a fool of, and now he's going to make one out of me. It might interest you to know that he's going to spring a story in the papers tomorrow. And that means .Myrna Dombey's goose is cooked." The detective regarded Tait sourly. "Where was she? On a little vacation? Did you ever happen to draw her a picture of the fact that she's charged with murder?" "She was kidnaped by George Weeks," Tait said. "I followed Weeks this afternoon—and he went to Rogers' apartment. I overheard them talking about Myrna. Weeks had her hidden at the Belvedere Hotel. I just now dropped her off at the Ciaremont." Feeley's eyes widened and his ample jaw dropped slowly. "I'm giving a little party tonight," Tait went on, "and I'd like to have you come, Dannie." "A party, is it! This mess and you're giving a party! I suppose it's in honor of Myrna going to the chair—and me losing my job!" "I hope not, Dannie. Will you come?" The Irishman's eyes narrowed now- "I got a hunch you mean business. Who's going to be there?" "I'm asking Anne Lester and Myrna. Harris Rogers, Leonard Macy, Nelda Starr—and yourself," "What about your screwy musician? Surely you're going to invite him to the party?" "Have you forgotten, Mr. Farns» w«rtb? He's going to be featured tonight with The SwicgateersJ" 8178—pointed like n bnsquc In the front, with n gathered skirt below This design will bo pretty In chnlll^ wool crepe, velveteen, tnffetn or gny colton prints. Pattern 8308 is designed for sizes 1, 2, 3 t 4 and 5 years. Size 2 requires 2% yards of 35-inch material: Ma yard edging for neck iind sleeves. Pattern 8178 is designed for sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 years. Size 6 requires 2% yards of 39-inch material; % yard of ribbon, for bow. Contrasting collar would take '/i yard of 35 inch material. The new Fall and Winter Pattern Book, 32 pages of nttravtice designs for every size and every occasion, is now ready. Photographs show dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Lte the charming designs in this new book help you In your sewing. One pattern and the new Fall nod Winter Pat- tern Book— 25 cents. Pattern or book alone—15 cents. For a Pattern of this attractive model send 15c in coin, your name, address, stylo number and size to Hop* Star Today's Pattern Bureau, 211 W. Wack er Drive, Chicago, HL Marine "Orniul Canyon" LA JOLLA, Calif.-(XI')—A submarine canyon, comparable in size to thdj famous Grand Canyon of the Colorado,! has been discovered in the Pacific n Monterey, Calif., sny scientists of llio ! Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Less than a Minute to MAKE HOT STARCH MEASURt OUT! CREAM WITH WAICR City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY; PHONE 7G7 Public Sale 1 will sell to the highest bidder, for cash, at the J. W. Hendrix farm, 1 mile west of Bievins, on Monday, Nov. 7, '38 the following personal property: 10 Good Jersey MilrfCows, (giving milk— some registered) 2 Jersey Milk Cows, fresh soon. 2 Jersey Heifers. 4 Yearlings. 1 Roan Durham Bull. 5 Mules. 18 Hogs (80 to 150 Ib.) 2 Sows with pigs. 1 Big Bone Poland China male hog. 1 Studebaker Vo-Ton Truck. 500 Bushels Good Heavy Corn. 500, Bales Hay. 1 Power Hay Press. 1 McCormick Deering Mower. 2 Wagons. 1 Cream Separator. All plows, cultivators harness and farm implements. and many other items. SALE STARTS AT 10 O'CLOCK. Mrs. LAURA E. HENDRIX Administratrix Estate J. W. Hendrix MANAGE Grocery Prices Good Fri-Sat-Mon Nov. 4-5-7 CLOCK BREAD—2--20 oz. Loafs 15c Kroger's Hot Dated 2 French Brand Lbs I a I Angel Food CAKE Large i Size i "CANDY"" 1 " CHOC. DROPS, Lit. 10c ORANGE SLICES, LI) I Do Peanut Brillle, 1 Hi Box 17c CIIEWI.VC; (iUM—3 For lOc CANDY BARS—3 For Klc Assortment of I'aokngc . lOc SALTED PEANUTS, 11). lllc Country Club Flake 2 Crackers Ibs Of 25c \ Texas--288's Oranges, Doz. Fresh Ea. COCANUTS 2 Gal. Can 1 i CABBAGE L , 2c Jumbo Celery Stalk Fresh Lb Cranberries lOc 19c LUNCH BASKET Assorted Cookies Pound ___________ ..... AVALON CIGARETTES PET or CARNATION MILK orSSmlZOC FRESH TOMATOES Pound lOc P & G or Crystal White SOAP—Giant 7 For 25c SNOW WHITE CAULIFLOWER Head !2o Jonathon or Winesap APPLES Dozen 19c > Q Q Q O Q Q Q IN OUR MARKET O O O O O O O IIIIIIC K ">g e r Country Club nfimO Half or Whole—Lb. 25c Pickled PIGS FEET, Ea. I I BRANDY Lb. MINCE MEAT ROAST, Fancy Thick Rib—Lb.. !7'/ 2 c PORK LIVER, Lb. ICfll [Genuine Beef JA I%JGI I TENDERS, Lb 49G PORK CHOPS 1 —Nice Lean Pound 24c New Low Prices 3—2Vi Size Kraut 25c 3—2Vi Sizs Hominy . H5c 3— Wi Size Spinach 25c 4—No. 2 Size Green Beans.... 25e 4—No. 2 Size Tomatoes 25c Wesco Feeds Dairy Feed, W/,, ](;o l(j. §1.29 Egg Mash, 100 11). $1.75 Growing Mash $1.85 Hen Scratch, 100 lij ,$l.5'j 10'% Gray Shorts §1.29 O 0 C> C' K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. KROGER Cecil W. Dennis, Gro. Mgr. ^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^E^^^—_, ACCIfT THIS AMAZING CUARANTii "• '«"">«""«-» u, on g ,,«I conUina wuJ we wiU replace it KREB with W othc, brwd we K ll of the « m e item, rqs Jl« M Vpricc /*

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