Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 3, 1938
Page 4
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•f. 3FA1QB FOtlH HOPE STAK, HOPE, ARKANSAS ,,1938 '.:•! RAISIKC A .. > * ' ~ By OliY* Robert* B«rtea Free Library Is Fine But 'Teener Needs His .Own Collection 111 The problem of good reading for 'adolescents is really no longer a problem at all, with the hundreds of mag- • nifieent volumes now published for children of early teen age. Public •libraries are stocked to bulging with ihigh class material ofr these boys and girls; better still, refrence clerks ready \o advise with selections are different 'from the old time dignitary who mere- fly pointed to the catalogue, • ^ Furthermore, school libraries with •their shelves of selected and required .^reading are a boon denied the young• iters of my day. """ <• The child in his teens is more than 'ready for a personal library, however, it is one thing to read a fine story or biography and another to own it. I have always decried the one weak•ness' of the free-text book system, that it leaves no source for refrence later. I lay beside this grievance that of the library system. Necessary and fine thrugh libraries are, they leave a decided gap in a young person's life. Books are friends. The 'people in them are friends. Everyone i-from D'Artagnon to George Washington, from Jo March to Joan of Arc, is a present vibrating figure whose near presence is a comforting thing. Reading Is Education All reading is education of a sort. Good reading is the agent for almost everything fine there is: inspiration, ^sportsmanship and facts. • Lately I have been devouring a lot of grand books for the young acloles- vcent. I have burnt my lamp into the Dearly hours forgetful of time and eyesight, lost completely in new biographies such as "Leader of Destiny" by Jeannette Eaton (Hat-court Brace), a gripping life story of Washington. Boys then were mature and ready for careers at sixteen. This is Washington stripped of his formal legends and become the human being; the awkward young man, the uncertain lover, tlie discouraged soldier, the trobled statesman. Now I am reading "Penn" the story of the founder of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth. More midnight oil and loss of sleep. I thought I knew history. I am only learning.- The little boy, William Penn, stdying Latin from six A.M. to six P.M. at nine years of age off there in London under the shadow of the great Tower. His rise to royal favor. His ileuls and plans for a Utopia in the new world- A very human and fuiuscituiting account of greatness at it.s best. Another biography that will bring young students of American Literature closcsr to one of it.s famed authors is "The Happy Autocrat" (Longmans), by Hildegnnle Hawthorne.' Oliver Wendell Holmes, the Doctor-Author of Cambridge and Boston, who wrote "Old Ironsides," and "The Chambered Nautilus," was such a human, kindly, hard-working man. given to puns, that the reader sighs on closing the saga of his busy life. Bocks Help Memory There are so many good books, but soon 1 shall compile some new lists for you. Adventure, science, history, everything. At a formative age when memory is rclnlive how wise it is to put a shelf in John's or Mary's room and. one by one. add to the treasure they hold. I read these books for young people with ttis. much orelish as 1 rruse lit* erntiJre for adults. They are indeed adult nnd not 'writteji dowh", 1 want to add : thaf "Andrew Jackson" by Marqtifcr James, (Bbbbs-MerrUl) Is not a juvenile, but if <Jrpu own it, youf sons.of ..fifteeh : to twenty, and daughters too, will find-At a fascinating reci- al., l like biogtaphy, as you may have noiced. A Book i Day ARKANSAS I MOTOR TCDACHES SAVE iiUiL. & miif^iiy! ^^y? I IIIIP *%s PsasQra? 0 W Ilillk iy& KB $# 81 la 1 Ride New AMC Buses Here's how Arkansas Motor Coaches give you double value •for your travel dollar: 1. LOWEST FARES. 2. FASTEST SCHEDULES. 3. NEWEST BUSES. i. SCENIC ROUTES. Phone 363 For Schedule Information Bus DEPOT In Diamond Cafe FROM HOPE To One Way Rd. Trip New York _ $19.GO ?33.33 Washington, D. C 1G.S5 30.35 Miami 1S.G5 33.60 Dallas 4.25 7.G5 Magnolia .90 1.G5 The tentacles of the dictatorstate are far reaching, seeking out and grasp ing the life of the lowiest individual, breaking up homes, scpcrating n husband and wife, forcing exile or imprisonment when the citizen resists. Nothing counts'but. the government nnd the government cares for no one. £o • writes an author new to most English nnd. American readers, Peter Mendelssohn, in a novel that is largely inithobiographiciil, "All.That. Matters" (Henry Holt. ?2.50). Mendelssohn, how an exile from Nazi Germany had' previously written five books. • His. picture is a hopeless. one. He begins with the idpllic life of a newly married couple -on. the Riviera. Then they return to their native Geramny where their first child is born. Immediately they recognized the change that has come over the country sense the air of persecution and intolerance in the streets. And all this, of course, nauseates the young husband. It strains at his nerves. Finaly, one day he defends a Jew and is forthwith attacked by the Brown Shirts. He moves to Berlin, edits a weekly newspaper which is revolutionary. He is arrested, imprisoned without trial or consideration. All that matters is that the .state must not be opposed. It is a damning indictment of the Nazi regime that Mr. Mendelsshon writes here. But the story is not obscured by his rancor. Rather it is swift-moving, dramatic, as on the heels of a man fleeing for his life. It should prove one of the most timely novels of the entire year. —P.G.F. Construction Is Started on Mill Mill Would' Crush Peanuts, Soy Beans.and Cotton Seed FRESCOTT, Ark.-Construction has .-'Irciuly begun on the Cox Brothers Cotton Seed Oil Mill in Prescott, as a result of practically a year's work of the Chamber of Commerce. V/. E. Cox and Sons, including Mon- voo, Roy, Willie, Ernest and Herbert Coz, are building a cotton seed oil mill with a capacity' of 50 tons, with modern buildings'and convertible ma- ehienry, the type that w.ill crush soy beans and peanuts in addition to cotton seed. ... .. , This will be the only mill m the state oftArJtansas of its type in addition: to ew Mercury 8 Sport Convertible "pHIS new Mercury S sport con •*• vertlblo is one of the four body types of the newest car In motor- lorn. The Mercury S Is a big car. with 116-Inch whcelbnso nnd measuring more than 16 feet from: bumper to Immp.er.-Hs V-8 engine develops 95 horsopowcr.jllydrnullc brakes enable the driver to slow or stop.quick- ly with light pedal pressure. The sport convertible combines the nd« vantages-of, open nnd closed cars/ Seat upholstery la mahogany-red' leather, toj) tnn-grcy or black. Thero Is a largo, luggage• compartment., L. A A. Will Spend $396,64<Hdr Track. ASmNOTON-^-The Louljlanft •nd Arkaittas railway nsked RdoJh- structlon Fihahcc corporation "per- mlsslon Wednesday to. issue nnd sell a $350,000 promissory note. Proceeds will be used to partially finance main^ tcnance nnd improvement of existing trackage. The railway proposed to have UFC guarantee the note, offering ns collateral, security $650,000 of loiilsiana, Arkansas and Texas first mortgage 16 per- cent bonds. . , .' . . Improvements proposed include ttie relaying; of 8,000 tons, of rail with fasteners. The Louisiana and Afltnn* sas estifnatfcd the work would cost >396,840 and; would provide, mdii-hours of labor., f "• Addition of small quantities ot cop* per Arid manganese to some of the peat soils of the Floriad everglades causes bourttlful crops to grow on hitherto unproductive loud. , , ..- IGovernment Cotton Loans Quick Service-— Immediate Payment Cotton Classed by E. C.Brown, Licensed Government Clnsser In Our Office. E. C. BROWN & CO. I Hope, Arkansas HAVE YOU A FRIEND? Who Is Blind?.. Who Is Aged? ... .Who Is A Crippled Child? What will happen to the Aged, the Blind, the Crippled and Dependent Children, the Tuberculosis sufferers, the School Equalizing Fund, and other important state agencies if Initiated Act No. 1 is adopted on November 8 and more than $2,000,000.00 is lost from the State tax revenues 1 the crushing mill. They are also Building a peanut butter manufacturing plant and a mixed feed plant. The mill is expected to start operation about March 1 and will employ approximately 25 men but no doubt will be employing 100 men within a year. This type mill is particularly adapted to this prea and its success is assured wtih the possibilities of the production of soy beans and peanuts within a radius of 50 miles of the mill. The seven counties including and adjacent to -Nevada county, in 1936, planted 54,000 acres and in 1937 planted 42,000 acres of peanuts and the average production for the seven counties is 42,546 bushels annually. With a cash market and not being penalized by frieght rates this production could be /multiplied by ten. This mill will be a great asset to Nevada county as well as to adjacent counties and will furnish farmers a better cash market for peanuts, soy beans and cotton seed. Fanners will be able to buy feed from the mill without being penalized for freight rates as has been the case heretofore. Mr. Ernest Cox expects to make his home in Prescott and will probably move his family here about Christmas. The Chamber of Commerce was successful in negotiating' for property belonging to George F. Cress of Little Rock, located on the Missouri Pacific railroad east of town at the silo 'of the old Prescott Ice Company. This new will will be housed in several buildings covering an area of approximately two and one-fourth acres. NOTICE—Patterson's Auction Sale, entire stock of merchandise sold at auction. Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2 o'clock. On East Thjrd street. Silas Sanford Auctioneer. 3-2tp. Ex-Hearst Editor Jumps to Death Victor Watson, 58, Leaps From llth Floor of New York Hotel ? Arkansas Beverage Taxes Are Allotted By Law for the following: Old Age Assistance Dependent Children Blind Assistant Grants Crippled Children's Services Crippled Children's Home arid Hospital Confederate Pensions Free Hospitaliation for the Indigent County Tuberculosis Sanitarium Fund Agriculture Extension Service Agriculture Experimental Station Service Bureau Fund Schools and other State Agencies Last Year Liquor & Beverage Taxes Yielded $2,019,626.99 Without This Money These Agencies Would Be Seriously Curtailed 3,000 Arkansas Rice Farmers are dependent on the brewing industry for profitable sale of their annual crop. Arkansas produces annually between 9,000,000 and 10,000,000 bushels of rice. Approximately 10% of the annual production of Arkansas is absorbed by the Brewing Industry at satisfactory^ prices. Without this market, rice farmers would have an unsalable surplus, whifch would curtail their v.nnual earnings and impair millions invested in their farms. Don't Return Millions to Bootleggers Vote AGAINST Initiated Act No. 1 NEW YORK.-(/P>—Victor Wf|tsqn, 58, for many years an editor and executive in the Hearst newspaper organization, plunged to death Thursday from an llth floor window in Hotel Abbey. A not found in his room said: "God forgive me for everything. Domesticated CHICAGO—Few football players ss domesticated as Ray Buivid, Sam Francis, Pete Bausch and Milt Trost of the Chicago Bears, who keep house in a five-room apartment on the north side. Two do the cooking and two the dishwashing, and there is a fine for any member of the household having a meal away from home, except on trips or special occasions. Once every {wo weoks they invite Gene Ronx.uni to the apartment to prepare an Italian dinner. How to Vote MARK YOUR B ALLOT How to Vote iw. AGAINST INITIATED ACT No.. 1 •»-»imii8-»ii'»-i--"ip"p" | p^»»^—* i in Affiliated Rice Interests of Arkansas-a***""** Paid Political Advertisement. Compact in size but a giant In performance! Philco big-aet fenturcs that bring you clearer tone, greater reception, more enjoyment. Handsome Walnut finish Plaetic Cabinet. See it now at Automotive Supply Co. 112 So. Main NEW FORD V8 CARS -, * *. • i f . . • - . -..-,. i,- -i : • ::. •: c v ! - • • r 1 for\ G tEATER VALUE for every motorist has been built into the two new Ford V-8 cars for 1939. They further express the forward-looking policy of the Ford Motor Company—traditional Ford dependability and economy plus progressive engineering. Each car is distinctive in design, yet each has something of the fine streamlining of the Lincoln-Zephyr—recognized style leader for the industry. Interior appointments arc in keeping with outward beauty. Every detail ia etylcd for good taste and good service. Both are big, roomy cars, equipped with hydraulic brakes and powered with the V-8 engine that gives you so much extra smoothness and efficiency. This year, the quiet performance of the V-8 engine has been matched by the new quiet built into every part of the car. • , The 1939 Forda 'bring you greater riding caaeon every road. New scat construction, flexible transverse springs, and big, hydraulic shock absorbers provide triple-cushioned comfort. Both 1939 Ford cars are Ford-priced for greater dollar value. Both bring new meaning to the Ford phrase, "The Quality Car in the Low-price Field." FORD FEATURES FOR 1939 Advanced Streamlining • Newly Styled Interiors • V-type 8-cylinder Enginei* Hydraulic Brakes • Scientific Soundproofing • Triple-cushioned Comfort All-tied Bodies • Loner Prices £60 or 85 hp. In Ford, 86 hp. In De Luxe Ford LOWtf 1939 miCI$ (For «in <Mlnri* In Ditnll—UIH titti) FORD V-8 iS&SB <8S ' h * Ceipt . .... 4 $5*1 •• t Tudor Sedan . . . $624 • • t* Forder Sedan . • J6S» ..." DELUXE FORD V-8 Coup* ..„.' . . *. . JnS'l Tudor Sedan t j^y Convertible Coup* . . . • • 57cy Fordor Sedan • $7cn Convertible Sedan . . , . ; ' ?8!K) Both the Ford V-8 and the De liaa Ford V-8 come cquipiwd with bumneri and bumper guards, snare tire and lock, cigar lighter, twin norns, dual, wind- fbield wipers, and headlight beam indU cator on instruuient panel, at no extra . charge. De Luxe cars also have an extra tail light and sun visor, de luxe steering wheel, glove compartment lock, clock. • and Rustless Steel -wheel bands, at no extra charge. FORD-BUILT MEANS TOP VALUE ON OMSl*LA\ TOMOitllOW AT SUOWHOOMS jiff *OMtI) See the New 1939 Fords on Display in Our Showrooms, November 4th Your Ford Dealer Hope Auto t

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