Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1938
Page 3
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Tuesday, November 1.1938 - - H. tto*ii*AR, 22/<tt . MRS. SID HENRY TfiLBPHONfi"82r Judge Who Gave;; Hague a Setback Full Ho(s Sny, hnvc you seen the now fnll hnts • Along-the main parndo? Like odds niitl ends of centuries Our nncicnl dithers mode'' 'Tnll Cossack modes and btic'cahcers From_long forgotten rnccs, And queer designs thiit pigmies wore Tu nmteh their grotesque fi\ces. The circus will not come this fnll, Their clowns nre sad, you know, They can't meet .competition since The ladies stole the show! —Selected. The Bay View Residing Club will mcqt at 3 o'clock Wednesday nftor- South Henvoy street. All came in costume, .Halloween games and refreshments were enjoyed. A crowd met at the home of Miss Peggy Me- Ncill, costumed and enjoyed a stroll through the neighborhood and a ride on the down town streets, another crowd enjoyed a liny ride to the country home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Cook. Callers and knockers nl the doors were numerous, furnishing n bright hour for those of us who like to recoil the things we did in clays gone past. Mrs. R. M. LaGrone has returned trom o few days visit with 'Mr. nnd Mrs. Surrey Gilliiim in El JDorodo. Friends will be interested in knowing that Miss Eli7.abeth White, who noon at the home of Mrs. R. M. Brinnl, l« 1!f beun doin 8 government work for North Washington street, with Mrs. T. R. Billingsley as joint hostess. the past two years in Little Rock, has been selected among others for a course in Welfare work at Tulqno Mrs. Percy Sharp nnd little son of i University in New Orleans. MoorinKsporl, La., are spending two weekjs as guests of Mrs. Sharp's pnr- .ents, -Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hearne. Miss Dorothy Gunler, n junior in Texas State College for Women nt Denton last week was honored with a bid for membership in the Athenaeum .club; the policy of the club is to promote interest in current literature and in Ihe achievement of Scholastic standards. Among the many Halloween parties among the young people, the juvenile party at the Ogburn Studio on South Main street was a most colorful and delightful affair. The young guests came in costume, and some of the older ones came .likewise, just to make things interesting for the young ones, and indeed, "a good time was had by all." Appropriate refreshments were .served at the close of the evening. Young John Paul Saunders entertained 24 of his boy friends at his home on Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Williams asd family spent the week-end at their cottage on Lake Hamilton, Hot Springs. N€W Tuesday-Wednesday Dcuble Feature BUCK JONES—in "WHITE EAGLE" We, the Women By RUTH MILLETT Cowboy Livestock Show Hardin-Simmons University to Send .Bandto Little Rodk Wives Now I'lay Husbands' 'New hows for Old' Game •! RICHARD ARLEN—KAY WRAY "II : ; -in- : : I- "Murder in Greenwich I" Village" J When n woman who has helped a man to success finds herself deserted in middle-age for a younger woman, no one is very much surprised. It's tin old, old story. But enacted the other way around, it's still a little startling. The latest example is the story of Ruth Etting. who, pushed to success by her husband of .seventeen years, divorced him when she reached the top and got herself a young husband. The discarded husband couldn't take it. But men may have to learn to. Federal Judge William Clnrk, above, of Newark, N. J., who in 1930 jumped into the news with a revolutionary legal opinion that the 18lh Amendment was invalid, again has made headlines with a 15,000-word opinion forbidding Mayor Frank Hague o£ Newark from interfering with C. I. O. distribution of leaflets, union organization and public meetings, Mew F^t Lord of Admiralty Yerger Team Will Meet Texarkana Game to Be Played Here Friday—Both Teams Are Undefeated ABILENE, Texas—The famous Har- din-S'immons University Cowboy band, from Abilene, representing the itra- ditions and spirit of the Southwest in its regnlia and music, is coming to | Little Rock to play for the annual Ar-j kansns Live Stock Show there,. November 4 to 11, it was announced here today. Director Marion B. MoClure, "little maestro" who is composer-conductor,' will head the colorful musical group, G. B. Sandefer, its manager, announced after accepting the invitation to play at the Little Rock show, received from C. A. Tyler, secretary. The Cowboy Band, now in its sixteenth year, is widely traveled, .covering 300,000 miles since record keeping on its travels began in 1922. During these years it has twice toured Europe, has played for royalty, and has been in demand for conventions, a presidential inauguration, concerts and ex- nosidons. Governor Carl E. Bailey, a recent Abilene visitor, hero when the.Cowboy Band welcomed the "Arkansas • Trav- .cr" special train, bearing the .Uni- crsity of Arkansas Razorbacks to their ame with Santa' Clara,. recalled>the ami's visit to the Confederate Re- nion, in Hot Springs, a .decade' ago. 'he band has been the official f band f the Confederacy for many years. ,11 was the official band for the'P.nn- Vmericnn Exposition at Dallas, .in 93G and 1937. It has been featured at Madison Square Garden, New York's "icgfeld Theater, and the '.London 'nlladium. Will Rogers was one of its admirers, ind was the band's first honWary ncmber, giving its director .$100 with he instruction to "go and buy yourselves some new tunes." TheXband clayed several times with Will-Rogers on his flood relief tour in the Southwest, end on other engagements, and to honor him as a friend, the band ended an engagement in thc'Republic of Mexico to play at' the dedication of the Will Rogers Memorial-'Shrine, ulop Cheyenne Mountain, at'Colorado The undefeated Verger High Schoo' football team will meet Texarkana's Washington High Lions on the Ycr- | Every wife, no matter how secure j g cr athletic field here Friday after- her present is, knows that there is the ugly possibility that her husband may up and leave her some time for a younger, newer romance. Women have had that pounded into them for generations. Everything they read warns them of the danger. They spend weary hours in beauty salons, COMING THIS WEEK - 2 DAYS ONLY- Thursday & Friday (Direct from 3 weeks Houston, 3 j weeks Fort Worth, 1 week Texar Iknna, breaking all house records. iNutrCctl. FRENCH CIRL'5 CLUB For Adults Onluf week after week, year after year, trying to avert it. Every magazine they pick up has at least one story of a middleagcd woman trying .by hook and crook to hang on to a .fortyish, restless husband. And in every woman's circle of acquaintances there is at least one wife who was put aside after years of marriage. ..... Women know there Jsino real secur. ity for them. Not as 'long as there are younger, prettier women in the world. But men have never worried about the danger of losing a middle-aged wife to another man. They haven't had to. Mnybc now is the time for them to start. For now that women are becoming persons in their own right, and are hanging on to youth almost as long as men, they are finding that they, too can indulge in the foolish luxury of nutting aside an old mate for a younger one. It isn't a pretty business, which-evcr way U works. But at least men can't deny it was their own idea. noon at 3 o'clock. The Texarkana team Ls undefeated. The game is expected to be Yergcr's hardest battle of the season as mucl rivalry has existed the past five years in which Texarkann has won three from Hope. The Tigers won the othe: two. Coach Rainoy said the Hope scjuai was in top shape with the exceptioi of Delmar Carson, halfback. Carsoi has a leg injury. The Hope probable starting lineup: D. Shaw, right end; F. Calvin, righ tackle; R. Green, right guard; Fa,t Jefferson, center; Seals, left guarc Walker, left tackle; Grady, left cnc G<-Yergerr right half ;• J. -Stuart, le half; Pink Carrigan, fullback; E Pondexter, quarterback. The igunana is a favorite article c food in tropical America. Succeeding Alfred Duff .Cooper, j who resigned in protest against; the Munich four-power agreeri ment for the partition of ,Czech-' oslovakia, Earl Stanhope, .above,' has been .appointed first'lord of the British, admiralty. He was formerly president of .the board of education. With the / County Agent Oliver L. Adams TCU Ranks Second hi Gridiron Poll Panthers of Pittsburgh Hated Best Team in the Land NEW YORK-(/P)-The Panthers of Pittsburgh again top the Associated Press poll of sports writers. Of the 15 writers who participated in the third soil, 105 named the Panther eleven as lhe best football team in the land. As a result J)r. Sutherland's apt pupils piled up 1,139 points, their highest total in the three weeks they have headed the game's first 10. They are 238 .points ahead of Texas Christian which romped over Baylor Saturday and climked from fourth place to second in the rating. The Horned Frogs got eight of the 10 remaining f irsi plac votes. Tennessee and Holy Cross neither of which threatened to enter the first five, got one each. California Third The first 10 (first place votes bracketed, points scored on a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4 3-2-1 basis): ' ' •Team Points Pittsburgh 0105) .1,139 Texas Christian (8) .^ 901 Claifornia 692 » Notre Dame , G70 ( Dartmouth 624 Tennessee (1) 610 Northwestern 406 Santa Clara 390 Duke 274 Fordham 149 Another Lehman Climbing Higher? afternoon program and a . tltm.on *tlgmaking wa* given Jbjjf'HI* ,3 D. M, Collier. . . , , '« #levien members answered to W»lt call and ,a committee was appointedjo nvile new members. ' ' Games were played -during the 80* ciarhalf.hpur.'. - . ;. The .hostess .served delicious refresh* ments.. Next jneeting will be at tiler home of Mrs. .Sid Skinner, lloVembef 28. .On .Grudge Hunt • ' TOfiEKA, Kans.- (ff>i —Sheriff Roy Boast has a personal Interest in catch'* ing one :thief. .The fnlan he seeks has been stealing the sheriff's posters, Urg- ,- ing Boast lor re-election. ' DON'T SLEEP WHEN GAS PRESSES HEART If you can't eat or sleep because gas bloats you up try Adlerika. One doSe ' usually relieves stomach gas pressing n heart. Adlerika cleans out BOTH upper,and lower bowels. John S. Gibson Drug Co. Springs, Colo. The Cowboy Band is scheduled to loiive Abilene in its own busses in order to be in Little Rock for the scheduled opening of the show. 'Man of Mystery" at Negro Church Tuesday The Bebee Memorial C. M: E. church presents Professor E. Williams, • the man of mystery, in a program of magic and mirth, Tuesday night at 7:45 in the church auditorium. There will-'.be many unbelievable feautres, .suchvns propagating .a thimble of water which he ; changes to wine, to the .extent ',that a thousaand folks may drink and carry a bottleful home. ' "V • The public is invited to see -this .man of mystery. Seats are reserved for white patrons. Electric Servisc 'The varied and often profitable us"es to which thousands of farm people are putting their newly acquired electric service will tie discussed by Elberl Karns, a representative of the Rural Electrtfication Administration, in a radio talk from Station KCRA at Little Rock, Ark., Tuesday, November 1, 1938, at 12:30 p. m. Mr. Karns is a native of Arkansas and for several years was rural electrification specialist for the State Extension Service at Fayetteville. Until recently he was on REA's utilization staff, arranging and conducting meetings in project areas attended by hundreds of Arkansas people. Recently he has been assigned to the examining division, help- rig applicants for new loans to get their preliminary work done in proper jsion. The broadcast will be a part of the series, "The United States Government Reports," presented under the auspices of the National Emergency Council. .Mr. Kams will tell where the State of Arkansas stands in .rural electrification .and ho.w several hundred groups of farmers in Arkansas and the na- tiqn are using REA funds to serve themselves with electricity at cost. In Japan the chances against haveing twins have been estimated at 300 tol QhcSNAPSHOT GUIL CHRSSTMAS CARDS TUES-WED WALLACE BEERY WARNER BAXTER MICKEY ROONEY "SLAVE SHIP" Tuesday CLARK GABLE IMYRNA LOY "TOO HOT TO HANDLE" You Owe It to Yourself TO TRY OUR Superior Dry Cleaning Methods and see the difference it makes in the appearance of your clothes. Phone 148 COOK'S White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS Forest Fires The tell-tale column of smoke rising from burning forest is the result, in most cases of human carelessness. Official state records show that 50 per cent of all forest fires reported in Arkansas during the last 4 years were caused by incendiarism, 25 per cen by smoker, and I per cent by brush burning. Fire is the greatest single enemy o the forests, according to Frederick J Shulley, Extension forester, Univer sity of Arkansas College of Agriculture. On the other hand, public opin ion is the greatest single agency in combating fire. Forest fires destro; lumber, injure labor, kill industry rob the community, and increase taxes, Mr. Shulley said. Here are a few simple rules, which, if followed, will go far toward reducing the large number of man-caused forest fires, Mr. Shulley said. 1. Matches—Be sure the match is out. Break it in half before you throw it away. 2. Tobacco—Be sure that pipe ashes and cigar or cigarette stubs are dead 1 before throwing them away. Tramping them out is a safe way. 3. Brush burning—Never burn brush or slash on a dry day, windy day, or while there is the slightest danger that the fire will get away. When burning brush, always watch the fire—don't let it "get out." 4. Campfires — When building a campfire, scrape away all inflamable material from a spot S feet in diameter. Blevins Mrs. Lorinie Brooks returned home Saturday from Tucson, Arzona, having spent the past two months there visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. Perry Smith. Mrs. E. M. Bonds and Mrs. Bertha Marian left Wednesday for Tucson, Arizona to visit Mr. and Mrs. Melvin White. Herman Smith of the U. S. Navy left Monday for Norfolk, Va., after spending the past ten days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Smith. Miss Lucille Williams and Mrs. O. B, Hodnett both of Hope were Thursday guests of Mrs. Johnny Wade and Eva Jane Wade. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Huskey were Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs Tom J. Stewart. Mr. O. B. Yokum is spending ; this* week in Memphis, Tenn. Mr, and Mrs. M. Hendrix of Golden iagle, Illinois, are the guests of 'Mr and Mrs. Johnny Wade. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beene of Tuc son, Arizona, are visiting relatives in Blevins this week. Mr. and Mrs. Alvord Brooks am daughters and Mrs. Henry Grffith wer< shopping in Prescott Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ashcraft ,an Mrs. 'Erwart Wood and daughter Eul Fae of Phoenix, Arizona are visitin relatives near Blevins this week. Miss Dorless House spent Monday in Hope visiting Mrs. Carl Brown. 'Homer and Horace Smith of Tucson, Arizona were last week end guests of relatives in Blevins. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie.Thomas and children Mary Lou and Jim Gentry of Prescott were Sunday guests of Mr. While his brother, Gov. Herber.t Lehman, campaigns for rje-eleo tion in New York state, \Judge Irving • Lehman, above, qontin- ues on the job as a justice of the New York • State Sujprerne Court. . There have been reports .out of New •YorkT.that Judge Xehrnan might be Jiiarned to fill the U. S. .Supreme d'qurt vacancy left by the .dealt ot '" Justice Benjamin Cardo.4'. CLUB NOTES SALE 300 Fall and Winter Dresses for Women and Juniors S6.99 LADIES Specialty Shop Oak Grove ', Mrs. D. M. Collier was hostess to,the Oak Grove Home Demonstration club on Monday October 24, at 2 p. m. WLrs. Edna Woodul, president, presided over the meeting. I Mrs. J. G. Allen, secretary, called the roll and gave the minutes of last meeting. Handcrafts was the subject of the GAS RANGES—HEATERS , FLOOR FURNACES . Automatic Water Heaters > Butane Gas Systems EASY TERMS Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 70 Oni way in Air-conditimtd Coaches and Mrs. Jim Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wade and daughter Eva Jane were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Powell and Mrs. Perry Sage in Gurdon. Build the fire on the cleared spot and keep it small. Nine out of 10 campers build fires that are too large by far. When extinguishing the campfire, pull all the embers together and soak thoroughly with water. Wet the ground around the fire. If water isn't available, cover the embers with dirt and tramp it down until it is packed tight over and around the fire. WASHINGTON? TAKE THE MISSOURI PACIFIC Trains Daily fw ditiiluMnformition faquir* it Miitouri Pa- cife Stiition or call 137 itk^for C. E, Chrit- tephw, .<;. cmssouRi\ \ PACIFIC V LINES J •A Strike 1 Government Cotton Loans Quick Service—Immediate Payment . Cotton classed by a Licensed Government classer in our office. T. S. McDAVITT & COMPANY Hope, Arkansas] J.W.V.W.V.V.V.V.W.V.V. Try Us Eor Your Meat Curing and Smoking. We Do It Right. Home Ice Company 91C East Third Street Hope, Ark. Snapshots such as this can be posed any time now-^nd will make charming, inexpensive Christmas cardi. ABOUT this time each year, I •*"* observe a ring of red ink around a date on my calendar, and a note on the margin—"Time to think about Christmas cards." It's a warning that has saved me lots of trouble in the past, and that is why I am passing it along to you now. Naturally, every dyed-in-the-wool Guild member likes to design his Christmas card around one of Ills own snapshots. However, many of us tend to put it off until the last moment—and, in the end, have to send out ordinary cards that are uot. at all individual. So my advice ls--get busy now, and have your cards ready for early mailing. No two photographic Christmas srards are alike. That is what makes them so personal, and there are thousands of ideas you can adapt. The picture is the important part, and a clever picture idea gives the card more appeal. blocks with big letters on them, try Ining up toe blocks ao they spell 'Merry Christmas." Then pose the child beside them, holding, perhaps, the last letter ready to place it in position—iand you have a set-up for a story-telling picture. Special pictures such as this lead to charming cards, well worth the little planning they require. However, a good group snapshot of tha family at home is often preferred —and most albums contain such, snapshots. A picture of the house— especially with enow oa it—makes an attractive card, au4 you may have a suitable picture from last winter that cap be used. Run. through the album, and eea what you can find. Some of the pictures may give you ideas for new snapshots, especially suited to Christmas carg use. The chief point is—decide early, for Christinas arrives aMpst before you know it. WE ARE PREPARED To Do All Kinds of Cold Storage and Meat Curing COMMUNITY ICE & PRO. PUCE CO. Pbone 350 for Particulars REST AND RELAX Enjoy a good game of Billiards with your friends. CRINER'S JSILLABJQ and DOMINO PARLOR Next door to New Theater If your child has u. set or building ] John, van QulWejp aUIUIUlllillUUIIIIIIUILUUIlllllUILIIU j=Use Mont's-Sugar-Cure| S When Butcheing Pork and Beef E E Electrically Mixed E E Printed Instructions Furnished E E With Each Purchase = E For Sale by = = MONTS SEED STORE, Hope. = E F. A. Baker,—Stamps = = Whte & Co.—Fj4ton = •= Lester MercJiauwle.T-Lewisville E niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininj! LOOK! We are glad to announce the following Merchants have WHITE CREST FLOUR The South's most famous fine flour, Also ask your Grocer about the knife deal with each 24 Ib. sack of White Crest Flour. Byers Bros. Grocery Putman Grocery Montgomery Grocery Hobbs Grocery Lewis Grocery B & B Grocery Brookwood Grocery Cecil Wyatt Service Station Davis Grocery Olmstead Grocery West End Grocery Sanders Grocery Middlebrook's Grocery Pattersons Grocery Singleton Grocery J. H, Warren Grocery PATMOS Keith Commissary .... Rider's Grocery WASHINGTON Fra'zier's Grocery OZAN John Barrow Grocery Murphy Grocery PRESCOTT Ozan Mercantile Co. NASHVILLE T. A. Hutchinson Co. Distributed By McRAE MILL & FEED CO- HOPE, ARKANSAS

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