Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 29, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1938
Page 4
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HOflB STAR, HOPE/ARKANSAS Saturday, October 29,1938 CLASSIFIED RATES tiine—2c word, minimum 9Qc times— 3Hc word, min. SOc .fcbt times— «c word, minimum SOc On* month (26 times)— 18c Word, minimum . ......... . 12.70 are for continuous insertions only. ' In ny»king word count, disregard classification name sucn as "For Kent*" "For Sale," etc.-this is free. But each initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR RENT— Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage, dose in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, SOc for one time; at 3%c word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill. PHONE 768 REST AND RELAX rEnjoy a good game of Billiards with your friends. CRINER'S BILLARD and DOMINO PARLOR Next door to New Theater National Washer and Ironer Week Every House Needs WESTINGHOUSE Special This Week 6 Pound Washer S49.95 Sold On Easy Terms. Hope Hardware COMPANY You Owe It to Yourself TO TRY OUR Superior Dry Cleaning Methods and see the difference it .makes in the appearance of your clothes. Phone 148 COOK'S White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS WE ARE PREPARED To Do All Kinds of Cold Storage and Meat Curing COMMUNITY ICE & PRODUCE CO. Phone 350 for Particulars GAS RANGES—HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Automatic Water Heaters Butane Gas Systems EASY TERMS Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 HARDWOOD FOREST TREE HORIZONTAL 1 Tree leal pictured •here. 4 This tree belongs to the genus 10 Its acorn furnishes tannin. 13 Instrument. 15 Dress coat ends. 16 Proboscidcs of bees. 17 Limb. 18 Series of railroad cars. 19 Unit of work. 20 One greatly • loved. 22 Wigs. 25 To make a mistake. 26 Occupied a seat. 27 Frostier. 31 Mystic syllable. 33 God of sky. 35 Lunettes. 363.1416. 37 Portuguese coin. Answer W Previous Futile 38 Pertaining to teeth. 40 Ever. 41 Sign of assent. 43 Negative. 48 Fruit pastry. 50 Victuals. 51 Hair ornament. 53 Feathered barbs. 54 Intended slight. 56 Roof point covering. 57 Song for one voice. 58 Disturbs. » 59 Its leaves have indented VERTICAL 1 Hawaiian bird 2 Capable. 3 Genus of cuckoos. 5 To say. 6 Earring. 7 Inlet. 8 Snips. 9 Genus of lichens. 10 comes from this tree 11 To impel. 12 Father. 14 Self. 16 Rumanian coin. 20 Its wood is a widely used material. 21 Aspect. 23 Right. 24 Its acorn is a food. 28 Billiard rod. 29 Small hotel. 30 To dine. 32 Russian village. 33 Common verb. 34 Born. 39 Booty. 42 Rids of watci 44 Gaelic. 45 Pistols. 46 To border on. 47 To bnrk. 48 Sanskrit dialect. 49 To press. 52 Edge. 53 Pig. 55 To exist. 57 Senior. QheSNAPSHOT CUIL MINIATURE CAMERAS \ The original of this picture Is a transparency In natural color, made with an inexpensive miniature camera. Good If black-and-white, it glows with life in color. jyiiiiiiiuiuiiiiuimiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu |Use Mont's-Sugar-Curei •5 When Butcheing Pork and Beef S ~ Electrically Mixed 2 Printed Instructions Furnished E With Each Purchase ~" For^Sale by __ iliEED STORE, Hope. 5 5 F. A. Baker,—Stamps 5 Whte & Co.—Fulton S Lester Merchanile,—Lewisville S niiiininiiiiiiiinHiiiiiiiinmiiiiiiiniH T TXDOUBTEDLY most Snapshot '-' Guild members have longed to own a miniature camera. There's fascination in these beautiful little instruments, with their fast lenses, quick shutters, easy focusing, convenient size and instant readiness for action, They are cameras one can keep at hand all the time, ready for a picture chance the moment it appears. But, in comparison to inexpensive box and folding cameras, prices of Ihe de luxe miniatures have been a bit too steep for many of us. True value for every penny—but too many pennies. So, I think, most of us Will welcome the arrival of the true miniatures in the moderate price range which have recently been announced. The other day, I saw a beautifully made miniature, with a sharp-cutting f.5.6 lens, for only $16.50—a camera capable of taking black-and- white pictures under adverse light conditions as well as color film to obtain gorgeous transparencies for projection. A similar camera, but with a faster lens, was priced at 127.50. Both were sturdy, well-built, and capable of doing excellent work. These are about bottom prices lor miniatures capable of taking good .color pictures. Imperial Vulley, California's rich winter vegetable garden, was reclaimed from the desert. [Government Cotton Loans Quick Service — Immediate Payment Cotton Classed by E. C.Brown, Licensed Government Classer in Our Office. E, C. BROWN & CO. Hope, Arkansas "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" Services Offered See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 W«t Fourth, for New and Re-built. Phone Paul Cobb, 658-J. l-26tc Many invariably refer to a minia- ure as a "cand'd" camera, and apparently believe that it automatically gets unusual, unposed snapshots. That isn't U'ue—any camera can catch imposed, "off-guard" snaps, under suitable light condi- ;ions. But the miniature's small size, faat lens, and quick action make it easier to get "offguard" or "candid" shots. And its convenience is an aid in all kinds of snapshooting. The miniature is so easy to handle and operate that you wa*»t to take more pictures. The more pictures you shoot, the more practice you get—and your pictures juflt naturally begin to improve. One great virtue of a mlais.ture camera with a good color-corrected lens Is that you can use natural color film as easily as blacV-and- white. The original of the picture above, a full-color transpanncy, shows the little girl's cheeks, rpsy- pink, hair sparkling gold again?t a bright blue sky. Quite a difference from black-aud-white, and a nsw thrill for the picture-taker. You can get this natural color film for miniature cameras in 35mm. and No. 828 sizes. Try some shots with color film. You will like the results, John van Guilder, For Sale FOR SALE—SORGHUM SYRUP AT STAR OFFICE. 13-20tdh FOR SALE—One fine registered Hereford bull, wciglis 1,500 pounds. S.utton & Collier. , . 27-4tc Lost LOST—Thursday at Henderson foot- bull gainfe ladies yellow gold Elgin wrist wntch. Liberal reword for return to Hope Star. 21-Gt-dh. LIST—Light red Jersey cow with Up off of horns. Reward. Fletcher Enst- erlying Hope Rt. 2, Phono 343. 2G-3tp LOST—Hoan speckled cow with horns, GOO pounds. Call O. L. Wyatt 888 or 8-11-W. 26-3tc. Wanted WANTED — Immediately, refined lady, locnl work. Teaching, nursing or soles experience pcrferred. Give name and address, Write box 98, Hope Star. 29-2tp WANTED TO RENT—Unfurnished house, or apartment. Sec Harry Hawthorne, Phone 412. 28-3tp WANTED—Young man—white—age 20 to 30 years. Good personality. Must be able to deal with public. Capable of overseeing and handling help. Call nt Arkansas State Employment service KWi South Main Street. 28-3t-dh Notice NOTICE—Local money to loan on improved farm lands and city property low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lcmlcy, Hope, Arkansas. IM-Nov 24-c NOTiCE-5% F. ft. A. Loans, $100 and up. Pink W> Taylor, Office 309 First Rational Sank Buildlng.29-6tc FOR RENT FOR RENT—Nicely furnished bedroom. 308 S. Hervey. Phone 937. 27-3tc Help Wanted—Female WOMEN WANTED Address our catalogs. 3c each paid in advance plus bonuses. Everything Supplied. Free Details Furnished. ROYAL PRODUCTS, G. P. O. Box 164, Brooklyn, N. Y. Oct 29, Nov 5, 12 Male Help Wanted MALE HELP WANTED - Young mnn, high school graduate. Can earn $2.50 per day.' At least three month: work. Give name and address. Write box 98, Hope Star. 29-2tp Answers to CRANIUM CRACKIRSl Questions on Page One 1. False. Brussels is the capital; of Belgium. 2. True. Edward John Mortort Drax Plunkett is the name of the playwright and author better; known-as Lord Dunsany. 3. False. A caravel is a typo of ship. 4. True. Hitler became Ger-« many's dictator In 1833. 5. True. The tomb of George | Washington is at Mount Vcrnon. | The whippet is said to be the fasfj cst thing on logs. This clog cnn travel 200 yards in from 10 to 12 seconds. According to estimates, the nverngflj womnn working about her own homi will cover as much as 13 miles in single day. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ... with... MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R, WILLIAMS EdAC>, MEM, IMTHE. ELECTIOM THAT 1 WAS ASKED TO RUN FOR SENATOR 1 DELAYED MY' DECISION AT THE I^EQUEST CP THE POLITICAL BI6-WK3S, AS THERE WAS A GREAT DEAL. OF TAUK THAT T- WOULD E.E APPOIMTED A MEMBER Of THE C AB1MET—*- HA B -RUMP; SAY, MAXTOR, WHY" DOM'T YOU OUMP (WTO HAFPELSTlFF'S SHOES AND FIMISH OUT TH' RACE STATE HAP WAS <3OIM<3 <3OOD UMTIL. HIS RAUT AMP WRAMGLE FOUMD THAT HIS. PLATFORM WAS A BAR RAIL, if YOUR PARTY/ 'ICE. INC. T. M. PFC. II. «s 3. PAT. Off. *- >r POLITICAL BEE'S ABOUT TO STIMfl HIM = BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES FOR W-H-A-T 1 By EDGAR MARTIN VWtWe'O WW 60V GO '. HEVl COME B*CVt ALLEY OOP Foozy Laughs Too Soon By V. T. HAMLIN MUCH TO FOOZVS CON5TERNA TION, ALLEY OOP'5 DINNY 5HOVJ5, UNMISTAKABLE KAKKVS THEFT OF HI' I QUE55 I NEEDN'T WORRY ABOUT WASH TUBES , 1HACV SHE HAS T)W>.SC>£D WA6H IMTO , MESS WITH HIS OLD EWEWW, BULL DKWSOW, CAROL SLEEPS UKE A LOS. THAT »S. .KA. HE SURE OUTSMARTED THAT BIG DUMB BUNNY OF YOURS/ Dog in the Manger i A SEREWAOE, SEMOS\TA. THE st>EAR PBES10EMT LOVE HEES \PEOPLE SO WUCH THAT HE HAVE BAUDS PARADE THE STREETS VIER' WIGHT. AH .WELL, I SUPPOSE THE NATIVES LIK£ \T. VOU BET THEV LIHE ff! VEAVE TO A SWvART POHT\C(AV1 ADOLFO, HOMEV, TO PLEASE THE VOTEES. By ROY CRANE TOUT UTTUE LO DO THEY' KMOW ADOLFO. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Dud's Anxious To Get Started By MERRILL BLOSSER Hope Star Want Ad For Better THATS THE GAME WHERE YOU AND "tbUR. RIVAL, DUO WANGLE, WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO MAKE FOOTBALL DUEL. SOMETHIMe COLOSSAU' COULDNT AGAINST KIM9STON 3IS SAMB ? MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Safe, But Not Sound , . .- • --.... ._ * By Ray Thompson and Charles DESPERATELY TO RETAIM IS couscioueuess UWTIL HECAJO BC2IM& HIS PLAUE C5OWKJ, \ ^ROL IS SHEER IWSTIWCT- HE'Ll. MEVER AVS.KE IT, JACK/ HE'S COM1MG DOWKJ TOO FAST. [WirTH HIS LAST OUMCE OF COM- W SCIOUS STRENGTH, WHITEY MAK1AGES TO CUT HIS MQTOE. AMD LEVEL OFF/ WHAT A LAKJDIWCJ/ IHE I BOY'S A. m GENIUS! BUT, JACK/ H-HE'S HURT/ I CAM SEE THB E.LOODOM HIS HEAD FEOM HEfi £!

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