Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 15, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1896
Page 5
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f* e FACTORY . Up=to=Date Styles - FOR Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER WILL BE SPORT Lovers of Horses and Racing are Assured a Good Time. ENTRIE5 COMPLETED And All That is Needed is Fair Weather From Now On, UP=TO=*DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'* He—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G. TUCKER, The Original Pearl ^ Street Tailor. ffl Rob Roy. Rob Roy, The very latest in SHOES for children See our show windows Full of the handsomest new stj le shoes ever shown in theciiy. Stevenson tit Klinsick 403 Broadway. MARCHERS ATTENTION. THE FlkSi nATiONAL BANK -Olf- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL »a»o,ooo. X J. Murdock, Pres. W. W. Ros». Cosh. J, T. Brooloneyer, Asst. Cash. DIBECTOBS: & 3. Bice, W. H. Brtaghnrat, Dennli Chi. W. T. Wilson. „ „• In Hi; It3 Departments promptly Safety to Customers and atockholdsrs "Stton* B««»rv» Fund mUntsJnwL DAILY jouRNAic TUESDAY, SEPT-EMBER 15, 1SOC.' Positively the best .cup of coffee In the city at Dykemau's cafe. Sam Michael will ship a carload of live stock to Buffalo this week. For flags, Japanese lanterns,'cite., for campaign rallies see Wll-son Humphreys & Co. EVA Beck, the "three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Beck, is sick with malaria. ^The best baking powder and flavor- Ing extracts In the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. Wanted—Good men to work Insurance. Call In the forenoon and even- Ings.—Prudential Insurance Company, 326% Market street. Prof. Atha. ot Michael's university will address the Railroad men at the R. R. Y. M. C. A| rooms next Sunday afternoon at ,T o'clock. All are cordial-, ly Invited. Tlie Popular Eastend Plea-sure clnb will give its second dance at Dolan & McSalc's hall, Wednesday night, September I«rh.' Steinhart's orchestra will furnish the music. Messrs. Walcot amVFit?,gcrald were arrested last night upon the charge ot intoxication. Mr. Fitzgerald is a.local man but Mr. Walcot is ..entirely a stranger to tlie police. He seems to be rather irrational and.for that reason rather than intoxication .was iakcn in. He says -Ills home Is In Ohio, . ,. . ; 'Several hundred .yards of" muslin to, be used in decoration ."and making transipare.nc.ios.. for;, the 'Hlemp-n.sitratiqn of the-.Rail-way. Men's ...-Sound -Monpy. club tomorrow- night; h«&>bqen generously donated*y SeyDold Bros.,, .the dry goods, men:';;Thb railway men .wish to exten'd,titeirt.hanks..forji!? donation. The big sound .money meeting of the Ballroad iNlcn'p Squad Money ..clnb of. Wednesday: n igjit; Jiiis -completely' over- shndowed^aU otherjmeetln'^e,, This nnd the rain decided We bicyclists'to; defer corps until'after'jtie^big •meeting. A meeting of the wheelmen will"be/'caJled- within the week, : and the'organization will be put In shape to-do some effec-; -tlvework.' HcKinley Club to be Heasured for Uniform5. Th« members of the McKlnlcy R club must all be present tonight at Republican -lieadqunrter?, to be measured 1'or tliei-r uniforms. The expense attached to the socurlug of uiiit'ornis will bo only uomlnnl, not more than a dollar, a.nd a good mackintosh, c;vp, and combination c-nne and torch will bo secured by each marcher, It is very important that all who intend joining be present tonight. The McKinley. Marching Club has also been invited 1o join with thu .parade Wednesday evening, September ICtb. Regn VETERANS STAND BY' McKINLEY. Gen. Cbarlos W. Wood, the recently elected Coramander-ta-Clilef of the Union Veterans' Union, has Issued his first general order, In which he ?nys: 'tNever, my comrades, wns there greater need of the spirit of devotion to country tli-an now, and patriots of all political parties are again uniting their efforts. Wo are obligated to prefer our comrades, wboyo' all others for positions of public' trust "to support, aid assist in the election to positions of public trust any and nil true friends of the Union soldiers, irrespective of politics, creed or party. Let us show to the world we mean what wo profess by bolng first and foremost by our support for the office of President of these Uni/tod States of him who was once the little boy soldier of the Twenty-third Ohio, now the statesman, and always tlie patriot, Jn whom we may w-ell nnd safely put our trust—our comrade, William MciKnley." HISTORIES NOT REVISED. Saturday afternoon the State Board of Education held a meeting and caught up short <the school book firrn of Glim '& Co. The bonrd made a contract with this firm to furnish the ichools of the State with histories, the firm agreeing to make a large number of changes demanded by the Grand Army, The School. Trustees discovered that the publishers had left out a good deal of the agreed matter In, their matter in their revision. Thos, T. Bal- lartl, of Chicago, the firm's representa- t've, promised that the books should be revised and those already sent out j/illed in. The board advised nil school officers tliait they must not receive the histories until advised by the board. MRS. GRTJNDY SAYINGS. There is no doubt about a superfluity ,of cheap magazines. ; That snobbishness seems to be "Just ns hereditary ns insanity. That many alleged economies of suburban life are Imaginary. •That- modern society iruen are lacking .In' deference- to women. ^hat no modest bather at the seaside makes a bench exhibition. That the girl who never forgets .social proprietie"s wins a,t the last. Tliat uninteresting clergymen should be made, to read others' sermons. That a good business ought to be the Investigations of son-In-laws. There is but one tiling wanting to Insure itho success of the fifth annual riice^inctiting of the Lognnsport Driv.: ing clu-b, and that is, favorable weath : er. The rain of 'yesterday nCt'ernopn and evening was the best thing that, could have happened to make the track, in prini(f J j$J2gji>yt|a n ' if .it will just stop- at that (indgive us fair weather for the next four days. There. Is no doubt but wh;it the attendance will be good,, provided ilic ivea.tlier iw fair, and the entries in .all oC the events promise-, racing of the first'class. Following are •the entries and purses in the four days; events: TUESDAY; Two-i'orly trot, purse 5150—D Dod'ge, Wilkas Dean, Lock, Queen F Rcuna, Regal Mussell, Princ-a'Omei Beautiful Belles, Dnianjro Sprag'u Dr. Wilkos, Avalanche. .Two-forty-live pace, purse .fl'iO—JCL soy Mack, Emma H. Tinker, Gold Me. dium, Tony Wilkes, Dante, Rescue, jr Escort, Chestnut MnJd, Light' Shi! Bowenna.n Wilkes.. WEDNESDAY. Two-tlilrly trot, purse .?15(> Russell, Ha.nlie Wilkes, Alan. Two-lwon.ty-five pace, purse ?200— Ejmna H, Rossdlle, Knlilo, Barrioss. Running race,mile dash; eutrles-.open iiutil race is called.' THURSDAY. Two-twonty-five 'trot, purse . l ?150-< Rod River, Alan, Prepay, Arlstol. Free-for-all pace, purse $200—Ma Ainclerson, .Tohnuic B, Steel • Prince CapK Crouch, Proctor. . ' a . Three-minute trot, purse $100—Pr Dodge, Rcnxa, Queen F, Ixick,.Be,a.u.ti ful Bells, Dr. Wilkes. " . •"•FRIDAY. ' ; ;'"'; Two-lhirly-tive pace, purse $150^ Jersey Mack, Eiunwi H, Tinker,' Goi(; Medium, Rossdile,' Dante, Alita H, Mag; gie B, Chestnut Maid, Kahlo. Bowerman Wilkes. Free-for-all trot, purse ?200—Ret River, Shalburg, Avalanche, Prepay Arlstol. The association,.being a, member:.ot the American Trotting'-association, the races will bo nuder the strict rules laid don-in by that association. AH harness races will be three hcnis'ln five,'and mile heats. A horse distancing his field ls'en.tltled to first money only The association reserves the right ro postpoue or declare off any race'In case of bad weather, and to alternate the heats- in any of the races. .. „ ..-.-; Today is the day of the .county race; in which there will be some ivot going; Pat Grancy will not have the pleasure of another try at "Bum" Welch 'and his colt, as "Bum's" colt is laid up.with influenza. There are others, nowayer, nnd Pat will have some lint going,.tq In.nd the prize. •. - A glance at the list of entries will' convince anyone who is familiar : wlth the campaigners ttiat there 'will;' fie same racing. Dr. Dodge, Red 1 'Bfy- er. Alan nnd 'Arlstol. have all been there before. In/the free-f.or-ivllrpace there are five entries, and all of them have a uwrk .better, than 2:20. -Coleridge Is at Indianapolis, wherehe'karts* Tomorrow in the 'free-for-all pa.ce.' "•'It Is possible he may'' be 'sent liome in time to give an exhibition.mtlc;- last .day of. the meeting.-..., . ,„„.., Fred Montfprt. lias, secured.,';t.he lilcy-' cle checking privilege, and. will, care for the wheelmen's inonnts.at.'a smalt cost for. checking. Eixtra Strong, Heavy Pants = - = Extra Well Made Pants - = = = 250. / • Made From Remnants ' . V • • i 25 cents for Boys' Knee Pants --Heavy and tough. Real value, 56 and 75 cents- Only 250 pair Just the thing for school. t>TTO KRAUS "Of Course 600D WEATHER And Success of Sound Money Rally is Certain. SAAIE OLD WAY. should the papers say severe things about the young lady who plays on/the piano to her beau : wnlJe -her mother its in -the kitchen making bread? Xhat was the way the mother caught a husband wJien she was .young, and girls of today are surely entitled to the same advantages their mothers enjoyed. . A BIG B'JLAZE. The large barn of Joseph In Clinton township, located <Jusf. across t'iic river I roni , Georgetown', •was consumed by fire Sunduy. night. The fire was discovered shortly •after- dusk In 'the 1 'hoy mow," -bi.it It spread. quickly and -'soon "the" pn'tlro building wns fl.fl.anie. A number .of npighborsi,' .nt'trnc'te'd by,, the flre,.mnde ii desperate a'ttemirt -to save part .of' .the .building, but without avail.-' .Several teeming j implements, 400 '• bushels of -'corn, \COO- bushels oV-yVhcnt, 300 bushels of odts; and' 20- tons of/hflyi'.. weie'.eonsnmed.'' The. barn 'was' one of the'-larses'Lsf.ruc-.. tures In Clinton township.... The cause, "of tue fire Is unknown;, ' 'but, it Js_ 'tlionjfh't'H. was the result '.of oils ^combustion or. incendiarism:- loss la-'estlimMed at Insurance. . ' Military band's program night "of-;tlie : . opening of- the Hub Clothing; Co. r ,-<sue^ cessors to Harry -Fran*,. Thursday Sept', 17th; from 7 to 0"o'clbck"^ 'KK'-V'"^- .Red tetter March: .....: ,' ' Day Express .... ... . .,...' . . '. ",.'••'.'• vvi'..;.;. Cuipid Waltees. ------- .... . . . Silver Wedding ..... .',,.. The Message— Trombone ,.;'.-. , .'. _____ ,-.,•-. , . ;.-.;;' -Joe • El Capstan March'. •'.; ... .":-. .\.Vi • - • •'• ••'- " '- HOW THEY'LL HARCH , ...".•>•• Numerous Visitors From Over i State Promise to Join. J'fhc.llne of march for flic parade to •iriqrrow'evening will be as follows 'Form on Fourth street, rlgbt resting on'Market,', east, ou Market to Tliir- •tepn-t!),, north, on Thirteenth to North, 'west on North to Tenth, . south ou .'•Tenth to Broad-way, west on Broadway jo Third, North ou Third to Liu- dl'u avenue, 'west on Linden avenue to Brown,'south on Brown to Market, enst on Market to Fourth, north on Fourth to Broadway, west ou Broad^:iy to Third,.wlicrc the procession will disband mid .loin the audience a.t poliiu's opera house and listen to an •address on the financial issue, by Hou. ".l| T. Brooks, Second Vice President of the 'Pennsylvania, lines west of Pitts- burs. ., " • jTJiai. is.one of the features of the money demonstration, the suc- -cess of .which .is now thought to ,dc- ; pj:nd';.oii., the'. weather. With. • good .Voii'thfu-, there is little fear of the re- It, is requested that those having horses and rigs keep away from the line of march, and unite erei-y precaution ..to prevent accidents;. The Railway Men's Sound Money club will h(iye/;i real locomotive under a good ... .1$ ..pressure at' their head. There Win'-be'red fire, flambeaux, fireworks of novel -and pleasing descriptions, and other displays in profusion. . Capt. Will 'Chase has been named as chief ^marshal, with D, II. Chase :is assistant, ,aud the three additional-lieu- ti»nants.will..be.chosen today. (i appointments assure a well handled,parade... It Is. requested that clti- */i5n.s..aud .business men ttloug the line of march, decorate their premises. jbche first '.display ol' fireworks will begi'iv at sixth street, coining west on and will continue until .ijijl..street is reached. The second [if-c.wor-k's .show will begin at the Bar- going, east on Market, and t kept.up until the opera house Is! reached..,., , : il'hc,formation of the procession, subject .to. change, will be as follows: (|)enk<)r-and Reception Committee in !, . lfj ~; ..-'• '-.. • .Carriages. •j 4'«ulies'-G'lee Club in Carriages.. j .''.'.,,".. '.-..Military Band . ! ..', ,""...,.. Locomotive. ' . 'ju;r.e. Haute," Bradford, Richmond, Chl- ' .<;;ii'o,and:pther Visiting Clubs. . All-itpme Railway Men's Clubs. Re'pre^ntation.o-f Cars in u Train. \ ".'.. '.'..' L • Cabin. Car. . Corps.or Band. in 1 Uniform. ,'p.rnm Corps or Band. y,Sountl Money Club. , ''-~l '.Kqfcoiiio .jicKinley Clnb. ^!.'..7ciul)s .Not.in Uniform. ...Cass, County. Township Clubs. !','.. p'timr Marchers. '",'• '•-'• '•';•: -Bicycle Club. ;i)'u panicle, will move promptly .at 7 o'clock; .put ;) 11; who. are to join are urj;e(i'ito''uc ou.,hapd at 0:30 sharp. ' "'jiiliery' and 1he ' stage at the lia'ce been reserved for the who t:ike pnrt in the pare, and for the committees, having of the..meetiiig. . the opuran house prove.top i .hold tne.people, an.overflow r- addressed.by eminent.Indiana be held at some iqint.flear.. the-hall. ..... iriiosp'ln sympathy wllili the cause of .money arejisked to meet with RACES AT DRIVING PARK SEPFEIVIBER 15, 16, 17, 18. $3,000.00 in Premiums. while about sixty friends and relatives 'admired and congratulated and made offerings elegant and valuable, such ais are due young people at such a lime, The ring ceremony, with the Rev. H. Atwood PercIVfll as clergyman, was. employed to give to the popular and promising principals, the possibility of bliss unalloyed. The wedding fc.ist was served from 10:30 to 1:20, and was a triumph in its way. The bridal pair left in the afternoon for a wedding tour of Chicago, Milwaukee,.. St. Paul, and lake cities, after which the residence at Rochester provided by the prosperous young groom, will receive them. The groom in tjw real estate business at Rochester, '.Che bride is favorably known here, and is more than locally noted for her beauty and accomplishments. ^ The wedding was such ns loving x* nits are proud to give when the da; of separation conies. The pleasan home of the Redmonds was beautiful!; decorated with flowers and potted plants. The Mandolin orchestra, THE Is a Good Machine. •ected by Prof. Powell, nusic for the occasion. di furnlslict . lie.',n]}hei:ent.s,of the. cause of honest 9llars.at,the.starting point, in time to 'assigned'..to place,s 3n the procession. ki,i,tJie-iit!Kens..an<3 their families are Jp'ectol.to witness the demonstration. be -- f ^ md thnt there nre ,band wagon for.all appll- i,,'eldest daughter ol Mr. Ei Redmond of,North^ . PUS.iqlned In -wedlock' i. ( Mr,..'pji.i...Mi...Elliott of Rochester, "" '"'''"' •'"•""••.',yesterday morning, MAY END IN 7 COURT. The National Democratic party tiiroiigli S. O. -Plckcns, State Chainnai appointed John A. Pinch, a member ol the State Board of Election Commis sionors. The two parties casting th< largest number of votes at tlie last elec tiou are entitled 10 representation on the State Election Board. The Naition al Democratic pavty demands representation on the ground ithat it Is tbe party which clings to the original faith. The Silver Democratic party has already nominated .T. S. McCullough, but tlie government has refused to confirm the appointment, because McCullotigh leans toward gold. P. S Martin, ithe new chairman of the Silver State Committee, will appoint a man In the place of McCullough. The complications, it. is thought, may lead fo court proceedings. ODD FELLOWS PICNIC. Tlte I. O. O. F. picuiAt Twelve Mile last Saturday, Scptcin-l^ 12th, was largely -attended and fey°d a. very enjoyable and profitable^pSair. There was an excellent program, consisting ot good' speaking and fine vocal and instrumental music. The Rev. Singer.of 'Macy. the Rev. Grimes of Wa.verly, the Rev. Underwood of Pern contributed fitting and Instructive adrdesses. The songs were sung by the choirs of tlie Twelve Mile Christian and U. B. churches, and the special music was performed by the Mlssc Bessie and Lmniio Black-letter, and Mr. Winegardner Mid daughter, and tbe Twelve Mile band, the playing of which organization added greatly to-the pleasure of those present. The music w.i.« appropriate, and executed well. . .Miami County .Sentinel (Dcui.): YJoung Baldwin, who delivered a free silver iKtniiigue at tlie court house last Saturday, should by all means learn moderation; Such incendiarism comes not from patriotism,.but from n spirit of anarchy t'Jiat bodes no good. With a flourish of an imaginary rod flag he said: "If we can't win with ballots, we will win with bulelts." Such a sentiment can llnd no defense at the.nands of patriotism. It comes only from nn ignorant and groveling mind— a. mind • .not capable of comprehending tlie Iwnuties of consistency.' This is not Democracy—it is anarchy pure and simple. • '" Joe Strebel's sister will arrive this morning from .her home in Germany... 1 hl«h standard of excellence!. Manj of the "Munsoc" consider It THE (BEST. :nd It a valuable assistant In jour or- Bee, Address lor parllcDlars THE MUN50N TYPEWRITER CO MANCFACTUKERS. 240-844 West Lake St.. Chicago, I1L STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAXSPORT, UJD.l C,«P|Trtb • S2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President, B; W. Ullery, Vice Pr«ildent H. J. Heltbdnk, Cwhler. DIRECTORS. I. T. JobcBon. B. W. tnierr. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Bur and •»'] Government bund*. Loan money on personal security and collateral*. Issue Bpeclal certificate* of depotlti bearing; t per cent. lntor«*t -when left oca raar; * per cent, per annum when deposited ill months. Boxes in Safety Deposit V»ulta of thta Mnk for the deposit of deeds, Insurance •ellcle*, mortcages and ether TsJluables, rented at from K to JI£ r« rear. Tbe Logansport Humane society (INCORPORATED.) for the Prevention of Cruelty to .women Children and Animals E. S. Bice—rre«. .. Gco. W. Waltem-Sec. J. J. Hlldebrandt—Tre»«. IF. M. BInliop—Humane Ofllccr, E. S. Bice. J. C. Hfu'ley. KCCoolbough Geo \T Waltetr, J.J- Hiidebrandt, Peeked Justice. Jsaah Adams. Mm, W. D. FMtt Mte. 3. N. NelT. Telephone No. 30. Report CMPS of cruelty 1o Secretaw. - CHAS. L. WQLL, -.-. UNDERTAKFR :•: \ N». 417 Market ff /eet. Culls attended to proi iptly, dt,r w Central Union and Mutual telephones. Office, .No. 16; Residence. No. 12L UP IN A BALLp,ON. • Several people pithered Sunday at the park to witness the balloon ascension am] parachute drop advertised. e bis globe was p.iri tolly ulled with liot air, but when it was sent up for a tri.ii ^Tip, it rolled goiiily over and the oke was allowed to escape. It need not be said that Prof. 0:ill vras not suspended, from tlio air-sliip n-lien it irosc and Hopped. He was firmly bused on solid ground. The crowd did lot conceal its disappoinuwntas well it, should ha.v.e done. . STORM IXTERl'-KHED. The people at XJctealind «iven up the dea of hnviuj? a mcetinc to hear politi- af'Issues Jiscussed last nipht because of the seriously HireateniuK weather. They pave up the speakers. Hon. Geo. W. Steete and Hou. W. T. Wilson, but oixl andience was readily gathered when the sound money speakers <lp- >ejired. There was a very satisfactory iieeting spite of-the bad .-weather.

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