Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1938 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1938
Page 6
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Wb'.Ti, «' '* » < ' •, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PROLIFIC AUTHOR Aniw«f to Previous Panic g' ; s\ »(" rV -Author. ti&To run away. 10 Sphere. 12 Brought into ana aaainaoiH nan •H5ia HEranra anni* n noca mmm mm® n ., . 14 Kind. , 16 Gem culler's 1" cup. . I? To suffice. 16 Lava. 20 Go on (music) Si He was an t unusually ' — — person. 22 Anesthetics. 24 One who . delves. 28 Onager. 59 Viscid fluid. SI Capuchin f monkey. 32 To tip. 34 Fragment 36 Elf. .38 Indian. 39 Eggs of fishes. ' 40 Sesame. aca aaaia aaaca aa nan nca an aaam rna an DEANNA 42 To dress in. 43MusciaI note. 44 He was the most popular writer for of his time. 47 Alleged force. 48 Measures. 50 Baking dish. 51 He died at the of life. 53 Custom. 54 Purple. 57 Coloring matter. 58 Antiquated. 59 Titles. VERTICAL 2 On board ship 3 To snip. 4 Small cask. 5 Those who lend. 6 To bow. 7 Doctor. 8 Kimono sash. 11 Official decrees. ** 12 He Wrote stories of men. 13 Ages. 15 To praise. 18 Doleful. 21 Exploit. 23 Healthy. 25 To drink dog- fashion. 26 Emulated. 27 Caribou. 29 Play hous*. 30 Train of attendants. 33 Passages. 34 Boggy ground 35 Noise. 37 Spacious. 39 Files. 41 Leprous person. 44 Mother. 45 Hissing sounri 46 Senior. 49 Fiber knots. 52 Idants. 55 You and me. 56 Sun god. I CLASSIFIED RATES Ofi* tto**4e word, minimum 30c Three time*-9Ht word, min. 50c Six time»-4c Wotd, minimum 90c On* month (21 time*)—Me word,, minimum - H79 Rates an fof Continuous Insertion* only. In making word count, disregard classification name such as "For RenV "For Sale," etc.-thia is fn*. But each initial or nam«, or complete telephone number, count* a* a full word. For example: FOR RENT—Three-room modarn furnished apartment, with garage, close in. Bargain. J, V. Blank, phone 9999. Total. 15 word*, at fc word, 30c for one time; at 3V4e word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill. PHONE 768 BARBS Legal Notice L Cost of the publication of this Proposed Amendment to the Taxpayers $137.50._ S^w* PROPOSED CONSTITUTION AL ' AMENDMENT No. 24 Proposed by the General Assembly »rid filed in the office of the Secretary of State on February 26th, 1937. A RESOLUTION TO SUBMIT AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION, TO PROVIDE THAT THE JUDGE OF THE CHANCERY COURT OF EACH COUNTY SHALL PRESIDE .OVER THE PROBATE COURT OF SUCH COUNTY; PROVIDING FOR THE TRIAL OF ALL PROBATE COURT MATTERS BEFORE THE JUDGE OF SAID COURT, AND FOR APPEALS FROM THE PRO-ATS COURT TO THE SUPREME COURT OF ARKANSAS; AND AUTHORIZING THE LEGISLATURE TO PROVIDE FOR A CLERK FOR THF. PROBATE, OR TO CONSOLIDATE CHANCERY AND PROBATE COURTS; AMENDING SECTIONS 19, 34. AND 35 OF ARTICLE VU OF THE CONSTITUTION. BE IT RESOLVED by the House ol Representatives of the State of Arkansas and the Senate of the State of Arkansas, a majority of all the members elected to each House agreeing thereto; that the following be, and the same is kerefty proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State pf Arkansas, to-wit; Section 1. Section 34 of Article VII of the Constitution of Arkansas is hereby amended to read as follows: "Section 34. In each county the Judge of the court having jurisdiction in matters of equity shall be judge of the court of probate, and have such exclusive original jurisdiction in mat. ters relative to the probate of wills, the estates of deceased persons, executors administrators, guardians, and persons of unsound mir.d and their estates, as is now vested in courts of probate, or may be hereafter prescribed by law The judge of the probate court shali try all issues of the law and of facts arising in causes or proceedings within the jurisdiction of said court and therein pending. The regular terms of the courts of probate shall be held at such times as is now or may hereafter be prescribed by law; and the Genera] Assembly may provide for the consolidation of chancery and probate courts." Section 2. Section 35 of Article VII of the Constitution of Arkansas is hereby amended to read as follows"Section 35. Appeals may be taken from judgments and orders of courts of probate to the Supreme Court; and until otherwise provided by the General Assembly, shall be taken in the same manner as appeals from courts of chancery and subject to the same regulations and restrictions." Section 3. Section 19 of Article VI] of the Constitution of Arkansas is hereby amended to read as follows- 'Section 19. The clerics of the circuit courts shall be elected by the qualified electors of the several counties for the term of two years, and shall be ex-officio clerks of the county and probate courts and recorder; provided, that in any county ftavlng a population exceeding fifteen thousand inhabitants, as shown by the Jast Federal census, there shall be elected a county clerk, in like mannei as the clerk of the circuit court, and :i m such case the county clerk shall be ex-ottuaa clerk of the probate court ' v&Tl! C °v Unty U " U1 oth erwise provided by the General Assembly." ^ectipn 4. The provisions of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas m conflict will, this amendment are hereby repealed in so far as they are in conflict herewith; and this amendment shall take effect on the first day of January next following its adoption. Witness my hand and seal on this the 1st day of April, 1938. C. G. Hall. .' Secretary of State. "Czechoslovak Trade Up," reads a headline. One more trade over there and the headline writers wont 1 have to know how to spell the counry's name any more. A plane designer foresees a passenger ship of the near future which will be able to 'nVake the trip to Europe in 18 hours. And how fast will it be able to turn around? There's a professional trumpeter the English city of Ripon pays to blo,w a blast on a horn every day. They're practicing up to run a Chamber of Commerce. Legal Notice Warning: Order No. 5217 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, et al Plaintiffs vs. • • • Claude W. Garner, et al.,.... Defendants The Defendants, Claude W. Gamer and Ruth Stuart Garner, his wife, are hereby warned -to appear in the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, and H. L. Hodell, Trustee. Witness my hand as clerk of said Court and the seal thereof on this llth day of October, 1938. (SEAL) RALPH BAILEY, Clerk Oct. 13, 20, 27, Nov. 3. Delinquent Land Sale Continued from Page Five NAME Parts of Lots _§••• §_. ; -ra-g^ 5 . • 3 js-£ S R. L. Wardlaw Lot 6 2 10 99 J. D. Eley .-. _ Lot 7 2 10 .99 R. L. Wardlaw Lot 34 10 .99 R. L. Wardlaw Lot 5 4 10 ' .99 ATKINS ADDITION, McCASKILL Claude Long W% Lot 1 3 5 77 GORHAM ADDITION, McCASKILL H. E. Gorham Lots 1-2 2 10 .99 SCOTT ADDITION, McCASKILL C. T. Atkins _ Lot 6 1 ,10 .99 G. W. Hood Lots 1 to 14 2 20 1.42 McCASKILL CORPORATION, McCASKILL, ARKANSAS J. D. Eley Est Pt. SW SW 35 9 25 20 350 15.80 Marshall Scott .... N Pt. NW NE 2 10 25 5 450 20.16 McNAB, ARKANSAS Willard Moore Lots 8-9 1 10 .93 J. A. Haynes _ , Lot 1 5 10 .93 MAXWELL ADDITION McNAB Oscar Gilmore Lots 8-9-10 1 70 3.21 Ella Parker Lot 4 2 60 2.84 James Cook Lot 5 2 10 .93 Ella Parker Lots 4-5-6 8 20 1.32 Ella Parker Lots 1-2-3 9 60 2.84 OZAAT, ARKANSAS W. D. Jones, Jr Lots 1 to 6 S'/j 7 18 10 .93 OZAN CORPORATION Mrs. Lona Hill Pt. NW NW 31 10 25 8 300 11.64 PATMOS, ARKANSAS W. T. Martin Lot 7 5 55 2.64 SHOVER SPRINGS R. G. Byers Lot 5 4 40 2.07 TOK1O, ARKANSAS M. L. Stuart Lots 10 to 18 4 30 1.69 Sam Huddleston fe E Pt. Lot 1 5 10 .75 Earn Huddleston Lots 10-11 5 220 4.74 WASHINGTON, ARKANSAS James London Lot 31 40 2.29 J. P. Byers E 19' Lot 3 All 4 4 250 11.44 Geo. Carrigan Pt. Lot 2 6 100 4.91 W. A. Gage & Co Pt. Lot 2-3 All 4 15 1000 44.11 Mrs. E. W. Smith Lots 2-3 20 500 17.60 Henry Saunders Lots 3-4 29 200 9.26 T. J. & Claude Garner Pt. 1-2-3-4 60 50 2.73 Ella Monroe Block 75 100 4.91 Mrs. E. W. Smith Block 93 200 9.26 W. A. Gage & Co Block 104 10 .98 DIXON ADDITION, WASHINGTON, ARKANSAS Lucy Samuels & L. Turner Lots 3-4 88 10 .99 WASHINGTON JR. W. H. Stingley All Block 8 10 .77 Reuben Carter Block 35 and 36 500 11.44 Reuben Carter Block 55 and 56 100 2.73 NAME Part of Section -J V en I I rt^oCJ Hi N. B. Williamson . N. B. Williamson.. Mary E. Perdue Mrs. E. W. Smith . Frank Booth Henry Trent .. B. H. Keel '." H. W. Stingley Walter Lee Mary E. Perdue B. H. Keel B. H. Keel B. H. Keel Nin Colston I. L. Pilkinton .... Jim Page WASHINGTON Pt. NW SE Pt. SW SE . Pt. NW NW .. Pt. NW NW Pt. SW NW ... Pt. SE NW Pt. NE NE .... Pt. NE NE Pt. NE NE .... Pt. NE NE ... Pt NW NE .... Pt. SW NE Pt. SE NE .... Pt. SE NE .. Pt. NW SE ... Pt. SE NE CORPORATION 21 11 25 1.25 21 11 25 6.38 27 21 27 27 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 11 U 11 11 11 11 U 11 11 U 11 11 11 u 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 2.50 .35 3 6.67 13.48 4 5 7.13 5.49 2 4.36 10.92 2.01 5.94 10 30 50 20 30 250 300 300 150 50 30 15 30 50 600 50 .99 1.86 1.64 1.42 1.86 11.41 13.62 5.66 7.08 1.64 1.86 1.20 1.86 2.73 26.69 2.73 i And notice is hereby given that the several Tracts, Lots, and Parts of Lots, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the Taxes, Penalty and Costs due thereon, will be sold by the County Collector ?nJ c , ourth °use iii said County on the First Monday in November, 19^8, unless the Taxes, Penalties and Costs be paid be/ore that time, and the sale will be continued from day to day until the said Tracks. Lots, and Parts of Lots be sold, NOTE: Said Tracts, Lots and Parts of Lots will be sold to the r g S 1 d , er ' and if ^ thi<n tf' 6 whol e of any Tract, Lot or Part of Lot be purchased, it will be surveyed in a somare or legal subdivision, Lomrnencmg in the Northeast comer of said Track, Lot or Part of Lot. RAY E. MCDOWELL, County Clerk of Hempstead County, Arkansas I ED "The More You TeMffe Quicker You Sell" •"—•< — "" I'lilriii., it • —-——_ Services Offered See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 W««t Fourth, for New and Re-built. Phone Paul Cobb. 658-J. l-26tc For Sale FOR SALE-SORGHUM SYRUP AT STAR OFFICE. 13-20ldh » FOR SALE—One fine registered Hereford bull.' weighs 1,500 pounds. Sutton & Collier, 27-4tc Lost LOST—Thursday at Henderson football gairie ladies yellow gold Elgin wrist watch. Liberal reward for re- tur-i to Hope Star. 21-Gt-dh. LIST—Light red Jersey cow with tip off of horns. Reward. Fletcher East- erlying, -Hope Ht. 2, Phone 343. 26-3tp LOST—Hoati speckled cow with horns, GOO pounds. Call O. L. Wyatl 888 or 841-W. 2B-3tc Wanted WANTED—Four unfurnished houses and three furnished apartments. Coll Hope Chamber of Commerce, Phone 940. 26-3tc WANTED TO RENT—Unfurnished house or apartment. See Harry Hawthorne, Phone 412. 28-3tp WANTED—Young man—white—age 20 to 30 yenrs. Good personality. Must be able (o deal with public. Capable ot overseeing and handling help. Call nt Arknnsas Stale Employment service, 104',;. South Main Street. 28-3t-dh Notice NOTICE—Local money to loan on improved farm lands and city property; low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lcmlcy, Hope, Arkansas. IM-Nov 24-c FOR RENT FOR RENT—Nicely fufnUhed bedroom. 308 S. Hervey. Phone 937. Today'* Answers to CRANIUM CRACKIRS 1. False. The Mexican War broke out in 1846. 2. False. Henry Morgenthati is secretary of the treasury. » 3. False. Harvard University is in Cambridge, Mass, 4. True. A light yonr is the distance light travels in a year. 5. True.' The capital of Bulgaria is Fofia. David Livingstone, the famous African missionary and explorer, had waut- cd. to go to China and was greatly disappointed when assigned to Africa. .Friday, October 28,1988j Mis Hens Can Lay Green-Yolked Eggs] TOPEKA, Kans.—{#•)—Walter Laun*| don can make his hens lay yellow, red! or green yolks in their eggs. I Shorting a hen on her grain ration]; and feeding her green vegetables! makes the yolks green. An abundVl ance of carrots in the diet makes yolkl more yellow than they should be. Rcdf yolks come from diets of chemically treated grains. AH the yolks taste about the same,* said Laundon. The nations of the world continue 101 bolster their arms programs, but no*| body yet has offered to pillow the| taxpayers. The appearance of a new drug lo| make criminals tell the truth foreshadows a new racket—bootleggingj antidotes. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ...with... MAJOR HQOPLE OUT OUR WAY X WOULDM'r PUT AMYTHIMO BEYOMP A CJUS-T A. MATTER OF WHICH OMB BAITS MIS TRAP FlRST~~ SO STOP' THIS S<?UABBLtUQ BEFORE THE REFEREE STEPS I SI AND SETTLES THS BATTUE <? wrm A BROOM ME/ YOU IklSIMUATB THAT I WAS PARTY * TO A FRAUD? '. DSTEW TO' WHO'S TALKIUO / TH 1 LAST HO0PLE TO PULL A GVP WAS TH' TIME VOL) CAME TD MY CRIB WITH A LEMOM STUCK OW A STICK AMD <3OT ME TO TRADE MY LOLLIPOP FOR IT f COINCIDENCE DULY TIMS THAT 1 VICTIMISED By J. R. WILLIAMS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THEMS DICKS. I HEARD 'EM TELL TH' BULL THAT TH' GUY ON THAT LATHE. KICKED A KITTEN TEN YEARS AGO.... THEY'RE TAKIN' FINGERPRINTS — THEY THINK THEY FINALLY GOT THEIR MAN BUT ARE I-IAKIN' SURE. AFTER TEN YEARS PUTTIN' HIM IN TH GOW TO CURE HIM OF KICKIN' KITTENS 7 WHY, v THATS TH' HES. \LAW.THOUGH CURED \-YOU AIN'T .HISSELF/ICURED TILL HE AIN'T \THEY CURE KICKED \YOU--AN' A KITTEN THEY BRING PER TEN BACK TH' YEARS/./ THINGS YOU'VE •:- \ TOUO you OMCE T6£T ALLEY OOP That Man Again By EDGAR MARTIN COPR. 1_y?8 BY NEA Hot Water WEUoflL BE--.' MV KAKKV'S GRABBED VOOR DINNV'S DINNER.' NOW AI UL RASCAL GOT A N66WE ? By V. T. HAMLIN WASH TUBES , THtfS WOT HE tS. VW^TWS BUNX.W SCUPPER RAT A^T 60T THE •SP\B1T OF A MOOSE/ He's Lost More Than His Memory BV GOSH, FOOZV--I'M AFRAID Y IF'OINNV HARMS A T> / *-* * •••^^•'wi i; i v^^/i» T j, 1*1 ni (\I-MCJ I •> w'tiT nr^iMM «J YOUR LITTLE KAKKV 15 A > SINGLE SCALE OF GONE QOSLIN.' HE NEVER / K^KKV'S HIDE, GRABBED OL 1 DINNV'S TIDBIT.' ILL, ILl-riL—J •SWAPPER TrtEM SV/ABS, •MAMUEL SEE WHERE THEY LIVES, 'M 1 IF TUBBS TP1ES TO SEE MISS ROUGH UP, , , --. , ' 'CAPITAL. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS iKj-Jft YOU EXPECTEY) KAE TO TEAR j .... WTO THAT 8ULLY LIKE. A jfruvrA WILDCAT AND WHIP HWA.r'l T TS, WASH• ".J'lA SORRY IV I J2\f r PtSAPPOWTED YOU, f \*\6HT. T^ B RECK KNOW IT— BUT HE'S GOING TO BB INITIATED BY. THE WRONG. " N io-it Kicked Out Before He's In »->.», COPR. JM« ay HU SEBYICE. IMC. TJM. BEO. U 8. I By ROY CRANE m MOT, EASY; „..„ YOU'RE TH' 0RAVEST SUV IN JTH' WORLD! EMER SINCE YOUR SKULL WAS CRACKED, M3U HAVEN'T BIN TH 1 SAVAE.'ATSTH' TROUBLE. O' WE. MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE .i / ' I GOT YOUR PHONE MESSAGE TELLINQ ME THE WEETIMQ PLACE WAS CHANSEO/ BUT— .jl^^ mwnwzrzati!?. Whitey's a Hero THE CAR — AND cx^^f^ , ASK QUESTIONS/ ^ ITS 8:is- AND HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE AT 7:301 A FINE OILCAN HE TURNED OUT TO BE / NOW HE'LL. NEVER GET INTO OUR. CLUB — NOT EVEN WITH A CROWBAR. AND AN , ^S^LE'iP T ORCH / LETS GOT-toME/ j HE'S CRASHIMG/ MV BIG BLUFF WORKED/ BUT ME. SPIDER WAS A HEADACHE. TO THE BITTER EKID... poH/ WHAT A HEAD / , CAREFUL. I STILL DOM'T TRUST'EM! ©M THE GROLHOD, MVCA A.MD -TACK DASH TO THE TWISTCD WRECKAGE OF THE "BLACK BULLET" PI-AWE By Ray Thompson and Charles Coll JACK.' LOOK WHITEV'S TROUBLE; GREAT GUMS/ LOOK AT THAT Si.1i I \ v,,.

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