Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1938
Page 5
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Thursday, October 27,1938 STAR, ARKANSAS PAGE Intlh. ami counlries. luive Hi illilerncv <>f highest ,1!! Inrge Li Po, born 701 A.D., is considered hy many erilie-s Hie Rrentest of Chinese poets. I'olur bcnrs linve been known ID Irnvcl from Greenland to Iceland on let- drifts. An income tax wns imposed in Great Britain in 1799 to finance the wur ii|{uin.sl Napoleon. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS 8 Pound Mrs. Tuckers] 4 Pound 44c Carton .... 85c CREAM 24 Lb. Sack 35c SUGAR GOLD PURE CANE 10 Pound Paper Bag MEDAL 24 Lb Sack CORN, No. 2 Can 2 For 45c B & B SPECIAL COFFEE LB 15c TOMATOES No. 2 Can—2 For 13c PILLSBURYS BEST 24 s L l 85c PINEAPPLE-NO. 2 can [Crushed or Sliced 2 For 4^ \*,<A1 I B 33c!2 CRACKERS Pound Box 14c PEACHES, Dried—2 Pounds 25c COFFEE—Maxwell House—1 Ib. 27c PRODUCE SPECIALS Oranges, Texas Nice size, 2 doz. LETTUCE ~" Large Head 25c CARROTS Bunch 5e CELERY Stall, Nice Size Grapefruit, for lOc GRAPES 2 Pounds 13c Sweei Potatoes 10 Ibs 23c Turnips & Tops Bunch 5c MARKET SPECIALS—Pete Shields, Manager Brick Chili Pound Fresh Side Pork Sliced—Lb. 21c Dry Salt MEAT -IA- For Boiling, Ib. IUG Country Style Pork Sausage, Ib 21c When You Think of Meat Think of Pete We Carry A Complete Line of Produce GRO. W% I B We Deliver and K and Market "^ t IAAI* \si B Call 871 Special Pies and Cookies for Halloween Blue Ribbon Bread BREAD At Your Grocer and City Bakery You Need Make No Bones About Serving Skull Cookies at a Hallowe'en Party «y MILS. GAYNOH MADDOX j NEA Service Staff VVriler Cookies mnsl be inuitcd to every inforniiil party. So let's loss up n batch for Halloween and make them .some- tiling lo wonder ul. Skull mid Crosslione Cooklts (About 2'A dozen) Dough: 1 cup butter, 2 cups granulated sugar, 2 eggs. Vz cup thick cooked pumpkin, 1 teaspoon vanilla exti-Lcl, C cups .sifter all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon soda, 2 teaspoons mace. Killing: IVfe cups cooked prunes, 1 cup cubed orange, 1 cup liquid in which primus were cooked, 1 cup chop- j |-ed nut incuts, (i tablespoons butter, j G tablespoons corn-starch, 'A teaspoon | wilt, 'i teaspoons cinnamon. [ 4 Dough: Cream butler, add sugar and j cream thoroughly. Add beaten eggs, pumpkin and flavoring and beat. Add I lour sifted with salt, soda and spice and mix. Divide into pieces of convenient si/.e In handle, place on floured xiard, add sufficient flour to make •ollinj 1 . ei-sy, and roll out thin. Cut with floured cookie cutter into rather arge rounds. From one-half of rounds, cut small •ound boles for eyes, a slit for a nose nd u gash for a mouth. Place on cookie sheet. Pull "mouth" down in "face" rounds to give an open mouth ippcarance. Bake in a moderately hot oven MOO legrees F.I 12 to 14 minutes. Roll crossbones from thin lengths of cookie lough, making ends thick and rounded ind bake. Filling. Pit prunes and cut into small pieces. Combine all ingredients n a saucepan and stir until well blended. Bring lo a boil and cook and stir until very thick (about 5 minutes); cool. Spraid plt.in cookie rounds with prune filling and cover with "face" rounds. Frost with pale butler and sugar icing, frosting around eyes, nose and mouth. Frost ends of crossbones anil place under each "skull" on serving plate. Keep the menu simple yet .sturdy. Have one large center dish of a hoi lood, such as highly flavored baked be;:ns, spaghetti and ham in casserole Here's good fun and good eating for the Hallowe'en party—fruit* filled cookies that look like skulls and crossbones. MSorts Shoes Jinx EABT LANSING, Mich.-Charley Sachman, Michigan State coach, has )ecn wearing the .same pair of shoes to football games for 10 years. ywvywuwvuvuwwwwvvii FLOUR Money Back Guarantee $ Cherry Bell—48 Ib. Sack 1*1 10c| 37c •J Macaroni "; Spaghetti, 3 boxes JMEAL, 24 ;!! Fancy Cream, Ibs •I See Our 5c Counter Vegetables and Soups SALT 25 Pound Sack CRACKERS 2 Pound Box 28cr 14ci; Playing It Safe WASHINGTON—'Hie report is that Flay Flaherty, coach of the Washington Redskins i will slap u fine of $35 on any man who attempts to make a lateral puss. Leo In Clover EROOKYLN—Leo Durocher's 517,000 for managing the Dodgers next year will make him the highest-paid Brooklyn pilot since Wilbert Robinson. An ancient library of 10,000 clay deoc uments hasuments hash eon uncovered in Nineveh. ' i II MRS. TUCKERS LARD .I 8 Pound Carton 83c INSTANT HOT STARCH IN 3 EASY FRI.-SAT. SPECIALS GRAPEFRUIT Nice Size .. 4 for lOc Bushel $1.35 (I'ink or White Meat) ORANGES Medium Si/.c 2 Dozen 25c Peck 45c Bushel $1.65 or a platter with stacks of steaming frankfurters piled on it. Salad is always welcome, but celery, (.lives, radishes, carrot strips can,take Is place and require less service. As- '••orteri breads, sliced and buttered, or mall hot biscuits, buttered, cookies, doughnuts, individual pumpkin pies, i.-iwls of autumn fruits, especially i|:plc.s, yellow candies, popcorn,.'un- limiled supplies of hot coffee, fresh cider or ginger ale will complete the liearty feast for till witches, black ts and .spooks who have a way of liiiK like hungry human beings, on Halloween. oil can. Use the oil on the bearings and around the wheels. Then run the sweeper over a paper to catch any surplus oil so it won't drip on your rug. Set the children to blowing soap bubbles on your next rainy day. A little glycerine add Id to warm soapy wster will increase the size and number of the bubbles. Helps for Housewives When buying bone roasts, be sure the butcher sends you the bones even il they IILVC been removed. The bones can be used for making soups and stock for stews. So They Say Here is a recipe for a popular peppermint ice cream. Soak for half an hour, one-third of a pound of peppermint, slick candy and one cup of.dream. Fold in one cup of whipped cream, and freeze four hours in Ihe mechanical re- frigerntor. Or cover securely in mold and bury four hours in five parts of hopped ice and one part coarse salt. COOKING APPLES 30c Peck DELICIOUS APPLES Size 111! For Eating Dozen 29c CABBAGE ,„ 2c TOMATOES Pound 6c BUTTER BEANS Pounds For • M~f 2 15c SQUASH 3 Pounds lOc BYERS CURB MARKET East Third Street We Deliver—Phone 26!) Ei4g custard is often served as a topping for soups. Mix two egg yolks, two tablespoons of milk and a few grains of salt and paprika. Pour a one-fourth inch layer into a shallow pan. TJ'.ike in a pan of hot water ni a slow oven until the custard sets. Cool and cut out tiny shapes with vegetable cutter. Serve two to a cup or bow of .soup. What we all can do is to make our country an object lesson to show the world what a democracy can do.— Dean Virginia C. Gildersleeve of Barnard College. ' A white man dropped the bottle from an airplane and it fell into my pocket —Mollie John, Indian of. Williams Lake B. C., explaining to the judge his possession of liquor. There is no room for anti-cow munism, anti-nazism, or anti-anything else in this country- There is only room for pro-Americanism. — Eddl Cantor. If you ask me the difference be tween Russian bolshevism and German National Socialism, I canno for the life of me tell you.—George Bernard Shaw. 11 your carpet sweeper squeaks, apply oil on a feather or from a small Do A 20 Minute lob In Barely fl Minute! 4 Pound Carton 43c Lb COFFEE 1 LUZIANNE ".' Potatoes—10 Ibs Red Triumph 27c Because the Laycna Ration contains nil necessary ingredients the Layena Egg contains 13,000 U. S. P. units of Vitamin A per Lb. of yolk and GOO U. S. P units Vitamin D per Ib of ii|[yolk. An ordinary egg contains £ about half as much of these two ,• vitamins. FRESH HOME GROUND MEAL K. C. Baking 01 A? Powder, 50 02. canUIV £ WJien you buy eggs ask for them in the Checker Board Carton. LAYENA EGGS 30c Dozen 2 PIGS RAISED IN STORE Age | Grain | Shorl ~GO Days'| "STARTED" "90" Days I 57 Hi I ""41lf |~ 126 'Days | I _ ' 150~baiys | j Wpaysj "~_^_' T ~COST~OF GAIN Gain ~ ionf 9c"Hi~ . , . -1, |P.&H. Age | Grain | Chow 60 Days] STARTED : "SfDaysj "IS'liTf 7% 16 120 Days] | 150 Days) | 180 Days | j "" COST~OF~GAiN Gain 19 ID 1 I Gclti WATCH US GROW ALL KINDS OF FEED Feeders Supply Co. Fhe Hope Star Is Across the Street The Store With the Checker Board Sign 1 DRESSWAY H. EG. U.S.PAT OFF. FLOUR THE ALLPURPOSE FLOUR Is for Sale by: LEWIS GROCERY—Hope FARMER'S SUPPLY—Ozan T. O. MARLAR—Willisville JEWEL WHITE—Prescott TRY A SACK TODAY CARROTS, Bu. CELERY, Large .... lOc | Jona, Applet,; doz.. 19c BANANAS, Ib 5c LETTUCE, la&e KRAFT'S DINNER COFFEE BRIGHT & EARLY LARD Every Bag Guaranteed SUNSHINE DEVILS CAKE ALL SWEET OLEO u20c Model Plane With Each Pound STEW MEAT Veal or Beef 2 Pounds 25c SAUSAGE MIXED— 2 Lbs. 25c PURE PORK Pound 25c BABY BEEF ROAST CHOICE NATIVE SHOULDER Pound 15c GROCERY PRICES GOOD FRf— SAT— MON. October 28-29-31 Cocoanut Marshallow Cookies — Lb. 19c Peanut Butter EMBASSY Quart Salad Dressin Country Club Quart Halloween CANDY Pound — White 3 Ibs lOc Yellow 4 Ibs lOc 250's Dozen TEXAS SEEDLESS GRAPEGFUIT Pound Carton FRESH Head Cauliflower FRESH Pts. MUSHROOMS Stad. No, 2 Cans Tomatoes, 4 for City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY. PHONE 767 5c I Grapefruit, 3 large .. 13c 8 Package DECKER'S Tall Korn BACON n 25c STEAKS 15c CHUCK Native—Lb. PORK CHOPS Cut From Choice Home Killed Pork, Ib 25c KRAFT'S LOAF CHEESE Swiss—Pimento—Brick—American Pound Box •JW 2 MBftCAAVtM* 49c Phone 2G6 HOBBS Market Fn* Delivery C. C. Hominy 3 — 2'/2 cans 25c Spotlight COFFEE 2—1 Lb. Bags 27c 3 Lb. Bag 39c Avondale Kraut 3—2'/2 s » ze cans ALASKA SALMON 25c lOc Wesco Crackers 2 Pound Box 14c C. C. Pumpkin 2—2'/z size cans 19c DIXIE OLEO, lb,..19c COMPOUND 8 Lb. Carton 82c 48 Lbs $4.79 AVONDALE FLOUR 48 Ib 95c Barrel $3.59 4 NAVY BEANS Pounds For 17c —M A R K E T— PICNICS SHANKLESS All Sizes—Lb. 17ic MINCE MEAT Bulk, Lb. 15cl SAUER KRAUT—Lb. DC SAUSAGE 100% Pure Pork, Ib. 25c Pork Links—Lb 29c ROAST BABY BEEF THICK RIB—Lb. HENS-FISH-OYSTERS K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. KROGER Cecil W, Dennis, Gro. Mgr. AMAZING CUABANTil ACCEPT Tl BUY «ny fcrofcr Item. UKB It u well <*.belief, OK rdun untiKd FR£S yitk ««y aUMt In»n4 we tell «TMw wn« K«n, teg»rdk« «fpfk»

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