The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 8, 1934
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VOL. XXXI—NO. 174 D»ll]r Ntwi BlyUwrUk V*U*y Lt»dcr BlythevUJ* Berald BI,YTHEV1L1,R. ARKANSAS. MONDAY,-OCTOBEK 8, 108-1. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Rothrock grounded out,. Rogell lo Accident Victims Are Greenberg, Martin scoring. Frlsch The Key (o ihe Golden Gale In Serious Condition Victory Today Keeps. Se ries Going, Puts Card On Even Tei,mi. ';. R H. E Cardinals , '. 410 2 Tigers ^"3 7 1 NAVIN. FIELD, Detroit. Oct. 8- Paul Dean scored,: his second straight, victory, over, the Detrol Tigers today pulling the St. Louis Cardinals back in the world series and on even terms with the American league champs, each > club having three wins and three losses. The Card victory meant that the world series would go the ful number ot games, seven, for th; first time since 1931. The younger of the Dean brothers got the verdict over Schoolboy Rowe, ace of the Detroit stall, in probably the most game of the series. exciting The bailie was nip and luck all the way. The Cards, needing a victory to keep the series going, went into the lead - in the first' scoring one run. The Tigers ueti . the score in the third but the Cards got two move in the fifth only for the Tigers to' again :tle the score with two in the sixth. The winning'-'run was scored In the seventh. .Both pitchers went the full distance, Manager Cochrane showing his confidence in Schoolboy Howe by allowing the . big hurler to bat for himself, mak- J -s, ing 'the final out. ofy'ihe game. ••- Cardinals; Martin-popped out to Owen .jit; third. Rothrock doubled •Into TrighL-^ifrfech-gliried, .out ,to ,pweif^Meawi<;k&iniI«i-jnto rieht .^coring rathroct.:artf~tak£g 'sV£fc ond ori the throw in. Collins-flicd out to Fox in right. One two hits, no errors. run, Tigers-White struck out. Cochrane singled through second. OeK- ringer grounded oiit^-Jvisch to Collins, Cochrane taking second on the play. Goslin "blasted . a line drive at Martin's feet, the ba'll striking the dirt and bouncing up Martin knocking it down-and recovering in time to make, the play at first. I twas a' nice'stop. No runs, one hit, no errors. Second Inning Cardinals—Delnncey sent •• Goslin .back against , the left' field screen to fake his long smash Or- £atti grounded out, Owen to Greenberg. Duroch^ .sent a .-lazy grounder toward Owen who came In fast to scoop It up and-get it. to Greenberg. No runs, no hits i no errors. • - - -. ' Tigers—Rogell struck 1 out 1 Greenberg struck out. Owen grounded out, Martin to Collins. No runs no hits, no errors. . ' Third Inning Cardinals — Dean went out lo Greenberg. unassisted. 'Martin grounded out, Gehringer to Greenberg. Rothrock jingled through the TSox. fYisch went oul on a fast grounder, Gehringer to Greenberg. No runs, one hit, no errors Tigers-Fox popped out to Durocher. Rowe struck out. 1 White walked. On an attempted steal Prisch let Delancey's peg get from him as White dived ...„ second. While rushed Jo third as D«an retrieved the. ball. Cochrane prounded to Collins . who : threw J? , Dea ". covering first base, and Cochrane was called safe. It ivas a hit. White scored on the play. In? TOUT, WaS 1 " J "—' Wtog td , £ H? y*"****:^ was called Awhile Lhe T--~-'~ - slclan came out with an fouled out to;Cochrane. .Two runs, two hits,, one error. I ',' •. Tigers—Owen filed out lo Orsatti In:center. Fox alsoiflied out lo Orsatil: •' .Orsatti •,'• • madei V 'a pieltj limning catch of Howe's(long in-,; for his Ihirdi'pulout of the, inning. No 'finis.! 'np : hits, • >\o errors;.-':'' - ,''•'•?.' Sliih Inniur- Cardinals—Medwlck struck . out. CoUlns. struck out, swinging at a third oho. Delancey nied' out to Goslln/ No runs, no hits, no er- Tigers—White walked. Cochrane hit the first bail pitched down the first base line. , Collins dived for the ball and 'knocked it over the foul line back of first-and 25 yards toward the stands, White rounding second and going • into third standing up. Cochrape held first. Gehringer grounded ,10 Dean who fumbled trying for. a double play and-White .crossed the plate, Cochrane going '. to second and 3i!hrin'ger reaching' first. Goslin junted, Delancey snapping up the >all and throwing quickly to Martin at third. Betting Cochrane as 1C slid into the bag. Gehringer oofc second on the play. Rogell lied gilt to Orsatti in-deep ccn- er, Gehrhiger. going to third on he throw -In. Goslln held first "•rccnberg singled to left, scoring Gehringer and Goslin going to hird. Owen grounded out, Durocher . to Collins. Two ills, one error. • .. . Seventh. Inning Cardinals^Orsatti nied out to Goslln. Durocher: doubled Into cen- er.. Dean singled between Geh- -mger and Greenberg. Durocher aced across the plate, sliding i n - o-lhe bag as Fox's throw reach- d Cochrane. Martin Hied out, to Fox. m right, Rothrock grounded out, Owen to Greenberg. One run wo hits, no error. •' •'•,-•; ; ' Tigers-Fox :'lilt_. the first .ball niched into short left and it'.fell or-a double :when Orsatti,>Medwick and Durocher nil werit'valn- L^'P*. ba »/ Row^bunted,to P. L. Karaji, 1 Memphis .sales man, is In a • 'criilcnl condition a a ..Memphis, hospital nml O. W Wilson Is In 'a 'Serious condltloi at the Blythevllle hospital us i mult of. nu accident near Hoi lurid, MO,, last week, Koran and Wilson were injiirct when their cars crashed liead-oii A negro driver of Karen's cu escaped with minor bruises. Karan sustained fractures o both arms and a hend Injury. Wilson was brought to (lie tl os Pitnl (he night the accident oc curred but left in u . few minutes He 'was returned to the hosplta the next day suffering from internal injuries. runs, two n; the sacrJRce. WlUte, grounded to Du- ocher and Durocher's-^ throw - to Delancey was good, fox -being t out t ' , t. the j plate. White out on . . on n - attempted stealj Delanoey : to Prisch. No runs, one hit, no er- - ...---•.' -.'•-. ' -. •' ;•'. -, Eighth Inning . • .. - Cardliials^-Frisch ;'grounded out, Jpgell to '. •qreenberg. Medwick rounded... out • to.' G'reenberg tm- ssisled; Collins 'flied out to Owen \n MEET C1MITTEE Drainage District Debt Settlement Will Be Discussed at St. Louis. Discussion -of proposals for settlement of Drainage District 17's tended ctcbt will be resumed at St. Louis on Thursday of this veek at a meeting of commissioners of the district with members of the bondholders protective committee. . Clifton H. Scott, receiver for the district, met with the bondholders committee last week - in' an effort :o arrive at a definite tintlerSlaiiri- Ing. No' agreement "w6s reached out it was learned here that- M- Scott still feels that there is a possibility of arriving at a settlement. . The district has been promised n R. I', c, loan of sufficient size to pay off the bonds at slightlv more than-30-cents on the dollar The bondholders committee, while recognizing that payment-of the debt in full is .impossible, has held out for a more .liberal settlement Commissioners of the district are B .A. Lynch, c. W. Aiflick and R ". Rose. • ' wck, of third. No . nias, errors/ ' o Owe no hits •Tiirers—Cochrane:.:grounded'' out Msch' to .Collins.'; Gehririgef -beat ut an infield hit .to'.Frisch. Gos- n lined:to- ; for a sin- le, Qehrtager.: scurrying to third ogell flied.out to Orsatti in si.ort enter.: Orsatti's quick throw to the late -'held ' Gehringer 6n' third . , i. * r ?- (Puled • 'out - to Collins, ack of first. No niris,' two hits o'.errors.- '•-.:-:. .':'." "••;; Ninth-—. .Cardinals-rjeiancey t struck but Jrsatti singled • through the pitch- rs... box.. Durocher, singled over c-cpnd, Orsatti-sliding'safely into turd. ;Deon grounded to Gehrtng- '. who threw to' Cochrane at the " 16. ~"~ *"" into kit, Hayworlh,. second srtng K TS- er catcher, started warming „„ on Ihe sideline. Cochrane. with his arms around two Tiger 'players gingerly tried out his leg. Cocl.rW stayed In, the game. Gehrhiger flied out to Roihrock in right. One run, one hit, one error. Fourlh Inninf Cardinals—Medwick opened with n single through the box. Collins was safe at first on a fielder's choice, Gehringer taking his grounder nnd tossl*;. to Rogeli at second to get Medwlck. Delancey fanned Omtll flied out to Gos!In No runs, one-nil, no errors Tigers—GoVin grounded out Frtsch lo' Collins. Rogell fouled 1 10 Delancey. Durocher took Green- oergs high fly back of third after Martin had misjudged the ball. No no hits, no errors. Fl«h Inn'lnj lo Dean ™ l to Greenberg unas- Durocher taking second. . 5 i, 1B , cd Into, left and Oos- W * al , '- lle plale was wlde . MH ,? :or , lng; M «tln' raced to third on the throw i n , aoslln was glvtn «n error o the thr6w in. • j' mashed into -CochraTie and they eul rollin* over- and over but Cochrane held the ball, making l«e piitout. Durochbr went lo third TO the play. Martin struck c No runs, two hits, no errors .Tigers-Owen fouled out to Col- uns si first. Fox filed out to Or- No . OW ied to OrsatlL runs, no hits, no errors. Mrs. Ruth Crawford Granted Divorce Decree Mrs. Ruth Crawford has been granted a decree o/ divorce from ' ' tra P. Mrs. Crawford, monthly ; alimDnj ,' HIM ^ " nd the cu 5tody of their chil - HIM children She »-as eof l±? UtC i " t res of land, by cept for indebted- e hold goods. The decree [rounds of granted on i, the action '.Claude P. Mrs. Smith for Cn Cooper represented Crawford and Harrison Sweet Potato Weigh* More Than Six Pounds One of the largesti Wet,' pou- toes grown l n this section thb year-is. a 6 1-2. pound yam produced on the farm O f T. H Hayn es: In the New. Liberty community The huge potato is ot t h 8 ' p^ Rlcan variety and was produced in sandy soil. Mr. x Hiynes said is had.made, no special effort to C " 1 " va ; t1 f. Jar 8« Potatoes', but hk yield this year will run uhusuN- y large. : .-i"-- • Estimated Arkansas Pro-J Up 99,000-Bale* From r Scptemhei 1 , WASHINGTON, ;Oct 8 (UP>f| A cotton crop of 9 413 000 Lnle;, the smallest since 1S99 Kjlh one exception, was forecast bv .Ihe' detriment of n'erfcultuia to<taj i The departmenl's estimate rcpie sentcd an increase 'of "191,000 bales: 2.1 per, cent ^aboie tin Sep tember 'report'. Indicated prodiic ', lion Is 1,017^5.1 bales less itun'i the totnl jCxcmplcd from the Bonkhead /ac.Mlax and 3MMOM bales less than the 19W crop it Is 5,223,000 bales below Ihe a\er age annual production In the Hse "car period 1028-32.' Most of the. Inci-cow dining the nonlU occurred In 1 Ihe Mlsstelppi rallcy Mates, particularly- in' Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi Die indicated Texas L rop contiaiy o-expectations, shows u decrease from 2,383.600 bales Indicated oil' September 1 to 2,345,0(10 bales. Arkansas Crop Up Lost month's estimate placed the" Louisiana crop at .130,000 bales -omparcd to 480,000 this 'iiiontlr .fiMisslppi, 1.039,000 bales' coin-. larccl to 1.100,000 bales this'month tiul Arkansas, 7(1,000 compared to 110,000 bales. :, -. , Increases were shown from'Ala- lama and Ocbrgia but. these 'were 'ffset by further dec lines'/in'Texas nd. Oklahoma and niotleratrj loses in ' the Carollnas.arid':Virginia The department said ': conditions during .September' were' mb'feffav- rablq/lian usual with picking and i?^ e !?' 11 ?-™P i <llS,V i n'''>H the fciulei ,„„! trestle of ihe nmmmotli mmmo Gate bridge, togelhor with Fort Point, Inke 11 )0 form of u ' 36.00Q 046,000 Appointed to Serve While E. B. Whitaker Tak Leave of Absence, es Carpenfer, Coimty Osceola, has bee strict agi'lcultural extension agent for northeast Arkansas To ve during a year's leave which Fn ,m • lBrantctl Dblrlct A S<™< t. B. Whitakt". - r-7'* - -•• •*" . •'" ;,""*»!.-ttJlU;,-iXUITI] Carolina. In'an Ticcom'panylng re- ort.iho. census bureau placed giu- ings from (his year's crop "at. 408,346 bales or. more'- than hait f the Indicated total production Estimates try Stales 1934 1933 Bonkhead Estimate Crop -'Quota 810,000 1,04.1.000 ••' 952,609 37,000 ' 31,8'>3 084,000 528,693 735,000 602,303 874,854 24.G83 200,000 337,125 -„,,„„„ 884,375 Miss. 1,100,000 1,159,000 10987-)8 tn- 480.000 :477,000 525028 Texas 2,345,000 4,428,000 3,237530 370.000 1,2615,000 182631 17,000 94,000 10*,000. 58,000 Calif. 230,000 217,000". All others 11,000 ' 15,000 Aln. Okla. N. Mex. Ariz. 63,695 00,537 200,000 n"f; P» r {f>t*'- "as been countv "°" f m the south hair of Mis'?i county for is yrars. He >w serving as a member of i, , = C0tlon board n ,. r n the administration of thcBank- n M, , - "S to Mississippi county he served as county agent in Boohe county. H. H. Wren/ who has been act- ng county agent at Osccote since Mr. Carpenter's appointment to the cotton allotment board in Julv will continue in that capacity. will Mr. Wren has previously'''been engaged In the teaching of vocational agriculture. Following his graduation trom the' Universitv of Arkansas in 1929 he taught for'two years in the Portland, Ark., high school, returned to the university 'or a year as assistant Instructor n the department of agriculture ind education, and came to Wilson as teacher of vocational agri- :ulture In the summer of 1932. He s a native of Nevada county. Negro Serioush- Hurt in Shooting Last Night A negro, whose name could not e' learned immediately, was shot hrough the chest and probably fatally' Son Hicks, ne- er.o. here last 'night. .The negro who was wounded s alleged to have been making an effort to force his way into (nother negro's house, located in the rear of an Ash street church. A church official is said to have ivcrheard the negro cursing and threatening Inmates of the house > he attempted to force his way I. 1 ' ' r Hicks disappeared after the shooting but officers today advised members of his family to get word to him to give himself tip, declaring a serious charge would probably- riot be made. the tide-swept walers. ' ° f rcrms a fender with protect^ in this pictu The fender is seen lower right foreground ure, copyrighted by .the Assorted Oil, Company. ... ge Directs Incliclmeh! {or. Muvdei' "It Facts Warrant." The Ackh-Dbnoho and M FLEMINGTON, N. J., Oct. 8 IU P>— Supreme Court Justice Thomas Trenchard today charged the Huntcrdon county grand Jury to consider evidence against Bruno Richard Hnupunnnn In the Lindbergh ktdnapinB and lo return an ntllctinent for. murder "if Ihe facts \varrnnt such action." ; The judge said a murder indictment must be returned If the iury found the Lindbergh baby lad been killed either accldental- y or on purpose. Tha jury of 10 fanners, business men. and three ivomen, met In the Jlimterdon county court house at 10:15 A. M. After roll call Justice- Trenchnrd vithout preliminary hcgnn hts charge. .;"Vou have been convened today at the renuesl of the attorney general of this slate and the pros- cculJng attorney] ,. of tins court. for Hiniterdon county; They propose to lay before ;ypu evidence Ihey think will tend'to show that one -'Hauptmann murdered Char-' Mrs. L. M. Buniette to Head School. Complete business courses and regular school work will be taught in an FERA Opportunity school!,. „ - —~opening h'ere today under the ; y famous case arid by the sponsorship of the Business and t ummonl "S of Col. charier A. Llml- Profcssional Women's club I crBh to testify. Miss Adah " resentativcs definitely state to the court th'cy will ask you to return an indiclment of nmrdej- at ihe present time." Justice Trenchard charged the j ' lry ln a cou rt room p&ckcd with drawn lo this little ioivi , Latin instructor at the city high W. E. RICHMOND & CO'S. school, who holds several literary . AFTERNOON COTTON LETTER hool work : government's crop estimate ol book-keeping, typing and late aft shorthand will be tau^h it Ti . £ , l , enloon un<lcr Increased hcd- Buriiette horm> inin w i « S , 6clllng nnd belatcd liquidation street B ,,d th 'like SI I "In" 1 f ' disap!lolnt(:d ov " the lad and kindred The i , tr ° m wlllch funds rhcd to pay the instructors, 12c I establishing new low levels for In emeut. Dccembor touched and Lusora, under the sponsorship! York 1 of the Business and Professional! Women's club, of which Mrs. J.' G. Barnes Is president. j Only persons not having money'?* 0 enough lo provide themselves wllli," nrch an education are eligible lo at- May '-"• Those desiring to attend York and held 1204 but in Motions to Dismiss mary Election Suits Overruled by Court. ,LIT/rLE..noCK, Oct. 8 (.UP)— Tho - right Mo-'; contest election :;rc- tiirns- under 'ihe state's 'new 'niii- off primary low wns upheld by Ihe state supreme' court.In two oi'iii- tons handed down - today.. The court held «-ilh Circuit Judge \i. J. Waggoner of Arkansas' county who overruled n motion of Lloy<| La Pargue to (ILsmlss the conlcst of his nomination ns shcrlir at, the August 28 Democratic run-ofl primary. ' Citing the Arkansas county case as a precedent the court denied a writ of prohibition lo R. H. Bur- roiv of Franklin county who sought to Imvc the contest of his nomination as county and probate iudKc dismissed. La F«rgue had asked a written prohibition to prevent n hcarin- sought uy C. C. McCa'lislei-- who sought re-election. La Farguc: wna nominated by 'a small majority and McCallstcr entered nUldavlfs purporting to show irregularities and fraud and claimed he should have been nominated. The Franklin county cose was very similar. Another-, election cose reached the supreme court with the appeal of Judge Charles l-'l«m- mlng of St. Francis county from the chancery court ruling in a fight syiinst E. A. Rolfe, nominated on results of the August 28 election. Arguments wore s-H for Oct, 22. _ A nialloii to dismiss a Mississippi county court,,appeal of J. H. Grain and James Baker against (he St. Francis levee district was denied. . . The 4li year sentence of Suta Holing of Mississippi county for slaying Paul Cody was. allirmcd. Assembly of God Revival Will Close J|lext Weekend Rov. and Mrs. Bert Webb of Minnesota, who for two weeks have been conducting a revival campaign at the Assembly of Goct church, Seventh and Ash, will conclude the scries Of meetings at the end of Ibis week, according to the paslor. Rev. N.' H. Rhodes. Last night a large crowd Heard a sermon by Rev. Webb on "The Uselessness of False Peace," during which he said. "Sensible people Hearing on Bankhead Law Petition h Postponed 005 the Hctllloii of R fit if„' wi]? WM*«ont|i»hy>,bf WlU,oiif'Ark fm *,(S<li.iBljfpurtJordci [a foln'pel an Irwwii.0 W. IK tax .frce-Slblment I'imti iHliiiariXhenci iSttob "wilt ol acl ,fet foi lomoirow bcfou Judijc J E Marllnciui, h, a be w . liosliioncrt and the yucimnoni has been grante<j until OUobcr, 24 lo Us L s wisher, t it , No elite tn>r the lienrlJiV lias ocen set, and there scemedf to be some Imli fof belief that Ih'a goi onment would icsbt elioils to bring the imittci bcfrae l!n. toiirl at nn uirlj dnle Thp pelllton Is In elicit a, (.linlloigo to t| lc agricultural iKljiu.tmi.iit admlnlstru- aulhorltj lo control cotton umlci the BnnklUMd St. Louib Bank Loses Contest in Crittenden Drainage Diblnct Case WASHINGTON, Oct. 0. <U!>> — Tho MeiTniilJIe-Commorco ua,,^ nnd Trusl company of. St. Louis way denied n reitov of the eighth circuit court of appeals ruling HWcIi lieltl drat twelvers mny not be appointed for Arkansas driilniifo districts which Imvc dc- fiuilled, ori their bonds. The cnse lnvolvc<l bonds of Drainage District No, 2 of Crlt- Icndcri^coimty, Arkansas, uut the question: wus considered ot wider Importance' because more (him $100,000,000. -In. Improvement, district bonds,on propcrfles in .Ar- kniuwsiare.outstanding;:. :-.In the. CrUteiiden <3ase.. Juiciest of • 58,522 \ntf''»5,WJ6 -''In-'prliiclplU iv/is ,i(i dcfnlilt whch' tin St. Ldiiis bank/ us-triusloe, brought receivership .proceedings in ^Ihc federal district court, Jonesboro dJvJsloii .Prior to (lie-slnrtlng of-the re-' cch'ershlp proceedings but after sonds hud been' floated Arkansas pnssccl a ..lajv; providing Unit the" stale collection oiricc shoulti rc- Jhicc receivers In. cases of default n drainage, levee and road district lionds. ..,.'. Tlie district courts held this act Invalid and "appointed a receiver. An- appeal, to the eighth clrcliit court of appeals brought forth he ruling that the law was valid and no receiver might be ai>- wlntcd. French Police Find Two Dictaphones in Office FOIX, France (UP^Soiucbody apparently is Interested In what he iwlice talk about in the Pre- 'ccture of tho Arlege. Two dictaphones, cleverly h.,- len In (he walls ol the office ol the Departmental: Prefect, h, »cn discovered. , Although they lad apparently been . functioning or more than 6 yoar, mystery surrounds the purpose of Ihe installation. There wns no elite (is (o vho. wns .Interested In the I're- 'nci's convcrsnllon. W I Myers Will Be B,eak- at Wilson To- OSOtOLA, Aik-.Governor W. I M\er°i of the farm credit adinln- istinlion win spend a pnit of luesilnj hi Mississippi coiintj Following a binquet/Ju SI louls In \\h honor Monday evening which will be attended by n num- tei of Mississippi countlans, Mr Mjeio will come b> train lo Wilson Arilvlng early Tuesday morning he ulll bo the breakfast guest of R E Lie Wilson at his home thcic and »IU be Joined latei In :hc dny b> -state and dlstilct of- tlclnh of the farm credit ndmtn- Mintlon and by agricultural ex- Icnsloi) leaders from Little Rock Including T Roy Reid, state dl- icctor, and E B Whltaker, di^ tilct ngeiit for Northeast Arkansas. Governor Myers' visit to Mls< : lislppt comity is part of a (our which will include a visit to 'the rice section around Stuttgart Tuesday afternoon , From there he will continue to Little Rook where he will sponk tit a banquet nrrungwl In' his honor. Hop* for Benefits Here . Hope is held bj farmers' here nnd clscwheie In the delta region of Arkansas that first hand inspection by Governor Myers of lowland agricultural areas in' this -slnto will result In a relaxation of restrictions which have all'but excluded this section from participation In the benefits of the farm debt, .refinancing program of tne PCA^aud Us affiliates ' - , Among Bljtlievllle *meh who nro expected lo attend the- breakfast for Mi Aijers nt 'Wilson tpmor- row are B A Lynch and C, -W A/nick «.* the said. ulh ' tend. . . —^..... B lw n^vs-im sliould register at once with Miss Donoho or Mrs. Burnetlc. Plans call for bolh day ond evening Dec March May New Orleans open high low prev. close 1239 1204 1215-17 1218 1253 T216 1226-28 1228 1258 1225 1232-34 1234 New York open high loiv jirev. close 1239 1214- 1217 12.50 1214 1225-30 1232 1255 1222 1235-36 1236 what maters, it Is your personal relationship to God that counts" Tonight the subject will be, 'Worms, Grasshoppers, and Caterpillars." Tliis will be an explanation of the gradual losing- of the original characteristics of the early church and of the plans of the Almighty to again restore the church to its former stale of effectiveness. J. B. Orr, Luxora, Dies J. B. Orr. 76, of Luxora, succumbed Jot.i'Oils home s« JOI25 Sunday inorn'lng after a brief-illness. " ,! Funeral services will bo held today nt Mount Herman, Miss., with the Rev. ,Mr. Pahntrec officiating. The L. D. Moss- Undertaking company is in charge of funeral ar- nuigcnicnLs. .. -, - • -,-, The deceased Is survived by'his widow-, Mrs. Ella Orr, raid 10 son* and daughters. Sues for Divorce Mrs. Mary Moss lias filed suit In chancery court seeking a divorce from L. G.. Moss. Mrs. Moss alleges desertion In her complaint. Claude F. Cooper is counsel for Mrs. Moss. lirilish Pcrny Found MEXICO, Mo. (UP/— W. A. Hall uncovered a British penny mintcrt In 1865 while ploughing In his field near here. The coin, badly- worn, Is ns l.irge as a half-dollar piece. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Foil- and wanner tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy. The maximum temperature'here yesterday was 75, minimum 43, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rk, official weather observer. j \ N'f.irlj Two Billion loaned ST LOUIS, Oct 8 (UP)—W. I Alycis, governor of the farm credit administration, conferred'heie to-' il«y »IIh ngilciiltui-al leaders and Milkers ,. Myers, ivho v.iH speak at u dln- iier in his honor tonight, said.that onus aggregating .. Jl.fWO.OOOOOO :mve been advanced to farmeis >y Institutions under the FCA dur- ng tlie pTit 18 months The refinancing of depression lebk of farmers is "well over tin crest," he said. "I think farmers now generally realize that the providing of more adequate financing for farmers means something more thnn the meeting of an emergency; that the farm credit'administration Is Concerned Mith (he building up of permanent credit facilities, the tenellts of which are already beln? <elt," Mjcrs said Foreclosure Drop "Since lost fall the number of farm foreclosures throughout Ilia country Iras continually decreased- most of Ihe emergency re[iriancin>' cases have been handled, and since early this jcar the number of loan ' applications has .leveled off ap-" preaching a period or more normal- farm mortgage financing. ''Refinancing Jarm mortgages held by country banks has been the means of protecting the de- Posits and investments of rural people throughout the country and in some sections the Improvement of, business conditions can be measured by, the progress of the refinancing program "Paying^plI the,depression debts of farmers incurred before the' farm cre,dH administration was organized has required almost 90 Per ccMt of the money loaned to refinance farm credits, so ' it is obvious that very few farmers have acquired new Indebtedness through tna refinancing program" ^yilt Visit Ark» Following a dinner here tonight a group of FOA official Including Myers will visit Arkansas tomorrow to study agricultural,conditions before determining whether or not the FCA can grant additional loans to farmers in that state. . In their travel through north' Arkansas they will stop at Wilson tomorrow morning. In v the aft=r- ncon they will visit the Stuttgart rice section. The group will thsn go to Little Rock. In the body will be Myers, 3. M. Gat-wood, production credit conimteioner, A. .'s. GOES, land , bank commissioner, and F. • W Peck, co-operative bank coniils- iloiier. Misses l«Kh Birthday NEW MARTINSVILLE, W. ,V»,' (UP)—Edward Jeffreys,, Civil ,W»r": veteran, died of heart disease Juit r four days before his 100th,-Wrth- ' ' day. ' v.i-A ' '

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