Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 27, 1938
Page 3
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Thursday, 'OctoHer 27,1938 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE MBS. SID HENRY Letu, J TELBPHONE^T'^y^ Going llmno I ncvor sec n little house Clasped closely to the earth, All hiilocd with » mother's smiles And with children's mirth, But that I think how hle.st is lie Who, when night's shadows come, Can turn (ownrd such a happy place And say: "I'm going home!" In lofty halls and spricious rooms Lives sometimes grow apart; IJut in the little homes love flowers Most freely in the heart. I never see a liltle hou.su All auruoled with love But that I think how blest art; they Who, though far off they rove, Can turn about .some golden day, Cros plains, hills, ocean's foam; And hasting to that peaceful spot, Can .say: "I'm going home!" —Selected. ilnugliter, Carmen Edwinn to Ray Cumbie of Hope, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Cumhie Sr., of Shover Springs. The marriage was solemnized on October 22 at the home of the officiating minister, Ucv. Pretl H. Harrison, pastor of the First Methodist church. The bride was very attractive in a knitted rus .sport suit, with black accessories, she has made her home in this city for th<past year and one-half, and is now a popular member of Kate's Beauty Parlor operators. Mr. Cumbie is connect od with Ri;cd & Co. as bookkeeper After a short wedding trip the eoupl will be at home at 118 North Umisiam street. The Mr. end Mrs. Elvie Littlojohn wh have made their home in this city to the past few years left recently fo residence in Phoenix, Ariz. -O- Rcv. E. II. Grimm of Ashdown an Friday Music Club will meeU H. M Bcvo.1 of Pine Bluff fire Syno Friday afternoon at .'1 o'clock at the home of Mrs. J. O. Milimi South Pine street, with Mrs. Edwin Stewart as ing Die study on "Early Music." Mrs. R. V. Hall of Texarknmi was a Wednesday evening visitor in the city he aring Dr. II. H. McC'aslin's splen- d]f\ address on home missions at the »_t_> y.teriaii church. Mr. and McKae and Mrs. Duncan rescoU were other out of vsitors noted in the congrega- Friends will regret to hear of the passing of Mrs. Lille Vaughan, who recently passed on at the home of her sister in Loui; Beach, Calif. Mrs. Vaughan will bo remembered as Hope's first kindergarten teacher. • Vegro Fair Begins at Mount Hebron 2-Day Community Event Gets Underway Thursday Morning Mount Hebron community opens n wo day agriculture exhibit Thursday mtl Friday, October 27, 28, at Mount Hebron school house. Community achievements, races, nibllc speaking, and singing will mnkc up the two-day program sponsored by the Community Fair Organization under the direction of the vocational department of Yergcr High School. The best farm and home products ire on exhibition, awards will be mndo for worth while exhibits. Refreshments and cold drinks will he avail- American Beauties Hop, Skip and Jump to Fame in Ballet .'-*-!*'• ••'.' guests of Mr. and Mrs. Finley Ware Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lauderbach ai joint hostess and Mrs. A. C. Kolb lead- | nounce the arrival of a little daughtc Abigail on Monday, October 16, at the home on the Columbus road. J. II. Livingston of Pine Bluff is th guu.st uf Mr. and Mrs. died Hall for tho meeting of the Arkansas Synod, at the First Presbyterian church. , Mrs. L. M. Lilc, Miss Mary Ann Lile and Mrs. B. J. Ogbum were Thursday visitors in Little Rock, Miss Lile will dance Thursday evening at the banquet at Hotel Marion for the Stale Pence Officers meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Lewis announce the birth of an 8V'i pound boy, born at '.) a. in. Thursday in Josephine hospital. The young mother and babe are doing fine. Mr. and Mrs. Turn McLarty have as Synod guests Judge W. H. Robinson and E. L. Tnmpkin.son of Helena. -O— Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cooper of Tiller. Ark., announce the marriage of their J. A. Harris, vocational instructor of Ycrgcr High School announces the officials and committees as follows: S. E. Evans, president; J. A. Trotter, vice president; Pearl McDonald, secretory; A. W. Wheaton, treasurer. Agriculture committee: J. A. .Trotter, chairman, M. H. Wcrger, J. B. Dean, Millie Yergcr, Tom Jones. Business and finance committee: Chester McDonald, chairman, S. E. Evan, A. W. Wheaton, Pearl McDonald, Lillie Marwell. Amusement committee: Wilmer Harris, chairman, Essie Wheaton, Lois Marwell, Tcllis McDonald, Erwin Wheaton, Chas Lewis. Domestic and fine art committee: Lcnora McDonald, chairman, Lillie Jones, Mary Harris, Ethel Brizell, Millie Franks. Program committee: Mary Green, chairman, Essie Wheaton, J. A. Harris. Found Karpis Out (Continued from Page One) —THUR. & FRI.— SL What is the hire of D rai-ula? Why is his kiss irresistible? \Vlio is Hit- strange man, dead 500 years, anil yet alive? them ;:nd shook their hands. Tears of joy came into their eyes as they acknowledged the felicitations. Stover's mother came up and placed her arms around her son and walked dow nthe corridor with him. Stover laughingly agreed to have his picture taken, remarking jokingly to the photographer to "try to give me a good picture this time." "The l;.sl time you shot me even my own mother didn't recognize me." he .said. That was shortly after he was indicted on the charge by the Federal Grand Jury last spring. He was the only one of the defendants who posed willingly for a picture ut that time, remarking that "if you boys want my picture it's all right with me." Sweet Home The Sweet Home Home Demonstration club met at the church on Tuesday, October 25. Miss Bclva Bu Bullington, home demonstration agent discussed and emonstratcd the making of rugs from ute sacks. The recreational period was entered Tto with much enthusiasm. The club adjourned to meet on Tues- lay, November 29, at the home of ,'Ivs. J. W. Bostick. with Bela Lugosi —THUR. & FRI.— TODAY & FRIDAY Joe E. Brown —in— "KIT FOR A KING" ALSO "GOLF MISTAKES" "HAVE COURAGE" "SONG OF REVOLT" He's No Ordinary Doctor His genius conceivi'il history's most daring scheme ... to put murder under a microscope! SUI'KK- DOCTOK! He's No Ordinary Crook His IJi-illiuwc lias Ill-ought gangdom lu his feet . . . riches to his purse! SUI'Klt- CllOOK! SATURDAY "I! MESQUITEERS" —in— "TRIGGER TRIO" Serial and Mickey Mouse McNah The McNab Home Demonstration lub studied Home Management at heir meeting last Monday. Probram included: Saving ste|>s in dish washing. Study of relative amounts of energy equired for diferent household tasks. Demonstration on making rugs from mrlnp. A covered dish dinner was served to G members and four visitors. Wilma McKelvey, assistant home demonstration agent of Hcmpstcad county, gave a rug demonstration. By PAUL ROSS NA Service Staff Correspondent NEW YORK,—Like Coney Island hot dogs, Idaho potatoes and Vermont maple syrup, Rusian ballet dancers arc the best of their kind. But not all good hot dogs come from Coney Island, ditto potatoes, ditto maple syrup—and dito ballet dancers. In fact, if the trend developed in the new edition of the Ballet Rase continues, in ashoit lime Americans should be at the top of the hop-skip- and-jump-in-a^pair-of-tights industry. No less ban seven—count 'em—na- tive Americans are on view in the Ballet Russe, the premier ballet organization of the world, which is currently playing here tint! soon will gfi on tour of over a hundred American cilis. What's more, four of these natives have done the unprecedented thing of retaining their American names In a business—or an art, if you will— where "ovna" or "sky" on the mon- icker is to the dancer what a racque is to Don Budge, this is, speaking eon servatively, unheard of. The Americans are all in the "corp de ballet" which is professional jar gon for the unknowns who toil in the background while the darlings of th company take the bows. But three o four of them are already dancing som of the numbers which the great Rus sians made famous. And when the Ballet Russe starts its trans-continen- tnl tour a few weeks hence, the local lights who made good by being on their toes will get the most space in their hometown newspapers, "con's de bi'.llet" or no. This, of course, will infuriate the premiere ballerinas who love nothing better than publicity, unless it's ice cream. Speaking of premiere ballerinas, it seems there's a fine kettle of fish loose in the Ballet Russe, right now. A lady named Danilova is currently faced with some sprightly competition from the younger set. Danilova is not only a top-flight dancer but she was an associate of Diaghileff, who did for the ballet what Walt Disney did for the animated cartoon. This gives her prestige, and hence the right to perform certain dances. But last year, a couple of youngsters started muscling in on Danilova's prerogatives, and this year Toumanova, Markova, Slavenska and Theilade are all on her heels, figuratively peaking, and fighting one another, on the side. Which presents the directors of the Ballet Russe with something akin to a cage full of she- tigers infuriated because their catnip Heart diesase lacks apporximately irec times a-s many Americans lives anually as 11 kinds of accidents com* binedj. llopcwcll The Hopewell Home Demonstration club met with Mrs. G. W. Wiggins for the October meeting. Five members and two visitors were present. Miss Bullington could not be with us at that time. Mrs. Wiggins gave us a very interesting talk about her trip to camp. Ways and plans were discussed about going to the council meeting. Four of our members planed to go. We had a very enjoyable social hour. Our hostess freshments. served delicious re- The largest kangaroos stand eight feet high. The Smart New Hair-dos Reach New Heights at SIBYLS. Valla Arnold has joined our stuff of experienced beauticians. Miss Arnold has recently completed a thorough course in Arkansas' leading School of Beauty in new methods of skin care and new hair-dos. Call for an Appointment Today Sibyl's Beauty Shop Balcony Cox Drug Phone 86 I John P. Cox Drug Co. We Give Eagle Stamps Phone 84 International note: Milada .MJadoya,. ii.ballerina pf the Ballet Russe tie Monte Carlo, was born in Oklahoma City of • Czechslovaklan parents— and learned to dance hi France, , , O.6: ROBINSON and llUMPIUtEY BOGART —in— Irom developing nose 'aids to symptomatic control off ~—ass: tsffsSrJfe* has been taken away. One of the inalienable rights of am top-rank ballerina is temperament But there is one department in the ballet where temperament is out I'tid we mean OUT. That's in rehearsals. Everybody from star to merest novice comes to rehearsal at 11 in the morn ing and goes through the regular grinc of practicing technique for an hour am a half. That includes going over th five basic positions of ballet, wor at the handlebar, turns, knee bends pirouettes, leaps, and fouettes. And when this is finished, there is rehearsal of the day's performance. Contrary to the glamor legend exuded by the movies in behalf of the ballet dancer, her life is not very romantic. In addition to daily rehearsal, there are one or two performances a day which leave her too tired to go anywhere. Her social life is so narrow that she generally marries—if at all—with some one in the company. Her ]-piy is so small that all she can do for fine clothes is look at them in shop windows. But there is one compensation. A ballet drnccr doesn't have to diet, because she wears herself thin, literally So one of the joys of a dancer's life is to go out late at night and surround a steak. It is quite a thrill to watch a ballet dancer eat—providing you're not paying the check. «., *»M, <nc« CMOMOU, ox WORLD'S MOST WIDELY USED MEDICATIONS OF THEIR MIND Bobcats Look For .ARKANSAS I MOTOR COACHES HOW TO SAVE MONEY AND TRAVEL AS YOU LIKE "The Amazing Dr. ditto-house" •hMUHBHMHm NEW SOUND 300 Fall and Winter Dresses for Women and Juniors AA Af| S6.99 LADIES Specialty Shop Get more enjoyment out uf your next trip. Save dollars on your fare. Save hours of your time. Hide our just new and mod- eruly equipped A!MC Buses. Phone 363 For Schedule Information Bus DEPOT In Diamond Cafe FROM HOPE To One Way Rd. Trip New York $19.00 $35.30 Washington, D. C 18.85 30.35 Miami 18.65 33.GO Dallas 4.25 7.«5 Magnolia „ .'JO 1.65 CF Government Cotton Loans Quick Servic Immediate Payment Cotton Classed by E. C.Brown, Licensed Govern ment Classer in Our Office. E. C. BROWN & GO. (Continued from Page Cne) hospital at St. Louis where a son Steve, is ill with a kidney ailment. In the Conference Two undefeated end untied Arkansas High School conference football team face tough competition this week ii the tattle for schoolboy championshii honors. North Little Rock and Forrest Cit> will be the battle grounds where mud interest is focused. The Ben ton Panthers, unbcaii-n and untied, face the North Lillie Rock Vildcats on their home lot. The Wildcats have been tied three times this season, but that can't go on forever. We look for a Wildcat victory. 14 to 0. Jonesboro invades Forrest City in homecoming battle for the Thorough- jreds. Jonesboro is another team un- jealen and untied, ll looks liki a dog light with Jonesboro the winner, 14 t,o 7. The Little Rock Tigers go out of the state for a clash with Memphis Central High. Coach Van Sickle !,.is good big men, etc. Hot Springs at Pine Bluff The Zebrus in fine form after l:is>i week's 7-7 lie with El Dorado. Russellville at Fort Smith. The Grizzlies by four touchdown:Fordyce at Warren. A .shaky vote but Ihe Redbugs are due for « win. Lillie Rock Catholic High at Blytheville. The Chicks in a gallop. Heavener, Okla., at Clarkbville Clarksville, it's about time. Nashville at Texarkana in a homecoming battle with the Ka/»rbaeks N|>shviUe, 19 lo 0. Camden at Hope. The Bobcats bj two touchdowns. Arkansas at Texas A. &. M. The Riizorbacks, H lo 7. The ice plant of California is so call od because glittering beads on ils sur face give it the appearence of being coated with: ice. Prescott Girl Chosen Nevada Representative PRESCOTT, Ark.—Miss Audrey Mowl, one of Prescott's most altraclive horseback riding enlhusiasts, has been selected to represent Nevada county at the Arkansas Livestock Exhibition to be held in North Little Rock November 8 to 13. Miss Mowl will ride her horse in Ihe parades the • first and last days of the exhibition and will ride on the grounds twice each day-during the show. She will, compete with girls from each county of the state for queen of the shpw. A complete riding outfit, consisting of a-fine saddle horse and hand made saddle-and bridle with all the fancy ecoratiohs, will be given as a prize o'Ihe girl winning the conlest. Miss Mo'wl will leave here about Novem x?r 7. .-••'.. Nini Theiladc's have been called '•perfect ballet legs." Training School (Continued h-om Page One) riallbween Dance to Be Given at Country Club A' hallowcen dance will be given a the Hope' Country, club Monday nighl >eginning-at 10 o'clock, it was an lo'unced Thursday by a spokesman fo QIC club.-,'- '•..-.-. . ; Ben .Burton'.and his 12-pjec'e negro orchestra,- of Shreveport will furnish music. Burton and .his orchestra have played in Hope on • several occasions and are popular here. The. public-is invited. The name of the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, derives through many changes from Ulysses > the Greek navigator reputed in myths to have founded it. NASAL IRRITATION f WTHEN your nostrils be- VV come red, irritated, and stuffy because you have a head cold, just insert a little Mentnolatum in them. Note how quickly it soothes the Irritated membranes and relieves the stufflness.lt will also check sneezing. Once you enjoy Mentholatum's comforting relief, you'll always want to keep this gentle ointment handy. Duckett, James H. Porterficld, Burlin A. Taylor, Bcrnie C. Ponder, Jimmie Q. Den-is, Olin Purtle, Jimmy Simpson. W. R. Fcrrell,. Thomas N. Bundy, William F. Garner, Louis Riffe, Tom B. Colcman. William P. Stephenson. H. A. Thomas, and Tom C. Bryant. Among the subjects covered during the four-day school were: Proper use and construction of small tool.s which enables firemen to enter buildings without destroying windows and doors, hose couplings and care of hose, ladder practice, effective fire fighting streams, salvage anc the saving of personal property, anc first-aid methods. Fire Chief Sale said he felt the fin- department benefited greatly "inasmuch as we were tauglil the latest methods and use of Ihe above subjects which were covered in the school and we eel too I hat the citizens of Hope will benefit from this school." By completing the school, the fire department has done ils part toward obtaining lower fire insurance rates for Hope. Mr. Sale said. • **+•*• •—— . Japanese usually eat their fish raw, dipped in soya bean sauce. '. MENTHDLATUM G.»*-» COIV1FOR.T Daily MINERAL OIL Heavy Russian—Quart K O T E X Box of 12—2 For A B D G 8s CAPSULES Box of 25 Pcpsodent Antiseptic 50c Size—2 for ASPIRINA TABLETS Box Tin of 12—2 For Lg. Tube 23 Doctor — wait! Call your family physician at the first sign of illness. Then bring us your prescription. We have filled voei million. : registered drug, gists on duty. Full Size Electric Iron Gleaming Finiih . Priced low and guaranteed. LOOK $5.00 1939 ZENITH Candid Camera For only 5 Tube Battery Set, c omplctc with 1,000 hour battery Lg. Tube 27° $2.29 On our special plan. 3 CASHMERE BOQUET SOAP Lentheric Tweed Bouquet—4 oz. FITCH SHAMPOO Jcrgcns Lotion $1.00 size and 25c Woodlvury Face Powder $"1.00 59c I THE PEN THAT MAKES WRITING A PLEASUR1 FRIDAY and A IS 1 V SATURDAY V W L I This Certificate Is Worth $4.41 59c This certificate and 59c entitles the bearer to one of our Genuine Indestructible $5.00 VACUUM FILLER BACKLESS FOUNTAIN PENS. Visible Ink Supply. You SEE the Ink. A lifetime guarantee with each Sizes for ladies, men, boys and girls. This pen will not leak, blot or break. pen. THE NEW PLUNGER FILLER— VAC UUM ZIP— ONLY ONE PULL AND IT'S FULL This PEN holds 200% more ink than any ordinary fountain pen on the market! You can write for Three Months pa One Filling! No Repair Bills. No Lever Filler! No Pressure Bar. Every P«» tested and guaranteed by the factory to be unbreakable for life. Get yours NOW. THIS PEN FREE U you can buy oae in the city for less than FIVE DOLLARS! This Certificate good only while advertising Sale is on. 'INTRODUCTORY OFFER— This Pen will be ?5.00 after Sale. Also $1.50 Pencils to Match Above Pens, only 29c fetsfr* John P, Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 3 Pens to Euch Certificate

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