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The Titusville Herald from Titusville, Pennsylvania • Page 8

The Titusville Herald from Titusville, Pennsylvania • Page 8

Titusville, Pennsylvania
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PAGE FOUR THE TITUSVILLE HERALD, TITUSVILLE. PENNA. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1960 'Gangster' (Continued iron- Inside) hcHiso up in Yonkers, N. right the summer thoater. Most of her paying guests wore actors.

That was in IS27. a big year cops and robbers on and they insisted that with my (ace, I couldn't miss." So young McMahon took his bioken nose to a broken down little theater group in Freeport, L. and shared starvation wages with a group of aspiring a cockey young Irishman named Spencer Ti acy. After appearing in "Sailor Beware" and "Three Men on a Horse" Broadway, McMahon traveled to Hollywood in 1936. His first year on the West Coast was a busy one.

He made twenty- six gangster movios. "Jn that year, I was machine- gunned, knifed, beaten up and thrown in the clink more than any other actor in the business," he noted. "They had a standing Joke at one studio. Whenever I was hired, the wardrobe anc pressed a convict's suit for me." The ultimate result of all this hooulumism came while McMahon was vacationing in Chicago in 1937. RD was touring the loop his wife, actress Louise Campbell, when two burly law officers arrested him.

"What's going on?" asked McMahon. "I've seen your face before," said one policeman. "If you're not on our wanted list, I'll miss my guess." There were apologies all around when the officer realized where fce had last seen McMahon a movie house showing the actor in one of his more brutal gangster roles. "Now that I'm a cop," said McMahon. "I should be able to keep out of trouble." McMahon's biggest problem in "Naked City," is keeping up with a hectic shooting schedule.

"Most of the show is done on location in New York," he said, "and the last few weeks we've been racing the clock to make for time lost by the writer's ftroke. One day I spent ten hours running in and out of the bodies of old, rusted cars in a junkyard hi Manhattan. I've got cuts, bruises, and bumps all over my anatomy." "But that's nothing compared to the time we shot a sequence on a pier off the Hudson River during a cold snap. The temperature didn't go above 20 degrees aU day. and there were three or four of us who had to take a few Jeaps in and out of the river.

I darn near froze to death." Which may prove that as tough as life Is for either gansters or law men. it's even more rugged when you're the star of a television series like "Naked City." SCHWAB HEATING SERVICE Coal, Gas, Oil, Electric Heating REPAIR PARTS FOR MOST MAKES RD 1, Titusvllfe Phone 3-7024 RENAULT BOB CRON Sales MotOrS service W. Centra) Tel. 5-0322 Community Loan Co. CONFIDENTIAL LOANS $25.00 TO $600.00.

Terms to 24 Months. 118 N. FrankHn Phone 5-5241 Dunn Stationery Supply Co. TITUSVILLE, PA. BUSINESS MACHINES OFFICE FURNITURE THURSDAY 6:00 (4B) William Tefl (4P) Six O'clock Adventure (6) Sports ana Weather (12-27) HucKiebcrry Hound (33) Little Rascals (35) Six O'Clock Report 6:15 (6) News Foniph' (35) Tugboat Annie 6:25 (21) Weatlter 6:27 (4B) Early Weather 6:30 (2) Brave itallion Headline News and Sports (6) Pony Express (12) News (21) Almanac (27) News and Sports 6:45 (4B-27-35) Douglas Edwards, Nfws (21) Huntley-Brinktey Report (33) John Daly News 7:00 (2) News, Sports.

Weather (4B) Topper (6) Brothers Brannagan (12) Donna Reed (21) Harbor Command (27) Roving Camera (33) Pioneers (35) Dangerous Robin 7:15 (2) Douglas Edwards, (4P) News and Weaker 7:30 (4P-33) Guestward Ho! (5-21) Wonderland on Ice (12) Man Hunt (2-4B-27-35) Witness 8:00 (4P-33) Donna Reed (12) Bat Mastcrson 8:30 (2-4B-27-35) Zane Grey Theatre PROGRAM Discovered by Lucille Ball See the TV Movie Guide On Page Three This Section (4P-I2) The Real McCoys (6-21) Bat Masterson (33) Jeffs Collie 9:00 (4P-33) My Three Sons X2-4B-27) Angel (6-12-21) Bachelor Father (35) Surfside Six 3:30 (4P-33) Jntouchables (2-4B-27) Ana $othera (6-12-21) Ernfe Ford 10:00 (2-4B-27-35) Person to Person FRIDAY TELEVISION 8:00 (4B) Mackenzie's Raiders (4P) Six O'clock Adventure (6) Sports and Weather (12) Life of Rlley (33) Little Rascals (35) Six O'Clock Report 6:15 (6) Tonight (35) Cisco Kid 6:20 (27) Suppertime 6:25 (21) Weather Almanac 6:27 (4B) Earlj Weather 6:30 (2) Roy Rogers (4B) Headline News and Sports (6) Dangerous Robin (12) News (21) Almanac local News (35) Erie Edition (27) Sews and Sports 6:45 (4B-27-35) Douglas Edwards, News (21) Huntley-Brinkley Report (33) John Daly, News 7:00 (2) News, Sports. Weather (4B) Father Knows B'est (6) Tombstone Territory (12) Flintstones (21) Highway Patrol (27) Death Valley Days (33) Quest Adventure (35) Leave it to Beaver 7:15 (2) Douglas Edwards, News (4P)' News and Weather 7:30 (2-4B-27-35) (4P) Jim Backus (33) Matty's Funday Funnies G. Moore Will Never Forget One Broadcast Even though Garry Moore has appeared on more shows than he can remember, there is one unique broadcast he'll never forget. "I was entertaining soldiers on the island of Luzon," he recalls. "It was a radio program and the show was interrupted to announce prematurely the surrender of the Japs.

The GI's became so delirious wdth joy that they ripped off my clothes for souvenirs. This was my most memorable broadcast and that's the naked truth!" (6-21) Dan Raven (12) Death Valley Days 8:00 (4P-12-33) Harrigan and son Guest: Shelley Berman and his wife Diana Dors and husband, Dickie Dawson and 7-month-old son (6-12-21) You Bet Your Life 10:30 (4P) Manhunt (6) Interpol Calling (12) This Man Dawson (33) Take a good Look (21) Johnny Midnight (2-4B-27-35) June Allyson 11:00 (2-1B-4P-6-12-21-27) News and Sports and Weather (33) Weather (35) Tri-State Final 11:05 (33) MOVIE 11:15 (2) MOVIE (4P) MOVIE (6) MOVIE (12) Night Desk 11:20 (21) Jack Paar Show (Color) (35) MOVIE 11:25 (27) MOVIE 11:30 (4B) MOVIE (12) Jack Paar (Color) 12:45 (4P) Almanac (6) News, Sports Headlines 12:50 (4P) MOVIE 12:55 (2) Final Edition 1:00 (2) MOVIE 2:10 (2) Sermonette PROGRAM 8:30 (4P-33) The Flintstones (6-12-21) Westerner (2-4B-27-35) Route 66 9:00 (4P-12-33) 77 Sunset Strip (6-21) Friday Special "Dave's Place" 9:30 (2-4B-27-35) Mr. Garland 10:00 (2-4B-27-35) Twilight Zone (4P-33) Detectives (6-12-21) Michael Shayne 10:30 (2-1B-27-35) Eyewitness to History (4P-33) Law and Mr. Jones 11:00 (2-4B-4P-6-12-21-27-33) News Sports and Weather (35) Tri-State Final 11:05 (33) MOVIE (2) MOVIE (4P) MOVIE (C) MOVIE (12) Night Desk 11:20 (21) Jack Paar Show (35) MOVIE 11:25 (27) MOVIE 11:30 (4B) MOVIE (12) Jack Paar Show 12:45 (4P) Almanac 12:50 (4P) MOVIE 1:00 (2) Sports Page 1:05 (2) Final Edition 1:15 (2) MOVIE (6) News, Spoils Headlines 2:30 (2) Sermonette THE TITUSVILLE TRUST CO. Your City's COMPLETE Banking Service.

When buying or banking, TRY TITUSVILLE FIRST MEMBER D. 1. C. Sports on Television SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1J 11:15 (21) Insioe Sports 11:30 (4P) Championship Bridge 12:30 (4B) Championship Bowling 1:30 (4B) U. of Buffalo Football Highlights 1:45 (35) Football Kickoff 2:00 (4B-6-35) Pro Football Pittsburgh vs.

N. Y. (12) Football Cleveland Browns vs. St. Louis 3:00 (33) Championship Bridge 3:30 (4P-33) ALF Denver vs.

Dallas SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12 2:00 (4P-12) Warmup (6-21) Pro Basketball Cincinnati vs. Detroit (33) Pre Game Show 2:15 (4P-12-33) NCAA Football Ohio State vs. Iowa 3:00 (35) Wrestling from Chicago 4:30 (4B) Wrestling (6-21) Bowling Stars 5:00 (4B) Beat the Champ 5:15 (4P) Scoreboard (33) Post Game Show 5:30 (27) Wrestling (33) All Star Golf 5:45 (12) Wrestling 6:00 (4P) Bowling Pete Carter vs. Dick Hoover 6:30 (33) Wrestling 10:00 (4P-12-33) Fight of the Week Phil Moyer vs. Florentine Fernandez 10:50 (33) Make that Spare MONDAY, 'NOVEMBER 14 10:30 (6-21) Jackpot Bowling with Milton Berle WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11:05 (33) Wrestling Nicholas Georgiade, the husky six-footer who portrays one of Robert Stack's sidekicks in ABC- TV's "The Untouchables," the series based on the exploits of special federal agent Eliot Ness, is living proof that Hollywood's endless search for new talent pays off.

Discovered by Lucille Ball while he was playing a leading role in a local little theater production "View From the Bridge," Georgiade became one of the first members of Miss Ball's Desilu Workshop Hollywood talent pool of young professionals. Signed by Desilu on Nov. 25, 1958, to a standard equity contract, other work- permitted to accept outside acting assignments while undergoing the workshop's special training program. During this time, Georgiade appeared in Playhouse 90's "Seven Against the Wall" and "The Killers of Mussolini." Other TV film shosvs included "Chain of Command" ntid "The Untouchables" for Desilu Playhouse. His performance In the latter two-part production made such an impression that when the ABC-TV series was being cast, Georgiade got the role of "Untouchable" Enrico Rossi.

Like his Greek ancestors, Georgiade has always felt, that a sound body and a sound mind were inseparable requisites for success. To this end, he spent hours improving his physical fitness while attending high school. However, the lure for action and travel caused him to quit school in 1948 to join the Army, fibbing about his age. He was a boxer in high school and he continued boxing in the service; by 1952 had won the European heavyweight title for the out the same year, he returned to New York City and did odd jobs until a friend helped him obtain an athletic scholarship at Syracuse University. Because he did not have a high school diploma, he had to take and pass an entrance exam.

In addition to continuing his athletic career, Georgiade majored in sociology and psychology, planning to become a teacher. In his sophomore year he met Anita Khanzadian, also a psychology student, and they were married in Nick's senior year. Meanwhile, he took time out to appear in a college production of "Rose Tattoo," playing the role of Mangia Cavallo. Upon graduation in 1957, instead of doing post-graduate work for his teacher's credentials, Nick decided to give dramatics a try. He studied with Herbert Berghoff and Miles Dickson, then personally staged a showcase production called Group 10 at Steinway Hall, New York, for Broadway producers.

As legit roles were not plentiful, Georgiade and his wifo RELIABLE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Phone 2-2215 EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER 324 W. Central Hasbrouck AUTO PARTS Auto Safety Glass New Parts Machine Shop Service 211 S. Kerr Titusville Dial 3-5371 on the job In Cincinnati as general manager of the Reds, Bill DeWltt (right), former head man of the Tigers, talks over player personnel with manager Fred HutcUinsoh (left), who came to Cincinnati from his Bradenton, home, HIPPIE'S PENNZOIL SERVICE SALES VjMC SERVICE DUNLOP TIRES Phone 5-7234.

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