The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 1934
Page 6
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V' -PAGE SIX (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATUKDAV, OCTOBER 6 , 19 Lashe's Team Goes On Scoimg Oigy at Expense Of Visiling Eleven Averaging better than a paint and a half a.mimile the Blytheville hlgli Chlckasaws rolled up a score of £5 to 0 us they Irounccd Hie Earle lilgh school Cardinal*, at Hntey Field last night , before n good crou'd. It was the wildest scoring orgy staged r.t H.ibv Meld in many years, with lhe slightly snlallsr Eailc tc.nn icenilnsly entirely unable to stop His advances of Coacli Cainey Lisllc's charges at uny singe of Ilic game, Before Hie field Judge's B»n barked an end lo lhe unnje lhe Chicks had paraded across lhe Eailc goal line 13 limes mnl niado good 7 Iries for extra point. Scoring Honors, If Ihere could be shell behind Interference lhat often sent a ball carrier across the i>o;i) lijio unmolested. wcic evenly divided between llcishel Mosley, slip°p?r}' qnarleiback, ami Basil Locke, hard running halfback, wllJi four IOIICH- downs e.icli Wimpy limns crossed the Earle goal twice nnd OiH'il Craig, Fdilie Siltbu and Did: Tipton made the trip once. Sullta convcitcd six Kicks for extra points and Tiplon. one. The entire game was played In a fog thai overhung lhe Held, fre- quenllj becoming so thick tis lo make lhe dlirctlon of pluj-i jinci identification of players dltflciilt from lli» sideline* dasplle (he powerful iy,ii that iilayed upon tlu endlran. More than once tin; while spheioid dit.ipjie.ued Into the low- hanging log .is it lonk flight oil n klck«'s toe and tame down like -i ghost bill jtirds ,nvay. I'licliis 1'irlc Sl:ir Phelps, a slightly built but fust galled-halfback, was the outstanding offensus ttar of the Kuile team, tearing by f'ir the brunt of what little offensive effort Earle had lhe opportunity to display i doing the major share of the kicking and pissing. The' Earle ' aco nevei stopped trying and broke awaj on rf gallop of 55 -yards re, tinning a kiekotr emiy in lhe In-it half llmL ga\c lhe' visitors Ih-ir only scoring chance. I'helps, raclnu toward the south goal down tin-1 east side lines with little inter-1 ference, squirmed through 11 cor-1 don of Bljthevilte lacklcrs, sprinting if an open field bclore Mosley dragged htm down. Earle's ni- tnck couldn't gcY underway even with the mceiiilic of Phe-lns' run nnd an mtcitepted jinss ruined tin- visitors' chanas Locke look the Pigskin on Eh-thr-viUc's 12 yurd line and ran it bick'lo Earlc's -15 and the visitors lone set chance vmi«hod ntjlhevllle scoicd six touchdowns in the Tint half nnd 5tV c:i in the linnl half The nrst scoro came scon aftei the game opened A Bijtheville drive luilted around lhe Cirle SVyard line when Meslcy lo-d one genlly out of Crijmds, on I.arlc's 8-yard line. Ivusl, Earlc's i mining kicker who cnined the bill In hi s arms four or ,n\e ble|)s before kicking - it •taiely managed to get olf his punt, ' U Hauled out lo Earle's 44 yard line where an Eaile gr'iddcr'plnvttl uilh the bail until Mosley, safely cnmc learmg along, to scoop up the Pigskin and scamper' down Hit- sideline behind some sod-janiii" blocking for the first loticlidoivir A moment later Enrie's pera.n- bulitlns kickei did get one blocked. Locke f<*uwcd with a 40 yard sprint and Moslsy crossed I Inline ag.un A Sieiilj Parade Saliba cavorted' through lhe line on a 4"> yard jaunt t 0 Enrlc's 7 jard hue thai put the null in scoring position for tlie (hird toi-chdown. Locke cracked' through Earlc's left gimrd for the touchdown. Sallba's placemenl'l good. ..:__. Saliba was lugging the ball when the Chicks limned tip to fork's eight jaid hue as lhe quarter ended Sjlibn advanced it iwo tr.oiv ' and then Locke bounced Uironrh for tl-c fourth touchdown. G Twist ran oir Ins left tackle for Earle s oniy first down soon aller lhe next kickofT. Earle kicked and Dlvlheillle was again toar- - ing toward the Earle goal line with Mosley and Siliba doing most o: lhe ball lugging. Craig, the rugged, path opeiifng halfback, got his chance and smashed over fp- ll« fifth touchdown. Tipion's kick i or point w-is good In possession or the bill o'l Us Own 14 }ird line Carle elec'cd to gamble nnd took to the aenal route in hope *of gain Tinlon ^Clnck end, inteifered Lv tnkin? a pass inlended foi nn F,iil° bick and romped 14 jnrds for th? s and final touchdown of Ire " half pit r A?iin Mosley touched erf leani aided by ''some fancy, blocking for a kick was good for i-hi (>oliu Btythevllte kicked off and When World Series Came to Sportman's P;irk Scored in Secondaiiin..of RITES CENTER, shown in photo, after the catch the winning pitcher, flbd tp Martin (No. I) stands at side', watching his wiio had been (ryins; withnul luck to ECI somewhere ail night, without warning B0 t nndrnuiy down the east sideline, to\vrtr<i th's lily- Fox, and Collins raced home as Icaiiinmto score. The llni'i: Blylheville Blackwell Raycier •] tl.c-vil!e gonl. He scampered thru Lttmsev if -i ronnidnfcle array of. Chick lack- i Turtle p lei's lo (he Blythevtlic" 20 yard line I Liui.'.ford «r ' before bchw hauled down by Mcs- I Walker IJT ley. An Intercepted' pass spoiled Tlptou up Mosley Locke Suliba LH .. FB '. Enrle ... Bursk ... Oiinn .. Harris Huxlable .... El lor . ingrain .... Clr.iy ... Twist . Graham the only Rule threat and scia li-.c ball back into Eiulo Icm'/uv for Ihc remninder of-the giime. M(, s Icy weiil through center on a .'pin- ner for lhe seventh loucl'do.ii! iimninj eight yurds. . , ,-. , , , | vl " v ' i-*'*:ivt: \*t, IMOSIC _ An Earle fumble gave lhe Chicks; Ion (iiu:-rcrplcd pass) J Uiini- heir next opportunity and Lcikol'si.b for Crai?) «). Salita <1) n ?^ P i 1 ! 00 " °" n 22 yari1 r '"'i crai 6 »>. Points after louclK \,' ''"111 Eral linc ' SaliLla ' s kick i —Salib;\ 161 place kicks; >.s good for nolnt. j U) place kick. iMoslcv nil A blocked kick stnrlcd the Chicks i holding buin. StibsliiulUms-iiYv- cff again and this lime Salibn look! Hicvillc- Harris, Baxter, J Bums- it over, ramming the line for 71 Mcrertllh. W. T. Burns,- Burton D yards. His placement wns goodi^ unL<: '-"•'•"- "--' ~ '• for another extra polnl ! Isnl)tl Burns crossed Ihe Ear) goal line| Inll(l i a six yard Jaun-. for lhe lHhi Sam P juchdown alter doing mast of thi'l 1110 " 1 ball cari-j-ing O n the way there ! ' )lre : Burns added the J2lh loiichdown i htl f 35 yards behind!—^ over Hie Earle Pine Bluff Zebras lci_n C-6 lie here last niplit nnd forcing Hie Zebras lo Ihe limit to slave off a defeat. The result-of the game was as much of a surprise to the Grizzlies j and the 2,500 fans.^vho witnessed f the limning uaitic as n was-ton the dared, clauoi-atcly dressed visiting team. I The result seemed to observers to mean that Fort Smith Is definitely very much in tlie state title race, nnd Pine niuff, while Blythcville-Earle .Statistics • strick- Persuson. Murphy, i'. Oltlclals — MeriWfihoi- rbo. referee: Whitwoith. um- I'oitor. headllncsniaii; llol- ficlrl judge. Time of quarters ninnies (2); 12 minutes (2-. Football Results 1 College. Kcndris 18. Montlcello A, & M C tli£h School ' Pine Bluff e, Fort Smilh C ttic). Camticn 38, Aiianln. Tex, c Humes Junior High (Memphis) u, Joiiestaro Junior Hlgli c ( ti 0 ) Arkadelphin 0. Malvrrn 0 (tie) Riyeltevtlle 20. Alma o was good ' back ....... kick for point n punt 50 yards Fort Smith In Upset ' Slnltgarl 13, Helena o McClchce 33. Wairen 6. Marianna 13, Sacred Heart (Hel- 3 2 53 2 CG 35 1 27 27 «V J. p. TKIKNO Pil-st Downs • Passes (Alt) , Passes (Com) Yds from 1'asses Passes (line) • Yds Rid Inic Passes Yds f re m Rushing No. Kickoffs Yds of Kickoffs' Ave. of Kickoffs. No. ('nuts Yds of Punts Ave. ofj'unts Earlc i 5 0 0 39 . i 40 40 ,11 254 23 . , .183 Yds net Punts. Kickoffs 200 0 Yds Lost from Scrimmage 15 Passes Of Pivot, Brains Of Pilot Run Team Says Spaulding BY BILL SPAULDING Head Coach, U. O. L. A LOS ANGELES,—: have been asked which are the two most Important positions on a foolbal! learn That's just about the toughest task a fooball coach can undertake, for all positions on a squad are important. However, two players stand out .. in my mind as those having most 'I lo do with success of a team. These are the cenler and the quarterback. The center is the pivot man on every football maneuver. He passes the ball that starls lhe play, and while passing he is unable lo prolecl himself. He has lo absorb more unavoidable punishment than any other man on the team, and while he is absorbing jt he i la s little opportunity to pay bnck in kind. ., Tf the center's pass is Inaccurate, lhe entire, play, is ruined before il gets started. No matter how sfrcnuous tlie going, no matter hosv much he yearns to devote a liltle personal attention to'the fellow who opposes him In the line of scrimmage, tlie center oh offense inusl give his entire and complete atlenlion lo passing that ball. There are many fy]ics of passes (o be injide during the course of One halfback may want lhe ball lo hang; In the air so (hat 'ie caii pick it up on the run. while inollier may want it snapped 'like bullet straight lo his waist. The fullback may have a tendency to run too high. The center, realizing this, may correct this fault by throwing the ball a trifls loiver. On punts the bail must arrive perfectly for the kicker lo get off his boat with the icasl possible de-lay. •". cfnter must be careful not to tip the play by the slightest gesture. If he so much as moves his head,or twists his eyes toward the back to whom lie intends passing tile ball, 'the surprise element of the play may be lost completely. I don't know of a single man on i football team who has more and tougher duties and responsibilities nan'the center. : Oil,defense he still is the, busiest man on the field. He has to know how, when, and where lo rove. He is in there backing up the line vherc th'e going'its toughest. He : has , to be agile, as well as powerful.''- Passes' arc his meat—or should ibe. He takes it coming and going. 1 I "have seen some great centers in my years of 'Iwalchlng foolball. Here are a tew who stand out: 'Germany" -sennit?., Jock Blott and Chuck Bernard of Michigan; Boles Rcseiithal, of Minnesota; "Shorty" DesJardicn,' Chicago; "Babe" Horrell,- California; Lee Coals, last year's cenler at U. C. L. A., and Red Christie, present snapper-back at California. The next most important position on a football team Is that of juartcrback. He is just as impor- :ant to the learn as a rudder Is lo o boat. If a quarterback culls lhe Play poorly and the center passes poorly, the team is ruined before it starls. The quarterback nuisl be a leader who radiales and inspires confidence and flghling spirit. He engineers the offensive drives, scents weak spots in the opposition, and directs all play lo inn neuver his team into slralcgical positions. He is tlie brains of the team on lhe field of play. He must impart to the team what the coaches have imparted to him, and he imparts this information under far more difficult conditions than those faced by lhe coach. It's one thing to draw diagrams on a blackboard'during skull practice, and somelh'ing else to keep your head when a lot, of huskies arc handling lhe "lecturer" roughly. * * * . Mention of great quarterbacks would be incomplete If the name of Walter Eckersall, tl le mighty mite of Chicago, were not at the head of, the list. Wally Steffen, also of Chicago, comes close lo lhe lop. Benny Friedman and Harry Newman of Michigan will do. A great field administrator who almost never carried the ball, but did plenty olherwUe, was Charlie Erb of California. Fletcher of Illinois, Drury/Molilcr and Warburton of southern California, Tnd Jones of Yale, cliarby Uaiy of Harvard and West Point, Ho McMillin of Ccnlre, Stuhldrehcr and Carldco of Notre Dame— all illuslrale my pjlnt that n good quarterback makes a good learn. Football archives are full of lie- roes of tlie gridiron, not all quarterbacks' and centers, either. But. v.-illimit Die center nnd tlie quarterback. there would be no fiiat- hall, let alone fooibnll heroes! 2 4 •I 30 1209 Fumbles Fumbles (Rcc) Yds of Penalties Gain Nlylhcvillc Scoring I'ls. No. yds. 2 2 •:10 668 Ave. Ties Pine Bluff, 6-6 .].. Burns ! B. Locke H. Jlfoste}' O. Craig E. Saliba t>. Tipton ---- . Scored Kuns Gained Gain " Ads.. 12 2-1 24 6 12 7 Blackwell 0 11 18 C 4 17 2 1 118" 161 1C 24 • 97 : 51 24 10.1 8.8 7.1 G. 5.7 25.5 24. Read Courier New« Wsni AM. ffiHOME 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSUEANCE DEFT. One of Die oiiw.inding centers on the Pacific coast is Howard Christie, pivot man of the California Rears. Insei Is Jay Horn beak, blocking quarterback of the University of Wellington, one ol Uie slats ot far ivsst circles. muddy Held here Friday afternoon Btich team had plenty O f EC01 Ing chances only to fumbls them". Shawnce Easily Deieals I Crawfordsville, Score 34-0 f •Bur- Trumann and Osceola Battle To 6-6 Deadlock TRUMANN Alk— Oceol-1 Ml,, iii<j a fighting.comeback titter•' las ing to Blylheville by i lop sid d scale hrthc'ljrst game of (he season, held Tnimnnn lo n tcorekss tie Friday.' ' Fach team had a couple of scoring chances but failed lo-cash in. > ( Trumann held Paragould scoreless in a lie the, previous week, making yesterday's draw tlie rec- ond straight for lift locals. Luxora and Kciser Play Scoreless Tie LUXORA. Ark—Luxora and Kei- Ecr battled lo « scoreless tie oh a R O X Y Last Time Today Matinee * Night—lOc '- '2 JOINER, Ark.—Johnnie nctw's Shawncc ariddcrs sv,_ „ over a fighting band of Oraw- loril'jville nlaycis here Friday «!- lernonii. having an easy lime mn _ iilnu tip a one-sided score. Tlie score was 34 io 0 with the Shnu'iicc siidders playing "under -raf/j" pan of the way. Paragould Wins Over Wilson,-Score 19 To 0 WILSON AH--Pan»oiiid" high •choolb Bulldog d felled the Wilon high schctol Billdots 19 to D al Wilson Frid-iy Ihe Paiagould teim blocked two punts ind reLovcied the tall li^ Id in to, ing position lor makiiij t two touchdown* A piss account/ cd diiecttly foi tlu other. Wil'on lost its lon<. clnnce when IB II C11I1U Ul|l H d In ,i 1, 0 ] P 01 , oien ntt " r ecttlns inl ° the Pariisould showed a big learn outweighing wilsor. considerably. K • T ZI Saturday Only lUA'i'. and Nite^-lOc - 25c H /ac pCRRIN SEKIAL - - 'CAIITOON Sunday.-. Monday MAT. &.NITE—lOc - 2flc THEY DARED '.DAMON RUNYON TO TOP "LADY FOR A DAY' :-AND "LlfTLE MISS BARKER"-AND WHAT A JOB HE DID OF IT! - Another roaring, racv yarn set to the rat-tat-tat ot New York's heart-beat [—told bv Rptisott as only h<? knoui ho'v.' Special extra MIDNIGHT show tonight ,, you have & no alibi.for * missing"..... , NIGHT ALIBI <>.:>, RICHARD BARTHELMESS Ethel Merman in "Time on My Hands" And Comcdv Sunday -jMonday I MATINEE' & NITE—10c-35c f WORLD SERIES $ See Friday's game between the Tigers and Cardinals Sim- I tiny .at this theatre •'••Aflilrlu'iNwlMt: '• h»o,r —Wild . 001.a ': Othif Slari—100'J ol Dlo- '' fJ«l/I Clrh fn Watnertrit^ And Hundrctls of Glorious Ha by licrkelcy IJcantics! ll's Ilic bigscsl show evert of Ihe cason—IflSI's World's Kair of Ilic creen! .min Ilic crowds (anight nd see why Hie town's gone 'Dames'' crazyl • Herniee Claire in "Who's That Girl" Paramount'. News NOTICE All Home Owners .in Blythcville or community get a free Iwoklet on how you can get aid for improving your homo through, the Federal Housing Acl. T3dok-, lets available in the iobbias" of the Ritz and Roxv,

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