Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 25, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1938
Page 3
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Tuesday. October 26,1938 STAR, H62B, A&IEANSAS MRS. SID HENRY TftLBP?IONB:821 The Text Th,e Icxt: Ixjvo tluui Iliy fellow mnn! He may Imvc sinned:--ono proof indeed, He Is they fellow, rimcli thy hand Arid help him in his need! IMVC thou thy follow num. He nuiy Have wroiwd thef—then the less excuse Tluni hnsl for wronging him. Obey What he hiis dnix'd refuse! Love thuu thy follow m;m—for. he His life 11 light or heavy load No less he needs tlie love of tnee To help him on hi.s i'o:id.--Seleeted. Mrs. Ell:i Priestley of Memphis w;is the Monday gursl of her ni.'iee, Mrs. B. H. Hiinnn and Mr. llainm. en route to California for the winter. Sally Says She Won't—But She Doer Mrs. Frip Hill and little son, of Kl Dorado an- i;iicst.s of Mr. and Mr:;. A. M. Snunders anil ulhrr relatives and friends. 666 Liquid, TaMols Salve, Nose Drops relieves COLDS first cliiy, lir.AUACIIICS ami VKVKK ilui' to Colds, in .'Id minutes Try "Riih-My-TIsm"— n Wonderful Uniim'iil ENDSTUES. DEANNA DURBIN THAT CERTAIN AGE' —WED.— A "Better Wed. Picture" Drs. Charles and Etta Chrtmplin have ns house guests, Mr. nnd Mr.s Alton Curry and daughter Margery and win Billy of Pcoria, 111. After a visit wjth Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Decker, Mr. and Mrs. Loto Becker and son Vcrnon. left Tuesday morning fo rthcir homo in St. Louis, Mo. 'Hie Madrigal club, Senior High School met Tuesday morning at the high school and elected the following officers: President, Billy Orton; vice president, Wallace Vim Sickle; secretary, Nancy Knye Williams; treasurer, Nancy Hill; program chairman, Nell Loui.M- IBroyles; .spon$pr, Mrs. Robert Cinnpbull and Mrs. B. J. Ogburn. After a week-end visit with Mr. and Mrs. VV. H. A. Selmeikcr and family, Mis.s Marjorio Sandidge and Miss Drusilla Woods have returned to their ir.spoclive homes in Arkadelphia and I.ittk- Hock. The older pupils of the Ogburn School of Dancing, will entertain with ;i Halloween costume dance on Salur- d:\.v evening, beginning; at 7:30 in the .studio on South Main street. Forty hid; have bi'di issued—Mr.s. L. M. Lik- ud Mrs. Jiid Ik-nry will chaperone. Leslie D. Woods, Sr., announces the iiKagcrncnt and approaching marriage of his second daughter, Miss Drusilla Woods to Ross William's, son of Mr.s. Ola Williams of Hope. Tlie wedding will take pluce at the home of the bride elect, in Little Rock on Thanks- liiving ove* November 24. Miss Woods is a graduate of the Little Rock High School and Mr. Williams is a graduate of the Hope High School. They will make their home in Hope. -b- The many friends of Miss Petty Joe Collins will bo glad to know that she is recovering nicely from a recent appendicitis operation at Josephine hospital. live CoVnYnittee make n study of the Domestic Allotment Program. 10. The Hempstead County Farm Bureau favors the educational program as adopted by ^he executive committee of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation and that the State Farm Bureau be urged to work with civib organizations of the state to sponsor such adjusted program as will give to each girl and boy of the stale in adequate and minimum school facilities. New Automobiles (Continued from Page One) ing wheel; there is a series of colorec lights io warn the driver of his speed of operation, controlled by the speedometer; there is greater use of plastics some makers trying them on radiator grilles and molding as well as on steering wheels and instrument panel but tons. Ch.nss.cs Still Lower With the tndency always towarc lowered chasses the manufacturer have had to deal again with the prob em of eliminating the hump between clutch and differential. To do this oine makers have tilted the power jlant at an angle that requires a double-jointed" assembly in the .ransmission of power to the rear wheels. At the same time the complicated clutch assembly has been simplified, with about a third as many parts. Coil springs are coming in for greater adaptation. Concealed door hinges are favored by many more producers. Tlie "bigger-and-botler" motif seems to have been the objective throughout. There will be some really "new" models in the season's introductions Three or four producers are bringing out what they call "economy sixes," to bid . for business in the lower price field. Ford lias completed a new de luxe model that will compete in a price class slightly higher than the standard line. Thus greater competitive activity throughout the industry is indicated for the coming season. The province of Katanga, in the Bel gian Congo ( produces gold, platinum diamonds, radium, iron, tin and copepr If you are blessed, you are blessed, whether you are single or not.—Greta Garbo, on single blessedness. Politicians broke up and merchants sold out what philosophers had created.—Vojta Benes, 'brother pY the former president of Czechoslovakia, on the Czechoslovakian partition. In hair we'have had as great a revolution as in politics.—M. Antoine, fam- out hair stylist. The British Empire is at the beginning of the end,it is -starting to crumble.—Hendrik Willem V^i Loon, author and historian. What is happening throughout the world is the fault of the church, that has failed utterly to deta- , onstrate that essential spirit of tove'/^ Dr. S. W. German, president of the Board of Foreign Missions of the ( United Lutheran Church in Amenaa*i,' How to Case Gas Gas All Time *.itrs. Jas. Filler says: "Gas on hiy Btom- ach was BO bad I couldn't eat or Bleep. GHS even )>rcBsecl on my heart. AOlerlka brought me quick relief. Now, I cat as wish steep fine never felt better." ' ' ADLERIKA JOfHN £ GIBSON DttUG 'COT FIRST-massage thrdftt, chest; and back wltH Vloks VatsoRUb at bedtime, This relieves the distress. THEN-to make Its long-continued actioh last even longer, spread a thick , layer o£ VapoRub on the chest and cover with a wanned cloth. tONB AFTER sleep comes, VapoRub keeps working-loosens phlegm-eases muscular soreness or tightness-clear^ air-bassages-eases cpughlng-reueves local congestiori; - _ " , . — Often, by morn-• % • I ^* Wf C Ing the worst of %*!%»•%«* the cold is over. •' w VAPORUB \ "I'll pose any way you want—even stand on my head—but I won't pose with a policewoman," cried Fan Dancer Sally Rand, but it was too late. Here is Sally, left, sans fans, in a Los Angeles court with Policewoman Cheryl Goodwin, center, and a reporter^ Sally was in court to explain why she hadn't appeared earlier in connection with a suit brought by one Hazel Drain, who claims la Rand bit her during a scuffle in a Los Angeles theater. JUflECHi <3/L#££*t WHEUH With the CountyAgent Oliver L. Adams s —TUES-WED— ,HRIE AIRMEN SLAIN! MYSTERY RAY SOUGHT IN SERIES OF WEIRD CRASHES! PHANTOM RAY STRIKES ARMY PLANE AGAIN!!, ^tf'" M " ,** :• ^—-v •:•:•:•.VX- Clubs— ienton ittle Rock unesboro ine Bluff {ope N. Little Rock 1 1 Dorado 'orrcsl City llythcville lot Springs 'ort Smith ^larksville j'ordyce Mussel Ivillc Camden School Conference | \V L T I'ts. OP.. 0 55 19 0 77 27 tl 40 12 1 92 13 0 47 39 20 13 29 4G 59 39 0 1 1 1 0 0 , (1 . 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 1 77 40 92 47 77 13 26 111 27 . 7 (i .25 13 0 113 GO 10: 3: TULSA, Okla.—f/Pi-T-apcrs in the nayor's waste basket caught fire. Ir Pilcjior. NYA director, who was in the office, raced for a glass of water but Fred Pyeatt, the mayor's secretary tossed the basket out the window before the blaze could spread. Peter B. Kync's "La\v of the Planes" With CHARLES STAKUETT —Also— Joe Penner—in "Go Chase Yourself" The Apple Borer If one of your fine old apple trees beginning to die either in the trunk r on certain limbs, although some- mes near the ground, it is quite prob- ble that the apple tree borer is. at ork. There are two kinds of apple tree orcrs—the flat headed and the round leaded. Unfortunately, neither of liese borers can be treater with jaradichlorobenzeiie, as is tlie case with peach tree borers, because of njury to the apple tree, according to nformation received from the Uni- ersity of Arkansas College of Agriculture. The only successful method with duty right to his car. Being instantly and constantly in touch with headquarters, no roll call is" necessary. Since there are at least three men in each car, two will always be available for short foot-patrol duties near the parked cruiser, leaving one mnn always at the telephone." I Station On Wheels Captains will have .charge of groups of zones, and will have cars of their c<wn to tour them , becoming a .sort of precinct-station-on-wheels. At least G7, and as high as 92 ccrs will be on the streets at all hours.. High officers of the department will be out in the cars at night, at the hours when crime is most prevalent, instead of sitting in station houses during the dull daylight hours. Careful study of the city's crime statistic^, for the past five years has shown exactly where and when the most police protection against both crime'and accidents is needed. The zones are laid out to coincide. Monthly tabulated reports on these situations will make it possible to readjust quickly tlie zone ivhich to combat the apple tree borer ,s to remove the borers from each hole with a small hooked wire. Some success has been reported Tom placing a few drops of carbon :lisulfide in the .small hole and plugging with clay, so that the gas will k;ill the borer. Thurs-Fri. "DRACULA" City Meat Market CHOICE K. C. MEATS, HOT TAMALES and OYSTERS. PROMPT FREE DELIVERY. PHONE 7G7 National Washer and Ironer Week Every House Needs WESTINGHOUSE Special This Week 6 Pound Washer S49»9d Sold On Easy Terms. Hope Hardware COMPANY uimimiiiiiiimiiiiiiiimiimiiiiiimiu = USE MONTSSUGAR CURE = 5 When Butchcing Pork and Beef = ~ Sugar Cure is a formula that= Ecurus meat quickly; costs no mores jtluui the old salt method and is= =much less trouble. = _ Electrically Mixed E El'rink'd directions furnished frccE with each purchase. E For Sale by E E MONTS SEED STORE, Hope. = E Emmet Mercantile Co., Emmet. = M. L. Nelson, Blevins. E E ROGERS & SONS, McCaskill. E =J M. STRIPING & SONS, PrescoU.E Electric Fence The use of the electric fence is rapidly expanding in Arkansas for enclosing acres for temporary grazing and for division fences. Many fences are on the market that are used with a single strand of barbed wire attached to light posts or inexpensive stakes set 50 to 100 feet apart. This fall the placing of electric lines will help to utilize more economically the roughage in corn and cotton stalk fields, and they will also be of great value in grazing winter grains, according to M. W. Muldrow, Extension animal husbandman, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Frequently, Mr. Muldrow said, blocks of winter grain are on acres connected with regular stock fields, and sometimes they are injured by over-grazing or by tramping when the soil is too wet. Tlie temporary electric fence will make possible the control of this condition. distribution to meet new conditions. Formations have been arranger in advance by which known outlets to various sections may be quickly blocked in response to a single signal, like a football play. Director Ness believes that in event of some disaster requiring a large concentration of police, they can be assembled more quickly thai before. An auxiliary power plant at headquarters protects the radio statioi against interruption of electric ser vice, and the radio telephone systen is backed up by a complete teletype arrangement that would take its place and operate almost as effectively in emergency. The "flalfoot" beat patrolman is not entirely displaced in Cleveland. For traffic duty and other specialized work, some will remain. In some instances, the value of ad- SAL 300 Fall and Winter Dresses for Women and Juniors Spec $7.95 LADIES ialty Shop obtained on cutover in areas where crops Picnic Is Held By (Continued from Page One) ditional feed neadows or lave been harvested early to supple- icnt over grazed permanent pastures ias more than paid for the forst cost >f the fence, according to Mr, Muld- ow. It is possible, that the use of the Mcctric fence may even encourage the slanting of a greater acreage of winter rains for grazing and planting at an earlier elate. Late planting is fre- juently the cause of the lack of an appreciable value from winter grains "or grazing. These grains should be jlanted immediately. Householder May (Continued Jrom Page One) the "flatfoot" on tlie beat are on the way out. "The old precinct setup goes back to the days of the night watch, says Ness. "It was effective when es- Bureau is in favor of holding the present National farm program until we can get the allotments prorated on a farm management basis. 2. The Hempstead County FarYn: Bureal feels that every effort should be made to have the cotton allotments out to the producers by January 1, of each year, in that it would stimulate the program and give time for farm planning and also the county administration ample time to hold educational meetings in the county so that it would bring about a better understanding of the program. 3. That the Soil Building allowance be calculated as in 1938 except that an addition of ?1.00 an acre be allowed for each acre of improved pasture and meadow established under the Agricultural Conservation program. 4. The Hempstead County Farm Bureau fa,yors further educational features on soil building practices under the present program to the extent that the county offices be required, when sending out cotton allotments to also send out the soil building allowance and setting out plainly the number of units required to earn the budget set ulp for the farm. 5. Whereas, the payment for establishment of permanent pasture is now Government Cotton loans Quick Servic Immediate Payment Cotton Classed by E. C.Brown, Licensed Government Clusscr in Our Office. E, C. BROWN & CO. tablished, as the precinct stations were usually placed at geographical distances designed to make it easy for neighborhood people to walk to it and report disturbances. The beat man got to know neighborhood people and aclivites, and so he was effectve. "But wlh the comng of the auto, I neghborhood Ife broke up. Young folks go clear across town for a dance. A burglar comes from another neighborhood, or another town, docs his work and is gone. The old advantage of the foot patrolman in knowing the neighborhood dwindled. "The automobile came to help the criminal und hinder police. But the telephone and new communications co;n^ to help police. Our aim is to put our patrol on wheels, give them superior communications, and make them able to render real 'watchman service' again. I ments on cotton. "Under our plan, the man reports'for I 9. That the Farm Bureau Execu- §3.00 pe rtwo units, the Hempstead County Farm Bureau favors an increase to ?5.000, providing the standards be raised. 6. The State Committee should have the authority and should be given reserve acreage to be allotted to new farms and farms needing adjustment, said adjustments to be recomincnded by the county committee. t , 7. That any unearned mumcs tor soil building allowance to any county, may be, by recommendation of the county committee, paid to farms which have exceeded their soil building allowance. In event that tlie unearned moncs iare not suffcient to pay such farms that tlie salad monies be prorated on percentage basis. 8. That congress should vote a processing tax to provide parity pay- I A'lli^H 3 ANN ^H^IF Planned and purchased P 1938 PENNEY'S YEAR| PENNEY'S months in advance to make values like these possible. We are listing only a few of the many outstanding values that you will find at PENNEY'S. Celebrating Our 13th Year in Hope. They Are New! LADIES DRESSES Purchased For This Event! 50 NEW LADIES Glen-Row DRESSES 12 to 46 S2L98 25 New Jean Nedra 36-inch Heavy Weight Outing FLANNEL 12 1 Ladies Fern-Aid Sanitary NAPKINS 13 , 13c 81x99 America's Famous NATION WIDE SHEETS ea. 74c 39rinch Novelty Spun RAYON '+ 49c 90x114 Hand tufted Chenille BEDSPREADS $2-98 Special Purchase 1000 Bars FROCKS • TOILET SO AP 13c 12 to 40 • Go On Sale Friday at 2 o'clock IftA AA • 50° Large Size Bleached $3.98 I SUGAR SACKS ea .5c A Penney Value—LADIES ea. 80 Square Fast Color Novelty PRINT 15c 54-indk DRESS or COAT WOOLEN .. I-' 1 ' LAPIES WINTER WEIGHT UNIONS 49c 3QO Only— 2 l / 2 lh. 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