Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 24, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday. 'October 24,1958 ^CLASSIFIED RATES OtM ttm*--2o word, minimum 30c tttte« ttae»-^Hc word, mitu 50c Vx times^-fic word, minimum 90c One month (26 times)— 18c Word, minimum , . - Rates are for continuous insertions only. In making word count, disregard classification name such as "for Rent," "For Sale," etc.— this is free. But each initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOB-KENT— Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage, close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 30c for one time; at 3Vtc word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of bill PHONE 768 Legal Notice NOTICE NOTICE IS H5;REBY GIVEN. That the undersigned as administrator of the estate of Mrs. Annie L. Simpson Good, deceased, will apply to the Probate Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, on Friday, the 25th day of November, 1938. or any day thereafter that said Court may be in session, for authority to sell the following de, scribed real estate belonging to said estate and situated in Hempstead County, Arkansas, to-wit: Part of Northeast Quarter of Northwest Quarter (NEV4 NW/O of Section •Twenty-eight (28), Township Twelve (12) South, Range Twenty-Four (24) West, described as follows: Beginning at Northwest corner of Block Three, Oaklawn Addition No. 3 to Hope, Arkansas, and run Northwesterly parallel with Arkansas & Louisiana Railroad twelve (12) feet to point of beginning; thence Northeasterly and parallel with North line of said Block 3 one hundred three feet (103); thence Northwesterly parallel with Long Street as extended forty (40) feet: thence Southwesterly parallel with North line of said Block 3 one hundred three (103) feet; thence Southeasterly and parallel with East line of said railroad forty (40) feet to point of beginning. [Begin at the Northeast Corner of Lot Number One (1) in Block Number One (1) in Garretts Subdivision of Blocks Eight (8) and'Nine (9) of Wallis Addition to the Town of Hope, Arkansas, the point of beginning, and run in' a westerly direction One Hundred and Thirty-nine (139) 'feet along the south line of West Division Street to a stake; thence in a southeasterly direction, perpendicular to the St. Louis Iron Mountain Railway, One Hundred and Thirty Nine and seven .tenths (139 7/10) feet to a stake; thence in an Easterly direction Nineiy-;qur (94) feet to a stake; thence north Qne Hundred, and Forty-six and five tenths (146 5/10) feet to the point of beginning. All in Garretts Subdivision of Blocks Eight (8) and Nine (9) in WaHis Addition to the Town of Hope, Arkansas., Also, Lot Twelve (12) in Block Four , '4) in London Addition to the City •of Hope, Arkansas, Also, Lots Nos. One (1), Two (2), Three (3) and Four (4) Block Three (3) in Oaklawn Addition No. Three (3) to the City of Hope, Arkansas, And Lot Eight (8) in Block Two (2) Green Oaks unincorporated addition to the City of Hope, Arkansas, ' together will all personal property . belonging to said estate. Said sale will be made for the purpose of paying the debts of said estate. ALBERT GRAVES Administrator of the Estate of Mrs. Annie L. Simpson Good, Deceased. Oct. 24. Enjoy REST AND RELAX a good game of Billiards with your friends. CRINER'S BILLARD and DOMINO PARLOR Next door to New Theater You Owe It to Yourself TO TRY OUR Superior Dry Cleaning Methods and see the difference it makes in the appearance of your clothes. Phone 148 COOK'S White Star LAUNDRY & CLEANERS JAPANESE MOUNTAIN HORIZONTAL 1 Most famous Japanese mountain. 8 It is the — mountain of Japan. 13 Old-worn, nnish. 14 Pain. 16 Cotton cloth. 17 Writing fluid. 18 On the lee. 19 Wholly absorbed. 20 2000 pounds. 21 To scorch. 22 To drone; 23 Exists. 25 Upon. 26 Sound of surprise. 27 King of Bashan. 28 Silkworm. 29 Stir. 30 Hoi-sefly. 31 Country bumpkin. 33 Genus oC rats. * 34 To think. 35 To abhor. Answer "io Previous Puzzle 37 Measure for type. 38 Anger. 39 Form of "a." 40 Transference 44 Chart. 46 Moccasin. 47 To soothe. 48 Citric fruit. 49 Honeybee. 51 Kind of rubber. 52 Steps. 53 It is the peak in Japan. 54 It is a VERTICAL 1 Note in scale. 2 League. 3 Demons. 4 Kind. • 5 You. C Evils. 7 Maple "shrub. 8 Southeast. 9 Bivalve mollusks. 10 Corded cloth. 11 Complete. 12 To accomplish 15 Masculine pronoun. 18 Exclamation 19 Carpet 20 It can be seer from . ' 21 Irascible. 22 To skip. 24 It Is a famous for tourists. 26 Paradise. 28. Otherwise. 29 Related by blood. 30 Cunning. 32 Opposite of closed. 33 Blackbird. 35 Clock face. 36 Flower part. 39 Irldian nurse. 40 Flourish. 41 Plot of ground. 42 Plural pronoun. 43 Slovak. 44 Isinglass. 45 Coin. 46 Hog. 48 Varnish ingredient 503.1416. 51 Postscript. 52 Plural. "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" Services Offered See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for New and Re-built. Phone Paul Cobb. G58-J. l-26tc FOR RENT FOR SALE—Broilers each week, grown the sanitary way. Ben G. Southward, phone 119 or 113W. 22-3tp FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment, garage, utilities paid. 100 E, Avc. B. Phone 908W. Mrs. B. M. Jones. 21-3tc FOR RENT—One bedroom, dining room with stove and electrical refrigerator. 614 South Main. Phone 463. 22-3tc. A new device lias been invented for airplanes which warms pilots whenever they arc approaching mountains. It Is an altimeter which registers height above hind. For Sate FOR SALE-SORGHUM SYRUP AT STAR OFFICE. 13-20tdh FOR SALE—80-ncre farm, 7 miles west of Hope ort tflghway 67. Terms. Phone B. C. Holtls. 21-3tp Re-roof NOW before cold weather and rnlns begins. No down payment, easy monthly terms. Hempstencl County Lumber Co. 20-Glc FOR SALE—One Bedroom, dining room suite, with stove nnd electrical refrigerator. 614 South Main. Phone 463. 24-3tc Notice NOTICE—Local money to lonn on improved farm lands and city property; low interest rates; quick action. Harry J. Lemleyi Hope, Arkansas. IM-Nov 2.1-c Take advantage of our special offer . . . repair, repaint, or re-roof now and be prepared for winter. No down payment, small monthly terms. Hempstead County Lumber Co. 20-6tc FOR SALE—Copies o* Hop* Star's $1,700 Centennial edition glvltif com* pleto authentic history of 20 South* west Arkansas towns. Buy now. Sup* ply Is limited. Bound copies, 50 cents •-add 12 cents if desired to be mailed. (Inbound copies, 25 cents—add 6 cents t>t you want it mailed. 3-tf-dri Loat LOST—Thursday nt Henderson football gninc ladies yellow gold Elgin wrist wnlch, Liberal reward for return to Hope 'Star. 21-6t-dh. Sure It Wins Ills Fault "I'm so sorry," said the hatless wom- tm mixed up in an accident, "it was all my fiiuVt." 'Not nt nil mtulnm," the driver of the truck responded with n gnllnnt gesture. 'I was to blame myself." "But I insist the fnult wns mine. I was on your side of the street." "That may be true," he said, "but Today'* Aniwtri to CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on I'ngc One 1. Fnlsc. Lew Fields was "the other hnlf" of the comedy tcnm of Wooer and Fields. 2. False. The tallest structure in the world is the Empire SUito IBullding. 3. Fnlsc. Chrysoprusc is n kind of tjuartz. 4. True. 5. True. my clenr mndnin, I am responsible for the collision. I saw you coming blocks nwny and hncl ample opportuntiy to dart clown n side street." The ginnt brown boar* or Kodink boar, is the largest carnivorous mii- 'mul extant todny. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ... with... MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS ONE HLJMDRED COLLARS/ H/V/V/ K1O PALTRY PROFIT FOR A FEW MOMEMTS' EFFORT-—--t^AFpV KA^P'.' NOW TO CALL UP THE s UNFORTUNATE ( EYEP STKAKJQE IWFORM HIM THAT 1 HAVE RECOVERED HIS VALUABLE GLASS EYE. AMD CLAIM THH REWARD OF £2OO FOR ITS RETURN f HE'S i TO CALL THAT PHOWY NUMBER THAT °OWE •EYE" GAVE 1'P BETTER BLOW/ GOT AN IMPORTANT DATE WITH A PAL OF- MINE/ JAKE MUST i HAVE SOME OWL IW HIM TO SHUFFLE INTO A ROOM AMD SPOT A GLASS EVE OUST AFTER WE'D C0AABED IT WITH A VACUUM CLEANER / OW TO '< COLLECT THE REWARD MAYBE = COPB. 193B BY Ktt, SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. P*T. OFF . COTTON ,I FEEL 'TURRIBLE WHEN I THINK OF OUR MISSPENT LIVES •• FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY ON ONE 0' THEM GUITARS AN 1 LOOK WHERE WE/ COULD OF ITS A GOOD JOB ,1 6POS4, BUT TH'COUNTRY is GETTIM KINDER, LOW ON COWS PER THEM COWBOY GUITAR SINGERS- THERE'fl TWO PER EVERY COW IN TH'COUNTRY-••» 1 WONDER .] WHUT HALF OF WHUT COW THET FELLER HERDED GIVE ME BOOTS AND. MY SADDLE n THE BEEF SHORTAGE. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By George Ross larmoter of men's ha* styles is in the aried assortment to be seen in the .ost & Found Department, conducted by Abe Ellis, oyerlord concessionaire o£ hatcheck rooms all round the town. Browsing through the exhibit, we found labels in the chapeaux from Pittsburg .Chicago, Los Angles, New Orleans, Paris, London, Liverpool, Sydney, Malnila, Beunos Aries, Spokane, and seveal hundreds of towns and villages throughout the world. Ellis tells us that one man in ten forgets to claim his hat after a soiree in a hot spot and that's a greater i-atio than was expected. Unclaimed hats are held by him for a year and when the deadline expires, he sends them along to charitable instutions. He has no use for them. One of the bright and pretty damosel who guards the lids at the Casa Manana an Ellis stronghold— claims she can readd character by studying the inner linning of a man's hat. A clean lining, she says, indicates either a baldhead man or a sedate devoid of hair dressing. When there is no tonic on a man's tufts, she insists, he is a conservative type. Smeared linings are sure signs of dandyism and a tendecy toward cutting up. Per spiration-stained bands point concl usively tu newspapermen—or tnn-cen tippers, she concludes with contempt Actors' Church One of the more colorful sights in this kaleidestopic city i.s the Little Church Around the Corner, celebrate'.! in theatrical legend and in song. The diminutive house of worship came by its name in interesting fashion. In 1871, an actor by the name of George Hollamand died suddenly. His friends and his partner—the famed Joe Jefferson—asked the curate of a church' near the playhouse to offiacte at the funeral. The ecclesiast refused sug- ;esting they try "that little church around the corner. WE ABE PREPARED To Do All Kinds of Cold Storage and Meat Curing COMMUNITY ICE & PRODUCE CO. Phone 350 for Particulars Since then, "that little church a- •ouncl the corner" has become endeared to actors and actresses. It is ocated in East, Twenty-ninth street, amidst the hub-bub of traffic and bus- ness houses. It was from that sacred, vine- grown house of prayer nestling back from the street that Lester Walack,, Edwin Booth, Dion Boucicault and the fabulous other were borne to their final resting places. It's Schurr a Good Story A Broadway institution is Louis Schurr, who is the agent for many a topflight artist on the curent stage. A squat little fellow, Schurr is dapper to fine point and one of his elegent eccentricties is a desire to have the ladies who accompany him to the theater wear ermine. The legend goes that Schurr owns a- couple of ermine wraps and that he loans one to any damosel who doesn't own one and who is going out with him at night. Well, that's tjie rumor and it may be apocyphal. ' Sartorilly, Agent Schurr has a well-stocked wardrobe and not the least of it is a suply of gorgeously striped bathing suits which he takes with' him wherever he goes. First thing he does, after unpacking, is to send his valet around to the tailor with his swimming paraphernalia. However, Schurr never enters the water in these suits, or in any other suit. He's scared to death of it. UnccI (Svengali) Sam Philip Ober, the thespain, crosses his heart while he tells this: Called before an Internal Revenue Ofifcier, he was asked why he didn't filed an income tax return. For a long time the suspicious questioned him, trying to trap him into an admission of hidden assets, updeclared devedends and secret source of income. When at last he was convinced that Ober was sincere in his statement that he had not worked in a couple of years, the officier dropped his inquisitorial manner and because com- passinate. He had always been interested in acting, he said, and he thought it was a wonderful profesion. "Tell you what," he offered, "I'll give you the magic charm. " Then the orf- fical proceeded to invoke some chat that didn't seem to make much sense. The next week Ober signed a contract fo a full summer's work and then got a job in a succesful Broadway production. Maybe Uncle Sam will do as much or us some time! KJSL? 0 " 01 ^ W TOC HISTORY Of iwr cpRfer HAS AMVONSP cTA° OT Nothing Else But— 16 HE ALLEY OOP By EDGAR MARTIN No Comment GAS RANGES—HEATERS FLOOR FURNACES Automatic Water Heaters Butane Gas Systems EASY TERMS > Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Phone 259 Government Cotton Loans Quick Service—Immediate Payment Cotton classed by a Licensed Government classer in our office. T, S. McDAVITT & COMPANY Hope, Arkansas] The Pueblo Indians make breaecl as hin as tissue paper. It is made by rying a very thin vlue corn meal bat- er on a flat rock and folding up the read when done. The automobile industry is the source of income for about 10,000,000 person! n the United 'States. Just a Few of the Thrif* ty Women who Shop the Grocery Ads in The Star Every Thursday AND SAVE! Don't Forget the Grocery Ads Appear Every Thursday WELL, TH'WAY HE'S GROWIN ^ ™ WON'T BE LONG PROVED HIMSELF A DINOSAUR OF REAL WORTH DE SPITE HIS SIZE, FOOZY'S KAKKV ISN'T LITTLE KAKKV MOW TAKES THE-CENTER BIGGER —THEM VOU COULD AND I THINK NOW/ BUT, FOOZV, HE'STOO\ IS A GOOD TIME ( YOUNG/ MY GOSH/ T'C-TABT RD EAK |N'> HE civir HOLD UP RIDE \ YOUR WEIGHT VET/ By V. T. HAMLIN HAH/ 5EZ VOU/ NOW ,WHATCHA GOT T'SAY, WASH TUBES Out of the Frying Pan HAt THEV DiOWT T5ARE KEEP \=J IM a«,U WOVJ TO FIMD CA«)l FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By ROY CRANE OH. HO IE OON'T, ME ANWOME BUCKo!l A1WV rOFCJOT THE D«T YOU DONE WE IM SAKiTA MARIA, AW I A\WS TO SETTLE "'& Freck Makes Good Again Ay/T 'EM HARD, "% SMADYSIDE // : 3 By MERRILL BLOSSER MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE The "Spider" Outwitted STILL PUNISHING HIM , EM ? x iviousHr HJ WEREN'T aOINQ Tb PUT HIM IM l I WASN'T, Bur THE BENCH WAS SETTING HARD, AND I WANTED HIS By Ray Thompson and Charles Coll IVACK IS COWFROMTED BY THE PROBLEM OF STOPPiMG TH£ BAMDITS FROM CEACH- IMG THE I -5. PLAME AS THEY USE THE CblRLS TO SHIELD THEIE WE dMK' IT HOKAV NOW, BEMSOM...THEK) WE TEACH JUST KEEP VOUR EVE OW THE GIRLS, JACK THEY CAKl'T TAKE 'EM ALOFT... CM GOIN& TO TRY AKJD GET IK) THE / Alg. FIRST/f LOOK,, PETRO/ THAT PILOT, . VA/HITEY, IS DASHING FOE. HIS PLAKJE.' @>UT AS'THE SPIDER" TAKES CAREFUL. AIM, MYRA SUDDEW LV THRUSTS UP ONE SHOUL- DEE. AUO THE SHOT GOES WIUD/

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