Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 22, 1938
Page 3
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Satuwfoy/ ;,QGtohe"r 22,1938 H,0|I STAR, MOPE, AtttANSAS *•• MRS. Sin HENRY TELEPHONE 321 Let me remember us I go my way, How much It meant to me to meet a friend Who wMkod and talked With me but jlcstcrday: Let me be like her to the Ions day's end. No kindly word once spoken, can be lost, No kindly deed is ever done in vain; Nor can we measure when our paths are crossed How ,lnuch from us our fellowrnan may gain. I would somehow my influence could bo So fraught with help and comfort and deli glit As that of friends who have encouraged me, And sent me brr.ve nnd smiling to the fight.—Sclectedo. Mrs. W. M. Matthews, who has beci the guest of her granddaughter, Mr. 1 J. W. Branch and Dr. Branch for the past two weeks left/Salurday for he home in Little Hock. N. W. Denty left Friday for Kcota Okla., to attend the bedside of hi. mother. Mrs. Kate Denly, who is ser iously ill at her home in Keota. Mrs. Gus Burnicr of Little Rock i the guest of the Dorsey McRae's. Mrs. C. C. Lewis was hostess to th members of the Friday Bridge elul at her home on South Main stree Seasonal flowers brightened th rooms, and bridge was played fror two tables,,with the high score favc going lo Mrs. W. Q. Warren. Mrs. J. A. Riinkin of Russellvillc was an out of town guest. Following the game, the hostess served a delightful ice course with cake. Mr. and Mrs. William Glover and little son, Dorsey David, of Malvem are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRae. Mrs. J. A. Rankin of Russellvillc is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Mrc Duffie and Mr. Duffie. -o- Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRnc Jr., announce the arrival of a little son, Dor- Key Alexander McRao 111. on Thursday, October 20th at the Julia Chester hospital. -O- Among the out-of-town friends accompanying Jack Hnckct on Friday Pay Tribute to The (Continued from Ptftt One) rom Glndcvvater, Texas, to attend the uneral services of Mrs. Jack Hackell eld in this city at the Methodist hurch were: O. R. Blackburn, H. B. tVard, LeRoy Decker, T, A. Dcnnard, A. Qoonc and T. D. Messer, who ted as pallbearers.- Mrs. Hackcl was Tm-io Somali, formerly of this city, urviving are the husband, Jack Hack- •tt, nnd three daughters, Peggy ..oraine, Grclchon S\io nnd Linda Lou, he two last being twins, aged four voars and two sisters, Mrs. Paul :'ryor of Arkadelphin and Mrs. Y. C. Whit lock of Texnrkanu, Texas. HES FIRST BAPTIST . William Russell Hamilton, Pastor "fchnll the Meek Inherit the Earth?" Tliis.is the subject of Mr. Hamilton's .sermon at the 10:55 service on the third saying of Jesus in His sermon on Uio Mount. In view of Mussolini's "grab" of Ethiopia and Hitler's annexation of Austria and Sudeteland, can we accept as a working principle for our lives the statement that "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth"? "The Christian's Attitude Toward Life :IIH!. or Death" is the subject of the sermon at the 7:30 service Sunday evening. What is the secret of real living? What is the assurance of life after death? These questions nnd others will be dealt with in the ser- rnon. Sunday school meets at 9:45. The attendance last Sunday was 349; the Sun- clay before last it was 350. What will it be next Sunday? The Training Union, meeting at G:30, affords Christians an opportunity for growing in .grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. There were 85 present last Sunday night. A cordial invitation is extended the public to attend all services of First Baptist church. Scrappers drew 35 yards in penalties. Score On First Piny Hope got the jump and scored on the first piny of the game. Jimmy Taylor kicked, off to Nashville. Nashville returned to the 20-yard line and on the opening play a Scrapper baek- field man juggled the ball, Cnplain Dean Parsons grabbing il and running for touchdown. Hope's second touchdown came in the middle of the final period when the Bobcats look possession on the Nashville 25 where Coleman, Parsons and Eason advanced it lo Ihe three-yard line. From that point 'Parsons drove across the lino to tscore. The Bobcats wer»i penalized 15 yards and Jirnmy Taylor's kick for extra poinl failed. «*"' Nashville's mosl dangerous scoring threat came near the end of the opening quarter and again late In Ihe final period. A series of passes look Ihe ball lo wilhin 10 yards of Ihe goal in the first quarter. At thai poinl Hope bnltcd down four passes and took the ball. Lute in the fourth quarter Nashville punted to Hope's 30 where two consecutive penalties set Hope back to the 10-yard line. Yerger Grid Team Defeats Camden Tigers Use Aerial Attack forlO.toGJWinHere Fall Elections (Continued from Page One) Tlit Yerger High School football team Friday afternoon defeated the on the Yerger field. Hope first scored black Panthers of Camden, 19 to 6, on a pass fromJPoindextor to D. Shaw, the second marker also resulted in the same manner. Poindexler passed lo Grody who ran 35 yards to score Ihc third touchdown. Camden scored when n player got loose around end and ran 40 yards. It was Ihe second victory of the season for Ihe Tigers, havnig whipped Prescoll lasl week by a large FIRST CHRISTIAN V. A. Hammond, Pastor SATURDAY ONLY with wonder hone TARZAK AJso COMEDY No. 7 "UNDERSEA KINGDOM" Silly Symphony mid Kra/y Knl Sunday & Monday GINGER ROGERS JAMES STEW JAMES ELLISON BEULAH BOND! CHARLES COBUR* •KO.RADIO PICTURE Our Sunday school, with opening xercises beginning classes and departments at !):4. r i lias a class group for very age,, from the nursery lo grand- nother and grandfather. You wlil bo [iven a hearty welcome in whatever jroup you attend. Attendance in the Sunday school has kept close to the 100 mark so far this quarter. Be in your place Sunday iiul help keep the reedrd clear. We iced to have more than 100 present his week to reach our October goals. 3o your part. 71ic pastor will speak at the morn- Eason's punl was blocked and Nashville recovered on Ihe two-yard line. Nashville attempted n line play, but was held for no gain. An attempted pass failed. Turner nnd Fulkerson wore through on the nexl play and tossed Jennings for an 8-yard loss. Parsons batted down a pass on fourth down and the Bobcats look possession. Do Much Passing Nashville's chief offensive weapon was an aerial allack. They lossed a lolal of 29, completed eight and had five intercepted. The Bobcats stuck to a ground allack and only altempted five passes, co'/iYpletcd Iwo and had one intercepted. The first downs showed Hope six and Nashville nine, three of which resulted from pcnallies. To name individual slars in Ihe game would be difficult. Every player turned in n nice game for bolh sides, the battle being so bitterly fought. Jack Fulkerson, Bobcat left end, probably played the best game of his career. Ho rushed the Nashville passer throughout the game, frequently throwing him for losses. Tommy Turner on the olhcr end dashed through to make tackles at the line of scrimmage and frequently was playing in the Nashville bacWicld. FIRST TIME IN HOPE! WARNER BAXTER .Marjorie Weaver "I'LL GIVE A MILLION' What would you do . . . If a Millionaire Playboy )i(nnlcd you a Million Dollars? '.' Guards Jimmy Taylor and Thomas Qui'nVby outcharged their opponents and stopped most of the plays their way. Ellen at center broke through time after time to play a steady and consistent game. Much credit is duo each of the back- ficld men, Eason, Parsons, Coleman and Baker all playing smart football. Jennings, Rosson and Toland were out- slanding for the Scrappers. The First Quarter Nashville received and returned to the 20. On the first play Nashville fumbled the ball, Parsons of Hope picking it up and running for touchdown. Nashville received, a poor kick giving them the ball on Iheir own 45 Fulkerson broke through and tossed Rosson for a 10-yard loss. Three plays failed and Nashville punted to Eason on his 35. Coleman advanced four Two line plays failed and Eason punted to Nashville's 40. After no gain on two passes and a line play, Nashville punted to Easor on his 30. Eason picked up five anc then the Bobcats were penalized 15 Enson got off a poor punt and Jenning returned to Hope's 40. A long pass gave Uie Scrappers the ball on Hope' 20. Four passes failed and Hope tool ing worship service beginning al 10:J a. m. on Ihe subjecl "The Way." I is a s&d commentary on present da possession. The Bobcals Iriod Ihe line Iwice without success and Eason punted lo Jennings in midfield. Two successful first downs, aided by passes brought the ball to Hope's 10. Two line plays and two passes failed to fine their mark, Hope taking the ball lo lurn back Nashville's firsl scoring, threat. Enson picked up two on a 1 in play and then punted to his own 46. Baker intercepted Rosson's pass on Iho Hope 30. Eason, aided by perfec interference, swepl around his righ end for Ihe longesl run,of Ihe night being brought down by the safely man on Nashville's 25 as Ihc quarter ended. Second Quarter Parsons plunged for 5 and Ihen found another hole for six over Jimmy Taylor. Baker swung around end for a nice gain lo advance lo Ihe 12-yard lino. Nashville intercepted Eason's pass on the 10 lo end the scoring threal. Toland gol loose for 10 around end. A penally on Hope gave Nashville an- olher firsl down. Toland and Rosson advanced lo Ihe 40 on line plays. On the next play ToYnjny Turner intercepted Jennings' pass at the lino of scrimmage. Eason and Parsons drove for 5 a piece. Hope drew a five-yard penalty on the next play. Eason went off tackle for five and then the Nashville line held for downs. Jennings,' after no gain on two plays, punted to Eason on the Hope 45. Eason fumbled and Nashville recovered. After no gain, Jennings punted lo Eason on his 15. Eason pun led back a momenl later to the Nashville 45. Toland went around end for eight yards and then Parsons intercepted a pass. Coleman ripped ft 12 yards as the half ended. The Third Quarter The last half opened with Hope re- eiving. A series of punts and penal- lilical organization mighl fall afoul of Ihc law. :lt would prohibit blocking access to public streets, docks and wharves, or he entrance of any place of business. Any person injured by any of the irohibited acliotis is given specific •ighl lo sue for damages, and Ihe :ourls are directed to igranl injunc- ions ngalnsl unions violaling Ihe acl. A. P. of L., C. I. O, Join, Fight So alarmed is the 'Stole Federation hat it has turned almost all its general revenue into a campaign fund fight the proposed law, and conflict between A. F. of L. and C. I. O. is being set aside in nn effort to unite both groups with Labor's Non-Parlisan League into a campaign of meetings, radio talks, newspaper and direct mail publicily. No less aclive are the supporters. Southern Californians, Inc., a business organization, and ils women's auxiliary, the Neutral Thousands, are working just p.s hard to gel Ihe inilialive passed. Slarling in open-shot) Los Angeles, Ihis movemenl has oblained passage in Uial cily of a picketing ordinance scarcely less drastic than that proposed for the state. Expert publicity men have been employed, and recruiting of women has been especially fruitful because many of them have personally run into the District Woodman Circle Meets Here State Officials Attend Convention in Hope This Week Port Smith Football Captain Not Badly Hurt LITTLE ROCK.-W 1 )—Attending phy ieians announced Saturday that Claude Deshazo, captain of Port 'Smith High School football teaVrt, would be ible to leave the hospital Saturday af- cr receiving treatment for a minor lead injury suffered in Friday night's rame with Little Rock. long-standing picketing of San Fran- . . . risrn dpnnrtmpnl slnrns pOlnlCO. The Southwest Dislricl Woodmen Circle'held its sixth district meeting wilh Poplar Grove 196 al Hope Ihis week. The convenlion convened al 1:30 p, in. wilh Mrs. Ruby Ellioll, Harmony Grove 142, Texarkana, presiding. The drill team of Alexander Grove 537 sealed and introduced State Officers, Mrs. Tressie Goldsticker of Little Rock, state manager; Mrs. Eva D Taylor of Hope, state president, anc Mrs. Elizabeth C. Guyer of Lillle Rock, nalional legislative committee and pasl slate manager. The welcome address was given by Mrs. Eva D Tjaylor of Hope and Ihe response was made by IVIrs. Estelle Waterson of^5" Doj-ado. * V, Roll call of districl officers. Greelings from our Nalional Presi detil, Mrs. Dora Alexander Talle; were read. Beauliful corsages were presented t the slac otficers by Mrs. Boroth Bearden and Miss Ruth Ellen Boswe) Proficiency certificates were presente lo Goldslicker and Mrs. Eva D. Taylo- The following commilees were ap cisco department stores. Many ranchers and farmers also have joined the Associated Farmers, which is working actively for "No. 1" Irked at efforts to organize farm labor and trucking, and at strikes in cities which tied up their products and brought losses, the ranchers are "biting back." In some communities union organizers have been driven out by vigilantes at gun point. Several counties require a labor organizer to go before a board, submit to mental and physical tests, get a license, and pay a fee before he can advocate unionism in the county. These opposing forces are locked in a mighty combat at the polls in November. The states of Washington and Oregon also face a similar fight over similar proposed laws. There is reason to .believe that coast-wide organization of employers and those elements which hove suffered by labor organization in California is being mobilized against west coast labor. he Diamond cafe. The-Grove expresses thanks to Mrs, Ogburn for the entertainment given iy t her pupils, to the Taylor quartette 'or their delightful music and to the drill team for their work. Wage-Hour Edict (Continued from Page One) Nomination: Mrs. Katie Crowell, Texarkana, chairman; Mrs. Nettie Wiggins, Hope. Resolutions: Mrs. Sula Mann, El Dorado, chairman; Mrs. Ida Westerman, Hope; Mrs. Mary Sewell, Tex- prkana. Districl officers elected are: Past Districl President, Mrs. Carrie, Carroll, Harmony Grove, Texarkana; district president, Mrs. Eslelle Waterson, El Dorado; district adviser, Mrs. Sva D. Taylor, Hope; districl secretary, firs. Bettic Bird, El Dorado; districl reasurer, Mrs. Thelma Giler, Texar- tana; districe auditors No. 1, Mrs. /label Telms, No. 2, Mrs. Rachel Story, Hope, No. 3 Mrs. Olye Ward, El Do- ado. District attendant, Mrs. Sula Mann, 51 Dorado; districl assislant, Mrs 'helma Northcull, Hope; dislrict chap- -SUNDAY- SUPER -NEW- SOUND DEANNADURBIN MELVIN DOUGLASS—JACKIE COOPER 'THAT CERTAIN AGE" religion that Christianity has come 1 be looked upon as a system of ph losophy, as u succession of creeds, o a chaos of dogma. This modern age ha put "churchianity" above Christianil. and "The Way" described by o ancient prophet as too prain for erro has been clouded by the dogmas an traditions of men. There is a real mes sage here for all who yearn anc] plea for a return lo the New Testament con ception of Christianity. The sermon will remind you of the Bible description of "The Way," how to get into it, and how lo slay in it. Come hear this New Testamenl message. At the evening service, beginning promptly at 7:30 and closing wiUiin the hour, the paslor will speak in "In the Wider Slreets." Bigness has such a drawing power Ihese days and is so much a part of our national mood Upt the instincl for "wider slreels" very easily gels inlo even our labors for 'Christ. Without conscious hypocrisy we can lose a sense of proportion and spend our time idly dreaming ol the great things the church could anc should do. The bigness of Ihe lasks facing th£ church of Christ can so enrapture us that we will forget tha Ihe bulk of Ihe world's business is done in Ihe side slreets and along country roads. We can forget lhat the biggest triumphs of His church are made up of the doing of myriad sim pie lillle lasks along life's high ways. The sermon Sunday night may help you to wake up lo your indi vidual responsibilily to go into th "hedges and by-ways." Come and worship with us Sunda> You'll get a hearty welcome al ever service. es followed. Neither team mido a erious threal lo score, the-outstanding lay in this quarter being a triple lat- ral from Eason to Coleman to Fulk- rson for a net gain of 10 yards. Nashville completed a pass to Hope's 5 as the quarter ended, which was the carcst either ten mgot to the goal line. The Fourth Quarter Nashville had possession on Hope's 5 as the final period started. On the irst play, Rosson failed to find a re- :eiver and in doing so Jack Fulkerson •an him back for a 20-yard loss. Ros;on attempted another pass which was nterceplcd by Baker on Ihe 50-yard inc. Parsons drove al Ihe line, made a jhorl gain but the Bobcats were se jack 15 on a penalty. Baker racec iround end for 5 yards and then Easoi utntcd to Jennings on the Nashville 25 Nashville was set back yards on a pen ally and Ihen Rosson punted, Eason relurng lo Uie Nashville 30. The play was nullified and Hope penalized 5. Nashville attoYiVpled anolher punt, bad kick to Hope's 25. From that poin the Bobcats headed for a touchdown, wilh Coleman, Parsons and Eason alternating in carrying the ball to the three-yard line where Parsons dashed through to score. Jimmy Taylor attempted lo kick Ihe exlra point but before doing so Hope was penalized 15 more. The kick was wide. Nashville took the kickoff, returned to the 25 and after no gain punted to Eason who brought the ball back to midfield. Parsons hit the line for 3 and Hope again was penalized 15. Eason then punted to Nashville's 40. Tommy Turner chased Rosson back and down- el him for a 15-yard loss. Nashville Pine Bluff Is Held (Continued from Page One) ion halted their march. Taking the punt the Cats startec nolher drive bul were gain bailee iue lo a fumble. The Wildcals made 16 first downs to 2 for Pine Bluff, and decisively out- gained the visitors in rushing. Blytheville Trounces Clarksville BLYTHEVILLE, ,Ark—Using thel favorite cnd-around-end plays anc varying their atlack wilh passes, thi Blytheville High School Chicks sub merged the Clarksville Panthers unde: a 78-to-O score here Friday night tc register their first win in conferenc competition. Russ Mosley, triple-threat star, lee the parade with three touchdowns while the Chicks' ends, Young an< Warrington, scored two each, as di> Harberl, reserve back. Slaffords, For and Paulk made one apiece. Sonny Lloyd converted four limes from placement. Young and Warringlon also adding points. The Chicks were rampant in the first and second quarters, scoring almost al will lo lead 57-0 al the half. The Panthers held them' to a lone touchdown in the third and the Chicks scored two in the fourth. Coach Joe Dildy used every man on the squad excepl Monk Mosley, who was oul with an injury, Gurdon Go-Devils Win, 21-0 GURDON, Ark.—The Gurdon High ain, Mrs. Roberta Davis, Smackover; districl inner senlinel, Mrs. Leona Jearden, Hope; dislricl outer senlinel, Mrs. Dora Meador, Texarkana; dislrict nusician, Mrs. Mabel Hulvey, Tex- xrkana; district captain, Mrs. Mar ^osenbaum, El Dorado; District junior councilor, Mrs. Mary Sewetl, Texar- tcana; district reporter, Mrs. Isa Kinard, El Dorado; reporter for Tidings, Mrs. Lela Lumpkins, Texarkana. The newly elected oficers were installed by the state manager, Mrs. Goldsticker, assisted by Ihe drill team. The attendance at the district meeting was as follows: Maple Grove, .Little Rock, 9; Oak Grove, North Little Rock 2; El Dorado 15; El Dorado, 1; Smackover, 1; Texarkana, 15; Harmony, 10; Hope, 15; Buckrange, 1; North Little Rock 1. After installation of officers the Grove closed in regular for mto meet at El Dorado for Ihe nexl dislricl meet- ling. A delightful, banquet was served al Blevins Miss Thalia Nolen of Texarkana spent last week with her .parents, Mr and Mrs. H. E. Nolen. Miss Suzanne Sage of Roseboro spen Uie week end in Blevins visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sage. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bonds arid daugh ters, Linda Merle and Mary Fail] were shopping in Hope Saturday. Mrs. Imon Peyton and daughter, Mrs A, B. Osborn and Miss Ella Peyton all of Hope, were Friday guests of Mr and Mrs. A. W. Bonds. . Mr.'and Mrs. Idus Whitefield an nounce the birth of a daughter o: October 11, named Willie Frances. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Sage of Rosboro and Wallace Sage of Forester were week-end guests of relatives in Blevis. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wade and Dorothy Fae Wade were Sunday guests of. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lavender in Hope.- Mr. and Mrs, Harlon Honea, Mrs. Johnny Wade, and daughter, Eva Jane, spent Wednesday in Texarkana. Miss Viola Yokum of Cooper, Texas, visited relatives in Blevins last week. Herman Smith of the U. S. Navy is spending this week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Slyde Smith. Miss Hazel Peterson of Prescott was Sunday guest of Miss Charline Stewart. Mrs, Will Spears and Miss Hazel Spear were shopping in Hope Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Wood, Mrs. Ida of the wage-hour act and low prfcS < of lumber are located at Madison,' Jrinkley, Parkin and Earle. Frank! 1 , 3ooley, who closed his mill at Brink- >|| ey, predicted the new act would force,'/I closure of between 40 and 43 per cent?|| of Southern mills. ,> j Ed Lynn, secretary of the Southern f, Hardwood Producers, said at Memphis'i. that a recent trip through Arkansas, f I Louisiana and Mississippi disclosed "f no evidence of concerted action to shut down mills because of the wage- * hour stalule. He reported mills were f; I closing, although not necessarily be-?s| cause of the law, and others were re-< ^1 suming operations after earlier shuU'/J downs. He said it "looks like it about bal- t';| ances up." Germany has reported a rat populat- ? I ion estimated at 65,000,000, which doed l | a daily damage of $550,000. LET'S HAVE CHICKEN , YES!! JFried to a delicious brown. A tre I to cat. Broilers each week grown|j |thc sanitary way. Ben G. Southward Phones 119 and 113W Wood and Miss Ima Wood were shopping in Hope Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. "'Beene and son Wallace of Hope, were Sunday guests of relatives in Blevins. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown of Hope visited Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. Stewart Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Blythe of Texarkana were week-end guesls of her parenls Mr. and Mrs. Lige Stephens. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Fudge and Bevendge Auxier all of Prescolt were Sunday guesls of Miss Charline Slew- irt. Miss Maire Ward of Arkadelphia spenl the week-end wilh her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Ward. Fay McCaskill of Detroit, Mich., and Jim McCaskill of Booneville are visiting, relatives and friends in Blevins this week. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Honea and Miss Mjartha Cromer spent the week end with relatives in Blevins. SALE 300 Fall and Winter Dresses for Women and-Juniors $7.95 LADIES Specialty Shop Want Ad For Better Results School Go Devils defeated the Prescotl Curley Wolves, 21 to 0, here Friday. McLain, Gurdon's oulslanding player, made three touchdowns and one safety. Haskell was Prescott's oulsland- ing player. Gurdon scored Iwice in the first quarter and once in the second quarter. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, JMliUster Government Cotton Loans Quick Service— Immediate Payment Cotton Classed by E. C.Browii, Licensed Government Ciasscr m Our Office. E. C. BROWN & CO. Jreen Church school 9:45 a. m. wiUi classe for all age groups. Morning service 10:55 o'clock. Young Peoples group meeting 6:30 p. yn. Evening service 7:30 o'clock. The 86Ui annual session of the Synod of Arkansas, U. S., will convene Tuesday night in Uie First Presbyterian church of Hope at 7:30. The retiring •moderator is Mr. C. A. Ver Beck of •Fort Smith. All sessions, inspirational, devotional and Business aje open to the public. Tliis is Uie first meeting of Ihe body in Hope since 1903. punted lo Eason on the Hope 25. [ope was again penalized 15. A second consecutive penalty set the Bob- als back five more yards. Eason's attempted punt was blocked nd Nashville recovered on Hope's wo-yard line. Toland and Gosnell ried the line on two plays but failed o gain. Turner and Fulkerson were hrough on the next play and downed losson for an eight-yard loss. Par- ,ons then balled down a pass and Hope ook Ihe ball. Two plays followed and he game ended. The Sturtinging Lineups: HOPE NASHVILLE Fulkerson McClure Left End Stevens Lef I Tackle Quimby Cowling Left Guard Ellen Dunn Center J. Taylor Cha-mblln Right Tackle Simpson - Bacon Right Tackle Ward Shuffield Right End Parsons Jennings Quarter Coleman Gosnell Left Half Baker Toland , Rigiht Half Eason Rosson Fullback Sunuiiary. Firsl downs: Hope six, Nashville nine. Scoring for Hope. Parsons, Iwo. The longest flight recorded by a banded bird was made by a fledleging Artie tern which flew from Turn evlk Bay, Labrador, lo Margate, Nalal South Africa. Attempted passes: Hope five, completed two, had one intercepted. Nashville attempted 29, completed eight and had five intercepted. Penalties: Hope 13 times for a loss of 115 yards. Nashville, throe times for a loss of 35 yards. Substituu'ons, Hope: Turner, Calhoun, Simpson, Sny- ker. For Nashville: Norsworthy and Nichols. MIND MANNERS iT. M. Reg. U.-& Pal. OS.- Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then check against the authoritative answers below: 1. Is it customary for the host and hostess to shake hands with yea'ch of their guests even though Uiey are persons they see often? 2. If you have taken a house guest to a party should you or your hostess be responsible for seeing that he meets the oUxer guests? 3. What \\ould you say to a person who has just told you that he is glad to have met ycu? 4. Is it important Uiat a girl introduce to her parents a boy who calls on her? 5. Which is correct lor a woman to say: "He was introduced to me" or "I was introduced to hiiu?" What would you do if— You are passing some candy to guests— (a) "Help yourself"? tb) "Have a piece"? (c) "Will you have some candy"? Answers 1. Yes. 2. Hostess, alUiough if party is large or she is busy you had better do it. 3. "Thank you." 4. Yes. 5. Tile former, providing the introduction was correctly made. Best "What Would You Do" so. lution—U'). I puzzled ? ? ? When your Printing Problems are puzzling you consult a Hope Star representative he will solve them for you. get the habit of using our printed products—it is a good habit from every point of view. Our Commercial Department is at your service, equipped to fill your needs in the printing line, Experience, accuracy, promptness and careful attention to details—an earnest effort to please and satisfy every customer—assure a printed product of quality and effect. Phone 768 and a representative will call and cheerfully furnish estimates. Ca nil* L* r* Star Publishing to. "Printing that Makes an Impression" South Walnut Hope/Arkansas We Print- Admission Tickets Announcements Auction Bills Blanks Billheads Briefs Blotters Business Cards Calling Cards Catalogs Coupons Checks ". Circulars Dodgers Envelopes Env. 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