Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 27, 1948
Page 4
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Page f &ur "" CLASSIFIED Adi Mutt Be la Office Day Before Publication HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS . 26 to 30. . 16 to 50: .75 90 Days - 80 1 - 20 1.50 1.80 2 ' 10 2.50 3.00 3 ' 50 One Month 4-50 8 -°° 7.50 B.OO 10 - so ' ' .. 1.35 2.70 4.50 13.50 ..1.50 3.00 F..OO 15.00 Rates are for Continuous ... .. Insertions Only «T i ^K a , nt Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone For Safe GOOD BOlS'D ARC POSTS AT reasonable prices. See E. M. Me- Williams at McWilliams Seed Store, Hope, Arkansas. 9-lmo FRYERS, BATTERY RAISEID. White Rocks. $1.00 ench. Phone Wonted to Rent Use of hand-made paper bags for packing food started In the United States in 1.800. Lost Fair Enoygh By Wettbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Feature* Syndicate. Robert E. Stripling, the chief investigator of the house committee and the Count of Monte DARK BROWN SADDLE HORSE weight 1,000 pounds. Notify Frank O'Rorkc, Hope, Route 4 21-3t 866-W, Vcrnon Os'burn, 805 W 6th i YESTERDAY IN PENNEYS, A C4 --~* 27-1 mo' Diamond King with one stone __ I Phone 255-M. IA.-H Street. -_ Phone 255-M. FANCY SCHLEY PAPER SHELL rT,7,7^~7 pecans, 25c per pound. Smaller rArur '° " T "~ size, 15c. Dr. Chas. A. Cliamp- 1m, 404 South Elm SI. 20-31 SERVEL KEROSENE REFRIGER- -ntor in good condition. Write Clif,ford Powell, Patmos, Arkansas, •Route 1. 20-3t GOOD SIZE FRYERS FOR ONLY $1.00 each. Phone 445-J. 20-31 PUPLEX, ONE APARTMENT has 3 rooms and bath, one has 4 rooms and bath. Small out house 12 x 30. Price $3,650. See Jack Simpson. Phone 1174-W. West Avc. B. 21-lt LADIES BLACK PURSE IN Sacngcr Theatre Sunday, December 26, after 4:30 p.m. Phone 483-W. 27-3t Services Offered FLOOR SANDING 3c TO 4c PER square foot, also floors finished. Vcrnon Osburri, 805 W. 6lh. phone 96G-W. 27-61 HOME FREEZER, ELECTRIC mixer and .miniature press cam- 21-31 era. Phone' 952-M. 1947 2 DOOR PLYMOUTH. RADIcT ' good tires, 19,000 actual milcsi motor guaranteed. Driven in city. 1 m.«n,. \ •* n A \tr n., r.. Top Radio Programs New York, Doc. 27 — (#>)— Com ing up tonight: ABC—9:30 Norman Thomas participating in an on Trial debate on the UN veto; ,program is a repeat of the sound part of a 7 p. m. telecast. Phone 1164-W. 21-3t HOUSE 5 ROOMS, REDECORA- tea, Venetian blinds, attic fans garage. Close in. Terms. A. H. - Eversmeycr. 21-6't Notice On the air tonight (Monday^: NBC— 7 Gene Tierney in "The Indigo Girl;" 7:30 Howard Barlow Concert; 8:30 I. 'Q. Quiz 9 Contented Concert 9:30 R.adio City Playhouse "Strange Identity." CBS—7 Inner Sanctum 8 Radio 1 heater "Luck of the Irish," Jack Benny Special guest; 9 My Friend Irma; 9:30 Bob Hawk Quiz ABC—0:30 Lone Ranger 7 Gordon MaCrae Show; 'The Desert Song," 8 Let's go to the Met 8:30 from prison 1 got hunk is sitting on . , , publicly respected, and even honored by the American army which, only a few years ago, kept him in the mourn- u- degraded status of yard- bird as political punishment for lese majeste. Stripling had refused to obey a command lo hop right down to the pllice of Eleanor Roosevell when that great and gracious lady was spinning her webs from ihe While House. The grcal and gracious lacly was in some kind of throes- over Joe Lash, Ihe invelcrate pro fcssional youth who had been nailed in tho Communist fronts and had wangled his way into the royal palace. She was trying to get him a irce commission in the navy. In the White House, we read in the memoirs ot Henrictla Ncsbill. the Hoosevelts' housekeeper, Lash always ordered steak, even after ra tioning set in. Henrietta prayed that he would order something else, "but he never did." "The youth movement served to bring him to our attention," Mrs. Nesbill wrole, "and -after this we had him often, in fact for weeks at a time. People often wondered how he came to be an honored guest " Incidentally, he once had Christmas dinner with Winston Churchill who suffered much for his country 'The answer lo him (Lash) was I Ihmk, Mrs. Roosevell's belief in freedom of speech. Me fried to get a commission and couldn't and had to enlist as a private/'' He got a soft touch,'•'though. H° was first put to the not too onerous duty of watching the. weather, near Washington and nol' loo far from those White House steaks. Later he Bowl Favorites Do Not Have Best Records New York. Dec. 27 — (If) — If; obvious the wizards of odds clidn' let a little thing like a statistic stand in their way when they lait clown the favorites for next Salur "ay's bowl games. The National Collegiate Athloti oureau, which spccialix.es in such hmgs, has ground out anothci batch of figures sizing up princi Pals m some of the main Jan. 1 football attractions. Five of the eight teams which nave been rated underdogs in the Digger bowls actually have bctte offensive records than their fa Ionic adversaries. This is true in the cases of Call forma in the Rose Bowl. Oklahom; "} , tr ! c Sugar, Oregon in the Cotton Oklahoma A. and M. in the Delta and Wake Forest in the Dixie. The exceptions — that is, cho elevens with superior attacking records — are Georgia in the Orange, Missouri in the Gator and Nevada in the Harbor Bowl. The NCAB listed records o teams in two other bowls — the Salad and Sun — on which no odds have been announced In these. Arizona ' and Texas Mines have done more with the football than their rivals of the day ordc ° and W ° St Virginia ' in tha 't The boys who have made Northwestern a G 1-2 point choice over unblemished California Pasa ---- --- „ ,_,,.,, iiv^j, i iiti ju i elbc dena s Rose Bowl didn't take too much • stock in the fact that the Bears moved the ball farther both and tho past I ,-, . ^ . O— •"•' vi»i_ *Tjii; i, U.OU*""— i i m n- AAUMOt; O HJclI\O, -Ljilltjr I]{J .._ ...,„ itlJJ , 111X M . ars m the Night; 9:15 Earl God-'was in Florida where'-her majesty " ma kes of Sewing machines. Wln ,- , ''WBHB JUhapPened by oil one of her ,„ „- -- — Sewing machines. W. H. West, 215 North Hamilton Street, Phone 1226-W., Hope, Arkansas. - AVOID HOLIDAY HUSH. STOVE repair, all models, makes and kinds. Any place, any time. Call "Oscar The Fix-It" in Hope 17 years. T. B. Fenwick, Sr., Phone 195-W. 18-31 For Rent FURNISHED APARTMENT. PRI- vate bath. No children or pets. Couple only. Phone 304. Miss Lillie Middlebrooks. 18-31 FOR SALE Surfaced Oak Lumber — $40.00 per Thousand qENERAL BOX COMPANY PRESCOTT, ARKANSAS REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7623 (phone collect) M No Answer Dial 3-5770 GUY M. GRIGG Building Contractor Phone 513-J 300 East 15th St. Building Repairs Labor Contract, Fixed Fee or Turn Key Job, MBS- 7 Th6 Falcon 7:30 _„ ory Hood Casebook; 8:30 Fish and Hunt Club; 9:30 Los Angeles Times oports Award Nanquet. Tuesday Programs: NBC—!) a. m. Fred Waring Music 1 p.m. Double or Nothing MBS—10:30 a. m. Grand Slam, m ,, Be ~ 9:3 Oa - ni. Belly Crcker Talk; 1 p. m . Breakfast in Hollywood, Ark Linklebetler. . MBS—9:30 a. m. Say it with Music; 11:30 a. m. Lunch with Bill Slater. Sand and dust storms thai plague shipping in the Persian gulf hold no terrors for a radar- equipped vessel. Vessel navigation m a dust storm is a new application of radar. Legal Notice WARNING ORDER No. 6897 In the Chancery Court of HempslQad County, Ark. Odies Phillips ................ Plaintiff vs. Jacqueline Phillips.. ..Defendant The Defendant, Jacqueline Phillips is .warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer th?. complaint of the Plaintiff, Odies Phillips Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 3 day of December „ T C. E. Weaver, Clerk Hon. Jno. p. Vcsoy, Ally for Pltf. Hon. John L. Wilson, Atty for Def. 1948. O, <-(/, «i| LET FOY DO ST • Level yards » Din Post Holes » Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1068 8, Walnut St. Let Us Rebuild Your Old MATTRESS or make your old one into a comfortable innerspring. One Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" DAVIS Furniture & Mattress C<x 606 N. Hazel Phone 357 REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1280 »J 1231-J Nights and Sunday. 119 Edgewood Hope REFRIGERATORS • See us for New and Used Refrigerators. • See us for Refrigerator Service, any make or model. A complete refrigerator service department. (We know How) • Refrigerator Headquarters New and Used. McPherson Appliance Co. Your Frlgldalre Dealers 222 East 3rd St. Phone 81 WANTED . - » PECANS * SCRAP STEEL » CAST IRON * CAR BODIES » JUNK BATTERIES • RADIATORS « ANY KIND OF METAL • BURLAP BAGS, RAGS and BONES. Top Prices Paid Finest Fairbanks Scales WILLIAM M. DUCKETT North Main Street - .. -- -.. -.. one of her sell-imposed tours of patriotislical duly, using up plenty Of-gasoline. Later she just happened along where he just happened to be in Rhode Island. And, for a final ef- fontery, she helped herself to a four-engine transport, manned by a dozen officers and enlisted so'l diers who were supposed to be fighting a war, and, after making passes and feints as far away as New Zealand, sure enough, landed on an island where Joe Lash was. All this was done at public expense with scarce and rationed fuel, with a pretense, however, that the Red Cross was to receive a gift of money equal to her earnings Irom her column during her absence. But the Red Cross refused to name Ihe amount and there ip no reason to take her uncorroborated word that she gave anything at all. Pat Robinson, the war coi" respondent of International News on the island where she rushed up and kissed Joe Lash, asked a G I standing by, "How would you like to be kissed by Ihe president's wile.' The answer was: "I would a damned sight rather he kissed by my own." Eventually, lady I presided al a wedding arranged between Pal Joey Lash and an immigrant from Austria named Gertrude Pratt who had married one of the rich Standard Oil Pratls and had been divorced. Dowery nol staled. This sketches the interesting quality of the friendship belwen Joe Lash and the great and gra cious lady when Bob Stripling, of St. Augustine, Tex., the bloodiest I little string town in the southwest I refused to hop thrbUR'-hoops when Malvina Thompson, also known as Schcider. the secretary to Lady I, called up the office of'the old Dies committee one day in 1U43 The Thompson or Scheider person developed plenty of 'heft 'herself as secretary to the first lady of the land. This wasn't peculiar when you recall that Eleanor the Great used to act the part of 'empress with her chits to the state department and her imperious commands to the bureaus to dig up information for her column of prattle Thompson told Stripling Mrs Roosevelt wanted him to come to her office. "Is it business of the commit tee.'" Stripling asked. Ihompson said he would find out when he got there. Stripling said Mrs. Roosevelt would have to t;ike it up with Congressman Martin Dies, of Tex., the chairman. After all. he was just an employee. "She said, 'oh, you will coino; I am sure you will come,' just like- that," Stripling recalled. "She meant 1 wouldn't dare not come But I wasn't going to go see Mrs. Koosevelt on committee business and ketch hell from (he chairman So I didn't. "I told Mr. Dies about it and he said I did just right. But then one day he told me had had an invila- than did Northwestern — and also scored more points. A similar situation exists in Ihe Sugar Bowl where Oklahoma lakes one of Ihe best offensive'marks in the country to find itself a 1 1-2 point underdog against North Caro- Oklahoma A. and M. had a bet -mri M ason '? mark than William and Mary in ground gaining and scoring but the Indians are favored n their clash at Memphis by six Missouri's ground gaining and scorine achievements are also better than those of unbeaten, unto wh!pX 0n scvc C n teao Tnt i s t 'a" gUred sonville. acK- Here's the offensive comparison ot major bowl opponents (Yardage Ro S fSoV VCrag0 f ° r S ° aSOn): . California Rushing 278 8 "'AT «•£' t0 ! al yds 362 - 6 ' Points *«. Northwestern 8 Rushing 2068 passing 80.2, total yds 287, points Sugar Bowl North Carolina — Rushing 191 1 passing 112.8, total yds 3M 8 f points Oklahoma Rushing yds 38o;1 - Orange Bowl , 175.5, passing total yds 326.1, points 278. ushl " 202 -G. passing 182 ' pim r« Rushi "g 224.5, pass>K 101.1. total yds. 325.6, points Missouri — .Rushing 266 5 | 103.0, total yds 369.5 ' Delta Bowl Oklahoma A. &. M. — Rushing William" and Mary - Rushing M.6, passing 92.fi. total vrU- irn o points 1G3. passing 92.6, total yds 203.2, Prescott News Tuesday, December 28 The officers of the W.S.C.S of the Methodist church will meet on Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock in the home of Mrs. J. B. Hesterly to prepare quarterly reports. The Ladies Auxiliary of the Central Baptist Church will meet at 3 o'clock. Wednesday, December 29 There will be a mid-week meeting at the First Christian Church at 7:30. Mrs. C. E. Wagner will finish the study in the Book of John, Choir practice and prayer service with a Bible lesson will be held at the Central Baptist church from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Mrs. Dudley Gordon will be hostess to the Wednesday Bridge Club at her home Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 The Tschaikovsky Merry Go Round Junior Misses Club enjoyed a Christmas party Wednesday ei'cning at the home of Miss Nina Catherine Scott, club sponsor. The Scott home was gaily decorated with Christmas greenery and a lighted Christmas tree. An album of Griegs Music was played for the group. After an exchange of Christmas gifts the hostess served a delicious dessert course. • . Following an old tradition the club went Christmas Eve caroling. There were twelve members present for the occasion. Miss Bobbie Sue Ward entertained with open house at her homo Wednesday evening. Decoration of red and green crepe paper, Christmas greenery and a decorated Christmas tree gave a festive air to the rooms. Dancing and card games were enjoyed during the evening. Punch and cake were served to over fifty guests present. A census report from the Department of Commerce, Bureau o£ the Census, Washington shows that in Nevada county from the crop 6.594 bales of cotton were ginned of 1948 prior to December 1, as compared with 3,947 for the crop of 1947. v Recently selected to serve on the Executive Board of the Caddo Scout Council for the Nevada District are J. A. Cole, district chairman and Jesse Crow, J. E. Smith and R. T. Murry. Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Otis Flaynie of Wichita Falls, Texas to Camdcii where they were the quests of their parents, Judge and Mrs. G. R. Haynic for Christmas. The Haynie family also observed Jieir annual family reunion. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Whitaker are guests of their daughter, Mrs. eorge Meyers and family in St. ouis for the Christmas holidays. Miss Ann McSwain of Memphis, Tenn. is the guest of her parents, r. and Mrs. C. D. McSwain. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Combs of layette ville who have been the. ;uests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hope Star Star of Mopo 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star building 212-214 South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. Alox. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. Jon M. Covis, Advert/sing Manager Entered as second class matler at th. Post Office of Hope, Arkansas, under th« Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Entorprisa Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable Ir Advance): By city carrier per week 20t per month 8Sc. Mail rotes—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller am LaFoyette counties, $4.50 per year; else where $8.50. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn. iterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich igan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Aye.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Granc Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg. New Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively tc the use for republication of all the loca news printed In this newspaper, as well oi all AP news dispatches. C. D. McSwain are visiting relatives in El Dorado before returning to their home. Mrs. John C. Munn is spending the Yuletide season in McGchee ?!•, the S uosts oi: Mr. and Mrs. Miley Howcll. .Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Allen are visiting relatives in Beloit, Wisconsin. Miss Mary Jane Colcman and Granville Colcman,, students at University of Arkansas are guests . of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O Coleman. Hogan Listed as Leading Money Winner Chicago, Dec. 27 — iff) — Ben Hogan. golf's man of the year, was officially tabbed by the P. G. A. today as 1048's leading money winner. Vardon trophy winner and leader of the Ryder cup listings. Hogan was credited with a certified total of $32.112 in tournament earnings. Lloyd Mangrum was sec ond with $31,289.99 alter racing Hogan down to the final tourney, the Miami Open. Mangrum, however, was Ihe big- Monday, December 27, 1948 Porkers Meet Tennessee Thursday Dallas. Tex., Dec. 27 —M')— Rice, one oC the big question marks in the coming Southwest conference basketball campaign, opens an Eastern tour tonight in New York !City while three other conference members arc in action in the all- college tournament al Oklahoma City. The Owls catch Long Island Uni- tition not sponsored by the P. G. A Hogan captured only $4,700 in non- P.G.A.-sponsored competition. and New Year's day meet Niagara at Buffalo. Texas, Southern Methodist and T _ J-V-^MU, L.juuLii«.n ii ivieuiuuisi ana Hogan won the Vardon trophy Baylor are conference members in. 'i1n nn nvornfn nf RO '^n C.IY-^U,,,, 41-,^ « rt ii«,r,, *« —, i with an average of 69.30 strokes per round in 76 rounds. Clayton, Heafncr of Charlotte, N. C., was second with a 70.43 standard. Mangrum averaged 60.97 and Jimmy Demaret of Ojai. Calif., nolchecl 70.01 but both were ineligible after being disqualified for picking up m tournament play. Hogan topped the Ryder cup listing with 906 points followed by Mangrum with 701 and Demaret with 615. Kentucky, St. Louis May Meet New York, Dec. 27 — (/F) — Ken tucky vs. St. Louis, the game basketballs fans were demanding nine monlhs ago, finally may be played Ihis week. It all depends on which way the round ball bounces. Kentucky, the NCAA champion, is paired against lulane in the Sugar Bowl basket- New Orleans sail carnival at Wednesday night. on the same Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ackcrman of Butler, Mo. spent Saturday and Sunday as the guests of Mrs. Thomas Hesterly and her grandmother. Mrs. H. H. Allen. Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Gee and daughter. Mary Ethel of Texarkana were guests of relatives in Prcscott on Saturdav. Miss Mildred Guthrie who is an instructor in San Jacinto High School, Houston, Texas is .spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Guthrie. Dr. and Mrs. James Guthrie and sons, Jimmy and David of Camden were the weekend guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin uthric. Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Dewoodv and children spent Christmas week .n St. Louis as guests of his sister, Mrs. Ed Dcckman and family. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tuminello and son of Shreveport, La. were the weekend guests of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gist and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Worthington. _By Hugh S, Fuller-ton, Jr._ Harbor to Be By HELEN MAMAS AP Newsfeatures ! — Pil '"e"s. one of the s best natural harbors, which an demolitfon squads parti- y destroyed four years afio w 1 nnvT 10 Us next January. traffic . Reconstruction of the port was J.ndertaken by the American Mission for a id to Greece ->go. one year Cuopor A. Puckctt, area engi- locr of the U. S. Corps of Enfii- K-ers, .says: "Piraeus is the big reconstruction big job undcr- New York, Dec. 27 — I/PI — This eek should' prove whether the moans about drooping basketball ttendance are justified. . .It's true ]that Madison Square Garden, the 'hotspot of Ihe game, hasn't enjoyed its usual run of sellouts. . . It also is Irue thai they've played 11 college doubleheaders so far plus Ihree nighls and three afler- noons of pro basketball. The pro crowds, even allowing for duplications, could easily account for the difference between 15,000 gatherings and sellouts for the college games. . This week everybody gets inlo Ihe acl. Besides the usual heavy run of inlerseclipnal games on the double-header circuit, there are the Kansas Cily, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles and San Francisco tournaments, the Sugar and Orange bowl allraclions and no end of games that are just games. . . .Ray Eliot, the Illinois grid coach, may be right in defining basketball as "a non-contact sport which occupies time bclween fool- ball and spring football" — but gosh, how much lime it occupies! The Galveston, Texas, engineer who supervised construction work on the Mississippi river, the Conchas darn in Now Mexico and the banta Maria clocks in the Azores reports the project is 75 Azores per cent compM<.rj. be totally ond of this year. Piraeus has been one of the big- says the port will reconstructed by the gesl harbors of the Mediterranean sea for nearly 2 500 vears The .- j ..*, tu ,^. , ilv . jiuu Jltiu ail illVlia- M^.. .f 41 Ii' jv-iii;.. 1 fie lion to lunch with Mrs.Roosevelt v ld , A '!, harbo1 ' centuries ago at ibe White House and ! said to ' „ . Von r " *" r" 1 SL ' a POwer ixysoll 'uh-oh; this is the busi- ^'M stress if H^'mlT as lhc ness! ftiisti ess oi the Mediterranean '•He wenl over there and they nf "X'"™ e ™ ra ™*. b °S a "'° an un- international WANTED-Logs & Blocks GUM - HACKBERRY - ELM - LYNN SYCAMORE - HOLLY - BAY HOPE BASKET CO. Coll 1000 or Contact Office had some mea.slv little Stll ' ads ° r U ' e r ' , 1L ' , k ' ljllrcie " '-"' wtifyiiiR minion in August, - . , ivmove frcai Uu authority that i ork uhidi 'had Monday Matinee When U. of Mississippi football- 'Ring 7 Rates Boxers of the Notion New York, Dec. 27 —(UP)— As the Ring Magazine issued its an nual ratings of the world's professional boxers today, it also did the following: <1.) Named lightweight champion Ike Williams "fighter of the year." (2) Advised Welterweight Champion Ray Robinson to give up his crown and campaign as middleweight. (3) Named Middleweight Rocky Castellani of Lucerne, Pa., "rookie of the year." (41 Ranked Bert Lylell of Oakland, Calif., the No. 2 middleweight, right below champion Mai- cell Cerdan. (5) Recognized each of the eight world champions as the genuine top man in his division—a dowii- the-linc concurrence not achieved in many years. I6i Predicted that the fight ers were polled on the free substi- 'game's current slump would con tution rule, they favored it 29-0. tinue for at least another year. One player explained: benchsitter until free substitu- Lightweight Champion Williams of Trenton, N. J., was named tion." . . .Branch Rickey is report- fighter of the year because his ed to have offered Washington ring achievements were outstand- $30,000 for John Simmons, the ing and because his personal con- young outfielder who was drafted duct was exemplary. The Trenton from Brooklyn's Montreal farm. . . iNegro achieved 10 straight vie Line Coach Walt Kiesling, who lories during 1948. They included never is satisfied with less than : title defenses against Enrique Bo- perfection; claims the Green Bay ianos. Beau Jack and Jesse- Flores. Packers need 11 or 12 good men No other champion made more players to form a winning team, than one successful defense They weren't available on the draft list, either. Home Boy When Myrle Greathouse, the Oklahoma U.'s line backer. was asked who was the best blocker he ever had tried to avoid, Myrle re plied; "Dee Andros of Oklahoma. ---------- ^ ...£,.. V , \JH tilt. SltllttJ :ard St. Louis, the National Invitation tourney champ, meets Holy Cross, Eastern NCAA runncrup. If both win, Kentucky and St Louis will tangle Thursday night. If they don't— well, it was a nice dream, anyway. Of course, there's a chance they both might lose, and then they'd still meet. The Wildcats have won seven in a row this season without losing; bt. Louis has won five. Kentucky and the Billikens are only two of 22 major unbeaten cage powers in the nation. And all but three of them risk their spotless " records this week. Other teams that have come out on top every time are Washington State, State, 10 victories; Bradley 0 Stanford 8; Danisius, Dartmouth, Hamline, Indiana La college tournament. The Longhorns from Texas tackle Colorado A. & M. today Southern Methodist, meets Alabama and defending conference champion Baylor takes an Auburn. Texas has the gaudiest record of the young season. The Longhorns have won six games and lost only one. Texas A. & M. improved its record with a pair of victories over Southwestern Oklahoma Tech last week, 50-30, 49-35. In other games Southern Methodist, beat Missouri. 59-49. bul lost a second game lo tho Tigers, 52.11; Texas Christian lost to Bradley, 82-57 and to Iowa, 74-47, and Arkansas bowed to Oklahoma A. & M. 50-45. The A. and M. Aggies hit the East and midwest this week, play ing Siena college at Albnay, N. Y., Tuesday; Seton Hall at South Orange. N. J., Wednesday Baldwin Wallace at Cleveland Friday and Akron at Akron, O., Saturday. Arkansas and Tennessee will vie at Memphis Thursday. Texas Christian talks on Abilene Christian college at Abilene Tuesday. Hardin-Simmons at Abilene Wednesday and Stcpehn F. Austin at Nacogdoches Friday. Southern Methodist comes home from the Oklahoma City tourna ment lo play hosts at Dallas lo Notre Dame Thursday. Jack Brown of Southern Methodist took the lead scoring. He - - - — -» u-,vjj iiif^. AA<_: has 123 points for eight games. Bill Tom of Rice is second with 122 points in eight games and Slater' Martin of Texas is third with 117 m seven tilts. American Legion Independents will tangle with Laneburg at the — — ,.,,.., *iu 11 im iv,, AI ini ciil <(, .Ljil i • i .... Salic (Philadelphia), Purdue Vil- , llg sch ° o1 tonight at 8 o'clock lanova. Lawrence T3ch (Detroit')! ;," an lmtl n' meeting last week and Western Kentucky, G North "" Carolina and Minnesota 5- Vanderbilt and Alabama 4 Cincinnati, Duqucsne and Mississippi 3- Army 1. and Only Villanova, Mississippi and Army, won't see action this week . The Sugar Bowl get-together is just one of a flock of holiday tour naments before New Year's. An eight-team affair starting to morrow at Los Angeles includes North Carolina State (6-2) Marshall (43), Hamline (60), Brieham Young (62), Loyola of Los Angeles (36», Pepperdine (5-4) Montana (!-<>, and Wyoming (9-81. Washington State takes its 10 game winning streak, the longest m the country, into a Pacific Coast conference tourney today at the Cow Palace in San "Francisco Also on hand will be Southern Call forma (3-4), Stanford (8-0), Oregon State (63), California (06), Oregon (34), Washington (51) and UCLA (611. The Big Seven has its annual private affair at Kansas City starting today with Harvard as an invited guest to fill out an eight I team bracket. Three of the unbeaten clubs—Van the Hope five edged the Nevada County boys 50 to 48. Harold Stanley will officiate tonight Wednesday night Bradley will bring two teams to Hope for a game with the Legionaires and a ir' girl's team will play Stewart's Independent girls team. Final Rites for Famous Coach Planned Today Ithaca. N. Y., Dec. 27 J. Gilmour (Gloomy Gil) one of the greatest coaches legc football history, was turn home today—"high "abo've Cayuga's waters." The lank, Scot gridiron tactician who died m a private hospital at Hartford, Conn., last Friday morn ing, was to be laid to rest Ihis in Lakeview cemetery, •(UP) — Dobie, in col* to re- ing, was aiternoon derbilt, Dartmouth and Minnesota —converge on Dos Moines, la where tney'll team with Drake iii the annual Corn Bowl tournament Wednesday. Oklahoma's once-beaten Aggies Irom Stillwatei- are favored to're- in the Oklahoma tournament. The include Alabama — -•- -~-i»..»-v.iv.\* ^.(JiiiuiuiY, on a lull overlooking Lake Cayuga near Cornell university. Funeral services will be held at p. m. at .Presbyterian church. Although Dobie was born in Minnesota, he adopted Ithaca as his home town during his 16-year ten •• — as coach of the Bi» call machines. His tain their title City eightteam opposition will (4-0), Auburn (2-2), Baylor -y Colorado A. and M. (5-3), Southern . . Methodist (5-3), Texas Texas Tech (7-1) (6-1) and Cleaning the Cuff Papa Bear George Halas pre diets that .lust-drafted George Tal- lalerro of Indiana will become one of pro football's great backs. "He's going back to Indiana, but he'll be foot teams, ; •" -"uu, WI_-LIJ among the most Jcarod .squads of that era i'«!m m "22 and V^ 3bcalen «*°«ls in Dobie. who was 69 years old, was responsible for two modern coaching records tfnat probably never will be equalled. He coached teams through Hi undefeated seasons and during an eight-year stay at the University of Washington, ins Huskies ran up a string of 01 unbeaten games. , an All-American next make us look good." season and says Halas. Wields Baton Hammers with plastic slrikin" faces, which can be used without clanger of marring surface of aluminum, other soft rnetals and highly polished wood, have the driving power of standard machinist hanimer.s of equal weight. AiiNtvrr iu Pro* IOHN I'lizv.lv Some Swiss Fear io Become Member of National Group Bern—AP— The upper chamber of the Swiss Parliament decided at Jack Mitchell. A recommendation to this effect from the parliamentary foreign at ,'airi commission was approved by Murage omldmys were creeled. -'-'2 votes to one. Despite the almost temporary dock facilities were 'unanimous vote, several deputies constructed for unloading con-'expressed a fear that Svviss'mein struction equipment imported from hcrship in UNMSC'O might eventual the United States. Actual construe- ly compromise Switzerland's tracli lion of the quay wall began j n tional neutrality. Similar fears have November. Soon after engineers hitherto excluded Swiss member began repair of the breakwater , shiu of the United Millions itself and two drydocUs. | Some deputies also objected to Piraeus reconstruction is being the proposed Swiss contribution of carried on with funds allocated by 1-67 per cent to the UNFSCO bud in- the^ American mission. U is esti- get. The chamber finally approved i ! mated the total cost will approxi- | mate $3.2U'J.')G. , l ;iil|iean Activities Hubert S!ri;i!iii K . the •'" uimiv.inists in the govern wl.io finally has turned up ••'• i *' ill-.-- ami Ihe entile Male de- J'iinks l|>ai tineul cabal. Dredging will open the hari.i tr.e Commission':; recujimici'uialion. ! after Foreign Minister Max Petit pierro assured ihe deputies j which before 19-11 had handled as that the constitution of UNFSC'6 much trallic as Marseille. France. | Would permit Switzerland's '\<-'th 10 large seagoing vessels. Th '' ' •• • • " '* channel will bo seven to nine led shallower iTian llje harbor at New York, ch'uwal at any lime, if the Mij;ilii inierfere wilh Uie \ uiilitry's neutrality ur vital iuteix-sts. HORIZONTAL 1,5 Pictured conductor 11 Those against ISOleic acid salt 14 Abstract being 15 Approached 17 Sick- ID Colleclion oi sayings • 20 European nation 21 Indian 22 Soak hemp 23 Ocean 24 Harvest 27 Asseverate 29 Of the thing 30 Chinese weight 31 Cicatrix 33 Buddhistic language 36 Station (ab.) 37 Girl's name 39 Ever (contr.) 40 Encamped 46 Compass poini 47 Light touch 48 Click beetle 49 Golf mound 50 He is an orchestra 52 Misplacer 54 Thoroughfare 55 Confined VERTICAL 1 Fashion 2 Handled 3 Right (ab.) 4 Ruler 5 Had on 6 Fish sauce 7 Interpret 8 Symbol for sodium 9 Unemployed 10 Be agitated 28 By way of 12 Indian weight 31 Pilfers 14 Hearing organ 32 Floor cover 16 An (Scot.) 34 Harken 18 African worm 35 Inset 25 Brazilian 36 Group «f macaw .... 26 Through 27 High mount V A H J_ s' P 0 i_ i T E 1 H O N r C A B 1 D H" N t= r £ A' R D O U T C O S s L 1 N L. 1 e E (_ -Q. R 1= CJ F" r s ffl Bl N A M ™ T E A S K 1 A S K S VINCENT AURIOL H A M s" A n P E R 1 F 0. i U P T 1 C E Tl R S V R A M A l_ A V £, A 1 R A N A T £ I O R 1 R S E J5. T A T E l_ F M O N S 1 s ' F F D ~D 41 On the sheltered side 42 Market 43 Pint (ab.) 44 Lamprey 4 5 Let fall matched pieces 51 Area measure 38 Fear 53 Symbol for 40 Surrender selenium

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