Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1938
Page 5
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Thursday, October 20, 1938 HOPE STAR, HOi>E, PAGE '4 Shover Springs Mrs. Lonnie Gentry "f Scurry visited will) friends in Shover llur past week. Bill yount is now " ^' ct: l '">' '" ll " ! ciiinp nt Alton. Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Phillips ami little T, Miiry Sue. attended ^ tin convention nl DcQttfi'ii Sun- . Mi. mid Mrs. Jui'k ROBCI-K of El Do-j imlo wore week end visitors of his| n.'ither, Mrs. ilnlin Liiseter and Mr.; l)a.M..t<T. j Mi. ,nd MI-K. Joe Bailey Bfckworlh | of Hiiyin'sville. !.».. weie dinner gui-sts ! his mother. Mrs. J. 13. Beekworlh, .Sunday. Mr. ami Mis. Olin OuslihiR of Houston. TV K were liiisiiifss visitors in Girl Found Murdered Behind Theater Try Our Delicious Pies and Cakes Blue Ribbon Bread jjjfiM'^w^v &Z&t^* ' » * * l * ' ':•• I 4 '•''". * ' ..i ii! ttw Bourxi CdmfjJfWid- Br«4ljr!»G«»us<jCt»»*«rwxl •'fttgft BftrAri'* CITVIUKKRV BREAD •***» <""-'«- **KJSP-2W& At Your Grocer and City Bakery Movie Scrapbook Golden Angel Food Cake JBenl the yolks of 4 eggs very light vith 1 tablespoon of cold water. Adc Mi cups of sugar gradually, and ben until smooth. Beat in ',-1 cup of ho water, then add IVi cups of Cnmbri flour sifted with !'/> tetspoons baking jowdcr and pinch of salt. Add 1 teas :oQii of vanilla. Lastly beat the white of the eggs until frothy, add '/i tea poon cream of tartar and beat unti ;tiff. Fold them into the egg and flou mixture and bake in i\ lube pan fo 1 hour or more in a slow oven. Whe done, invert the pan until cake is coo Kisses His Wife; and Pays $25,300 Damages CHICAGO. — I/I') — It cost Edward Ruff $25,300 to kiss his wife. The Ruffs, wh ohuve been married eight years and have three children, drove Ruff's sister and bruthor-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Grimm, on day's fishing trip. Ruff, driver of the car, leaned over and kissed his wife. The auto loft the road and smashed into a culvert. All four persons were injured.- Grimm sued Ruff and a jury awarded him $12,800 !or himself and $12.500 for Mrs. Grimm. *^^ CHERRY BELL 48 Lb. Sack CHEESE—2 Lb ' Krnfl Ami'i-inm—Box 490 •I Print Cheese '. Pound £ Potted Meat S 10 Cans 18c 29c Potatoes — 10 Ibs Red Triumph SWEET CORN No. 2 Can J9c lOc ONIONS $-| 50 Ib. Sack, yellow I .15 PURE LARD S. C., 8 Ib. pail I'clicc nf I>nrchmont. N. Y., are of 17-year-old Mary Coylc, of nearby with the head battered in, wus found (heater. L'nnble at first to identify the rliove, taldiiR fingerprints. working on the mysterious murder New Kochelle, N. Y., whose body, behind a Liirchinunt motion picture victim, police are shown in the photo SUGAR Pure Cane lOlbs 46c SYRUP—Ribbon Cane, Gallon 50ci! P. A. TOB. Can lOc SNUFF Glass 30c LIBBY'S MILK Free Premiums 6 Small Cans 3"Lafge*Cans 5 Guaranteed COFFEE, Money Back < FEEDERS SPECIAL—2 Lbs. for .. — Shover Springs hist week. Mr. and Mrs. John Lasctor had as i;iiivn.s. Tuesday, Mrs. Cad Laseter of Houston, Mrs. Allk 1 Davis, Mrs. Addie Roberts nnd Mrs. Eula Roberts of I lope. Clifford Yount is a business visitor in Houston thi.s week. George Crews, Earlie McWilliams, Dcwurrl Collier and George Johnson, attended the Union County Association near Rosston Friday. They were messengers from Shover Springs Bap- list church. Next Sunday is church day at Shover timu was changed at last business meeting from first Sunday to fourth of each month. Also Saturday night. The Library Switches Uncovered WICHITA Kans.—W 1 )—Razing the old Lincoln school building, workmen discovered a bundle of 35 switches hidden under a stairway that had been wallec n which an addition was constructed 2 years ago. Miss Hazel Watkins irincipnl, said they were relics of the lay when "lickin' and larnin' " wen ogether. Over 4C per cent of all the croplan of the Northwest was bought undo th Agricultural Adjustment Admin istration's 1937 program. IN LEADS FOR COMPAMV IN WOLL.YJJOOO, HilLsboro, Texas . . . will be 36 next June 30 ... her greatest interest is literature . . . she's ah ardent student of history . . . loves to sing and play the pianw. The regular sr.lary of the President of the United Slates is $75,000 a year. In addition, he receives an additional $25,000 for traveling and entertainment expense. Crisp Fall Days Suggest More ME AT Dishes! FROM OUR COMPLETE MARKET. Good HousekeepingInstitute PALM O L I V E CONCENTH ATE D SUPER SUDS Wa>hing Clothct CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP SUPER SUDS The Rid Bo> l°r Washing Dishet They're hunting puppies raised on Dog Chow Checkers. Notice their fine development I Special-Fri-Sat. TEXAS ORANGES 25c 33c lOc ! For Milking Cows We now have a supply of tho new TIIER.M-KICH Cow Chow. If you have your own uraln, 2-Ki or W'i Cow Chow mixed with it will make you lots more milk at lower cost. If you have no grain feed IK'..', or 'Wr Cow Chow straight. For Sows and Young Pigs We have a I'urina feed for sows and yotniK pigs. Also one for fattening hogs. Some of them we made to supplimenl your grain Hiid some arc complete feeds to use if you have no grain. RICE BRAN Sack 95c SHORTS Sack, Cotton $1.15 1 ALL KINDS OF FEED Feeders Supply Co. The Hope Star Is Across the Street The Store With the Checker Board Sign 88 Size Dozen looking Apples Peck GRAUEFRUIT 96 Size—4 for LEMONS 360 Size Dozen . CABBAGE, Ib 2c Sweet Potatoes 10 Pounds North Arkansas TOMATOES, Ib. Yellow Squash 3 Pounds ment, gayety, the exciting freedom which she had rebelled at sacrificing to the platinum band on her finger. What no one in this modem triangle guessed was that Peter Blanc would at least fall deeply in love; or thiit this love heightened fry tragixty would bring a richer understanding to two people of what life together would mean to them, An interesting novel of the week' i the heart rendering story "One t Live With," by Ruby M. Ayres. "Every wife should have two husbands. Every husband should have two wives. One to live with and one to play with." This was the startling theory that -lor Bland presented to Georgie, ung. beautiful and discontented wife Roger McCowcn. Shu had married ogcr because he had seemed so set- ed, and so eager to protect her in le loneliness after her mother's eath. But after a brief honeymoon in •Y;;iice, Roger was talking of getting jack to business, and of a house in le suburbs, and the thing Georgie 'anted least in the world was a house in the suburbs. Peter, whom Roger described .. queer chap—mad ae a hatter—a bor wanderer, offered Georgie entertain By BILL PORTER and 'GEORGE SCARBO A star of the silent era, Madge Bel- imy went to Hollywood from the legitimate theater ... her most recent icturo was "Charlie Chan in London' . . her first professional appearance vas at; a child dancer on the New York ,'tago . . . toured in plays . . . whil till in her teens she played "Juliet" to William Gilette's "Romeo" . . . born ii Let us suggest many inexpensive Meat Menus . . . | many quickly prepared, using our fresh quality MEATS and SEA FOODS. Our Meats and Sea| Foods are kept under the most sanitary conditions and you are assured of the highest quality. Make our Market your shopping place for meats! SALT Mackerel Fresh Norway For 25C Oysters Baltimore Select 39c Pt Cat Fish Channel Sliced 29c ib STEAKS Choice K. C. Sirloin 29c ib CITY MEAT MARKET Evan Wray Prompt Delivery Phone 767 sra 19c 6c lOc BYER'S Curb Market East Third Street COFFEE SOAP ROXANA TRUE POINT PENCILS ATO JOICE COUNTRY CLUB COFFEE AVONDALE FLOUR with coupon from any one package ,,, Country Club Butter Wafers 19c. COUNTRY FLOUR Country Club Soda Crackers 15c BEST CREAM MEAL Country Club Graham Crackers 15c COMPOUND 10 Pounds CANE SUGAR CUT GREEN BEANS No. 2 Can California Dozen 65c Large, 3 for 17c Country Club ORANGES, Doz. Small, 6 for 17c Dozen 33c LETTUCE, Large Head—2 For - 15c| ELERY, Large Stalk—Each A R R O T S, Large Bunch—Each 6c G R A P E F R U 1 T—3 Large Size 13c| BRIGHT & EARLY KRAFT DINNER 17c I can't afford failures, that's y^r r "'S why I always use the best ingredients. Any good cook will tell you that— Failures are expensive, but you can avoid them by using: PRESSWAY RE S. U.S. PAT OFF. THE BEST AT ANY PRICE BLUE BONNET SALAD DRESSING—8 oz. Bottle SUNSHINE ADAPIfEDC KRISPY uRHlmCilO JOc 1 £ 15c FLORIDAS 250's ORANGES 171 Dozen II 2 Idaho Russetts POTATOES 10 oPunds .... 19c MIXED SAUSAGE fcVU Pounds PORK CHOPS Pound ZQC BEEF ROAST SHOULDER Ifin CUT—Lb IvV Kraft's Finest CHEESE Brick—Pimenlon—American and Swiss Pound Box 49c TALL KORN BACON Pound P O R K SAUSAGE Pound ZDC STEW MEAT Z Pounds For *OC| BOLOGNA Pounds For &9C 5c Seedless Doz. 38c GRAPEFRUIT 80's—3 For lOc BRUSSEL Pint SPROUTS lOc Fresh Burr Aritichokes, ea. *£sy^SS^^S£SS^SiiiS KRAUT, 2',-i Can—3 For HOMINY, 2Vi Can—3 For 25c POTTED IVIEAT—10 For 29c CRACKERS—2 Lbs. 15c SALAD DRESSING-Qt. 25c P-NUT BUTTER, Qt 25c CHOC. DROPS7U>. 10f Fresh Ea. COCOANUTS Country Club Halves or Sliced Peaches 2'/z size Can—2 For ORANGE SLICES, Lb. lOc CHUM SALMON, Lb. Can We C.C. PORK & BEANS, 1 Lb can 5c NORTHERN BEANS, Lb. ac 5c •• PICNICS, Shankless 6 to 8 Ib. Average—Lb CAULIFLOWER Head 29c iTc Sliced H A M 29c Ib. SALT MEAT 11 >/2C Ibl IPORK CHOPS Nice Lean—Lb. 25c BABY BEEF CHUCK STEAK Pound 15c THICK RIB Lb. ROAST 17!c KROGER Rindless BACON Lb. 25c Fresh Fish i CATFISH, Lb... 25c BUFFALO, Lb. lOc WHITING, Lb.. lOe Beef Rib STEW lOc Lb. Phone 2C6 HOBBS Gro. & Market Free Delivery K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. Cecil W. Dennis, Gro. Mgr. ACCEPT THIS AMAZING GUARANTEE BUY any fciojcr Hem, LIKE it a> well or.bctlcr. OR return unulcd portion in original cootfluncf and we will tcpla« U FRES wilb any other brand we tell of the wmc item, rcgardlcsi of PK;C

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